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Essentially, a take on the 'odd-couple' sitcom, Peep Show revolves around the lives of two twentysomethings, Mark and Jeremy, who share a flat. Mark is an office worker, with a bleak outlook on life. who obsesses over his co-worker, Sophie. Jeremy in contrast, is a lazy, shallow guy trying to make it in the music industry. A unique twist that immediately sets the show apart form other sitcoms is the use of the first person view point [nb. the original show title was POV], where we get to see from the characters own eyes. We also get to hear internal thoughts and opinions which reveals stuff they wouldn't say out loud.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Peep Show

S01E01 Warring Factions 19/09/2003 Mark and Jeremy find themselves in competition for the same woman: Toni from next door. This is not the entire problem with Mark and his love life, rather, he is also lusting after Sophie, a co-worker, but finds himself at a loss with how to put his feelings into action. Jeremy is also pre-occupied, but not with love, with his music.
S01E02 The Interview 26/09/2003 Jeremy faces a dilemma: money vs. art. Should he put all his time and effort into his music and try to 'make it' or should he be like Mark and get a 9 to 5 job to pay the bills (including three months of rent owed to Mark). Sophie is still the object of Mark's desires and he still fumbles about trying desperately to let her know how he feels.
S01E03 On the Pull 03/10/2003 Mark and Jeremy go to a party to try and find some long lost love, or perhaps someone for the night. At the party Mark meets a cool goth 'teenager' named Valarie, who wants to take their acquaintance to the next level: bowling! This gives Jeremy a chance to hook up with Toni, and allows Mark to take his mind off of Sophie … or will it?
S01E04 Mark Makes a Friend 10/10/2003 Mark attends a work conference and in the process makes a new friend, Alan Johnson, which upsets the 'El Dude' partnership. This forces Jeremy to consider who could replace Mark as flatmate and best friend. Super Hans is the potential replacement, but he doesn't match up as well. Mark grows a moustache, like his new hero, Johnson whilst Jeremy is haunted by flashbacks to 'the one bad thing' that happened when he was wrecked with Super Hans.
S01E05 Dream Job 17/10/2003 Jeremy tries to wow Toni with his new job in a music studio while Mark gets passed over for promotion in favour of Sophie, and goes slowly round the twist. They then attempt to solve each other's problems with the help of phone stalking and pepper spray.
S01E06 Funeral 24/10/2003 In the last episode of the series, death and terminal illness prove to be the keys to romantic success for Mark and Jeremy. Jeremy gets in with the Christians and Mark finds the perfect venue for a first date with Sophie – a funeral. Everyone's having a great time until the paramedics arrive.
S02E01 Dance Class 12/11/2004 Can you love two people at the same time? Jeremy believes you can, and his gorgeous new American girlfriend puts his taboo bashing beliefs to the test. Mark believes you can only love one person. Besides, he and Sophie, the object of his unrequited love, are getting on really well, especially since he starting hacking into her emails.
S02E02 Jeremy Makes It 19/11/2004 Jeremy is hired by an old school friend to make a soundtrack for a film he's making. Mark makes a new friend at work who turns out to hold a fair amount of prejudice. Meanwhile, Sophie spends time with Jeff.
S02E03 Local Zero 26/11/2004 Jeremy wants to get closer to Nancy so he tries to impress her by joining in her volunteer work which involves working in a soup kitchen for the homeless. Mark manages to get Johnson to think he is an alcoholic.
S02E04 University Challenge 03/12/2004 Mark, determined to forget Sophie, makes an effort to go out with April - but manages to blur the line between enthusiastic new boyfriend and stalker. Jeremy joins a new band, Executioners Bong, but insists that he is neither a roadie nor the equivalent of Bez.
S02E05 The Man Show 10/12/2004 Mark becomes depressed about Sophie living with Jeff, but Jeremy is not sure that self-mutilation is the answer. Besides, Jeremy and Jeff are getting on horribly well.
S02E06 Wedding 17/12/2004 Jeremy and Nancy are getting married, for visa reasons. Mark, determined to save his friend, will do whatever it takes to stop them...
S04E01 Sophie's Parents 13/04/2007 Mark continues to dread the impending doom of his wedding day, still questioning his actions from the previous season. Both Mark and Jeremy meet Sophie's parents and brother- leading to disaster with arson, sex with a parent and drunken arguments.
