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Welcome to the Our Miss Brooks guide at TV Tome. Show Type: CBS Situation Comedy <B>First Telecast:October 03,1952</Br> Final Episode:May 11,1956</Br> Last Telecast:September 21,1956</Br> Episodes:130 B/W Episodes The trials and tribulations of Connie Brooks, the wisecracking English teacher at Madison High School. Stories depict her romantic misadventures as she struggles to impress Philip Boynton, the biology instructor; and her continual clash with crusty, blustery Osgood P. Conklin, the principal. Connie rented a room from kindly old Mrs. Davis and rode to school each morning with one of her students, the dimwitted Walter Denton. At the start of the 1955-1956 season, Madison High was razed for a highway project and Miss Brooks found a new job at Mrs. Nestor's Private Elementary School nearby. For some reason, Mr. Conklin had acquired the job as principal there, and he and other cast members remained on the


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S01E01 Trying to Pick a Fight 03/10/1952 Walter tells Miss Brooks how arguments with his girlfriend improve their relationship. Hoping it will light a fire under her beau, Connie picks a fight with Mr. Boynton.
S01E02 The Loaded Custodian 10/10/1952 Miss Brooks wants to replace the school janitor's broken window, but cheapskate Conklin won't budge.
S01E03 The Embezzled Dress 17/10/1952 Mrs. Davis uses money meant for the school to buy Miss Brooks a new dress.
S01E04 The Birthday Bag 24/10/1952 Connie has her heart set on a green alligator purse she saw at the department store. Her friends what to give her the purse as a birthday gift, and hatch a scheme to prevent her from buying the item herself.
S01E05 Miss Brooks Play-Acts (a.k.a. Mrs. Boynton / The Wrong Mrs. Boynton) 31/10/1952 Mr. Boynton is on a job hunt and asks Connie to play Mrs. Boynton—his mother, not his wife.
S01E06 Living Statues 07/11/1952 Conklin orders Miss Brooks to fix the cracks and scratches on his office walls. Joined by Walter and Mr. Boynton, the three redo his office using a clear paint concocted by Walter in the school lab. They discover too late that a main ingredient is a liquid cement.
S01E07 Madison Country Club 14/11/1952 Mr. Conklin intends to squeeze money out of a rich dowager so he can redecorate his office. When she arrives, he plans on staging quite a show of poverty, complete with the staff dressed like bums. Miss Brooks and company have other plans.
S01E08 Mister Whipple 21/11/1952 Mrs. Davis gets Connie and the gang whipped into a frenzy with her incorrect story of Mr. Whipple, who they believe to be an impoverished man who hasn't eaten in 10 days.
S01E09 The Big Game 28/11/1952 Madison High is looking forward to the big football game against arch-rival Clay. It's discovered that former Madison football star/present day coach "Snake Hips" Geary never graduated. He failed English, so Mr. Conklin wants Miss Brooks give him a crash course and give him a passing grade.
S01E10 Blue Goldfish 05/12/1952 Penny-pinching Conklin has the thermostat cranked so low the goldfish in the biology lab have turned blue. The only way the gang can get him to spend a little money on heat is to make him think the cold is making everyone sick.
S01E11 The Stolen Aerial 12/12/1952 When word gets around school that Miss Brooks is having her TV antenna repaired for free, everyone dumps their broken aerials on Connie to take to the shop. Mr. Conklin becomes suspicious and is convinced that Miss Brooks is an out-of-control antenna thief.
S01E12 The Hobby Show 19/12/1952 The students and faculty of Madison High propose a hobby show as a diversion for overworked Miss Brooks, but she ends up even more exhausted.
S01E13 Christmas Show 1952 27/12/1952 Connie is too broke to afford Christmas presents for her friends, so she plans to exchange all their gifts to her for store credit so she can buy something for them. Unfortunately, everyone has the same idea.
S01E14 Aunt Hattie Boynton 02/01/1952 Connie will not sit quietly while Conklin gives Miss Enright a promotion. Wanting to show off her business skills, she gets a great deal on fuel oil for Conklin's furnace, not knowing that he's just had it converted to a forced air unit.
