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The series chronicles the rocky coexistence of Larry Appleto and his distant cousin Balki Bartokomous. A Wisconsin native, Larry, who comes from a large family with numerous brothers and sisters, has just moved into a new apartment in Chicago, and is experiencing his first joys of newfound privacy when Balki, a hitherto unknown cousin from a Greek-like island in the Mediterranean called Mypos, drops by to live with him. Balki, a shepherd by trade, interprets what little he knows about the United States by relying on his own recollections of American pop culture, which are often out-of-context. After initially gently rebuffing his cousin's request to stay at his apartment, Larry, an aspiring photographer, decides to take Balki under his wing and teach him about American life...


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S01E01 Knock, Knock, Who's There? 25/03/1986 Larry Appleton has just settled in his new Chicago apartment after leaving home of one of nine kids and took a job at the corner discount store working for his greedy landlord Mr. Twinkacetti until he can eventually become a photo journalist. But one evening, Balki Bartokomous, his distant cousin and a Mediterranean sheep herder from the island of Mypos shows up on his door step looking for a place to stay. So Larry takes him in and tries to get him a job at Twinkacetti's store which may mean risking his own job.
S01E02 Picture This 01/04/1986 Larry tries to kickstart his career and gets tipped off that Dolly Parton is in town committing adultery. So he decides to follow her until he can get a picture to sell to newspapers. Meanwhile, Balki will do a favor for anyone who will ask for it so Larry teaches him to say ""no"" once in a while but it backfires on him.
S01E03 First Date 08/04/1986 Larry takes Balki to a singles bar to meet women and while Balki gets his first date, Larry gets beat up in a parking lot by a boyfriend of a woman he hit on.
S01E04 Baby, You Can Drive My Car 15/04/1986 Balki wants to get his driver's license but Mr. Twinkacetti doesn't think he can do it. But Larry is so confident that he can, that he bets $50 and offers Balki his car.
S01E05 Check This 22/04/1986 Larry takes Balki to the bank to open a bank account but Balki doesn't seem to understand everything about banking when he overspends with his checks and buys Larry new furniture. Meanwhile, Twinkacetti is going to a poker game and his wife, Edwina doesn't like him gambling. So he asks Larry to tell his wife that they were at a basketball game but Larry refuses to.
S01E06 Happy Birthday, Baby 29/04/1986 Larry is miserable on his 24th birthday after he blew a photo opportunity. So Balki tries to throw him a last minute surprise birthday party for him to cheer him up.
S02E01 Hello Baby 17/09/1986 Balki invites Gina, a friend from his citizenship class to stay with them. But she happens to be pregnant and goes into labor in the middle of the night.
S02E02 Hunks Like Us 24/09/1986 Larry decides to join a health club after having the hots for a member named Jennifer. But he thinks she's only interested in jocks and pretends to be one. Balki goes with him and picks up a woman right away who happens to be Jennifer's best friend Mary Anne.
S02E03 The Unnatural 01/10/1986 Larry's softball team has a chance of winning the championship but the star player was sent to prison. So He promises to let Balki play until a star ringer shows up.
S02E04 Ladies and Germs 15/10/1986 Larry has a date with a beauty queen but after going to the hospital to visit Mr. Twinkacetti (who has broken his leg), he catches a cold and when Balki tries to cure him with a secret Myposian cure, he ends up sleeping for three days.
S02E05 Lifesavers 22/10/1986 After Larry saves Balki from getting hit by a taxi, Balki becomes his personal servant which ends up annoying Larry.
S02E06 Babes in Babylon 29/10/1986 Larry and Balki win a trip to Las Vegas. When they get there, Larry plans out what to do for their entire trip to prevent Balki from going to the casinos and becoming a compulsive gambler. Balki eventually talks him into it and after Balki has a string of good luck playing roulette, Larry starts playing and won't stop.
S02E07 Falling in Love is... 12/11/1986 Balki falls in love with a girl at night school and who makes a play for Larry and constantly breaks dates with him. Balki refuses to believe that she is just using him to get good grades.
S02E08 Two Men and a Cradle 19/11/1986 Balki agrees to take care of Gina's baby while she goes away with her husband. And since Larry knows more about babies, he is obligated to help Balki. Things go fine until they take him to the park and lose him.
S02E09 Can I Get a Witness? 26/11/1986 Balki takes a job delivering packages for a racketeer named Vince Lucas. After Vince is busted, they are asked to testify in court but Vince threatens to kill them if they do.
S02E10 The Rent Strike 10/12/1986 Mr. Twinkacetti hasn't been living up to his landlord responsibilities so Larry, Balki, and all the tenants hold a meeting and declare a rent strike. The tenants still won't quit even after Twinkacetti turns off the electricity, water and heat which is too bad for Twinkie who needs money to pay off a gambling debt.
S02E11 A Christmas Story 17/12/1986 Larry and Balki are snowed in Chicago on Christmas Eve which means they can't go to Madison to see Larry's family. So Larry is miserable until Balki spreads some Christmas cheer his way.
S02E12 Dog Gone Blues 07/01/1987 Balki got a dog and wants to keep it even though it is against the lease. So Larry and Balki do their best to hide it from Twinkacetti.
