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Passions is a sipernatural American television soap opera which aired on NBC from July 5, 1999 to September 7, 2007 and on The 101 Network from September 17, 2007 to August 7, 2008. Passions follows the lives and loves, and various romantic and paranormal adventures of the residents of Harmony. Storylines center around the interactions among members of its multi-racial core families — the African American Russells, Caucasian Cranes and Bennetts, and half-Mexican half-Irish Lopez-Fitzgeralds — as well as the supernatural including town witch Tabitha Lenox. Generally believed to be linked to the TB Show "Bewitched". Bernard Fox appeared as Dr. Bombay in two episodes of the supernatural-themed daytime soap opera Passions. This show also featured a character named Tabitha, a middle-aged witch whose parents were Samantha and a mortal, Darrin, and who names her own child "Endora."


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Passions

S01E07 Ep. #7 00/00/0000 Ethan realises Theresa is obsessed with him. Faith sees Sam's message on the Internet and replies. Timmy is horrified to be 'won' by a little girl. Sheridan encourages Ethan to propose to Gwen.
S01E08 Ep. #8 00/00/0000 Faith's daughter Charity is upset that they frequently have to move. Whitney is upset when Tabitha predicts that her father will kill to protect her tennis career. Sheridan calls Gwen and Ethan to say she is engaged, and going to the ball with Jean Luc. Rosie kicks Timmy off the pier when he scares her.
S01E09 Ep. #9 00/00/0000 Simone reminds Kay that as far as Miguel is concerned she is 'just one of the guys', and she doesn't stand a chance with him. Miguel tries to reassure Luis that Theresa will get over her unhealthy obsession with Ethan Crane. Ethan and Gwen share a romantic date at the carnival.
S01E10 Ep. #10 00/00/0000 Miguel tries to convince Theresa that she needs to put her fantasies aside, but she tells him that she is going to make Ethan Crane hers no matter what she has to do. Jean Luc whisks Sheridan away to his home in the country in an effort to keep her away from Mimi. Faith and Charity arrive in Harmony, and many of the townspeople think Faith is Grace.
S01E11 Ep. #11 00/00/0000 Thanks to the waiter André, Mimi is able to figure out that Jean Luc has taken Sheridan to his country house. The parents in Harmony are disturbed to learn that an unauthorized fortune teller is scaring people. Theresa assures Miguel she will marry Ethan and take control of the Crane house and fortune.
S01E12 Ep. #12 00/00/0000 Ethan is shocked when Gwen refuses his proposal, but she explains that it's because she loves him so much and doesn't want to marry him because he feels it's 'the right thing to do', and Ethan agrees. Miguel asks Charity to try to come back to the carnival the next day. Pilar narrowly misses running into Julian and Suzanne, a Crane maid and Julian's latest paramour.
S01E13 Ep. #13 00/00/0000 Theresa leads her new co-worker at the cannery to believe that she and Ethan were together, and that she is devastated that he cheated on her with someone else. Pilar finds an upset Ivy, and does her best to keep Ivy from going after Julian, who is in bed with Suzanne. Jean Luc and Mimi argue over his involvement with Sheridan, and Mimi tells Jean Luc to go to Hell.
S01E14 Ep. #14 00/00/0000 Gwen meets Theresa at the cannery, and is very interested in what Theresa does, but all Theresa can think about is that Gwen's lack of an engagement ring means Ethan is fair game. Kay is convinced that Miguel is her secret admirer despite the fact that he has never shown any interest in her, and Jessica learns that the admirer is Reese!
S01E15 Ep. #15 00/00/0000 Gwen tries to convince Ethan that the girl he's been encountering doesn't mean any harm, but Ethan is determined to find his stalker and pursue legal action against her. Faith prays to God to save her and Charity from the evil that is out there looking for them. In Harmony, Timmy watches as Tabitha prepares an evil spell to destroy Faith and Charity.
S01E16 Ep. #16 00/00/0000 Kay blackmails Luis and Miguel into taking part in the contest by telling them that Grace is going through menopause and that her father (who just happens to be Luis' boss) would be upset if they left. Ethan is still bent on finding his stalker, but Gwen tries to distract him by reminding him of his promise to be part of the Mr. Harmony Hunk contest. Faith reluctantly agrees to go back to Harmony at Charity's insistence, but takes her laptop with her.
S01E17 Ep. #17 00/00/0000 When Ethan unwittingly tells Theresa that he has been looking for a certain girl, Theresa steps up, convinced that Ethan is about to propose marriage to her, but instead he pronounces her as his stalker! Sam and Grace realise that Kay is behind the Harmony Hunk contest just in time to see Miguel win, and Luis come in second. Tabitha's viewing of Bewitched is interrupted when she sees her spirit board floating. Pilar expresses her pride in all her children to Ivy, but Ivy only cares about Ethan.
S01E18 Ep. #18 00/00/0000 Theresa is thrilled to meet Ivy and to get a job at the Crane mansion, convinced that she will be able to break Ethan and Gwen up in no time, but is upset when Ivy tells her that she will destroy the girl stalking Ethan when she finds her. Jessica meets up with Reese and tells him what he needs to do to make sure that Charity is his. Charity and Faith check into a local inn in Harmony.
S01E19 Ep. #19 00/00/0000 When Grace and Sam spot Kay all dressed up and wearing too much make-up (and a push-up bra), they send her upstairs to change, much to Jessica's delight. Ivy brings Ethan and Gwen to meet Theresa, but she's hiding in the closet so that Ethan doesn't realise it's her. Tabitha grabs Charity through the scrying bowl and tries to drown her.
S01E20 Ep. #20 00/00/0000 Theresa luckily eludes Gwen's memory when the two meet and Gwen, although delighted, believes Theresa looks somewhat familiar. Later Theresa calls Whitney and gloats that it is only a matter of time before she makes Ethan hers. Miguel buys a flower, convinced that Charity is going to be his mystery date, while Kay eagerly anticipates her and Miguel's 'first date'.
S01E21 Ep. #21 00/00/0000 Theresa finds herself trapped in the lap of luxury. Her confession to Ethan may not get her the desired results as it seems Ethan is even more intent in his crusade against those who target the rich, beginning with his stalker. Ironically, he hopes Pilar's daughter will be able to give him some leads. This may be the least of Theresa's dilemmas: Luis and Pilar know about her real connection to Ethan--just wait until Ivy finds out. Tabitha's spirit board spells trouble again for Faith and Grace, the separated twins, as she tries desperately to keep them from discovering each other. Their spirits seem to find strength from each other, so even Tabitha may not be able to keep them from meeting at the Lobster Shack. Grace and Faith aren't the only ones about to rendezvous. Kay figures out that her date is with Reese while Miguel hopes his dream date Charity will turn up. Sheridan narrowly escapes Roger and Pierre, but even as she passes smoothly over the Atlantic, Roger and Pierre are worki
S01E22 Ep. #22 00/00/0000 There's a peculiar tornado blowing through Harmony.. and Tabitha seems to be at it's core. To keep the sisters from meeting, Tabitha drives Faith away with a storm. Unfortunately for Miguel, she also drives away the girl of his dreams. As for Kay, she schemes to salvage her evening, even if it means ditching Reese. In the calm before the storm, Grace seems at peace as the warmth of her sister's spirit gives her joy. Theresa flees from the Crane's before being discovered by Ethan. At home, she's incensed at what she believes is Ethan's innate snobbery -- but can she give him up? Ethan knows he overreacted, but his fury at Jean Luc's betrayal makes him overprotective of Sheridan. Sheridan, just off the Concorde and in a rush to be at home, makes Luis' acquaintance with quite a bang.
S01E23 Ep. #23 00/00/0000 At home, Ivy and Ethan talk about relationships. Though they're talking about Sheridan's ill fortune in love, there may be more to her own story than Ivy is divulging. Sheridan finds herself a jailbird after flying down the highway. This time Sam backs Luis up on the arrest, but Ethan is indignant at not being able to release his aunt from jail. Having decided to turn down the job offer following Pilar and Whitney's strict advice, Theresa makes her way back to the mansion. Ethan is still down at the station with Sheridan to Theresa's relief. However, not being around Ethan doesn't stop Theresa from losing her head. Ivy makes Theresa an offer that evokes all her years of dreaming. Who could refuse? A search ensues for Miguel's missing date. But Charity is on a search of her own. Following the sounds of a lost child may bring Charity right into Tabitha's clutches. As Faith and Grace pray, unknowingly close to each other, Tabitha stands on the verge of winning.
S01E24 Ep. #24 00/00/0000 Sheridan finds out that Gwen turned Ethan's proposal down. Gwen explains that she wants Ethan's love to be a true one. Sheridan has decided that she's going to look for a love like Ethan and Gwen's; neither one of them has to worry that the other is after them only for money. Theresa's departure from the Crane Mansion proves to be filled with obstacles. When she runs into Ethan she is finally able to talk to him face to face. Her explanations may land her in jail, though. Now, she's on the run from the Cranes -- and their not so little dogs, too Charity helps look for Tabitha's 'granddaughter'. Tabitha and Timmy may have the upper hand now, especially if Charity doesn't watch her step. Faith and Grace ask the help of the same priest...if only he could see the connection between them. Ivy and Julian demonstrate their disgust for each other once again, when Julian threatens to fire Pilar for her son's behavior toward the Crane family. Ivy refuses to let him do it -- Pilar is a friend. Wi
S01E25 Ep. #25 00/00/0000 Faith and Grace cross each other's paths again in the church, but Charity's disappearance prolongs their meeting. Faith's fears for her daughter make her miss her sister once again. Rescuing Charity, Miguel finally finds the girl he's been looking for -- she seems to have fallen for him, too. Tabitha and Timmy's plans are thwarted, but she isn't giving up yet. The gruesome two-some won't cease until they have taken care of Charity and kept Faith and Grace apart. Gwen wishes she hadn't turned Ethan down. If she could get him to put the ring back on her finger, she could be rid of that regret. Are Ethan's intentions the same? Luis pulls up to the Crane Mansion at the trigger of the alarm. Despite the harsh greeting from Ethan, his presence is welcome; he is the vehicle of Theresa's escape. She gets off the estate undetected, but will she endure Luis' wrath? The stranger of Sheridan's dreams pulls a dramatic rescue. Who is this brave man?
S01E26 Ep. #26 00/00/0000 Summary from Dustin's Passions Page and used with permission. Faith is out looking for Charity and asks God to help her find her daughter before evil does. Meanwhile, Tabitha and Timmy are also searching for Charity, and they have to hide when Grace shows up. Tabitha tells Timmy that they have to keep Faith and Grace from meeting. Timmy asks Tabitha what she is going to do? Tabitha tells him anything I have to! Suddenly, Tabitha gets a very bad feeling about where they are, and she realizes that they are in front of the church. The priest asks who is out there. Tabitha says the priest can sense them, and the priest tells whoever is there that he will not allow them to destroy goodness and innocence. Down on the docks, Miguel wants to take Charity back to her mom, but Charity says her mom is wary of strangers, and she has to go. Charity leaves, and Grace shows up. She asks Miguel what he is doing here? Miguel says he was here with his mystery girl Charity. Miguel wants to find her and g
S01E27 Ep. #27 00/00/0000 Theresa is determined not to lose her chance to end up as Mrs. Ethan Crane. Rather than be honest with Ivy and Ethan, she decides to take the job as Ivy's assistant in disguise. Whitney points out that her plan is unlikely to work. Charity boards a bus on her own to go from Castleton to Harmony so that she can meet Miguel. Kay is desperate to make sure that Miguel and Charity have nothing to do with each other, but Jessica wants to help the couple. Sheridan wakes from her dream about Jean-Luc to find that she has wrapped her arms around Luis! Sam wants to know what Luis thought he was doing, and Luis assures him that there's nothing between him and Sheridan. Ethan and Frank head to the police station to pick up Sheridan. Summary © kady @ TVTome
S01E28 Ep. #28 00/00/0000 Sheridan is relieved when Ethan is able to spring her from the local jail. Frank shows the sketch of Theresa around, but no one recognizes her. Ivy praises Theresa's work, not realising she is the same person who has been causing all the 'accidents' that Ethan has been in lately. A stroke of luck creates a chance meeting between Charity and Miguel. Jessica assures Reese that Kay really does like him. Timmy and Tabitha use the spirit board to look for Charity. Summary © kady @ TVTome
S01E29 Ep. #29 00/00/0000 Theresa refuses to listen when Pilar tells her to quit the job at the Cranes. She heads over to the harbor with Whitney, and changes out of her 'mousy' outfit. Now herself again, Theresa tells Whitney that if Ethan could only see how much more beautiful she was then Gwen, he would marry her in a heartbeat. Charity and Miguel continue to spend time together getting to know each other. Miguel gives her a necklace, and a jealous Kay watches on, determined to get Charity far, far away from Miguel. Miguel suggests asking Grace about Charity's mother's twin. Sheridan can't forget that night fourteen years ago when she stared at the blood on her hands. Ethan tries to tell her that it wasn't her fault, but she won't buy that. Summary © kady @ TVTome
S01E30 Ep. #30 00/00/0000 T.C. worries that with Whitney's elbow trouble, maybe she shouldn't go to Pilar's party, but she really wants to. Back at the Lopez-Fitzgerald cottage, Jessica, Kay, and Simone get dressed up for the party. Charity wonders why they're decorating the house, and Jessica explains that Pilar has been trying for years to save up enough money to see her family in Mexico without success, so they're bringing a little of the Old Country to Harmony. The party starts off smoothly, with all the guests enjoying what's going on. Across town, Ethan manages to talk Sheridan out of going to Rio de Janeiro, and asks her out to dinner. She agrees to go, but first, she wants to drop off a birthday present for Pilar. She shows up just in time to do the tango with a blindfolded Luis. Summary © kady @ TVTome
S01E31 Ep. #31 00/00/0000 Thanks to Kay, Charity is able to catch a cab home...with Tabitha as the driver! Faith and Grace chat over the phone. Pilar's party continues.
S01E32 Ep. #32 00/00/0000 Sam heads over to the Crane mansion to talk to Julian about the budget, and runs into Ivy. Ivy never realised Sam and Julian even knew each other. Sam leaves after talking to Ivy, who puts on an old Billy Joel tune to reminisce. Sam arrives home to find Grace listening to the same song. Looks like Billy Joel is special for both Grace and Ivy. Thanks to Father Lonigan's advice, Miguel is on hand to save Charity from Tabitha the cab driver. Unfortunately, Charity isn't able to convince Faith to stay in Castleton. T.C.'s knee pains him when he tries to play basketball. Summary © kady @ TVTome
S01E33 Ep. #33 00/00/0000 Luis and Sam are jogging on the beach while Luis admires the assets of the female jogger in front of them. He is shocked to realise it's Sheridan! At the Club, after talking with Ethan (who plans to file a sexual harrassment suit against Luis), Julian calls the mayor and asks him to settle this thing privately. Frank talks to Theresa, and she lies to him about who she is. He asks her about the girl in the sketch, and Theresa says she was some girl from out of town who thought she was in love with Ethan, and Frank warns her that the girl fit the psychological profile of a stalker, and would be very dangerous. Whitney is thrilled to be offered a corporate sponsership from the Cranes after a successful lesson teaching Ivy Crane, but her father is adamant that his daughter not work for 'the man'. Summary © kady @ TVTome
S01E34 Ep. #34 00/00/0000 Theresa tells Whitney that she has fooled Frank into believing that the stalker is some girl who left town, but he's a lot smarter than she gave him credit for. Frank grabs Theresa and tells her he will expose everything she's done, and calls Ivy to tell her that he has found the stalker. In court, Sheridan is unsuccessful in winning her bid to get off scot-free after having rammed Luis' police car not once, but twice. She is sentenced to 100 hours of community service. Ethan is unsuccessful in choosing where, and Sheridan learns it's the Youth Centre for her. Luis is semi-satisfied with the verdict and leaves the courthouse, heading over to the Youth Centre where he answers the the director! Summary © kady @ TVTome
S01E35 Ep. #35 00/00/0000 Sheridan nearly runs down a young man in the road, and the two exchange pleasantries. Later, she heads to the youth center after putting on her make-up, determined to use her sex appeal to get out of her community service. She runs into the mystery man again, and takes off. The young man heads inside where Luis is thrilled to see his best friend, Hank Bennett! Luis heads off to tell Sam that Hank is home, so when Sheridan goes inside, it's Hank she runs into. Charity tries to get Grace's attention through the windows of the bus, but has no luck. She finally gets the bus to stop, but not in time for her to catch Grace's eye. She heads back to familiar ground looking for her mother's twin. Summary © kady @ TVTome
S01E36 Ep. #36 00/00/0000 Charity continues to look for her mother's twin while Kay continues to throw a wrench in it. Kay is trying to dye her hair to make herself look like Charity, but the result is that her hair starts falling out! While Luis is renewing his acquaintance with high-school sweetheart Beth, Hank agrees to let Sheridan buy her way out of her community service. Grace collapes in the store after having a memory of playing 'store' with her twin sister years ago. Summary © kady @ TVTome
S01E37 Ep. #37 00/00/0000 Theresa and Whitney both try desperately to stop Ethan from hunting down his stalker, and Theresa lies about the girl leaving town. Theresa's lies seem to work, as Ethan agrees to call off the investigtion, but Frank and Ivy aren't willing to forgive and forget that easily. Once Sheridan realises that Luis is the director of the Youth Center she tries to get her check back so it doesn't look like an attempt at bribery. Both try to get out of her community service to no avail. Faith and Grace are able to connect via the Internet and talk. Simone confronts Kay with the fact that Grace is Charity's aunt, but Kay says that no matter what, she's getting rid of Charity. Summary © kady @ TVTome
S01E38 Ep. #38 00/00/0000
S01E39 Ep. #39 00/00/0000 While Ethan and Gwen celebrate Theresa's declaration that the stalker is gone, Theresa laments to Whitney that since she has lost her chance to steal Ethan away from Gwen, she must make her career her life. Whitney swears that she will never fall in love if it means becoming obsessive like her friend. Timmy is convinced that Tabitha is dead. Meanwhile, Tabitha has tricked Grace and Sam into leaving the room so that she can threaten Faith through the computer.
S01E40 Ep. #40 00/00/0000 Whitney dreams about a future with Frank, but knows that it can never happen as long as she keeps lying to him. Theresa, meanwhile, fantasizes about a future with Ethan, but Whitney reminds her that she has been lying to him, and any guy who only wants her because she has to lie to him doesn't want her at all, and somewhere out there, there is a man that will accept Theresa for who she is and not who she pretends to be. Simone wants to tell Charity that Grace is her aunt, but Kay refuses to let her. Simone begs her, telling Kay that Grace has a right to know about her niece and sister, but Kay remains firm. If she can get her cousin out of town, she might be able to manipulate her way into Miguel's heart.
S01E41 Ep. #41 00/00/0000 Sheridan worries that the reason she has been engaged to and in love with so many of the wrong men stems from her childhood, but remembering Martin, Pilar assures her there are some good ones out there. Grace and Sam realise that Charity is her niece and Faith her sister, but by the time they get home, she's gone. Simone tries to convince Kay to tell them where she is, with no success. Hank asks Luis about his father and brother, but Luis doesn't want to talk about them.
S01E42 Ep. #42 00/00/0000
S01E43 Ep. #43 00/00/0000
S01E44 Ep. #44 00/00/0000
S01E45 Ep. #45 00/00/0000
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S01E47 Ep. #47 00/00/0000 In a darkened cinema, Ethan switches Theresa for Gwen and kisses her hand. She melts down from happiness and is preoccupied with phantasies, so she doesn't worries about Ethan recognizing her. Whitney panicks when she sees Gwen looking for Ethan. She rushes Theresa to leave, but she cannot separate from Ethan's arms. Grace tells to father Lonigan that she is afraid of the fact that Charity and Faith may not come in Harmony. She's afraid of her sister and niece to be in danger. In the meantime, a hunting dog invades in Faith's house and heads to Charity's room. Frightened Faith tries to protect her daughter as she recognizes evil in dog's eyes. Dog transforms into Tabitha, who swears that she will destroy Charity, Faith and Grace. (contributed by dmarex)
S01E48 Ep. #48 00/00/0000 Pilar asks some questions about Luis's date with Beth, admitting that she always believed that they are a good couple. Luis asks Pilar does Sheridan's wandering has anything to do with her past, but Pilar successfully liberates the question. After Luis takes a walk, Pilar calls a taxi and goes to the Cranes. Sheridan is thankful to Hank for his support and she's kind of relieved when she realizes that she did not tell too much in her histerical condition. Tabitha laughs evily as she looks Faith's house burning. Injured Faith tries to tell Charity to get out of house. In the meantime, the smoke filles Charity's room as she lies on the bed sleeping. Timmy feels better when Tabitha returns back home. She tells him that Charity and Faith ain't a problem for her anymore. (contributed by dmarex)
S01E49 Ep. #49 00/00/0000 Pilar promises to Sheridan that Luis will never find out what happened years before. Sheridan used to dream about that night a lots of times, but she was always unable to see the face of the person that she murdered. Hank makes a small comentary about his love life-he believes that he wrecked his chance for real love. Luis wants to hear more about his love life, but Hank does not wants to tell him anything. Faith tries to get enough energy to alarm Charity to leave the house, but she's too weak. Charity keeps on sleeping and having nightmares. She shouts for Miguel to rescue her. Miguel wakes up in cold sweat after he dreamed Charity being in a trouble. In the meantime, Grace, even if she got sick, refuses to go to hospital, because she feels that Faith's life is fading. Kay tries some sexy clothing befront of Simone. She tells Simone that with the help of sexy clothing she will win Miguel and lose her virginity. Kay walks into Miguel's room and comes in gets under Miguel's sheets. (co
S01E50 Ep. #50 00/00/0000 Sheridan revives the night she murdered someone again in her sleep. She feels helpless when little Sheridan grabs an letter opener as a mysterious person is coming near. Kay is angry on Simone because she interrupted her plan with news about the fire in Faith's house. She accuses Charity of insinuating the fire by herself just to get Miguel's attention. Faith's house keeps on burning. Little angel girl appers to Charity and wakes her up from her dream. Charity panicks because she's in a trap. In the meantime, in the living room, Faith loses her consciousness. Tabitha uses her powers till the end to enlarage the fire. (contributed by dmarex)
S01E51 Ep. #51 00/00/0000 After Ethan kissed her hand in the cinema, Theresa believes that she and Ethan are made for each other. When Whitney and Theresa see Ethan and Gwen eating, Theresa decides to tell Ethan the truth. She disguises herself into a waitress and slowly comes to Ethan. He looks her in her eyes and remebers something. In the meantime, father Lonigan throws holy water on Tabitha and the smoke starts to get out of her. Timmy goes to save Tabitha, but her powers seem to be very weak. Father Lonigan and Tabitha lead a fight between good and evil. Faith lies on the floor unconscious and Charity shouts for Miguel. The chief of the fireplace departement informs Sam, Grace, Eve and Miguel that there are no firetrucks anywhere near. Miguel enter the house and finds Charity unconscious. (contributed by dmarex)
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S01E62 Ep. #62 00/00/0000 Whitney shows up at the cottage and lies to Ethan in an attempt to get him to change his mind about pressing charges agaisnt Theresa. Tabitha and Timmy prepare to leave town until Grace gives Tabitha some interesting news. Luis challenges Sheridan to a game of one on one when she belittles his talent at basketball.
S01E63 Ep. #63 00/00/0000
S01E64 Ep. #64 00/00/0000
S01E65 Ep. #65 00/00/0000
S01E66 Ep. #66 00/00/0000 Kay pretends to care about Charity while secretly cheering that, thanks to her interference, Charity is afraid of Miguel. Simone's crush on newcomer Chad intensifies, despite Eve telling her daughter to stay away from the young man. Tabitha wonders if Grace's past is starting to come back to her.
S01E67 Ep. #67 00/00/0000 Theresa takes it the wrong way when Ethan decides to let her keep the job with Ivy, and is convinced that God is telling her to go for it. T.C. accuses Chad of stealing his jacket, but is shocked to learn that Simone sold it to him. Sheridan hides basketball great Robert Horry from Luis when he comes to apologize.
S01E68 Ep. #68 00/00/0000
S01E69 Ep. #69 00/00/0000
S01E70 Ep. #70 00/00/0000
S01E71 Ep. #71 00/00/0000
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S01E76 Ep. #76 00/00/0000
S01E77 Ep. #77 00/00/0000
S01E78 Ep. #78 00/00/0000
S01E79 Ep. #79 00/00/0000 While Theresa brags to Whitney and Pilar that it is only a matter of time before she breaks up Ethan and Gwen, Ethan tells his father that he has no interest in Theresa, and reminds him that Gwen is the only woman he loves. Tabitha remembers setting the fire in Grace's apartment in Boston all those years ago.
S01E80 Ep. #80 00/00/0000 Gwen is shocked when Theresa accuses her and Ethan of being together for money, and informs Theresa that she would never be with any man if she did not truly love him. Although Charity offers to room with Jessica and let Kay have Noah's old room, everyone but Kay disagrees with her. Ethan reminds Julian that he's with Gwen because she is his soulmate.
S01E81 Ep. #81 00/00/0000
S01E82 Ep. #82 00/00/0000
S01E83 Ep. #83 00/00/0000
S01E84 Ep. #84 00/00/0000 Gwen tells Sheridan's that she's worried Ethan will be unfaithful to her again. Sheridan assures her best friend that Ethan would never cheat on her with Theresa.
S01E85 Ep. #85 00/00/0000 When Whitney goes off on Chad because of his history, T.C. reminds her that not everyone has the kind of advantages she did growing up.
S01E86 Ep. #86 00/00/0000 Gwen resolves to give Theresa a chance with the boy she is in love with, not realising that the one Theresa wants is really Ethan.
S01E87 Ep. #87 00/00/0000 Gwen believes that Theresa is responsible for locking her in the closet.
S01E88 Ep. #88 00/00/0000 As Gwen tries unsuccessfully to convince Ethan that Theresa has been manipulating them, Whitney warns her friend that it's only a matter of time before Ethan finds out about all the lies and schemes.
S01E89 Ep. #89 00/00/0000 Gwen considers letting Luis see Theresa at the mansion in order to stop her manipulations. Whitney is shocked to learn she's been pouring her heart out to Chad. Sheridan threatens Julian if he fires Luis.
S01E90 Ep. #90 00/00/0000 After catching Theresa at the mansion, Luis tells her that her sick obsession with everything Crane needs to come to an end. Ivy faints when she realises that Sam and Ethan will be working closely together.
S01E91 Ep. #91 00/00/0000 Theresa begs Ethan not to talk to Luis about her job at the mansion, knowing Luis will forbid her to go back. Julian narrowly interrupts Ivy's attempt to tell Sam her secret. Miguel helps Charity set up a diary on the computer.
S01E92 Ep. #92 00/00/0000 Ethan almost finds Theresa's shrine while in her bedroom, as Theresa worries Ethan will realise how deeply obsessed she is with him. Timmy comforts Tabitha, depressed over not having her powers back, as the little angel girl watches. Julian tells Sheridan that if she keeps talking about dead bodies, Alistair may send her back to the asylum. Miguel is put off by Kay's insensitivity toward Charity.
S01E93 Ep. #93 00/00/0000 Julian tries to convince Sheridan that she's associating Martin Fitzgerald's disappearance with Katherine Crane's death, which happened at the same time.
S01E94 Ep. #94 00/00/0000 Sheridan talks to Pilar at the Lobster Shack, who tells her that she doesn't know what happened at the mansion that day (she was at home waiting for Martin), but that Sheridan was devastated when she saw her the next day. At the mansion, Ivy and Julian are swept away by passion and make love in the den.
S01E95 Ep. #95 00/00/0000 The clerk at the funeral parlor assures Ethan and Sheridan that no coffin was delivered to the Crane mansion.
S01E96 Ep. #96 00/00/0000 Julian tells Luis that Martin was caught stealing from Crane Industries, and that was why he left town without ever telling his family. Whitney helps Chad search out his past on the Internet, but can't find any Harrises in Harmony, nor Chad's birth certificate in L.A.
S01E97 Ep. #97 00/00/0000 Chad is shocked when he means Orville Perkins, an elderly man who tells him he was really born in Harmony, and that he can take him to his family. When Luis reveals that Martin may be alive and well in New Mexico, Theresa worries that if Ethan learns her father is a thief, she will never be able to take him from Gwen.
S01E98 Ep. #98 00/00/0000
S01E99 Ep. #99 00/00/0000 Theresa tells Miguel that her schemes are working, and soon she and Ethan will be married, so it won't matter what Martin may have done.
S01E100 Ep. #100 00/00/0000 Ethan almost realises the truth about Theresa when she is abnormally upset about him going away for a romantic weekend with Gwen.
S01E101 Ep. #101 00/00/0000 When Julian sends Theresa to the cabin with papers for Ethan, she feels this is the perfect opportunity, and sends the cab driver away so that Ethan is forced to spend time alone with her. Luis is curious as to why Sheridan is so eager to find Martin, a man she's never met. Orville is struck by a hit and run driver, and it's revealed that Eve knows him from the past.
S01E102 Ep. #102 00/00/0000 Theresa is on the spot when Ethan demands to know why she's at the cabin. Kay is confident she will play the lead in the school play. Luis wonders why Sheridan is so concerned about Martin.
S01E103 Ep. #103 (Thanksgiving Eve) 00/00/0000 Luis is frustrated when he cannot find anyone at Linder Industries, the company where the man using his father's social security number is working.
S01E104 Ep. #104 00/00/0000 Theresa is thrilled when Ethan's car battery is dead and he can't take her back down the hill, believing this is her perfect opportunity to make him want her instead of Gwen. Luis is upset when he is unable to find Martin.
S01E105 Ep. #105 00/00/0000 Ethan shares a friendly dinner with Theresa, not realising that she manipulated the situation. Luis rushes into Sheridan's room when she has a nightmare. Miguel luckily manages to save Charity from the flames.
S01E106 Ep. #106 00/00/0000 A sleeping Ethan mistakes Theresa for Gwen, and puts his arm around her. Sheridan sneaks out to find Martin on her own. Charity's memory starts coming back.
S01E107 Ep. #107 00/00/0000 Theresa is thrilled when Gwen mistakes the situation at the cabin, and believes she's finally broken the two of them up. Orville warns Chad that he needs to stop looking into his past before someone gets hurt, or worse. Julian calls New Mexico to warn Martin that Luis and Sheridan are looking for him.
