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Panorama is a BBC Television current affairs documentary programme. First broadcast in 1953, it is the world's longest-running public affairs television programme.


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S255E01 Millionaire Bankrupts Exposed 08/01/2018 Bankruptcy isn't always what it seems. Some of Britain's biggest bankrupts are going to great lengths to hide their money while declaring bankruptcy to escape their debts. In this investigation, reporter Sam Poling goes undercover to expose the tricks wealthy business people can use to keep hold of their wealth, while those they owe money to are left with nothing. She meets the millionaire bankrupts making a mockery of the system and asks how they can get away with it.
S255E02 Trump Voters: One Year On 15/01/2018 Donald Trump has changed the face of American politics, but what do the people who voted for him make of his tumultuous first year in office? Filmed over a year in Michigan, Wyoming, Texas and Florida, this programme hears from Trump supporters who hoped that he would 'make America great again'. But with so much promised, Panorama asks whether his supporters are still happy and if they would vote for him again.
S255E03 The Battle Against Legal Highs 23/01/2017 The drugs that were known as legal highs have become a global phenomenon. They have exploded in popularity in the UK, and deaths from these chemical compounds, designed to mimic illegal drugs like cocaine and cannabis, have tripled here in recent years. In May 2016, the government acted by banning these drugs with the introduction of the Psychoactive Substances Act. The north east of England is one of the worst-hit areas for drug addiction. Panorama spent six months in Newcastle to see how the city is tackling the problem and asks whether the new law is working.
S255E04 The Mystery of the Unknown Man 30/01/2017 The police and social services were baffled when an elderly man with an American accent was found lost on the streets of Hereford. He didn't know who he was or have any ID, and he was dressed from head to toe in brand new clothes from Tesco. He was in a nursing home before Panorama took up his case. Reporter Darragh Macintyre follows the clues to America and unravels the mystery of the unknown man - before confronting the person responsible for bringing him to Britain.
S255E05 Revealed: Britain's Mental Health Crisis 06/02/2017 One month after prime minister Theresa May promised to 'transform the way we deal with mental health problems right across society', reporter Sophie Hutchinson investigates the troubled state of NHS mental health services. She hears the concerns of staff and patients at the first mental health trust in England to be placed in special measures, and learns of the deteriorating national picture for mental health care funding, exclusively revealing new figures that show a shocking increase in unexpected deaths of mental health patients.
S255E06 Cops, Criminals, Corruption: The Inside Story 29/02/2016 Organised crime is the single biggest threat to the integrity of the police. With exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage, Panorama has the inside story of how an organised crime syndicate arranged a hit on three police officers. Also speaking publicly for the first time are the law enforcement officials who tapped the phones of drug dealers, only to find themselves hearing corrupt police on the line. The programme reveals how Scotland Yard woke up to the extent of corruption and the extraordinary lengths that the criminals would go to in order to undermine the police's ability to catch them.
S255E07 Life in Immigration Town 27/02/2017 What happens when a community is changed by immigration? Slough has gone from a majority white British town to a place where they are the minority. Ten years ago, Panorama's Richard Bilton reported on how Slough was struggling to cope with its migrant population. Now he's back. He finds a town with a booming economy and new families arriving every day. But there is a darker side. White British people are abandoning Slough, and some foreign workers say the dream is over.
S255E08 Sleepless Britain 06/03/2017 Britain's kids are going to bed later and sleeping less, and hospital visits triggered by poor sleep have tripled in ten years. This is playing havoc with children's health and education and causing obesity, problems for parents and teachers, and even family breakdowns. In this film, reporter Jenny Kleeman finds that children's rocketing use of technology coupled with more lax modern parenting is creating an epidemic of poor sleep. Jenny visits a sleep charity in Doncaster that gets up to 200 emails a day from desperate parents. She meets Jayne, mum to a toddler who takes up to four hours to go to sleep, and follows them as they trial a firmer bedtime routine. At Honley High School in Yorkshire, Jenny investigates how poor sleep is affecting pupils' concentration and behaviour in class. Jenny also visits the sleep lab at Sheffield Children's Hospital, which has seen a tenfold increase in referrals in the last decade.
