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Perry Mason est un brillant avocat qui, avec l'aide de son équipe, gagne de nombreux procès grâce à des méthodes novatrices


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Perry Mason

S01E01 La rousse se remue 21/09/1957 This, the First episode of "Perry Mason," was a real cliff-hanger. Perry drives to the scene of a shooting and finds the police recovering the body of Harry Merrill from a car that went over the side of a mountain. MerriIl has a bullet in his body and a pillowcase over his head. This is a coincidence, because Perry's client Evelyn Bagby, claims she was chased by a hooded man in a car near the same cliff that day. She fired two shots at the man's car to scare him off, and now the police want her for murder.
S01E02 La nièce du somnambule 28/09/1957 Peter Cole is caught one night sleepwalking with a letter opener and standing over his wife's bed. His wife Doris is afraid and decides the next day to file for divorce. Exactly one year later, when the divorce is to be finalized, Frank Maddox, Peter's business partner, meets with Doris Cole. Together they arrange to force Peter Cole to pay Frank Maddox $500K to buy his share of the business or Doris will stop the divorce that Peter wants. That night Frank Maddox spends the night at Peter Cole's house and exchanges bedrooms with Phillip Kendall, Peter's stepbrother. The next morning Phillip Kendall is found dead in bed and Peter Cole is accused of murder due to his known sleepwalking.
S01E03 La séduisante spéculatrice 05/10/1957 Sybil Granger hires Perry to help her buy stock in her estranged husband's oil company on the sly. By this, Sybil hopes to force her husband's latest girlfriend, Roxy Howard, out of the company and his life altogether. Things get complicated when George Lutz enters the picture and gets shot to death.
S01E04 Le canard qui se noie 12/10/1957 Donald Briggs is an unscrupulous private investigator hired by Clyde Waters to uncover information about Marv Adams, his daughter's fiance. Briggs learned that Marv Adams' father was Ben Devereaux who was convicted of murder 18 years ago. Donald Briggs is trying to blackmail Clyde Waters and Martha Norris in return for keeping silent about certain facts regarding the Devereaux case. The next evening Donald Briggs is found dead in his motel room and Marv Adams is accused of the murder because he had a fight with Donald Briggs the previous morning.
S01E05 La blonde boudeuse 19/10/1957 Fran Celane feels her uncle, Edward Norton, is too restrictive as the executor of her father's spendthrift trust. He also wants her to wait 18 months until her 25th birthday before she gets married. Arthur Crinston, Edward Norton's attorney, arrives to meet with Mr. Norton but is told to return at 11pm. When he returns, they meet for a few minutes and as he is leaving, Mr. Norton asks him to take his secretary, Donald Graves, to pick up some papers. As they drive away, Mr. Graves looks back at the house and sees someone attack Edward Norton. They return to find Edward Norton dead and Rodney Gleason, Fran's fiance, is identified as the assailant. Rodney Gleason is accused of the murder.
S01E06 L'adversaire associé 26/10/1957 Harry Marlow owns a florist business and wants to own a part of Mildred Kimber's orchid business but Mildred Kimber is not interested. So Harry Marlow makes an arrangement with a local club owner, Sam Lynk, to cheat Mildred's husband, Bob Kimber, out of his share of the business in a card game. Meanwhile an employee of Sam Lynk, Lola Florey, decides to help Mildred Kimber to get the shares of stock back from Sam Lynk. When Sam Lynk is found dead in his home, Mildred Kimber is accused of the crime after her prescription drug container is found in Sam Lynk's house.
S01E07 L'amoureux agressif 02/11/1957 Carla Adrian is having trouble fending off amorous neighbor Mark Cushing.When another neighbor hears a shot and a woman's scream saw Carla's Mother Belle Adrian in Mark Cushing's cabin,it's not long before the police discover Mark Cushing and arrest Mrs Belle Adrian.Perry Mason comes to defend Mrs. Belle Adrian.
S01E08 Le baiser pourpre 09/11/1957 Fay Allison is getting married in a few days to Dane Grover. Her roommate, Anita Bonsal, is having a clandestine affair with a married man, Carver Clement. When Aunt Louise arrives early the next morning to be with Fay, she finds Fay and Anita both appear to have been drugged. Louise calls her friend Perry Mason to help decide what to do. Perry and Della discover the key to another apartment in Fay's purse and go upstairs to investigate. They arrive to find Carver Clement dead in the apartment. Fay Allison is accused of the murder when the police find her fingerprints on a glass in the apartment.
S01E09 La vierge vagabonde 16/11/1957 Hollywood producer John Addison picks up an attractive young woman hitchhiker. Far from being innocent she turns out to be a blackmailer and a witness to a murder that Addison is charged with. Perry, as usual, is hired to get to the bottom of things.
S01E10 Le cadavre cavaleur 23/11/1957 Ed Davenport learns that a sandwich he requested to be tested by a lab contains arsenic and blames his wife Myrna. When he confronts her about his suspicions she denies it. He leaves for a business trip and falls ill. Dr. Renault is called to treat him at a motel where Ed Davenport later dies. Before he dies he claims his wife poisoned some candy. After locking the motel room the doctor calls the police. The police arrive to find the corpse missing. The police test the candy and indeed find arsenic. Subsequently Ed Davenport's body is found in a shallow grave. Myrna Davenport is accused of the murder.
S01E11 La bougie bancale 30/11/1957 While Martha Bradford is waiting for her appointment at a beauty parlour, she meets Rita Bradford who apparently is also married to Joe Bradford and lives at the same address. Joe Bradford is preparing for a business meeting in San Diego. He makes plans to meet his wife Martha but fails to show up. Joe Bradford is found dead on his boat the next morning and Martha Bradford is accused of his murder when her fingerprints are found on a candle located on the boat.
S01E12 La nymphe négligente 07/12/1957 Perry Mason and Paul Drake are on a fishing trip when they spot a young woman named Sally Fenner being pursued by vicious guard dogs on an island estate. The only way Sally can avoid being chewed up by the dogs is to jump into the water and swim for it. Perry and Paul pull Sally out of the drink and Perry ends up defending her on a murder charge.
S01E13 Le vison mité 14/12/1957 Restrauteur Morey Allen, a friend of Perry and Della's, has a problem: his waitress, Dixie Dayton, was struck by a car while fleeing the restaurant after spotting a man stalking her. The only item she left behind was a moth-eaten mink. When the stalker is found murdered, Morey and Dixie are both strong suspects and eventually get arrested for the murder. The case also ties in with the murder of a young policeman several months before.
S01E14 La femme au masque 21/12/1957 Robert Dawson confronts Albert Tydings, his partner, about $80K missing from Carol Stanley's trust account. Albert Tydings admits he embezzled the money and blackmails Robert Dawson to keep quiet or he will reveal some scandalous facts about Carol. Later, Carol calls and makes an appointment to meet Albert Tydings at his office to discuss the trust account. She arrives to find Albert Tydings dead. The next morning Perry goes to Albert Tydings' home and finds him there dead. Eventually the police determine Tydings body was moved from his office. The police accuse Carol Stanley when her car is reported seen at the office at the time he was murdered.
S01E15 La danseuse et le cheval 28/12/1957 Perry and Della witness an automobile accident which leads Perry to defend an exotic dancer charged with murder.
S01E16 L'accusée accomplie 04/01/1958 Nadine Marshall lives with her Uncle Martin and Captain Hugo. She comes home excited with the news of her engagement to John Locke. When she tells her Uncle Martin, he shows her some papers about her family which upset her. When Nadine visits John Locke, she takes some cyanide pills without John noticing. Later that evening Nadine makes her Uncle Martin's nightly hot chocolate and he dies shortly afterward. Nadine is accused of murder when she makes a taped confession that she killed her uncle.
S01E17 La nudiste navrée 11/01/1958 Arlene Dowling reports the theft of all her belongings, including a diary she is anxious to get back.
S01E18 La prudente pin-up 18/01/1958 Perry has to navigate his way through a hornet's nest of murder, hit-and-run, secret marriage, and a missing witness in this episode.
S01E19 Le mari fantôme 25/01/1958 Claire Olger is hitchhiking because her purse was stolen at the bus station and is picked up by Michael Greeley. He loses control of the car and has an accident due to his being intoxicated. Arriving at the scene of the accident, the police find Claire in the driver's seat. The district attorney's office questions her but do not believe her story about another driver. Her friend, Doris Stephanak, asks Perry Mason to help. When Perry is unable to contact Claire at her hotel, he goes there and finds Michael Greeley dead in her room. The police accuse Claire Olger of murder, realizing Michael Greeley fits the description of the man she claimed was driving the car and believe she had motive and opportunity.
S01E20 Cœurs à vendre 01/02/1958 Heiress Marilyn Cartright places an ad in a magazine in order to find love and companionship. In reality, Marilyn is looking for the con artist who swindled and drove her sister to suicide. Marilyn eventually finds the man, Charles "Country Boy" Barnaby, and turns on her ample charm in his direction hoping to get the goods on him. But when Barnaby is found poisoned to death the police theorize that Marilyn killed him as an act of revenge.
S01E21 La vamp aux yeux verts 08/02/1958 Arthur West, a disreputable private investigator, has found J. J. Stanley in a cheap motel. He knows Mr. Stanley and his partner Ned Bain were involved in the embezzlement of the Texas National Bank. He wants to blackmail Ned Bain into giving him money to keep quiet. Harriet Bain, Ned Bain's daughter, answers the call from Arthur West and agrees to meet him. After hearing a taped conversation between J. J. Stanley and Ned Bain talking about the blackmail offer, she hires Perry Mason. Ned Bain decides to pay and meets with J. J. Stanley. The next morning J. J. Stanley is found dead in Arthur West's hotel room. Harriet Bain is accused of the murder when her fingerprints are found on the murder weapon.
S01E22 La femme futée 15/02/1958 Janet Norris is charged with poisoning her doctor husband just before he flew to his death in his private plane. Further investigation reveals that Dr. Norris did not die in the plane crash and that he is in Mexico with his nurse mistress. The man killed in the plane was actually one Dave Kirby. This means that Janet still has to stand trial for murder.
S01E23 Chantage à l'œil 22/02/1958 Della and Perry's dinner at a fancy French restaurant is interrupted by a phone call and an envelope containing $500.00 from a mysterious woman named Marian Fargo. She wants him to make an exchange for her: the money for some documents regarding her fugitive brother. Unbeknownst to Marion, her own husband is in on the blackmail scheme which is being masterminded by one Samuel Carlin. Marion's husband and Carlin both turn up dead but Marion, who has fled on a bus, has an eyewitness, Diana Maynard, who can provide her with an alibi for the murders. Unfortunately for all concerned, Ms. Maynard has only one good eye and may not be telling the truth about who she is.
S01E24 Une double vie mortelle 01/03/1958 When Robert Crane is charged with the murder of his sister's estranged husband Perry needs the testimony of sister Helen Reed to clear him of the charge. Unfortunately for all concerned, Helen suffers from multiple personality disorder and the second personality, Joyce Martel, is the one who is needed as the witness. Helen's psychiatrist puts her under hypnosis so Joyce can tell what she knows about the case.
S01E25 La boîte vide 08/03/1958 Doris Hocksley is shown a personal newspaper ad in a Los Angeles newspaper for locating the daughter of Adam Hocksley and providing proof of same. A friend, John Lowell, suggests she pursue the idea to prove she is the rightful heir to Adam Hocksley estate. Alan Neil is the nephew of Elston Carr, the executor. He meets Doris Hocksley and suggests they work together, for a price, to convince the executor. Later that evening Elston Carr is found dead in his home by Rebecca Gentrie, the secretary. She locks the door to the room to keep whoever is inside from escaping and calls the police. The police open the door to find Doris Hocksley. She is accused of murder when they find her fingerprints on the murder weapon.
S01E26 L'épouse mal éveillée 15/03/1958 Frank Lawton goes to visit old friend Scott Shelby and ends up being charged with his muder. Fortunately for Lawton, Perry Mason is another old friend of his and he arrives on the scene to try and solve the case.
S01E27 La fille désespérée 22/03/1958 Stefan Riker has come from Germany seeking the woman posing as Lisa Bannister and she believes he can cause her to be deported back to Germany. Attempting to help her stepmother, Doris Bannister pretends to be romantically interested in Stefan Riker. During the next few months Stefan Riker receives money and gifts from Doris and seems satisfied. However one night he is murdered and Doris Bannister is accused of murder because her fingerprints are found on a ladder outside of Riker's apartment.