S02E13 Since I Lost My Baby 14/01/1987 After Mr. Twinkacetti forgot his wedding anniversary (for the 16th time), Edwina kicks him out. Balki invites him to stay for a while but he makes no efforts to reconcile with Edwina. So Larry and Balki try and get them back together.
S02E14 Trouble in Paradise 21/01/1987 Larry and Balki invite Jennifer and Mary Anne over for dinner but cannot agree on what to serve which cases a rift between them and eventually a rift between Jennifer and Mary Anne.
S02E15 Beautiful Dreamer 28/01/1987 Balki hasn't been sleeping due to a nightmare that has been haunting him about him not being able to help out at harvest season back on Mypos.
S02E16 Tux for Two 04/02/1987 Larry has been invited to a formal party for a photographer he idolizes but Balki's honest opinions embarrass Larry.
S02E17 Ten Speed and a Soft Touch 11/02/1987 Larry and Balki become 'big brothers' to a troubled teenager who is always stealing. They do fine until Larry accuses him of stealing his bike.
S02E18 Snow Way to Treat a Lady (1) 18/02/1987 Jennifer and Mary Anne are going skiing and invite Larry and Balki. Larry thinks he can impress Jennifer by being an expert skier without much luck. So he decides to fake an injury to get sympathy from Jennifer.
S02E19 Snow Way to Treat a Lady (2) 25/02/1987 The quartet are trapped in a cabin buried alive by an avalanche and they try to dig a tunnel to the outside world.
S02E20 Up on a Roof 27/02/1987 Larry enters a photo contest and has the idea of a perfect picture. But to take it, him and Balki have to go up on a roof and shoot it before a storm comes in.
S02E21 Get a Job 04/03/1987 Larry and Balki quit their jobs after Twinkacetti refuses to give them a raise and get jobs at a burger joint serving to rowdy hockey fans.
S02E22 Hello, Elaine 01/04/1987 When Larry's sister Elaine stops by for a visit, Larry is appalled when she tells him that she's going to New York to become a pianist instead of college.
S03E01 All News That Fits 23/09/1987 Larry gets a job at the Chicago Chrinicle local newspaper as a reporter and brings Balki to find a job. Mr. Burns the city editor hires Balki in the mail room but Mr. Gorpley the mail room boss doesn't want him there and tries everything to fire him.
S03E02 Weigh to Go, Buddy 30/09/1987 When Larry discovers that he has gained 7 pounds, He goes on a diet that won't work. So Balki gives him a Mypos diet but Larry has trouble following it and Balki won't let him quit.
S03E03 Sexual Harrassment in Chicago 07/10/1987 The editor of the Chronicle's Sunday Magazine makes a play for Balki but he isn't interested. She won't take no for an answer and anyone who ever tried to report her lost their jobs.
S03E04 Taking Stock 14/10/1987 Balki buys one share of stock in a cereal company and discovers that there isn't enough raisins in a box that they advertise. Knowing that the company is cheating the public, he decides to go to head office to complain and Larry goes with him.
S03E05 Your Cheatin' Heart 28/10/1987 Jennifer is planning on buying a surprise typewriter for Larry and asks Balki for help barganing at a clearance sale. Larry gets suspicious after he sees Balki and Jennifer sneaking around, and thinks they're having an affair.
S03E06 The Horn Blows at Midnight 04/11/1987 When a famous psychic visits the Chronicle, She goes into a trance and predicts that a bog storm will come and Larry will die at midnight after sitting on a sheep and eating a golden ring. Larry thinks that it is just superstition until a storm comes out of nowhere.
S03E07 Karate Kids 11/11/1987 While at a happy hour restaurant, Larry and Balki get beaten up at a bar by a bully who hit on Jennifer. So they decide to take karate and after several weeks of fine training, Larry insists on returning to the bar to pick a fight with the bully.
S03E08 Night School Confidential 18/11/1987 Balki is cheated by a con artist who sold him counterfiet watches. And after getting no help from the police, Larry and Balki go undercover to expose the con artist and put him out of business.
S03E09 Future Shock 25/11/1987 Jennifer has been given a promotion but if she accepts it, she has to move to LA. Larry refuses to tell her how he feels as a fear of rejection but later that evening, he has a dream about being a lonely old man with Balki and Mary Anne married, rich, living upstairs.
S03E10 Couch Potato 02/12/1987 When Larry and Balki get cable TV, Balki becomes glued to the TV and won't stop watching it to the point where he forgets about his job, sleep, and never goes out anymore. So Larry must make an important decision of getting rid of the cable.
S03E11 The Break-In 09/12/1987 Balki accidently delivers Larry's offensive article to the publisher. So they break in late at night to retrieve it and end up on the ledge dealing with someone trying to commit suicide.
S03E12 To Be or Not to Be 06/01/1988 When Larry and Balki are chosen to be in the commercial for the Chicago Chronicle, Larry takes his acting abilities too far and goes overboard.
S03E13 My Lips Are Sealed 13/01/1988 After Mr. Gorpley gets information out of Balki about what's in the mail, Larry tells him that it's against the rules for him to give away what's in the mail. But in order to buy his dream car, he needs to know about his raise that was processed in the mail.
