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Shinichi Kano est un véritable otaku, son père est un scénariste de light novel et sa mère est une dessinatrice de light novel érotiques. Néanmoins, Shinichi n'a hérité d'aucun talent particulier, mis à part de grandes connaissances dans l'univers moe. Un jour, il est envoyé par le gouvernement japonais sur Holy Eldant Empire, un monde parallèle. Il y est envoyé en tant qu'évangéliste moe. Dans ce monde fantastique où les dragons dominent le ciel, Shinichi se lie d'amitié avec une elfe domestique Myuseru et l'impératrice Petoraru. Mais ce monde n'est pas aussi idyllique qu'il le pense puisque différentes factions y sont en guerre.


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S01E01 Awakening in the Other Realm 03/10/2013 After acing an otaku job questionnaire and interview for Amutec, Shinichi Kanou wake up in a strange world with a beautiful maid, Myucel, at his side. He is now in the Holy Eldant Empire and he must, as the general manager, export Japan’s best of anime, manga and video games to this country.
S01E02 The Moe Help Desk 10/10/2013 Shinichi Kanou meet with the empress Petralka Anne Eldante III and misunderstanding ensues. Petralka jealousy for Shinichi relationship with Myucel cause some rukus. Shinichi must explain to Petralka the equality principle.
S01E03 You are an Invader 17/10/2013 It's been a month since Shinichi came to the Holy Eldant Empire and study lesson with Petralka and Myucel are going well. Also the school construction is progressing steadily in Erudanto, and as the construction completion is near, disturbing events will affect the safety of everyone.
S01E04 Furry Spy 24/10/2013 While Myucel is recovering from the terrorist attack, Shinichi is still haunted by the last words of Alessio. “Am I an invader?” he’s wondering while teaching the new students. One day, an alarm is triggered in the mansion perimeter and a furry spy is discovered. Is Erubia Hanaiman really a spy?
S01E05 This Really Is Another World 31/10/2013 Erbia moves to Shin'ichi's manor, but she starts displaying some strange behavior and he starts believing that she is coming after his life, unaware of her real intentions.
S01E06 Soccer... Soccer? 07/11/2013 To deal with the divide between the elf and dwarf students, Shin'ichi organizes a friendly soccer match between both sides and it does not take long for it to become a vicious battle between them.
S01E07 Maid in Japan 14/11/2013 Shin'ichi returns briefly to Tokyo to make some shopping just to later find that Myucel had sneaked her way to accompany him and he spends the rest of the day showing her the city.
S01E08 The Melancholy of the Supreme Ruler 21/11/2013 Fed up with all the responsibilities piled upon her, Petralka shuts herself in her room and refuses to leave. Shin'ichi, who used to live as a shut-in in Japan, decides then to show her the life he used to have, with all the ups and downs that come from it as well.
S01E09 The Swimsuit Apocalypse 28/11/2013 When Minori is awarded with some days of vacation, Shin'ichi decides to take the girls to swim at a nearby lake and they have some fun together until they realize that they are being observed by some uninvited guests.
S01E10 Magical Girl Petrarca 05/12/2013 When footage from the soccer game leak to the internet in Japan, the government's secret operation in Eldant is at risk of being exposed to the world and Shin'ichi comes with a plan to decieve the public opinion by announcing it as part of a fantasy film production in collaboration with the JSDF, inviting Petralka to play the main role.
S01E11 Plot Silent Plot Deep 12/12/2013 Shin'ichi's efforts to spread the Otaku culture bear fruit. However, when there is a shortage of products from Japan, leading to various conflicts amongst the people in Eldant, Shin'ichi learns the true intentions of the Japanese government and falls into despair upon it, until Myusel inspires him to come with a solution.
S01E12 Shoot the Invader! 19/12/2013 In response to Shin'ichi's act of defiance, the Japanese Government orders the JSDF to kill him. After two failed attempts, Shin'ichi comes with a plan to convince the politicians in Tokyo to spare him and keep supporting his efforts to spread the Otaku culture in Eldant instead.

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