S255E09 Marine A: The Inside Story 07/03/2017 Three years ago Alexander Blackman, better known as Marine A, became the first serving British soldier to be convicted of murder since the Second World War for the killing of a badly injured Taliban insurgent on the battlefield. He has now had his murder conviction reduced to manslaughter. Panorama re-examines the case to find out what really happened on that fateful day, six years ago. Film-maker and anthropologist Chris Terrill has been following the case since the beginning, including meeting Blackman a number of times in prison. Chris has spent many years working with the Royal Marines and was embedded with Blackman's unit at the time the incident occurred in Afghanistan. He has tracked down some of the men who were with Blackman that day and they speak for the first time about the six-month tour that proceeded the killing and reveal disturbing new insights about the day itself. Questions are raised about whether there were other pressures on Blackman to act. Using material Chris shot in Afghanistan when embedded with Blackman's unit, the film provides a stark sense of what it was like to be stationed in a 'kill or be killed' outpost set in what was then described as 'the most dangerous square mile in the world'. The new evidence is presented for the first time and raises concerns about the way our soldiers fight wars and apply ethics on the battlefield. The outcome of the Marine A case could well shape the way we fight our wars in the future.
S255E10 Britain's Home-Care Crisis 20/03/2017 As hospitals struggle to cope with growing numbers of older patients, Panorama investigates the challenges facing those on the front line of a social care system buckling under the strain, and reveals a nationwide shortage of home-care workers. Filming in North Wales and Liverpool, reporter Sian Lloyd meets domiciliary care company owners struggling to recruit carers because they can't afford to pay them enough, whilst others are handing back council contracts because they can't make the numbers work. At the heart of this crisis are the people waiting for care - many of them in NHS beds, fit to go home, but unable to be discharged until a home-care package can be found.
S255E11 Westminster Terror Attack 27/03/2017 Last week, the UK Parliament came under attack in the most serious terror incident in the country for over a decade. Speaking to witnesses and the injured, BBC Panorama pieces together what happened during the attack that left five people, including the attacker, dead and many more injured. The programme also looks into the life of Khalid Masood to ask what motivated him to carry out this fatal terror attack in the heart of London.
S255E12 Marine Le Pen: Who's Funding France's Far Right? 03/04/2017 France votes for a new president in a few weeks, and far right candidate Marine Le Pen has her sights set on victory. She is trying to detoxify her party to distance herself from its racist and anti-Semitic past. However, Gabriel Gatehouse explores how the Front National's desperate need for money could be undermining this process. He meets fixers and insiders who have helped Marine Le Pen run her campaign and raise money from some controversial sources around the world.
S255E13 The Benefits Cap: Is it Working? 05/04/2017 How far should we go to force unemployed people back into work? Tens of thousands of families on benefits have had their payments cut as part of a radical government policy. Out-of-work benefits used to be assessed on need, but now payments in most of the country are capped at £20,000 a year. Panorama follows parents who have lost hundreds of pounds a month and are struggling to keep their homes - knowing that to escape the benefit cap they will have to find a job.
S255E14 The Big Bank Fix 10/04/2017 Following the acquittal of two former Barclay's traders, Panorama asks if the right people are being blamed for what has been called the biggest financial fix of all time. Piecing together explosive new evidence, which calls into question the safety of other convictions, Panorama reporter Andy Verity reveals that manipulation of the world's most important interest rate, Libor, was allowed and even ordered by people at the highest levels of the financial establishment.
S255E15 The Spy in the IRA 11/04/2017 In the murky world of British intelligence during the Northern Ireland conflict, one agent's life appears to have mattered more than others. Codenamed Stakeknife, Freddie Scappaticci rose through the ranks of the IRA to run their internal security unit. He was the IRA's chief spy catcher, in charge of rooting out those suspected of collaborating with the British. But all the time he was in fact working for the British intelligence services. Panorama reveals that a classified report links Scappatici to at least 18 murders. Some of these victims were themselves agents and informers. Scappaticci, the intelligence agencies who tasked him and the IRA to whom he also answered are the subject of a criminal enquiry. Panorama discloses how he kept his cover by having the blood of other agents on his hands, how the intelligence agencies appeared to tolerate this and why he has been protected for so long.
S255E16 Trump's First 100 Days 24/04/2017 We're getting used to seeing a new Trump headline every day - or even several times a day. But we're all still clueless about what to expect next. A missile strike on Syria from an avowed America first president? As the unpredictable president approaches his milestone hundredth day in office, Jeremy Paxman crosses the US for a wry and searching examination of the whirlwind past three months. He'll attempt to make sense of the Trump agenda - and ask if it even makes sense to the man himself. Jeremy digs into the stories behind Trump's most controversial policies - visiting the home of North America's largest mosque to hear Arab-American experiences of the travel ban, and a north California migrant law centre that's working double-time. Amid the derelict factories of Detroit, he considers Trump's claims to be restoring America's economic fortunes. In Washington DC, Jeremy unpicks the phenomenon of fake news, and the consequences of Trump's self-declared 'war' on Washington itself. Grassroots critics and diehard cheerleaders tell us why they believe America will never be the same again. And senior figures from across the political divide - from Democrat deputy Senate leader Dick Durbin, Trump ally Ted Malloch, and former secretary of labour Robert Reich - share personal insights into Trump's White House and its new master. Jeremy asks what America - and the world - will look like after four years of Trump, and wonders if America's unlikely president might even have his sights set on four more.