S03E14 The Pen Pal 27/01/1988 Vince Lucas the racketeer that Larry and Balki testified against has been paroled and Balki invites him into their apartment after writing to him ever since he went to prison. Even though he threatened them, Balki trusts him but Larry's too scared.
S03E15 Just Desserts 03/02/1988 After Balki serves Larry, Jennifer, and Mary Anne some ""bibi-bobkas"" (Mypoian cream puffs), Larry suggests selling them but baking them cannot be rushed.
S03E16 Better Shop Around 10/02/1988 While grocery shopping, Balki wins a shopping spree to happen the next day and he thinks it would be fun. But Lary makes a plan to get certain things to sell for an air conditioner which takes all the fun out of it.
S03E17 Pipe Dreams 04/03/1988 Jennifer asks Larry if he can call a plumber for her to fix her shower head while she's away. Larry decides that to impress her he'll fix it himself and as Larry and Balki try and put everything together, things go extremely wrong and they end up flooding Jennifer and Mary Anne's bathroom.
S03E18 Defiant Guys 11/03/1988 Larry is very angry at Balki for making him late for work and won't speak to him so Balki handcuffs them together and loses the key during Larry's important luncheon sate with Mr. Burns and the publisher R.T. Wainwright.
S03E19 My Brother, Myself 18/03/1988 Larry's successful brother Billy (Ted McGinley) comes down for a visit, and Larry is upset because he brags about his success. So he tricks Balki into lying to Billy to make him think Larry is more successful.
S03E20 You Gotta Have Friends 25/03/1988 While Larry is doing some important research, Balki goes out to the races and when he gets back, he tells Larry about meeting Carl Lewis but Larry doesn't believe him since he has taken Balki's money and left.
S03E21 The Graduate 29/04/1988 Balki manages to graduate night school at the top o his class but soon finds out that there is no graduation ceremony. So Larry talks to the principal and arranges one.
S03E22 Bye Bye Biki 06/05/1988 Balki is excited because his 106 year old grandmother Biki is coming to America to see him but when she switched planes in New York, she died at the airport and Balki has a hard time accepting it and pretends to be happy.
S04E01 The Lottery 14/10/1988 Balki insists on buying a lottery ticket but Larry thinks that it is just a waste of money for something that can't possibly win. But during the draws, Larry realizes that Balki picked the right numbers and won 28 million dollars but Balki can't remember where he hid the ticket.
S04E02 Assertive Training 21/10/1988 After Mr. Perkins, an employee at the Chronicle parked in Larry's parking space and Jennifer breaks a date with him at the last minute, Larry figures he has trouble being assertive. So he goes to a seminar called ""stop"" hoping it will help him become more assertive. When he returns, He tells Jennifer and Mr. Perkins off, and he instructs Balki how to get a raise after Mr. Gorpley laughed in his face when he asked for it. He finally gets Balki to demand a raise from Mr. Gorpley.
S04E03 Aliens 28/10/1988 Larry and Balki throw a Halloween party with their friends and after six hours of watching scary movies, Larry wakes up and discovers that Balki is an alien from ""Planet Mypos"" and is turning everyone into Mypiots by putting vests on them.
S04E04 Piano Movers 04/11/1988 When Lydia wants her piano moved up ten flights of stairs so she can sing for a record producer she is dating, Balki volunteers himself and Larry but Larry's bad back may be a strain on this whole thing.
S04E05 High Society 00/00/0000 Larry has an excellent idea to present to the owners of the Chronicle but has trouble getting into the party that they're holding. And mistakenly believing that Balki is that Crown Prince of Mypos, he gets invited with Larry.
S04E06 Up a Lazy River (1) 18/11/1988 The Chicago Chronicle is having a camping trip. Larry hates camping but knows that Jennifer loves it, so he arranges a trip. Jennifer insists she won't go alone with Larry (remembering the skiing incident), so Larry elects Balki as the camping leader thinking that Jennifer would feel safe and Mary Anne decides to go along.
S04E07 Up a Lazy River (2) 25/11/1988 After the river takes them on a wild ride, The four end up lost in the woods. Hoping that Larry can regain Jennifer's respect, he talks Balki into letting him lead them back to the camp site but they end up walking for five hours in a circle. Later, Larry and Balki almost drown in quicksand and in the evening, they get attacked by a bear.
S04E08 College Bound 09/12/1988 Larry prepares a surprise party for Balki who is taking his college entrance exams. While they are waiting for him to return, they talk about some things they've been through together such as when they first met, the first day at the Chronicle, when they tried to fix Jennifer and Mary Anne's shower, etc. Larry thinks that he has helped Balki come along way but it seems that Balki has been helping him more.
S04E09 The Gift of the Mypiot 16/12/1988 On Christmas Eve, Larry and Balki throw a Christmas party at their apartment for all their friends. But when Balki realizes that Mr. Gorpley is lonely, he invites him who causes alot of trouble with snide attitude and everyone wants to throw him out. But Balki insists on spreading a little Christmas cheer his way too.
S04E10 Maid to Order 00/00/0000 With Larry working late and Balki at college, their household chores are falling behind. So they decide to hire a maid. They finally select Mr. Bailey who waits on them hand and foot for practically nothing which ends up getting on Larry's nerves.