S01E28 Un fieffé filou 29/03/1958 Daniel Conway is involved in a vicious proxy war with Warner Griffith for control of an oil company. Conway's secretary, Rose Calvert, is spying for Griffith. When Rose is found dead, Conway fears he's being framed for murder and approaches Perry at a bar association dinner and asks for his aid. Perry at first believes Griffin to be the guilty party but he has an ironclad alibi. Then another witness emerges who has a photographic memory and can identify people by their shoes.
S01E29 L'hôtesse hésitante 05/04/1958 When Albert Sanders is charged with the murder of Kim Lane, Perry offers to defend him free of charge because he knows Sanders is still devastated over the accidental death of his wife and children eight years before. The solution to the case hinges on a heroin smuggling ring operating out of a dance hall. Writer: Al C. W
S01E30 Le mari menteur 26/04/1958 Gossip columnist Mary K. Davis is found murdered and it seems there is no shortage of suspects. There was her politician-husband to whom she refused to grant a divorce. There was her timid secretary whom she bullied. There was the secretary's boyfriend who had some secrets in his past. There was the doctor running an illegal baby-selling scheme whom Mary threatened to expose if he didn't give her a child. Leona Walsh, the doctor's nurse, ends up being charged with the crime and this time Perry has to tamper with some evidence in order to clear his client.
S01E31 Les doigts de flamme 03/05/1958 When wealthy Louise Gordon is poisoned to death her nurse is charged with the crime. Perry does some digging and discovers that the first wife of the victim's husband also died of poisoning. Is the husband really the culprit or could it be someone else?
S01E32 Visages de rechange 10/05/1958 Perry and Della are traveling on a cruise ship returning to Los Angeles from Vancouver. Carl Houser jumps overboard from the ship and is presumed drowned. Houser later turns up on shore but with a bullet wound in his body. Anna Houser, Carl's wife, is charged with the murder of her husband. The case hinges on a tax evasion case in which the late victim sat on the jury and held out for acquittal as well as a mysterious man on board the cruise ship who was in a wheelchair and had his face wrapped in bandages.
S01E33 Trois mannequins perfides 17/05/1958 Racketeer George Castle kills Las Vegas hotel owner Glenn Faulkner over a gambling debt and sets his sights on land inherited by Faulkner's daughter, Stephanie. When Castle turns up murdered as well, Stephanie finds herself the number one suspect.
S01E34 L'entôleuse émotive 24/05/1958 Enid Griffin, the secretary of Stewart Brent, attempts to commit suicide after learning her boss has married. Arthur Binney attempts to blackmail Stewart Brent with facts about his new wife having been in jail for fraud. When Stewart Brent goes to meet Arthur Binney at a motel for the payoff, he is knocked unconscious. He awakens to find Arthur Binney dead in the next room and admits he killed him when the motel manager walks in. Stewart Brent is accused of the murder.
S01E35 L'amant paresseux 31/05/1958 Attempting to miss hitting her stepfather's car, Patricia Faxon swerves as she enters her driveway and hits the hedges. After asking her stepfather, Bertrand Allred, to move his car, he finds Bob Fleetwood badly hurt next to the hedges. Assuming Patricia accidently hit Bob Fleetwood, Bertrand and Lucille Allred take Bob to a hotel. The next morning Bertrand Allred is found dead in his car, near the hotel, where the car left the road and went through the guard rail. Lucille Allred is accused of killing her husband when she is seen walking back to the hotel shortly after Bertrand's car left.
S01E36 Le parent prodige 07/06/1958 Lorraine Stevens is fighting off the advances of the owner of the import-export company where she works, Philip Larkin. Later that evening she is asked to pick up something at the Alcorn Jewelers store. The owner is unaware of what she is to pick up and suggests she make a phonecall to find out. She calls Philip Larkin and while the phone rings we see Philip Larkin dead in his home. Standing over him is Joseph Harrison who wipes off his fingerprints from the telephone and leaves. When his fingerprints are found on the gun case of the murder weapon he is accused of the murder.
S01E37 La blonde au cocard 14/06/1958 A visit from an attractive blonde sporting a black eye sequeways into a case concerning a wealthy man's long lost grandson and murder.
S01E38 La dactylo dégourdie 21/06/1958 While a woman is searching the office of the South African Diamond Company, George Baxter enters to meet Walter Lumis and Duane Jefferson. He notices things in disarray and questions the woman. She makes an escape, enters Perry Mason's office, and pretends to be a typist sent by a temp agency. She leaves unannounced a short time later. Meanwhile Baxter calls for the police assuming a robbery has taken place. That evening the dead body of George Baxter is seen being thrown from a pier. Duane Jefferson is identified as the person who threw the body off the pier and is accused of the murder. However he refuses to identify the woman who could prove his innocence.
S01E39 Crime en deux temps 28/06/1958 Lorsque Daniel Reed (Edgar Stehli) se retrouve victime d'un chantage par un vieux partenaire d'affaires de son temps en Alaska, Perry doit d'abord le sauver de l'asile d'aliénés, puis de la chambre à gaz. Convaincu que Reed a perdu l'ésprit quand il commence à faire un chéque de 20,000.00 $ à des étrangers, sa nièce et son neveu ont placé le vieil homme de force dans un asile d'aliénés. Perry est enrôlé par la petite amie de Daniel Reed Millie Foster (Kitty Kelly) pour le faire sortir de l'asile. Mais peu de temps avant, celui ci s'échappe et est accusé d'avoir assassiner Mr Lewis
S02E01 Le mort assassiné 20/09/1958 Perry receives a telephone call from George Beaumont, a man who supposedly died in a plane crash nearly three years before. In reality, Beaumont missed the plane and after hearing about the accident decided to disappear leaving wife Laura with his life insurance money. Since then, Beaumont has been cavorting with girlfriend Ruth Whittaker and living under an alias. He has grown tired of this life and wants to return home but someone cuts short his return by sticking a letter opener in his back. Ruth is then charged with the murder.
S02E02 Le chauffard chanceux 27/09/1958 Perry has all kinds of troubles in this one when a murder brings him into the tangled financial and personal affairs of the wealthy Balfour family.
S02E03 Le client miniature 04/10/1958 Robbers lift a bundle from the Hargrove Finance Company and Frank Anderson is murdered in the aftermath. Anthony "Pop" Renzi is identified as one of the robbers and charged with both the robbery and the murder. Perry sets out to clear him of both charges.
S02E04 Le sergent sardonique 11/10/1958 Major Frank Lessing, a payroll officer on an Army base, is found murdered and Sgt. Joseph Dexter is charged with the crime. The case hinges on a payroll robbery committed in the Phillippines years before. It seems as though some of the bills from that robbery were turning up on the base.
S02E05 L'épouse épouvantée 18/10/1958 Rhoda Reynolds is charged with murdering her blackmailing ex-husband, Arthur Kane. At the trial, Perry moves the proceedings to the room in which Kane was murdered in order to re-enact the fatal night.
S02E06 La pendule enterrée 01/11/1958 Slimy Jack Hardisty embezzles $100,000.00 from his father-in-law, Dr. Blane. The greedy Hardisty then tries to blackmail the good doctor for more. Perry is hired by Dr. Blane to put an end to Hardisty's machinations but before he can swing into action the rogue turns up dead. Dr. Blane is charged with the murder forcing Perry to do some intricate courtroom work involving a wildlife camera triggered by a buried clock which took misleading pictures of the actual killer.
S02E07 Travailleur au noir 08/11/1958 A moonlighting school teacher is charged with the murder of a male acquaintence he had taken home after the acquaintence had earlier raised a disturbance at his night job at a cafe.
S02E08 Le jockey plaqué 15/11/1958 Jockey Tic Barton is in a mess of trouble. First he's fired when his horse loses a fixed race and then he's charged with murder after confronting Johnny Starr, the man actually responsible for the fix. And, oh yes, Tic's wife was having an affair with the murder victim. It's up to Perry to set things right.
S02E09 La femme pourpre 22/11/1958 An art collector, Rufus Varner, is told by a reputable art critic that one of his most prized art paintings named ""The Purple Woman"" is a forgery. Varner visits the art dealer from whom he purchased the painting, Milo Girard. After he finds out the dealer knew it was a forgery, he realizes the news would damage his reputation as an art collector. At the Girard home, an artist Aaron Hubble, tells Evelyn Girard, the wife of the art dealer, that he painted a forgery of The Purple Woman for her husband. Milo Girard is found dead in his office the next morning and his wife Evelyn is charged with his murder.
S02E10 Le gros magot 13/12/1958 Martin Ellis is sent to jail for stealing the sum of $300,000.00. Ellis is later exonerated thanks to evidence discovered by his wife and the real thief, Charles Brewster, is arrested for the theft. Brewster manages to get out of jail on bail but later turns up dead. Ellis is charged with the killing.
S02E11 Le perroquet faux témoin 20/12/1958 The courtroom action in this episode takes place at a coroner's inquest as a parrot holds the key to freeing suspect Ellen Sabin from blame in the murder of her husband.
S02E12 Rêves brisés 03/01/1959 Sarah Werner asks Perry to find her husband, Hugo Werner, who ran off with her inheritance. Hugo, now using the name Hans Breel, is now working on a gem scam but his scheme backfires when he is murdered and Sarah is charged with the crime.
S02E13 La brunette bouclée 10/01/1959 Eva Martell is hired out of numerous candidates by Melvin Slater to impersonate a woman named Helen Reynolds. Eva is paid extremely well and given a nice apartment to live in with her Aunt Agnes as long as she continues with her impersonation. Both Eva and her aunt suspect a rat and seek Perry's advice. Then Melvin Slater turns up dead in the apartment.
S02E14 Le poisson noyé 17/01/1959 An inventor of a cure for sick fish is charged with the murder of the purchaser of a pet fish store.
S02E15 Pic et pic et drôle de drame 24/01/1959 Two troubled women, Millie Crest and Fern Driscoll, switch identities. Millie, posing as Fern, stabs shady private eye Carl Davis in the arm in self-defense. Davis then turns up dead from poisoning of the stab wound to his arm. Millie then gets Perry to help her in return for a 38 cent retainer.
S02E16 La photo truquée 07/02/1959 A District Attorney is charged with the murder of a chairman of the bids committee to a defectively built hospital whom he is investigating for a series of bribes being passed around.
S02E17 L'escroc romantique 14/02/1959 An heiress to her uncle's fortune is charged with the murder of a female private investigator during a search for her missing uncle.
S02E18 Le farceur désabusé 21/02/1959 Danny Ross is a television comedian who is waiting to hear about a new television show. It has been three years since his last television show was cancelled. Charles Goff is an advertising executive who promised Danny he would pitch him for a new show in return for an introduction with the president of a large big-budget advertiser. Danny does his part but learns from Goff's secretary that Goff landed the deal without him. When Charles Goff is found dead in his office the next morning, Danny's friend, Freddie Green, is accused of the murder after finding his fingerprints on the murder weapon.
S02E19 Un chat pour client 07/03/1959 Wealthy Peter Baxter decides to test the loyalty of his heirs. He pretends to change his will cutting them all out and leaving his entire estate to groundskeeper, James Hing. Hing is then supposed to burn down Baxter's house and Baxter would substitute a medical cadaver for his own body. If any of the heirs contested the will, they would be disinherited. Hing does as he is instructed. He burns down the house but the body discovered inside is really that of Peter Baxter. Perry tries to sort through this muddled mess and arrive at the truth.
S02E20 L'évêque bègue 14/03/1959 Bishop Arthur Mallory is met in his hotel room by Wallace Lang, an associate of a wealthy man named Charles Burroughs. He is warned thru physical violence to stop looking for the real granddaughter of Charles Burroughs. Carol Delaney helps the bishop with his wounds and hears an incredible story that she may be the real granddaughter, Janice Burroughs. She doesn't believe him at first but changes her mind when she is also visited by Wallace Lang and warned to drop this idea. Carol is invited to meet Charles Burroughs and later the same night he is found dead. Carol is accused of his murder when the knife used to murder Mr. Burroughs is found to belong to her carving set.
S02E21 Le dernier acte 21/03/1959 Playwright Ernest Royce is found shot to death in the same manner as a character in one of his unproduced plays. The play dealt with characters very close to real people and the real life murder of a New York underworld figure years before. Perry's client, Frank Brooks, is charged with Royce's murder and Perry must find the missing final act of the play in order to clear Brooks.
S02E22 Le docteur diabolique 04/04/1959 Dr. David Craig discovers that tapes of conversations with his psychiatric patients are missing and being used for blackmail purposes. When the suspected thief and blackmailer, Mark Douglas, turns up murdered, the good doctor is charged with the crime.
S02E23 Coup de crocs 11/04/1959 Evelyn Forbes escapes from a mental institution only to be charged with murder. The key to the case is a dog that continues to howl no matter what.
