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Do you want to lose weight easily? Would you like to feel really happy with your body? Are you unable to lose those last 10 pounds? Are you a late night snacker? Do you find it hard to say no to second helpings? Do you get disheartened about your eating habits and your weight? Yes? Well, Paul McKenna has written the book for you. I Can Make You Thin will change your attitude to food for ever


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Paul McKenna will Make you Thin

S01E01 The Secrets of Naturaly Thin People 00/00/0000
S01E02 Programme your mind to slim your body 00/00/0000
S01E03 Overcome Emotional Eating 00/00/0000
S01E04 The Craving Buster 00/00/0000
S01E05 Supercharge your Metabolism 00/00/0000
S01E06 Your Perfect Body 00/00/0000
S00E01 Mind Programming Technique to Overcome Emotional Eating 00/00/0000
S00E02 Mind Programming Technique to Supercharge Your Metabolism 00/00/0000
S00E03 Mind Programming Technique For Your Perfect Body 00/00/0000

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