S255E17 Madeleine McCann: 10 Years On 03/05/2017 Madeleine McCann is the world's most famous missing person. Her disappearance ten years ago has been investigated by police forces in two different countries, but they came up with contradictory conclusions. So what really happened to Madeleine in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz? Reporter Richard Bilton, who has covered the story for the BBC since the first days, examines the evidence and tracks down the men British police have questioned about the case.
S255E18 What Facebook Knows About You 08/05/2017 Facebook is thought to know more about us than any other business in history, but what does the social network that Mark Zuckerberg built do with all of our personal information?
S255E19 Contaminated Blood: The Search for the Truth 10/05/2017 It has been called the worst treatment disaster in the history of the NHS. More than 2,000 people died and thousands more were infected with HIV and Hepatitis C after being treated with contaminated blood products. All the victims were infected over 25 years ago, but even now new cases are still being diagnosed. Survivors and their families are trying once more to persuade the government to hold a UK public inquiry. Panorama examines recently released documents, and asks if the government could have done more to save lives. The film hears the heartbreaking testimony of some of the victims and their families and explores the dilemmas of doctors who had to carry on treating their patients through the unfolding crisis.
S255E20 Inside the Litter Police 15/05/2017 Panorama goes undercover inside Britain's litter police and reveals some of the methods behind the soaring litter fines - over 140,000 were handed out in 2015-2016. The programme hears from people who have been stung with fines for offences like pouring coffee down the drain, dropping tiny pieces of orange peel and even leaving out their weekly rubbish. The undercover reporter goes inside one leading private enforcement company, with over 50 council contracts, to capture the litter police in action and reveals the bonus system used to reward enforcement officers for the number of tickets they issue.
S255E21 Why We Voted to Leave: Britain Speaks 04/07/2016 Adrian Chiles goes home to the West Midlands to meet Leave voters from both sides of the political divide and find out why Britain voted for Brexit. He discovers an unlikely alliance of young and old, wealthy and non-wealthy, white and non-white, who all share a belief that their views have not so far been listened to by mainstream politicians. Adrian learns about their lives and their concerns about immigration, jobs and feeling excluded from the benefits of an increasingly globalised world. He also meets Remain voters who blame the Breixters for pushing Britain into crisis. As the nation reels from the fallout of the Referendum result, Adrian's journey across the region shows just how divided Britain has become.
S255E22 Pension Rip Offs Exposed 11/07/2016 Panorama goes undercover to expose how the Government’s latest pension freedoms are being abused by some companies to get their hands on people’s retirement pots.
S255E23 Trump's Angry America 18/07/2016 With Donald Trump poised to become the official Republican candidate for America's presidency, Panorama visits the racially divided town of Bakersfield in California. Reporter Hilary Andersson meets the Trump supporters who back his calls to oust 11 million illegal immigrants and ban Muslims from travelling to America. She talks to those who fear what a Trump White House would mean for them and asks why America is so angry.
S255E24 Britain's Missing Young People 25/07/2016 Hundreds of young people go missing in Britain every day. The police admit that vulnerable youngsters are being left at risk but say they are simply overwhelmed by the number of missing people. Reporter Darragh MacIntyre meets the families searching for clues and the parents who have been waiting years for news about their children.
S255E25 Cadet Abuse Cover-Up 04/07/2017 As one of Britain's largest youth groups, the cadet forces are responsible for nearly 130,000 children in more than 3,000 clubs across the country. However, not all members have positive memories of their time within the ranks. They are victims of sexual abuse by their cadet instructors, and this abuse could have been stopped but wasn't. This investigation shines a light on a culture of cover-up across the UK which allowed abuse to continue. Reporter Katie Razzall reveals the deeply troubling evidence with serious questions now facing the government organisation in overall charge - the Ministry of Defence.
S255E26 Britain's Food and Farming: The Brexit Effect 10/07/2017 Brexit marks a seismic shift for the UK's food and farming industry, but what will it mean for the consumer? The EU affects the whole food chain from field to fork. It dictates what farmers are allowed to grow, sets animal welfare standards and offers a large supply of cheap labour to work in the fields and processing plants. Panorama's Tom Heap talks to insiders who claim Brexit will mean higher prices, lower quality and less choice on the shelves. Others claim it is a fantastic opportunity to address inefficiency and design a new mode of food production for the next generation. The programme also travels to the USA, where farming is run on an industrial scale. Will UK consumers back British farmers or switch to potentially cheaper imports of hormone-filled meat from abroad?