S02E24 Le modèle meurtri 18/04/1959 A building contractor is charged with the murder of a wealthy political Mr.fix-it.
S02E25 L'associé irritable 25/04/1959 Harry Bright and Chuck Clark were once best friends and business partners until Margaret entered the picture. Margaret was a much younger woman on the make who entranced Chuck into marrying her. When Margaret is found shot to death, Harry is arrested for the crime but the more Perry digs into the victim's past the more convoluted things get.
S02E26 La veuve vigilante 09/05/1959 Matilda Benson is a tough old broad who rules her children with an iron hand and the promises in her will. Her family then gets involved in a gambling scandal involving sinister nightclub owner Danny Barker. When Barker is found dead the scandal expands to include murder.
S02E27 L'horrible hypothèse 16/05/1959 Martin Selkirk is a major league rotter who wants Claire Allison in the worst way even though she's dating Dirk Benedict. Selkirk has Dirk's jaw broken and begins sending Claire threatening mail. Then Selkirk is murdered in his beach house and Claire is arrested for the crime. Perry takes the case and finds that the evidence points in the direction of Selkirk's five year old son. Or does it?
S02E28 La croix espagnole 30/05/1959 Young Jimmy Morrow can't seem to catch a break. Already on probation for car theft he's charged with stealing a valuable Spanish cross and killing its owner. Perry feels sorry for the kid and decides to take the case.
S02E29 Le bigame innocent 13/06/1959 Perry returns to his office late one night and finds an attractive woman climbing into his balcony window. She claims to be Virginia Colfax, the secretary of Ed Garvin who has an office next door to Perry's. Ms. Colfax says that she climbed into Perry's office in order to escape from Garvin's hot tempered wife but Perry later learns that Garvin is married to two women. Garvin and second wife Lorrie are sent to Mexico by Perry until he can clear up the matter but when Garvin's first wife, Ethel, is murdered there's an even bigger mess on the scene. And just who in the world is Virginia Colfax, the woman climbing in the window?
S02E30 Le canari boiteux 27/06/1959 Ruth Prescott wants to divorce Walter Prescott so that she can be with her true love, Jimmy MacLaine. After a brush with death, Ruth becomes convinced that Walter is trying to kill her rather than give her the divorce. Walter then turns up dead and the police are convinced that Ruth shot him but Perry, as usual, doesn't think so. A lame canary and unusual bruises on the victim hold the keys to the puzzle.
S03E01 The Case of the Spurious Sister 03/10/1959 Bruce Chapman returns home early from a business trip to find that his wife, Marie, wants a divorce. Chapman is shocked at this turn of events because just before he left on his trip he thought he had found the strangled body of Marie in his office. But if Marie is still alive, who was the dead woman in the office?
S03E02 The Case of the Watery Witness 10/10/1959 Lorna Thomas is a has-been actress who once gave up her baby fof adoption and lived to regret it. George Clark discovers that his wife might be Lorna's long-lost daughter and begins to see dollar signs. The Clarks go to Perry for advice but learn that since Lorna gave up her daughter for adoption she cannot inherit any of her mother's estate. George is devastated over the loss of potential income but he's also under arrest when Lorna is found murdered.
S03E03 The Case of the Garrulous Gambler 17/10/1959 Larry Benton is a hard luck guy. He gets in an argument in a poker game and knocks Mike Granger out cold. Then his "friends" inform him that Granger is dead. Unknown to Larry, the entire scenario is a scam to shake him down for money. Larry forges his brother's check for $5,000.00 but ring leader Johnny Clay tries to bleed him for an additional twenty grand. Johnny's greed proves to be his undoing as he ends up dead himself. Steve Benton tries to cover up Larry's involvement and ends up being charged with Clay's murder. Perry then tries to track down Mike Granger, the man Larry supposedly killed, in order to get to the bottom ot things. Writer: Ge
S03E04 The Case of the Blushing Pearls 24/10/1959 Mitsuo Kamuri has been seeing a great deal of Grover Nichols, son of wealthy businessman Hudson Nichols. Nichols doesn't approve of his son's relationship and when Mitsuo is "caught" with a string of valuable pearls belonging to Mrs. Nichols he agrees to drop all charges provided she stops seeing his son. Things then get even more complicated when Mitsuo's uncle, who had originally strung the pearls. is found murdered. The death has been made to look like hara-kiri but the police are not fooled.
S03E05 The Case of the Startled Stallion 31/10/1959 Wealthy rancher John Brant forecloses on Jo Ann Blanchard's mortgage and takes possession of her prized stallion. Jo Ann goes to Perry for help in getting the horse back but soon needs Perry's aid in getting her off a murder charge she is arrested for killing Brant.
S03E06 The Case of Paul Drake's Dilemma 14/11/1959 Donna Kress, a singer, is preparing a demo for a recording contract. She has been carrying on a long term affair with a married man, Frank Thatcher. That night Frank Thatcher is involved in a hit-and-run accident but does not report the incident. He is the son-in-law of Henry W. Dameron, a very wealthy businessman. To avoid publicity, Henry Dameron instructs Frank Thatcher to pay off the dead man's family anonymously. Frank uses Paul Drake to take care of the details. After Paul Drake speaks to the widow he uncovers the fact of the hit-and-run accident which Frank did not reveal. Later he confronts Frank Thatcher, a fistfight ensues, and Paul Drake is knocked unconscious. Later Frank Thatcher is found dead in the same apartment with Paul Drake after he wakes up. Paul Drake is accused of the murder when his gun is found to be the murder weapon.
S03E07 The Case of the Golden Fraud 21/11/1959 Richard Vanaman is up for a promotion at his investment firm but is sabotaged and framed for murder.
S03E08 The Case of the Bartered Bikini 05/12/1959 Wally Dunbar seeks Perry's help in securing ownership of his new summer line of swimwear but the sketches are stolen and worse yet, chief designer Rick Stassi is murdered. Wally's girlfriend, Kitty Wynne, who was being blackmailed by Stassi goes to trial for his murder.
S03E09 The Case of the Artful Dodger 12/12/1959 No talent assclown Allen Sheridan has more enemies than you can shake a stick at. even though he's due to inherit the healthy sum of $162,000.00. When Allen turns up dead his killer could be anyone but his cousin Sarette becomes the prime suspect.
S03E10 The Case of the Lucky Legs 19/12/1959 Marjorie Cluny wins a contest for best looking legs sponsored by Frank Patton of Stellar Productions. Her prize is a trip to Hollywood and a role in Patton's next picture. Unfortunately, there was fine print in Marjorie's contract and her Hollywood career lasts only two days. Patton is then found stabbed to death with a woodcarving instrument . Marjorie disappears and becomes the leading suspect.
S03E11 The Case of the Violent Village 02/01/1960 Perry goes on a fishing trip in a small Sierra Nevada town with his old friend, Sheriff Gene Norris but as usual manages to get sidetracked into another murder case when Phil Beecher returns from jail. It seems as though Phil did time for negligent homicide for the car accident which killed the daughter of Sheriff Norris. Charlotte Norris, sister of the decedant, wants revenge and frames Phil for a robbery but is herself killed. Can Perry prevent things from getting out of hand in the village?
S03E12 The Case of the Frantic Flyer 09/01/1960 A double cross, a double murder, a plane crash, missing money, and yet another innocent widow charged with crimes she didn't commit are the elements of this case.
S03E13 The Case of the Wayward Wife 23/01/1960 Ben Sutton is listed as the author of a best-selling book describing his experiences in a Korean POW camp. When the real author is released from an Army hospital, Sutton is slain before he can tell the truth and his widow is arrested for the murder.
S03E14 The Case of the Prudent Prosecutor 30/01/1960 DA Hamilton Burger asks Perry to defend an old friend who once saved his life in a boating accident ten years before. The old friend of Burger's is now facing a murder charge.
S03E15 The Case of the Gallant Grafter 06/02/1960 Corporate intrigue is the backdrop of this episode when embezzling accountant Robert Doniger is murdered and Edward Nelson is charged with his murder.
S03E16 The Case of the Wary Wildcatter 20/02/1960 Charles Houston cleverly get away with killing his wife by making it look like she died in a car accident. Then a wildlife photographer shows up with the murder on film and Charles discovers that his sister-in-law has squandered all the profits from his oil well. The situation then goes from awful to good grief when the sister-in-law is found locked in a room with Houston's corpse.
S03E17 The Case of the Mythical Monkeys 27/02/1960 Author Mauvis Meade sends her secretary, Gladys Doyle, out to a mountain cabin to pick up a package. Gladys gets lost and her car gets stuck in the mud. She then walks to a cabin looking for help and encounters a mysterious man who appears to know her. While Gladys freshens up, the man leaves and Gladys discovers a dead body.
S03E18 The Case of the Singing Skirt 12/03/1960 The Big Barn is a legal gambling casino run by George Anclitis. Things are going well at the Big Barn until George's second banana, Slim Marcus, botches a crooked card game and is exposed for cheating. Slim's girlfriend, Vivan Ennis, is then killed and George plants a gun and marijuana on Betty Roberts, one of the girls who works at the club. Betty knows quite a bit about the shady activities going on at The Big Barn so George decides to feed her to the wolves in order to take the heat off himself. It's then up to Perry to try and extricate Betty from her predicament.
S03E19 The Case of the Bashful Burro 26/03/1960 Perry arrives in the gold mining town of Placer City looking for an old prospector to subpoena for testimony. He then get involved in a murder case when one of the participants in a barroom fight is found killed and the other is accused of the crime.
S03E20 The Case of the Crying Cherub 09/04/1960 A valuable Matisse painting is stolen from a museum. When the thief is found murdered museum employee June Sinclair and her boyfriend David Lambert are charged with the crime.
S03E21 The Case of the Nimble Nephew 23/04/1960 Mason is sought out by land tycoon Adam Thompson, who suspects one of his nephews of rifling the house safe. The twist? The land tycoon's next in command is found dead, after it's found out that he was the one stealing the secrets.
S03E22 The Case of the Madcap Modiste 30/04/1960 After one of the biggest names in fashion is poisoned after embarassing her husband on TV, the husband is not rightly the prime suspect.
S03E23 The Case of the Slandered Submarine 14/05/1960 Cmdr. James Page is the Project Officer for the testing of some electronics equipment for the Navy submarine, Moray. Cmdr. Jerome Burke is assisting the police in the investigation of the murder of a cafe singer. The police believe an unknown sailor on the Moray may be responsible. Cmdr. Page has found out that his father-in-law, Anthony Beldon, owns Alpha Electronics, the manufacturer of the electronics equipment he is testing. Cmdr. Page feels there could be a conflict of interest. On the day of the testing, Cmdr. Page is found dead in the captain's quarters. Robert Chapman, a sailor, is accused of the murder when he is found to be the husband of the dead cafe singer and his shoes contain pieces of broken glass found at the scene of her murder.
S03E24 The Case of the Ominous Outcast 21/05/1960 When a notorious bank robber's son returns to his hometown it seems as though everyone is interested in missing loot supposedly hidden by the man's father. This leads to murder. Perry comes to the rescue once again.
S03E25 The Case of the Irate Inventor 28/05/1960 James Frazer wants a divorce and his cheating wife refuses to give him one. She's also stealing the plans to his invention in order to bait her engineer lover into staying around. Frazer leaves town for three months in order to cool down but on the night of his return he finds his wife murdered in his office and he has the only key to a unique burglar proof lock that he invented.
S03E26 The Case of the Flighty Father 11/06/1960 18 year-old Trudy's mother has died leaving her $10 million and suddenly men claiming to be her long-lost father are coming into town. The only one who could identify the real father, a blind uncle, is killed, but by who?
S04E01 The Case of the Treacherous Toupee 00/00/0000 Tyrannical company president Hartley Bassett returns from the dead after two years. His first act is to fire Peter Dawson which makes Dawson the prime suspect when Bassett is found dead with two bullet holes in him. Perry thinks he has an ace in the hole this time when Dick Hart and his new wife, Teddi, both swear they saw a different assailant at the scene of the crime. Then Teddi and Dick disappear.
S04E02 The Case of the Credulous Quarry 24/09/1960 Perry defends Richard Hammond who is charged with killing his former girlfriend by running over her with his car. A shady lawyer and a witness demanding a payoff complicate the defense.
S04E03 The Case of the Ill-Fated Faker 01/10/1960 Jim Ferris is having an affair with his uncle's bored young wife. They concoct a scheme to finagle $80,000.00 from the uncle by faking a kidnapping. Things go horribly wrong when secretary Betty Wilkins, acting as a go-between, is charged with the murder of Jim Ferris.
