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Leonard Swindley (played by Arthur Lowe) was the central character. Formerly the manager of the fashion retail store "Gamma Garments" in Coronation Street, in this series he is the deputy manager of the department store Dobson and Hawks. His boss in the series was Ernest Parbold played by Paul Dawkins who was replaced by Wally Hunt played by Robert Dorning in series 2. Other regulars were Betty Driver as canteen lady, Mrs Edgeley and Joy Stewart as Miss Sinclair, the boss's secretary.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Pardon The Expression

S01E01 The First Day 02/06/1965 Leonard Swindley starts his new job as Assistant Manager at Dobson and Hawks Department Store. He soon becomes attached to his job in more ways than one when store boss Ernest Parbold sends him to the bank to deposit his specimen signature and collect some change. However when he reaches the bank he realises that he has lost the key to the handcuffs for the money bag he is carrying.
S01E02 The Headmistress 09/06/1965 Leonard Swindley tries his hand at super salemanship. His task from Mr Parbold is to land a big order for Dobson and Hawks for a school uniform concession from the headmistress of the local girls school, Miss Buxton, known at all as "Frankenstein's Grandmother". Swindley's old-world charm has made him a big hit with the ladies of Dobson and Hawks.
S01E03 The Trouble With Ada 16/06/1965 Mr. Parbold decides that, in order to bring the store in-line with average takings across the chain, someone must be sacked. He leaves Swindley with the task, and unsurprisingly the rest of the workforce aren't too pleased.
S01E04 Mannequin Parade 23/06/1965 Mr Swindley's attempt to organise a charity event for the local Chamber of Commerce inevitably make it a "do" to remember!
S01E05 The Dance 30/06/1965 With the popular quotation "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" firmly on his mind, Leonard Swindley has to make a very difficult decision...
S01E06 The Wedding 07/07/1965 He never thought he would see it happen but Mr Swindley becomes a father - although only for a day!
S01E07 The Pensioner 14/07/1965 It may not be Sherwood Forest but Mr Swindley meets a modern day Robin Hood.
S01E08 The Visitor 21/07/1965 With Mr Parbold away, Mr Swindley is made 'King for the day' and finds out the truth behind the popular saying "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown"!
S01E09 Birthday Present 28/07/1965 There are crossed wires at Dobson and Hawks when the staff plan a surprise for Mr Swindley - unfortunately so does Mr Parbold!
S01E10 Little Boy Lost 04/08/1965 Mr Swindley has to take on the role of a responsible parent and finds himself in more trouble ...
S01E11 The Old One Two 11/08/1965 Leonard Swindley turns up for dinner with Sir Charles Dobson but gets the distinct feeling that he is an uninvited guest!
S01E12 The Brain Drain 18/08/1965 In an attempt to recruit new staff for the store, Mr Swindley is sent to attend Careers Day at Brookfield High School with orders to bring back the cream and not the clots!
S02E01 The Economy Drive 10/01/1966 Brigadier Hawk, the Chairman of Dobson and Hawks department store has issued an order for the staff to economise. Leonard Swindley, assistant manager, proves excellent at the task - even cutting the boss down to size!
S02E02 January Sale 17/01/1966 It's time for the big sales at Dobson and Hawks department store and Mr Swindley is in the window overseeing preparations. But he is about to cause uproar by slashing the biggest bargain of the year!
S02E03 The Resignation 24/01/1966 In a moment of frustration, Mr Hunt writes an angry, abusive letter of resignation to Head Office. Being his usual bumbling self, Leonard Swindley posts it!
S02E04 Self Defence 31/01/1966 Every time Swindley goes to the bank he takes his life in his hands. The answer, he decides, is judo. But when he tries throwing his weight around he causes trouble for everyone. After a few bouts with Mrs. Edgeley, Swindley turns to coaching and enrols at Gerry's Gym, persuading Mr. Hunt to join him. His boss turns out to be a natural.
S02E05 The Stocktaking 07/02/1966 Having kept the staff up all night doing a stock-take, Mr Swindley proceeds to lose the results. There is one place left to look - the Corporation Rubbish Dump!
S02E06 The Home Help 14/02/1966 When Mr. Hunt's wife goes on holiday, Leonard Swindley decides to lend a helping hand and, for once, Mr. Hunt actually misses his wife!
S02E07 Big Hotel 21/02/1966 Messrs Swindley and Hunt have taken a trip to London and are staying in a posh hotel. There visit takes an unexpected turn when a surprise guest turns up ...
S02E08 The Gaol Birds 04/03/1966 Mr. Swindley is spending the night in a police cell with an old acquaintance called Jeb. When Mr. Hunt arrives to try to get him released, the circumstances that led to his incarceration are revealed ...