S255E27 Trump's Fortress America 17/07/2017 Donald Trump fought the US presidential election with a promise to send millions of illegal immigrants back to Mexico. While the world focuses on his troubles in Washington, Panorama investigates how behind the scenes Trump is putting his controversial deportation plans into action. Reporter Hilary Andersson meets families split by immigration arrests and children of detained parents left to fend for themselves. It has been claimed that Trump's policies are dividing America. The programme hears from those who support the deportations and films with police in Arizona as they hunt down illegal immigrants at night.
S255E28 Why are Gambling Machines Addictive? 12/09/2016 Wendy Bendel's partner killed himself after struggling with a 20-year gambling addiction. In a confession he wrote for Wendy, he singled out the high-stakes, high-frequency fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) found in bookmakers across the UK. Wendy embarks on a journey to find out what it is about the design of the machines that makes them so addictive and sees evidence that they can affect the brains of long-term gamblers. She discovers the billions they generate has divided the industry, with former insiders now accusing the bookies of putting profits before people.
S255E29 Labour: Is the Party Over? 19/09/2016 With the Labour leadership election less than a week away, BBC deputy political editor John Pienaar asks if Labour is on the brink of self-destruction. Panorama spent the summer in Brighton, on the frontline for the battle for the soul of Labour, where local activists slog it out for control of the party. In one corner, Momentum fights off ugly allegations of bullying, anti-Semitism and hard-left entryism. In the other, the party's 'moderates' fear election annihilation and deselection. The programme follows both sides through the ups and downs of the campaign and finds neither side in the mood for compromise.
S255E30 Trouble at the RSPCA 03/08/2017 The RSPCA, which has been rescuing and protecting animals for almost 200 years, is one of the best-loved charities in England and Wales. Last year it secured nearly 1,500 convictions for animal welfare offences. Now Panorama's John Sweeney - and his dog Bertie - meet people who accuse the RSPCA of being heavy-handed by prosecuting them and taking away their animals when help or advice would have been more appropriate. He also asks why an RSPCA branch rehomed dogs imported from Europe. Following the RSPCA chief executive's sudden resignation in June, John investigates what's going on at the top of the charity and meets former senior insiders who have concerns about the charity's governing council.
S255E31 Plane Drunk 14/08/2017 Panorama investigates the growing numbers of British passengers flying drunk. Tina Daheley uncovers shocking footage filmed by passengers and meets whistleblowers from the airline industry who reveal just how badly our journeys are being disrupted. With exclusive new figures showing a rise in drink-related incidents and arrests, Tina asks how some airlines are fighting the problem and meets the Majorcan official sick of Brits arriving on her island already drunk. Campaigners are pushing for new licensing laws, but with alcohol sales a key source of revenue for many airport retailers, is profit taking precedence over passenger convenience and safety?
S255E32 BHS: How Did it Happen? 10/10/2016 The way in which millions of pounds were made out of BHS has been branded the 'unacceptable face of capitalism'. 11,000 people lost their jobs as a black hole opened up in the pension fund. Panorama investigates the multimillion-pound deals and cut-throat business practices that made former owner Sir Philip Green and his family very rich while the retailer fell on hard times.
S255E33 Towards the Zero Hour 12/12/2001
S255E34 Undercover: The Refugees Who Make Our Clothes 24/10/2016 Panorama goes undercover to find the sweatshops making clothes for the British high street. Tens of thousands of Syrian refugees and children are working illegally in the Turkish garment industry. They are often paid very little, work in harsh conditions and have no rights. Reporter Darragh MacIntyre discovers refugees and their children working in the supply chains of some of the best-known brands.
S255E35 How Rolls-Royce Bribed Its Way Around the World 31/10/2016 Rolls-Royce has grown dramatically in the past 20 years and has won business in some of the most corrupt countries on the planet. But has some of the company's spectacular success been built on bribery? Reporter Richard Bilton investigates the secret network of shady middlemen who helped sell Rolls-Royce products overseas, and he uncovers evidence that suggests Britain's most prestigious company has bribed its way around the world.