S04E04 The Case of the Singular Double 08/10/1960 Perry is accused of obstructing justice in this case when he defends a woman who had previously faked her own suicide by running her empty car off a cliff. It seems as though the police found the body of another woman in the wreckage.
S04E05 The Case of the Lavender Lipstick 15/10/1960 An heiress to a cosmetics company, innocently caught in the middle of a conspiracy to sabotage a cosmetics company, turns to Mason when she's accused of murdering the company's owner.
S04E06 The Case of the Wandering Widow 22/10/1960 When Riley Morgan, a man accused of a murder, is freed from prison upon newly discovered eyewitness testimony of Seaman Burt Stokes, it starts a chain reaction of blackmail and murder.
S04E07 The Case of the Clumsy Clown 05/11/1960 A circus clown is charged with the murder of its part owner when a gun is slipped to him during a gun act.
S04E08 The Case of the Provocative Protege 12/11/1960 Washed up pianist David Carpenter is knocked out and pushed over a cliff for insurance money. Carpenter's beautiful protege, Donna Ross, immediately comes under suspicion by the police.
S04E09 The Case of the Nine Dolls 19/11/1960 Perry's fishing trip to Scotland is interrupted by seven year old Peggy Smith. Peggy is living at a boarding school and searching for her identity since she has no idea who her real parents are. After searching into the matter, Perry comes to believe that Peggy is the daughter of Clark Lawson and Margaret Jeffers Lawson. Margaret was the daughter of wealthy Courtney Jeffers who disowned her after she eloped with Clark. Both parents died shortly after Peggy was born. Jeffers, a mean and miserable old man, has his heart warmed after meeting Peggy and changes his will to leave everything to her. The next day, he is found dead, killed by a blow from a poker.
S04E10 The Case of the Loquacious Liar 03/12/1960 Lester Martin's life takes a horrible turn for the worse when a man breaks into his apartment, forces him at gun-point to drink half a bottle of Scotch, and then drives him into the country. Lester's circumstances then go from awful to good grief when he's charged with the murder of his step-father who was trying to takeover the family boat company.
S04E11 The Case of the Red Riding Boots 10/12/1960 Ann Farwell is miserable over the separation of her parents. Things aren't made any better when her father starts seeing Rita Conover, a scheming woman half his age. When Rita turns up dead both Ann and her mother think the other committed the crime which causes Perry great difficulty in defending the ranch hand who's been charged.
S04E12 The Case of the Larcenous Lady 17/12/1960 A mayor's political career is jeopardized when his connving Hillary Clinton-type wife goes too far.Mason's defense of a murder suspect hinges on untangling a net of intrigue involving political rivalries and extortion
S04E13 The Case of the Envious Editor 00/00/0000 Slimy publishing tycoon Donald Fletcher buys controlling interest in a respectable but financially troubled publishing house. Fletcher turns things upside down by turning the publications into scandal sheet featuring photographs of scantily clad women. Edmond Aitken, whose family once owned the publishing house, wants to oust Fletcher but Perry tells him he has no legal basis on which to do so. Not to worry. Fletcher is found murdered in his apartment but the prime suspect is Aitken's wife, Alyce, whom Fletcher had been blackmailing over lurid photos Alyce made during her younger days.
S04E14 The Case of the Resolute Reformer 14/01/1961 Perry represents a citizen's group in hearings on a proposed aqueduct to be named after county engineer William Harper Caine. Perry gets a stop work order until a section of the proposed location can be checked for an underground spring. Eventually, Caine needs Perry's help when he's accused of murdering Roger Quigley, the project's chief contractor.
S04E15 The Case of the Fickle Fortune 21/01/1961 Ralph Duncan is a civil servant whose job is to inventory the estates of wealthy decedants. One day, he returns home with $153,000.00 worth of old greenbacks he discovered while going through a recently deceased old woman's home. Duncan took the money on a lark and was planning to return it the next day but his shifty cousin decides to purloin the bundle. Duncan is then accused of theft and later murder.
S04E16 The Case of the Waylaid Wolf 04/02/1961 Womanizing playboy Loring Lamont has his sights set on Arlene Ferris, his father's shapely secretary. He lures her to his beachfront bachelor pad with seduction on his mind. Arlene slaps the rotter and flees taking Loring's car back into town. Things then go from awful to good grief for poor Arlene. After her departure someone stabs Loring to death and she's suspect number one.
S04E17 The Case of the Wintry Wife 18/02/1961 Inventor Walter Randall wants a divorce from his cold-blooded wife Laura in order to be with Phyllis Hudson. Laura decides to get back at Walter by blackmailing one of his assistants into building a bomb that will destroy Walter's underwater sounding invention. While checking on the bomb in the warehouse, Laura is discovered by Phyllis and takes advantage of the situation by knocking her rival out. Phyllis manages to survive the explosion but she is later charged with Laura's murder.
S04E18 The Case of the Angry Dead Man 25/02/1961 Willard Nesbitt faked his drowning death in a boating accident so his wife could collect the double indemnity life insurance money. Nesbitt thought he had only a short time to live anyway. When Nesbitt's crooked business partner, James Castle, illegally cuts "widow" Eve Nesbitt out of a protitable deal he must rise from the dead to warn her. Then someone kills the "dead man" for good. The police smell insurance fraud and Eve Nesbitt is their number one suspect.
S04E19 The Case of the Blind Man's Bluff 11/03/1961 Crooked jewelry store owner Karl Addison learns that he needs an operation which will temporarily blind him. Addison makes plans to rob his own store knowing that his sightlessness will provide him with a perfect alibi. Things go wrong when someone kills the scheming Addison and steals the already pinched jewels. James Kincannon enlists Perry's aid when he's charged with the crime.
S04E20 The Case of the Barefaced Witness 18/03/1961 The setting in this episode is a small California town where because of a festival all men must wear beards. Paul Drake travels there to try to locate missing money which a former bank president embezzled. Paul eventually finds the money but he also finds a dead body as well. Perry arrives on the scene in order to straighten things out.
S04E21 The Case of the Difficult Detour 25/03/1961 Contactor Pete Mallory is charged with the murder of a vacation resort developer.
S04E22 The Case of the Cowardly Lion 00/00/0000 Hilde Fursten and Tony Osgood work at the San Diego Zoo. When a new baby monkey is found missing, Hilde Fursten is blamed by Dr. Walther Braun, a visiting dentist. Boris Zelbowski also works at the zoo and is dating Frieda Crawson, Dr. Braun's nurse. That evening, Dr. Braun arrives at the zoo to perform oral surgery on a lion and is found dead in the lion's cage. Tony Osgood is accused of the murder when a witness sees someone wearing Tony's blue sportcoat near the lion's cage at the time.
S04E23 The Case of the Torrid Tapestry 22/04/1961 Hard luck Claude Demay was sent up for six years in prison for starting a fire in a warehouse containing the valuable Nathan Claver art collection. After his release, Demay devises a plan to expose the real criminal, Leonard Voss, and prove his innocence. He tediously weaves a perfect imitation of a valuable tapestry supposedly lost in the fire and barters this tapestry to Voss in exchange for an original Buddah statue. Demay knows that the statue will prove that the collection was not destroyed in the fire and will expose Voss as the real criminal. Unfortunately, Voss is murdered before the trade takes place and Demay is arrested for another crime he didn't commit.
S04E24 The Case of the Violent Vest 00/00/0000 Advertising executive Herman Albright is in the wrong place at the wrong time wearing the wrong clothes. These mistakes cost poor Herman his life in a case of mistaken identity. Perry is called on to defend the fashion model charged with the crime. It seems as though horny Herman had been hitting on her for quite a while with no success.
S04E25 The Case of the Misguided Missile 06/05/1961 Jerry Reynolds, an old war buddy of Perry's, is accused of killing an officer at Vandenburg Air Force Base during the investigation into some mysterious missile crashes.
S04E26 The Case of the Duplicate Daughter 20/05/1961 A mixed up mess awaits Perry as he struggles to put all the pieces together. Blackmail, murder, a boyfriend who spent the night, all add up to one great case.
S04E27 The Case of the Grumbling Grandfather 27/05/1961 A young man has his head turned by, whatelse, a woman. In his haste to protect her, and her good name, the source of her pain turns up dead.
S04E28 The Case of the Guilty Clients 10/06/1961 Lola and Jeff Bronson are going through a divorce and can't wait to be rid of each other until Bill Ryder sabotages Jeff's business and makes a play for Lola. Ryder is then found dead with three bullet holes in his body and Jeff and Lola are the two prime suspects. Now they battle to cover for each other .
S05E01 The Case of the Jealous Journalist 02/09/1961 The drowning death of a newspaper executive during a fishing trip sets off all kinds of repercussions at the newspaper itself.
S05E02 The Case of the Impatient Partner 16/09/1961 Paint manufacturer Amory Fallon suspects that his partner Ned Thompson is behind a mysterious fire and explosion.
S05E03 The Case of the Missing Melody 30/09/1961 Perry and Della attend the wedding of Polly Courtland to Eddy King. The ceremony is halted at the altar when Polly begins screaming, "No! No!" and hurriedly exits the church. It seems as though Polly had spotted slimy George Sherwin holding an envelope containing photos of her younger sister checking into a Las Vegas hotel with a musician named Bongo White. Sherwin plans to ruin Polly and her family's reputation unless she gives up Eddy for him. Sherwin's plan comes a cropper when he's found shot to death. Eddy King is arrested for the crime.
S05E04 The Case of the Malicious Mariner 07/10/1961 During a terrible storm at sea, First Officer Jerry Griffin dumps a million dollars worth of goods into the sea in order to lessen the chances of his cargo freighter sinking. Once on shore, Jerry is hauled before a maritime court which holds him responsible for the loss of the cargo. Captain Bancroft's testimony can clear Jerry but he is murdered before he can give it. Now Jerry stands accused of that crime too. Perry and Paul try to set things right once again.
S05E05 The Case of the Crying Comedian 14/10/1961 Comic Charlie Hatch learns that the woman he loved and lost, Anne Gilrain, has escaped from a sanitarium to which she was forced to commit herself by her husband, Tom. When Tom Gilrain is murdered, Charlie is afraid that Anne did the deed and sets himself up as a likely suspect to protect her. Perry arrives on the scene to try and free Charlie from his abysmal stupidity.
S05E06 The Case of the Meddling Medium 21/10/1961 Phony psychic Phillip Paisley meets a grisly death when an elevator that has been tampered with crashes. In the climactic scene Perry sets up another fantastic demonstration to prove his client innocent and expose the real culprit.
S05E07 The Case of the Pathetic Patient 28/10/1961 Perry finds himself defending Dr. Wayne Edley who has been accused of committing two murders.
S05E08 The Case of the Travelling Treasure 04/11/1961 Perry and Paul are all set to go deep see fishing on a boat owned by their friend, Scott Cahill, but when Cahill's regular customer wants the boat for the weekend they have to charter another. Later, Perry gets word that the Coast Guard has boarded Cahill's vessel looking for stolen gold. They found some of the bullion and the corpse of an assclown named Karl McGovern. An autopsy reveals that McGovern was killed with a fatal dose of digitalis. Scott Cahill is charged with murder when the police theorize that he and the dead man were partners in stealing the gold. Writer: Robb White
S05E09 The Case of the Posthumous Painter 11/11/1961 Artist Jack Culross fakes his own suicide and sees the sales of his paintings go through the roof. His only problem was that he forgot to inform his wife Edna of the scheme. After Edna sees a completed painting of Jack's that she knows he didn't finish while he was "alive" she gets wise. Edna manages to track down her "deceased" husband but they fight and she knocks him down. Then he's found dead. Edna must stand trial for murder.
S05E10 The Case of the Injured Innocent 18/11/1961 A really weird courtroom confession scene highlights this episode about the murder of a race car driver.
S05E11 The Case of the Left-Handed Liar 25/11/1961 Health club instructor Ward Nichols wants to marry the daughter of his employer, Bernard Daniels, but Ward's estranged wife, Veronica, is pressuring him for money and claiming to be pregnant. Things blow up in everyone's face when Bernard is found crunched with a dumbbell at the club. Perry, as usual, arrives on the scene to get at the truth.
S05E12 The Case of the Brazen Bequest 02/12/1961 Charles Cromwell, the president-elect of Euclid College, worries that some less than stellar moments from his past will be exposed when Maisie Freitag arrives on the scene to make an unusual beguest to the college. Needless to say, murder eventually finds its way to the campus.
S05E13 The Case of the Renegade Refugee 09/12/1961 A journalist is murdered while tracking an ex-Nazi war criminal who may be posing as an executive at a company called Space Associates, Ltd.