S04E02 Conference 20/04/2007 Johnson returns, immediately taking a shine to Big Suze, proposing a deal involving her to Jeremy. Mark is caught up in Johnson's "Project Zeus" with his reputation at the workplace hanging in the balance. Geoff makes his first appearance of the season, and Sophie spends some alone time with Jeremy in the hotel room.
S04E03 Gym 27/04/2007 In order to avoid spending time with Sophie, Mark gets a gym membership. Whilst there he discovers that Jeremy's ex-wife Nancy is working there. Mark tells Jeremy who then becomes desperate to get back together with her. He decides to take a job as a cleaner at the gym and sets about stopping her from dating Mark's personal trainer Matt.
S04E04 Handyman 04/05/2007 Jeremy meets his hero, techno musician Russell "The Orgazoid". He ends up working as his handyman, which leads Mark to become suspicious, as it seems that Jeremy's job consists of making smoothies for him. Meanwhile Mark meets Sally at his school reunion, one the few girls who actually ever liked him. It turns out that she has married one of Mark's childhood tormentors, Foz. Mark decides to try and seduce Sally whilst Sophie is away on a business trip.
S04E05 Holiday 11/05/2007 Jeremy takes Mark on a stag weekend, with a rented canal boat. There, they meet two sisters, Aurora and Lucy, and their father. Jeremy falls in love with Aurora, whilst Lucy becomes sexually attracted to Mark. The father offers Mark a job in India, a way out of his impending marriage to Sophie, whilst Jeremy accidentally kills, and then eats a bit of Aurora's dog.
S04E06 Wedding 18/05/2007 It's Mark's wedding day. He is torn about whether he should go through with it or not. Jeremy discourages him but Mark continues. On the way to the reception, Sophie breaks down and runs away. Jeremy comforts Mark as the 'El Dude Brothers' are reunited.
S05E01 Burgling 02/05/2008 It's not so long since Mark's new bride Sophie stumbled from the car, looking in appalled fascination at her husband of ten minutes and sobbed, "He's horrible!" As we return for the fifth series of this engagingly filthy comedy, Mark (David Mitchell) is getting drunk and maudlin on wedding champagne as his flatmate Jeremy (Robert Webb) urges him to go out on a double-date: "Beggars can't be choosers, she's an actual woman." Mark - remember, this is a man who once based his romantic strategy on the Siege of Stalingrad - arms himself with a copy of the Friends of the British Museum magazine and goes forth again to search for love.
S05E02 Spin War 09/05/2008 Mark and Sophie return to work, while Jeremy renews his acquaintance with the depraved Super Hans, in yet another filthy, funny episode.
S05E03 Jeremy's Broke 16/05/2008 Jeremy finally runs out of money and finds himself on a downward spiral of hunger, homelessness and criminality. Meanwhile Mark needs to find a girlfriend before his birthday party.
S05E04 Jeremy's Mummy 23/05/2008 Jeremy's tortured relationship with his very sweet mother comes under the spotlight. It emerges that Jez has been living off handouts from his mum for years and now he's in line for half of her £40,000 bequest from an aunt. Jeremy's need to self destruct kicks in immediately, as does Mark's inability to stop his excruciating attempts to ingratiate himself with any mature grown-up. He adores Jeremy's mum and hero-worships her Scots Guardsman boyfriend.
S05E05 Jeremy's Manager 30/05/2008 Jeremy and Super Hans get a band manager and play a Christian rock festival. Mark comes along as their roadie, and learns how to have sex properly for the first time in his life.
S05E06 Mark's Women 06/06/2008 Mark gets into online gaming and live role play with Dobby and wonders whether she may be The One. Meanwhile, Mark and Sophie finally sort out their annulment. Jeremy joins a cult.
S06E01 Jeremy at JLB 18/09/2009 Newly promoted Mark decides to enjoy his additional power and wealth by splashing out on a boiler, a 'creamy elephant' sofa and by finding Jeremy a job in the office. Things are also looking promising for Mark in his pursuit of Dobby, the company IT girl. However, a routine fire drill puts his plans into total disarray.