S01E108 Ep. #108 00/00/0000 Theresa pretends to comfort Ethan, but secretly she is happy that he and Gwen are having so many problems because of her. When she brags to her mother and Whitney, Pilar tells her that Gwen and Ethan have been in love for a long time, and not to get her hopes up. Sam and T.C. search Orville's apartment, and are curious to find a number of blue envelopes addressed to Orville with nothing inside.
S01E109 Ep. #109 00/00/0000 Gwen shows up at Theresa's place and Theresa is shocked to learn that Gwen has figured out exactly what she is up to. Theresa narrowly manages to keep Gwen from seeing the shrine to Ethan in her bedroom. Sheridan falls into the river in New Mexico, and Luis narrowly manages to save her life.
S01E110 Ep. #110 00/00/0000 Even Jessica manages to feel sympathy for her older sister when Miguel and Charity make arrangements to go on their first official date. Theresa almost admits that Gwen is right until she realises that Gwen hasn't seen her shrine to Ethan. A delusional Sheridan passionately kisses Luis.
S01E111 Ep. #111 00/00/0000 Seeing how miserable Ethan is over the thought of being separated from Gwen, Theresa uses the situation to her advantage and tries to get Ethan to look at her in a new light, but the only woman in his heart is Gwen. A naked and confused Sheridan begs Luis to make love to her, just as Martin is approaching.
S01E112 Ep. #112 00/00/0000 Gwen reveals that Theresa wouldn't be the first one who tried to land Ethan, nor would this be the first time that Ethan succumbed to another woman's charms.
S01E113 Ep. #113 00/00/0000 Theresa is thrilled when Gwen turns down Ethan's proposal because Gwen feels he is proposing out of duty. She is convinced that her schemes are working, and it's only a matter of time before she'll be Mrs. Ethan Crane. In New Mexico, Sheridan thanks Luis for taking care of her, but says she is not his responsibility. Sam verbally attacks Hank when he reveals he's dating Sheridan.
S01E114 Ep. #114 00/00/0000 After Simone also sees Miguel's face in the brooch, she tells her that it is evil and she should get rid of it. When Ethan talks about love, Theresa is convinced he's talking about her, but he reveals that it is Gwen he dreams of. Luis confronts Martin in his hotel room.
S01E115 Ep. #115 00/00/0000 Theresa tells Whitney that she's one step closer to living the the Crane mansion as Ethan's wife. Sam and Grace renew their wedding vows as Ivy watches and cries. Charity meets the little angel girl in the basement.
S01E116 Ep. #116 00/00/0000 After Ivy asks her to distribute the Christmas invitations, Theresa dreams about the day that she will be the mistress of the Crane mansion and arranging parties of her own. At the Church, the kids are shocked when the angel statue comes to life and points at Charity. Ethan tries to convince Gwen that Theresa is an innocent victim, incapable of deceit.
S01E117 Ep. #117 00/00/0000 Ethan tells Ivy that he plans to prove to Gwen that Theresa really does have a boyfriend, so that Gwen will know Theresa isn't interested in him at all. Luis feels bad that he broke Sheridan's silver compact, but she tells him it wasn't important to her. Ivy again asks what Julian's secret is concerning Martin, but he wants to know hers first.
S01E118 Ep. #118 00/00/0000 Theresa prays that Ethan and Gwen won't show up at the tree lighting, and Gwen tells Ethan that tonight will prove that Theresa truly is scheming to land him. While Sam is shocked and horrified to see Ivy at his front door, Grace is pleased to see her new friend. Luis is upset when he believes Sheridan threw out the expensive compact he bought her.
S01E119 Ep. #119 00/00/0000 Whitney reminds Theresa that Ethan will hate her for lying to him and manipulating him, as Ethan and Gwen share a hot chocolate waiting to meet the boyfriend Theresa claims is going to be there that evening. Julian is unable to get Ivy's locket open, and assumes it belongs to one of the maids until he sees Ivy's reaction to it being missing. Martin heads to Harmony on the bus, determined to exact a pound of flesh from the Cranes.
S01E120 Ep. #120 00/00/0000 Theresa insists that her rich, wonderful boyfriend is at the tree-lighting, but even Ethan begins to get suspicious as he fails to arrive. Finally Gwen and Ethan demand to meet him. Luis feels sorry for Hank, convinced that Sheridan will dump him like all the other men over the years. Tabitha and Timmy get to work sabotaging Christmas.
S01E121 Ep. #121 00/00/0000 Grace wishes that Noah was home to see Charity light the tree, but Sam reminds her that he'll be home from his ski trip soon. Kay tries to make Miguel take her to the concert, but Grace wants to do some last minute shopping with her daughter. Theresa is almost forced to admit the truth about her lies when the Christmas tree explodes. Luis and Sheridan are talking when they run into Martin.
S01E122 Ep. #122 00/00/0000 Ivy is thrilled that Charity is okay because that means Sam and Grace will come to her party. Meanwhile, Sam talks to T.C., and reveals that he knew Ivy the summer after high-school, but never told T.C. because he was away at tennis camp. Luis, Hank, and Sheridan hang out at the Book Café, not realising Martin has also gone in there to warm up.
S01E123 Ep. #123 00/00/0000 When Luis observes Sheridan kissing Hank, he tells her that Hank is a great guy, and he doesn't want to see Hank hurt because she's not serious about their relationship. Tabitha blames Timmy for the kids having decorated her house, but he swears he wasn't involved. Alistair Crane gives the adults of Harmony some unusual gifts.
S01E124 Ep. #124 00/00/0000 Gwen is relieved when Ethan tells her he agrees that Theresa is scheming to land him, but upset when she realises he is only humoring her. Chad asks Whitney how Simone is doing, but Whitney snaps at him, telling him it's none of her business. Beth gives Hank a tie for Christmas, telling him he'll need it if he has dreams about being with Sheridan.
S01E125 Ep. #125 00/00/0000 Tabitha predicts that someone in Harmony will die on the first day of the twenty-first century. Ethan tells Gwen they'll invite Theresa and her boyfriend to spend New Year's with them.
S01E126 Ep. #126 00/00/0000 Theresa tries to convince Ethan that her boyfriend isn't as serious about them as she is, and probably will not show up to a New Year's celebration. When Ethan offers to call him, Theresa assures him that her boyfriend will be there. Hank offers to help Luis in his quest to find Martin. When he asks about the Spanish slides, Luis tells him they were a gift from someone who knows he and his family have never been to Spain, but always wanted to.
S01E127 Ep. #127 00/00/0000 Pilar begs Ivy not to go ahead with this party, knowing that Ivy's plans can only hurt Sam and Grace, and that Ivy will only humiliate herself. When talking to Eve, Orville realises she doesn't know the truth about Chad Harris, even though she does know the Harris family from Harmony.
S01E128 Ep. #128A [clip show] 00/00/0000 Tabitha and Timmy relive the last year in Harmony via a series of flashbacks.
S01E129 Ep. #128 00/00/0000 Whitney tries to tell Theresa that Gwen is out for blood. Ethan suggests that they elope, but Gwen tells him she doesn't want to until he's able to see the truth about Theresa. While all the kids are going out, Jessica plans to make a fortune babysitting.
S01E130 Ep. #129 00/00/0000 Theresa continues to lie to Gwen and Ethan about her boyfriend, swearing he'll be there any minute, but the couple is getting more and more suspicious. Beth is initially suspicious when Tabitha and Timmy show up at the Youth Center party, but assumes they're with Sheridan. Luis pulls a gun on Martin, and orders him to let Sheridan go.
S01E131 Ep. #130 00/00/0000
S01E132 Ep. #131 00/00/0000
S01E133 Ep. #132 00/00/0000
S01E134 Ep. #133 00/00/0000 Tabitha begs Matilda to help her turn Charity bad, but Matilda tells Tabitha she'll have none of it. Gwen offers Ethan a way out of their relationship, but Ethan assures her of his love for her. Kay decides to crawl into Miguel's bed for a little treat.
S01E135 Ep. #134 00/00/0000 Grace is still upset that it was Ivy in Sam's arms at midnight and not her, but Sam assures her that she is the only woman he loves. Thanks to a comforting Hank, Pilar begins to wonder if the man who died was really Martin. Kay is steamed when she finds Miguel and Charity in bed together.
S01E136 Ep. #135 00/00/0000 Before Luis can check the body to discover if there is a scar behind the ear, like Martin had, Alistair has the body cremated. Kay again blasts Charity to Simone, telling her she found Charity and Miguel in bed together. Theresa decides to confess her love to Ethan, but Miguel convinces her to stay quiet, since he knows Ethan is not in love with Theresa.
S01E137 Ep. #136 00/00/0000
S01E138 Ep. #137 00/00/0000
S01E139 Ep. #138 00/00/0000
S01E140 Ep. #139 00/00/0000
S01E141 Ep. #140 00/00/0000
S01E142 Ep. #141 00/00/0000
S01E143 Ep. #142 00/00/0000
S01E144 Ep. #143 00/00/0000 Timmy begs Tabitha to not go through with her plan to poison Miguel. Tabitha realizes Charity's powers are growing when she learns Charity is having premonitions of death. In order to keep Miguel and Charity from leaving, Tabitha fakes chest pains and gasps for her pills. She hopes her ""near death"" experience will convince Charity her premonition of death has already come true. Miguel and Charity agree to stay for tea. Charity unwittingly hands the poisoned food to Miguel. Tabitha watches in anticipation as an unsuspecting Miguel takes a bite. Gwen accuses Ethan of wanting to believe Theresa because he's in love with her. She tells him she doesn't want to see him again until he believes Theresa is lying. Ivy encourages Ethan to seek Theresa's help. Meanwhile, Theresa plans to make Gwen seem like a heartless phony so Ethan will realize she is not the woman for him. Ethan asks Theresa for help with Gwen and Theresa happily agrees. When Theresa tells Ethan to give her Gwen's phone number
S01E145 Ep. #144 00/00/0000 Theresa spends her life's savings on a dress to impress Ethan at the dinner he and Gwen invited her and her boyfriend to. Whitney reminds her that Ethan and Gwen will be furious when they find out she's been lying to them all along, but Theresa fantasizes about a waiter dropping food on Gwen, and Gwen blowing up. Beth wonders if Luis is lying to her about his interest in Sheridan, but Hank assures her that Luis wouldn't do that to her, or him. Later, though, Hank has cause to wonder. Timmy calls upon Dr. Bombay to save Tabitha after she melts into a puddle of water after eating the poisoned food.
S01E146 Ep. #145 00/00/0000
S01E147 Ep. #146 00/00/0000 Sheridan tells Luis she wants to help him investigate her family's connection to Martin's disappearance. However, she intends to prove her family has done nothing wrong. Luis warns Sheridan she may be helping him bring down her own family. The two search the Crane library, thinking no one is home. They don't realize Julian is just upstairs and that he has installed a new silent alarm for the library wall safe. Meanwhile, Alistair worries about keeping documents about Martin in the library safe, but Julian assures his father he's taken care of everything. Julian is uneasy when Alistair orders him to get rid of Luis if he causes any more trouble. Back in the library, Sheridan nearly sets off the alarm, but Luis stops her in time. While Luis and Sheridan leave to find a way to shut off the system, Timmy sneaks into the library. Timmy searches through an old desk for a bag of curses to change Tabitha back to human form. Eve demands to know why Orville thinks Chad is dangerous to her daught
S01E148 Ep. #147 00/00/0000
S01E149 Ep. #148 00/00/0000 Charity continues to feel connected to the fish she brought home, unaware the fish is really Tabitha. Tabitha realizes Charity's powers are growing stronger. Tabitha panics when Reese says he wants to dissect the fish, but Charity stops him. An inept Kay tries to cook breakfast to impress Miguel. Kay causes a mishap and in all the commotion, she knocks the fish bowl into the sink. Charity is relived to find the fish didn't go down the drain. Timmy approaches the Bennetts' kitchen window, ready to read an incantation to change Tabitha back into human form. Reese approaches the fish and is surprised by what he sees. Hank is shocked when Luis admits he kissed Sheridan. Luis explains the kiss was just a cover to throw off Julian's suspicions. Luis is disappointed when Hank points out Sheridan's time at the youth center is almost over and so Luis won't see her anymore. Meanwhile, Sheridan assures Pilar she only feels gratitude towards Luis, nothing more. Pilar is relieved and warns Sheridan
S01E150 Ep. #149 00/00/0000 Kay and Simone watch in awe as Luis and Sheridan dance a heated tango. Kay hopes to learn the tango in order to win Miguel. After witnessing Luis and Sheridan's dance, Miguel tells Luis he can see his brother has feelings for Sheridan. Luis denies it, adding he'd never date Sheridan since she's a Crane. At the same time, Charity suddenly blurts out to Sheridan that she knows she and Luis are in love. Charity can sense it. Sheridan is unnerved. Timmy screws up the incantation, transforming only Tabitha's head back. Reese turns around and is shocked to see the fish with Tabitha's head. Reese scrambles to get Miguel and Charity, but Timmy manages to turn Tabitha back into a full fish before anyone else sees her. Later, Reese spots Timmy, disguised in a wizard's outfit, taking off with the fish bowl. Julian scrambles to pick up scattered papers concerning Martin before Pilar can read them. A suspicious Pilar asks Julian if the papers contain information on her husband. Julian tries to brus
S01E151 Ep. #150 00/00/0000
S01E152 Ep. #151 00/00/0000
S01E153 Ep. #152 00/00/0000
S01E154 Ep. #153 00/00/0000
S01E155 Ep. #154 00/00/0000
S01E156 Ep. #155 00/00/0000 While on a date with Hank, Sheridan thinks about Luis. She's not the only one...Luis is on a date with Beth, and thinking about her! Gwen is overjoyed when Theresa announces that she and Chuck are engaged, and wishes her new friend the best of luck.
S01E157 Ep. #156 00/00/0000
S01E158 Ep. #157 00/00/0000
S01E159 Ep. #158 00/00/0000
S01E160 Ep. #159 00/00/0000 Theresa decides that if she can make Luis and Sheridan fall in love, Luis will have to accept her and Ethan together, and is determined to get them together. She decides to show Gwen the ring on her finger despite her promise, but Whitney stops her just as Ethan and Gwen become officially engaged. Beth tells Hank how happy she is to be back together with Luis after all these years, and she thinks they finally have a chance at forever. Hank admits that he feels the same about his relationship with Sheridan.
S01E161 Ep. #160 00/00/0000
S01E162 Ep. #161 00/00/0000 When Miguel falls through the ice trying to save Charity (who manages to get out), Charity is frantic with worry. Theresa promises God that if Miguel leaves, she will stay away from Ethan and Gwen. As soon as Miguel is safe, she amends that promise, stating that she will stay away unless Ethan wants her. Miguel heads back to the Bennett house to recuperate, and Kay decides that this would be the perfect time to climb into bed with him and get him to sleep with her so she can get pregnant. Luis and Sheridan want to talk, but are interrupted by their respective significant others.
S01E163 Ep. #162 00/00/0000 Ethan calls Theresa and asks her if the ring has come off yet. It has, but Theresa lies to him, telling him that it hasn't. Pilar tells Theresa she can't keep lying like this...she made a promise to God that she would no longer manipulate Ethan, and she should keep it. Julian is desperate to find out what Ivy has been keeping from him, and launches a full search of her room since she is out. He is interrupted by Suzanne, and the two quickly decide to pick their romance up where they left off. Ivy tells Sam that all she wants is an affair, and she will keep their relationship a secret, but Sam says no, he loves Grace, and he will never hurt her like that. He wants Ivy out of his life.
S01E164 Ep. #163 00/00/0000 When Theresa sees how much Ethan is hurting because of her lie about the ring being stuck on her finger, she pretends it has just come off and hands it to him so that he can propose to Gwen. Theresa watches Ethan rush out the door, and realises just how deeply in love he and Gwen are. Kay convinces Charity she's a jinx, and Charity tells Miguel he's better off staying away from her. Miguel, Eve, and Chad convince Charity that she's not a jinx, though, which infuriates Kay. Kay bullies Simone into helping her find the bird statue so she can drive Charity insane. Ivy tells Sam that unless he has sex with her, she is going to tell Grace everything. Sam turns the tables on her when he threatens to expose her to Ethan.
S01E165 Ep. #164 00/00/0000
S01E166 Ep. #165 00/00/0000 Theresa's schemes prove to be working as Ethan can't stop thinkin about her. Sheridan lies to her best friend to protect Ethan. Kay uses the bird statue to make Charity crazy. Sam denies having an affair with Ivy.
S01E167 Ep. #166 00/00/0000 Julian and Ivy talk about their marriage, and Julian admits that he thought Ivy knew all along that their marriage was all about business -- he had no idea that Ivy thought he loved her, even though she loved another man. Luis takes Sheridan to a local pool hall where initially she sticks out like a sore thumb, until she beats the owner at darts. Kay is thrilled to see how the bird statue affects Charity, and thinks she's allergic to the paint.
S01E168 Ep. #167 00/00/0000 Not realising that it's her son that Theresa is after, Ivy tells her never to give up on first love, and to do whatever she has to do to make sure that he belongs only to her. Sam feels guilty about Charity's premonition of Grace being hurt.
S01E169 Ep. #168 00/00/0000 Julian tells Ethan that if he wants Theresa, he better do it now, and admits that he also sowed a few wild oats before his marriage, then was faithful until Ivy kicked him out of their bed. Theresa decides to follow Ivy's advice and make Ethan hers, but Pilar stops her, reminding her that she made a promise to God to stop her obsession with Ethan.
S01E170 Ep. #169 00/00/0000
S01E171 Ep. #170 00/00/0000
S01E172 Ep. #171 00/00/0000
S01E173 Ep. #172 00/00/0000
S01E174 Ep. #173 00/00/0000
S01E175 Ep. #174 00/00/0000
S01E176 Ep. #175 00/00/0000
S01E177 Ep. #176 00/00/0000
S01E178 Ep. #177 00/00/0000
S01E179 Ep. #178 00/00/0000
S01E180 Ep. #179 00/00/0000
S01E181 Ep. #180 00/00/0000
S01E182 Ep. #181 00/00/0000
S01E183 Ep. #182 00/00/0000
S01E184 Ep. #183 00/00/0000
S01E185 Ep. #184 00/00/0000
S01E186 Ep. #185 00/00/0000
S01E187 Ep. #186 00/00/0000
S01E188 Ep. #187 00/00/0000
S01E189 Ep. #188 00/00/0000
S01E190 Ep. #189 00/00/0000
S01E191 Ep. #190 00/00/0000
S01E192 Ep. #191 00/00/0000
S01E193 Ep. #192 00/00/0000
S01E194 Ep. #193 00/00/0000
S01E195 Ep. #194 00/00/0000
S01E196 Ep. #195 00/00/0000 Luis and Hank discuss Sheridan's move to Paris. Luis claims he's over her and is ready to move on with his life. But once he's alone, Luis reveals he's still bothered by what happened with Sheridan before she left. Meanwhile, in Paris, Sheridan can't get Luis off her mind, unaware that Roger and Pierre are stalking her. Ethan and Chad jump Theresa and Whitney, mistaking them for intruders. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, Ethan invites the girls to stay at the cabin with he and Chad. Theresa, seeing this as another sign that she and Ethan are meant to be together, convinces a reluctant Whitney to stay. Kay is determined to seduce Miguel while on the ski trip. She comes up with a plan using an urgent note as the bait to lure Miguel to the hot tub. But when Simone goes to deliver the message, she gets distracted and doesn't realize she may have placed the note in the wrong mailbox. Since she failed to convince Charity to go on the ski trip, Tabitha tries to figure out another way
S01E197 Ep. #196 00/00/0000
S01E198 Ep. #197 00/00/0000
S01E199 Ep. #198 00/00/0000
S01E200 Ep. #199 00/00/0000
S01E201 Ep. #200 00/00/0000
S01E202 Ep. #201 00/00/0000
S01E203 Ep. #202 00/00/0000 Tabitha places herself and Timmy in danger when her powers fail against an angry bear. Tabitha concludes Miguel must still be alive. Kay is crushed when Miguel tells Charity how much he loves her. Reese and a ski patrol rescuer arrive to bring Charity, Miguel, Kay and Simone back to the ski lodge. Simone warns Kay that Miguel and Charity will probably make love soon. Kay becomes nervous when Charity pulls her aside for a little talk about Miguel. Ivy tries to open the bird statue. Pilar grabs the statue from Ivy and throws it into the fireplace, but Ivy retrieves the bird before too much damage is done. Later, Ivy runs into the bum who sold her the bird, and he demands she give it back since someone has offered a higher price. Ivy learns the prospective buyer was Julian. Ivy refuses to hand over the bird, so the bum grabs it and takes off, leaving a stunned Ivy behind. Roger and Pierre lead Sheridan to the grave Roger dug for her in the woods. Pierre prepares to shoot Sheridan. Luis fi
S01E204 Ep. #203 00/00/0000
S01E205 Ep. #204 00/00/0000
S01E206 Ep. #205 00/00/0000
S01E207 Ep. #206 00/00/0000
S01E208 Ep. #207 00/00/0000
S01E209 Ep. #208 00/00/0000
S01E210 Ep. #209 00/00/0000
S01E211 Ep. #210 00/00/0000
S01E212 Ep. #211 00/00/0000 Chad overhears Whitney vehemently explain to Theresa and Simone why she would never date him. Whitney is shocked to see Chad overheard her, but she resists apologizing to him. Theresa warns Whitney she may be missing out on love. Simone comforts Chad, who bravely insists he was not hurt by Whitney's words. Chad considers telling Ethan about Theresa's feelings for him. Luis continues to worry about Sheridan's safety, much to her annoyance. Despite her attraction to Luis, Sheridan stubbornly insists she doesn't need him to protect her. With the help of the dirty cop, Roger and Pierre poison Sheridan's drink. Sheridan picks up her glass and raises it to her mouth. T.C. tries to revive Eve, who has fainted. Once she's awakened, Eve fears T.C.'s reaction to seeing the photo of her and Julian. Eve braces herself for the worst when he says he's deeply disappointed in her. Eve threatens to kill a smug Ivy.
S01E213 Ep. #212 00/00/0000 Sam and Grace catch Eve murmuring to herself about blackmail. Eve freaks when Sam asks her if she's being blackmailed. She covers by saying a patient of hers is the one being blackmailed. Sam and Grace tell Eve they're going to renew their wedding vows. Eve feels guilty when Grace asks her to be her maid of honor and expresses how much Eve means to her. Sheridan refuses to go back to Harmony with Luis she won't have him controlling her life. Sheridan and Luis struggle to admit their feelings for one another. Luis reluctantly leaves for the airport alone. The dirty cop attempts to shoot Sheridan. Ivy is caught looking at the photos of Eve and Julian. Pilar predicts Ivy will bring about her own down fall. She advises her employer that she is underestimating Eve.
S01E214 Ep. #213 00/00/0000
S01E215 Ep. #214 00/00/0000
S01E216 Ep. #215 00/00/0000
S01E217 Ep. #216 00/00/0000
S01E218 Ep. #217 00/00/0000
S01E219 Ep. #218 00/00/0000
S01E220 Ep. #219 00/00/0000
S01E221 Ep. #220 00/00/0000
S01E222 Ep. #221 00/00/0000
S01E223 Ep. #222 00/00/0000
S01E224 Ep. #223 00/00/0000
S01E225 Ep. #224 00/00/0000
S01E226 Ep. #225 00/00/0000
S01E227 Ep. #226 00/00/0000
S01E228 Ep. #227 00/00/0000
S01E229 Ep. #228 00/00/0000
S01E230 Ep. #229 00/00/0000
S01E231 Ep. #230 00/00/0000
S01E232 Ep. #231 00/00/0000
S01E233 Ep. #232 00/00/0000
S01E234 Ep. #233 00/00/0000
S01E235 Ep. #234 00/00/0000
S01E236 Ep. #235 00/00/0000
S01E237 Ep. #236 00/00/0000
S01E238 Ep. #237 00/00/0000
S01E239 Ep. #238 00/00/0000
S01E240 Ep. #239 00/00/0000
S01E241 Ep. #240 00/00/0000
S01E242 Ep. #241 00/00/0000
S01E243 Ep. #242 00/00/0000
S01E244 Ep. #243 00/00/0000
S01E245 Ep. #244 00/00/0000
S01E246 Ep. #245 00/00/0000
S01E247 Ep. #246 00/00/0000
S01E248 Ep. #247 00/00/0000
S01E249 Ep. #248 00/00/0000
S01E250 Ep. #249 00/00/0000
S01E251 Ep. #250 00/00/0000
S01E252 Ep. #251 00/00/0000
S01E253 Ep. #252 00/00/0000
S01E254 Ep. #253 00/00/0000
S01E255 Ep. #260 00/00/0000
S02E01 Ep. #261 00/00/0000 Luis frantically looks for Sheridan in the crowd at the Seascape party. He's stunned when he finds her kissing Warren, her old friend. Phoebe, an older socialite, pulls a surprised Luis into a kiss, which Sheridan unhappily witnesses. The hitman's ears perk up as a hurt Sheridan coolly tells Luis Warren will be taking her home. Sheridan and Warren dance the tango as Luis watches in disappointment. After the dance, Sheridan and Warren lose Luis and take off in her car. The hitman follows. Gwen's mother, Rebecca Hotchkiss, arrives at the Crane mansion. Rebecca is aghast to learn Gwen made Ethan take Theresa to the prom. She blasts her daughter for being foolish enough to trust beautiful women around her fiancée. Gwen defends her actions by pointing out how much work Theresa has put into her wedding. Rebecca finally convinces her daughter Theresa is a threat, and Gwen high-tails it to the prom boat. Whitney and Chad continue to spy as Theresa prepares to tell Ethan of her love for him. Wh
S02E02 Ep. #262 00/00/0000
S02E03 Ep. #263 00/00/0000
S02E04 Ep. #264 00/00/0000
S02E05 Ep. #265 00/00/0000
S02E06 Ep. #266 00/00/0000
S02E07 Ep. #267 00/00/0000
S02E08 Ep. #268 00/00/0000 Sam is relieved when Grace assumes that he is tense because he is having an affair. Theresa hides in the bathroom and pouts while Gwen and Ethan talk about their relationship. Hank continues to struggle between his love for Sheridan and his love for his family.
S02E09 Ep. #269 00/00/0000 Timmy and Tabitha are outside the Bennett house, watching Charity's window. Inside, the pendant is flying in the air above Charity, who is tossing and turning in her sleep. Timmy's exhausted, but Tabitha wants to stay. Suddenly Timmy gasps -- he's afraid he'll dream about the prom disaster. (Flashback to Timmy riding around on the shark.) Tabitha draws Timmy's attention to the glow in Charity's room, and says that something evil is about to happen in the Bennett house...and the person to be affected this time will be Grace. Like Charity and the rest of the Standish clan, Grace has ESP powers, albeit weak ones, and tonight, she will see the future! Suddenly Grace screams. Timmy wants to know why, and Tabitha tells him he's going to climb up the trellis to find out, despite Timmy's pleas not to. Timmy calls down that Grace had a nightmare about a woman in a hood taking Sam away from her. Tabitha says it's just the beginning -- the Cranes, Bennetts, and Russells will all be destroyed, and
S02E10 Ep. #270 00/00/0000
S02E11 Ep. #271 00/00/0000 Hank is lying all snug in his bed when the bedside phone rings. It's Les, and he wants to know why Sheridan is still alive. Hank tells him that between his phone calls and Luis' interruptions, he didn't have time to shoot her. Les warns Hank to quit stalling -- he has two pretty nieces, especially the elder one. Hank tells him to leave his niece Kay out of this, surely he wouldn't kill a cop's kid? Les tells Hank not to try pushing him -- he won't like the result. At the kitchen table, Sam is looking at Ethan's picture in the paper, and wondering if he could be his son. Grace is wandering around, wearing the pendant, and again comments on the Noah/Ethan resemblance. (Outside, Tabitha and Timmy are listening to the conversation. Tabitha wants to see how evil will strike in the Bennett house. Timmy points out to her that Grace is wearing the pendant, and it's glowing.) The pendant works it's magic on Grace, who says that she feels very strongly that Sam is keeping something from her that
S02E12 Ep. #272 00/00/0000
S02E13 Ep. #273 00/00/0000 At the Bennett House: Charity is packing a picnic basket for the beach. Kay can't wait for Miguel to see her in her new bathing suit! Charity wants to know if Whitney's coming to the beach, and Simone says she's probably hanging out with Theresa. At the Beach: Timmy and Tabitha are relaxing at the beach, while Timmy ogles the bikini-clad girl who just walked by. Tabitha says the two needed a day off -- evil is getting out of hand in Harmony. (Flashback to kitchen scene with Grace.) Timmy wants to know what's going on, and Tabitha says she doesn't know -- the pendant is turning out to be much too strong. Timmy reminds Tabitha that sun-bathing is bad for her skin, and she tells him that she's not going to let him ruin her day. Timmy tries to convince her that they would be better off at home, but Tabitha says she can't go home until she figures out how to appease her basement friends. Suddenly Timmy and Tabitha hear voices, and Timmy goes to investigate -- it's the teen gang, and Kay is
S02E14 Ep. #274 00/00/0000
S02E15 Ep. #275 00/00/0000
S02E16 Ep. #276 00/00/0000 Sheridan's Cottage: While dancing the tango, Sheridan and Luis fall, and end up squished together on the couch. They're lying on the couch together and about to kiss when suddenly the phone rings. It's that dance school for Luis -- they found someone to teach him the dance he wants to learn for Pilar's birthday tomorrow. He smiles and says no -- he's going to let Sheridan teach him. Martin once promised to take Pilar to Spain to dance the paso doba (?), but he was gone before Pilar ever had a chance to see Spain. The two begin dancing, and they're getting closer and closer together. Sheridan and Luis continue to dance, and suddenly Luis has a flashback of being in the cottage years ago and watching Pilar and Martin [played by Bill Bumiller] dance (Luis is played by a different child than in the birthday flashback, even though this memory is from the same time period). The two dance for a brief moment, then Martin goes over to Luis and ruffles his hair, asking him what he thinks of his
S02E17 Ep. #277 00/00/0000
S02E18 Ep. #278 00/00/0000 At the Bennett House: Les' threats have finally gotten to Hank. He agrees to get Sheridan to him, if only he will leave his family alone. Les tells him that this will square his debt, and keep his hands clean. Suddenly Hank tells Les that he's just going to go to his brother and tell him everything. Les just laughs at him. Hank insists he'll do it -- he would rather die than have Les hurt his nieces or Sheridan. Les points out that Hank's death would leave his nieces more vulnerable than ever, and wouldn't change the drug cartel's plans to kill Sheridan Crane. Besides -- why would Hank waste all his time and energy on someone who is dating him, but in love with his best friend? Still in denial, Hank tells Les that's not true. Sheridan's not in love with Luis. Les tells him to get over it. After all, HE'S not shooting Sheridan. Hank says that isn't going to alleviate his guilt. Kay suddenly calls out to Hank, and Les and his two henchmen disappear into the night. Kay comes out and tells
S02E19 Ep. #279 00/00/0000
S02E20 Ep. #280 00/00/0000
S02E21 Ep. #281 00/00/0000 Russell House: Whitney tells Theresa that Chad isn't in love with her. All his posturing, it's just a big game, something to amuse himself with. Theresa keeps pressing Whitney to admit she's interested, and Whitney says that, yes, okay, maybe she'd like to go to a movie or something. Theresa is thrilled that she was right -- Whitney has feelings for Chad! Theresa still thinks Chad loves Whitney -- after all, he's not dating anyone else, and he couldn't possibly be interested in another girl. Whitney reminds Theresa that Simone has always been interested in Chad, but Theresa discounts that theory. Chad isn't interested in Simone. Besides, Simone is just a CHILD. She and Whitney are WOMEN. (Someone should remind Theresa that Simone is the same age right now as Theresa was when she started stalking the Crane fortune.) Meanwhile, upstairs, Chad looks up to see Whitney, and tells her that he loves her. Unfortunately, it's not Whitney who is looking back down at Chad. Simone is overjoyed tha
S02E22 Ep. #282 00/00/0000
S02E23 Ep. #283 00/00/0000
S02E24 Ep. #284 00/00/0000
S02E25 Ep. #285 00/00/0000
S02E26 Ep. #286 00/00/0000
S02E27 Ep. #287 00/00/0000
S02E28 Ep. #288 00/00/0000
S02E29 Ep. #289 00/00/0000
S02E30 Ep. #290 00/00/0000
S02E31 Ep. #291 00/00/0000
S02E32 Ep. #292 00/00/0000
S02E33 Ep. #293 00/00/0000
S02E34 Ep. #294 00/00/0000
S02E35 Ep. #295 00/00/0000
S02E36 Ep. #296 00/00/0000
S02E37 Ep. #297 00/00/0000
S02E38 Ep. #298 00/00/0000
S02E39 Ep. #299 00/00/0000
S02E40 Ep. #300 00/00/0000
S02E41 Ep. #301 00/00/0000
S02E42 Ep. #302 00/00/0000
S02E43 Ep. #303 00/00/0000
S02E44 Ep. #304 00/00/0000
S02E45 Ep. #305 00/00/0000 Eve tells Luis that Sheridan is innocent. Katherine Crane was bedridden for many years after Sheridan's birth, and Eve explains away Sheridan's guilt by saying that she confused her guilt over her mother's death with Martin's disappearance, which happened at the same time.