S255E36 Europe's Border Crisis: The Long Road 30/09/2015 As Europe witnesses the dramatic movement of people across its borders, Panorama reporter John Sweeney joins thousands making the journey from the Greek island of Kos to the Austrian border with Hungary. He meets families fleeing conflict and terror in Syria, refugees separated from their loved ones, children, the old and sick being forced to march to safety. Among this tide of humanity, he also finds economic migrants seeking a better life in northern Europe and he asks, with winter on the way, is the crisis about to claim even more lives?
S255E37 When Kids Abuse Kids 09/10/2017 Panorama investigates a hidden world of child sexual abuse, one in which children sexually assault other children. It's often referred to as 'peer-on-peer' abuse and can happen in classrooms and even in theplaygrounds of primary schools. In this part-animated film, children, interviewed anonymously to protect their identities, talk candidly about the abuse they have experienced and describe how they felt let down when they tried to report it. The programme also speaks to some parents who say they struggled to get help from schools, social services and the police. Using freedom of information requests, the programme reveals an increase in sexual offences carried out by under-18s on other children and a dramatic rise in sexual assaults committed by children even on school premises.
S255E38 Hate on the Street 10/10/2017 On the eve of Hate Crime Awareness Week, Panorama investigates what is happening on the country's streets. With exclusive access to the government's new crime figures, the programme reveals that race andreligious hate crime is at its highest since current records began in 2008. Reporter Livvy Haydock travels the country meeting victims and perpetrators to discover what is causing the rise in these hate-driven crimes. Official figures have already revealed a significant spike in hate crime immediately after the EU referendum. Now, a year on, Livvy discovers that hate crimes have remained higher than their pre-referendum average. Livvy meets young victims who still bear the physical and emotional scars of attacks and say they had never experienced race hate on this scale before the vote. But she also hears from residents in areas with a high number of reported race hate crimes who say that the race card is being played too easily and that Brexit is being blamed for wider social problems in their community.
S255E39 How Safe is Your Operation? 16/10/2017 Jailed surgeon Ian Paterson profited from hundreds of unnecessary operations, but do his crimes reveal wider failings in Britain's private healthcare? Reporter Darragh MacIntyre investigates whether some private hospitals - and those working within them - have put profit before patients. With thousands of NHS patients now being sent to private hospitals for their operations, he uncovers disturbing evidence about safety standards and patient care in parts of the private sector.
S255E40 Life at 100 23/10/2017 There are around 14,500 centenarians in the UK, a number predicted to double every ten years. One in every three babies born now is likely to live to be at least 100. Presented by Joan Bakewell, this Panorama Special follows seven people who have reached 100 years or more. Many are still alert and active, like 105-year-old Diana Gould, who exercises every day. Actor Earl Cameron's last part was at 97 in Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio. He is ready if his agent calls. Others are acutely lonely, like George Emmerson, an amateur painter and former tax officer, now living alone after his wife of 68 years died. But like many, he values his independence and still wants to live at home. Almost all need help and care from the government, the NHS, local authorities and families. But are they all prepared for life at a hundred?
S255E41 Panorama [09/12/74] 09/12/1974 A report on the plight of Pakistanis facing a four year wait to join relatives living in Britain. Robert Macneil reports.
S255E42 Britain's Child Beggars 19/10/2011 Meet 'Alice'. She is a four-year-old child out on the streets of London begging hours on end, day in, day out. 'Alice' is just one of Britain's Gypsy child beggars, and she can earn hundreds of pounds a day. A special Panorama investigation uncovers the truth about these children. Reporter John Sweeney tracks down the begging gangs to luxury homes in Romania, where he confronts the adults forcing the children to beg.
S255E43 Britain's Offshore Secrets Exposed 06/11/2017 Current affairs programme featuring interviews and investigative reports. Richard Bilton explores the secrets of Britain's offshore empire.
S255E44 Student Loan Scandal 13/11/2017 As the government backs private colleges to help open up higher education to all, Panorama goes undercover to expose how fraud is costing the taxpayer millions. Secret filming reveals how shady education agents are recruiting bogus students to private colleges so they can claim loans they are not entitled to. Reporter Richard Watson finds agents prepared to supply fraudulent qualifications, offer coursework for sale and fake attendance. It comes at a time when student debt has soared to one hundred billion pounds.
S255E45 The Billion Pound VAT Scam 27/11/2017 Current affairs programme featuring interviews and investigative reports.
S255E46 Jihadis You Pay For 04/12/2017 Millions of pounds of British aid money have been spent trying to bring security to Syria and to protect the UK from terrorism. But whistleblowers say our development efforts have been undermined by mismanagement, waste and corruption. Using hundreds of leaked documents, reporter Jane Corbin pieces together the shocking truth about one of the government's flagship foreign aid projects. She discovers how some of the cash has ended up in the hands of extremists and how an organisation we are funding has been involved in executions and torture.
