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Since the 1930s, Palm Springs has been one of the most famous and popular resort destinations in the world. Now, this desert paradise has revived its popularity with its rich and colorful history, year-round warm climate and noted architecture. Join Host Huell Howser as he captures both the natural and man-made wonders of the city and the entire Coachella Valley, in his series: PALM SPRINGS. From the beautiful and historically significant Indian Canyons to restored '50s Hotels; Huell will give you an insiders tour of this desert oasis.


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S01E01 Tahquitz Canyon 25/07/2001 Huell gets a tour of Tahquitz Canyon in Palm Springs with Ron Deluna of the Aqua Caliente Tribe.
S01E02 Dates 25/08/2001 Huell Howser finds out all there is to know about dates at the Shields Date Gardens in Indio.
S01E03 White Water 25/09/2001 Huell interviews Tom Levy of the Coachella Valley Water District and Jim Kenna from the Palm Springs Bureau of Land Management.
S01E04 Palm Desert 24/10/2001 Huell visits Palm Desert with Dan Callahan of the Palm Desert Historical Society and Mayor Buford Crites.
S01E05 Consignment Stores 25/11/2001 Huell visits three popular consignment stores along Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs--Modern Way, John's Resale Furnishings and Palm Springs Consignment Co.
S01E06 Racquet Club 25/01/2002 Huell visits the Racquet Club in Palm Springs, once a favorite spot of celebrities like Cary Grant, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe. Huell also stops by Hope Springs, a beautiful retreat which includes pools fed by natural mineral streams.
S01E07 Ballantine's 25/02/2002 Huell visits the popular Ballantine's Hotel and the Casa Cody in Palm Springs.
S01E08 Electric House 25/03/2002 Huell visits the automated McCullough House in Palm Springs.
S01E09 Frey House 25/04/2002 Lydia Kremer of the Palm Springs Desert Museum takes Huell on a tour of the amazing home by architect Albert Frey. He also visits the Hacienda Hoover.
S01E10 Black Pool 25/05/2002 Huell visits a home with an amazing black pool and the Wexler House in Palm Springs
S01E11 Tahquitz Canyon Update 24/10/2002 Huell updates his show from last year.
S01E12 Snow Creek 25/09/2002 Huell visits this small private community.
S01E13 Plaza 20/11/2002 Huell Howser lands in the middle of historic downtown Plam Springs and visits Palm Springs Plaza.
S01E14 Palm Springs Air Museum 21/11/2002 Huell Howser visits the Palm Springs Air Museumlocated at the Palm Springs International Airport. It's full of exhibits depicting aviation history through art, photography, movies, videos and of course aircraft.
S01E15 Restaurants 25/11/2002 Huell Howser enjoys a diverse sample of foods from a few of Palm Springs restaurants.
S01E16 Desert Hot Springs Hotel and Spa 26/10/2003 The Desert Hot Springs Hotel and Spa has eight pools filled with water ranging from 92 to 140 degrees. Huell Howser joins locals and travelers from around the world to soak in the waters and relax in the desert sun.
S01E17 Cabot's Adobe 24/11/2003 Located in Desert Hot Springs, Huell Howser visits Cabot's Old Indian Pueblo Museum. It is an adobe structure built in the early 1900s by the man who discovered the famous mineral springs that give Desert Hot Springs its name. It's open to the public and houses beautiful paintings, furnishings and Native American pottery.
S01E18 Coachella 26/11/2003 Huell visits this working man's desert city.
S01E19 People of Palm Springs 24/11/2004 Huell Howser meets the people who help make Palm Springs an international travel destination.
S01E20 '50s Motels 25/11/2004 The '50s live on in Palm Springs, and Huell Howser visits some of the best examples of architecture from that decade - motels.
S01E21 Julius Shulman 26/11/2004 Julius Shulman, the famed architectural photographer, shares many photos and stories about Palm Springs with Huell Howser.
S01E22 Living Desert 24/11/2005 1,200 acres of amazing flora and fauna in Palm Desert.
S01E23 New Jeep Tour 25/11/2005 Known for their tours which inlcude Native American history and culture, old mining lore, nature, ethno-botany, geology and panoramic vistas, Huell buckles himslef in for another ride with Desert Adventures Jeep Tours.
S01E24 Fountain of Youth 24/11/2006 The Fountain of Youth Spa is a unique RV Resort in Niland which offers swimming pools, an artesian mineral water hot spa and fresh water hot spas.
S01E25 Pool Man 25/11/2006 He’s busy with all those pools in the desert, but Huell tags along to learn about a day-in-the-life of a pool man.
S01E26 Desert Museum Tour 24/11/2007 Explore the natural, ancient and, sadly, endangered places in the desert.
S01E27 Blue Skies Trailer Park 25/11/2007 Walk back in time as we visit this intact 1950s trailer park started by Bing Crosby and Jack Benny.
S01E28 Martha’s Village 25/11/2008 At Martha’s Village and Kitchen, a dedicated corps of 50 staff and 300-plus volunteers tend to the needs of Coachella Valley residents. They serve 250,000 meals each year and provide clothing, emergency shelter and health care for children. Huell talks with staff as well as residents to learn the success story of Martha’s Village.
S01E29 Thunderbird Country Club 26/11/2008 An insider’s tour of the first 18-hole golf course in the desert whose early members included Lucy and Dezi.
S01E30 Indian History 24/11/2009 Visit the spa where Elvis soaked, and then walk through the magnificent Indian canyons.
S01E31 Plaza Update 25/11/2009 Right in the middle of downtown, this historic 1930s plaza has some amazing stories.
S01E32 O'Donnell House 25/11/2010 One of the originals, offering not only Spanish architecture, but amazing views.
S01E33 Polo 26/11/2010 A visit to the huge polo fields, which have made the Coachella Valley a polo center!
S01E34 Palm Springs People Update 24/11/2007

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