S02E46 Ep. #306 00/00/0000
S02E47 Ep. #307 00/00/0000
S02E48 Ep. #308 00/00/0000
S02E49 Ep. #309 00/00/0000
S02E50 Ep. #310 00/00/0000
S02E51 Ep. #311 00/00/0000 At the Russell House: Outside, Whitney returns from tennis practice with her father, TC. He congratulates her on her excellent performance, and she tells him that's because she's no longer being distracted. He asks her what she means, and she tells him about a guy who got a girl she knows pregnant, then abandoned her. She assures him it's not him that she means, and that she barely knows the people involved. They head inside. In the kitchen, Eve is making Chad blueberry pancakes. She's concerned when he says he's leaving, but knows he's doing the right thing for himself. He tells her that he'll soon be out of there, and assures her that he's not involved with either of her daughters, but Eve tells him that she has since changed her opinion of him. Originally she thought he was no good, but now she is seeing him in a different light. The two talk about his parents, and he admits that he is jealous of the relationship that Eve has with her daughters, and tells her she's a great mom. Eve
S02E52 Ep. #312 00/00/0000
S02E53 Ep. #313 00/00/0000
S02E54 Ep. #314 00/00/0000
S02E55 Ep. #315 00/00/0000
S02E56 Ep. #316 00/00/0000
S02E57 Ep. #317 00/00/0000
S02E58 Ep. #318 00/00/0000
S02E59 Ep. #319 00/00/0000
S02E60 Ep. #320 00/00/0000
S02E61 Ep. #321 00/00/0000
S02E62 Ep. #322 00/00/0000
S02E63 Ep. #323 00/00/0000
S02E64 Ep. #324 00/00/0000
S02E65 Ep. #325 00/00/0000
S02E66 Ep. #326 00/00/0000
S02E67 Ep. #327 00/00/0000
S02E68 Ep. #328 00/00/0000
S02E69 Ep. #329 00/00/0000
S02E70 Ep. #330 00/00/0000
S02E71 Ep. #331 00/00/0000
S02E72 Ep. #332 00/00/0000
S02E73 Ep. #333 00/00/0000
S02E74 Ep. #334 00/00/0000
S02E75 Ep. #335 00/00/0000
S02E76 Ep. #336 00/00/0000
S02E77 Ep. #337 00/00/0000
S02E78 Ep. #338 00/00/0000
S02E79 Ep. #339 00/00/0000
S02E80 Ep. #340 00/00/0000
S02E81 Ep. #341 00/00/0000
S02E82 Ep. #342 00/00/0000
S02E83 Ep. #343 00/00/0000
S02E84 Ep. #344 00/00/0000
S02E85 Ep. #345 00/00/0000
S02E86 Ep. #346 00/00/0000
S02E87 Ep. #347 00/00/0000
S02E88 Ep. #348 00/00/0000
S02E89 Ep. #349 00/00/0000
S02E90 Ep. #350 00/00/0000
S02E91 Ep. #351 00/00/0000
S02E92 Ep. #352 00/00/0000
S02E93 Ep. #353 00/00/0000
S02E94 Ep. #354 00/00/0000
S02E95 Ep. #355 00/00/0000
S02E96 Ep. #356 00/00/0000
S02E97 Ep. #357 00/00/0000
S02E98 Ep. #358 (Thanksgiving Eve) 00/00/0000
S02E99 Ep. #359 00/00/0000
S02E100 Ep. #360 00/00/0000
S02E101 Ep. #361 00/00/0000
S02E102 Ep. #362 00/00/0000
S02E103 Ep. #363 00/00/0000
S02E104 Ep. #364 00/00/0000
S02E105 Ep. #365 00/00/0000
S02E106 Ep. #366 00/00/0000
S02E107 Ep. #367 00/00/0000
S02E108 Ep. #368 00/00/0000
S02E109 Ep. #369 00/00/0000
S02E110 Ep. #370 00/00/0000
S02E111 Ep. #371 00/00/0000
S02E112 Ep. #372 00/00/0000
S02E113 Ep. #373 00/00/0000
S02E114 Ep. #374 00/00/0000
S02E115 Ep. #375 00/00/0000
S02E116 Ep. #376 00/00/0000
S02E117 Ep. #377 00/00/0000
S02E118 Ep. #378 00/00/0000
S02E119 Ep. #379 00/00/0000
S02E120 Ep. #380 00/00/0000
S02E121 Ep. #381 00/00/0000
S02E122 Ep. #382 00/00/0000
S02E123 Ep. #383 00/00/0000 Having told Gwen there's a chance Ethan might not be a Crane, Rebecca asks Gwen if she still wants Ethan after everything he did to her. Gwen is quiet for a moment, but tells Rebecca that she loves Ethan no matter what.
S02E124 Ep. #384 00/00/0000
S02E125 Ep. #385 00/00/0000 Rebecca is plotting about destroying Theresa, but Gwen is tired. She says that Theresa has lied and humiliate her enough, and she's done. She has loved Ethan since she was a little girl, but she just can't take it anymore. She doesn't want to have anything to do with either of them ever again. She doesn't know or care what her mother has, she wants no part of it.
S02E126 Ep. #386 00/00/0000 Theresa admits to Pilar that she scanned those documents to use against Ethan. Pilar tells her to erase the documents immediately to make sure no one can find out she had them. Rebecca reveals what she learned to Gwen, who wants to know if she's sure. They discuss Theresa having had this information for weeks and done nothing, and both believe that she kept quiet because it was the Crane money she had her eye on. They also believe Pilar gave the information to Theresa so she had leverage. Gwen and Rebecca decided to head to the mansion to blow Theresa and Pilar out of the water. Ivy tells Theresa to watch out for Rebecca and Gwen, because she doesn't believe they'll just forgive and forget. When Pilar warns Theresa, she tells her mother that Gwen can do nothing; she has won.
S02E127 Ep. #387 00/00/0000
S02E128 Ep. #388 00/00/0000 Pilar tells Theresa that she doesn't believe Rebecca and Gwen will easily forget what she did to them. She tells Theresa that Rebecca sounded like she had something up her sleeve, and Pilar warns her daughter that Rebecca will be a dangerous adversary. Theresa finally erased the documents from her laptop to stop Rebecca from finding them and using the truth against her.
S02E129 Ep. #389 00/00/0000
S02E130 Ep. #390 00/00/0000
S02E131 Ep. #391 00/00/0000 Rebecca's original plan was to expose Ethan and Theresa in front of everyone the moment she found the letter, which originally Gwen went along with, until she heard Ethan tell Theresa that anyone who tries to come between him will be out of his life forever. At that point, Gwen told her mother not to do it. She wanted to expose Theresa, but not incur Ethan's ire. So Rebecca had to back-peddle...she had gathered everyone together, so she had to say SOMEthing...that's when she came up with the engagement party idea. It wasn't a plot, but a spur of the moment cover-up.
S02E132 Ep. #392 00/00/0000 Ethan asked Rebecca what her announcement had to do with he and his father. She flashed back to finding the letter on the laptop, then to Gwen begging her not to go through with it, so made up the lie that she had a portrait of Ethan and Julian commissioned. Rebecca announces that she wants to have the party at the Crane mansion. Gwen thinks her mother is nuts, but Rebecca tells her she has a plan. She is going to throw the engagement party from Hell. While Gwen stands in the background, Rebecca e-mails the papers to the tabloid from the computer she found them on.
S02E133 Ep. #393 00/00/0000
S02E134 Ep. #394 00/00/0000
S02E135 Ep. #395 00/00/0000 Gwen feels absolutely horrible about what is about to happen. She knows Ethan will be hurt, and this is devastating her. She shares this with her mother, telling her how awful she feels. Rebecca dismisses happens. Rebecca tells Gwen that there is no way her plan can fail, but Gwen isn't so sure. What if they misjudged Theresa, and money isn't her only motivation? Rebecca reassures her that when Ivy and Ethan find out how Theresa plotted and schemed, she will be out of his life, but Gwen reminds her that it doesn't necessarily mean she and Ethan will get back together. Gwen reiterates her commitment to saving Ethan from a scheming Theresa.
S02E136 Ep. #396 00/00/0000 Theresa tells Rebecca and Gwen that the party is wonderful, and Gwen smiles as she tells her she wants to make sure Theresa gets everything that she deserves. As Ethan gives a speech about how Theresa changed his life, Gwen is disgusted by his blindness, and tells Rebecca she can't stand listening to Ethan wax poetic about the gold-digger who schemed to break them apart, but Rebecca tells her to calm down...Theresa will get what she deserves.
S02E137 Ep. #397 00/00/0000 Timmy is working on a secret project so he and Tabitha could escape from the town before Hecuba destroys them. Eve is horrified to hear Alistair's mean plan, but there is no way for her to stop them. Chad & Whitney share romantic moments. Rebecca is worried while waiting for the tabloid reporter to appear on the party to discover Ivy's secret. Rebecca tells Gwen that she will be the next wife of Julian Crane. Suspicious Pilar continues worrying about Rebecca's motives. One of the tabloid reporters tries to get into Crane mansion to show Julian the shocking headline in the tabloid that will shake up his world.
S02E138 Ep. #398 00/00/0000 Tabitha and Timmy have escaped from Harmony to get away from Hecuba and avoid the reaction after Tabitha's book 'Hidden Passions'. While Timmy is describing a lonely hotel he reservated, Tabitha feels like she has already heared about the hotel somewhere. One of the followers discovers that Timmy id not a doll, so Tabitha and Timmy get into troubles. Charity says to Kay that she senses a big disaster that will happen on the engagment party for Sam and Grace. Kay wants Hecuba to confirm Charity's warnings. The tabloid reporter notices Sam and Grace arriving to the Crane mansion and accidentaly drops the newspapers with a big headline about Ethan's origins. Grace bends down to pick them up. Gwen and Rebecca impatiently wait for the bomb about Ethan's origins to be dropped. Pilar gets into another fight with Rebecca. Ivy warns Eve to not let Whitney and Chad go too closer because she believes into a possobility that Chad is Eve's son. But, Eve claims that her baby died. TC hears the last
S02E139 Ep. #399 00/00/0000 Tabitha and Timmy arrive to the creepy hotel in the middle of nowhere. They feel unconfortably due to very strange house owner. Timmy is even more nervous while snooping around the mystery house in which one is the owner's father. Tabitha and Timmy are not aware of owner's secret dangerous intentions. Eve feels unconfortable while TC rails against every woman that ever had anything to do with Julian. Worried for Sheridan and Luis, Eve tries to make Julian stop his father from separating them. Miguel is surprised to know the fact that Ethan still does not knows for how long Theresa was in love with him. He warns her sister to not go into marriage with secrets. Ivy tries to make things easier between Sam and Ethan, but that seems hardly to do due to their intense relationship. Rebecca notices Ivy with Sam and Grace and tries to talk Sam into answering about her questions about his first love. The tabloid reporter goes to Julian, ready to destroy the mighty Cranes.
S02E140 Ep. #400 00/00/0000
S02E141 Ep. #401 00/00/0000
S02E142 Ep. #402 00/00/0000
S02E143 Ep. #403 00/00/0000 Julian is shocked to learn that Ethan is Sam Bennett's son.
S02E144 Ep. #404 00/00/0000
S02E145 Ep. #405 00/00/0000
S02E146 Ep. #406 00/00/0000
S02E147 Ep. #407 00/00/0000
S02E148 Ep. #408 00/00/0000 A devastated Ivy worries she'll lose everything, including Ethan's love, once her son learns the truth. Meanwhile, everyone at the engagement party is once again stunned by the scene playing out before them. Julian tells Ethan he is not his son Ethan is not a Crane! Ethan is shattered. While Rebecca gloats, Gwen hurts for Ethan. Theresa assures Whitney she had nothing to do with Julian discovering the truth. Rebecca and Gwen watch with satisfied grins as Theresa worries she'll be connected to leaking the information. Sam notes at least he can't be Ethan's father since Eve looked up Ethan's birth records and told him Ethan was born prematurely. A guilt-ridden Eve remains silent. An emotional Julian insists Ethan is not his son as Ethan goes into denial. Sheridan arrives to comfort Ethan and accuses Julian of lying. A desperate Ethan confronts Ivy and begs for her to tell the truth. Kay convinces Jessica not to go into Charity's bedroom to check on their cousin. Kay worries about how she
S02E149 Ep. #409 00/00/0000
S02E150 Ep. #410 00/00/0000 Ivy begs Ethan to forgive her. Ethan comforts his mother, but he keeps on deniig that he is Sam's son. Rancorous Julian keeps on pressing Ivy to admit Ethan that she and Sam were lovers. Ivy cries and tries to explains to Ethan that she was forced to leave Sam and marry Julian. Grace comes to the stairs, and Pilar tries to stop her to go downstairs. Tabitha and Timmy arrive home all shaked because their lives were in danger. After Hecuba sends Charity to hell, she's ready to destroy Tabitha and Timmy. Kay is frightened when she thinks what will happen when Miguel opens Charity's closet. Miguel calls Luis to ask him did Charity arrive to the party. (contributed by dmarex)
S02E151 Ep. #411 00/00/0000 Hecuba begins to send Tabitha and Timmy into the basement so their ""friends"" can deal with them. Tabitha pleads with Hecuba to spare Timmy's life, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Luis and Miguel question Kay about the strange scorch marks inside Charity's closet. All eyes are on Kay as she swears she has no clue as to Charity's whereabouts. Miguel's concern grows. Father Lonigan arrives at the Bennett home. The priest senses evil has invaded the house and believes it is connected to Charity's disappearance. Everyone rushes to the foyer, where Grace has fallen down the staircase. A horrified Sam hovers over his unconscious wife. He's overcome with guilt when Pilar admits Grace fell after overhearing Ivy confirm Ethan is Sam's son. Eve examines Grace and expresses concern about the baby. An anguished Sam fears he's killed Grace by keeping his past with Ivy a secret. Sam asks Pilar if Ivy is telling the truth about Ethan being his son. Ethan attacks the tabloid reporter when he catches him sn
S02E152 Ep. #412 00/00/0000 Sheridan convinces Ethan that she will always think about him as a part of her family. Ethan and Julian feel uneasily when they're by each other. Julian is hurt because he lost his son. Ethan finds his and Sam's picture in her mother's medalion. Ivy tries to make her relationship with Ethan better. Hurt and confused, Ethan tries to accept the fact that he is not a Crane. Angrily, he swears to destroy tha person that kept the truth away from his father and send the informations to the tabloid. Theresa starts feeling uneasily because she knew Ethan's secret before he find out about it. Rebecca and Gwen get their attention on destroying Theresa. Ambulance arrives and takes Grace to the hospital. Sam informs Ivy that he will never forgive her if something happens to grace or her unborn child. Sam suffers because of his pain that was caused by his past. In the meantime, Grace and her baby are in critical status. Whitney is upset because she feels like something will separate her and Chad if
S02E153 Ep. #413 00/00/0000
S02E154 Ep. #414 00/00/0000
S02E155 Ep. #415 00/00/0000 Ethan tells Theresa that he can't marry her until he learns who he really is and she is devastated. Theresa returns her engagement ring to Ethan. Father Lonigan doses Hecuba and Tabitha with h*ly water. He tries to rescue Kay and Charity from the flames of heck. Grace is rushed back into the hospital room after she collapses after finding Sam in Ivy's arms. Sam blames Ivy and tells her that he'll never forgive her if Grace or the baby die. Sam also refuses to accept Ethan as a son because despite his blood lines, he is a Crane now. Grace miscarries the baby, a baby boy.
S02E156 Ep. #416 00/00/0000
S02E157 Ep. #417 00/00/0000
S02E158 Ep. #418 00/00/0000
S02E159 Ep. #419 00/00/0000 Even though he has not talked to Alistair or Julian since Sam Bennett was revealed to be his natural father, Ethan has made the decision to move out of the mansion. Gwen offers to let him stay with her, as Theresa tells the assembled group that Ethan will be staying her HER house. Ethan turns down both of them, and says he'll find his own place to stay. Chad wants to tell Ethan the truth, that Theresa knew about his paternity all along, but Whitney threatens to never have anything to do with him again if he tells the truth. Chad insists that if Theresa really loves Ethan, she will tell him that she is responsible for 'the truth' getting out. Whitney insists that Ethan will turn his back on Theresa if he ever learns the truth. Kay can hear Charity's voice telling her where she is and begging her to save them, but Kay keeps quiet. Father Lonigan shows his disgust at her actions, but Kay tries her hand at blackmail by reminding him that he can't tell anyone about her plans to cause her co
S02E160 Ep. #420 00/00/0000 Reducantly, Tabitha and Hecuba admit that they admire each other for the chaos at Bennetts house. In the meantime, Timmy writes a sequel of ""Hidden Passions"". Father Lonigan and Kay strive to knock off the attack of black shadows. Kay hears the others screaming from the basement to save her, but she's been violently interrupted. Father Lonigan attcks the demon with holy water, giving Kay a chance to runaway. Kay gets terrofied when she sees how the basement walls are closing under Jessica, Miguel, Reese and Simone. After they spent a nice romantic dinner, Luis and Sheridan go together home to make love. Whitney is worried for Theresa. After Theresa sais that someone who loves him knew that he was not Crane, Ethan tells that he knows about who she is talking about. Theresa gets nervous and sais to him that someone who really loves him would never keep that secret away from him. Contributed by dmarex
S02E161 Ep. #421 00/00/0000 Luis and Sharidan start making love for the first time. Theresa is afraid that Ethan will think that she send the story to the tabloid if Chad tells him that Theresa knew all about Ethan's origins. After Kay and father Lonigan save Jessica, Miguel, Reese and Simone from the basement, Kay admits that she knows where Charity is-she's in the closet in her room burning in hell. Hecuba gets furious and promises Kay that she will pay for what she did. Jessica, Simone and Reese are skeptical, but Miguel rushes to Charity's room. He opens tha closet, but it all seems to be normal. Contributed by dmarex
S02E162 Ep. #422 00/00/0000 Luis and Sheridan go to the bedroom to finally make love. He convinces her that this time he did everything he needed to do so nobody would not interrupt them. In the hospital, Pilar stops Ivy from going to Sam. She orders her to get away from Sam and Grace. Sam tries to explain Grace what he did, but she is still angry on him. Grace tells him that she does not knows what to think about their marriage and that it's really hard to her to believe in what he told her. Simone is wondering why did the evil forces attck Kay's house. Hecuba transforms Kay into a monster. Migule searches for Charity in her closet until he hears Charity calling him. Kay warns Miguel that he will need to go through the flames of Hell to save Charity. Contributed by dmarex
S02E163 Ep. #423 00/00/0000 Hecuba fears Miguel will be able to save Charity now that Father Lonigan has reopened the portal to hell. Miguel rushes to save Charity, who cries out for help from the hellfire. Kay, Simone, Reese, and Jessica struggle to prevent Miguel from charging into hell. As Miguel gets closer, ""Charity"" suddenly reveals herself to be a demon. The kids react in horror and quickly back away. Father Lonigan has Reese look up ancient texts to help Miguel prepare for his battle in hell. Meanwhile, Hecuba comes up with a new plan to destroy Miguel before he can rescue Charity. Rebecca informs Julian that Jonathan is willing to go ahead with the Crane/Hotchkiss merger as long as she marries Julian. She explains her husband is so anxious to get rid of her, he's willing to do anything, especially since she has agreed to let him keep her money. Rebecca coyly tells Julian she'd like to have sex in one particular room of the mansion. Julian's interest is piqued. At the hospital, Grace continues to cause an
S02E164 Ep. #424 00/00/0000 Despite Ivy's pleas with him to stay at the mansion, Ethan continues to pack his stuff. When Alistair calls, Ethan tries to tell his grandfather goodbye, but Alistair hangs up on him. Ivy is furious, but Rebecca points out that Alistair washed his hand of Ethan months ago. Ethan shows up at Sheridan's cottage just after Luis and Sheridan make love, and Sheridan convinces him to spend the night there, although he tells her he won't stay, as it is still Alistair's property. Kay and Father Lonigan cannot save Miguel from the demons, but luckily, the little angel girl shows up in the nick of time, and bestows powers of goodness upon Miguel, which infuriates Hecuba. As Kay says this is all her fault, Jessica insists she is innocent ... but Simone isn't so sure.
S02E165 Ep. #425 00/00/0000
S02E166 Ep. #426 00/00/0000
S02E167 Ep. #427 00/00/0000
S02E168 Ep. #428 00/00/0000
S02E169 Ep. #429 00/00/0000
S02E170 Ep. #430 00/00/0000 Ivy congratulates Ethan and Theresa on their decision to marry right away. Rebecca assures a frustrated Gwen they will destroy Theresa on her wedding day. Ivy and Ethan vow to hunt down the person responsible for leaking Ivy's secret to the tabloid. Rebecca and Gwen snicker as they watch Theresa squirm. At Rebecca's urging, Gwen asks Theresa if she can be her bridesmaid. Theresa is speechless. Grace insists on checking out of the hospital, despite Eve's reservations. Grace swears she senses something is wrong at home. As Grace grows more agitated, Sam, Eve, and TC are taken aback by her anger. Grace continues to rebuff Sam's attempts at reconciliation. Later, Eve becomes nervous when she believes Sam has figured out she helped Ivy keep him in the dark about being Ethan's father. Charity emerges from the clouds above the living room as she gets closer to escaping hell. Miguel tries to help her, but Hecuba brings gargoyle statues to life so they can attack the would-be-hero. Pilar, Reese
S02E171 Ep. #431 00/00/0000
S02E172 Ep. #432 00/00/0000
S02E173 Ep. #433 00/00/0000
S02E174 Ep. #434 00/00/0000
S02E175 Ep. #435 00/00/0000
S02E176 Ep. #436 00/00/0000
S02E177 Ep. #437 00/00/0000
S02E178 Ep. #438 00/00/0000
S02E179 Ep. #439 00/00/0000
S02E180 Ep. #440 00/00/0000
S02E181 Ep. #441 00/00/0000
S02E182 Ep. #442 00/00/0000
S02E183 Ep. #443 00/00/0000
S02E184 Ep. #444 00/00/0000
S02E185 Ep. #445 00/00/0000
S02E186 Ep. #446 00/00/0000
S02E187 Ep. #447 00/00/0000
S02E188 Ep. #448 00/00/0000
S02E189 Ep. #449 00/00/0000
S02E190 Ep. #450 00/00/0000
S02E191 Ep. #451 00/00/0000
S02E192 Ep. #452 00/00/0000
S02E193 Ep. #453 00/00/0000
S02E194 Ep. #454 00/00/0000
S02E195 Ep. #455 00/00/0000
S02E196 Ep. #456 00/00/0000
S02E197 Ep. #457 00/00/0000
S02E198 Ep. #458 00/00/0000
S02E199 Ep. #459 00/00/0000
S02E200 Ep. #460 00/00/0000
S02E201 Ep. #461 00/00/0000
S02E202 Ep. #462 00/00/0000
S02E203 Ep. #463 00/00/0000
S02E204 Ep. #464 00/00/0000
S02E205 Ep. #465 25/04/2001
S02E206 Ep. #466 00/00/0000
S02E207 Ep. #467 27/04/2001
S02E208 Ep. #468 00/00/0000 The Bennett house continues to fall apart as it sinks into the fissure in the ground. Inside the house, Tabitha is unable to free Timmy after he's pinned down by debris. Timmy puts up a brave front as he urges Tabitha to leave him behind and escape while she can. The two share an emotional good-bye before Tabitha solemnly walks away. Charity, Kay, and Miguel also remain trapped in the house. As the kids prepare to die, Kay blurts out she's going to hell. She comes close to confessing her wrongdoings, but reconsiders when she notes Charity doesn't remember that the soulless teen allowed her to get pulled into hell. Miguel devises a plan to escape. Meanwhile, firefighters try to put out the wall of flames surrounding the Bennett house so rescuers can get inside. However, the fire is too strong. Everyone watches helplessly as it seems certain the kids will die. Affected by Theresa's distress, Ethan rushes to the house for one last rescue attempt. Meanwhile, Sam and Julian have a confronta
S02E209 Ep. #469 00/00/0000
S02E210 Ep. #470 02/05/2001
S02E211 Ep. #471 03/05/2001
S02E212 Ep. #472 04/05/2001
S02E213 Ep. #473 07/05/2001
S02E214 Ep. #474 08/05/2001
S02E215 Ep. #475 09/05/2001 Theresa gets surprised when Gwen accuses her of keeping the secret away from Ethan. She scares when Gwen accuses her of using sex to keep her fiancee and awares her that if Ethan will find out abouit Theresa knowing his secret, her eevelationship will fail. Ethan gets surprised when he finds Gwen and Theresa together. Theresa gets frozen because she's afraid of Gwen telling Ethan the truth. Pilar catches Ivy leaving a love letter to Sam. She awares Ivy that nothing will happen with Sam and that her heart may get hurt. Grace tells Sam that he cannot stay at Tabitha's. He tells her that he cannot leave his family. He begs Grace to reasonable, but she does not wants to listen to him. Charity, Jessica and Kay are afraid that their family could fall apart. Tabitha is happy that Bennett's marriage is pending. (contributed by dmarex)
S02E216 Ep. #476 10/05/2001 Jessica gets surprised when sge reads in the newspapers that their house were just eaten by a chasm. Tabitha notices that the citizens of Harmony don't believe in the hire forces. Reese keeps on watching Timmy, because he is convinced that Timmy is not a regular doll. Luis prepares a special romantic surprise for Sheridan. Theresa and Whitney compare their love lifes. Kay still work on taking Miguel away from Charity. She swears that she will use the fact that she's living with Miguel. Ethan swears that he will have his revenge on the person that gives the informations about his origins to the newspapers. He gets angry when he finds a newspaper reporter in a gym. (contributed by dmarex)
S02E217 Ep. #477 11/05/2001 Chad holds Ethan on, so he could not get near to the tabloid reporter. Grace is worried that she will lose Sam. Ivy is happy that she will get back together with her first love now when his marriage is falling apart. Sheridan has a feeling that something will stop her and Luis's happiness. She begs Luis to propose her by the rules. Luis insures her that their love can beat everything, but Sheridan is still worried. Julian and the fake Luis work on the details of Julian's plan to separate Luis from Sheridan. Julian checks up if Rebecca is in good well to play the part of the woman with the fake Luis. Rebecca tries to hide her salacity. Theresa arrives and she's frightened that Gwen really knows her secret and that she told everything to Ivy. Theresa feels better when she finds out that Ivy really wanted her so she could make a wedding dress by her measures. (contributed by dmarex)
S02E218 Ep. #478 14/05/2001 Julian still works on his plan to separate Luis and Sheridan before they get engaged. Rebecca flirts with fake Luis, what makes Julian get mad and jealous. Luis takes Sheridan to the garden and proposes to her. She is surprised because the garden where they are looks the same as the garden in her dreams. Grace is in doubts about her plan. Sam notices how upset she is, so he asks her should he cancell the meeting. Pilar warns Ivy to not hawk Sam, but Ivy is too much excited to listen to her. Gwen hardly hides her fury when she sees Theresa triing on her wedding dress. Theresa gets scared when Gwen frightenes her to tell Ethan that she knew the truth about his origins. Angry Gwen tells Rebecca that she is going to tell Ethan the truth write now. (contributed by dmarex)
S02E219 Ep. #479 15/05/2001 Angry Sam comes to his meeting with Ivy in Book Café. Ivy forces Sam to admit that he still loves her. But, Sam expresses only his scorn. Ivy gives him a suggestion: if Sam will prove to her that he really does not has any feelings about her, then Ivy will tell Grace that they've straighten up their past. Pilar condems Grace for pushing her husband Sam to Ivy's arms and tells Grace that she should get back with Sam. Alistair informs Julian and Rebecca that Luis and Sheridan just got engaged. Sheridan and Luis seal their engagement with passionate kiss. She admits to him that for the first time in her life she feels like someone really loves her. Theresa seeks to find out does Gwen really knows about her secret. Gwen frightenes to discover everything about Theresa to Ethan. (contributed by dmarex)
S02E220 Ep. #480 16/05/2001
S02E221 Ep. #481 17/05/2001
S02E222 Ep. #482 18/05/2001
S02E223 Ep. #483 21/05/2001
S02E224 Ep. #484 22/05/2001
S02E225 Ep. #485 00/00/0000
S02E226 Ep. #486 24/05/2001
S02E227 Ep. #487 00/00/0000
S02E228 Ep. #488 00/00/0000
S02E229 Ep. #489 29/05/2001
S02E230 Ep. #490 00/00/0000
S02E231 Ep. #491 31/05/2001
S02E232 Ep. #492 00/00/0000
S02E233 Ep. #493 00/00/0000
S02E234 Ep. #494 00/00/0000
S02E235 Ep. #495 00/00/0000
S02E236 Ep. #496 00/00/0000
S02E237 Ep. #497 00/00/0000
S02E238 Ep. #498 00/00/0000
S02E239 Ep. #499 00/00/0000
S02E240 Ep. #500 00/00/0000
S02E241 Ep. #501 00/00/0000 Ethan gives an impassioned speech about how much he hates lies and people who keep secrets. When he goes to the kitchen to get a drink, Pilar again tries to convince Theresa to come clean, but Theresa tells her that there is no way she is going to risk losing Ethan by being honest with him. Sheridan and Luis confront DeeDee and the fake Luis, demanding to know exactly who hired them. At the station, Ivy slips into bed with Sam, who believes Grace is the woman with him. Once he realises it is Ivy he furiously demands she leave, and Ivy attempts to blackmail him into letting her stay.