S05E14 The Case of the Unwelcome Bride 16/12/1961 Wealthy Walter Frazer has always blamed his daughter-in-law Sue Ellen for his son Gregson's failures. You can only imagine how he feels when Sue Ellen is accused of Gregson's murder.
S05E15 The Case of the Roving River 30/12/1961 Perry is hired to help settle a land dispute in the Manzana Valley but the key witness is blown up by a homemade bomb. As usual, Perry's client is accused of the crime.
S05E16 The Case of the Shapely Shadow 06/01/1962 Naive secretary Janice Wainwright carries out boss Morley Thielman's orders and places a briefcase containing more than $100,000.00 in a train station locker. Then she waits for the arrival of Thielman's ex-wife but Lt. Tragg arrives instead with an arrest warrant for Janice on the charge of murdering her boss. It seems as though witness Fred Carlyle saw a woman's shapely shadow through the shades of Thielman's office window shortly before the murder occurred.Carlyle believes the silhuette belonged to Janice. Perry manages to get to the bottom of things once the courtroom proceedings begin.
S05E17 The Case of the Captain's Coins 13/01/1962 Historian Phillip Andrews tries to make a case that his fiancee, Evelyn Faraday, is entitled to a share of a shipping company fortune. Phillip then finds himself accused of murdering the company's top man.
S05E18 The Case of the Tarnished Trademark 20/01/1962 Axel Norstaad sells his much respected furniture trademark to Martin Somers, described by some as the slide trombone of the furniture business. Somers immediately begins stripping the company of its assets and churning out inferior products. Axel protests these developments vehemently and when Somers is found murdered he gets arrested for the crime. To complicate things, Axel is in love with Edie Morrow whom he suspects might be the actual killer.
S05E19 The Case of the Glamorous Ghost 03/02/1962 Eleanor Corbin pleads amnesia after police find her running and screaming through woods near her apartment building. Her loss of memory is of little help toher when she is later charged with murder.
S05E20 The Case of the Poison Pen-Pal 10/02/1962 A casual pen pal relationship leads to insider information and murder.
S05E21 The Case of the Mystified Miner 24/02/1962 Mason tries to clear his young, beautiful client after a twisting and wheeling plot of murder, kidnapping, and embezzlement unfolds.
S05E22 The Case of the Crippled Cougar 03/03/1962 Mike Preston is a bitter man who despises Hugh Jamison because he mistakenly believes Jamison stole $100,000.00 from him and is responsible for him being crippled. Trying to entrap Jamison, Preston makes a mistake and is set up for murder by the real thief.
S05E23 The Case of the Absent Artist 17/03/1962 Cartoonist Pete Manders is elated when the owner of the comic strip "Zingy" offers to sell him the strip for a song. Pete is less than elated when he learns that his girlfriend Leslie is running away to Europe with Gabe Phillips, the strip owner. When Phiilips is murdered, Pete is charged with the crime and retains Perry's services. Investigating the case, Perry soon discovers that the deceased Phillips was leading a double life.
S05E24 The Case of the Melancholy Marksman 24/03/1962 Ted Chase discovers that his bitchy second wife, Irene, might have killed his first wife and contemplates revenge but someone else gets to Irene first. In his defense of Ted, Perry discovers that Irene's past was even more sordid and corrupt than previously believed.
S05E25 The Case of the Angry Astronaut 07/04/1962 Astronaut Matthew Heller is suspected of killing his old service rival, General Addison Brand, after Brand is put in charge of the astronaut program.
S05E26 The Case of the Borrowed Baby 14/04/1962 A baby who mysteriously appears in Perry's office has a rare St. Christopher medal, which could help identify the baby's parents. If only the suspected father wasn't dead.
S05E27 The Case of the Counterfeit Crank 28/04/1962 A crazy man (or is he?), his dead nephew and a military base are tangled up in a confusing Perry Mason episode.
S05E28 The Case of the Ancient Romeo 05/05/1962 Perry and Della go out for a night at the theatre to see Perry's actor friend, Steve Brock, perform as Paris in Romeo and Juliet. The lights mysteriously go out during the dueling scene between Romeo and Paris and when the lights are restored the audience is shocked to see that leading man Franz Lachman, playing Romeo, has been stabbed to death. When Steve is accused of the murder Perry decides to have the cast re-enact the final scene that was played before Lachman's death.
S05E29 The Case of the Promoter's Pillbox 19/05/1962 Aspiring screenwriter Herbert Simms submits his first teleplay to scumbag producer Charlie Corby who tries to use the manuscript as his own. Corby's scheme comes a cropper when he gets fatally whacked over the head with a whiskey bottle after a party. Herbert happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and is seen running from the scene of the crime. Guess who gets arrested for murder?
S05E30 The Case of the Lonely Eloper 26/05/1962 Merle Telford is a naive and maladjusted young woman who is about to turn 21 and receive a substantial inheritance. She plans to run away from her guardians and elope with Danny Pierce as soon as she receives her money. Yep, you guessed it already, Danny is a greedy schemer and Merle's supposed friend, Gina Gilbert, is his accomplice. Merle's guardians know of her plans and hire Paul Drake to keep Merle from fleeing on the night of her 21st birthday party. When a murder is committed during the party Merle becomes the prime suspect.
S06E01 The Case of the Bogus Books 27/09/1962 Perry and the team investigate the murder of an antiquarian bookseller with an interest in forgery.
S06E02 The Case of the Capricious Corpse 04/10/1962 Carleton Gage, a major financial supporter of an orphanage, wants to keep it open but lapses into a coma and later assumes room temperature. Gage's assclown nephew, George, wants to close the orphanage and he is being secretly aided by Ernest Demming. Joanne Proctor, Carleton's sister-in-law, wants to keept the orphanage open but her good intentions are complicated by the murder of Demming.
S06E03 The Case of the Playboy Pugilist 11/10/1962 Boxing trainer Jimmy West thinks he's finally found a championship contender in Davey Carroll. Unfortunately, Davey has a hard time keeping it in his pants and his tangled love life leads to Jimmy being charged with murder.
S06E04 The Case of the Double-Entry Mind 01/11/1962 A company bookkeeper's wife is charged with the murder of a female employee who had been blackmailing her.
S06E05 The Case of the Hateful Hero 18/10/1962 Young cop Jimmy Anderson, cousin of Lt. Anderson, and veteran Otto Norden come across a robbery at the Wilson Plastics Company while on patrol one night. A shooting occurs and Otto is killed. Evidence then points to Jimmy as having been an accomplice in the burglary and he is suspended from the police force. Then the night watchman at Wilson Plastics, a disgraced ex-cop, is found strangled to death. Lt. Anderson then asks Perry to look into things and defend Jimmy against all charges.
S06E06 The Case of the Dodging Domino 25/10/1962 Phil Schuyler is a two bit songwriter who comes to a bad end on Halloween night. Someone enters his bungalow while Phil is taking a bath and tosses an electric heater into his tub thus turning him into a crispy critter. Damian White, husband of a famous musical comedy star, was seen entering the bungalow around the approximate time of the murder by an eyewitness. But what about all the trick or treaters?
S06E07 The Case of the Unsuitable Uncle 08/11/1962 An unscrupulous uncle, who is in reality the father of his niece, returns home from the sea seeking money from the sale of oil leases on his land. When the uncle is found murdered, his shipmate is charged with the crime.
S06E08 The Case of the Stand-In Sister 15/11/1962 Two brothers at separate times have claimed the same young girl as their daughter. One brother owns a fleet of tuna boats; the other is a mobster. Then banker Franz Moray reveals that $100,000 due to the girl via a trust fund has been mishandled. When Moray is found murdered Perry steps in and discovers an old family secret.
S06E09 The Case of the Weary Watchdog 29/11/1962 This is the episode where Della asks Perry how far he would go for a friend and then asks for $25,000. Della needs the money for her friend Janet Brent, who is being blackmailed. Edward Franklin, an employee of Janet's husband, has staged compromising photos of her in a motel. At a party, Janet confronts Franklin and hits him with a small statue of a ""weary watchdog."" The police arrest Della when they find her driving Janet's car from the scene of the argument. Franklin is dead, struck three times on the head with the statue. Janet claims she only hit him once and Perry believes her. Perry takes the case knowing that if he loses, Della will go to prison as an accessory. There is a surprise in the plot, when a Red Chinese slave market is uncovered.
S06E10 The Case of the Lurid Letter 06/12/1962 A young widowed high school English teacher in a small town is accused via letter of making passes and more towards some of her male students. But a small town is small town and it seems that all the key figures are involved somehow, the principal, the lawyer, the doctor, the local barkeep, and of course the oldest boy, who's really more of a man, in the high school.
S06E11 The Case of the Fickle Filly 13/12/1962 When Jennifer is alone after her father's heart attack, her only friend is her filly Tiger Lily. She's penniless until a present from her late father is dropped in her lap, but it turns out that the present is worthless, although Brad Shelby did pay $50,000 in order to capitalize on it.
S06E12 The Case of the Polka Dot Pony 20/12/1962 A wealthy woman is confronted by two girls who claim to be the daughters she was forced to abandon 20 years before.
S06E13 The Case of the Shoplifter's Shoe 03/01/1963 A chronic shoplifter later finds herself charged with murder. Her niece hires Perry for the defense.
S06E14 The Case of the Bluffing Blast 10/01/1963 A young girl searching for the father she has never seen seeks Mason's help when she's charged with murder.
S06E15 The Case of the Prankish Professor 17/01/1963 On trial: the estranged wife of a professor who's written a lurid novel.
S06E16 The Case of Constant Doyle 31/01/1963 Recently widowed attorney Constant Doyle comes to the aid of a young man charged with breaking into a factory and assaulting the night watchman. Later, she has to clear the young man of a murder charge as well as clear the reputation of her late husband.
S06E17 The Case of the Libelous Locket 07/02/1963 Professor Edward Lindley falls into a pit of trouble when he tries to help a young law student dodge a murder rap.
S06E18 The Case of the Two-Faced Turnabout 14/02/1963 Columnist Elihu Laban is hit with a murder rap when his efforts to obtain secret papers from a foreign minister backfire.
S06E19 The Case of the Surplus Suitor 28/02/1963 Attorney Sherman Hatfield is sought out by a blackmail-plagued industrialist.
S06E20 The Case of the Golden Oranges 07/03/1963 Mason goes to the dogs when his defense of a young murder suspect hinges on a surprise witness.
S06E21 The Case of the Lawful Lazarus 14/03/1963 Mason's client: a man declared legally dead.
S06E22 The Case of the Velvet Claws 21/03/1963 In a case woven with one woman's lies a politician and a murder are entagled.
S06E23 The Case of the Lover's Leap 04/04/1963 The victim of a swindle finds his trouble multiplying when he's accused of murder.
S06E24 The Case of the Elusive Element 11/04/1963 A promoter's plan to frame his wife and business partner for embezzlement fails, but they're arrested anyway for his murder.
S06E25 The Case of the Greek Goddess 18/04/1963 Mason is hired by a sculptor charged with murdering the overbearing mother of his model.
S06E26 The Case of the Skeleton's Closet 02/05/1963 The ex-wife of an author who has written a lurid expose and is murdered.
S06E27 The Case of the Potted Planter 09/05/1963 A jealous husband is teased into a tizzy after being led on by his sister's lies.
S06E28 The Case of the Witless Witness 16/05/1963 A judge is accused of murdering a government witness who planned to expose him as a crook. The question though, is is he a crook.
S07E01 The Case of the Nebulous Nephew 26/09/1963 Con artist John Brooks comes up with a new twist to convince Sophia and Ninevah Stone that he's the rightful heir to their fortune. Perry ends up reluctantly defending Brooks when he's charged with murder.
S07E02 The Case of the Shifty Shoe-Box 10/10/1963 John Flickenger pulls off a carefully planned robbery without a hitch - until his young nephew finds the gun used in the heist.
S07E03 The Case of the Drowsy Mosquito 17/10/1963 This case has nothing to do with mosquitos but rather a hidden mine that could lead to a fortune. Plus murder.
S07E04 The Case of the Deadly Verdict 03/10/1963 Janice Barton is found guilty of the murder of her wealthy relative and sentenced to death. Can Perry find the evidence to clear her of the crime before the pellets in the gas chamber fall?
S07E05 The Case of the Decadent Dean 24/10/1963 Perry has to defend the dean of a prep school on charges of murdering a teacher who had been stealing, embezzling and blackmailing.
