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The slacker son of a rich hotel magnate finds his cushy lifestyle threatened when his widower dad gets engaged to a gorgeous young aerobics instructor, who moves in with them, along with her 10-year-old son. On Pauly's side are Sumi, their wisecracking Asian housekeeper, and Burger, Pauly's childhood friend and the owner of a video store. Flashbacks and fantasy dream sequences are used liberally. Thrown on the air months after it was filmed, "Pauly" was paired with Married with Children (a good companion, though the series was on its last legs at the time) and Melrose Place!(???) Ratings were lower than low, so the series quickly left the airwaves, leaving two of the seven episodes unaired. FOX Broadcast History March 1997-April 1997 Mondays at 9:30 p.m.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Pauly

S01E01 Pilot 03/03/1997 To Pauly's dismay, Ed's new fiancee' Dawn Delaney and her son Zach move into the Sherman household. Pauly's buddy, Burger, hacks into the computer and finds information on everyone Dawn's ever dated – so they use it to come up with a guest list for an engagement party for Dawn.
S01E02 Spies Like Us 10/03/1997 Edward and Dawn haggle over the details of their prenuptial agreement. Meanwhile, Pauly and Burger suspect Dawn is having an affair with the inept handyman she hired. When they find a letter in the trash to ""Potsticker"" from ""Love Stud Jake,"" they decide to use video surveillance to catch Dawn in the act. . .never dreaming that ""Potsticker"" could be Sumi.
S01E03 Pauly Come Home 17/03/1997 Feeling that Dawn is usurping his territory, 28 year-old Pauly decides to run away from home. But he doesn't run far – he finds himself rooming with an annoyed Burger. At first, Ed doesn't realize Pauly is gone, since Dawn tore up his note and threw it in the trash. Good thing Sumi is the state jigsaw champ!
S01E04 Foreplay 31/03/1997 Dawn strives to befriend the vicious neighborhood socialites, who seem more impressed by childish Pauly. Meanwhile, Pauly enlists the help of the family to try to change his image to win over a ruthless colleague of Ed's.
S01E05 Through the Ringers 07/04/1997 Burger discovers that Dawn made her acting debut in a film titled ""Slammer Sluts."" Meanwhile, Dawn searches for a celebrity to endorse her new charitable ""Dawn Foundation,"" and Pauly keeps running off all of the potential celebrities. So Dawn hires her friend Mariah, to keep Pauly out of her hair. But when Burger realizes that Mariah was Dawn's ""Slammer Sluts"" co-star, Pauly tries to turn the tables on Dawn.
S01E06 The Babe Magnet 00/00/0000 No synopsis available
S01E07 Life's a Drag 00/00/0000 Pauly volunteers to be a judge at a beauty pageant, where he is unaware that the contestants are drag queens.