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Jed, Phil and Cary are tho only boys at the Evergreen Academy. Creating a lot of awkard moments and sexist remarks. Miranda, is the girl of Jed's dreams, but there's a problem, she is a Senior, and she has a boyfriend. Kate, is interested in Jed, but he must decide between Miranda and Her... Phil is the smartest, he always have a plan, but they just never work. Cary is the ladies' man, the reason why he and Stella don't get along, she's a feminist, and she would do anything that's possible to make him go away.


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S01E01 Pilot 17/07/2000 Jed starts his day at Evergreen Academy, after breaking-up with Lisa, he says he won't be with girls for a long time. But he meets Miranda Mills and because the world is too perfect, he realizes that he's in an all-girls school. Except for Cary and Phil. He desperately tries to change school after Stella treats him like a bug you have to kill. They don't have a locker room, they have to play sports with girls, and the girls win. After seeing he has no choice, he decides to give Evergreen a second chance. Miranda ""adopts"" him like his ""little sister"", and the guys end up singing ""I will survive"" dresses like girls. Also, Kate seems pretty interested in Jed. But he's interested in Miranda. A huuuuuge problem. At the end of the episode, Lisa calls him crying, and he realizes that everything is gonna be ok.
S01E02 The Virgin Episode 24/07/2000 When the boys go to the activities fair, Miranda invites them to her birthday party, where she will sacrifice a virgin. With the Virgin paranoia, Cary shouts that he's not a virgin, and accuses Stella of being one. Phil says he made love at Calculus camp. Suddenly it seems there is another guy at school, Beau, the janitor. Who thinks Jed is a virgin. Stella goes to Ms. Graham explaining that Cary should be expelled for not being a virgin. Miranda makes Jed admit he is a virgin, and he says he's afraid of not being ""good enough"". Beau gives the boys a list with all the expelled girls. Jed and Cary go to interview them... Everybody at school think that Jed and Kate should be the perfect couple for Miranda's birthday. But she tells everyone she's not a virgin, that she made it with Kobe (a guy from San Diego). Cary admits he is a virgin, and then he does it with one of the expelled girls. Jed discovers a pattern, they were all dumb, so, they won't expel Cary because he
S01E03 The Drug Episode 31/07/2000 The boys get jealous when a new advisor is hired to talk about drugs. And when drugs end up in Cary's hands, the whole school seems to respect him. As usual, everything turns to disaster.
S01E04 The Homosexual Episode 07/08/2000 The Evergreen Academy stages a Bow Down week, where senior students select juniors to be their slaves. Cary is picked by Carrie, a girl who calls him Dorothy in an attempt to humiliate him, Phil is chosen by Judy, and decides the best way to go about things is to agree to her demands, while Jed is picked by Joely, a lesbian basketball player.
S01E05 The Dance Episode 14/08/2000 Cary struggles with his masculinity when he is humiliated by a Fort Union student and decides to seek revenge. Jed becomes jealous when he discovers Kate on a date with Phil.
S01E06 The Field Trip Episode 21/08/2000 Jed, Kate, Cary and Stella, go to New York for a Field trip, where they meet Jed's ex, suddenly, Jed sees the possibility of a threesome. Meanwhile Cary and Stella take a break from their fights to make love. And Phil... well, he ends up beaten by his team.
S01E07 The Fantasy Episode 00/00/0000 What would you do if you have to spend the whole night at school? Would you have sex with Miranda Mills? Would you play in the kitchen with Kate? Would you pretend to be drunk? Would you swim naked in the pool? All these answers, would be asked....
S01E08 The Car Episode 00/00/0000 Jed is dating Miranda and Kate, he breaks up with Miranda, who wants revenge making Kate breaking up with Jed. Phil then jumps in trying to make his move with Kate, and everything ends up at the hospital.

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