S02E242 Ep. #502 00/00/0000 Luis and Sheridan continue their confrontation with Julian and Rebecca, with Luis promising Julian that once he and Sheridan are legally married he will be after Julian 'like white on rice'. Using the computer in Eve's office, Charity and Reese research what happens when people have no souls, and Charity realises that Kay does not have a soul. Ivy continues her attempts at estranging Sam and Grace, but Grace makes it clear she now recognizes her as the enemy and will fight for her marriage. As Father Lonigan appears to give last rites, Whitney promises Simone that she will never see Chad again.
S02E243 Ep. #503 00/00/0000
S02E244 Ep. #504 00/00/0000
S02E245 Ep. #505 00/00/0000 Ivy visits the special place in the park where she and Sam used to leave love letters for one another. She writes a note to Sam asking him to make love to her. Pilar arrives and voices her disapproval. Ivy is sure Sam and Grace won't get back together if she can convince Sam to sleep with her. Meanwhile, Sam and Grace wake up in each other's arms after a night of lovemaking. The two blissfully make plans for the future and note nothing can come between them ever again. Meanwhile, a mysterious photographer reacts to Grace's picture in a magazine. He whispers Grace's name. Later, Ivy slips into the bunkroom at the stationhouse and is crushed to see Sam and Grace have spent the night together. Alistair insists Sheridan must be killed as soon as possible. Julian is desperate for another option. The two listen in on Luis and Sheridan's conversation through a bug Alistair planted in the cottage. They eavesdrop as Sheridan tearfully explains to Luis she now realizes her father and Julian neve
S02E246 Ep. #506 00/00/0000
S02E247 Ep. #507 00/00/0000
S02E248 Ep. #508 00/00/0000
S02E249 Ep. #509 00/00/0000
S02E250 Ep. #510 00/00/0000 Tabitha's horoscope upsets her nearly as much as Charity's visions unsettle the girl. David tries to pump Jessica for information about Grace. At the wedding rehearsal, Ethan asks Jessica and Kay to be part of his wedding. At Alistair's urging, a reluctant Julian coast Sheridan's wedding ring with poison.
S02E251 Ep. #511 00/00/0000 Father Lonigan speaks with Alistair, and wonders why he never even came to his own wife's funeral. After Gwen assures Hank that she has no interest in pursuing Ethan, the younger man asks her out, but she turns him down. Pilar and Ivy spot Alistair and Julian at the Church and warn them that they'd better not show up for the wedding. While Theresa gets birth control and makes Whitney swear not to tell Ethan she is taking it, Ethan admits to Chad that he can't find a job.
S02E252 Ep. #512 00/00/0000
S02E253 Ep. #513 03/07/2001
S02E254 Ep. #514 04/07/2001
S03E01 Ep. #515 Mon 00/00/0000 The Face in the Pool refuses to fill Tabitha in on the details of the impending doom. However, he entertains her by providing images of the current goings-on in Harmony. Timmy leaves the lair for the Crane mansion to whip up a martimmy and comes upon a drunken Julian, who is distraught at having to murder his sister. Whitney startles Chad when she shows up at the tabloid office. Whitney tries to hide her feelings for him, but she admits she was worried he'd get caught breaking into the office. Sam bursts into Grace's room with his gun drawn after he and Grace hear a noise from inside. The room appears empty, but the Bennetts don't realize David has escaped through the window. Grace senses someone is trying to separate her and Sam. Watching the action through the magic pool, Tabitha notes David has the power to destroy Sam and Grace's marriage. Theresa worries about bad luck since she and Ethan are together on their wedding day (it's after midnight). Ethan assures her it's just a supers
S03E02 Ep. #516 00/00/0000 David confronts Grace in Tabitha's kitchen. She faints and David carries her away to his room at the bed & breakfast. Sam is alarmed when he realizes Grace is missing. Meanwhile, Grace slowly regains consciousness and shrinks back in fear as David looms over her. Sheridan and Luis give in to their desire and make love. Meanwhile, Ethan and Theresa are elated after having made love to each other for the first time. Ethan tells Theresa he's glad they waited to make love. He assures his bride-to-be they won't have bad luck even though they now have seen each other the day of the wedding. While watching the lovers through the magic pool, Tabitha notes both couples are heading for disaster. At the tabloid office, a stunned Chad and Whitney learn the paper is going to run a story fingering Theresa as the one who leaked Ethan's paternity. Whitney is further horrified when she sees proof that the e-mail was sent from Theresa's laptop. She insists her friend could not have betrayed Ethan, but C
S03E03 Ep. #517 00/00/0000 Tabitha recalls an unpleasant encounter with one of the Crane ancestors. Luis and Sheridan proclaim their undying love for one another as they look forward to the wedding. Sheridan worries something bad will happen, but Luis puts her fears to rest. Unaware of her family's deadly plot, Luis assures Sheridan her father and brother can't hurt her anymore. After having made love, Theresa considers telling Ethan she knew he wasn't a Crane and didn't tell him. She backs off when Ethan inadvertently makes her feel guilty. Later, Theresa receives an ominous message about her future. At the tabloid office, Chad insists to Whitney he has to tell Ethan the tabloid is accusing Theresa of sending the e-mail. She begs him not to destroy Theresa's dream. The sexual tension rises as Whitney refuses to let Chad leave. Sam bursts into David's room and punches him out. Grace wonders if she knows David since he knew her name. When David comes to, Sam questions him. David is uncooperative, so Sam has him a
S03E04 Ep. #518 00/00/0000 After taking a nasty tumble down the stairs, Julian appears dead. Rebecca rushes to Julian's side. Later, Ivy blasts Julian for tampering with her bedroom. Gwen helps Sheridan get ready for the wedding. Gwen is shaken when it appears Sheridan knows about her plot to ruin Theresa. Whitney and Chad remain locked in the tabloid office. Chad suggests they tell Ethan the truth in private before he learns about the tabloid story some other way. Chad and Whitney freeze as a security guard approaches the office. Pilar is happily reunited with her brother, Francisco, and his wife, Cristina, who have arrived for the double wedding. Tio Francisco heads for Theresa's bedroom to give his niece advice on marriage. Ethan is forced to hide in Theresa's closet so her old-fashioned uncle won't find him in her room.
S03E05 Ep. #519 00/00/0000 The Lopez-Fitzgerald home is full of excitement as everyone gets ready for the double wedding. Francisco and Cristina present Theresa and Sheridan with special wedding gifts. Kay struggles to be good as she watches a playful Charity and Miguel. Chad and Whitney are relieved the tabloid paper won't hit the stands until evening. Whitney is taken aback when Chad announces he plans to show Ethan the story before the wedding. Whitney tries to change Chad's mind, declaring the fate of their friends' relationship is in his hands. Rebecca opens the manila envelope and is thrilled to discover Ivy was sent an advanced copy of the tabloid. Ethan drops by the mansion and shares a warm moment with his mother. With Ethan by her side, Ivy begins to open the envelope containing the tabloid. Rebecca is gleeful as it appears both Ivy and Ethan will learn the e-mail came from Theresa's computer. At the police station, David refuses to answer Sam's questions and insists on talking to Grace alone. When Sam
S03E06 Ep. #520 Mon 00/00/0000 Theresa senses Whitney is keeping something from her about the wedding. Whitney decides not to mention the tabloid story and calls Chad to beg him not to tell Ethan. Ethan pressures Chad to say if he knows who sent the e-mail to the tabloid. Chad finally makes a decision. Charity can't figure out why she's bothered by the sight of Kay admiring herself in a bridal mantilla. Charity questions Kay about her fantasy wedding. Ivy is about to open the envelope containing the tabloid, but she's temporarily distracted. Tio Francisco has a little fun at Luis' expense. Gwen faints.
S03E07 Ep. #521 00/00/0000 The guests arrive at the church for the much-anticipated double wedding. Sam and Ethan share a special father/son moment. Charity has a horrifying premonition of violence and death when she touches Sheridan's wedding ring. Gwen receives a warning from a startling source. Tabitha celebrates the approaching wedding disaster. Tabitha and Timmy are spooked when they learn death will soon pay them a visit. Meanwhile, the duo's axe-wielding nemesis, Norma, vows revenge on them for hurting her ""father."" Norma heads for Harmony. Rebecca tells Julian Theresa sent the e-mail to the tabloid and that the paper is running a story exposing the little tramp. Julian is stunned. Alistair has a video feed set up at the mansion so Julian and Rebecca can watch the events unfold at the church. Grace decides she needs to know more about David. Meanwhile, David makes a mysterious phone call. Ivy is apoplectic after reading the tabloid headline. She vows to kill Theresa!
S03E08 Ep. #522 00/00/0000 Grace confronts David at the police station. He tells Grace she knows who he is and presses her to remember him. Back at the church, Eve remains silent as Sam wonders where his wife went. A livid Ivy is anxious to rip Theresa to shreds, but she is trapped in her bedroom. Since Julian failed to fix her room, Ivy's doorknob has fallen out and her phone line has been disconnected. Ivy vows to make Theresa pay for e-mailing Ethan's paternity to the tabloid. The angry socialite goes to extremes to escape from her bedroom so she can get to the church on time. Julian and Rebecca continue to monitor the wedding by watching the feed from the church. Alistair warns Rebecca her plans for Ethan and Theresa better not interfere with his plans for Luis and Sheridan. Rebecca wonders why Ivy isn't at the church to stop the wedding, but soon gets clued in to her rival's whereabouts. Meanwhile, the wedding party grows concerned that Ivy is so late. Anticipating Theresa's downfall, Gwen is frustrated by
S03E09 Ep. #523 00/00/0000 Grace reels from David's announcement - he's her husband! David insists they are married; Grace faints from the shock. Cops rush into the jail block and immediately call Sam to alert him about his unconscious wife. An enraged Sam arrives and violently confronts David. Ivy speeds off to the church to expose Theresa's apparent betrayal and stop the wedding. Her anger boils as she is forced to wait in a traffic jam. The romantic ceremony begins as Luis, Sheridan, Ethan, and Theresa perform several Hispanic wedding traditions. Gwen waits impatiently for Ivy to arrive, fearing she'll be too late. Charity continues to have visions of terrible events taking place at the wedding. Meanwhile, Ivy races towards the church... will she stop the wedding?
S03E10 Ep. #524 00/00/0000 Tabitha convinces herself she isn't doomed after all. Timmy shudders as he recalls some of the terrifying situations they've endured, including their stay at Norma's motel. Tabitha assures her doll the axe-wielding psycho is out of their lives. At the same time, Norma and her ""father"" arrive in Harmony to seek revenge on Tabby and Timmy. Sam is livid after David declares he is married to Grace. David urges Grace to remember their marriage and recounts events from their past. A confused Grace insists she doesn't know him. Sam accuses David of being a con artist. Grace admits to David she has amnesia, which would explain why she doesn't remember him. The wedding is about to get back underway, but Ivy makes a stunning announcement. Meanwhile, Alistair warns Julian that Sheridan must die today - one way or another.
S03E11 Ep. #525 Mon 00/00/0000 Ivy tries to talk Ethan into dumping Theresa, but he believes in Theresa's innocence. Ethan is convinced the tabloid has wrongly accused Theresa of sending them the e-mail. Gwen insists Theresa is a liar and soon receives help from a reluctant source. At the police station, a troubled Grace fears David may be telling the truth. Sam demands proof of David and Grace's marriage, but David claims his personal items were lost at sea. David pleads with Grace to believe him. Charity continues to sense Sheridan is in danger. Julian frets about his sister's impending death. Norma sneaks into Tabitha's house and swings her axe at an unsuspecting Timmy.
S03E12 Ep. #526 Tue 00/00/0000
S03E13 Ep. #527 00/00/0000
S03E14 Ep. #528 00/00/0000
S03E15 Ep. #529 00/00/0000
S03E16 Ep. #530 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E17 Ep. #531 00/00/0000 Sam and Grace are shocked when the results of Eve's lie detector test say that David is married to Grace.
S03E18 Ep. #532 00/00/0000
S03E19 Ep. #533 00/00/0000
S03E20 Ep. #534 00/00/0000
S03E21 Ep. #535 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E22 Ep. #536 00/00/0000
S03E23 Ep. #537 00/00/0000
S03E24 Ep. #538 00/00/0000
S03E25 Ep. #539 00/00/0000
S03E26 Ep. #540 Mon 00/00/0000 Luis confronts a drunken Julian about having a young woman in his room, while Theresa hides in the bathroom. Grace is floored when David mentions the Little Angel Girl to her.
S03E27 Ep. #541 00/00/0000
S03E28 Ep. #542 00/00/0000
S03E29 Ep. #543 00/00/0000
S03E30 Ep. #544 00/00/0000
S03E31 Ep. #545 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E32 Ep. #546 00/00/0000
S03E33 Ep. #547 00/00/0000
S03E34 Ep. #548 00/00/0000
S03E35 Ep. #549 00/00/0000
S03E36 Ep. #550 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E37 Ep. #551 00/00/0000
S03E38 Ep. #552 00/00/0000
S03E39 Ep. #553 00/00/0000
S03E40 Ep. #554 00/00/0000
S03E41 Ep. #555 Mon / Labor Day 00/00/0000
S03E42 Ep. #556 00/00/0000
S03E43 Ep. #557 00/00/0000
S03E44 Ep. #558 00/00/0000
S03E45 Ep. #559 00/00/0000
S03E46 Ep. #560 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E47 Ep. #561 Mon 00/00/0000 David suggests to Grace that Sam is denying his true feelings for Ivy. A rattled Grace insists Sam loves her and only her. David grows frustrated as Grace refuses to believe he is her husband. Meanwhile, Sam comforts an injured Ivy as they wait for help to arrive. Ivy whispers she's dying and begs Sam to stay by her side. Sam is uncomfortable as his former love recalls their past. Ivy puts him on the spot when she asks if he still loves her. Julian and Theresa are trapped in her resort room as a search party closes in from all sides. Whitney convinces most of the group to head back for Julian's room to look for Theresa. Theresa freaks when she becomes more cognizant and rushes away from Julian. The warlocks cause an earthquake in the cave. A beam falls and pins Jessica to the ground, but the guys manage to rescue her. However, the cave-in grows in intensity and everyone is hit by falling debris. Once the shaking stops, Tabitha, Timmy, and the kids discover they are trapped inside the c
S03E48 Ep. #562 00/00/0000 Sam calls for help again as a heartbroken Ivy grows weaker. Ivy tells Sam she understands that he loves Grace. The paramedics arrive, and Sam is concerned when they inform him that no one has seen Grace. Meanwhile, still trapped in the shed, David unsettles Grace when he says Sam probably thinks about the life he could have had with Ivy and Ethan. David puts together a makeshift bed for an exhausted Grace. A warlock appears to the teens and warns they will die if they don't turn over ""the one"" the warlocks want. The kids wonder who is ""the one."" Tabitha and Timmy cower in fear as they realize the warlocks want her. Miguel stands up to the warlock, who then displays his power by creating a huge wind. The wind ends up blowing the rocks out of the passageways and so the kids split up to find a way out. Reese is convinced the warlocks want Tabitha and is ready to turn her in. Whitney bursts into Theresa's room and informs Julian she sent the others on a wild goose chase to give him time to
S03E49 Ep. #563 00/00/0000 Ivy is rushed into the emergency room. Eve informs her she has spinal injuries and needs surgery. Ivy insists on talking to Sam before they operate on her. Meanwhile, Sam enters the shed and finds Grace asleep in David's arms. Sam accuses David of trying to take advantage of Grace. Miguel saves Charity's life once again. Reese and Jessica catch Tabitha covering up paintings on the walls of the cave (the pictures depict Tabitha's involvement with the warlocks). Tabitha comes up with a flimsy excuse for her actions. Reese thinks he's found proof that Timmy is alive and proceeds to engage in a tug of war with Tabitha over the doll. A warlock appears before everyone again and causes another earthquake when the kids refuse to turn in ""the one."" The kids try to escape, but Tabitha and Timmy get stuck behind. Julian is nearly discovered hiding under Theresa's bed. The resort doctor arrives and reveals he gave Theresa the sedative. Everyone calms down after realizing Julian didn't drug Theresa
S03E50 Ep. #564 00/00/0000 At the hospital, Grace encourages Sam to see Ivy, who has been asking for him. Eve notes a new connection between Grace and David. Grace assures her friend that she loves Sam, but adds she's thankful that David can help her finally fill in the blanks in her past. Meanwhile, a weak Ivy mumbles to herself that she needs to tell Sam the truth. Fearing she's not going to make it through surgery, Ivy makes Sam promise to be there for Ethan. She also apologizes for all the pain she's caused. As Ivy is wheeled out to surgery, a concerned Sam kisses her. Grace witnesses the kiss. Julian is caught in a compromising position with a heavily-drugged Theresa. A blubbering Julian is about to be pummeled, but Whitney arrives and stops the melee. A flustered Whitney blurts out she can explain what's going on and will reveal the truth. Julian freezes in horror. Luis waits anxiously when he hears a woman was found at sea and is being brought to shore. He reminisces about his relationship with Sheridan.
S03E51 Ep. #565 00/00/0000 The kids, who have escaped from the cave, fear the warlocks are going to kill Tabitha. The teens are stunned as a crazed Norma rushes past them and vows she will be the one to finish off Tabitha. As the cave closes behind Norma, the kids wonder why she wants to hurt their chaperone. Since they can't get back inside the cave to rescue Tabitha, the teens decide to seek shelter from the storm. Meanwhile, the warlocks torture Tabitha as Timmy helplessly looks on from behind a stack of rocks. Norma creeps up behind the unsuspecting doll. At the hospital chapel, Grace walks in on Sam praying for Ivy. As David quietly observes the couple, Sam admits he feels sorry for Ivy despite her mistakes. Grace shares that she sympathizes with David. Sam is upset when she declares David is a permanent part of their lives now. Later, David purposely goads Sam. Julian thanks Whitney for covering for him with Ethan. Whitney spits she did it for Theresa's sake, not his. She presses Julian to get the annulmen
S03E52 Ep. #566 Mon 00/00/0000 Tension mounts as David accuses Sam of loving Ivy more than Grace. Before Sam can punch David, Pilar rushes in to announce Ivy is out of surgery and needs him. Sam starts off, but stops when David says Sam's concern just proved his point. Once her husband leaves, Grace blasts David. Meanwhile, Sam is affected by Ivy's weak appearance, as she remains unconscious. Eve informs Sam that Ivy's recovery depends on him. In Bermuda, everyone gathers around the body bag, and Luis readies himself to identify the body. The army captain suggests it might be easier on Julian to make the ID, but Luis insists on proving it's not Sheridan. Luis slowly unzips the bag and takes a look. As Norma and the warlocks battle over who gets to kill Tabitha, Timmy unties his Princess and the two sneak off. Tabby and Timmy frantically look for a way to open the cave entrance. Norma arrives with her axe after having defeated the warlocks, and the duo finds themselves cornered. Charity watches in horror as her frien
S03E53 Ep. #567 00/00/0000
S03E54 Ep. #568 00/00/0000
S03E55 Ep. #569 00/00/0000
S03E56 Ep. #570 00/00/0000
S03E57 Ep. #571 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E58 Ep. #572 00/00/0000
S03E59 Ep. #573 00/00/0000
S03E60 Ep. #574 00/00/0000
S03E61 Ep. #575 00/00/0000
S03E62 Ep. #576 Mon / Columbus Day 00/00/0000
S03E63 Ep. #577 00/00/0000
S03E64 Ep. #578 00/00/0000
S03E65 Ep. #579 00/00/0000
S03E66 Ep. #580 00/00/0000
S03E67 Ep. #581 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E68 Ep. #582 00/00/0000
S03E69 Ep. #583 00/00/0000
S03E70 Ep. #584 00/00/0000
S03E71 Ep. #585 00/00/0000
S03E72 Ep. #586 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E73 Ep. #587 00/00/0000
S03E74 Ep. #588 00/00/0000
S03E75 Ep. #589 00/00/0000
S03E76 Ep. #590 00/00/0000
S03E77 Ep. #591 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E78 Ep. #592 00/00/0000
S03E79 Ep. #593 Wed / Halloween 00/00/0000
S03E80 Ep. #594 00/00/0000
S03E81 Ep. #595 00/00/0000
S03E82 Ep. #596 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E83 Ep. #597 00/00/0000
S03E84 Ep. #598 00/00/0000
S03E85 Ep. #599 00/00/0000
S03E86 Ep. #600 00/00/0000
S03E87 Ep. #601 Mon / Veterans Day (observed) 00/00/0000
S03E88 Ep. #602 00/00/0000
S03E89 Ep. #603 00/00/0000
S03E90 Ep. #604 00/00/0000
S03E91 Ep. #605 00/00/0000
S03E92 Ep. #606 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E93 Ep. #607 00/00/0000
S03E94 Ep. #608 00/00/0000
S03E95 Ep. #609 Thurs / Thanksgiving Day 00/00/0000
S03E96 Ep. #610 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E97 Ep. #611 00/00/0000
S03E98 Ep. #612 00/00/0000
S03E99 Ep. #613 00/00/0000 Diana has bad memories of being on a boat again. Brian tells her of his home town, Harmony and it jogs Diana's memory and she recalls living in Harmony, but nothing of her past. Kay turns into Charity. Julian fires his gun when Luis attacks him and Theresa falls to the floor. Ivy hopes Theresa is dead, but she comes to. Whitney and Theresa fear that Ethan will leave Theresa if he learns that Theresa slept with Julian during their marriage. Harper warns Julian that he will be murdered if the whole truth about his marriage to Theresa comes out. Julian remains confident that no one will ever learn the truth. Harper warns Julian that if he got Theresa pregnant, the annulment will be invalid. Julian doesn't think it's a possibility as he has no memory of sleeping with Theresa. Eve wants to examine Theresa before she signs the annulment papers. Eve gives Theresa a pregnancy test, which comes back positive. Theresa is shocked to learn that she is pregnant with Julian's baby! (Contributed by A
S03E100 Ep. #614 00/00/0000 Theresa is devastated after learning she is pregnant. Eve is kind to the girl, since Eve herself was once pregnant with Julian's child. Theresa is in denial and tells Eve that this MUST be Ethan's baby, she is certain of it. Eve tells Theresa it could just as easily be Julian's baby since she slept with both men in the same cycle. Theresa won't listen to Eve and is excited to be having the baby of the man she loves. Eve then reminds Theresa that she took birth control when she slept with Ethan, but not with Julian. Theresa begins to cry and tells Eve that the test must be wrong. She cannot be pregnant. Eve runs the test again and it again comes out positive. Theresa is pregnant and it is Julian's baby. Brian is uncomfortable at the mention of Beth Wallace. Diana continues to have no memory of Harmony. Ethan and Luis dicuss Martin Fitzgerald and Ethan assures Luis that Martin was never mentioned to him while he was a Crane. Sam and Ivy argue over Ethan's decision to marry Theresa.
S03E101 Ep. #615 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E102 Ep. #616 00/00/0000
S03E103 Ep. #617 00/00/0000
S03E104 Ep. #618 00/00/0000
S03E105 Ep. #619 00/00/0000
S03E106 Ep. #620 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E107 Ep. #621 00/00/0000
S03E108 Ep. #622 00/00/0000
S03E109 Ep. #623 00/00/0000
S03E110 Ep. #624 00/00/0000
S03E111 Ep. #625 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E112 Ep. #626 00/00/0000
S03E113 Ep. #627 00/00/0000
S03E114 Ep. #628 00/00/0000
S03E115 Ep. #629 00/00/0000
S03E116 Ep. #630 Mon / Christmas Eve 00/00/0000
S03E117 Ep. #630A [clip show] / Christmas Day 00/00/0000
S03E118 Ep. #631 00/00/0000
S03E119 Ep. #632 00/00/0000
S03E120 Ep. #633 00/00/0000
S03E121 Ep. #634 Mon / New Year's Eve 00/00/0000
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S03E134 Ep. #647 00/00/0000
S03E135 Ep. #648 Mon / Martin Luther King Day 00/00/0000
S03E136 Ep. #649 00/00/0000
S03E137 Ep. #650 00/00/0000 Chad wants to move forward with his and Whitney's relationship. Whitney won't break her promise to Simone. Chad decides it's time to move on. Whitney wonders if she's done the right thing. Troubled by a photograph that David took, Grace questions Eve. Theresa wants to go after Ethan. Ethan renews his friendship with Gwen and tells her it's not her fault that Theresa lied. Gwen still feels guilty, as she keeps mum about her revenge on Theresa. Believing Sheridan was the one who dropped off the keys to Beth's boat, Luis pounds on the door of the boat cabin. He's shocked when he sees who answers the door. A misunderstanding leads Luis to believe he was on the wrong track. Sheridan rushes after Luis. Brian, Sheridan, Doc and Liz head back to the island. Tabitha brings physical evidence of foul play to Sam. She is delighted when Sam begins an investigation.
S03E138 Ep. #651 00/00/0000
S03E139 Ep. #652 00/00/0000
S03E140 Ep. #653 Mon 00/00/0000
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S03E152 Ep. #665 / Ash Wednesday 00/00/0000
S03E153 Ep. #666 Thurs / Valentine's Day 00/00/0000
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S03E163 Ep. #676 00/00/0000
S03E164 Ep. #677 Mon 00/00/0000 Sheridan's new waitressing job at Liz's café gets off to a clumsy start. Brian defends Sheridan to Liz. Sheridan and Brian continue to grow closer. Back in Harmony, Luis assures a concerned Hank that he is trying to get over Sheridan. Luis tells his friend that Theresa's suicide attempt has made him realize he can't hold on to false hope. Chad pays Whitney a visit. Embarrassed by her behavior the night before, Whitney pushes him away. Chad claims he finally saw the ""real"" Whitney. She quickly denies that she has feelings for him and insists she doesn't have a passion for singing. Whitney is stunned when Chad reveals he's moving out. Theresa misunderstands Ethan's actions when he stops by to check on her. Ethan panics when a devastated Theresa locks herself in her room. Julian urges Theresa to stick with their plan. Timmy consults the magic scroll about the future.
S03E165 Ep. #678 00/00/0000
S03E166 Ep. #679 00/00/0000
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S03E177 Ep. #690 00/00/0000
S03E178 Ep. #691 00/00/0000
S03E179 Ep. #692 Mon 00/00/0000 Tabitha tries to hide the book of spells from Timmy. The scroll shows Tabitha a horrifying picture of Timmy's future if he tries to use the book again. Tabitha searches desperately for a place to hide the book of spells. A determined Timmy sets out to find a way to save the real Charity. Brian and Sheridan make plans for their trip. Sheridan is hopeful that someone in Bermuda will recognize her. Brian doesn't want her to get her hopes up. Meanwhile, at the Lobster Shack, Luis is upset when he wins a trip to Bermuda. Hank's date storms off when she learns he switched his winning dinner plate with Luis' so his friend would win. Beth tries to be there for Luis. Ethan has good news for Ivy. Rebecca is happy with how well Gwen and Ethan are getting along. Gwen warns her mother she won't use tricks to get Ethan back. Ivy and Rebecca celebrate a small victory. Ivy plots to stop Theresa. Meanwhile, Whitney tries to talk Theresa out of going after the Crane fortune. Theresa puts the next phase
S03E180 Ep. #693 00/00/0000 Tabitha is confident she has eliminated the danger to Timmy. However, unbeknownst to her, the book of spells reemerges from the fireplace. Zombie Charity chastises Tabitha for caring so much about Timmy. Tabitha watches as the zombie plays with special dolls. Zombie Charity predicts pain for Luis and Sheridan in Bermuda. Meanwhile, Timmy struggles to get inside the cave to save the real Charity. Sheridan and Brian prepare for their trip. Sheridan remembers a name. Liz hides her hurt as she presents Sheridan and Brian with tickets to a dance in Bermuda. Meanwhile, Luis is pained as a piece of his and Sheridan's history burns. Luis invites Beth to go with him on the free trip to Bermuda. Luis is gut-punched when he learns he and Beth will be staying at the same resort where he vacationed with Sheridan. Rebecca, Ivy, and Ethan are shocked when Theresa shows up at the Crane mansion with a lawyer. The boisterous attorney is confident that he will win everything for his client. Ivy and Rebec
S03E181 Ep. #694 00/00/0000 Brian and Sheridan set sail for Bermuda. Sheridan's hopes of finding her past continue to grow. She retrieves a bottle from the sea and finds a note from Luis! Meanwhile, Luis tells Beth and Hank how he sent a message in a bottle to Sheridan after she died. Timmy is touched when Zombie Charity reveals that Tabitha loves him. Tabitha tries to hide her feelings. Theresa and her attorney make their intentions clear. A catfight breaks out among the would-be Mrs. Julian Cranes. Ethan tries to reason with Theresa, but she stands firm. Theresa's attorney realizes his client is after more than just the Crane fortune - she's after Ethan, too.