S01E15 The Pet Shop 09/01/1953 Connie is in the dumps because she believes she was stood up on a date by Mr. Boynton. Love guru Walter suggests she give Boynton a taste of his own medicine: make a date with him and then leave him holding the bag.
S01E16 The Hurricane 16/01/1953 While listening to Walter's homemade shortwave radio, Harriet and Miss Brooks hear a weather warning of an impending hurricane. As acting principal, Connie shuts down the school and the gang takes refuge at the Conklin home.
S01E17 Monsieur LaBlanche 30/01/1953 Miss Brooks receives a note written in French from new teacher Maurice LeBlanche. Failing French student Walter interprets it as a love note asking for a date. In reality, LeBlanche is asking for a $50 loan.
S01E18 Old Marblehead 06/02/1953 Conklin lives up to his unflattering nickname, Old Marblehead, when he commissions a bust of himself for Madison High's library. He finances it with Conklin's Carelessness Code, a scam in which he fines students and teachers for breaking rules he makes up on the spot.
S01E19 The Model Teacher 13/02/1953 A female photographer who arrives to take pictures of a model teacher catches the eye of Mr. Boynton. This infuriates Miss Brooks who forces herself between the two.
S01E20 Wake-Up Plan 20/02/1953 Miss Brooks oversleeps for class thanks to some sleeping pills Mrs. Davis had stored in an aspirin bottle. She brings them in to explain to Conklin what happened, but he'll hear none of it. The "spiked" aspirin bottle left sitting on his desk soon has others dozing off in his office.
S01E21 The Cafeteria Strike 27/02/1953 The students go on strike for better food.
S01E22 Mister Casey's Will 06/03/1953 Conklin, Boynton and Miss Brooks attend the reading of the will of Mr. Casey; the late Mr. Casey is a cat.
S01E23 Conklin's Love Nest 13/03/1953 Mr. Conklin has a room to rent. Via the French teacher, Miss Brooks sends a message to Mr. Boynton that two can live as cheaply as one.
S01E24 The Honest Burglar 20/03/1953 Miss Brooks gets a hungry burglar a job in the school cafeteria.
S01E25 Fisher's Pawn Shop 27/03/1953 Thanks to Conklin's lousy management of the athletic budget, the baseball team's season opener might be canceled because of no uniforms. Miss Brooks and other faculty members start hocking school valuables at the pawn shop for the needed funds.
S01E26 Lulu, the Pin-Up Boat 03/04/1953 Conklin demands the students dress more conservatively. He should have known better than that!
S01E27 The Yodar Kritch Award 10/04/1953 Miss Brooks must present an award to a dim-witted student, or his father will cancel the big barbecue that she and Mr. Boynton are invited to.
S01E28 Madame Brooks DuBarry 17/04/1953 Mr. Conklin is convinced Harriet is modeling her behavior on that of noted hussy Miss Brooks. Harriet talks her father into spying on Miss Brooks and cold fish Mr. Boynton one evening to prove that there's nothing untoward going on between the two.
S01E29 Marinated Hearing 24/04/1953 Principal Conklin proclaims "Board of Education Day."
S01E30 The Festival 01/05/1953 Miss Brooks plays matchmaker between a reluctant janitor and a cleaning lady. To help the woman out, Connie switches clothes with the shabbily attired lady. Mr. Boynton wants the janitor to look good, too, so he switches wardrobe with the old man.
S01E31 Suzy Prentiss 08/05/1953 Miss Brooks is ordered to find out what's wrong with star baseball player Bones Snodgrass. It turns out he's in love with Suzy Prentisss, the only student stupider than he is. Connie acquires formals so the young couple can attend a banquet, even though someone else is planning on wearing them.
S01E32 Conklin Plays Detective 15/05/1953 Someone has broken into Principal Conklin's office, stolen his typewriter and made a long distance call. Evidence points to Mr. Boynton as the guilty party, so Conklin stakes out his office by hiding in a suit of armor.