S255E47 The Operation that Ruined My Life 11/12/2017 Women across the UK are suffering after an operation they were told would transform their lives. Instead, some of them say their lives have been ruined. For years women have been fitted with mesh-like devicesto treat prolapse or incontinence - often caused by childbirth. Although it's been a successful treatment for many of them, thousands of women in the US, the UK and Australia are now suing, after finding themselves in agony or suffering other serious complications. Reporter Lucy Adams meets women living with constant pain. She investigates how and why these devices were approved for use in the first place and asks whether manufacturers and regulators should have acted sooner to take some of them off the market.
S255E48 Myanmar: The Hidden Truth 18/12/2017 In August 2017, 11-year-old Monzur Ali saw things no child should ever see. Military helicopters landed on the football pitch in his village in Northern Rakhine in Myanmar. 'We didn't really want to leave my village but there was a lot of shooting. Some people were hanged from trees and shot. The dead bodies were left hanging', Monzur told Panorama. He and his family fled the country and are now living across the border in a giant refugee camp in Bangladesh. Like Monzur, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have fled Myanmar in 2017 to escape being killed, raped and abused by security forces and local Buddhists. It has been described by the UN as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing, but could it amount to genocide? Using powerful eyewitness testimony, government documents and previously unseen footage, reporter Justin Rowlatt reveals how the Rohingya population has been isolated and weakened, and shows that attacks were part of a highly-planned and organised operation.
S255E49 Can You Stop My Multiple Sclerosis? 16/12/2015 One hundred thousand people in the UK have multiple sclerosis, an incurable condition that can result in permanent disability. Panorama has exclusive access to patients pioneering a crossover cancer treatment that has enabled some MS sufferers with paralysis to regain their movement.
S255E50 Who's Getting Rich on your Money? 00/00/0000 As Government spending cuts bite, one group of businessmen know they will keep making vast profits from our taxes while getting us ever deeper into debt. Since 1997 almost every new school and hospital in the UK has been built by private companies who lease them back to the government. But what's in it for the taxpayer? John Ware investigates the inflexible terms and conditions of what has become the government's flexible friend - the Private Finance Initiative - a kind of ministerial credit card which racks up huge public debts without showing on the nation's balance sheet. He uncovers evidence of how government claims that PFI gives taxpayers value for money have been manipulated. And he asks why the coalition government signed so many PFI deals when in opposition both the prime minister and his deputy branded them as 'dodgy accounting'.
S255E51 Weekend 'Nazis' 27/08/2007 Re-enacting battles from World War Two is a popular summer pastime in the UK, but although we won the war it's the Germans that most people want to portray and the 'SS' who are the most popular of all. John Sweeney tours the biggest event of its type in Kent and discovers a darker side to the fun, with a convicted holocaust denier signing books, a trader selling a relic from Belsen and some Nazi enthusiasts expressing extreme racist views.
S255E52 The Truth About Supermarket Price Wars 00/00/0000 With their price drops, roll-backs, brand matches - as well as that old firm favourite, the two-for-one offer - our leading supermarkets are doing battle for our cash. They claim their price war is good news for shoppers in these tough times, but are their money-saving offers all they seem? Sophie Raworth takes her trolley round the aisles of Britain's biggest supermarket chains and reveals some nasty surprises at the checkout.
S255E53 How to Survive the Meltdown 00/00/0000 The world economy appears to be in meltdown, the euro is in turmoil and the economic future looks bleak. But does it have to be this bad? Panorama investigates how Britain plc could survive the crisis. Reporter Adam Shaw explores the potential for growth away from Europe in the fast-growing economies of places like Brazil, China and India. He also asks what our government needs to do to chart a path to a brighter future.
S255E54 The Truth About Adoption 00/00/0000 Adoption is now high on the political agenda as the best option for the 65,000 children in care. But, with less than 5% actually placed for adoption, children must wait an average two years and seven months for a permanent family. Why does it take so long? What is the human cost? This Panorama Special follows six children in Coventry waiting to be adopted over six months. Some have waited five years. Others were returned after almost three years with prospective adopters. One child, then aged 18 months, was returned after just two weeks. This film addresses the hidden cost of adoption breakdown. In all cases, the children's pain and longing is tangible.