S06E02 The Test 25/09/2009 Mark makes a final play for Dobby, the object of his desires. Meanwhile, Jeremy meets a new love, Russian émigré Elena. Both guys are determined to impress, but one of them is an expectant father. And when the pregnant Sophie spills the beans, both Mark and Jeremy's worlds change forever.
S06E03 Jeremy in Love 02/10/2009 Jeremy realises that he's in love with Elena and decides to be generally less selfish to win her affection. He also thinks it might be a good idea to tell her he loves her, but Mark isn't so sure...
S06E04 The Affair 09/10/2009 Mark discovers that Jeremy's girlfriend Elena has a guilty secret. But should he tell him when Jez is clearly so happy? In addition to this, Alan Johnson offers Mark the chance to go into business with him. Mark, while reassuring himself that this is his dream offer, begins to see Johnson in a new light. Big Suze inadvertently brings Mark and Jeremy's problems to a head
S06E05 The Party 16/10/2009 As a last desperate hurrah before the baby arrives, Mark and Jeremy decide to throw a party. Mark sees it as his final opportunity to reignite his relationship with Dobby, while Jeremy imagines it's a chance to make Elena insanely jealous. But as the evening proceeds, it all becomes a bit of an emotional roller-coaster.
S06E06 Das Boot 23/10/2009 Time is running out for Jeremy as Elena and Gail's marriage is imminent. However, he thinks there may be a way to get Gail off the scene and win Elena back. Meanwhile Mark, although conflicted about becoming a father, is worried that Jeff is becoming a potential rival dad. He decides that he's going to learn to drive so that he can take Sophie to the hospital when the baby arrives. Sophie is delighted, but learning to drive doesn't prove that easy.
S08E01 Jeremy Therapised 25/11/2012 Mark has asked Dobby to move in with him, and Jeremy is faced with the prospect of moving out to make way. But Jeremy has been dragging his heels and Mark is increasingly worried that Dobby will move in with his rival, Gerrard instead.
S08E02 Business Secrets of the Pharaohs 02/12/2012 Mark gets a lucky break when his book, 'Business Secrets of the Pharaohs', is accepted by a 'publisher'. Jeremy, in an attempt to kick-start his career, enrols on a life-coaching course.
S08E03 The Love Bunker 09/12/2012 Simon, Dobby's ex-boyfriend, invites Mark, Dobby, Jeremy and Superhans to join him and his friends for a paintballing weekend. Mark is convinced that Simon is using the weekend as a cover to get back with Dobby, and Jeremy is convinced he can life coach Neil, Simon's best friend.
S08E04 Big Mad Andy 16/12/2012 Jeremy finally agrees to leave the flat and move in with Super Hans. Mark employs a decorator, Andy, to repaint the kitchen, and Jeremy helps out by giving him free 'life-coaching' advice. Meanwhile, Mark enrolls on a business studies evening course and meets Stephanie an attractive older woman.
S08E05 Chairman Mark 23/12/2012 Jeremy, desperate to avoid living with Superhans, sparks up an old relationship with Mark's siser Sara, and moves in with her and her five-year-old son, Joshy. Mark, meanwhile, in an attempt to deal with a damp patch on his bedroom wall, launches a campaign to be elected chairman of the freehold committee of Apollo House.
S08E06 Quantocking II 24/12/2012 Dobby is offered a job in New York by ex-boyfriend Simon. Uncertain about the offer, Dobby suggests that she and Mark spend a weekend in the country. The perfect time, as far as Jeremy is concerned, to get a few things off his chest.
S00E01 Jeremy's Big Brother Audition Tape 00/00/0000 The 'Audition Tape' for Big Brother pokes fun at the gaggle of self-loving idiots that sign themselves up to that show every year.
S00E02 Jeremy's Last Will & Testament 00/00/0000 Jeremy's Last Will & Testament, a tie-in for Episode 6, in which he believes he has a fatal disease passed down to him by his uncle.
S00E03 Mark's CV 00/00/0000 Mark's Video CV, an embarrassingly cheesy affair involving him trying to behave naturally and making all sorts of dreadful puns: definitely essential viewing.