S01E33 Public Property on Parade 22/05/1953 Mr. Conklin is to give a speech about respecting city property and he asks Connie to write it for him. Walter and Bones choose that day to bring various municipal items to Connie's home just as Conklin arrives with the mayor.
S01E34 Mrs. Davis Reads Tea Leaves 29/05/1953 At breakfast Mrs. Davis predicts a wedding for Connie and Philip. For summer Boynton and Conklin plan on running a children's camp but need Connie's help. She misunderstands a conversation and expects a marriage proposal.
S01E35 The Stolen Wardrobe 05/06/1953 Connie Brooks is named best dressed teacher followed by a department store robbery. The loot is stashed at the school and Mr. Conklin assumes Connie is the thief. He, Philip, and Walter go to great lengths to protect Miss Brooks.
S01E36 Cure That Habit 12/06/1953 Mr. Conklin has the hiccups, finds kittens in his desk and breaks his glasses the same day so he needs Connie' s help. Walter plays a bad practical joke about a drinking problem just as a school official Mr. Chambers arrives at the school.
S01E37 Capistrano's Revenge 19/06/1953 When Mrs. Davis brings home a sparrow with an injured wing, Miss Brooks comes to the rescue to save it.
S01E38 June Bride 26/06/1953 Connie is asked by Mr. La Blanche to stand in as proxy for his bride but Walter overhears just part of the conversation. He and Harriet urge Mr. Conklin to stop the wedding as they think she should marry Mr. Boynton.
S02E01 Clay City Chaperone 02/10/1953
S02E02 Bones, Son of Cyrano 09/10/1953
S02E03 Spare The Rod 16/10/1953
S02E04 Faculty Band 23/10/1953
S02E05 The Little Visitor 30/10/1953
S02E06 Trial By Jury 06/11/1953
S02E07 Phone Book Follies 13/11/1953
S02E08 Thanksgiving Show 20/11/1953
S02E09 Vitamin E-4 27/11/1953
S02E10 Swap Week 11/12/1953
S02E11 Oh, Dem Golden Slippers 18/12/1953 Connie needs new slippers for the masquerade ball and she buys them from a mysterious salesman. Then a perfect gown arrives along with a rideto the dance. And no one claims to know the shoe clerk.
S02E12 Christmas Show 25/12/1953 It's Christmas Eve and Connie Brooks is all alone and resigned to spending a quiet evening with Mrs. Davis' cat Minerva. After she buys a ""magic"" Christmas tree from a glib-tongued young salesman, she falls asleep and dreams that all her friends pay her a surprise visit.
S02E13 Hospital Capers 08/01/1954
S02E14 Postage Due 15/01/1954
S02E15 Do It Your Self! 22/01/1954
S02E16 Bobsey Twin In Stir 29/01/1954
S02E17 The Jockey 12/02/1954
S02E18 Brooks' New Car 19/02/1954 Miss Brooks buys a used car leading to a series of improbable mishaps involving a fruit stand, a little red wagon, and various automobiles. The damaged vehicles always belong to Mr. Conklin and Connie's debt increases.
S02E19 The Hobo Jungle 26/02/1954
S02E20 The Wild Goose Chase 12/03/1954 Walter decides to start early with April's fool jokes and convinces Mr. Conklin he's won a TV. Osgood tasks Connie into picking it up, leading her and Philip on a wild trip laid out by Walter. Conklin somehow ends up with three stolen "prizes".
S02E21 Hello Mister Chips 19/03/1954
S02E22 The Parlor Game 26/03/1954 Principal Conklin is unhappy when Walter Denton takes a romantic interest in his daughter.
S02E23 A Dry Scalp Is Better Than None 09/04/1954 Mrs. Davis' sister Angela is convinced that she is sick and so her doctor pronounces that she does have a terrible sounding and surely fatal disease. She tells Mrs. Davis and Connie who recruit the other folks at Madison to try and cheer her up. However her disease is nothing more serious than dry scalp (hence the name of the episode).