S04E11 That Old Gang of Mine 13/01/1989 Mary Anne was promoted and moves to London and Balki is heartbroken and miserable. So Larry suggests Balki get a hobby to take his mind off her. So he joins a motorcycle gang where the club plans a wild initiation ceremony.
S04E12 Crimebusters 20/01/1989 Larry is promoted to the investigative reporting team of Marshall & Walpole at the Chronicle and looks hard for a great story. Harriette's husband Carl is a cop who is about to make a big bust and Larry tries to take advantage of the situation to get a front-page story.
S04E13 Games People Play 03/02/1989 Larry is assigned to be on a game show called ""Risk it All"" and Balki is his partner. Balki wants to do all the stunts on the show but Larry, to avoid humiliation, insists that he just answer questions and go home. But after being offered a Caribbean Cruise, Larry won't quit.
S04E14 Come Fly with Me 10/02/1989 Larry and Balki are flying to Hawaii with Jennifer and Mary Anne serving along the way. But after eating a Myposian snack the wrong way, Jennifer and Mary Anne get sick. So Larry and Balki decide to cover for them but didn't know they weren't suppose to serve through turbulence.
S04E15 Blind Alley 17/02/1989 Larry's bowling team is one game away from winning the trophy that Mr. Gorpley has been waving in Larry's face for the last year. But Calvin, the star player has been sent out of town by his boss - Mr. Gorpley of course. Balki tries bowling for the first time and had an excellent score so he becomes the substitute, but his trip to the ophthalmologist before the tournament may make playing difficult.
S04E16 The King and I 24/02/1989 Larry and Balki throw a '50's party and invite their friends. Lydia brings her date Lamont who is a hypnotist. After demonstrating hypnosis, he accidentally hypnotizes Balki into thinking he's Elvis which carries on through their tax audit the next day.
S04E17 Prose and Cons 10/03/1989 Larry and Balki wind in jail after refusing to reveal a source of a commodity scandal to protect the freedom of the press. They won't stop there they are very persistent to keep their sources and take the hard time, But they later get two dangerous cell mates.
S04E18 Car Wars 17/03/1989 Balki finally has enough money to buy a car and thinks it will be fun. But Larry insists on using his father's ""used car rating system"" to buy him one and ends up buying him a lemon.
S04E19 Just a Gigolo 31/03/1989 Lydia is miserable when her boyfriend dumped her so Balki uses his match-making skills to fix Lydia up with a man who turns out to be a gigolo who married wealthy women, takes their money and leaves them.
S04E20 Seven Card Studs 14/04/1989 Balki loses $100 at Mr. Gorpley's poker game so Larry insists on playing at his next game to win back Balki's money and then some. Larry tells Balki that he is a great poker player but he loses every hand to Mr. Gorpley.
S04E21 Teacher's Pest 28/04/1989 Larry was chosen to teach a college course in journalism and Balki is able to take the class. But his standards are set way too high that he fails the whole class.
S04E22 Wedding Belle Blues 05/05/1989 On Balki's 25th birthday, his mama has a pre-arranged marriage that Balki must go through with, even though he is in love with Mary Anne. So Larry and Jennifer try and find a way to save Balki from being unhappy.
S05E01 Good Skates 22/09/1989 When Larry finds out that Grant, a co-worker of Jennifer's is impressing Jennifer by raising money for a ""big brothers"" roller skating marathon, he gets jealous of him and lies about his roller skating ability to win Jennifer.
S05E02 Lie-Ability 29/09/1989 After a minor car accident, Mr. Gorpley suggests Larry should sue. So Larry has plans to defraud an insurance company to gain money to help his sister Elaine with her tuition. But Balki objects as usual.
S05E03 The Newsletter 06/10/1989 When Balki is put in charge of the Chronicle Newsletter, Larry horns in and suggests he dig deep into the information. But he ends up reporting Lydia getting cosmetic surgery, Mr. Gorpley dating the wife of a sports editor, and quotes an insult Larry made to Mr. Wainwright.
S05E04 Tooth or Consequences 13/10/1989 Balki gets a cavity and Larry makes him a dental appointment for him and Balki is excited to go when Larry tells him about all the neat stuff but he's too scared to go when Mr. Gorpley tells him about the drill.
S05E05 Dog Day Mid-Afternoon 20/10/1989 Larry writes an expose of a money laundering scheme that gets him his first front page story but he's upset when he realizes that Marshall & Walpole too all the credit for his article. Also, Marvin Berman, the money laundering scheme's accountant, is also upset because his boss took all the credit for the scheme that was really his idea. So he shows up at the Chronicle with a bomb and demands a printed retraction.
S05E06 Poetry in Motion 05/11/1989 Larry and Balki discover that Lowell Kelly, a famous poet used to live in their apartment and his unpublished poem is hidden there. So they search for it but Balki doesn't know that Larry plans to sell it after he discovered that it would be worth about $100,000.
S05E07 Father Knows Best (1) 10/11/1989 Larry's perfectionist father comes for a visit and Larry wants to impress him so he can finally get a ""well done son"" from his father. But instead, they end up trapped in the basement that is flooding after Larry broke the water pipe.
