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Master Class offers an unprecedented first-person insight into the brilliant minds of famous people we love, respect and admire.


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S01E01 Jay-Z 01/01/2011 Candid, raw and real, Jay-Z charts his unlikely rise from the hard-knock life of the Brooklyn projects to worldwide superstardom and what he's learned along the way. He reflects on his failures, the healing power of hip-hop and how he finally made peace with his father before he passed away. Plus, Jay-Z shares his personal revelations about integrity and why knowing your own truth is the foundation for everything great.
S01E02 Diane Sawyer 02/01/2011 An award-winning journalist and news anchor known for asking the questions we all want answered, Diane Sawyer answers the big questions herself in this fascinating and intimate Master Class interview. What fuels her curiosity? Where does she find her passion? She shares the biggest lesson her father gave her and what working in the Nixon White House during his resignation taught her. Plus, she reveals the secret to keeping her marriage fun and how an idea can truly spark lasting change.
S01E03 Maya Angelou 16/01/2011 Poet, author and living legend Dr. Maya Angelou explores the mysteries of her creative process, the power of words and how love liberates us all. In this revealing interview, Dr. Angelou opens up like never before as she describes the traumatic events of her childhood and the courage she found to overcome them. This true master offers her greatest hard-won wisdom, abundant advice and the lessons she's still learning at age 82.
S01E04 Simon Cowell 23/01/2011 Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear Simon Cowell criticize himself? The infamous judge turns his critical eye on his own life and shares what rejection, failure and, finally, great success have taught him. How did he use his natural sense of rebellion to get ahead? What keeps him moving forward? His surprising advice and perspective on letting go of ego, staying honest and trusting your gut provide life lessons we all can take to heart.
S01E05 Lorne Michaels 30/01/2011 For 25 years, Lorne Michaels has been at the helm of Saturday Night Live, the show that changed comedy forever. He reveals the lessons he's learned from the challenges that threatened the show, from angry network executives to the tragic deaths of cast members, and the convictions that keep him going. He reflects on the importance of changing with the times, taking risks and using laughter to demonstrate that despite our differences, we share a common human experience.
S01E06 Condoleezza Rice 13/02/2011 In an intimate and surprising interview, Dr. Condoleezza Rice reveals how her background, ideals and vision ultimately gave her a front-row seat to history. Where does she find her sense of strength and conviction to succeed? How does she face a difficult decision? From her childhood in racially charged Birmingham, Alabama, to her years in the Bush administration, the former secretary of state reflects candidly on the lessons she's learned.
S01E07 Oprah Winfrey (Part 1) 27/03/2011 All about Oprah! From her childhood to what she is known for today.
S01E08 Oprah Winfrey (Part 2) 03/04/2011
S02E01 Jane Fonda 08/01/2012
S02E02 Goldie Hawn 15/01/2012
S02E03 Morgan Freeman 22/01/2012
S02E04 Ted Turner 29/01/2012
S02E05 Laird Hamilton 12/02/2012
S02E06 Reba McEntire 04/03/2012
S02E07 Jon Bon Jovi 25/03/2012
S02E08 Grant Hill 01/04/2012
S02E09 Sir Sidney Poitier Part 1 22/04/2012
S02E10 Sir Sidney Poitier Part 2 29/04/2012
S02E11 Special Edition 06/05/2012 In this episode of Oprah's Master Class, we pull back the curtain on this landmark series and hear some of the most memorable lessons as well as numerous never-before-seen insights from the masters.

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