S02E24 The English Test 16/04/1954
S02E25 Second Hand-First Aid 23/04/1954
S02E26 The Egg 30/04/1954
S02E27 The Bakery 14/05/1954
S02E28 Old Age Pan 21/05/1954 This episode is actually called ""Old Age Plan"". Mrs. Davis' sister Angela recruits Connie to help sell an old age savings plan to fellow teachers in order to make some extra money. However when Miss Brooks reads the symptoms of old age to Mr. Boynton and Mr. Conklin, both start to immediately experience them. It is up to Connie to bring them back to reality!
S02E29 The Hawkins Travel Agency 28/05/1954
S02E30 The Bicycle Thief 11/06/1954
S02E31 Just Remember the Red River Valley 18/06/1954 To get jobs with the ""Deacon Jones Hillbilly Troupe,"" Connie and her Madison High friends put on a hillbilly act for ""Jones"" when he arrives in town. Only trouble is, he turns out to be the wrong Jones...
S03E01 The Miserable Caballeros 01/10/1954 Connie meets Ricky, a young boy who gives the impression he's an orphan and his uncle mistreats him. Miss Brooks shares his tale of woe with Mr. Boynton and Mr. Conklin who join her in trying to help the lad who hasn't been quite truthful.
S03E02 Blood,Sweet and Laugh 15/10/1954 Connie is told by Mr. Conklin to pick up their costumes for a masquerade ball. She accidentally gets the incorrect outfits, getting ones reserved for an important state official and his wife who Osgood wanted to impress.
S03E03 Life Can Be Bones 22/10/1954 Connie is jealous of Mr. Boynton's new colleague, biology teacher Miss Sanders and their common interests. She concocts a scheme with Walter to bury butcher bones in her backyard but Walter substitutes dinosaur bones creating havoc.
S03E04 Two-Way Stretch Snodgrass 29/10/1954 Connie is involved when Madison's best athlete Stretch has to temporarily relocate. Rival Hamilton entices the young man to their school so Connie and Mr. Conklin pretend to be his parents with Walter as Stretch to stop outwit them.
S03E05 Angela's Wedding 05/11/1954 Connie is helping Angela prepare for her wedding but no one has met the groom Mr. Farnsworth. Angela mistakes the new coach Mr. Greeley as her intended and becomes apprehensive. Mr. Boynton becomes jealous of the brawny Greeley.
S03E06 Van Gogh, Man,Gogh 12/11/1954 Miss Brooks has taken up painting and her self portrait attracts the interest of Mr. Baptiste. Walter loses the painting, creates a bad imitation and Mr. Conklin decides to involve himself. He outbids Baptiste who's only interested in the frame.
S03E07 The Jewel Robbery 26/11/1954 Connie goes to the movie alone after Philip breaks a date but then sees him acting suspiciously after a jewelry store robbery. But it's Mr. Conklin who is arrested so Miss Brooks takes extreme measures to keep both men out of jail.
S03E08 Space,Who Needs It? 03/12/1954 Mr. Conklin takes up astronomy as a hobby and soon discovers a new planet which he humbly names ""Conklin Jr."" Actually it is a painted bee-bee that Walter Denton has put in his telescope as a practical joke!
S03E09 The Novelist 10/12/1954 Miss Brooks welcomes former student Terence Layton who has become a popular novelist. She decides to use his former crush on her to make Philip jealous. But it's Layton's expose of Madison High that has Mr. Conklin in an uproar.
S03E10 Four Leaf Clover 17/12/1954 Miss Brooks finds a four leaf clover and truly believes it will bring good luck including a promotion. But a series of calamities occur primarily involving a car she just fixed plus ruining Boynton's perfect attendance and Conklin's trip.
S03E11 The Citizen's League 07/01/1955 Miss Brooks reads from a government pamphlet that all good citizens harbor a secret. The news weighs heavily on the minds of Connie, Philip and even Mr. Conklin until they all confess their misdemeanors.