S255E55 Shannon: The Mother of All Lies 00/00/0000
S255E56 I'll Die When I Choose 00/00/0000
S255E57 Britain's Terror Heartland 00/00/0000 It's never easy to make documentaries in Pakistan - especially for journalists who, like those on Panorama, aren't based there. Given the startling access Jane Corbin and her cameraman/producer Nikki Millard got - not only to the troubled areas around Peshawar, but also to the Pakistan army's battles with militants linked to al-Qaeda and the Taleban in the tribal areas - the new civilian government at least appears serious about showing (some) of what it's up to. And, despite a war of words over the Americans' use of Predator drones to target militant bases in these areas, Pakistan's efforts have so far been welcomed by many in the US. And that matters. President-elect Obama has made a great deal out of promising to shift the focus of the "War on Terror" to Afghanistan. Many are sceptical that he can pull off what will be one of the biggest issues of his administration. So both Washington and London will be exerting maximum pressure to ensure that future troop deployments won't be undermined by a porous Afghan-Pakistan border and an ambivalent Pakistani government. Just how damaging this ambivalence has been in the recent past is eye-poppingly chronicled in this, highly-influential book. None of which makes the job of reporting or filming there any easier. Jane and Nikki took sizeable, if considered, risks in getting some of their footage. They arrived in Peshawar - already a very tense city - on the day an American aid worker was shot dead and an Iranian diplomat kidnapped. There are regular threats to Western journalists in Kabul too. So there had to be a clear reason to take such risks. The title, Britain's Terror Heartland, gets to the nub of it. Obtuse - even provocative - perhaps, but the facts and figures bear it out. Separately, Gordon Brown stressed this on Sunday. British security services are believed to be monitoring some 2,000 individuals - and an estimated 30 active terror plots - the majority co
S255E58 The Year Britain's Bubble Burst 00/00/0000
S00E01 1959 - A Panorama Guide 00/00/0000 Documentary looking back at 1959 through the eyes of the long-running BBC current affairs programme Panorama, recalling a time when Britain finally realised that the old world was fast disappearing. The game was up with the Empire and attitudes to class, race and gender were beginning to shift, while television was entering a golden age, with Panorama playing a key role in documenting the birth of modern Britain.
S00E02 How to Win an Election: A Panorama Guide 00/00/0000 In the 1950s, politicians cared little for what Churchill called the 'idiot's lantern'. Now television is central to a political leader's image and his chances of winning an election. This is the story of how politicians abandoned the soapbox for the studio - from the early performances of the two Harolds, Macmillan and Wilson, through the TV campaigns of Margaret Thatcher to the spin-doctored presentation of Tony Blair. Has television finally reduced our politicians to actors spouting soundbites? With six decades of fascinating archive from television's longest running current affairs programme - Panorama - this is the story of how television has changed British politics.
S00E03 Saving Syria's Children 00/00/0000 In a special edition, Panorama travels with British doctors inside Syria to exclusively reveal the devastating impact of the war on children caught in the conflict. The doctors witness the aftermath of the bombing of a school by a suspected napalm-like incendiary device and medical facilities constantly under attack - both war crimes under international law. Filmed in the north of the country after the chemical weapons attack in Damascus which inflamed world opinion and brought America, Russia and the UN to the table, the film shows how the conventional war is intensifying with children bearing the brunt of this humanitarian catastrophe.
S00E04 I Helped My Daughter Die 00/00/0000 Kay Gilderdale, who helped her bedridden daughter Lynn kill herself, talks exclusively.
S00E05 Are You a Danger to Kids? 00/00/0000 Panorama exposes the myths and realities of the new child protection register.
S00E06 Why Do You Hate Me? 00/00/0000 Wheelchair user Simon Green secretly films what it is like to endure disability hate crime.
S00E07 Dying for a Biscuit 00/00/0000 Reporter Raphael Rowe travels to Borneo's rainforest to investigate the palm oil industry.
S00E08 More Than Just a Game 00/00/0000 Panorama asks if football can save a generation fighting to survive in South Africa.
S00E09 Trust Us, We're an NHS Hospital 00/00/0000 Panorama investigates how some hospitals may be failing the public while assessed as good.
S00E10 Are the Net Police Coming for You? 00/00/0000 Jo Whiley looks at a proposed new law targeting illegal downloaders.
S00E11 Chocolate - The Bitter Truth 00/00/0000 Paul Kenyon goes undercover as a cocoa trader in West Africa.
S00E12 Passports to Kill 00/00/0000 Reporter Jane Corbin investigates the murder of Hamas chief Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.
S00E13 Spoilt Rotten? 00/00/0000 Panorama meets children suffering from preventable conditions due to their lifestyles.
S00E14 Is Britain Full? 00/00/0000 Panorama investigates just how overcrowded the UK actually is.
S00E15 Return of the Real Apprentices 00/00/0000 Panorama follows the fortunes of four young people searching for work in Swindon.