S03E182 Ep. #695 00/00/0000 Chad asks Ethan if he wants to get back together with Theresa. Chad wishes Whitney would follow her heart but doesnt know how to get her to do it. Ethan gets an idea. Elsewhere, Pilar, Whitney, and Luis try to talk some sense into Theresa. Pilar fears the Crane money will only bring evil to her family. Luis decides to cancel his trip in order to deal with his stubborn sister. Theresa is thrilled when Ethan asks for her help. Sheridan is moved by the letter she found in the ocean. Brian and Sheridan grow closer as they approach Bermuda. Sheridan wonders what the island may hold for her.
S03E183 Ep. #696 / Good Friday 00/00/0000 Whitney and Theresa have a frightening encounter in the dark. Whitney wants Theresa to stop carrying out Julian's plan, but Theresa won't hear of it. Ethan and Theresa help make Chad's dreams come true by giving him access to a state-of-the-art recording studio that Julian owned. Ethan and Theresa share a close moment. Theresa thinks Whitney is jealous of Chad because he's going after what he wants. Whitney insists she is following her dreams. Chad is moved by his new working arrangement. Luis struggles with his feelings as he prepares to leave for Bermuda. A guilt-ridden Luis admits to his mother that Antonio returned home over the holidays. Pilar is overjoyed. Luis promises her he will bring his brother home if he ever runs into Antonio again. Brian panics when he can't find ""Diana"" on the boat. Sheridan nearly drowns after getting knocked out by a boom and falls into the ocean. Sheridan sees her ""dead"" lover. Brian saves his love once more. Sheridan encourages Brian to reach out to
S03E184 Ep. #697 Mon 00/00/0000 Luis and Beth fly down to Bermuda. Beth is hopeful about where the trip might lead. Meanwhile, Brian and Sheridan grow closer as they sail to Bermuda. Brian hopes the trip will lead to something special for him and Sheridan. TC is upset about Eve having to be questioned for Julian's murder. Eve balks when Ivy calls and tries to blackmail her again. TC questions Eve's behavior. Grace worries she may be wrong about John. Sam tries to help Grace. Kay purposely breaks up a steamy kiss between Miguel and Zombie Charity. Grace picks up on the tension between her daughter and niece. After Miguel leaves, Kay and Zombie Charity engage in a vicious catfight. A bewildered Grace and Sam walk in on the scuffle and demand to know what's going on. Timmy frets over Tabitha burning the spell book and his inability to save Charity. Tabitha attempts to cheer him up by reading ""Hidden Passions"" to him. Unbeknownst to the duo, the regenerated spell book lurks close by.
S03E185 Ep. #698 00/00/0000 Grace urges an unsettled Eve to have the DNA results sent right over. Eve tries to hide her worries. John and David come over to the Bennetts' to await the results. David is relieved the truth will come out. Ivy panics when she hears the results are being delivered. She arrives at the Bennetts' hoping she's not too late. Kay looks for the book of spells to get rid of her troublesome zombie. Tabitha and Timmy try to mislead Kay as they struggle to hide the floating book. Meanwhile, Zombie Charity tries desperately to seduce a surprised Miguel. Brian and Sheridan almost come face-to-face with Luis and Beth. One bed per room makes both couples a tad uneasy. Beth fantasizes about a future with Luis and dresses seductively for him. Meanwhile, Sheridan thinks of her past life with Brian. Later, she finds she can't keep her eyes off her handsome suitor. Both couples grow closer. A bellhop recognizes Sheridan and tells Luis he saw his old love!
S03E186 Ep. #699 00/00/0000 As Sheridan wishes on a star, she hears a familiar voice. She just misses seeing Luis on their adjoining hotel room balcony. Later, Luis goes for a walk on the beach consumed by thoughts of Sheridan. Sheridan also ventures onto the beach... will they finally be reunited? Kay is horrified when Reese shows her a picture of a succubus and realizes Zombie Charity intends to kill Miguel by sleeping with him. At the same time, Zombie Charity continues to seduce Miguel. While Miguel's eyes are closed, she briefly morphs into her demon form. At Tabitha's house, Timmy declares he wants to save Miguel for Charity's sake. Tabitha attempts to stop him from using the book of spells by tossing it to Fluffy. Timmy battles his feline foe for the book. Grace and John are confident the test results will prove they are mother and son. John promises Grace she won't lose him no matter what. TC and Sam worry about Grace. Ivy pressures Eve to lie about the results once they arrive. Eve and David stand their
S03E187 Ep. #700 00/00/0000 Luis is disappointed when he thinks he sees Sheridan, but it's not her. Sheridan senses something familiar nearby. Luis shows Beth a plaque on a tree that he had made in Sheridan's honor. Seeing how much pain Luis is in, Beth thinks they should go home. A horrified Kay stands outside Miguel's bedroom window and watches as Miguel and Zombie Charity begin to make love. Kay blames herself for what is about to happen. Miguel suddenly senses something isn't right. Zombie Charity's hand discreetly transforms into a sharp talon as she fears Miguel knows the truth. A torn Eve nervously prepares to read the test results. Tabitha anticipates the pain and misery. TC wants to apologize. Ivy freezes when David says he has something to say.
S03E188 Ep. #701 00/00/0000 Zombie Charity and Miguel begin to make love. Kay tries to create a diversion by setting a small fire outside Miguel's bedroom. However, the fire grows out of control and the Lopez-Fitzgerald home is soon engulfed in flames. Kay fears for Miguel, who is trapped inside with Zombie Charity. Upset about Whitney, Chad decides to turn down the use of the recording studio and leave Harmony to pursue his music career in New York. Ethan believes Whitney will change her mind about singing for Chad once she hears the music he is putting together. Ethan manages to change his friend's mind. Theresa tries to get through to Whitney about Chad and singing. Whitney doesn't want to hear it and insults Theresa. Theresa is certain she can win back Ethan and get out of her deal with evil. Theresa becomes terrified when she sees her house is on fire. Ivy is stunned when Eve states she's going to tell Grace the truth even if it hurts her friend. Eve begins to read the test results. She's interrupted when Sa
S03E189 Ep. #702 Mon 00/00/0000 Brian and Sheridan have dinner at the hotel restaurant, where Beth and Luis are also eating. Luis is haunted by memories. Luis and Beth reminisce and share a dance near Brian and Sheridan's table A gun-toting Ivy threatens to kill Eve if she doesn't hand over the test results. Eve calls Ivy's bluff and tries to convince her the jig is up. A desperate Ivy contemplates suicide. Theresa is put in grave danger as she tries to get inside her burning home to rescue Miguel. A heroic Ethan saves Theresa from the flames. TC is furious when he spots Chad comforting Whitney. Timmy is happy Zombie Charity might die until Tabitha explains what that will mean for the real Charity. A petrified Zombie Charity starts showing her succubus form as she and Miguel struggle to find a way to safety. A guilt-stricken Kay watches as the house burns. Pilar is horrified when she realizes her son is inside. Grace and Sam are shocked to learn Charity is in Miguel's bedroom and are taken aback when they see she's s
S03E190 Ep. #703 00/00/0000 Gwen and Rebecca are shocked when they arrive at the hospital to find Theresa and Ethan kissing. Ethan explains himself to Rebecca and Gwen. Theresa feels certain Ethan will be hers again soon. Whitney tries to reason with her friend. Ethan decides to move back into the mansion. Theresa is crushed when she overhears Ethan ask Gwen to stay the night with him. Kay and Zombie Charity threaten one another. Zombie Charity puts the moves on Miguel, while Kay vows to stop her. TC comforts a distraught Pilar. Pilar tearfully admits that she has no insurance. Tabitha encourages Grace to read the DNA results for herself. Rebecca taunts Ivy as she spots Grace opening the envelope containing the results. In Bermuda, the bellhop wants to reunite Luis and Sheridan, but a waiter talks him out of it. Sheridan feels the secret of her past is near. She has a flash of memory and asks the bellhop if he's seen her at the resort before.
S03E191 Ep. #704 00/00/0000 Zombie Charity confronts Kay about starting the fire. A concerned Grace talks to ""Charity"" about having sex. The evil zombie is still determined to sleep with Miguel. Eve is determined to tell the truth as she prepares to read the test results to everyone. Ivy tries to get through to David. John and Grace are confident all will be fine. Theresa's decision to move into the Crane mansion shocks Whitney. Theresa vows to get what she deserves. A sonogram reveals something shocking about Theresa's baby. Beth recognizes Antonio. Brian is shocked that Luis is in Bermuda. Beth can't wait to tell Luis, but Brian begs her to keep quiet. Sheridan and Luis almost come face-to-face when Luis knocks on her door to return a scarf. Luis and Sheridan experience a shock when their fingers touch.
S03E192 Ep. #705 00/00/0000 Luis is shocked when Beth informs him his brother is staying right next door. Sheridan tries to call Brian's brother. Sheridan is curious about Brian's brother and finds herself wondering who he's staying with. Theresa moves into the mansion and immediately starts making changes. Whitney is shocked by her friend's behavior. Theresa tearfully admits she can't come to terms with having Julian's baby. Whitney comforts her. Theresa continues to play the diva. Kay is determined to stop Zombie Charity from making love to Miguel. The two girls warily agree to retire to their bedrooms while Miguel sleeps downstairs. Eve is called upon to read the results Ivy tries to delay the reading. She later pulls Eve aside and threatens to get her daughters hooked on drugs. A horrified Eve has an upsetting glimpse of the future.
S03E193 Ep. #706 00/00/0000 Both dressed in sexy lingerie to seduce Miguel, Zombie Charity and Kay get into a shoving match and end up falling down the stairs. Miguel rushes to the girls. Kay and Zombie Charity try to explain to Miguel why he thought he saw a monster at the top of the stairs. Brian and Luis come face-to-face and begin to hash things out. Sheridan can 't shake the feeling of jealousy. Beth hopes she did the right thing. Theresa has a terrifying nightmare about her baby. Whitney comforts her friend. Whitney tries reasoning with Theresa about staying at the mansion. Theresa won't back down. Eve lies for Ivy to protect Whitney and Simone. Rebecca tries unsuccessfully to expose the truth. Grace trusts Eve. TC tells Rebecca off and apologizes to John and Grace. Ivy is happy to get what she wants.
S03E194 Ep. #707 Mon 00/00/0000 Tabitha and Timmy talk about the pain and chaos that is about to explode in Harmony. The magic scroll has a message for the duo. A stunned Sam and Grace walk in on Kay and Zombie Charity competing to seduce Miguel. Grace reprimands Kay and ""Charity"" for their behavior. The girls make excuses. Miguel tells a startled Sam about the demon he saw. Chad gets Whitney to listen to a song he wrote for her. An angry TC goes after Chad when he finds the young man with his daughter. Eve is torn since she knows Chad didn't drug Whitney, but she can't say anything about Ivy. TC warns Chad to stay away. Theresa barricades herself in the mansion. Ivy and Rebecca bicker as they struggle to get inside. Theresa is alarmed when an overzealous maid, Phyllis, prepares to use a shotgun to defend her new mistress of the manor. Theresa talks Phyllis into handing over the gun, but Ethan bursts in and assumes Theresa is about to shoot his mother and Rebecca. Ethan races to get the gun away from Theresa and it a
S03E195 Ep. #708 00/00/0000 Kay feels rejected by Grace. Zombie Charity taunts her ""cousin."" Sam and the fire chief have some questions for Kay regarding the fire at Pilar's house. Zombie Charity throws a fit to keep the investigation open. Theresa is thrilled to receive a note from Ethan, but is disappointed by what it says. Pilar tries to reason with her daughter, but her efforts fall on deaf ears. Rebecca and Ivy get a sinister idea about how to stop Theresa. Gwen is appalled when she suspects what her mother is planning. Rebecca warns Gwen that Theresa is plotting to get Ethan back. Ethan has good news for Ivy. Sheridan and Brian and Luis and Beth all get ready to have breakfast together. Brian fusses over Sheridan, who isn't feeling well. Sheridan is excited to meet Brian's brother. Meanwhile, Luis tells Beth he's finally starting to move on with his life. He is eager to talk with his brother.
S03E196 Ep. #709 00/00/0000 Timmy wants to save Charity and Miguel, and destroy Zombie Charity. Tabitha warns him not to because of the danger. Meanwhile, Zombie Charity points an accusing finger at Kay. Sam questions a nervous Kay about the fire. Zombie Charity backpedals. The two girls exchange threats. Zombie Charity considers murder. Confident he can win his mother's case, Ethan offers a settlement of $10 million to Theresa. Everyone is stunned when Theresa refuses it. Ethan, Woody and Pilar try to reason with her, but she won't listen. Luis begins losing his patience as he and Beth wait for Brian and Sheridan. Beth does her best to keep Luis calm. Luis thinks of the past. Sheridan is eager to meet Luis, while Brian is apprehensive. A fever sends Sheridan back to her hotel room as Brian goes on to meet Luis by himself.
S03E197 Ep. #710 00/00/0000 Ethan doesn't understand Theresa's behavior. Gwen points out Theresa's true motives. Ethan goes to talk to Theresa. Gwen wonders if he'll ever get over her. Pilar tries desperately to get Theresa to take the money and leave the Crane mansion. Theresa wants it all, including Ethan. Beth questions Brian, but he won't open up. She fills him in on what's been going on with his family. Brian feels guilty about Theresa and states he's glad Julian is dead. Luis and Sheridan reunite. Sheridan doesn't want to go through the pain of losing him again.
S03E198 Ep. #711 00/00/0000 Tabitha continues to worry about Timmy's safety and warns him again to leave the book of spells alone. Tabitha makes travel plans. She begs Zombie Charity to spare Timmy's life. The evil zombie plots her next move. Kay is determined to destroy Zombie Charity. Kay and Timmy team up to get the book of spells away from Fluffy. Kay and Timmy both search for the spell they need. Brian goes to check on Sheridan. Sheridan thinks she sees the man she loves and just misses catching up to Luis. Brian comforts Sheridan as she tells him about how she dreamt she was reunited with her love. Meanwhile, Luis thinks he knows how to get Brian to come home to Harmony. Theresa is confident she will win the entire Crane fortune. Pilar tries to reason with her daughter and claims she is ashamed of her. Alistair keeps tabs on Pilar and Theresa. Theresa's lawyer preps her for court. Ethan is sure he will win. He makes one last attempt to stop Theresa. The showdown in court begins.
S03E199 Ep. #712 Mon 00/00/0000 Sheridan decides to move forward with Brian. However, Brian wants her to feel better before they make love. Meanwhile, Luis begins to make love to a delighted Beth, but they are interrupted by a maid. Zombie Charity searches the house for Timmy, determined to kill him. Zombie Charity attacks Kay and later tricks her into going into Tabitha's basement. After the magic scroll shows him a disturbing image of the future, Timmy fears for his life. Timmy sets out to destroy Zombie Charity, but Tabitha locks him up in the attic in order to protect him. Ethan calls a surprised Theresa to the witness stand. His questioning puts her on the spot. Ethan gets what he wants from Theresa when he forces her to admit she didn't realize she was marrying Julian and that she loves him.
S03E200 Ep. #713 00/00/0000 Zombie Charity continues searching for Timmy. Tabitha worries when she realizes Timmy escaped from the attic. The devious zombie is happy Timmy is gone and plots her next move. Zombie Charity discovers a missing page in the spell book that could spell the end of her. Meanwhile, Timmy catches a ride and then tells the skeptical driver his story. Theresa laments her decision to tell the truth on the stand. Pilar is proud of Theresa, although Woody feels they've lost the case. Theresa's lawyer approaches Ethan about a possible deal. Ivy and Rebecca gloat. Gwen realizes Theresa truly loves Ethan. Theresa thinks she can still get Ethan back. Alistair has a meeting with the judge and orders him to deliver the verdict he wants.
S03E201 Ep. #714 00/00/0000 Tabitha is horrified when she learns Zombie Charity has sent the Bird of Mordred to kill Timmy. Meanwhile, a frightened Timmy takes cover from the vicious bird. Tabitha calls Timmy on his cell phone and comes up with a plan to save him. A masked Sheridan and Luis come face-to-face. Brian thinks he knows why Luis seems familiar to ""Diana."" Luis and Sheridan share a dance with each other. Luis continues fighting memories of Sheridan. While waiting for the judge to deliver his ruling, Ethan worries about Theresa. Convinced she's lost, Theresa wishes she'd lied. Rebecca and Ivy continue to gloat. The courtroom erupts when the judge declares Theresa as the true Mrs. Julian Crane. Alistair is pleased. Ethan vows to appeal as Theresa basks in her triumph.
S03E202 Ep. #715 00/00/0000 Zombie Charity taunts the frozen, real Charity as she waits on word from the evil bird. Zombie Charity later leaves to make love to Miguel. Tabitha and the Bird of Mordred face-off, and she manages to kill it. In his search for a ride, Timmy ends up in a tense situation with a very angry biker. Ethan tries to reason with Theresa. She won't budge and demands that Ivy and Rebecca get out of the mansion immediately. Ivy and Rebecca plot Theresa's end. Gwen steps in and vows to turn them in if Theresa ends up hurt. Pilar tries desperately to get through to Theresa but she won't listen. Theresa stops Ethan in his tracks. Brian and Beth talk about their respective futures with Sheridan and Luis. As everyone is about to take off their masks, Sheridan becomes even more ill. Brian and Luis help Sheridan.
S03E203 Ep. #716 00/00/0000 Brian puts an ailing Sheridan to bed. She can't stop thinking about Brian's brother. Sheridan wants a future with Brian. Brian is hurt and angry when he learns his brother and Beth have left the hotel without saying good-bye. Luis and Beth wait at the airport hoping Brian and Sheridan got their note about the disasters back home. Luis can't stop thinking about Sheridan, but promises Beth he does want a future with her. Pilar is not happy with Theresa's actions. Theresa lets a shocked Ivy and Rebecca stay in their rooms. Rebecca knows the real reason for Theresa's generosity. Gwen warns Ivy and Rebecca not to hurt Theresa or her unborn baby. Rebecca comes up with a plan to get rid of Theresa and puts it in motion.
S03E204 Ep. #717 Mon 00/00/0000 Brian is hurt and angry over Luis' sudden disappearance. Brian feels his brother must still be mad at him, but Sheridan thinks there is a reasonable explanation. The couple remains oblivious to Luis' displaced note. Theresa enjoys the high life at the Crane estate. Pilar tries to reason with her and begs her daughter to leave. Luis barges into the mansion, hell-bent on dragging Theresa out of there. Theresa argues that they have no home to go to anyway, but Pilar and Luis refuse to stay at the Cranes'. Luis is shocked when Pilar informs him she doesn't have insurance for their house. Luis has news of his own. Rebecca furthers her plot to get Theresa convicted of Julian's murder. Ivy is hesitant to go along with the plan. Rebecca receives a bombshell of a tape.
S03E205 Ep. #718 00/00/0000 Zombie Charity waits impatiently for word on Timmy. Tabitha tries fruitlessly to get Zombie Charity to leave Timmy alone. Meanwhile, a sad and lonely Timmy makes a new friend. Timmy places himself in danger when he makes a phone call home to Tabitha. Sheridan tells Brian that despite her memories of her lost love, she is ready to move on with him. Brian and Sheridan share a romantic picnic. A mystery man watches Brian. Luis does all he can to get Theresa to leave the mansion, but his sister stands her ground. Pilar won't allow Theresa to use her new money to help the family. At the same time, Ethan works to get the judge's ruling overturned. Ivy is shocked when Rebecca shows her the videotape. Ivy misunderstands Rebecca's motives and attacks her partner-in-crime. Luis has some questions for the ladies about Julian's murder.
S03E206 Ep. #719 00/00/0000 Zombie Charity tries to kill Tabitha, but is thwarted by an oblivious Luis. Tabitha tells Luis about the tea leaves she read for Sheridan. In Bermuda, Sheridan admits she is no longer desperate for her past and is truly happy with Brian. Sheridan remembers her past life with him. A mystery man spells danger for Brian. Sheridan senses something could cause her and Brian pain. Ethan reflects on his and Theresa's lost love. Ivy is relieved but confused to learn the truth about the tape. Rebecca has a plan to destroy Theresa and assures Ivy that their rival will be sentenced to death for Julian's murder. Theresa gives Ivy and Rebecca the third degree. Ethan is sure the ruling will be overturned.
S03E207 Ep. #720 00/00/0000 Timmy worries about the message he read in the stars from Zombie Charity. Timmy wants to lend a hand when he meets up with three teenagers. Theresa continues to throw her weight around. Whitney tries to get her friend to see reality but to no avail. Theresa is certain she'll get Ethan back. Ivy is unsure of Rebecca's plan. Rebecca is confident Theresa will take the bait. Luis can't understand why he hasn't heard from Brian. Luis and Beth go on-line to find out if Luis and Sheridan really were on the Titanic. In Bermuda, Brian and Sheridan do the same. Sheridan and Luis are in for a shock when they both discover Sheridan's picture among the passengers on the Titanic. Sheridan and Brian find their connection on the Titanic as well.
S03E208 Ep. #721 00/00/0000 Timmy realizes he's dealing with bad guys. He tries to stop them from robbing a convenience store, but his good deed puts him in danger. Beth and Luis search for answers to what happened to Sheridan in her last life. Sheridan and Brian track down their son from their past life together only to find he's dead. Sheridan and Brian grieve for their son. Sheridan has memories of her son from her past life. Beth has a question for Luis. Rebecca's henchman delivers the videotape to Theresa. Rebecca and Ivy watch happily as Theresa takes the bait. Whitney shows up and endangers Ivy and Rebecca's plan. Rebecca thinks fast to get Whitney to leave.
S03E209 Ep. #722 Mon 00/00/0000 Luis tries to make contact with Sheridan's son from a past life. After seeing a picture of the man Sheridan loved, Beth worries Luis will learn Brian and Sheridan were together in their previous life. Hank is stunned to hear what Beth and Luis have been up to. Luis thinks learning about Sheridan's past will help him move on. Meanwhile, Sheridan and Brian bond as they learn more about their son, Franklin, Jr. The two share a kiss after they have a vision of their wedding from their past life. Timmy triggers a silent alarm to stop the teens from robbing the convenience store. The cops show up, and the kids try to stick the blame on Timmy. Theresa is shocked and upset when she watches the videotape. Theresa makes a deal with Rebecca's henchman to protect Ethan. Rebecca and Ivy watch with glee as their plan unfolds perfectly. Rebecca is certain Theresa will take the bait, and they will be rid of her. Ethan almost stumbles upon the plan.
S03E210 Ep. #723 00/00/0000 Pilar is overjoyed when her prayers are answered with a call from Antonio. Luis' search for answers about Sheridan's past life reaches a dead end. Hank tries to convince Beth not to tell Luis what she found out about Antonio. In Bermuda, Sheridan remembers her past life and how happy and full of love it was. Brian and Sheridan remain unaware of a potential threat. Ethan nearly sees the incriminating tape. Ivy panics and threatens Rebecca. Rebecca assures Ivy the plan is on track. Theresa manages to get the tape away from Ethan. Whitney and Ethan question a nervous Theresa. Ethan wants the truth.
S03E211 Ep. #724 00/00/0000 Timmy hides out from the police. Zombie Charity fills Tabitha in on some of the evil she has in store for the town. As preparations for ""Charity's"" party are finished up, the kids discuss how happy they are to have the old ""Charity"" back. Kay worries about what may happen. Grace is sure evil has left Harmony. A guilt-ridden David and Eve commiserate over Ivy blackmailing them. Sam reluctantly steps up the investigation into Julian's murder. Ivy continues to worry about the videotape getting into the wrong hands. Rebecca is confident all will work out and Theresa will die. Ethan is worried about whatever it is Theresa is hiding from him. Chad tells Ethan knows he needs to move on and leave Whitney behind. Whitney tries to get an upset Theresa to confide in her, but her friend won't budge. Theresa turns to God for help.
S03E212 Ep. #725 00/00/0000 A cop finds Timmy. Miguel and Zombie Charity anticipate making love after the birthday party. Kay worries about what is going to happen and feels powerless to stop it. Zombie Charity plans to drop several bombshells at the party. The zombie fakes a premonition about an arrest in Julian's murder case. Rebecca and Ivy try to clue Ethan in on Theresa's true motives. Rebecca plants seeds of doubt in Ethan's mind about Theresa and makes an accusation. Theresa goes to Father Lonigan for advice. Father Lonigan urges her to go to the police. Theresa refuses and wants desperately to protect Ethan. Theresa is frightened by what Father Lonigan is planning to do.
S03E213 Ep. #726 00/00/0000 Zombie Charity discovers Timmy's whereabouts when she spots him on TV. Tabitha fears for her beloved Timmy as Zombie Charity sets casts an evil spell to destroy him. Sheridan and Brian celebrate his birthday. As their relationship continues to grow, Sheridan worries about losing Brian. Rebecca panics when she can't find the videotape. Ivy is livid. Sam's suggestion upsets Luis. Sam worries about who may have killed Julian. Meanwhile, Whitney questions Theresa, who is worried about the murder investigation. Theresa panics when she thinks Ethan is about to be arrested. Ivy and Rebecca rush to the police station to see Theresa hang herself.
S03E214 Ep. #727 Mon 00/00/0000 Brian and Sheridan begin to make love but are repeatedly interrupted. The two head off to celebrate Brian's birthday, unaware they are walking into a trap. Theresa stuns Luis and Sam with her confession. Despite Luis' objections, Theresa insists Sam place her under arrest for murdering Julian. Ivy and Rebecca watch happily as their plan unfolds before their eyes. Ivy tries to hurry Theresa's arrest along. A distraught Tabitha watches as Zombie Charity sends vicious animals to kill Timmy. Timmy manages to outwit the animals and get away. Tabitha and Zombie Charity face off. Gwen and Ethan bond as they reminisce about old times. Later, they share a passionate kiss...
S03E215 Ep. #728 00/00/0000 Grace gives John a special surprise. Kay panics when she learns of Miguel's romantic plans with ""Charity"" after the birthday party. Kay tries to onvince Miguel not to go through with it, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Zombie Charity continues to use magic to attack Timmy. Tabitha is relieved as she looks into the crystal ball and observes Timmy escape death again and again. Theresa continues to proclaim her guilt. Luis refuses to believe it as Sam takes her statement. Ivy commends Rebecca on her plan, and the two schemers celebrate Theresa's confession. Ethan and Gwen are shocked to hear about Theresa. Ethan is certain of Theresa's innocence.
S03E216 Ep. #729 00/00/0000 Sheridan and Brian enjoy a night out on the town, unaware that danger looms over them. Brian and Sheridan want a future together. Luis tries to convince everyone that Theresa is innocent, while Theresa continues professing her guilt. Luis suspects Theresa is covering for someone. Ethan arrives at the police station and tries to get at the truth, but Theresa stands firm. Luis makes a shocking confession. Kay and Miguel are stunned when they walk in on Zombie Charity attacking a lifeless Tabitha. Kay gloats to the zombie that she's finally about to be exposed. Eve checks on Tabitha's condition. A semiconscious Tabitha murmurs about a zombie endangering Timmy. Reese thinks he's found the proof that Tabitha is a witch.
S03E217 Ep. #730 00/00/0000 As ""Charity's"" party gets underway, Tabitha makes a deal with Zombie Charity to spare Timmy's life. However, the evil zombie doesn't plan to keep up her end of the bargain. Kay tries to tell Miguel the truth about ""Charity"". Father Lonigan and Grace sense evil nearby. Zombie Charity threatens to kill Grace to keep Kay from telling the truth. Sheridan unknowingly steps right into a trap , while Brian is confronted by his past. Luis calls Whitney for help with Theresa. Luis and Ethan try one last time to get through to Theresa but with no luck. Theresa stands firm to protect Ethan. Whitney is horrified to learn the possible consequences of Theresa's confession. Theresa is put behind bars.
S03E218 Ep. #731 00/00/0000 Zombie Charity causes Grace great physical pain through voodoo to get what she wants from Kay. Eve tries to help Grace as everyone looks on horrified. Father Lonigan feels evil is the cause of her pain. Zombie Charity gets what she wants. Grace recovers quickly. Zombie Charity has orders for Tabitha. TC is not happy to see Chad at the party. Eve tries to calm him. Sheridan wins big at gambling unaware of the impending threat. Brian takes a stand against his past. Luis and Ethan are certain the cops won't find Theresa's gun and hope Whitney can get through to her. Whitney tries to reason with her friend. Theresa has a frightening image of the future, which causes her to reiterate her guilt.
S03E219 Ep. #732 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E220 Ep. #733 00/00/0000
S03E221 Ep. #734 00/00/0000
S03E222 Ep. #735 00/00/0000
S03E223 Ep. #736 00/00/0000
S03E224 Ep. #737 Mon / Memorial Day 00/00/0000 Luis worries about his family and feels he has failed Theresa. Beth offers her love and support to a touched Luis. The sexual tension escalates between the old lovers. Meanwhile, Sheridan and Brian continue to make love. The two of them take a late night swim while Nick lurks close by, determined to exact his revenge on Brian. Tabitha searches for a way to locate Timmy. Tabitha asks an old ""friend"" to help her. On the road, Timmy and Toto stop for a bite to eat at a diner. When the crazed cook, Peggy, causes a busboy to quit, a cash-starved Timmy jumps at the job opening. A frantic Kay heads for the country inn as she tries to reach Miguel in time to save him. Zombie Charity puts up roadblocks at every turn to stop Kay. Miguel tries to romance an impatient Zombie Charity, who looks forward to having ""killer"" sex with the young stud.
S03E225 Ep. #738 00/00/0000 Brian and Sheridan talk about how happy they are as they bask in their love. Nick plots to use ""Diana"" to get to Brian. Once Brian is alone, Nick confronts him, and Brian goes ballistic. Luis and Beth make love. Beth is unnerved when Luis dreams of Sheridan. She vows to hold on to Luis now that she has been given a second chance. Reese sets out to prove Tabitha is a witch. Jessica tries to reason with him, but Reese won't give up. Meanwhile, Tabitha's ""friend"" informs her that Timmy's life is being threatened by someone from his past. A frustrated Zombie Charity returns to Tabitha's and explains how Kay prevented her from bedding Miguel. Tabitha thinks of a way to save Timmy. Timmy has a scary encounter with a knife-wielding Peggy. However, Timmy is determined to keep his job and rescue Charity.