S03E12 Buddy 14/01/1955 Miss Brooks gets a letter of unknown origin in which someone named ""Buddy"" is going to be killed. Both Mr. Boynton and Mr. Conklin think that they are the ""Buddy"" referred to in the letter. Miss Brooks discovers that ""Buddy"" is actually a bull that a friend was going to fight and kill. She uses both Mr. Conklin and Mr. Boynton's fear of the supposed murderer to her advantage though with hilarious results.
S03E13 Noodnick, Daughter of Medic 21/01/1955 Mr. Conklin thinks he's being fired after mishearing Connie and superintendent Stone. He writes a nasty letter before learning the truth and involves Miss Brooks into fixing the problem, effecting her own English department promotion.
S03E14 The Stuffed Gopher 28/01/1955 Miss Brooks and her friends arrive at Madison High to see that it's been vandalized. Connie and Walter learn that Stretch is responsible as he was trying to catch a gopher per Mr. Conklin's orders. They try to ensure Stretch isn't blamed.
S03E15 Safari O'Toole 04/02/1955 Old friend Safari O'Toole is visiting Mrs. Davis for her birthday. She's determined to wear a ring he gave her years ago but it goes missing. Also everyone is broke but determined to give the Margaret a gift so the pawn shop becomes busy.
S03E16 The Weighing Machine 11/02/1955 Miss Brooks is urged by Margaret and Philip to fight to get a penny back after a weight machine malfunctions. But a rumor spreads among the students that she's broke and begin raising funds for her as she continues her effort to get her refund.
S03E17 Public Speaker's Nightmare 18/02/1955 School officials are visiting Madison and Mr. Conklin to give a welcoming speech. But he fears doing badly so Miss Brooks aids him by taping it ahead. But putting Walter and Stretch in charge of the recorder proves to be a mistake.
S03E18 The Auction 25/02/1955 Madison High is having a fundraising campaign and a philanthropist has agreed to donate a house's contents. Mr. Conklin and Walter both give Stretch errands which he confuses. Mr. Conklin is surprised to see his furnishings being sold.
S03E19 The Mambo 04/03/1955 The Madison kids are hanging out at Elmer's Malt Shop instead of doing homework and Mr. Conklin is going to stop it. He hires Orville Mason as security who's actually a dance instructor. Connie and Osgood go incognito to learn the truth.
S03E20 The Dream 11/03/1955
S03E21 The Return Of Red Smith 25/03/1955
S03E22 Le Chien Chaud Et Le Mouton Noir 01/04/1955
S03E23 Kritch Cave 15/04/1955 Local landmark Kritch Cave is being sold so Connie, Walter, and Philip visit to reminisce. Miss Brooks becomes involved in the transaction, ending up with the incorrect deeds and accidentally sells Madison High. Miss Davis comes to the rescue.
S03E24 Mister Fargo's Whiskers 22/04/1955 Miss Brooks changes her hair style per Harriet's suggestion to reignite her relationship with Philip. Mr. Conklin, concerned about an official visit by Fosdick, tries to get her to take time off so she's not around. Instead she greets Fosdick with strange behavior.
S03E25 The Great Baseball Slide 29/04/1955 Stretch's prowess as a baseball player is changing expectations about his future. But an injury has Miss Brooks persuading Conklin and Boynton to pretend to be agents so the actual baseball representative will still sign Stretch.
S03E26 Turnabout Day 06/05/1955 Walter's idea to have students and teachers swope roles happens at Madison despite Mr. Conklin's opposition. Connie learns Walter forged the letter of official approval so she needs to convince Mr. Stone he wrote it.
S03E27 Here Is Your Past 13/05/1955 Miss Brooks and Mrs Davis are both being stalked by a man they have never seen before. In the mean while Mr. Conklin is having a severe attack of allergies. Finally Connie finds out that the man that is stalking her is part of the ""Here is your Past"" TV program. They bring on her friends and fellow teachers including Mr. Conklin. The prize for Connie appearing on the show is a puppy and of course Mr. Conklin is extremely allergic to dog hair!