S00E04 Outrageous AKA Celsius 488.33 00/00/0000 This "Outrageous" music video, is quite possibly one of the most disturbing pieces of work captured on video. It features Jeremy careening about and telling us that "This is outrageous, this is contagious", intercut with images of people disguised as Tony Blair, George W. Bush, Osama Bin Laden and the Queen in all sorts of unflattering positions. The video ends, appropriately enough, with Jeremy (disguised as an extra-terrestrial) running "the Queen" through with a large sword.
S00E05 Scorpion Patrol, Part 1 00/00/0000 The first of two additional scenes involve Mark attempting to get first Jeremy and then Sophie to read sections of Scorpion Patrol, which in the actual show is the book read at Jeremy's uncle's funeral.
S00E06 Scorpion Patrol, Part 2 00/00/0000 The second of two additional scenes involve Mark attempting to get first Jeremy and then Sophie to read sections of Scorpion Patrol, which in the actual show is the book read at Jeremy's uncle's funeral.
S00E07 Series 2: Behind the Scenes 00/00/0000
S00E08 Series 2: Deleted Scenes 00/00/0000
S00E09 Gog's Film 00/00/0000
S00E10 Season 3: Deleted Scenes 00/00/0000
S00E11 Johnson's Frankfurt Pitch 00/00/0000
S00E12 Mark and Jez on the Quantocks 00/00/0000
S00E13 Mark and Jez's Phone Messages 00/00/0000
S00E14 A Peep at Mark and Jeremy 00/00/0000
S00E15 A Peep Behind the Scenes 00/00/0000
S00E16 Barn Burning 00/00/0000
S00E17 Season 4, Episode 3: I'm Judo'ing You 00/00/0000
S00E18 Season 4, Episode 3: Will You Marry Me? 00/00/0000
S00E19 Season 4, Episode 4: Alternative Ending 00/00/0000
S00E20 Season 4, Episode 4: It's a Bit Paedo 00/00/0000
S00E21 Season 4, Episode 6: Venezuela and the Turkey Farm 00/00/0000
S00E22 The Best of Peep Show 1-4 00/00/0000
S00E23 Series 5: Behind the Scenes 00/00/0000 Behind-the-Scenes with Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong
S00E24 Series 5: Deleted Scene 00/00/0000
S00E25 Series 5: Relationship Tree 00/00/0000
S00E26 Series 5: Sophie's Peep Show 00/00/0000
S00E27 Series 6: Behind the Scenes (Part 1) 00/00/0000 See how things really look from Mark's point of view and how Peep Show is made.
S00E28 Series 6: Behind the Scenes (Part 2) 00/00/0000 Find out how Peep Show is made and what the cast usually eat while filming.
S00E29 How to Make Peep Show 00/00/0000
S00E30 Season 6: Behind The Scenes 00/00/0000
S00E31 Season 6: Out-takes 00/00/0000
S00E32 Season 6: Deleted & Extended Scenes 00/00/0000
S00E33 If Peep Show Was Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience 00/00/0000
S00E34 Peep Show and Tell 00/00/0000 A new documentary which reflects on why Peep Show has attracted such an extraordinary cult following. It gives a behind-the-scenes take on why it's enjoyed such critical acclaim and features interviews with hard core Peep Show fans everywhere from New Zealand to New Malden. All the main cast, the writers and various other followers of Mark and Jez's chaotic progress through life offer their thoughts and opinions and look back upon their favourite moments. The show is packed with Peep Show moments that have already achieved the status of classics.
S00E35 Series 5: Deleted Scenes with Commentary 00/00/0000
S00E36 Series 2: Extras 00/00/0000
S00E37 Series 8: Outtakes 00/00/0000
S00E38 Series 8: Deleted Scenes 00/00/0000
S00E39 Series 9 Bloopers 00/00/0000 Outtakes from series 9.
S00E40 Series 9 Deleted Scenes 00/00/0000 Deleted scenes from series 9.
S00E41 Quantocking Extended Scenes 00/00/0000
S00E42 Shrooming Extended Scenes 00/00/0000
S00E43 Series 4: Deleted Scenes 00/00/0000
S00E44 Laugh Track 00/00/0000
S00E45 Mugging Extended Scenes 00/00/0000
S00E46 Season 4: Deleted Scenes 00/00/0000

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