S03E226 Ep. #739 00/00/0000 Unaware Nick is a threat to Brian, Sheridan waits on the shady schemer at the café. Nick realizes he recognizes ""Diana"" from somewhere, possibly Europe. Sheridan is hopeful he can help her remember her past, but Nick can't pinpoint where he's seen her before (besides Bermuda). Nick learns ""Diana"" has amnesia. Liz hides her hurt when she realizes Brian and ""Diana"" made love. Brian tells Liz there is only one thing that could stop him and Sheridan from being together. Hank is pleasantly surprised to find out Luis spent the night with Beth. Beth confides to Hank that she knows Luis still loves Sheridan, but she won't give up on him. Luis dreams of Sheridan. Hank and Beth try to hide the morning headlines from Luis, but he soon discovers Theresa is on the front page of every newspaper. Theresa dreams of the future. Whitney tries desperately to get her friend to understand the severity of her situation. A mistaken Theresa is convinced Alistair is looking out for her. Ethan vows to help Ther
S03E227 Ep. #740 00/00/0000 Zombie Charity hides out at Tabitha's house since the berries she bathed in are still causing her demon form to show. Meanwhile, Kay considers telling Miguel the truth. Later, Reese tells a disbelieving Miguel that he saw Tabitha turn Charity into a demon. Reese convinces Miguel and Kay to accompany him to confront Tabitha and ""Charity"". Timmy finally begins to awaken after drinking the hot chocolate Peggy drugged. Timmy remains unaware of the danger as Peggy holds an axe over his head. Meanwhile, Tabitha fears she knows who's after Timmy. Ethan, Pilar, and Whitney are upset when they learn Theresa's sentencing is set for later in the day. Theresa's friends and family try to reason with her, but she insists on going forward with the sentencing. The young Mrs. Crane is certain everything will work out. Theresa is surprised by Ivy's support. Eve feels guilty as TC has another run-in with Chad. David sympathizes with Eve, who can't tell her husband it was Ivy who really drugged Whitney. A
S03E228 Ep. #741 00/00/0000 Having caught another glimpse of ""Charity's"" demon form, Reese insists to Miguel and Kay that Tabitha is a witch. Kay tries to expose Zombie Charity. Miguel is surprised by what he finds. Timmy wonders from where he knows Peggy. Peggy poses a threat to Timmy's safety. To stop TC from pummeling Chad, Eve blurts out that Chad didn't drug Whitney -- and she knows who did. Eve makes up a story to avoid revealing Ivy is blackmailing her. TC tries to apologize to Chad, but Chad wants more. Sam and Ethan try to get Theresa to postpone her sentencing for Julian's murder. A confident Theresa won't be deterred. Pilar tries to get through to Theresa, but to no avail. Alistair flexes his influence with the judge to get what he wants. The sentence hearing gets underway. Ivy and Rebecca gloat as their plan unfolds perfectly.
S03E229 Ep. #742 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E230 Ep. #743 00/00/0000
S03E231 Ep. #744 00/00/0000
S03E232 Ep. #745 00/00/0000
S03E233 Ep. #746 00/00/0000 Timmy carries out his plan to prove who Peggy is. Peggy gets drunk and passes out, allowing Timmy his chance to peal off her mask. Liz is alarmed by Brian's idea of how to raise money. Sheridan wants to know what's going on. Liz tells an alarmed Sheridan about Brian's big race car driving accident. Luis and Pilar worry about Theresa. Cops arrive at the hospital to take Theresa to prison. Eve discovers a vanishing act and stalls the cops. Luis is grateful for what Ethan has done. Luis and Pilar are shocked by Sam's reaction. Ethan and Theresa go on the run. Theresa calls a stunned Whitney with the news.
S03E234 Ep. #747 Mon 00/00/0000 Tabitha comes face-to-face with an old enemy. Meanwhile, Timmy learns some surprising information. Brian tells Nick he'll get his money and warns his old cohort to stay away from ""Diana."" Nick is positive ""Diana"" was wealthy and is determined to remember how he knows her. An angry Liz gets in Sheridan's face. Sheridan comes to a realization about Liz. Over the phone, Whitney tries to convince Theresa not to go on the run. Theresa believes her dreams are coming true. At the hospital, Pilar is horrified when she overhears Eve say that Theresa has a life-threatening, pre-natal condition. Sam and Luis fight over whether or not to report Ethan and Theresa's escape. Luis threatens Sam and pulls a gun on him. The two men struggle, and the gun goes off. Ivy is horrified to learn Ethan is driving Theresa's getaway car.
S03E235 Ep. #748 00/00/0000
S03E236 Ep. #749 00/00/0000
S03E237 Ep. #750 00/00/0000
S03E238 Ep. #751 00/00/0000
S03E239 Ep. #752 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E240 Ep. #753 00/00/0000
S03E241 Ep. #754 00/00/0000
S03E242 Ep. #755 00/00/0000
S03E243 Ep. #756 00/00/0000 Sam and Luis are informed that they will be charged with aiding and abetting. Rebecca is furious at Ivy for tipping off Sam to the wherabouts of Ethan and Theresa. Rebecca was hoping that Theresa would have the baby and die in labor. Theresa's labor progresses and Gwen warns Ethan that Theresa and her baby will die because of the preeclampsia. Gwen admits that she doesn't care about Theresa, but she won't let a little baby die. Theresa struggles with her labor as Ethan and Gwen help her through it. Theresa gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. Ethan makes Theresa look at the baby, and she tells her newborn son, ""Momma loves you.""
S03E244 Ep. #757 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E245 Ep. #758 00/00/0000 Brian excitedly prepares for his return to racing. Liz is suspicious at the ease at which it all came together. Sheridan and Liz accompany Brian to the racetrack. Danger looms for Brian as Nick plots to get rid of him and have Sheridan and her money for himself. Theresa's family and friends try to reassure her that her baby will live. Everyone prays for Theresa's baby as Eve works feverishly to save him. Whitney comforts a distraught Theresa. Ivy thanks Sam for what he's done for Ethan. Beth tries to console a depressed Luis. Beth lashes out at Rebecca. Rebecca confronts Beth with an accusation.
S03E246 Ep. #759 00/00/0000
S03E247 Ep. #760 00/00/0000
S03E248 Ep. #761 00/00/0000 At her house, Beth hides a photo of Sheridan she took from Luis. Beth is forced to deal with her bitter mother. Meanwhile, Luis admits to Theresa he's thinking of marriage. Luis and Father Lonigan try to get Theresa to tell the truth. Theresa won't budge and is certain Ethan will save her. Ethan struggles to help Theresa by talking to the Governor. Ethan is shocked by what he learns from Alistair. Once he finishes the race, Brian wants to go back to Harmony and introduce Sheridan to his family. Meanwhile, Nick and Stan continue to sabotage Brian's car. Julian is close to losing the wrestling match. Timmy saves Julian's life. The ref wants Timmy to wrestle. Timmy and Julian make a run for it.
S03E249 Ep. #762 Mon 00/00/0000
S03E250 Ep. #763 00/00/0000
S03E251 Ep. #764 00/00/0000
S04E01 Ep. #765 Mon 00/00/0000 Tabitha begs for Timmy's life as Zombie Charity casts a deadly spell. A frantic Timmy and Julian struggle to escape from the trap as the ground ominously swells beneath them. Timmy calls on Toto to save the day. Meanwhile, Charity continues to defrost. Liz tries to persuade Brian not to race. Brian assures Liz all will be fine. Sheridan secretly takes Brian's car for a test spin to make sure it's safe. Nick, Stan, Brian and Liz are horrified to realize what Sheridan is doing. Theresa is brought to the death chamber, where she is strapped down for the lethal injection. Theresa stays in a firm state of denial as friends and family brace themselves to watch her die. Theresa tries to reassure everyone that all will work out. She imparts a special message to her loved ones. Ivy wonders if she could make such a sacrifice. As the lethal injection process gets underway, the Governor calls. Theresa is confident this is her reprieve.
S04E02 Ep. #766 00/00/0000 As Sheridan drives faster and faster, unaware of the impending danger, Brian risks it all to stop her. Nick worries he may lose any chance of getting Sheridan. Timmy finds the Demon's Horn. Tabitha watches in horror as Timmy's life is threatened once more. Julian and Timmy recoil in fear as a giant serpent emerges from the ground. Tabitha risks her life to save Timmy. Zombie Charity gleefully observes the pain in the viewing room as she pretends to be there for Miguel. As Theresa is injected with the first drug, she wonders why Ethan isn't speaking up to save her. Theresa is horrified to realize she really is going to die. Rebecca gloats while Ivy begins to feel squeamish. Eve reaffirms her resolve to keep her secrets. Father Lonigan comes to a sad conclusion. Whitney realizes how much she needs Chad as he comforts her. The end draws near for Theresa.
S04E03 Ep. #767 00/00/0000 Timmy is thrilled now that he has what he needs to save Charity and wants to head home. Julian doesn't want to go back and tries to stop him. After seeing news coverage about Theresa, Julian decides he wants to go home after all. Timmy finds out just how much Julian knew about the happenings in Harmony. Theresa's friends and family grieve for her. Gwen consoles Ethan. Pilar is devastated. Zombie Charity makes plans to seduce Miguel and prepares to use Charity's essence to do it. Kay vows to stop her. Miguel turns to Kay. While Rebecca wants to celebrate, Ivy fears they went too far. Ivy worries what Rebecca might do to her to win the Crane fortune. Alistair shocks everyone with his request.
S04E04 Ep. #768 00/00/0000 Everyone gathers at the Crane mansion, where Theresa lays in a coffin in the living room. Ethan struggles with feelings of guilt. Gwen tries to comfort him and reassure him he did all he could. Luis believes someone set his sister up and vows to get to the bottom of it. Sam is there for Ethan. Miguel pushes Zombie Charity away as Kay gloats. Luis and Beth grow closer. Whitney admits to Chad how much she needs him. Alistair torments Ivy and Rebecca. Ivy and Rebecca are horrified to realize the tape of Ethan shooting Julian is missing. Pilar finds the tape, and unaware of the explosive contents, prepares to watch it. Rebecca and Ivy panic when they spot Pilar with the tape.
S04E05 Ep. #769 00/00/0000 The angel girl gives Timmy a warning about what awaits him in Harmony. Timmy is touched by the angel's praise. Meanwhile, Kay begs for her life as Zombie Charity prepares to kill her. Kay's quick thinking saves her. Zombie Charity vows to kill her one day and is certain her trick will lead to Miguel's downfall as well. Sheridan worries about Brian's safety. Brian assures her they will have a life together. Nick anticipates Brian's racecar blowing up once he hits a certain speed. Luis laments not being able to protect the women in his life. Luis wants to move forward with Beth. Beth and her mother face off. Whitney continues to grieve as she leans on Chad for support. Chad vows to always be there for her. Whitney lets Chad know how much she needs him. Gwen confronts Ethan about his behavior and feelings for Theresa. Gwen gives Ethan an ultimatum. Rebecca is successful in preventing Pilar from learning the truth. Ivy feels bad for Pilar. Rebecca celebrates. Pilar confronts Rebecca.
S04E06 Ep. #770 Mon 00/00/0000 Whitney feels guilty after making love to Chad. Chad reassures her. At home, Simone confides to her mother that she feels terrible for fighting with Whitney and wants to make it up to her sister. Eve and Simone talk about the heartache of losing someone. Luis proposes to an elated Beth, and she accepts. Luis promises her his love for Sheridan is in the past. Beth's mom plots to destroy her daughter's happiness. Brian asks a thrilled Sheridan to marry him. He slips a washer on her finger in lieu of a ring. Liz tries to hide her hurt over Brian and Diana's joyous news. Nick and Stan anticipate Brian's death as he gets behind the wheel of his racecar. Pilar cares for her grandson and hopes they will all one day know the truth about why Theresa confessed. A horrified Ivy and Rebecca are haunted.
S04E07 Ep. #771 00/00/0000 Ivy and Rebecca worry about what Pilar might discover about Theresa. Pilar reads the two women the riot act for their actions. A nervous Ivy and Rebecca become unglued. Kay finds something important to Zombie Charity. Simone runs into Kay and confides how badly she feels about accusing Whitney of going after Chad. Kay encourages Simone to go to Whitney. Meanwhile, Chad and Whitney continue to make love at the recording studio. Beth tries to call Luis as her mother puts doubts in her head about his true feelings. Luis struggles with memories of Sheridan and finds himself at her cottage. Luis and Ethan talk about moving on. Both congratulate the other on their new relationships. Sheridan and Liz watch in horror as Brian's racecar explodes in flames. Nick can barely contain his excitement as he and Stan hurry off, so as not to be noticed. Brian is raced to the hospital.
S04E08 Ep. #772 00/00/0000 Kay vows to destroy the evil she's brought to Harmony. Father Lonigan wonders if she is sincere and points out her past misdeeds. He worries she will continue to rely on evil to get Miguel. Simone arrives at the recording studio to look for Chad so they can comfort Whitney together. Inside the studio, Whitney and Chad have just made love. Whitney confesses all her feelings to Chad. She worries about how Simone will react to their news. Simone gets close to discovering the truth. Timmy calls Tabitha with his big news. Tabitha gives Timmy a warning and orders him to stay away from Harmony. Timmy won't be dissuaded from his mission. Zombie Charity walks in on Tabitha and angrily reaches for the phone when she realizes Timmy is on the other end. At the hospital, Liz and Sheridan worry about Brian. The doctor has grim news on Brian's condition. In Harmony, Luis continues to be furious at Antonio for not being in town when their family is going through so much pain. Miguel is surprised by Lu
S04E09 Ep. #773 00/00/0000 Simone wants Chad's help with Whitney. Chad is determined to tell Simone the truth. Whitney watches Chad and her sister from a hiding place and fears her sister will hate her. Zombie Charity plots to kill Timmy and Tabitha. The zombie is upset when she can't find the vial of Charity's essence. Father Lonigan figures out what is in the vial and orders Kay to dispose of it. Kay promises not to use the vial for herself, but is later tempted as she begins to pour it out. Sheridan's memories continue to surface. The doctor has good news on Brian' s condition. Liz wonders if it's just a coincidence that Sheridan's ""dead"" lover and Brian's brother share the same first name. Luis reveals his suspicions about Sheridan's ""death"" to a shocked Miguel. Miguel admits to feeling something is off with Charity. Luis encourages Miguel to fight for Charity. Pilar receives a warning from Theresa.
S04E10 Ep. #774 00/00/0000 Whitney risks her life to keep Simone from the truth. Chad tries to reason with a determined Whitney. Jessica sees something startling outside of Chad's recording studio. Jessica is startled when she stumbles upon a secret. Kay gets confirmation that Charity's essence is in the vial. Kay vows to keep the vial from the zombie. Zombie Charity tries again to get with Miguel. The zombie loses her temper when Miguel complains she's changed. Luis tries to convince Pilar what she saw wasn't real. Pilar finds it hard to believe it was just her imagination. Luis blames Antonio for what has happened. Luis shares his good news with Pilar. Brian makes plans to bring Sheridan to Harmony. Sheridan is excited to meet Brian's family. The doctor finds something disturbing about Brian's health.
S04E11 Ep. #775 Mon 00/00/0000 Whitney and Chad fear they've been caught. Simone apologizes to a guilt-ridden Whitney and vows to be not only a good sister but also a good friend. Chad decides it's time to tell the truth. Timmy, Toto, and Julian head home. Julian plans to barricade himself in the mansion so no one can reach him. Timmy readies himself to save Charity. Timmy is disgusted with what Julian has allowed to happen. Charity's ice block continues to melt. Meanwhile, Zombie Charity and Kay fight over the vial. Miguel admits he thinks ""Charity"" needs serious help. The zombie gets burned when Kay tricks her. Zombie Charity threatens Kay's life. Pilar is overjoyed to hear of Brian's plans to return home. Luis remains furious at his brother and blames him for Theresa's death. Brian can't wait for Sheridan to meet his family. Brian's doctor has bad news for him.
S04E12 Ep. #776 00/00/0000 Tabitha and Timmy have a joyous reunion. Tabby does all she can to stop Timmy from getting to Charity. Meanwhile, Miguel thinks Kay is Charity after she sprinkles herself with her cousin's essence. The passion between 'Charity' and Miguel begins to rise. A defrosted Charity and Zombie Charity face off in an epic battle between good and evil. Rebecca is horrified that Theresa is after her and seeks refuge in Ivy's bedroom. An annoyed Ivy insists Rebecca is imagining things. Julian returns to the mansion and relaxes in a hot bath. Someone realizes Julian is back home and plots to murder him.
S04E13 Ep. #777 00/00/0000 Tabitha prepares to leave Harmony with Timmy, unaware that he has escaped from her attic. Timmy races to the cave to save Charity. Zombie Charity and Charity continue to do battle. Timmy arrives with the Demon's Horn, and he and Charity fight to destroy the zombie. Jessica is shocked by what she walks in on. Rebecca and Julian are reunited and begin to make love. Rebecca continues to be haunted by Theresa as a confused Julian tries to put her at ease.
S04E14 Ep. #778 00/00/0000 Nick is stunned to find Brian alive. Brian pays Nick off and informs him the police are investigating his crash. Charity and Timmy continue to struggle against the zombie, who releases an earth-shaking spell. Tabitha, Miguel, Jessica, and Kay struggle to enter the cave. Miguel finally sees Charity and the zombie side by side. Gwen continues to comfort Ethan over Theresa's death. Luis races to check on his family as the earthquake continues. Alistair does his best to make sure Theresa is dead. Rebecca continues to fear Theresa. Julian and Ivy face off.
S04E15 Ep. #779 00/00/0000 Grace and Sam arrive at the hospital with the critically injured Charity and Timmy. Miguel tries to figure out what happened to Charity. Tabitha is beside herself with worry for her Timmy. Eve finds something shocking in Charity's blood. Simone and Jessica know Kay played a part in this. Kay tries to be there for Miguel. Brian makes plans to marry Sheridan and prepares to introduce her to his family. Sheridan continues to have memories about Harmony. Luis and Ethan struggle to protect Theresa's body. In a blind rage, Ethan and Luis both go after Julian. Alistair has a wonderful, yet shocking surprise for everyone.
S04E16 Ep. #780 Mon 00/00/0000 At the hospital, a suspicious Simone questions Kay. Eve struggles to save Charity's life. Miguel, Jessica, Hank, Sam, and Grace watch in horror as Eve tries desperately to restart Charity's heart. Charity has a grim prognosis. Meanwhile, Tabitha keeps a tearful vigil by Timmy's bed. Timmy struggles to hang onto life. Alistair plots to destroy the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. He and Julian get shocking news about Sheridan. Gwen fears Ethan is slipping through her fingers once again. A nervous Ivy and Rebecca know they are in deep trouble. Luis wonders if another miracle could happen for him and Sheridan. Meanwhile, Sheridan's memory continues to return as she and Brian travel through Harmony. Brian and Sheridan excitedly go to meet his family. Brian 's illness begins affecting him.
S04E17 Ep. #781 00/00/0000 A tearful Tabitha stays close to Timmy as he bravely fights for his life. Simone gets in Kay's face about what she's done. Kay begins to realize what her actions have caused and is wracked with guilt. Eve gives very grave news to the Bennetts. Sam and Grace are forced to make a painful decision. Gwen worries about losing Ethan. Rebecca and Ivy are afraid they will be exposed as the ones who doctored the tape of Ethan shooting Julian. An enraged Luis goes after Julian and Alistair. Luis swears revenge if he ever learns what really happened to Sheridan and his father. Julian's past comes back to haunt him as Brian and Sheridan approach the estate. Alistair warns his son he will make sure Julian takes the fall if the truth comes out. Sheridan has memories of the Crane mansion.
S04E18 Ep. #782 00/00/0000 Eve gives Tabitha devastating news. Tabitha struggles to say goodbye as she holds desperately onto hope that Timmy will pull through. The Bennetts struggle with the painful and difficult choice of what to do about Charity. Kay reaches a new low with her lies. Jessica and Simone are disgusted with Kay. Miguel doesn't want to let go. Ethan is stunned when he learns about the infamous tape. Ivy and Rebecca squirm as the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place. Pilar and Antonio have a joyous reunion. Brian wants to make peace with Luis.
S04E19 Ep. #783 00/00/0000 A triumphant Julian turns the heat up on Ivy and Rebecca. Rebecca encourages Gwen to fight for her man. Whitney is riddled with guilt as she thinks of how Simone will react once her sister learns she and Chad are together. Chad tries to reassure her that everything will be okay. Simone continues blasting Kay for her actions. Kay asks Simone a pointed question about Chad and Whitney. Kay vows to help Miguel move on. Miguel desperately fights to convince everyone not to give up on Charity. Sam and Grace try to reason with an inconsolable Miguel. Father Lonigan arrives to give the last rites. Tabitha professes her love for Timmy and admits how much he's affected her life. Timmy fights bravely to hang on. Sheridan is faced with a puzzling situation. Meanwhile, Antonio tells Pilar about ""Diana"". Pilar is impressed and eager to meet her. Brian has a question for his mother.
S04E20 Ep. #784 00/00/0000 TC almost catches Whitney and Chad in bed together. TC has bad news for Whitney. His words make Whitney feel guilty. Simone continues believing in Chad's love. Simone sees Kay for what she truly is. Kay vows to make Miguel happy. Father Lonigan and the Bennetts all try to convince a grief-stricken Miguel to let go of Charity. Tabitha tends to an ailing Timmy. Charity is given her last rites. Pilar fills Antonio in on what's been going on with the family. Antonio's anger at Julian rises. Ethan tries to piece together what happened. Ivy and Rebecca squirm to make up a story. Julian holds his new son for the first time.
S04E21 Ep. #785 Mon 00/00/0000 Theresa orders Julian to stay away from her baby. Antonio rushes in to protect his sister and threatens Julian. Antonio is happily reunited with Theresa. A furious Julian vows to get rid of the newly-returned Lopez-Fitzgerald. Rebecca and Ivy wonder what Julian did to Antonio in the past. Ivy lets Julian in on the cold, hard truth. As Timmy gets weaker, Tabitha begs him to keep fighting. Timmy says good-bye to Tabby and Toto. Miguel holds Sam and the others at gunpoint in order to keep Charity alive. Sam tries to reason with a desperate Miguel. The distraught young man sees no reason to live if Charity is gone. A gunshot is fired.
S04E22 Ep. #786 00/00/0000 Gwen and Theresa continue to face-off. Ethan tells Antonio about Sheridan while Antonio raves about ""Diana""; the two men don't realize they are talking about the same woman. Julian fills Rebecca in on what's happening with Sheridan and how he plans to handle it. Antonio plans to make peace with Luis. Sheridan remembers two key people from her recent past, but she's not sure what they mean to her. Miguel continues to cling to hope that Charity will pull through. Father Lonigan states evil has returned to Harmony. Kay makes a confession to Father Lonigan. The priest has harsh words for Kay. Grace says a tearful good-bye to her niece. Charity opens her eyes. Tabitha is grief-stricken. Toto has a surprise for Tabitha.
S04E23 Ep. #787 00/00/0000 Tabitha vows to bring pain and heartache to all of Harmony. Grace and Jessica offer their support to an indifferent Tabitha. Charity slowly slips away as she and Miguel pledge their love to each other. Father Lonigan warns Kay she will pay with her soul for her actions. Kay won't listen to his warning. Beth continues making wedding plans. Beth's mother prays Sheridan will return and taunts Beth. Luis heads over to give Beth some very bad news. Sheridan finally recovers all of her memories. She has shocking news for Antonio.
S04E24 Ep. #788 00/00/0000 Luis gently breaks Beth's heart, as her mother watches, pleased. Beth tries to be understanding. Still reeling from the shock of regaining her memory, Sheridan fills Antonio in on who she is. She's privately struck to realize Antonio and Luis are brothers. Charity is reunited with her mother. Miguel mourns over his loss. Kay thinks of her future with Miguel. In a heartbreaking twist of fate, Eve makes an exciting discovery and fights desperately to save Charity. A vengeful Tabitha gets her powers back!
S04E25 Ep. #789 00/00/0000 Tabitha continues wreaking havoc as revenge. Charity's loved ones struggle to keep her going. Miguel gets wonderful news. Whitney and Chad continue their romantic evening. Whitney worries about Simone. Simone heads home with great news for her sister. Ethan helps Theresa with the baby, much to Gwen's dismay. Rebecca has a plan to help her daughter. She and Gwen plot to sedate Theresa. Sheridan is torn over what she is going to do. Luis and Antonio come to blows. Antonio tries to reason with Luis, but he won't listen.
S04E26 Ep. #790 Mon 00/00/0000 Whitney and Chad fear Simone has discovered the truth. Simone mistakenly believes Chad sent her a love note and flowers. Chad reacts strongly to Simone's suggestion. Ethan and Theresa grow closer while attending to the baby. Rebecca's plan to knock Theresa out backfires when Gwen accidentally drinks the drugged tea meant for her rival. Tabitha uses her powers to prevent Charity from undergoing surgery. Timmy tries to reason with Tabby and puts himself in the line of fire for Charity. The boy makes an emotional promise to his Princess. Inside the hospital, Eve, Sam, TC, and Hank fight to keep Charity alive. Later, Pilar fills everyone in on the wonderful news about Theresa. Luis is taken aback by Antonio's actions. Sheridan has some difficult news for Luis. He is stunned when she admits she fell in love with another man. Pilar is blown away when Antonio reveals his fiance, ""Diana"", is really Sheridan Crane!
S04E27 Ep. #791 00/00/0000 Sheridan and Pilar are horrified by the condition in which they find Antonio. Luis comes under fire. An unconscious Antonio is rushed to the hospital. Everyone is amazed to see Sheridan alive and to hear of Antonio's return. Luis fights pangs of jealousy as Sheridan struggles with her impossible situation. Charity's loved ones hold a vigil as Eve performs the heart transplant. Jessica and Father Lonigan try to get through to Kay. The determined teen stays focused on getting Miguel. Reese wants to get to the bottom of why evil has returned. Whitney tries to tell Simone the truth, but her sister's words make it difficult. Simone has amazing news for Whitney and Chad.
S04E28 Ep. #792 00/00/0000 Sheridan fills Luis in on her relationship with Antonio. Luis jumps to the wrong conclusion and is hurt when Sheridan comes to Antonio's defense. Eve is stunned by what she learns from Pilar and Antonio. Pilar fears what the truth will do to her family. Luis asks Sheridan if she's in love with his brother. Miguel, Jessica, and Reese pray for Charity's recovery. Kay is attacked by statues in the hospital chapel. Father Lonigan tries again to reach Kay. She stands firm, ready to sacrifice all to get Miguel. Simone puts Chad on the spot. Whitney can hardly believe Simone's news. Chad tries to tell the truth, but Simone misunderstands yet again.
S04E29 Ep. #793 00/00/0000
S04E30 Ep. #794 00/00/0000
S04E31 Ep. #795 Mon 00/00/0000
S04E32 Ep. #796 00/00/0000 Luis demands that Sheridan choose between him and Antonio. Sheridan fears whatever choice she makes will rip apart the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. An angry Luis wonders how much Antonio really knew about Sheridan's identity. Meanwhile, Beth's mother almost lets the cat out of the bag to an unsuspecting Antonio. Beth covers quickly. Eve gets bad news about Antonio's health and learns he must not get upset under any circumstances. Whitney tells Theresa about sleeping with Chad, but admits she feels she must break up with him. Meanwhile, Chad questions Ethan's feelings, and Gwen is hurt by what she overhears. Chad confides to Ethan that he and Whitney have taken their relationship to the next level. Ethan advises Chad to come clean with Simone. At the same time, Kay questions whether Simone's loving message from Chad was really meant for her. At the hospital, Charity receives an unwelcome visitor - Zombie Charity! The evil doppelganger has a ""gift"" for Charity.
S04E33 Ep. #797 00/00/0000 A vengeful Tabitha stirs up trouble as she plots to ease her own pain by bringing pain to Harmony's lovers. Zombie Charity shows Charity a devastating future. Miguel tries to comfort his anguished girlfriend. Kay is excited by the zombie's predictions. Later, Kay challenges Simone to consider what lengths she would go to in order to keep Chad. Theresa urges Whitney to not let her guilt about Simone stop her from being with Chad. Meanwhile, Chad presses Ethan about his feelings for Theresa. Ethan admits he still loves her, but they can't be together because he doesn't trust her. Gwen vows to fight for her man when she overhears Theresa state she won't let anyone stand in the way of getting Ethan back. Gwen catches Theresa in yet another lie and confronts her in front of Ethan. Sheridan makes her choice. Pilar fears for her family and tells Sheridan that Luis and Antonio may very well kill each other. Sheridan and Luis plan to tell Antonio the truth. Beth is positive this new situation m
S04E34 Ep. #798 00/00/0000 Miguel reassures Charity that everything will be okay. Charity fills Grace in on the vision she had of Miguel leaving her for Kay. Aware of her mischievous daughter's feelings, Grace pulls Kay aside to question her. The mother and daughter have a heated face-off when Kay voices her long-held resentment. Ethan is furious when he learns Theresa has lied to him yet again. Gwen is triumphant. Theresa struggles to explain herself. Antonio realizes everyone is keeping something from him and becomes determined to find out what it is. As she waits for confirmation, Eve warns Pilar just how fragile Antonio's condition may be. Pilar presses Luis to tell Sheridan about how he was engaged to Beth. However, Luis is too late as Beth ""innocently"" shocks Sheridan with her news. A disapproving Mrs. Wallace observes her daughter's manipulations. Sheridan lays into Luis.
S04E35 Ep. #799 00/00/0000 Ethan walks out on Theresa. A desperate Theresa begs Ethan to listen. Ethan's words sting Gwen. Theresa is determined to get Ethan back for both her and her baby. Pilar presses Eve for the truth about Antonio's condition. Eve relents and tells Pilar Antonio will die if he experiences any emotional trauma. Antonio continues to search for answers. Mrs. Wallace plots to ruin Beth's plans by having Antonio learn about Luis and Sheridan. Meanwhile, Sheridan lashes out at Luis over his behavior. Luis tries to explain himself, but she demands an apology. The couple's anger turns to passion. Charity senses someone close to her is out to get her and Miguel. Miguel tries to comfort and reassure Charity. Meanwhile, Kay viciously lashes out at a stunned Grace. Grace tries to get through to her daughter.
S04E36 Ep. #800 Mon 00/00/0000
S04E37 Ep. #801 00/00/0000 Eve is confused when she learns Chad is dating Simone, not Whitney. Simone confronts her sister and Chad about why Eve would think they are dating. TC and Eve give Chad and Simone their blessing. David comforts an upset Grace, hoping for a chance to seduce her. Grace comes to a shocking conclusion about her and Sam. David jumps at his chance to drive a wedge in her marriage. Meanwhile, Sam questions Ivy about what happened to Theresa. Ivy does her best to convince him she and Rebecca did not create a faked videotape to trick Theresa. Antonio asks Luis to look after Sheridan while he's in the hospital. Later, Luis and Sheridan spend some romantic time together. Luis vows to never let anything separate them again, not even Antonio. Julian pays Tabitha a condolence call. Determined to have her revenge on the Cranes for burning her at the stake, Tabitha prepares to kill an unaware Julian.