S05E08 Father Knows Best (2) 17/11/1989 Larry and Balki, Jennifer and Mary Anne, Lydia and Mr. Gorpley, and of course Larry's father are all trapped in the flooding basement. Larry attempts to solve the problem without much luck. So thinking they're all going to die, Larry must tell his father how he feels. Luck changes when Larry finds his chemistry set.
S05E09 Hello Ball 24/11/1989 When Jennifer's father comes to town, Larry tries to impress him. So they decide to go golfing. Larry is an excellent golfer but Mr. Lyons is a bad golfer and a bad loser o Larry decides to let him win and lets Balki play thinking that he can't golf, but can he?
S05E10 Almost Live from Chicago 01/12/1989 Lydia has been offered the opportunity of having her on TV advice show but she has one problem, she's afraid of cameras. But Larry tries to force her to do the show because of a mistake he made in high school when he turned down an opportunity.
S05E11 Home Movies 08/12/1989 Balki wants to send a home movie to his mama for the reunion he is going to miss. But Larry takes over the video and goes overboard with his movie-making skills.
S05E12 Everybody in the Pool 15/12/1989 Balki plays the football pool for the first time at the Chronicle and wins. He also ends up winning the next five weeks which makes everyone mad at him except Larry who decides to copy his picks to bet $10,000 with a bookie unaware that Balki picked all the losers.
S05E13 Because They're Cousins 05/01/1990 Balki's cousin Bartok come to visit from Mypos via Los Angeles for the last six months. Bartok looks just like Balki except after being in LA, he lost his accent and got a cool attitude, and he has a money-making scheme and tries to take Balki's money.
S05E14 Disorderly Orderlies 12/01/1990 Balki tries to get Larry to do volunteer work at the hospital but he refused until he discovered that a famous football player is a patient there hoping that he can get an interview to advance his career.
S05E15 The Selling of Mypos 26/01/1990 When a big corporation in Chicago wants to buy 300 acres of land on Mypos, Balki was chosen to negotiate the sale, and he picked Larry to guide him through. When they are offered 10% of the total sale of 28 million dollars, Larry insists they accept is but Balki has a funny feeling about it.
S05E16 Nightmare Vacation 02/02/1990 Larry found the perfect vacation and Balki, Jennifer and Mary Anne decide to give him one more chance with planning vacations. They go to a tropical resort, Club Paradise with broken walls in the hotel room and it is disrupted with a hurricane and Larry can't admit that he's made another mistake.
S05E17 Three's a Crowd 09/02/1990 While playing a board game, an argument breaks out between Jennifer and Mary Anne. The result being Mary Anne moving out and in with Larry and Balki at Balki's insistence. Larry doesn't like the idea because is jeopardizes his relationship with Jennifer. So Larry and Balki devise a plan to get Jennifer and Mary Anne back together.
S05E18 Blast From the Past 16/02/1990 It's a very psychotic evening when Marvin Berman, who tried to blow up Larry and Balki, visits them for dinner to apologize. But in the process, they mistakenly think that the mob is after them and they are surrounded by killers.
S05E19 He's the Boss 23/02/1990 When Mr. Wainwright hires a personal assistant Mr. Glover, Balki gets promoted to the executive staff, but is unaware that it is a scheme that Mr. Glover has to try and implement the American Dream Program. And Larry may lose his job if he doesn't go along with it.
S05E20 Here Comes the Judge 09/03/1990 When Balki is elected the head of the grievance committee, Lydia is accused of parking violations and she tries to influence his judgment by buying him ""bunny slippers"" but Larry tells Balki that he must be tough which comes back on Larry when he's accused of stealing office supplies.
S05E21 This Old House 30/03/1990 Larry has a plan to make a fortune and talks Balki into buying a house for no money down, fixing it up and then selling it for a profit. He ends up making a deal for $150,000 but when he realizes he can make more money by putting in a chandelier and fancy doors, he gets greedy.
S05E22 Eyewitless Reports 11/04/1990 A Chronicle Tour sends Mr. Gorpley, Larry and Balki & Jennifer and Mary Anne to a cabin in the forest where they encounter a 'Mad Dog' killer who escaped from prison. The killer is later apprehended but they all tell different stories about the capture which confuses the state trooper.
S05E23 Bye, Bye Birdie 13/04/1990 Balki grows very fond of his new pet parrot that drives Larry crazy. Meanwhile, their chimney is clogged and when Larry tried to light a fire, he had to open the window to let the smoke out, the parrot flies out and Balki is heartbroken.
S05E24 Digging Up the News 27/04/1990 Larry is assigned to interview Uncle Shaggy, a kid's show host and when he gets Balki to take a picture of him without his costume, the get Uncle Shaggy fired after someone discovered that he has a criminal record for something he did along time ago. But Larry swears he will make it up to him.
S06E01 Safe at Home 28/09/1990 After Larry buys an expensive stereo chair, their apartment is robbed along with the chair. So Larry buys a high-tech security system but takes all the responsibilities himself and won't share them with Balki.
S06E02 New Kid on the Block 05/10/1990 Balki agrees to babysit their new neighbor's daughter Tess and lets her do whatever she wants. She ends up terrorizing the apartment which disturbs Larry who is trying to write a possible front-page story for a city council expose. She also disrupts the staff at the Chronicle.