S07E06 The Case of the Reluctant Model 31/10/1963 Crude but wealthy art connisseur Otto Olney throws a party to celebrate his purchasing a painting by famed artist Gauguin. Then a party guest, art expert Colin Durant, says that the painting is actually a fake. Olney then goes to Perry who decides to sue Durant for libel. Durant then claims he never said anything regarding the painting and the only witness, an art student named Maxine Lindsay, confirms his story. Perry then discovers the dead body of Austin Durant, fully clothed, in the shower of Maxine's apartment. Paul Drake then tracks down Maxine but the police are right behind him and they arrest her for murder. Guess who she hires to defend her?
S07E07 The Case of the Bigamous Spouse 14/11/1963 Gwynn Elston's best friend, Nell Grimes, asks her to move in with her due to the fact that Nell's husband, Felton, is often out of town on business. Gwynn, who has a door-to-door sales job, is then astonished to see Felton's picture in someone else's house where he's known as Frank Gillette. Felton, who's really a nasty mother, tries to poison Gwynn, when she confronts him but she survives and runs to Perry for help. Then Felton is found shot to death and things go from awful to good grief for poor Gwynn--she gets arrested for the crime.
S07E08 The Case of the Floating Stones 21/11/1963 Julie Eng needs Perry's help when some precious stones her grandfather left her turn up missing, and the assclown who swiped them, Ralph Iverson, ends up assuming room temperature.
S07E09 The Case of the Festive Felon 28/11/1963 Wealthy but dying Bebe Brent gives the bulk of her estate to her loyal nurse. Needless to say, this act angers the remainder of the Brent clan and leads to a murder.
S07E10 The Case of the Devious Delinquent 05/12/1963 Three JD teens cruise Hollywood Boulevard in a cool convertible lookin' for kicks! A liquor store goes down and the blackmail and plot twists begin. Lies and more lies and it's going from bad to worse for young Timmy Balfour who soon discovers that there's every bit as much delinquency from the adults when he's charged with murder.
S07E11 The Case of the Bouncing Boomerang 12/12/1963 Grover Johnson manages somehow to talk his much younger bride Eula into living with him on a barren spread of ranch land. Needless to say, Eula hates it and can't wait to sell the property. Along comes wealthy Texas Nelson Barcliff who's ready, willing, and able to purchase the property. But is this big Texan really who he appears to be? Or is it just an elaborate real estate swindle cooked up by Eula? Either way, both Eula and Barcliff end up dead and Grover finds himself charged with Eula's murder.
S07E12 The Case of the Badgered Brother 19/12/1963 Brothers Martin and Todd Baylor are feuding over ownership of a successful chain of clothing stores. Martin ends up with a knife sticking out of his back one night and Todd is charged with the murder.
S07E13 The Case of the Wednesday Woman 02/01/1964 A wife's ears perk up when an insurance investigator informs her that he has proof that her husband was wrongfully convicted of the crime for which he is imprisoned. Then the insurance investigator turns up dead. Goings on in an elevator highlight this episode.
S07E14 The Case of the Accosted Accountant 09/01/1964 Edward Lewis's increasingly bitter arguments with his father-in-law make him the suspect when the old goat is murdered.
S07E15 The Case of the Capering Camera 16/01/1964 Mystery clouds Mason's search for the murderer of a photographer who was shot while a model pointed a loaded gun at him but didn't pull the trigger.
S07E16 The Case of the Ice-Cold Hands 23/01/1964 Sweet but ditzy Nancy Banks wants Perry to cash a bundle of winning racing tickets for her. There's only one problem: her former employer claims the racing tickets as his own. Nancy then gets in even deeper feces when she's charged with her ex-employer's murder.
S07E17 The Case of the Bountiful Beauty 06/02/1964 20 year old Deborah Dearborn has just written a best selling novel about a cold and calculating woman who bears a strong resemblance to her boyfriend's stepmother. Now Deborah is living at a beach house in Malibu and in the process of selling the rights to her book to a movie producer. Then the stepmother, Stephanie Carew, appears on the scene threatening to sue for libel. This throws a monkey wrench into the movie but when Stephanie's dead body is found floating in a swimming pool everyone assumes the death is accidental and champagne corks begin popping all-around because the blockbuster movie can proceed. Hold everything, says the coroner. His autopsy shows that Stephanie did not die in the swimming pool but in the ocean and that the cause of death was a blow on the head not drowning. Poor, little Deborah is charged with the crime.
S07E18 The Case of the Nervous Neighbor 13/02/1964 Mason's client: an amnesia victim on trial for the murder of her husband.
S07E19 The Case of the Fifty Millionth Frenchman 20/02/1964 A Frenchman is giving money to an old lady love from his hometown, unaware that she's sharing the cash with her husband. When hubby turns up murdered guess who gets charged with the crime?
S07E20 The Case of the Frightened Fisherman 27/02/1964 Chemist Randolph James has started a successful company to develop a new antibiotic but his former boss, Hudson Bradshaw, files suit claiming that James developed the formula while in his employ. James' wife, Natalie, then begins selling her stock to Bradshaw which would give him control of the new company. James vows to stop his wife at any cost and she turns up dead. James claims that he was fishing at the time the murder occurred but things go from awful to good grief when he can't find the fellow fisherman who can substantiate his story.
S07E21 The Case of the Arrogant Arsonist 05/03/1964 A fire chief wants to bring a libel suit against a reporter who accuses him of burning down his own warehouse. Things get even worse for the chief when he's charged with murder.
S07E22 The Case of the Garrulous Go-Between 12/03/1964 A woman goes on trial for murder when a fortuneteller's deadly prediction becomes a reality.
S07E23 The Case of the Woeful Widower 26/03/1964 Certain that her employer is plotting to murder his wife, housekeeper Nellie Conway launches a counterattack.
S07E24 The Case of the Simple Simon 02/04/1964 Actress Ramona Carver is confronted by a young man who claims to be the son she gave up for adoption. Murder soon results.
S07E25 The Case of the Illicit Illusion 09/04/1964 Mason is hired by a woman who is convinced, after a series of bizarre events, that she's crazy.
S07E26 The Case of the Antic Angel 16/04/1964 A recovering alcoholic takes to the bottle after he sees his wife, who's supposedly been dead for five years. Then she turns up dead for real and he's arrested for her murder.
S07E27 The Case of the Careless Kidnapper 30/04/1964 A kidnapping hoax leads to murder when the ransom note gets into the wrong hands.
S07E28 The Case of the Drifting Dropout 07/05/1964 Small town junk dealer/mayoral candidate Mort Lynch gives college dropout Barry Davis a job because he was once close friend's with Barry's uncle. Barry and Mort's relationship is uneasy and he's soon the number one suspect when someone bashes Mort's skull with a monkey wrench and it's found in Barry's car. Perry enters the case to defend Barry and discovers that the case hinges on a 20 year old counterfeiting scheme involving Barry's late uncle and a few "prominent" citizens in the town.
S07E29 The Case of the Tandem Target 14/05/1964 Irma Hodge's wealthy step-father, Sumner Hodge, is withholding her inheritance because he dislikes her folksinger boyfriend, Con Bolton. When someone supposedly takes a shot at Sumner, he suggest to the police that Con is to blame. Then another attempt is made on Sumner's life which proves successful. His car goes over a cliff with him behind the wheel and an investigation reveals that the brake line had been severed. Witnesses then claim Con was fooling around with the brakes minutes before the crash and he's charged with murder.
S07E30 The Case of the Ugly Duckling 21/05/1964 The deceased father of Alice Trilling left behind a strange will. His successful toy company would be left to her ONLY if Alice is married or engaged within a year's time. Until then, her wheelchair bound Uncle Harry and a board of directors will run the company. In searching for a husband, Alice has one major problem: she's coyote ugly and she's the first one to admit it. An artist begins a flirtation and after seeing a portrait he's painted of her, Alice begins to think she could find happiness with him. There's one problem though: nasty old Uncle Harry has been playing matchmaker behind the scenes for reasons of his own. Alice discovers her uncle's perfidity and pushes over his wheelchair. Quickly fleeing the scene, Alice is later arrested when Uncle Harry is found dead. Perry is retained as defense counsel but even he has a tough time in this one because Alice herself thinks she's guilty.
S08E01 The Case of the Missing Button 24/09/1964 A man's campaign to prove his estranged wife an unfit mother is interrupted when he's arrested for murder.
S08E02 The Case of the Paper Bullets 01/10/1964 Mason is caught in the middle when a romance develops between two members of rival political families.
S08E03 The Case of the Scandalous Sculptor 08/10/1964 Mona Harvey is the principal stockholder in a publishing company run by her uncle, Everett, and the wife of an eccentric sculptor named Hannibal Harvey who is being blackmailed. Unable to get at any money due to Mona's absence, Hannibal has ditzy model Bonnie Dunbar write a blackmail note to Mona's uncle. Everett gets the money out of petty cash and sends it to Bonnie. In the meantime, Mona returns, finds Bonnie's blackmail note, and decides to pay the model a visit. So does Hannibal. Without seeing each other, husband and wife both discover Bonnie's dead body. Mona gets arrested for the murder but she fears that Hannibal might be the real killer.
S08E04 The Case of the Sleepy Slayer 15/10/1964 Abner Gordon threatens to press charges if his niece doesn't replace the money she lifted from his safe.
S08E05 The Case of the Betrayed Bride 22/10/1964 A recently widowed women becomes tangled in a web of suspicion when she hastily remarries.
S08E06 The Case of the Nautical Knot 29/10/1964 Mason is summoned when Harvey Scott's efforts to retain temporary control of the family mining company lead to murder.
S08E07 The Case of the Bullied Bowler 05/11/1964 Attorney Joe Kelly agress to represent Bill Jarvis, whose mother-in-law is trying to have his bowling alley shut down.
S08E08 The Case of a Place Called Midnight 12/11/1964 In an offbeat case, Mason becomes involved in international intrigue wheh he travels to Switzerland to meet a friend's future daughter-in-law.
S08E09 The Case of the Tragic Trophy 19/11/1964 Investigating the ""other woman"" in a betrothed man's life, Mason finds himself neck-deep in a murder mystery.
S08E10 The Case of the Reckless Rockhound 26/11/1964 Reba Burgess's control of her late husband's mining company is threatened when a man turns up with a partnership agreement -signed by Burgess before he died.
S08E11 The Case of the Latent Lover 03/12/1964 An investment broker tops off a series of peculiar actions by commandeering a taxi to rob a bank.
S08E12 The Case of the Wooden Nickels 10/12/1964 Drake gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to act as courier in the sale of a rare Confederate coin.
S08E13 The Case of the Blonde Bonanza 17/12/1964 A model fails to read the fine print when she signs a curious contract paying her $200 a week to gain weight for an assignment.
S08E14 The Case of the Ruinous Road 31/12/1964 The foundations of a large company are shaken when the chief engineer uncovers evidence of budget tampering.
S08E15 The Case of the Frustrated Folk Singer 07/01/1965 Uninterested in her recently inherited fortune, an aspring singer is easy prey for a sinister agent.
S08E16 The Case of the Thermal Thief 14/01/1965 Attorney Ken Kramer comes to the aid of an alleged theif accused of stealing a $50,000 necklace.
S08E17 The Case of the Golden Venom 21/01/1965 A woman hires Mason to nullify a clause in her late husband's will that disnherits her if she reopens the investigation of her son's death.
S08E18 The Case of the Telltale Tap 04/02/1965 Balancing private investigation with legal gymnastics, Mason tries to iron out a case of embezzlement and murder.
S08E19 The Case of the Feather Cloak 11/02/1965 In Hawaii to handle an investigation for a hotel chain, Mason and Drake uncover a murder.
S08E20 The Case of the Lover's Gamble 18/02/1965 A woman turns to Mason when she becomes convinced that her boss is planning to murder his invalid wife.
S08E21 The Case of the Fatal Fetish 04/03/1965 Burger tries to head off trouble when his young assistant falls for an unscrupulous woman.
S08E22 The Case of the Sad Sicilian 11/03/1965 Italian Paulo Porro is traveling the US and getting around by visiting Italian families. Young, charismatic and apparently naive, he visits the Bacio family in LA, stating is a friend of the family from Italy. His visit seems divide the family, eventually stirring a family feud. The elder Bacio is found dead one night in the families workshop and our young Paulo seems the likely suspect.
S08E23 The Case of the Murderous Mermaid 18/03/1965 Reggie Lansfield is an aspiring actress Paul meets. She is game for stunts that will get her recognized so she is game to fill in for a famous woman swimmer who is too ill to swim. The stunt blows up with the woman killed and her charged.
S08E24 The Case of the Careless Kitten 25/03/1965 A frustrated Helen Kendall is living with her Aunt Matilda. She receives a call one night from a man claiming to be Matilda's husband, who has been missing for 10 years. Perry goes with her to meet him but they find another man - dead.