S04E38 Ep. #802 00/00/0000 Ivy does her best to get closer to Sam, but he firmly states Grace is the love of his life. Ivy backtracks to make sure Sam doesn't suspect she's still after him. Theresa overhears their conversation and realizes she and Ivy are strangely alike. Theresa confronts Ivy. Meanwhile, David continues comforting Grace in order to endear himself to her. Sam is rocked when he arrives home and Grace tells him she doesn't want to live with him anymore as husband and wife. Zombie Charity gives Tabitha a wake-up call. Luis and Sheridan continue to make love in her living room. Having left the hospital, Antonio arrives at the cottage and receives an unwelcome surprise. Sheridan and Luis are shocked when they answer the door to Antonio. Something wild and bizarre takes place in Harmony.
S04E39 Ep. #803 00/00/0000 Sheridan fills Eve and Pilar in on what happened to Antonio. Eve insists Antonio return to the hospital. Luis almost tells his brother everything. Antonio vows to kill anyone who tries to take Sheridan from him. A disappointed Whitney tells Theresa how TC is happy she doesn't have a boyfriend. Theresa warns her friend she should have told Simone the truth. Theresa continues to plot to get Ethan. Gwen worries what Theresa might try next. Rebecca orders Julian to make a choice. Julian orders Theresa out of the mansion. Ethan reminds everyone Theresa is the legal Mrs. Crane. Zombie Charity admonishes Tabitha for her actions. A flustered Tabitha can't explain what happened. Later, the witch mysteriously says she has something to show Zombie.
S04E40 Ep. #804 00/00/0000 Sam and Grace voice their concerns regarding Kay and devise a way to help her out. David insists Ivy let him out of the scam for fear of John learning the truth. Grace catches Kay and Miguel in a compromising situation. Theresa demands a job at Crane Industries. Ethan is impressed with Theresa's gumption, while Gwen ponders her intentions. Rebecca has a secret plan to strip Theresa of her power. Luis decides to tell Antonio the truth about Sheridan. Eve continues to keep Antonio under observation.
S04E41 Ep. #805 Mon / Labor Day 00/00/0000
S04E42 Ep. #806 00/00/0000
S04E43 Ep. #807 00/00/0000
S04E44 Ep. #808 00/00/0000
S04E45 Ep. #809 00/00/0000 As Tabitha grieves, she tearfully remembers happy times with Timmy. Miguel watches over Charity at the hospital. Kay tries to persuade him to attend Antonio and Sheridan's party, using his family as a guilt-trip. Miguel finally agrees to go, while John stays behind and gets to know Charity better. Theresa decorates for the party as Ivy, Rebecca, and Julian gawk in horror. Theresa and Ethan warn everyone against telling Antonio the truth. Rebecca has other ideas, but Gwen stops her. Julian tells Alistair his plan regarding Antonio. Pilar, Sheridan, and Luis help Antonio get settled back at the cottage. Luis hates what he sees, and decides to steal Sheridan away. Sheridan and Luis share some passion.
S04E46 Ep. #810 Mon 00/00/0000 Zombie Charity asks the ""friends"" in Tabitha's basement for a favor. Tabitha is annoyed with the zombie's surprise. Theresa demands an executive position at Crane Industries. Alistair shocks everyone by agreeing to hire her. Julian, Ivy, and Rebecca try to figure out what Alistairs true motive is. Gwen is irritated when Ethan expresses his admiration for Theresa's nerve. Pilar worries her daughter is setting herself up for a fall. An elated Theresa anticipates using her new job to get Ethan back. Luis walks in as Antonio attempts to make love to Sheridan. Sheridan tries to put Antonio off, and Luis steps in before anything can happen. An enraged Luis decides to tell his brother the truth.
S04E47 Ep. #811 00/00/0000 Mrs. Wallace taunts Beth and vows to stop her from getting Luis. Beth threatens to put her mother in a home if she doesn't stay out of her way. An angry Beth questions her mom about her father's identity. Later, Beth receives a welcome invitation. Luis laments to Hank about his predicament. Hank suggests Luis stay away from Antonio and Sheridan's party, but Luis explains that the party will at least allow him to be near his love. Sheridan continues to put off Antonios advances without raising his suspicion. Later, she reaches out to a friend for help. Reese shows off his dads sports car to Jessica. Jessica hints at her feelings for Reese, but he remains in the dark. Reese admits he was wrong about Tabitha. He feels guilty about the way he has treated Tabitha in the past and wants to make it up to her. Meanwhile, Tabitha is attacked.
S04E48 Ep. #812 00/00/0000 Reese starts throwing accusations around when his father's car is stolen. A worried Tabitha takes Reese and Jessica to the party at the Crane's so she can keep abreast of what's going on. Zombie Charity prepares to make trouble. Eve worries about Whitney when TC puts more pressure on their daughter regarding tennis. Simone unknowingly messes up Whitney's plans. Chad is put in an awkward position. Simone is ecstatic about her and Chad's first real ""date"", while a glum Whitney watches in silence. Sam and Grace get romantic, but Grace pulls back since they are not officially married yet. Ivy orders David to make sure the Bennetts show up at the party. Sam is irritated when David interrupts a private moment. Rebecca tries to coax a wary Julian to attend the welcome home party for Antonio and Sheridan. Julian fears for his life, but chooses to make an appearance. He immediately regrets his decision when Sheridan accuses him of trying to have her killed. Antonio has a difficult question for
S04E49 Ep. #813 00/00/0000 Tabitha fears her evil plans will go up in smoke. An old enemy reappears. An oblivious Simone enjoys her date, while Chad privately misses Whitney. Whitney confides her misery to Theresa but cant bring herself to tell Simone the truth. Eve and TC argue over his obsession with Whitney's tennis career. Eve theorizes why TC is pushing Simone to be with Chad. Julian makes a subtle pass at Eve after getting the brush off from someone else. Theresa fantasizes about Ethan. She believes she's only a few steps away from getting Ethan back. Antonio comments to Sheridan that he can tell how much Luis loves Beth. A pained Sheridan misses Luis, while Luis hurts over not being by her side. Luis feels badly about Beth having to pretend they are still together, unaware of how much Beth is enjoying the situation. Beth is horrified when her mother makes a very unwelcome appearance at the party.
S04E50 Ep. #814 Mon 00/00/0000 Whitney and Theresa get ready for Antonio and Sheridan's homecoming party. Whitney lays into her friend about her focus on Ethan. Theresa refuses to give up on Ethan and believes were it not for him, she wouldn't have her son. Whit declares both Theresa and Ethan would have been better off if they had never met. Meanwhile, Gwen vows not to let Theresa manipulate her and Ethan apart again, determined not to let the new Mrs. Crane hurt Ethan any more than she already has. Simone offers to help Chad step up his search for his parents. Chad is grateful for her offer, but becomes increasingly uncomfortable with her devotion to him. TC and Eve make up. Eve is troubled by her past with Julian. Antonio's words rattle Sheridan. Sheridan worries Luis still may have feelings for his first love Beth. She wonders what might have been had Luis married Beth. Gwen tries to reassure Sheridan that Luis loves her. Luis is pained as he observes Sheridan in the arms of his brother. Mrs. Wallace plays on Lu
S04E51 Ep. #815 00/00/0000 Hecuba watches with delight as the green mist begins working its evil magic. Several partygoers begin having visions of ""what might have been"". Tabitha frets more evil will come about than even Hecuba can anticipate. Ivy is upset when she discovers a letter she wrote to Sam that her father intercepted. Sam stumbles upon a tearful Ivy and comforts her. As Sam and Ivy discuss what might have been, the green mist causes them to get a glimpse of their life had they stayed together. Convinced fate is on her side, Theresa remains determined to get Ethan back. Thanks to the magical mist, Theresa has a devastating vision of a future in which she and Ethan had never gotten involved. Sheridan is rocked by a vision of her happily married to Antonio and Luis to Beth. Sheridan sees how happy the four of them are as a result of her meeting Antonio first and falling in love with only him.
S04E52 Ep. #816 00/00/0000 At the hospital, John and Charity bond over poetry. Charity is touched by a poem John wrote. She assures her ""cousin"" he will find someone to love someday. From the lair underneath the Crane estate, Hecuba and Tabitha watch the emotional havoc caused by the evil green mist. Whitney has a vision of being a tennis champion and of Chad and Simone being happily married. Simone is stunned when an angry Kay states she hopes David and Ivy will break up her parents. At the same time, David comforts Grace, who is upset by Kay's behavior. David admits to Grace that he's in love with her. The mist swirls around the two of them, and they have a vision of being happily married. Provoked by the images of their life together, Ivy and Sam share an impassioned kiss. Sam can't believe Ivy would have been content being a cop's wife. Ivy tries to convince Sam the happy vision they shared is really how it could have been. She implores Sam to make love to her.
S04E53 Ep. #817 00/00/0000 Chad assures Whitney her vision won't come true. Simone angrily confronts her ""boyfriend"" and sister after seeing them in an embrace. Simone won't listen as they try to explain, and she declares that she'll hate them both forever. Charity is devastated when she and John arrive at the party and find Miguel and Kay kissing. Kay is delighted with her cousin's timing. Charity spots the green mist and realizes evil is at work. Sam explodes when he sees David and Grace kissing. Grace tries to explain what happened. Ivy sees how much David loves Grace. Sam worries his wife wants to be with David. Off her vision, Sheridan worries she's keeping Luis from having a happy life with Beth. Luis tries to reassure her of his love for her. Luis then wonders if Sheridan's feelings for him have changed. Theresa can't get her vision out of her mind and begs Ethan to give her another chance. Ethan again explains to her that its over. After Ethan leaves, Gwen confronts her rival.
S04E54 Ep. #818 00/00/0000 Hecuba is surprised that her mist didn't destroy Luis and Sheridan but is still happy with its results. Tabitha is upset all her work has been undone and yells at her nemesis for unleashing uncontrollable evil. Chad and Whitney try to reason with an outraged and emotional Simone. Simone won't listen to either of them and ends up crashing a car into the Crane garage. Kay prepares to tell Charity about her and Miguel sleeping together, but is interrupted by the car crash. Once Charity tells her about the evil mist, Simone forgives Chad and Whitney. Chad tries to tell the truth but Whitney stops him. Sam tries to explain his and Ivy's kiss to Grace. Grace is upset by what she hears. She demands Sam apologize to David. Grace explains the problem with their annulment. Sam accuses Grace of wanting to be with David. Beth continues to plot to get Luis. Beth encourages Antonio to elope with Sheridan, but Mrs. Wallace talks him out of it. Beth is horrified by a vision she has of her future; Beth
S04E55 Ep. #819 Mon 00/00/0000 Hecuba taunts Tabitha about the parentage of the mysterious fourth baby. Theresa promises little Ethan he will have his ""real"" father soon. When Pilar queries her, Theresa admits that there is no chance Ethan is his biological father. Pilar tries to get Theresa to face reality, but after her earlier vision, she is more determined than ever to get Ethan. Rebecca tries to seduce Julian, but is annoyed when he is not in the mood. Julian listens to his tape of Eve singing and wistfully recalls the best time of his life. Meanwhile, Eve grows uncomfortable as TC rants about his hatred for Julian. Later, Eve catches Julian listening to her music and lashes out at her former lover. Beth is horrified by what her mother has done and rushes off to stop Antonio from making a potentially fatal discovery. Antonio passes out after finding Sheridan and Luis in an intimate situation. After he comes to, Antonio demands they explain what's going on. Luis decides it's time for the truth to come out.
S04E56 Ep. #820 00/00/0000
S04E57 Ep. #821 00/00/0000
S04E58 Ep. #822 00/00/0000
S04E59 Ep. #823 00/00/0000
S04E60 Ep. #824 Mon 00/00/0000
S04E61 Ep. #825 00/00/0000
S04E62 Ep. #826 00/00/0000
S04E63 Ep. #827 00/00/0000 T.C. is not happy with Whitney's efforts at practice and thinks he knows what' s wrong. Whitney tries to cover her pain, as Simone flirts with a distracted Chad. Whitney tries to talk to Chad but he rebuffs her. Antonio and Sheridan have a romantic day in the country. Antonio continues to secretly make plans for a wedding. A worried Liz makes her way to Harmony in search of her friends. Tabitha tries to chase down the fourth baby. She admits feeling a connection to it. Tabitha makes a scene in the Book Café. Beth and Luis spend time together. Mrs. Wallace tries to ruin Beth's time with him and prays for help.
S04E64 Ep. #828 00/00/0000
S04E65 Ep. #829 Mon 00/00/0000
S04E66 Ep. #830 00/00/0000
S04E67 Ep. #831 00/00/0000
S04E68 Ep. #832 00/00/0000
S04E69 Ep. #833 00/00/0000
S04E70 Ep. #834 Mon / Columbus Day 00/00/0000
S04E71 Ep. #835 00/00/0000
S04E72 Ep. #836 00/00/0000 Kay gapes in shock as Charity and Miguel happily announce their engagement. Later, Simone gloats when the beaming bride-to-be asks Kay to be her maid of honor. Kay pulls Miguel aside and angrily reminds him why he cannot marry her cousin.Tabitha pays a call on Charity, who reduces the witch to tears by letting her listen to Timmy's heart still beating in its new home. Kay tearfully declares her love to Miguel. At Crane Industries, Gwen is alarmed to hear how Ethan was electrocuted but grows even more frantic when Sheridan reveals what lengths Theresa has gone to in an effort to save him. Meanwhile, David's quick thinking prevents a disaster after the chain breaks and sends the elevator hurtling down the shaft once again. Ethan, Theresa, Julian and Whitney are finally pulled to safety following their long ordeal. Connie visits the boys in the basement. Connie works to free Hecuba from her bottle but Tabitha intervenes just in time.
S04E73 Ep. #837 00/00/0000
S04E74 Ep. #838 00/00/0000
S04E75 Ep. #839 Mon 00/00/0000 At the hospital, Whitney tries to tell Chad how much he means to her, but Simone interrupts. With an eye to Chad, Whitney recounts how Julian advised her not to let love get away. Chad still brushes Whitney off. Meanwhile, TC wonders who Julian's true love was. His words solidify Eve's worst fears. Unaware of TC's presence, a groggy Julian tells Eve he wants to talk about the love they shared; Eve covers. She worries when TC and Simone realize the singer Julian always listens to is probably the woman he loved. A worried Mrs. Wallace watches as Luis drinks the beer Beth laced with medication. Beth is ecstatic when Luis reveals he broke things off with Sheridan because he believes she really loves Antonio. The effects of the drugged beer begin to take its toll on Luis. Mrs. Wallace fears Beth will win Luis after all and tries to get him to leave. Sheridan prepares to tell Antonio the truth, but Pilar arrives before she can say anything. In private, Sheridan informs Pilar that Luis broke
S04E76 Ep. #840 00/00/0000 TC and Liz meet and get to know one another. Liz is surprised by who TC says Chad is dating. Julian lays his heart on the line for Eve. She rebuffs him and lets Julian know where they stand. Meanwhile, Whitney tries to convince Chad of her love for him. Chad wants proof. Simone overhears Whitney's declaration of love and becomes enraged. Kay stops Simone from confronting her sister and makes her think before she acts. Sheridan wants Antonio to know the truth and takes him to Beth's house so she and Luis can tell him together. However, she is devastated when she looks through Beth's window and sees Luis and Beth locked in a passionate kiss. Antonio tries to comfort a distraught Sheridan. Confused by her emotional distress, Antonio turns to Gwen for help. Meanwhile, Beth continues to take advantage of Luis by giving him more drugged beer.
S04E77 Ep. #841 00/00/0000 Gwen assures Sheridan that Luis loves her and that he probably has a reasonable explanation for kissing Beth. She convinces her friend to go back to Beth's and talk to Luis. Beth overhears this and rushes home to make sure Sheridan gets an even bigger surprise when she arrives. Mrs. Wallace tries to influence Luis' thoughts while he sleeps off the effects of the drugged beer. She is appalled when Beth informs her that she plans to have Sheridan witness her and Luis making love. Kay lectures Simone on how to handle the situation with Chad and Whitney. Simone wants to go after her sister, but Kay points out some sobering facts. She warns that if Simone attacks her sister, her parents may forbid either sister from seeing Chad to stop them from fighting. Meanwhile, Chad insists Whitney's parents and Simone be told the truth immediately. Whitney has other ideas, but Chad refuses to go along with her. TC assures Liz that Eve will be happy to let her stay in their garage apartment. Meanwhile,
S04E78 Ep. #842 00/00/0000 Liz and Eve are stunned when they run into each other at the hospital. Liz slaps Eve hard across the face. Dr. Russell is shaken to see this face from her past in Harmony, but she is paged before she can question her. TC meets up with Liz and is amazed at how angry she is. She explains she just ran into a despicable woman from her past, and TC wonders if he knows her. Sheridan is devastated by what she sees at Beth's house. Beth is thrilled that her plan worked. Antonio tries to help a heartbroken Sheridan, but she won't tell him what's going on. Pilar comforts a devastated Theresa. Theresa doesn't know how she is going to go on now that Ethan intends to marry Gwen. Gwen and Rebecca pass by, and Pilar and Rebecca end up having a violent altercation. Later, Rebecca seeks revenge on Pilar by using Antonio.
S04E79 Ep. #843 00/00/0000 Chad voices concern about Whitney's plan to continue deceiving everyone for a little while longer. Meanwhile, Kay helps Simone figure out how to handle her sister. Simone vows to do whatever it takes to stop Whitney from stealing Chad. The two girls plot to spoil a special moment between Chad and Whitney. Eve is privately horrified when TC introduces Liz as the woman he invited to stay at their home. TC remains oblivious to the tension between the two women. His interest is piqued when Liz shares that the vile woman from her past has somehow managed to become a respected part of Harmony's community. A cold and angry Liz prepares to drop a major bombshell. Chad gives some advice about marriage to Ethan. Ethan prepares to go home and pop the question. Meanwhile, Theresa is sure she'll never fall in love again. She decides to check up on Ethan at the hospital. Luis is stunned when Beth lies and tells him they made love; he apologizes for his actions. Beth tries to hide her hurt when Luis
S04E80 Ep. #844 Mon 00/00/0000 Liz prepares to tell TC the truth about Eve. TC thinks the woman from Liz's past should be exposed. When he is called away, the two women have a heated argument. Liz vows to destroy Eve's life the way Eve destroyed hers. Ethan is confused when he fantasizes about proposing to Theresa. Theresa pleads for Ethan's forgiveness and asks him to take her back. Gwen is appalled when she overhears her rival trying to win Ethan back, and she and Theresa face-off. Devastated over Luis, Sheridan tells Antonio he's the only man for her. Luis is heartbroken when he arrives at the cottage and overhears Sheridan make a commitment to his brother. Beth goes after a devastated Luis, who believes he has lost Sheridan forever. Antonio learns the truth about his condition when Sheridan lets it slip that he's dying.
S04E81 Ep. #845 00/00/0000 TC wonders who the woman from Liz's past is. Eve tries to convince TC the woman has probably changed, but to her disappointment, he declares people never change. Eve is horrified when Liz arrives at her house to accept TC's invitation to stay with them. Liz coldly informs her that she will expose what a lying slut she is to TC, Whitney, and Simone. Eve tries to run her off, but Liz won't be deterred. A worried Grace tries to track down Sam, who is upset over seeing her in David's arms. David offers comfort to an upset Grace. Meanwhile, Ivy tries to be there for Sam and pushes his buttons. Theresa asks God to help her win Ethan back. Whitney offers support to her friend. Meanwhile, Gwen excitedly awaits for Ethan's proposal. However, Ethan can't stop thinking about Theresa. Rebecca has a celebration ready for Ethan and Gwen. At the Lobster Shack, Beth tries to comfort a devastated Luis. Tension arises when Antonio and Sheridan also show up at the restaurant. Luis and Sheridan are forced
S04E82 Ep. #846 00/00/0000 Eve and Liz continue to argue about the past, as Eve tries to get the upper hand. Liz refuses to leave and stays focused on her quest for revenge. Liz makes her enemy squirm by bonding with TC and Whitney. Eve makes a desperate plea to Liz. David continues to offer support and comfort to Grace, who worries about her marriage. She's shaken when she sees Sam drive off with Ivy. Sam helps Ivy home after her wheelchair ""breaks"". Ivy tries to get closer to Sam as he continues thinking of Grace. At the mansion, Ethan prepares to pop the question as Gwen awaits his proposal. Ivy and Sam accidentally interrupt their special moment. Rebecca and Theresa clash. Realizing Ethan is about to propose to Gwen, a defeated Theresa tries to accept her loss. Later, Theresa panics when she can't find her baby.
S04E83 Ep. #847 Thurs / Halloween 00/00/0000 Tabitha mourns Timmy on Halloween night. Cracked Connie does her best to snap Tabitha out of it and makes a shocking request. Grace heads for the Crane mansion after learning Sam is there. David insists on accompanying her. Grace has an upsetting premonition. Ivy puts a plan into motion after David tips her off that Grace is on her way over. Ivy tricks Sam into getting undressed. Luis and Sheridan struggle with their separation, while Antonio wonders what else is wrong. Antonio wants to talk to Eve about his condition. Beth and Luis reminisce. Ethan is about to propose to Gwen when they are interrupted by news of a medical crisis. A horrified Theresa watches as Eve struggles to help her baby, who has a high fever.
S04E84 Ep. #848 00/00/0000 Tabitha enjoys an old movie as she laments the loss of Timmy. Cracked Connie makes a creation of her own. Grace is rocked by the sight of Ivy and Sam in bed together. David confronts Ivy about her manipulations, informing her they will never work. Eve works to save little Ethan, while Theresa fears the worst. Ethan and Whitney discuss the strength of Theresa's love. Gwen comforts a distraught Sheridan. Meanwhile, Luis and Beth talk about broken hearts, their pasts, and the future. Luis isn't sure he will ever move on and Beth admits she never has. Beth is even more determined to get Luis.
S04E85 Ep. #849 Mon 00/00/0000 A guilt-ridden Miguel confesses to Father Lonigan that he slept with Kay under the influence of evil and hasn't told Charity. Mrs. Wallace berates her daughter for her actions and vows to stop her. Beth vows to make Luis her own. Tabitha warns Cracked Connie and Cecil about causing too much evil in town. Dressed in Halloween costumes, the devious pair ignores the witch's warning and begins spreading misery, starting with Beths mother. Sheridan tells a shocked Pilar that she saw Luis making love to Beth. Pilar cant believe Luis has moved on so quickly. Gwen fills Sheridan in on the situation with her, Ethan, and Theresa. Meanwhile, Eve fights to save little Ethan, whose heart has stopped. Theresa vows to make a huge sacrifice if God will let her baby live. Eve has bad news for Theresa.
S04E86 Ep. #850 00/00/0000 Theresa is relieved her baby is okay. She confides to Whitney that she isnt quite ready to give up on Ethan. Whitney warns her best friend that he is probably proposing to Gwen even as they speak. Meanwhile, an excited Gwen anticipates Ethan's proposal, but she's disappointed when he instead suggests they turn in for the night. Antonio informs Eve he knows about his medical condition, and she offers to run some new tests. Pilar feels badly for her son as he assures her that Sheridan's love is enough to keep him happy. Antonio and Luis have a heart to heart. A heartbroken Sheridan reiterates to Pilar that its over for her and Luis. Grace and Sam reconnect. They rush off to the hospital when they learn Charity is having a medical crisis. Cracked Connie and Cecil sneak into Charity's hospital room dressed as trick-or-treaters. The mischievous duo tells a horrified Charity that Kay and Miguel slept together. A highly agitated Charity confronts Miguel. Miguel avoids answering her and slips
S04E87 Ep. #851 00/00/0000 Theresa is thrilled to learn Ethan hasn't proposed to Gwen, and gives up completely on the promise she made God. She taunts a worried Gwen about the non-proposal. Feeling torn over the two women, Ethan privately struggles with what to do. Sheridan reveals to Luis that she saw him and Beth making love; Luis explains he was drunk and thought he was making love to her. The estranged couple finally admits they still love each other, and they get back on track. Antonio vows to fight his condition and has Eve run more tests. Eve sadly informs him that his condition is getting worse. Charity tells Grace about her premonition of Miguel and Kay making love in a shower. Grace wonders what her devious daughter is up to. Upset, Charity wanders the hospital looking for Miguel. Meanwhile, a brazen Kay joins Miguel in the on-call shower and tries to seduce him, but he pushes her away. Miguel panics when Charity arrives.
S04E88 Ep. #852 00/00/0000 Whitney and Chad shut the world out and share a romantic evening together in her bedroom. Liz stops by TC's bedroom and puts her plan into motion. TC is impressed with Liz and the two bond. Meanwhile, a gleeful Cracked Connie and Cecil inform Eve that Liz is going to destroy her and take away everyone she loves. Grace and Kay fight when Grace scolds her daughter for trying to seduce Miguel. Sam is shocked to hear about Kay's outrageous behavior, and Grace worries about how to get through to their troubled teen. Simone gives Kay a warning. Miguel and Charity announce to her family that they plan to get married as soon as possible. Kay is crushed. Luis and Sheridan make plans to tell Antonio the truth. They celebrate their reunion by making love. Antonio heads to the mansion to tell Sheridan the latest news on his condition, unaware of what he's about to walk in on. Antonio's condition worsens. Beth and her mother face-off once more.
S04E89 Ep. #853 Mon / Veterans Day 00/00/0000 Chad and Whitney continue to make love as an unsuspecting Simone and Kay come close to walking in on them. Liz helps Whitney and Chad out. She promises to keep quiet about what she knows. Kay is suspicious when she and Simone find Chad sneaking around the house. Eve catches Liz and TC in a compromising position. She is deeply troubled over TC and Liz spending time together. Liz gives Eve a warning and shocks her with what she has in her suitcase. Antonio catches Luis and Sheridan dancing the tango. He once again misreads the situation, letting them off the hook. Luis leaves to gather Eve, Pilar, and Beth so they can be there for Antonio when he and Sheridan tell his brother the truth. Beth is crushed by Luis' news. Meanwhile, Antonio worries about how to break the news to Sheridan about his deteriorating health. Hoping to make love, Antonio hops in the shower to join a startled Sheridan.
S04E90 Ep. #854 00/00/0000 Ethan struggles to decide between Gwen and Theresa. The two women watch from their bedroom windows as Ethan paces outside, trying to figure out who he wants to marry. Gwen vows to accept his choice either way, while Theresa is already convinced that she is the only real option. Rebecca encourages her daughter to fight. Ethan makes a decision. Liz shows TC some pictures from her past, as Eve watches, terrified her world is about to come crashing down. Eve is relieved when Luis' arrival interrupts them. Luis asks Liz and Eve for help with his plan to tell Antonio the truth. Beth goes after Mrs. Wallace with murderous intent, causing Mrs. Wallace to hide in fear. Beth brandishes an axe and vows to get rid of her mother. Pilar prays for her children. Luis informs his mother that he is gathering everyone to support Antonio when he tells his brother the truth. Pilar tries to change his mind, but he won't be deterred. Later, Sheridan is stunned when Pilar informs her that Luis wants to confro
S04E91 Ep. #855 00/00/0000 A disappointed Gwen prepares to start a new life without Ethan and accepts a job in New York. Rebecca pleads with her daughter not to assume Ethan has chosen Theresa just because he went to talk with her first. Meanwhile, Ethan and Theresa discuss their relationship and how he needs to be able to trust her. Gwen and Rebecca listen in through the adjoining bedroom door. Sheridan continues to fret over Antonio's condition, while Luis stays firm in his resolve to tell his brother about their relationship. Antonio demands to know what's going on when all his loved ones gather in the Crane living room. Mrs. Wallace taunts Beth that Antonio will die of shock, and then Luis will be able to reunite with Sheridan. Everyone is shocked to hear about Antonio's latest test results. Eve admits he doesn't have long to live. Luis prepares to drop the bomb.
S04E92 Ep. #856 00/00/0000
S04E93 Ep. #857 00/00/0000
S04E94 Ep. #858 Mon 00/00/0000
S04E95 Ep. #859 00/00/0000
S04E96 Ep. #860 00/00/0000 John's gratitude for being reunited with his ""mother"" adds to David's burden of guilt. Gwen's announcement sends Ethan reeling. Eve cautions Pilar, Sheridan and Luis that Antonio could die at any moment. Theresa continues to taunt Ivy about the housekeeper's daughter winning the heart and hand of the one time Crane heir. Grace pulls away from Sam when he tries to get passionate. Antonio assures a tearful Sheridan that her love has made his last days special. Reminding Grace how they've built a family together during the past twenty years, Sam urges her to divorce David but she insists they would still be married in the eyes of God. Continuing to pack for New York, Gwen promises Ethan he'll have liberal visitation rights with their child. Liz bitterly vows to enact her revenge on Eve. Sheridan is appalled when Luis insists on telling his dying brother the truth. Stung by Grace's attitude, Sam icily advises her to let him know when she has a spare moment for him and their daughters.
S04E97 Ep. #861 00/00/0000 Exhausted from chasing Connie and Cecil all over town, Tabitha decides to settle in for an afternoon nap. Sam grows more irate after witnessing Grace and David in a close moment. Unaware of the latest turn of events, Theresa triumphantly gloats to a fuming Rebecca and Ivy about winning Ethan's hand. Meanwhile, Ethan confides his dilemma to his father. Liz pleads with Luis not to rob his brother of his last moments of happiness. Grace and David care for an ailing John. Antonio thanks Sheridan for the wonderful memories she's given him. Tabitha has an unsettling dream featuring the dancing babies yet again. Connie becomes inflamed with passion as Cecil reads Tabitha's steamy bestseller aloud. Liz faces off with Eve once more. Gwen breaks big news to her mother and Ivy, who waste no time dropping the bomb on Theresa. Grace is crushed to overhear Sam's admission to Ethan that he would have gone back to Ivy if he'd known of her pregnancy.
S04E98 Ep. #862 00/00/0000
S04E99 Ep. #863 Mon 00/00/0000 Although Gwen initially refuses Ethan's offer of marriage, she changes her mind when Ethan convinces her he's proposing to her because he truly loves her, not simply because she's pregnant. Grace rails at Sam for her accusations of her relationship with David, telling him that it has nothing to do with his past with Ivy. Liz slaps Eve after Eve tells her that it couldn't have been that bad at home.