S02E09 The Host With The Most 11/03/1966 When Mr Hunt has his mother-in-law to stay he decides to stay in a hotel to get out of the way. Mr Swindley intervenes and insists on playing the gracious host to Mr Hunt instead. Mr. Hunt reluctanlty agrees but there is never a doubt that the whole event would turn out to be a night to remember!
S02E10 Whose Baby Are You? 21/03/1966 When Mr. Swindley takes on additional duties as Welfare Officer he throws himself in to the role with enthusiasm. An immediate crisis awaits him as he stumbles upon an unattended baby in the stockroom and his desire to find the baby's mother causes more crossed wires ...
S02E11 The Take-Over Bid 28/03/1966 A bunch of high-powered executives descend upon Dobson and Hawks and it looks like the store is about to be sold to a trendy new company. It's a hostile take-over but it appears that the deal rests upon convincing one shareholder with 10 shares to sell - the owner? - a certain Mr Swindley and he makes the most of his predicament!
S02E12 Between The Covers 04/04/1966 As the store prepares to announce encouraging sales figures, only one department is lacking ... and that department is currently holding a gathering for the ladies book reading circle - hosted by Mr Swindley! In an effort to increase profits, Mr. Hunt arranges a closing down sale of pulp fiction in the Book Department - Mr. Swindley is in a cultural state of shock and his mood is not helped when he is arrested for selling obscene material!
S02E13 Who's Been Sleeping In Our Beds? 11/04/1966 While making his nightly rounds before leaving for home, Mr Swindley finds evidence of nocturnal visitation in the Bedding Department. As Head of Security, Mr. Swindley decides to hold an all night vigil and, once again, manages to misinterpret events ...
S02E14 A Sheik In The Night 18/04/1966 There's no business like show business for Leonard Swindley when he decides to be the compère for the cabaret at Dobson and Hawks' Annual Ball. There is a definite Middle-Eastern air to the proceedings and Mrs. Edgeley takes a leading role ...
S02E15 Rustle Of Spring 25/04/1966 When Leonard Swindley becomes the recipient of a surprise legacy, he suddenly finds attitudes changing towards him.
S02E16 The Ghost Of Batsworth Castle 02/05/1966 The staff go on a days outing to Batsworth Castle where Hunt and Swindley are mistaken for relatives of the Duchess. They are invited to stay the night and are subjected to some high spirits - courtesy of the Duke.
S02E17 The Sailor Home From The Sea 09/05/1966 Swindley's never been allowed to forget that Leading Seaman Bell once saved his life; now he may be able to repay the debt. Swindley's just moved into Dobson and Hawkes' show flat when Bell visits. With Brigadier Hawke on his way to see the flat, Mrs. Bell comes to stay - followed by a second Mrs. Bell. Can Swindley keep the two women apart, and out of the Brigadier's sight?
S02E18 The Dinner Party 16/05/1966 The manager of the chain's biggest store is leaving, and Swindley sights a promotion; if he can get Hunt into the post, he'll be hot favourite for Hunt's old job. He plans an intimate dinner party for the chairman, Lord Penge, and his lady, with candlelight and, he hopes, witty discourse. There's just one hitch - Mrs. Hunt can't cook.
S02E19 Man's Best Friend 23/05/1966 In a reckless disregard for the health of his dog, Mr. Hunt leaves it in the care of Mr Swindley while he is away.
S02E20 Thunderfinger - Part 1 30/05/1966 Leonard Swindley is involved in a story of spies, intrigue and danger. Will he find out who the mysterious Mr. Neptune is or will the beautiful Miss Solare outwit him?
S02E21 Thunderfinger - Part 2: Swindley Strikes Back 06/06/1966 Mr Hunt is in the capture of the sinister Mr Neptune while special agent Swindley has been locked in the store cupboard by the mysterious Miss Solare. Will the mastermind be discovered in time to save Dobson and Hawks? Will Miss Solare reveal her secrets?
S02E22 The Switched-On Scene 13/06/1966 In an effort to remain trendy and "swing with the kids", Charles Dobson entasks Mr Swindley with arranging the Dobson and Hawks centenary celebrations in the new teenage boutique.
S02E23 The Cup That Cheers 20/06/1966 Lady Dobson is about to open the new Sports Department and security is a concern for Mr Swindley as the F.A. Cup is on special display. With a spate of hoax bomb alerts in the area, it is no surprise when the store receives a call ...
S02E24 On Health Farm Sommet Stirs 27/06/1966 Mr Swindley is on a diet in a bid to make him trim for the summer. He persuades Mr Hunt to join him in a weekend at a Health Farm but, for both of them, the fat is more than in the fire!