S08E25 The Case of the Deadly Debt 01/04/1965 Danny Talbert, a LA cop, resigns when a mobster he is investigating contacts his family after Danny's dad dies. Danny's brother, Carl, works in his club and has been in trouble before. Danny is seen by Perry leaving the dead man's cabin.
S08E26 The Case of the Gambling Lady 08/04/1965 Peter Warren owns a novelty company and is divorcing his wife, who has developed a gambling habit. She becomes involved in a scheme to pass chips at Nevada casinos with evidence Peter made them. When she is murdered, Peter is charged.
S08E27 The Case of the Duplicate Case 22/04/1965 An unsuccessful salesman has a lot of explaining to do when he throws down his sample case in disgust--- and large sums of money fall out.
S08E28 The Case of the Grinning Gorilla 29/04/1965 Perry helps Josephine Kempton after Della buys the diary of a girl who committed suicide. Her ex-boss has been telling people she is a thief so she sued. Perry has to rescue her from a gorilla trapping her with her dead boss.
S08E29 The Case of the Wrongful Writ 06/05/1965 Ward Toyama is approached by a man claiming to be a government agent asking Ward to use his father's export business to help in a secret project. Ward comes to find the man is a first mate on a ship. When he is murdered, Ward is charged.
S08E30 The Case of the Mischievous Doll 13/05/1965 Dorrie Ambler breaks into Perry's office so he can verify who she is. She won't give details but says she is mixed up in some scheme. Della spots a gun in her purse. When the man who hired her is killed, she is charged. But, who is she?
S09E01 The Case of the Laughing Lady 12/09/1965 Carla Chaney is caught seemingly red-handed at the scene of the murder of her ex-boyfriend. Perry agrees to take the case pro bono after three other attorneys drop out. Carla's only hope is an unseen woman she claims was also present at the scene. According to Carla, this woman had a sinister laugh.
S09E02 The Case of the Fatal Fortune 19/09/1965 A fortune teller gives a series of accurate predictions regarding a woman's future. But something goes wrong when she's charged with murdering her new husband.
S09E03 The Case of the Candy Queen 26/09/1965 Things aren't going too good for the self-styled candy queen, Claire Armstrong, these days. Boyfriend Mark Chester steals her candy formula in order to pay back his gambling debts and Harry Arnold is blackmailing her. Then there's cousin Wanda. She'd like nothing better than to see Claire convicted when Arnold is murdered so that she can takeover the business.
S09E04 The Case of the Cheating Chancellor 03/10/1965 Perry returns to his college alma mater to receive an award but there's no rest for the weary when he's called upon to defend Van Fowler for the murder of a professor.
S09E05 The Case of the Impetuous Imp 10/10/1965 Perry rescues Diana Carter from the ocean in his boat and then must rescue her twice more in the courtroom. Once for jewel theft and once for murder.
S09E06 The Case of the Carefree Coronary 17/10/1965 The Safeline Insurance Company notices an increase in heart attacks among their policy holders. The company suspects fraud and hires Perry and Paul to investigate. When Paul goes undercover as a construction worker, he almost doesn't survive the assignment.
S09E07 The Case of the Hasty Honeymooner 24/10/1965 .An old Army buddy of restauranteur Terrence Clay, Lucas Tolliver, arrives in California from Oklahoma to meet the woman he was matched up with by a computer dating service. The woman, Miliicent Barton, is supposedly a rich widow. Lucas has money too having inherited it from his previous wife who died under mysterious circumstances. This doesn't prevent Millie from marrying Lucas but she dies at a party after drinking poisoned lemonade supposedly provided to her by Lucas. This one is a tough row to hoe for Perry.
S09E08 The Case of the 12th Wildcat 31/10/1965 Burt Payne is a no talent assclown who coaches and owns 10% of a professional football team. His rich wife, Ellen, owns the remainder. Knowing that he's washed up and needing some quick cash, Burt tries to sell his share of the team to a group of investors and even gets a down payment from them. Ellen, however, is opposed to the deal. Then, after she meets with one of the potential buyers aboard a train, Burt is apparently killed in an explosion.
S09E09 The Case of the Wrathful Wraith 07/11/1965 Louise Self must have broken a mirror. She has to stand trial for murdering her husband, Jamison, twice. Perry gets her off the hook the first time because the body was never found. Guess what? Jamison Self only faked his death and is still alive. When he ends up dead a second time it's deja vu all over again for poor Louise and Perry gears up for the second round.
S09E10 The Case of the Runaway Racer 14/11/1965 Test driver Pete Griston cracks up one of ace car builder Pappy Ryan's vehicles. Pappy accuses Havey Rettig of tampering with the car and files charges against Rettig and Griston. Then Rettig is killed and Griston is found standing groggily over the body.
S09E11 The Case of the Silent Six 21/11/1965 Police Sgt. Dave Wolfe warns Joe Oliver to stay away from his kid sister, Susan. Now Susan's been beaten up in her apartment, Oliver's been shot to death, and Dave is being charged with murder. Dave says someone knocked him out and used his gun on Oliver, and when Perry investigates, he discovers that six people in the building heard Susan's cries, but did nothing to help her.
S09E12 The Case of the Fugitive Fraulein 28/11/1965 In this change of pace episode Perry and Della travel behind the Iron Curtain and get involved in a murder case which ends up being tried in an East German court.
S09E13 The Case of the Baffling Bug 12/12/1965 Tryon Laboratories hires the Drake Detective Agency to protect their latest formulas. In spite of Paul's best efforts, there is a leak in security and some top-secret information is stolen. One night, Leigh, an undercover agent working for Dr. Scranton, the head of the company, calls to say he knows the identity of the spy. Scranton and Paul rush to the laboratory only to find Leigh dead, floating in a vat of water.
S09E14 The Case of the Golden Girls 19/12/1965 Victor Montalvo, co-owner of the Golden Bear Club, gives a ride to a sweet young thing named Debbie Conrad who later attempts to blackmail him by threatening to claim he took advantage of her. Debbie is working the scam with her boyfriend, Rick Durbin, and Montalvo decides to pay them off. But before he can make the payment his partner in the club is murdered.
S09E15 The Case of the Bogus Buccaneers 09/01/1966 Aspiring actor Tony Polk lands a job on a popular TV program. Part of his job consists of dressing up in a buccaneer costume and delivering free gifts to viewers at their homes. Another actor and Tony trade lists and before too long he's up the creek. One of the women on the list is murdered with a buccaneer's hook, the one belonging to Tony, and a neighbor swears that Tony fought with the woman.
S09E16 The Case of the Midnight Howler 16/01/1966 Barney Austin is the king of late night talk radio in Los Angeles. One night during his on-air rants, Barney gets a note to call his boss, Kevin Steele. While talking to Steele on the air, the audience hears Steele begin arguing with someone and then two shots ring out.
S09E17 The Case of the Vanishing Victim 23/01/1966 Dr. Stacey Fielding takes off for Salt Lake City on business. When his plane crashes, Veronal poisioning is found in the body. Miriam Fielding is arrested since the last thing the good doctor drank was whiskey from a flash she had given him. Upon further investigation, Miriam is cleared when it's discovered that the man who really perished in the crash was Al Dolby, the plane mechanic. But where is Dr. Fielding and who did the poisoning?
S09E18 The Case of the Golfer's Gambit 30/01/1966 Chick Farley is a low rent, semi-talented golf pro at an exclusive country club. He now mooches off his wife's money and occasionally blackmails members of the country club in order to keep his position. One night, ole Chick discovers that someone has been stealing from the pro shop. He calls club member Hamilton Burger at his home to inform him of the theft. While on the phone, somebody takes a sand wedge and bashes in Chick's skull. Chick is no great loss to humanity but, as usual, the wrong man is charged with the crime.
S09E19 The Case of the Sausalito Sunrise 13/02/1966 An art dealer and his girlfriend are arrested for a two murders related to a series of hijacks. Paul goes undercover to ferret out the hijacking ring and Perry finds himself staring face down the barrel of a gun pointed by a killer even he never considered.
S09E20 The Case of the Scarlet Scandal 20/02/1966 Another fishing trip goes awry for Perry when he's drawn into the murder of a woman who was killed while delivering a blackmail payment.
S09E21 The Case of the Twice-Told Twist 27/02/1966 Perry plays Mr. Brownlow to young Lenny Beale who's involved with a gang of teenage car strippers. Lenny wants to quit the gang but when his boss, Bill Sikes, turn up murdered the police theorize that Lenny killed him in revenge for Sikes shooting his girlfriend.
S09E22 The Case of the Avenging Angel 13/03/1966 Perry must defend a goofy, untalented British kid whom someone thinks has the talent to be a pop singer but in reality couldn't get in the door of American Idol. Then someone bumps off a shady promoter and the would be pop idol gets blamed.
S09E23 The Case of the Tsarina's Tiara 20/03/1966 Imagine Gerard Van Ness's surprise when a long-lost tiara worth a fortune turns up in his hands. Imagine Perry and Della's surpise when the body of a jewel thief turns up in a trunk delivered to their building. Needless to say, Van Ness gets blamed for the death and it's up to Perry and company to save the day.
S09E24 The Case of the Fanciful Frail 27/03/1966 Things keep going from awful to good grief for poor Ethel Andrews. First she's left at the altar by her fiancee, Bruce Strickland, who also let's her take the blame for a $50,000.00 securities theft since her signature was on the transfer authorization. Ethel decides to leave town but nearly has an accident with a car driven by Peggy Sutton. Peggy, it seems, is on the run from a hired killer. Ethel foolishly agrees to swap identities with Peggy but then Peggy perishes in a car accident. Ethel then finds $50,000.00 in the trunk of Peggy's car and makes the mistake of informing Bruce Strickland who turns up murdered. Perry sends Paul Drake up to Lake Tahoe to find out about Peggy Sutton but it might be too late because the noose is getting pretty tight around poor Ethel's neck.
S09E25 The Case of the Unwelcome Well 03/04/1966 Nasty oilman Jerome Klee is shot to death and there's no shortage of suspects. Perry's client is Klee's foreman who tried to change his boss's mind about backing out on a drilling contract on a low income family's land.
S09E26 The Case of the Dead Ringer 17/04/1966 Perry loses a case at the beginning of this episode. Actually, it's a civil case involving a patent dispute and he lost because the opposition led the jury to believe that Perry paid a witness to change his testimony. How did this happen? A merchant seaman named Grimes was paid to impersonate Perry and passed an envelope to a key witness. Grimes, it seems, is a dead ringer for Mason. The civil case soon turns into a criminal one when the winning party in the patent dispute is murdered.
S09E27 The Case of the Misguided Model 24/04/1966 Perry has all sorts of troubles in this one including a client who takes a shot at him. It starts when dim bulb prizefighter Duke Maronek gets into a fight with Ed Grover over pretty model, Sharon Carmody. Duke believes he killed Grover with his bare hands. Perry discovers that a vagrant, who stole a wallet from the corpse, has been charged with the crime. He quickly gets the vagrant off the hook only to discover that Duke has disappeared. It is Sharon Carmody, the model who is up for a big assignment, who holds the keys to Duke's whereabouts and what really happened on the night Ed Grover died.
S09E28 The Case of the Positive Negative 01/05/1966 Retired general Roger Brandon is set to head an anti-crime commission to investigate racketeering in a notoriously corrupt town. Rackets boss George Emory claims to have compromising photos of Brandon's young wife, Laura. Emory threatens to launch a smear campaign against Laura unless Brandon refuses the assignment. Brandon calls Emory's bluff and accepts the assignment but then Emory turns up murdered. Guess who gets charged with the crime?
S09E29 The Case of the Crafty Kidnapper 15/05/1966 Gossip columnist Danny Shine is a real scumbag. Even his own mother would disown him. So it's no surprise when he turns up shot to death in his car one night after a party at Alex Tanner's house. Danny's assistant, Greg Stanley, is arrested for the murder. Tanner can provide Stanley with an alibi except for one thing--his baby has been kidnapped and if he testifies the child will die.
S09E30 The Case of the Final Fade-Out 22/05/1966 A nasty actor with a lot of enemies is murdered. Perry gets his accused killer off the hook but then HE turns up dead and an aging, eccentric actress is blamed for that one. Are there two murderers on the loose or are both the work of one person?
S00E01 Perry Mason Returns 01/12/1985 Rich business man Mr Gordon has many enemies and a family that wouldn't miss him if he dropped dead. Someone hires a hitman to kill him and it is carried out in such a way to frame Gordon's secretary Della Street. When Della is accused of the murder, Perry mason resigns his position as judge to defend her and employs the son of his old colleague, Paul Drake, the act as private investigator on the case.