S04E100 Ep. #864 00/00/0000 Theresa begs Ethan to choose her over Gwen and his child, but he tells her that maybe Gwen's pregnancy is God's way of righting the wrongs that were committed so long ago when he got involved with her [Theresa]. When T.C. calls the house looking for Whitney, Simone tells him the truth when she says Whitney isn't home, much to Kay's delight. Sheridan chooses a life with Antonio, and tells Luis that they are finished.
S04E101 Ep. #865 (Thanksgiving Eve) 00/00/0000 Even though she knows that Gwen's pregnancy was both an accident and a surprise, Theresa continues to accuse Gwen of planning this pregnancy to steal Ethan from her. Gwen reminds Theresa that it was her who needed to use lies and trickery to sabotage Ethan and Gwen's relationship not once but twice. After eating the divorce papers, Theresa vows to get revenge on everyone in the mansion for sabotaging her plans to be Mrs. Ethan Crane. After Kay talks her into sabotaging her sister (who, after all, is sneaking around with her boyfriend), Simone takes Whitney a glass of drugged milk. Sheridan tells Luis that she will not make love to Antonio.
S04E102 Ep. #866 00/00/0000
S04E103 Ep. #867 Mon 00/00/0000
S04E104 Ep. #868 00/00/0000 Father Lonigan is hesitant about marrying Sheridan to Antonio, but she assures him that Antonio is the man she wants. Theresa uses Sheridan's plight to manipulate Father Lonigan, trying to get him to refuse to marry Ethan and Gwen. Believing what she has to tell him, he refuses to perform the ceremony.
S04E105 Ep. #869 00/00/0000 Ethan explains to Father Lonigan that Theresa is suffering from sour grapes, and that Gwen is the woman that he loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with. Father Lonigan realises Ethan is telling the truth, and agrees to perform the wedding. Ethan tells Theresa that her juvenile behavior is exactly why he knows he loves Gwen more and wants to be with her. Theresa vows to destroy Ethan and Gwen's happiness no matter what she has to do.
S04E106 Ep. #870 00/00/0000 When Antonio asks Luis and Beth to have a double wedding with him and Sheridan, Luis agrees, then tells Sheridan that if she can marry Antonio, well then he can just marry Beth. Antonio is happy for his brother and Beth, not realising that Luis only plans to marry Beth to spite Sheridan. When Grace offers her wedding dress to Charity, Kay is furious, because it was supposed to be hers. Grace is surprised Kay would even want it anymore, considering her attitude lately. Grace tells Kay that she loves her, and no matter how hard Kay pushes her away, she will always love her, but Kay refuses to listen as long as Grace offers Charity her support.
S04E107 Ep. #871 00/00/0000 Antonio makes Sheridan promise that she will not stop living her life after he is dead, and that if she falls in love again, she will marry. Luis asks Beth to marry him. While he tells her that she is second best to Sheridan, he promises that he will not leave her for Sheridan if she agrees to marry him. Kay rewrites history in her own head by refusing to accept that Miguel was only with her because she used evil to convince him that she was Charity, and calls him a pig for sleeping with her without loving her.
S04E108 Ep. #872 Mon 00/00/0000 When Alistair confronts Theresa about her grandiose plans to spend the Crane money on repairing the elevators, she takes a tone with him, and forgetting that he holds her life in his hands, goes off on him. Luckily, Alistair still has plans for Theresa's downfall, so he turns on the charm for her. Charity is upset when she sees Miguel and Kay talking, but Miguel manages to smooth it over. Kay, meanwhile, is gloating to Jessica, saying that it's about time her plans to break Charity and Miguel up finally worked. Gwen and Ethan are ecstatic when Eve confirms Gwen's pregnancy. Ethan says a silent goodbye to Theresa as he prepares for his life with his first love. When Eve asks Ethan to fill out the insurance forms, he's at a loss, because he has none. Gwen, who has excellent insurance through her job, fills out the forms, and when Ethan wonders where they will live, she wants to use her own money, but Ethan won't let his wife buy their house. This summary is © by Dani, and is only to appe
S04E109 Ep. #873 00/00/0000 When John volunteers to help Charity and Miguel with their wedding vows, Kay informs him that under no circumstances will those two be tying the knot. Kay tells John that Miguel doesn't love Charity enough to marry her, and that Charity is just another girl to him. When they head off to the pre-cana together, Kay tries to convince John that Miguel will dump Charity, and he needs to be there for her. Gwen admits to Eve that she still doesn't feel right, even though she's happier than she's ever been. Gwen and Eve talk about Ethan's job prospects. Eve tells Gwen that Ethan can do anything, but Gwen is still worried that Ethan's blackballing by the Cranes a couple of years back will affect his abilities to get a job. Theresa learns that Ethan has hired a headhunter to help him find a job, and she calls him into her office. She informs Mr. Eubanks that he is to sabotage any and all attempts Ethan makes to find work. He tries to tell her that she doesn't own him, but Theresa says she does..
S04E110 Ep. #874 00/00/0000 Ethan is still trying hard to find a job, not realising that Theresa has destroyed any chance he has of getting a job to keep him close by. While talking on the phone to Whitney, Theresa gloats that her scheme is working perfectly, and she has Ethan and Gwen right where she wants them. Ethan tells Gwen he has had one job offer with an oil company, but it's in Alaska. Theresa, meanwhile, is absolutely furious to find out that Julian is hosting Ethan and Gwen's wedding at the Crane mansion until she decides she can take advantage of this opportunity to sabotage yet another of Ethan and Gwen's weddings. Pilar wants to know why Theresa is so willing to offer the mansion, and Theresa tells her mother that she will make sure that wedding never happens. While feeding little Ethan, Theresa tells her mother that she will do anything to make sure Ethan never makes a family with Gwen and their child. Pilar is disgusted by her daughter's heartlessness and duplicitness. When Ethan enters the room,
S04E111 Ep. #875 00/00/0000
S04E112 Ep. #876 00/00/0000
S04E113 Ep. #877 Mon 00/00/0000
S04E114 Ep. #878 00/00/0000 This is Justin Hartley's first airdate in the role of Fox Crane. He is first seen betting on a poker game with a bunch of older men, then reading a newspaper clipping about Gwen and Ethan's upcoming wedding.
S04E115 Ep. #879 00/00/0000 When Gwen realises Ethan has taken a job with Theresa, she is furious, and slaps him. With a delighted Theresa watching her manipulations unfold and cause untold pain, Ethan follows Gwen from the altar, begging her to give him another chance. Theresa, gleeful that her latest manipulation has caused pain for Ethan and Gwen, eavesdrops from behind the statue of the angel girl, making plans to continue trying to scheme Ethan away from Gwen. Even though Ethan tries to explain that no one else was willing to give him a job, Gwen doesn't want Ethan to work with the girl who broke them up once before with lies and deceit. Ivy, Rebecca, and Julian come in, looking for information on why Gwen has halted the wedding, and she tells them exactly what happened. Ivy and Rebecca soon realise that Theresa planned things that way, and that not only did she have all of Ethan's job offers sabotaged, but she arranged to have those papers delivered to Gwen on the day of the wedding. Theresa announces herse
S04E116 Ep. #880 00/00/0000
S04E117 Ep. #881 00/00/0000
S04E118 Ep. #882 Mon 00/00/0000
S04E119 Ep. #883 Tues / Christmas Eve 00/00/0000
S04E120 Ep. #884 Wed / Christmas Day 00/00/0000 Tabitha tries to lure Cecil and Cracked Connie to the basement. Ivy and David plot against Sam and Grace. David feels guilty about his part in the breakup of the Bennet marriage. Ethan sees red when he catches Fox with Theresa. theresa and Fox bond at the wedding. Antonio and Beth fear that their weddings will go bust. Kay faints in the middle of Charity and Miguel's wedding. Grace is unconcerned and sure she is faking it, but Eve is worried and tells Grace that something is truly wrong with Kay. Grace immediately assumes that Kay is making herself faint and that she is working with evil again. Eve is not convinced, but can find nothing wrong with Kay. On a hunch, Eve gives Kay a very important test. Charity and Miguel are about to say ""I do"" when Kay rushes into the wedding in tears. The wedding is halted when Kay apologizes profusely to her parents. Sam and Grcae barely manage to get Kay to calm down and Kay cries, ""Daddy, I-I'm pregnant!"" Sam demands the name of the boy that 'took a
S04E121 Ep. #885 00/00/0000 Theresa spends the holiday at the Crane mansion. She hopes to impress Ethan with an expensive laptop for Little Ethan's Christmas present to him. Gwen is jealous when she witnesses the closeness between Ethan and Theresa, but Rebecca reminds her that Ethan married Gwen, not Theresa, and Gwen is giving him his first child. Theresa presents her family with a beautiful new home. Pilar is reluctant to accept a house built with Crane money, but Theresa tells her everyone pitched in. Theresa even gives a room to Beth and Luis for when they become newlyweds. Fox tells his family that he is staying in town permanently. He also takes a job at Crane Industries to be close to Theresa. Kay gloats about her pregnancy to Tabitha. The Bennets give Tabitha a scrap book of Timmy's life and Tabby is truly grateful. The elusive baby with the gold diaper jumps in to Tabitha and she realizes that the baby belongs to her.
S04E122 Ep. #886 00/00/0000
S04E123 Ep. #887 Mon 00/00/0000 Kay does her best to keep Sam from killing Miguel. Miguel maintains that he had no idea it was Kay, and that Charity is the only woman he would ever sleep with. Sam consoles Kay, who is crying crocodile tears, while Grace eyes the whole situation with suspicion. Miguel tells Kay he will look after the baby, but that he only wants to be with Charity. When her parents allow Miguel to try to talk to Charity, Kay is furious, and blames her mother. After a talk with Hank, Luis climbs into the shower. He gets quite a shock when Sheridan climbs in with him, but isn't shocked enough to stop making love to her, and the two move quickly to the bed. Beth is watching from outside, heartbroken when she sees the man she is about to marry make love to the woman who is about to marry his brother. She heads home to find her gun. Tabitha takes a home pregnancy test to find out if she really is pregnant. Shocked when the stick turns pink, Tabitha wonders whether the child will resemble her or Julian. Sho
S04E124 Ep. #888 Tues / New Year's Eve 00/00/0000
S04E125 Ep. #889 00/00/0000 Mrs. Wallace fears that her daughter has become a murderer. Beth returns home and tells her trembling mother how she found another way to keep Luis and Sheridan apart. Meanwhile, a groggy Luis is alarmed to realize he slept right through his planned elopement. After waiting all night in the judge's office, Sheridan fears she's lost Luis forever. Beth describes for Mrs. Wallace how she slipped a tranquilizer into Luis' drink to ensure that he walks down the aisle with no one but her. Sheridan convinces the judge's secretary to keep mum about her visit. Mrs. Wallace contemplates throwing another monkey wrench into Beth's plans. Ethan cautions Theresa that his half-brother has never done a honest day's work in his life but Fox quickly impresses his new boss with his get-up-and-go attitude. Fox comes on strong with a flustered Whitney as the two are introduced for the first time. Ethan warns Fox not to hurt Theresa.
S04E126 Ep. #890 00/00/0000 Thanks to Liz's manipulations, she and TC end up naked in the shower together! Grace lashes out at Kay. Charity comes to her cousin's defense. She explains to Grace why she can't marry Miguel. Kay is confident she will marry him instead. Charity and Miguel try to put on brave faces despite their agony. At the church, Antonio prepares for his big day. Pilar prays for a miracle and for mercy for her children. Luis and Sheridan try to prepare for their weddings, both wondering why the other never showed up to elope. Beth keeps them from learning the truth. In private, Gwen tells Sheridan she doesn't trust Beth. Mrs. Wallace wants Luis to know the truth and prepares to expose her scheming daughter.
S04E127 Ep. #891 Mon 00/00/0000 Tabitha bemoans her baby situation. She's touched when she receives a message from Timmy telling her what a great mom she'll be. The guests arrive for the double wedding. Julian assures his father Luis and Sheridan are finally over for good. Rebecca informs Julian she expects news that will blow Theresa out of the water. Ethan is displeased when he observes Theresa and Fox flirting. Theresa plays it up for Ethan's benefit. Hank and Gwen separately urge Luis and Sheridan to talk to each other and make sure there were no misunderstandings about the previous night. Hank and Gwen warn their respective friends they are marrying the wrong people. Sheridan decides to talk things out with Luis, but Beth intercepts her and manipulates her into changing her mind. A blissful Antonio shares his joy over his impending nuptials with Liz. Pilar notes Liz's pain and realizes she is still in love with her son. The double wedding ceremony begins. As he watches Sheridan walk down the aisle, Luis finally
S04E128 Ep. #892 00/00/0000
S04E129 Ep. #893 00/00/0000
S04E130 Ep. #894 00/00/0000
S04E131 Ep. #895 00/00/0000
S04E132 Ep. #896 Mon 00/00/0000 Jessica and Liz encourage Chad and Whitney to tell Simone the truth. After much debate, Whitney decides to come clean with her sister. After her fight with Grace, Kay prepares to move out of the house. The angry teen tears into Charity and accuses her cousin of ruining her life. Grace and Sam argue over Kay's behavior and what should be done. Sam is appalled when Grace stands firm that their daughter should leave if she refuses to stop manipulating everyone to come between Miguel and Charity. Sam worries Kay really will move out. Sheridan and Antonio arrive at the inn, where he has a romantic dinner set up. Sheridan hides her heartbreak from an obliviously happy Antonio. Unbeknownst to both couples, Luis and Beth check into the room next door. Luis prepares to let Beth down easy.
S04E133 Ep. #897 00/00/0000 Ivy and Rebecca celebrate what they believe to be Theresa's impending demise. The two women have a run-in with Theresa's staff. Meanwhile, Theresa and Fox bond over their losses. Fox shows a new side of himself. TC and Eve begin a romantic evening. Liz fantasizes about a future with T.C. and destroying her sister. Liz interrupts T.C. and Eve's evening. Beth plots to stop Luis from ending their relationship. Meanwhile, Sheridan and Luis run into each other at the inn. The couple finally figures out they missed each other at the judge's office. They are devastated to realize they both had wanted to elope that night.
S04E134 Ep. #898 00/00/0000 Theresa orders Ivy and Rebecca out of the mansion after she overhears them badmouthing her and her family. Ethan tries to reason with an irate Theresa. Fox is bemused by the happenings in the house. Julian saves Rebecca from becoming homeless. Theresa won't change her mind about Ivy. Eve warns Liz to stay away from TC and tries to prove her confidence in his love. The Russells begin to spend some romantic time together, but a frantic call from Sheridan sends Eve back out into the night. TC complains to his wife that he would like to come before her job once in a while. Sheridan and Luis prepare to tell Antonio the truth. They are horrified to find Antonio unconscious and race him to the hospital. A crazed Beth blames Sheridan for her pain and prepares to stop her and Luis from being together.
S04E135 Ep. #899 00/00/0000 Ethan struggles to find some legal recourse to keep Ivy at the mansion. Ivy 's hopes are dashed when he doesn't find anything to help her. Despite pleas from Julian and Fox, Theresa insists on throwing Ivy out of the house and into a snowstorm. Grace and Sam try to figure out how to best reach Kay. Kay continues to pack in order to move out. Simone tries to reason with her friend, but the stubborn young woman won't budge. Jessica warns Charity that Kay is evil. Eve tries not to worry about Liz and TC being home alone. Meanwhile, a ""sleepwalking"" Liz continues to put the moves on TC as he tries to reach Eve at the hospital. At the hospital, Luis and Sheridan explain to Pilar and Miguel how Sheridan missed giving Antonio his medication because she was talking to Luis. An unthinking Pilar lashes out at Sheridan. Eve has bad news about Antonio, who remains unconscious.
S04E136 Ep. #900 00/00/0000 Jessica tries to help Charity see their family's problems are not her fault. Kay continues making plans to move out. Grace is upset when Sam leaves their family crisis to handle a domestic dispute call. Sam neglects to tell her it concerns Ivy. Grace worries about what Kay might do. Theresa won't budge no matter who begs her to let Ivy stay. Sam arrives at the Crane mansion, and Theresa orders him to throw Ivy out into the blizzard. Everyone is taken aback by Theresa's cold-heartedness. Liz continues her sleepwalking act and puts TC in a very compromising position. At the hospital, Eve worries when she can't reach her husband. Simone, Chad, and Whitney get into a car accident in the snowstorm. Beth does her best to make Sheridan feel awful about what's happened. Luis tries to comfort Sheridan. Eve lets the Lopez-Fitzgeralds know they have some tough choices to make.
S04E137 Ep. #901 Mon / MLK Day 00/00/0000
S04E138 Ep. #902 00/00/0000
S04E139 Ep. #903 00/00/0000 Fox and Theresa celebrate her victory. Fox points out that she may have gone too far. Gwen tries to open Ethan's eyes as to who Theresa really is. Ethan sees his ex in a new light. Grace is enraged with Sam for bringing Ivy home. Ivy is thrilled at the outcome of her situation. Sam is alarmed at what has transpired while he was gone. He refuses David's help in looking for a missing Kay. Grace blames Sam for the situation and lashes out at him angrily. Charity has an upsetting premonition about her cousin. Meanwhile, Kay is seriously injured and bleeding out in the snow. Pilar begs Sheridan to give Antonio the experimental drug despite his request to the contrary. Pilar's emotions become violent. Luis tries to reason with his mother. Beth continues to make Sheridan feel guilty. To add to her pressure, Eve reminds Sheridan she has little time to make a decision.
S04E140 Ep. #904 00/00/0000 Gwen wants answers from Ethan regarding his feelings for Theresa. Theresa wonders if she may have accidentally done Ivy a favor by sending her off with Sam. Theresa fills Fox in on Grace and Sam's situation. The two of them bond further as they learn more about one another. Fox points out an unpleasant truth about Ethan to Theresa. The Bennetts are devastated when word of a dead teen matching Kay's description comes in. Graces blames Sam for Kay's apparent death. Ivy sees her chance to win Sam's favor. To everyone's relief, word comes in that the body is not Kay. The Bennetts begin to search for Kay on their own. Meanwhile, Kay regains consciousness having fallen and hit her head. Still bleeding, she heads off in search of shelter. Beth gloats to her mother that she'll get Luis after all. Mrs. Wallace doesn't buy it. Pilar pushes Sheridan to give Antonio the medicine. A guilt-ridden Sheridan is put in a horrible spot as she tries to figure out what to do.
S04E141 Ep. #905 00/00/0000 Fox tries to help Theresa see what she's done. Theresa tells Fox all about love. Ethan checks in on Ivy. Jessica worries about her parents' marriage. Ivy and Grace square off. Sam, David, and John continue searching for Kay. Sam comes very close to finding an injured Kay, who is lying unconscious in the snow. Tabitha begs for her powers back. Her ""friends"" in the basement inform her that help is coming. Tabitha continues to experience strange pregnancy symptoms. Pilar continues to push Sheridan to give Antonio the drug. Sheridan struggles with what to do. Pilar puts Luis on the spot with her question.
S04E142 Ep. #906 Mon 00/00/0000 Grace frets over Kay's whereabouts and blames herself for her daughter leaving. Ivy realizes Kay's death could benefit her; David is sickened by her selfishness. Charity's premonitions lead her to Kay. Kay lets Tabitha know she's going to tell everyone about her. Tabitha prepares to kill the troublemaking teen. Rebecca and Julian encounter a frustrating problem when they try for an intimate evening. Julian blames Theresa for his problems. Rebecca promises the info she's getting on Theresa will destroy her. Julian realizes his young wife may be able to take everything from him. Sheridan makes her decision. Pilar pushes her new daughter-in-law to save her son. Sheridan states she wants to do what is best for Antonio. A desperate Pilar gives Sheridan a harsh ultimatum.
S04E143 Ep. #907 00/00/0000 Grace frets over Kay's whereabouts and blames herself for her daughter leaving. Ivy realizes Kay's death could benefit her; David is sickened by her selfishness. Charity's premonitions lead her to Kay. Kay lets Tabitha know she's going to tell everyone about her. Tabitha prepares to kill the troublemaking teen. Rebecca and Julian encounter a frustrating problem when they try for an intimate evening. Julian blames Theresa for his problems. Rebecca promises the info she's getting on Theresa will destroy her. Julian realizes his young wife may be able to take everything from him. Sheridan makes her decision. Pilar pushes her new daughter-in-law to save her son. Sheridan states she wants to do what is best for Antonio. A desperate Pilar gives Sheridan a harsh ultimatum.
S04E144 Ep. #908 00/00/0000 Ivy and David discuss all they could lose if the truth ever came out. Meanwhile, Kay shocks her family when she reveals Ivy hired David to break up Sam and Grace. John lashes out at Kay and runs to get his father so he can defend himself. Grace refuses to believe Kay. David and Ivy panic when John tells them what Kay said. Theresa tells Fox that Ethan's concern for her proves he still loves her. At the hospital, Sheridan proceeds with her decision. Pilar is grateful. Sheridan worries if she has made the right choice. Gwen comforts her friend. Pilar watches hopefully as Antonio is administered the drug. Beth manhandles her mother after Mrs. Wallace threatens to clue Luis in on her daughter's schemes. Sheridan leaves to be alone and Luis follows her to provide comfort.
S04E145 Ep. #909 00/00/0000 Kay continues to tell everyone about David and Ivy. Ivy denies it. Grace refuses to believe the truth. Eve offers Grace support. At the hospital, Mrs. Wallace has another heart attack, while Beth stands by coldly watching her die. Luis and Sheridan spend some time in each other's arms as they wait for word on Antonio. Pilar, Miguel, and Theresa pray for a miracle. Theresa explains to Fox how Ivy's downfall will help her get Ethan back. Gwen stays near Ethan to keep Theresa away. Miguel reaches out to Charity, but is pushed away. Miguel can't understand why all the loss of love is happening to his family. Jessica vows to help keep Charity and Miguel together.
S04E146 Ep. #910 00/00/0000 The doctors and nurses struggle to save Mrs. Wallace's life as Luis comforts an ""upset"" Beth. Sheridan makes an emotional promise to a still-unresponsive Antonio. Pilar thanks Sheridan for her actions. Liz begins to make her move and fantasizes about the outcome. Eve and David prepare to have their lives destroyed along with Ivy's as Grace begins to believe Kay. Sam lashes out at Ivy, who struggles to defend herself. Grace wavers as she realizes John would not be her son if what Kay says is true. Kay and Sam are hurt and shocked by what they read into this.
S04E147 Ep. #911 Mon 00/00/0000 The doctors and nurses struggle to save Mrs. Wallace's life as Luis comforts an ""upset"" Beth. Sheridan makes an emotional promise to a still-unresponsive Antonio. Pilar thanks Sheridan for her actions. Liz begins to make her move and fantasizes about the outcome. Eve and David prepare to have their lives destroyed along with Ivy's as Grace begins to believe Kay. Sam lashes out at Ivy, who struggles to defend herself. Grace wavers as she realizes John would not be her son if what Kay says is true. Kay and Sam are hurt and shocked by what they read into this.
S04E148 Ep. #912 00/00/0000 Kay tries to tell everyone about Tabitha being a witch. No one believes her and becomes certain that Kay is wrong about not only Tabitha, but Ivy and David as well. Kay is exasperated when everyone concludes her head injury is making her delusional. Sam apologizes to David and asks a reluctant Grace to apologize to Ivy. Julian and Rebecca celebrate over the news that they will get the damaging information about Theresa as soon as they pay the mysterious informant. Ethan, Fox, Theresa, and Gwen walk in on Rebecca and Julian having one of their kinky intimate moments. The scheming duo covers when everyone wants to know why they have a million dollars lying around. Ethan announces he wants to move out of the mansion right away. In private, Rebecca lets Gwen know she and Ethan should stay. Simone's anger intensifies as she spies on an intimate-looking Chad and Whitney. Eve plans to tell TC the truth about her past, but is stunned to find her husband and Liz in bed together. TC tries to exp
S04E149 Ep. #913 00/00/0000 Grace and Sam beg a furious Kay to come home. Kay refuses and makes it clear she won't unless Grace leaves. Kay wants to stay with Tabitha and blackmails her neighbor into letting her stay. Rebecca convinces Gwen not to move out. Gwen tries to explain to Ethan why she suddenly doesn't want to move. After overhearing Rebecca, Fox tells Theresa about the informant. Theresa is certain nothing will come of it and is thrilled Ethan won't be leaving. A knife-wielding Simone interrupts Chad and Whitney's romantic moment. Whitney makes up a quick excuse. Eve doesn't believe Liz's sleepwalking story, but TC assures Liz he doesn't blame her. Once they are alone, Liz threatens Eve. Eve tells Liz she's going to come clean with TC.
S04E150 Ep. #914 00/00/0000 Kay gets settled into Tabitha's place. Tabitha realizes she can't do away with her obnoxious houseguest without raising suspicions. Kay searches for ways to prove Tabby is a witch. Grace tries to deal with Ivy living under her roof. Sam tries to get through to Grace about their relationship and wonders if she'd rather be with David. Grace is sure Ivy is after Sam, but she doesn't believe David is involved. Despite the uncomfortable accommodations, Ivy plans to stay at the Bennetts' forever. Beth is thrilled when she believes her mother is dead. When she hears news to the contrary, Beth lashes out at her mother for living. Luis catches Beth trying to smother her mom, but she covers. Sheridan and Luis pray for a miracle. Pilar apologizes to Sheridan for her harsh words.
S04E151 Ep. #915 00/00/0000 Grace discloses her suspicions about Ivy with David and reveals her trust in him. Grace and John share a sweet Mother-Son moment. Ivy tries to make nice with Sam. Sam lets Ivy know that nothing could come between himself and Grace. Tabitha discovers that Kay is to be her new partner in crime. Kay plans to use the evil in the basement to win back her family's trust and Miguel. Antonio takes a turn for the worse. Pilar stands by his side as Luis comforts a distraught Sheridan. Luis and Sheridan consider leaving Harmony, and Beth vows not to let them go.
S04E152 Ep. #916 Mon 00/00/0000
S04E153 Ep. #917 00/00/0000
S04E154 Ep. #918 00/00/0000
S04E155 Ep. #919 00/00/0000
S04E156 Ep. #920 Fri / Valentines Day 00/00/0000
S04E157 Ep. #921 Mon 00/00/0000
S04E158 Ep. #922 00/00/0000
S04E159 Ep. #923 00/00/0000
S04E160 Ep. #924 00/00/0000
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S04E166 Ep. #930 00/00/0000
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S04E168 Ep. #932 00/00/0000
S04E169 Ep. #933 00/00/0000
S04E170 Ep. #934 00/00/0000
S04E171 Ep. #935 00/00/0000
S04E172 Ep. #936 Mon 00/00/0000 Theresa sees another side of Fox; Sheridan has a nightmare about Antonio; TC and Eve find Simone destroying Whitney's bedroom.
S04E173 Ep. #937 00/00/0000
S04E174 Ep. #938 00/00/0000
S04E175 Ep. #939 00/00/0000
S04E176 Ep. #940 00/00/0000 TC continues to push a devastated Whitney to play and urges her to show up to the tennis match. Eve insists their daughter is not playing after such a traumatizing night. TC and Eve fight, as Whitney suffers emotionally. TC angrily blames his wife for everything that has happened. Julian and Rebecca worry about whether or not they can get rid of Theresa after all. Theresa forges on with her plans after Ethan gives her good news. Theresa opens her heart to her ex. Gwen warns Fox he doesn't know what his step-mother is really like. Beth finds the perfect new nurse for her mother, but Mrs. Wallace balks after meeting her. Luis and Sheridan begin to tell Antonio the truth. Pilar worries about how Antonio will take the news.
S04E177 Ep. #941 Mon 00/00/0000
S04E178 Ep. #942 00/00/0000
S04E179 Ep. #943 00/00/0000
S04E180 Ep. #944 Mon 00/00/0000 Bruce takes his time in telling his story to Alistair, and Theresa grows more and more nervous. When he finally spits out the truth about how Bruce and the others staged a fake wedding, Theresa is shocked. Simone breaks down when it finally sinks in that the man who pretended to be her boyfriend was in reality sleeping with her sister. She can't believe Whitney would do that to her, and Kay offers her help. Whitney and Chad barely miss being discovered by T.C. After stopping a fight between Chad and T.C., Sam warns T.C. about his temper, and tells him that he doesn't want to have to arrest him. While Antonio is thrilled about the child his wife is carrying, Luis wonders how his future with Sheridan will be affected if Antonio is the father of the child that she is carrying. Eve and Liz continue to argue about their past and their childhood, and Liz reminds Eve that she is going to take her entire family away from her. This summary is © 2003 by LDS, and is only to appear at TV Tome.
S04E181 Ep. #945 00/00/0000 Theresa faints when Bruce admits that the whole wedding ceremony was faked, and that Theresa and Julian were never legally married. Ethan decides to make a few quick phone calls to find out if he can confirm or deny what Bruce is saying. After witnessing yet another fight between T.C. and Chad, Eve suddenly has a fantasy of being in Divorce Court with Judge Mablean Ephraim presiding, and everyone she knows testifying against her. Sheridan is thrilled that she is about to become a mother, but when Luis asks her which brother is the father of the baby, she realises that it could be either Luis or Antonio. This summary is © 2003 by LDS, and is only to appear at TV Tome. No other site has permission to reproduce this information.
S04E182 Ep. #946 00/00/0000 Having Bruce reveal what he knows about Theresa was exactly what Alistair needed to get his revenge on her for everything she did to their family. Theresa can't believe it when she realises she's lost everything, and Julian shocks her when he produces papers showing that he has been granted temporary custody of their son. T.C. and Chad get into yet another fight, but it soons turns into an argument between Eve and T.C. He blames her for everything that has gone on lately, saying she is ultimately responsible for the destruction of their family. Overhearing, Liz is ecstatic. Beth overhears Luis and Sheridan discussing her pregnancy, and realises that Luis is prepared to be with Sheridan no matter who the father is. This makes Beth more determined than ever to get rid of Sheridan. This summary is © 2003 by LDS, and is only to appear at TV Tome. No other site has permission to reproduce this information.
S04E183 Ep. #947 00/00/0000 When a gas refinery explodes, Eve is the only available doctor, and has to rush to the hospital to tend to the wounded. This leaves T.C. and Liz alone together. Julian orders Theresa to get out without their son, and she barricades herself and the baby inside her old room while security mills around outside. Antonio and Sheridan discuss what they should name their child, then Sheridan makes an announcement that shocks both Luis and Antonio. This summary is © 2003 by LDS, and is only to appear at TV Tome. No other site has permission to reproduce this information.
S04E184 Ep. #948 00/00/0000 Theresa refuses to open the door to let Julian take their son from her. Ethan tries to talk some sense into her after using the adjoining door be