S06E03 The Break Up 12/10/1990 Jennifer was asked out on a date by an old boyfriend and checked with Larry first. But he agreed thinking that's what she wanted but she really wanted to know here their relationship is going. Confused, She breaks up with Larry who is too scared to tell her how he really feels but they eventually end up getting engaged.
S06E04 A Horse is a Horse 19/10/1990 Larry and Balki buy a race horse and when they race him, he comes in last. They later discover that he has an incurable disease. But Balki takes the horse back to the apartment and tries a Myposian potion to cure him.
S06E05 Family Feud 26/10/1990 A 500 year-old feud in the Bartokomous family is back when their rival Zolton Bauchelitis is coming to fight a duel with Balki. Larry gets caught up in it and must fight Zolton himself. However, they don't try and kill each other, the winner takes the loser's ears.
S06E06 Call Me Indestructible 02/11/1990 Larry is assigned to do an article about a Korean war pilot and goes up in his plane to fly with him, even though he is petrified of small planes, and Balki goes too. After doing tricks in the air, the pilot bails out, Balki lands the plane and Later, Balki discovers that Tephlonous, the Myposian God of Protection was with them and that they are indestructible for 4 weeks. It turns out to be a dream after Larry fainted.
S06E07 The Men Who Knew Too Much (1) 09/11/1990 Larry is sent to Los Angeles to write an article about a soap opera star's wedding and Balki goes with him. While attempting to get a better story, they get chased by mobsters after they witness and video tape Marco Madison, a big time gangster, murder an undercover drug agent and Larry and Balki are prime suspects.
S06E08 The Men Who Knew Too Much (2) 16/11/1990 Larry and Balki manage to play back the tape proving their innocence, but they have trouble getting the tape to the police after they are mugged and captured by Marco's men.
S06E09 The Ring 23/11/1990 Larry buys an engagement ring for Jennifer from a street hustler unaware that he sells phony diamonds. When he discovers that the ring is fake, Larry sells his car, buys a real diamond and tries to switch the rings before she gets it appraised the next day.
S06E10 Black Widow 30/11/1990 After doing some research, Larry finds evidence that Mary Anne is a serial killer but Jennifer is very skeptical since she's known her all her life. But Larry gets scared when Mary Anne is planning on taking Balki mountain climbing, and when Jennifer gets called into work, he thinks that Mary Anne killed her. It turns out to be a total misunderstanding.
S06E11 Sunshine Boys 07/12/1990 Larry's popular high school rival Bunky McDermott comes to see him and invites him and Balki to a formal dinner party and make him a member of his popular club. Larry is so excited and lies to Bunky about going to the Caribbean but to convince him, Larry and Balki spend some time in a tanning bed and end up getting sunburned.
S06E12 Hocus Pocus 28/12/1990 When Balki practices his magic tricks for the Youth Center Show, Larry refuses to go because he's been having trouble finding a story for Mr. Wainwright. But after he finds out that Margaret Thatcher will be stopping by, he sees a great interview and decides to go.
S06E13 Finders Keepers 04/01/1991 Balki finds a box with over $50,000 cash in it. Larry wants to keep it but Balki is insistent on finding the rightful owner, which won't be easy, especially with Mr. Gorpley scheming to get it anyway he can.
S06E14 Grandpa 11/01/1991 Grandpa Appleton comes for a visit and is quite a surprise: He's 76 years old and is acting like a wild teenager, and has a much younger girlfriend. Larry thinks he should act more his age but Balki thinks that it's okay acting as young as he feels.
S06E15 Little Apartment of Horrors 18/01/1991 During the cold season, Larry has a bad cold, along with everyone else except Balki. So Balki's mama sent a plant that cures Larry and everyone else and Larry decides to grow it big to make money off it unaware that growing it big has wacky side effects.
S06E16 I Saw This on TV 01/02/1991 Larry manages to get tickets to go to a Bulls game with Balki on the night that Larry promised to take Jennifer to the ballet. So Larry lied to Jennifer saying that he had to work. Balki tells him a story about an old Honeymooners rerun where we see Ralph (Larry) lying to Alice (Jennifer) about having to work late when he plans on going bowling with Norton (Balki) and Alice ends up finding out about it while she was with Trixie (Mary Anne). However Jennifer found out about the basketball game and Larry is in a heap of trouble.
S06E17 Speak Memory 08/02/1991 Jennifer's mother comes to town and wants to meet Larry, and Jennifer doesn't think that her mother will approve of her marrying him. Later on, Larry falls down the stairs at the Chronicle and gets amnesia which last during the dinner where Larry meets Mrs. Lyons.
S06E18 Out of Sync 15/02/1991 Balki is discovered by a music promoter and he offers him a record and video contract. So Larry convinces Balki to accept and he becomes the newest rap star after shooting a video called ""Fresh Young Balki B."" But after they watch it, they notice that a different voice was dubbed in and Balki quits.
S06E19 See How They Run 22/02/1991 Balki runs for student body president and lets Larry help and as usual, Larry goes completely over the top. The students however, don't like the idea of Balki's idea of reinstating the language requirement so Larry thinks Balki should lie in order to win but he won't.