S00E16 The Cuts - Can You Fight Back? 00/00/0000 Reporter Shelley Jofre looks at the fight to save frontline services across the country.
S00E17 A Very British Hero 00/00/0000 Panorama reveals how the Army is failing in its duty of care to soldiers in Afghanistan.
S00E18 The Cumbrian Shootings 00/00/0000 Richard Bilton reports on Derrick Bird's shooting spree in Cumbria on Wednesday 2nd June.
S00E19 Man United - Into the Red 00/00/0000 John Sweeney explores the battle for the future of Manchester United.
S00E20 BP - In Deep Water 00/00/0000 Hilary Andersson tells the story of the explosion on BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig.
S00E21 What's Up with the Weather? 00/00/0000 Panorama asks what we really know about our climate and how it will affect us.
S00E22 Can I Sack Teacher? 00/00/0000 Panorama reveals the effects that bad teachers are having on the nation's children.
S00E23 Orphans of Haiti 00/00/0000 Reporter Raphael Rowe uncovers the fate of Haiti's orphaned and abandoned children.
S00E24 How to Beat the Banks 00/00/0000 Reporter Adam Shaw investigates the current state of Britain's high street banks.
S00E25 It Shouldn't Happen at a Vets' 00/00/0000 Panorama goes undercover in one of Britain's largest veterinary chains.
S00E26 Generation Game 00/00/0000 Joan Bakewell looks at some of the ways Brits are looking to future-proof their old age.
S00E27 Britain's Unwanted Pets 00/00/0000 Tom Heap goes to Battersea Dogs Home to find out why more stray dogs are being picked up.
S00E28 Wills - The Final Rip Off? 00/00/0000 A look at the companies who make a living from writing your Last Will and Testament.
S00E29 Death in the Med 00/00/0000 Jane Corbin asks what really happened on the Mavi Marmara, seized by Israeli commandos.
S00E30 Please Don't Take Our Child 00/00/0000 Darragh MacIntyre with an investigation of the family courts.
S00E31 Britain's Disappearing Wildlife 00/00/0000 A look at the decline of UK wildlife and how our food supply could be under threat.
S00E32 A Risk Worth Taking? 00/00/0000 Shelley Jofre investigates the rise and fall of the drug Avandia.
S00E33 What the Pope Knew 00/00/0000 Fergal Keane investigates the Pope's track record of dealing with paedophile priests.
S00E34 Because We're Worth It - the Taxpayers' Rich List 00/00/0000 Panorama reveals the results of an extensive investigation into public sector pay.
S00E35 Britain in the Dock 00/00/0000 Paul Kenyon asks if the British army can really be trusted to police itself.
S00E36 The Secrets of Scientology 00/00/0000 John Sweeney reveals the secrets of the Church of Scientology.
S00E37 Who Took My Pension? 00/00/0000 Penny Haslam reveals the fees and commissions that take vast amounts from our pensions.
S00E38 Kids in Care 00/00/0000 Panorama presents a special report into the quality of state care.
S00E39 Lord Ashcroft's Millions 00/00/0000 Investigation into the finances of the Conservative Party's political donor Lord Ashcroft.
S00E40 Trapped - The Chile Miners' Story 00/00/0000 Panorama reports on safety concerns about the Chilean mine before its collapse.
S00E41 The Great Housing Rip Off? 00/00/0000 Reporter John Sweeney investigates the so-called 'rogue landlords'.
S00E42 What Have the Drugs Done to Dad? 00/00/0000 Vivian White reports on the crisis of care in the treatment of patients with dementia.
S00E43 Are You Paying Too Much Tax? 00/00/0000 Panorama reveals the current situation inside HM Revenue and Customs.
S00E44 Tax the Fat 00/00/0000 Reporter Shelley Jofre investigates the idea of a tax on junk food.
S00E45 British Schools, Islamic Rules 00/00/0000 Investigation into how some Muslim children are being exposed to extremist preachers.
S00E46 Fifa's Dirty Secrets 00/00/0000 Panorama investigates corruption allegations against Fifa officials.
S00E47 Addicted to Games? 00/00/0000 Panorama hears from youngsters who have become addicted to video games.
S00E48 Baby P: In His Mother's Words 00/00/0000 Panorama reveals the controversial video-taped interview with the mother of Baby P.
S00E49 Carry On Banking! 00/00/0000 Panorama asks if anything has changed since the financial crisis of two years ago.
S00E50 Supermarkets: What Price Cheap Food? 00/00/0000 Paul Kenyon looks behind the special offers to examine the cost of Britain's cheap food.