S03E28 Madison Mascot 20/05/1955
S03E29 The Big Jump 27/05/1955 Mr. Conklin gets his name in the paper by scheduling a safety jump from the school roof. However when the day arrives for him to jump he gets cold feet, fakes an injury and then tries to get someone else at Madison to do the jump in his place. Suddenly all of the male teachers are injured in some way and it is up to Miss Brooks to jump or else!
S03E30 Home Cooked Meal 03/06/1955 Connie is going to cook a meal on Mr. Boynton's new stove to prove to him that she is the ""domestic type"" and enlists Mrs. Davis' help (since she can't cook). Little does she know that the stove isn't properly installed and soon the kitchen full of gas, and Mr. Conklin arrives with a stuffed up nose and a box of matches to find his toolbox in the dark kitchen. You can guess what happens next!
S04E01 The Blind Date 07/10/1955
S04E02 Transition Show 14/10/1955
S04E03 Whos's Who? 21/10/1955
S04E04 Burnt Picnic Basket 28/10/1955
S04E05 Big Bears 04/11/1955
S04E06 Have Bed, Will Travel 11/12/1955 Connie arranges to have her former landlady move in with her.
S04E07 Protest Meeting 18/11/1955
S04E08 The King And Miss Brooks 18/11/1955
S04E09 Mad Man Munsey 02/12/1955
S04E10 Connie And Bonnie 09/12/1955
S04E11 Music Box Revue 23/12/1955
S04E12 The New Gym Instructor 30/12/1955
S04E13 The Skeleton In The Closet 06/01/1956
S04E14 Amalgamation 13/01/1956
S04E15 Reunion 20/01/1956
S04E16 Twins At School 27/01/1956
S04E17 Mrs. Nestor's BoyFriend 03/02/1956 Mrs. Nestor has forbidden faculty members and students from fraternizing with members of the the opposite sex. She's even imposed a fine on those she catches. Figuring she'd drop her edit if she wasn't lonely, Connie proceeds to fix up Mrs. Nestor with the old coot Mrs. Davis is trying to dump.
S04E18 Acting Director 10/02/1956 A casting director from Warner Brothers comes to the school. The faculty members, including Mr. Conklin, trip over each other to be discovered. Miss Brooks seems a shoe-in for the role of Lady Godiva.
S04E19 Mr.Boytons Return 17/02/1956 A handsome gym-instructor complicates matters between Miss Brooks and Mr. Boynton.
S04E20 White Lies 24/02/1956 Fearing that she hasn't aged well, Mrs. Davis convinces Connie to masquerade as her when a boyfriend of 35 years earlier returns to court her.
S04E21 The Great Land Purchase 02/03/1956 Mr. Conklin unloads a broken-down house on Mrs. Davis. It isn't long before he regrets it once Connie learns what he's done.
S04E22 Raffle Ticket 09/03/1956 Miss Brooks has trouble collecting on a $1,000 raffle ticket.
S04E23 Library Quiz 16/03/1956 Miss Brooks and Mr. Conklin show their knowledge of history and English when they compete against two children in a school quiz.
S04E24 A Mother For Benny 22/03/1956 One of Miss Brooks' students tries to fix her up with his widowed father.
S04E25 Connie & Frankie 30/03/1956 Miss Brooks is delighted when her former sweetie, Mr. Boynton, joins the faculty at Mrs. Nestor's school. She's less than happy when she meets his "friend," the blonde and beautiful athletic director.
S04E26 Top Hat 06/04/1956 Miss Brooks participates in a proxy wedding.
S04E27 24 Hours 13/04/1956 With Spring in the air and lovey-dovey couples all around, Mr. Boynton makes a bet with Miss Brooks. He promises to drop his aversion to marriage if they can go 24 hours without encountering any feuding couples. Connie makes sure the deck is stacked in her favor.
S04E28 Geraldine 20/04/1956 Miss Brooks campaigns to save a milk-wagon horse named Geraldine.
S04E29 The 350,000 Question 27/04/1956
S04E30 Principal For A Day 04/05/1956
S04E31 Travel Crazy 11/05/1956