S06E20 Climb Every Bilboard 15/03/1991 Larry suggests to Mr. Wainwright that a Chronicle employee stay on a billboard until the Bull' losing streak is over. Mr. Wainwright liked the idea and assigned Larry to find someone to do it. So he tricks Balki to do it but when Balki wants to get down, Larry kicks the ladder down and they both get stuck up there until the Bulls win.
S06E21 A Catered Affair 22/03/1991 Balki's catering business really takes off when he is catering for Texans. At Larry's advice, Balki books another party on the same night unaware that Larry already booked another party without telling him. Even with Larry helping him in the kitchen, and Jennifer and Mary Anne serving, all three parties are too much for them to handle.
S06E22 Duck Soup 05/04/1991 Larry is going duck hunting with Mr. Wainwright and Balki wants to go to get revenge on something that happened to him when he was a kid involving a duck. Larry lets him go when he sees what a great shot Balki is but it turns into a disaster when Balki will only let them kill one kind of ducks - pterodactyls.
S06E23 Great Balls of Fire 26/04/1991 Balki convinces Larry to become a volunteer fireman but after the fire chief wore him out, Larry refuses to go back to the fire station until he discovers that Jennifer gets really turned on by firemen. However, the only fire they get to fight is in the fire station.
S06E24 See You in September 03/05/1991 Balki and Mary Anne expect Larry and Jennifer to set a wedding date but they're too scared. To help them, Balki gives them an official marriage test to see if they're right for each other but things don't go as expected. In the end they set the wedding for September regardless of what the test says.
S07E01 Bachelor Party 20/09/1991 As the best man at Larry's upcoming wedding, Balki is tricked by Mr. Gorpley into throwing a bachelor party and when Mr. Gorpley show up at the party, he spikes the punch and hires a stripper and Jennifer finds out.
S07E02 The Wedding 27/09/1991 Larry and Balki are driving to Lake Whitefish where Larry and Jennifer are getting married and they are pulled over for going too slow, but they are arrested when Larry backs into the patrol car, then they are picked out of a line-up when Larry is identified as a robber. Larry and Jennifer end up getting married in jail until the real robber confessed.
S07E03 This New House 04/10/1991 After losing their new apartment, Larry and Jennifer move into a luxurious Victorian house but can't afford to pay for food and heat. So after trying to break the lease without success, They ask Balki and Mary Anne to board with them to help them out.
S07E04 Door to Door 11/10/1991 Larry and Balki get part time jobs to earn extra money. Balki tries stuffing teddy bears, but Larry asks for his help with door to door selling cleaning products. However, Larry is determined to go to a mansion and sell lots of products instead of going door to door with disastrous results.
S07E05 Weekend at Ferdinand's 18/10/1991 King Ferdinand of Mypos comes to visit America and dies in Larry's arms - which means that Larry is the new king according to Myposian custom. But convinced that Larry would make a terrible king, they must pretend that he's alive and drop him into the arms of the King's advisor - The Speaker of the Hut.
S07E06 Fright Night 25/10/1991 When Balki finds out that there is a ghost in their house, Larry refuses to believe it. Jennifer and Mary Anne are convinced when Balki shows them a book about it. So they go up to Balki's room (where the ghost lives) and wait for him to come out. Even when miraculous things start to happen, Larry still doesn't believe it until he's attacked.
S07E07 The Gazebo 01/11/1991 Larry and Balki are building a new gazebo in their back yard and as they struggle to build it, it reminds Jennifer and Mary Anne of Laurel and Hardy as we see them in a parody of Laurel and Hardy trying to build a gazebo.
S07E08 Citizenship (1) 08/11/1991 Balki has passed his Citizenship test and is about to be sworn in as an American Citizen. So Larry arranges for Balki's mama (Bronson Pinchot in a dual role) to come to American to witness him being sworn in. When Balki's mama discovers that he will not come back to Mypos to live, She is angry and Balki has to go back to Mypos.
S07E09 Citizenship (2) 15/11/1991 Larry travels to Mypos to try and persuade Balki's mama to let him come back to America. But before he can talk to her, Larry settles happily into the relaxed life style of Mypos and wants to stay. Eventually, he gets fed up and talks to Balki's mama who realizes that it would really make him happy to let him come back to America where is finally sworn in as an American Citizen.
S07E10 Wild Turkey 22/11/1991 On Thanksgiving, Larry goes into the turkey selling business with over 100 turkeys roaming their backyard and one of the turkeys may have eaten Jennifer's wedding ring.
S07E11 Dimitri's World 29/11/1991 Mr. Wainwright promotes Balki as the editor of the Sunday Children's page where he draws a comic trip of a sheep named Dimitri and Larry is assigned to fill in the dialogue ""bubbles."" But Larry and Balki can't agree on the sheep's sensibility.
S07E12 Car Tunes 06/12/1991 Larry buys a new car radio that gets stolen. So he puts an alarm in the car that keeps going off all night. So they try to catch the thief red-handed by hiding in the trunk and get taken on an unexpected ride.
S07E13 Two Angry Men 03/01/1992 Balki gets his and Larry's names drawn for jury duty which starts the day before Jennifer has a pre-paid, non-refundable vacation to Bermuda booked for her and Larry. Balki holds out for not guilty endangering Larry's plans.
