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A comedy about the ups and downs of Bob Slay, an obnoxious, rude and arrogant, but extremely successful, marketing executive.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Perfect World

S02E01 Revenge 00/00/0000 Maggie gets Bob drunk at the office to pay him back for posing as her internet admirer. Meanwhile, the Marketing Director decides he would like to try being gay, so the males in the office had better watch out...
S02E02 Family Values 00/00/0000 The Marketing Director takes a trip to Amsterdam to buy his wife a wedding anniversary present. He chooses a video on pets, which is so obscene it is confiscated by customs. Bob and Maggie are posing as husband and wife to impress a Russian businessman. Meanwhile, the Marketing Director has installed a 24-hour webcam in Bob's office - with amusing results. Will Bob be able to resist
S02E03 Home 00/00/0000 The marketing director is kicked out by his wife - and decides to move in with Bob. However, in between girlfriends, Bob is temporarily homeless and 'borrows' the keys to Vaughan's uncle's flat while he is away. How will Bob get rid of his unwanted guest before the real owner of the flat returns?
S02E04 Best Man 00/00/0000 Vaughan and Briony are about to be married. Their pre-nuptial agreement includes the proviso that Bob will not be best man, but Vaughan is too scared to tell him. And after enduring the Marketing Director's unusual tips for married life, and Bob's guerilla tactics for preventing the wedding going ahead without him, will the happy couple ever make it down the aisle?
S02E05 Fast Track 00/00/0000 Maggie is chosen by a newspaper as the subject of an article about women in the workplace. But she soon finds herself being eclipsed by her new assistant - who is poached first by Bob and then by the Marketing director in a meteoric rise through the company. And the international board meeting ends with two directors in hospital.
S02E06 Graduates 00/00/0000 After Bob brags about his fake university qualifications, Maggie volunteers him to give a careers talk in an effort to boost graduate recruitment in the company.
S02E07 Mutiny 00/00/0000 Bob returns from an extended holiday to find that Vaughan has taken over his office and his job, and immediately plans his comeback!