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Kyousuke has been living apart from his younger sister Namika for ten years. One day, he begins to live with her, but she has turned into an energetic tsundere Osaka girl.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Osaka Okan

S01E01 One Morning, I got an Osaka Momma for a sister 22/12/2012 Kyousuke is getting to learn the ways of his Osakan sister.
S01E02 Yes, My Sister is an Osaka Momma! 05/01/2013 Watching TV with an Osakan is an experience.
S01E03 My Sister Can't be This Much of an Osaka Momma 12/01/2013 An Osakan likes to shop for the deal and share the experience.
S01E04 I'm an Osaka Momma, But What's It Matter If We've Got Love? 19/01/2013 An Osakan High school girl is a unique character, always there if you need a piece of candy.
S01E05 Osaka Momma's Home 26/01/2013 If you say "We won" first thing in the morning, it's always about the Tigers!
S01E06 Recently My Sister is a Bit Osaka Momma-ish 02/02/2013 Shopping is always about the haggling.
S01E07 One of These People is an Osaka Momma! 09/02/2013 An Osakan never admits a mistake.
S01E08 Or it May Be a Present Progressive Osaka Momma 16/02/2013 An Osakan wants to know who to root for early in a conversation.
S01E09 The Osaka Momma Sister and the Suffering Me 23/02/2013 An Osakan usage of words is very colorful and don't waste a gag.
S01E10 My Sister is the Osaka Momma Goddess 02/03/2013 Whether an Osakan is from the area, they will always give directions.
S01E11 Seems the Recent Osaka Momma Craze is All Thanks to Me 09/03/2013 Namika teaches her friend Kaede proper Osakan restaurant techniques.
S01E12 Namika-han@Unmotivated 16/03/2013 Nothing annoys an Osakan than a fake Osakan.