S07E14 Missing 17/01/1992 After Dimitri is kidnapped, Balki has a mental block that prevents him from drawing it in the paper. so Larry and Balki try to catch the kidnapper in the basement of the Chronicle.
S07E15 Going Once, Going Twice 01/02/1992 Larry goes to an auction to cover a story and brings Balki with him and Larry demonstrates the bidding procedure at an auction and they wind up buying a very expensive bottle of wine for $21,000. They now must hide it from Jennifer until they can go back to the auction and resell it.
S07E16 Yes Sir, That's My Baby 08/02/1992 When Balki shows Larry that Jennifer has been knitting booties, The possibility that Jennifer is pregnant causes Larry to imagine Larry and Balki's future sons becoming best friends in the nursery trying to escape.
S07E17 Wayne Man 29/02/1992 Balki wins an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas but is sad when they can't get any tickets to see Wayne Newton. Jennifer attempts to call up an old boyfriend who can get her tickets, But a jealous Larry calls up Wayne's people and tells them that Balki is going deaf and manages to get tickets. After the concert, Wayne wants to meet Balki personally but Larry is afraid the truth will come out.
S07E18 The Elevator 14/03/1992 Larry decides to impress Mr. Wainwright by enlisting himself and Balki to move his brand new oversized couch up the elevator to his office while the elevator is under repair.
S07E19 The Play's the Thing 21/03/1992 When Balki takes Larry's ""Wheat"" play-script to Lydia's theater, Larry goes down to see the cast. But when the director tries to change the lines, Larry won't let him, so they all quit. But Larry insists that they keep the show by casting him with Balki, Lydia, Jennifer, and Mary Anne, but they've never acted before and make a mess of it.
S07E20 Stress Test 28/03/1992 Mr. Wainwright has chosen Larry and Balki to team up for a stress evaluation test that could get them fired if they fail, which isn't easy for Larry ho is high strung.
S07E21 Or Get Off the Pot (1) 04/04/1992 Mary Anne has been hinting at Balki to propose to her and he has failed one too many times so she threatens to move out. Larry talks to Balki and tries to get him to realize but do to mis-communication, Balki thinks that Jennifer's in love with him and Mary Anne is going to die. But in all the confusion, Mary Anne move out.
S07E22 Chicago Suite (2) 11/04/1992 Balki hasn't gone out since he broke up with Mary Anne. So Larry convinces Balki to go out and meet new people and takes him to a singles bar. Balki brings home a woman to watch a Woody Woodpecker marathon but her friend comes with her who is drunk and falls asleep in Larry's bed around the time that Jennifer comes home.
S07E23 It Had to be You (1) 18/04/1992 Balki has been having so many dates in the past two weeks and Jennifer thinks he still misses Mary Anne but Larry refuses to believe it. Later on, Balki meets the woman of his dreams who is identical to Mary Anne, and they later discover that Mary Anne is dating a man identical to Balki. Balki and Mary Anne don't seem to realize what's going on for a while, but when they do, they end up getting engaged.
S07E24 Get Me to the Dump on Time (2) 18/04/1992 According to a sacred Myposian custom, Balki and Mary Anne must be married within 24 hours and they get everything ready. Larry feels left out of the duties so Balki makes him his best man and the guardian of his Myposian marriage necklace which he must have during the ceremony, but Larry accidentally throws it out. So Larry and Balki search the dump for it and eventually find it and Balki and Mary Anne finally get married.
S08E01 The Baby Shower 09/07/1993 Jennifer is seven months pregnant; Balki and Mary Anne have been on their honeymoon for five months in Mypos and their about to come home. When they arrive, they have a surprise, Mary Anne is also pregnant but isn't going through any bad symptoms like Jennifer is. Balki brought a root back from Mypos that could help Jennifer but when Larry and Balki eat it, they start acting very hyper and ruin the baby shower.
S08E02 After Hours 16/07/1993 Larry wants to put some sparks back in his marriage, and after he fails with Balki's secret treasures, he goes shopping with Balki and accidentally gets locked in the store after hours with a mad dog on the loose.
S08E03 Lethal Weapon 23/07/1993 When all of Balki's ants on his farm die, he discovers that he has the "exterminiki curse" and everything he touches will instantly die. So he must wear an oven-mitt suit but can't do his job and drives Jennifer and Mary Anne away until the curse is over.
S08E04 The Baby Quiz 30/07/1993 Balki applies to the ""Baby Quiz"" TV game show for both couples. As it happens, Only Larry and Jennifer are accepted until a last minute drop out of the other contestants, in which Balki and Mary Anne take their places. The prize is a college scholarship for the baby.
S08E05 Up, Up and Away (1) 06/08/1993 Jennifer is two weeks overdue and has a few false alarms. Meanwhile, After Balki and Mary Anne went to the fair, Mary Anne goes into labor and has her baby in the driveway. Jennifer is told about a balloon ride Mary Anne went in and in hopes of going into labor, Larry and Balki take Jennifer up in the balloon.
S08E06 Up, Up and Away (2) 06/08/1993 Trapped on board a runaway hot air balloon, Larry and Balki must find a way to get back to Earth as Jennifer goes into labor.