S00E02 The Case of the Notorious Nun 26/05/1986 Super lawyer Perry Mason defends a nun accused of killing a priest who was investigating the misuse of church funds and with whom she may have been having a romantic entanglement.
S00E03 The Case of the Shooting Star 09/11/1986 A comedian hatches a great joke: rig a fake killing live on TV. He takes a gun with blanks, and shoots his accomplice during a talk show. Happy that his joke has been successful, he walks away. His accomplice is really dead, however, and nearly a million viewers saw him pull the trigger.
S00E04 The Case of the Lost Love 23/02/1987 An old flame of Mason's is one of those being considered to fill a vacated government position. Now, her husband's approached by a man who says he knows his wife's secret and that if this secret should ever get out, her appointment might not push through. So, he offers to sell the information he has to him. So, when he goes to him, he finds him dead, and he is arrested for the crime and placed on trial, and Perry's asked to defend him. And Perry also suspects that the dead was hired by one of his friend's friends to steal the evidence of her secret so that they could expose it and sabotage her appointment, and in all likelihood is the killer.
S00E05 The Case of the Sinister Spirit 24/05/1987 Jordan White, a publisher friend of Perry, is called to a hotel where a guest, famous horror writer David Hall, has cleared out the hotel for a weekend and has called his "friends" - an actress, a fortune-teller, David's private assistant and the two remaining staff at the hotel to discuss business. They have come to the hotel as all of them are going to sue David over his new book - "The Resort" which characters are obviously based on Jordan and the guests. A practical joker, David plays tricks on them until he is thrown from the high tower of the hotel where Susan Warrenfield, the manager and owner of the hotel sees the fall and then Jordan at the tower causing the police to arrest Jordan. While Perry and Della try to solve the main mystery, Paul tries to find out who is trying to scare Susan away from the hotel. Could it really be a ghost or a more earthy visitor?...
S00E06 The Case of the Murdered Madam 04/10/1987 Della meets up with an old friend, a child that she used to baby-sit and she and Perry are invited to meet the friend's new wife, Suzanne. Meanwhile, Suzanne rents out her house to four gentlemen who are having a meeting about a plan that could get them all rich - little realizing that Suzanne is taping the whole conversation. Suzanne holds out for more money from her "client" before giving up the tape and is found murdered and the tape gone. As Perry, Della and Paul start to help the friend (who discovered the body and hence the prime suspect.) they discover that Suzanne used to be a Madam of a "certain kind of house", that the four "meeting" takes great pains to cover up their business and that Suzanne's past may have caught up with her...
S00E07 The Case of the Scandalous Scoundrel 15/11/1987 Perry is suing a gutter trash newspaper that is running a story about a love affair between him and Della. The editor also has "dirt" files on an Army General, his banker and other "clients". All of them make little-concealed verbal threats to him at a party but the person that hated him most is a female reporter who the editor had just fired from the paper for attempting to write a serious story. She threatens him and soon after the editor is found, floating in his pool, shot. The reporter is arrested for the crime and Perry, who has a personal stake in this matter, with the aid of Della and Paul set out to solve the mystery. But the other suspects just want the case over with and will go to any lengths to protect their pasts and their secrets...
S00E08 The Case of the Avenging Ace 28/02/1988 Air Force Lt. Col. Kevin Parks was arrested and convicted for a murder of a woman and is trying to appeal for the second time when one of the first appeal lawyers, Perry, finds a new witness for the defense. The witness is threatened and then murdered to stop him giving his evidence and Perry, Della and Paul started to investigate. The main victim was very popular with the Airmen and was employed by a real estate company that was conducting a deal with the Base over a plot of land and this causes the amount of suspects and motives to rise. Paul tries to find the witness's killer and he and Capt. O'Malley are a threat to it's future...
S00E09 The Case of the Lady in the Lake 15/05/1988 A tennis player is accused to having killed his wife, a rich heiress. The facts are against him as he was seen in the arms of his former girlfriend in the night before the assassination. This is a case for Perry Mason.
S00E10 The Case of the Lethal Lesson 12/02/1989 Ken Malansky is a law student attending a class being taught by Perry Mason. When a friend tells him that his girlfriend was assaulted by a fellow student, Ken rushes to the university's mock courtroom to confront him and finds him dead. The murder weapon was Ken's own knife. Perry is reluctant to take on his case, especially since the victim was the son of a close friend.
S00E11 The Case of the Musical Murder 09/04/1989 Perry has been in hospital for a knee operation but, while recovering, he sees Johnny out of the window. Johnny was a ex-stage manager for a musical called Polly in which while the star, film star, Amanda Cody, is scoring a big success, it's director Tony Franken is a right monster and after tearing through the cast and crew fires Johnny after Johnny stands up for himself. That night, Tony gets a phone call, goes down to the theatre and is shot. The police arrest Johnny and when Perry comes forward with the alibi Amanda begs Perry to represent Johnny. While Perry and Della investigate the murder, Ken and his fiancee Amy investigate the theatre's security guard Parker Newton, a huge man who got a very nasty temper but has the key to solving the murder...
S00E12 The Case of the All-Star Assassin 19/11/1989 Thatcher Horton is owner of a Denver sports arena and a couple of sports teams. Bobby Spencer a friend of Ken was one of his hockey players. It seems that Horton verbally promised him that he would take care of him if he gets injured, which happened. Now it seems that Horton is reneging and he has asked Ken to represent him in his suit against Horton. Bobby threatened Horton and not long after that Horton was killed and the murder weapon was found in Bobby's possession. So Perry comes to help defend Bobby. It seems that Horton was not liked by other people including his wife and son, and it also seems that the killer was a professional assassin, so did one of them hire him?
S00E13 The Case of the Poisoned Pen 21/01/1990 Bradley Thompson, a famous crime writer, is in town to collect an award for his latest book. However he is a fraud. Bradley takes information, book plots and sometimes the entire book from other people and gets them published under his own name and enjoys the credit when they become bestsellers. However most of his victims have become famous writers in their own right but Bradley, collecting his award, succeeds in rubbing all of them up the wrong way, including Perry's secretary Della and his detective/assistant lawyer, Ken. During the party after the award, Bradley is poisoned and his ex-wife framed for the crime. She calls in Perry, Della and Ken to investigate...
S00E14 The Case of the Desperate Deception 11/03/1990 American marine, David Berman, manages to get himself transferred to Paris in order to search for a hidden Nazi, Krugman that had killed his grandparents and crippled his mother. He managed to find a witness but just after she talks to David, she is run over and killed. That night, he is kidnapped by a shadowy organization and told that Krugman is hiding under a new identity of Felix Altmann. David goes to a health spa and meets Altmann but Altmann is shot and David framed for the crime. As a old friend of the family Perry and Ken goes to France to help out but now Perry must not only free David he must find out secrets that have been kept hidden for over 45 years, secrets that certain people are still certainly willing to kill for...
S00E15 The Case of the Silenced Singer 20/05/1990 Perry Mason defends the husband of a famous rock singer who was found being killed after having had a tremendous discussion with her husband and her manager.
S00E16 The Case of the Defiant Daughter 30/09/1990 Richard Stuart is a very wealthy man, thanks to his methods of 'assisting' certain people to advance in their careers. Richard however is blackmailing all of his clients and invites them every now and then to a poker game in Las Vegas. The game in reality is when Richard gets his money from his clients. David Benson's brother was killed thanks to one of Richard's schemes and, during one of the 'poker' parties David bursts in with a gun and attempts to shoot Richard but is overpowered and thrown out. Later on that night, Richard is shot with David's gun and David is arrested for the crime. David's young daughter Melanie had followed her father to Las Vegas and when David is arrested runs to Perry who is in town for a boxing match with Ken. Perry knows of Richard's methods and as he wants to know the truth sets out with Della and Ken to solve the mystery but Melanie wants to help too and gets herself in major trouble with one of the suspects...
S00E17 The Case of the Ruthless Reporter 06/01/1991 Perry is at TV station "KGGY" to be interviewed but thanks to the interference of main anchor-person Brett Huston the interview is pulled. Mostly everybody hates Brett as Brett knows all the station workers secrets. He has also written a memo insulting all of the main station players - Vic St. John - the station manager, Twyla Cooper - the producer, Chuck Gilmore - the sports reporter, Gary Slate - the weatherman, Cassie Woodfield - the reporter and Gillian Pope. Brett is shot dead with Gillian's gun and therefore is arrested for the crime. Gillian calls in Perry, Della and Ken to investigate. As Della and Perry set out to solve the mystery, Ken gets close to Cassie but she is a suspect and when it appears that somebody is trying to kill her, the mystery deepens...
S00E18 The Case of the Maligned Mobster 11/02/1991 A gangster who has committed all kinds of crimes is accused to have killed his wife. As he was not the murderer in this case Perry Mason intents to find the killer...
S00E19 The Case of the Glass Coffin 14/05/1991 David Katz is a world famous magician and he comes to Denver with his group to perform for a charity gala for disabled children. Also there is Perry and Della as all three are supporters of the charity. Kate Ford, an assistant with an arrogant attitude, tells David that she is, from now on, going to do an illusion in which an assistant is raised in a glass coffin only to disappear when the coffin is opened up in the air (while the assistant climbs out before the coffin is raised.) After a one night stand with David, Kate is pregnant and she blackmails David with this. David and his wife Judy can't have children so that comes as a double blow to them. However Kate, with her attitude, creates much hatred at her from the rest of the group. At the gala, the glass coffin is raised but when it opens Kate's dead body falls to the ground - strangled. While Perry and Della set out to try to find the killer...
S00E20 The Case of the Fatal Fashion 24/09/1991 Dyan Draper, an editor of a well known fashion magazine, is infamous for writing columns that destroy other people's career. She also drives her employees to near madness with her orders and therefore isn't well liked. Lauren Jeffreys, the editor of another magazine, meets up with Dyan in an attempt to get Dyan not to write about her in her next column but to no avail. Lauren tries again at Dyan's place but the next time we see Dyan she is dead on the floor. Lauren is the prime suspect but she is a friend of Perry's and Della and so Perry's take the defense. Lauren had a child when she was 16 and the child grew up to be Julia Collier, Dyan's private assistant, and Lauren and Julia try to get back together. Meanwhile, Ken comes up against Albert Nardone, infamous crime mobster and little known fashion designer as Nardone's nephew gets killed by Dyan's killer and unwillingly has one of Nardone hoods 'assist' him in trying to find the killer...
S00E21 The Case of the Fatal Framing 01/03/1992 A painter fakes his death in order to gain some additional money because his works would reevaluate with his death. But unfortunately he is being killed a few hours after having "returned to life".
S00E22 The Case of the Reckless Romeo 05/05/1992 Sleazy talk show host Ted Mayne writes a tell-all book, which enrages and embarrasses several very prominent women. One of them, actress Roxanne Shield, loses her composure during an interview and winds up making a televised death threat. Of course, when Ted is murdered, she is arrested. Witnesses claim they saw Roxanne outside his apartment that night and police later find the murder weapon in her car. Renowned defense attorney Perry Mason accepts the challenge of defending her in court.
S00E23 The Case of the Heartbroken Bride 30/10/1992 Perry Mason is invited to the marriage of the daughter of an old friend of his. But after the ceremony the uncle of the bride is dead. Certainly this is a case for Perry Mason.
S00E24 The Case of the Skin-Deep Scandal 19/02/1993 The owner of a cosmetics company is unveiling a new cream which she claims she's been using. She's been keeping her age a secret and now reveals that she's 60 and owes her appearance to the cream. She's later killed and the formula missing. Her husband is arrested and Perry defends him.
S00E25 The Case of the Telltale Talk Show Host 21/05/1993 Dr Sheila Carlin is good friends with Della who calls Perry in when she is being pestered by someone. On the theory that it could be somebody that she works with at a radio stations she arranges Perry to be interviewed by Winslow Keene who is also the station's owner. Winslow enrages the rest of the talk show hosts on the station by informing them of changes that he is making to their time slots. That night, Winslow is shot by a hit man hired by someone at the station and Sheila is set up for the murder. She calls in Perry and as usual Perry, Della and Ken swing into action to find out who really did it...
S00E26 The Case of the Killer Kiss 29/11/1993 On the set of a popular daytime soap opera 'Mile High', actress Kris Buckner is being forced off by co-star Mark Stratton. When she says that she'll 'kill him before she leaves the show', she makes herself the prime suspect when Stratton is murdered by someone poisoning him. As an old friend, Perry Mason comes to the help of Kris and agrees to defend her. Meanwhile Ken goes in search of information with the help of fan of the show.
S00E27 The Case of the Wicked Wives 17/12/1993 Anthony Caruso, an old friend of Perry Mason, comes to Denver on the request of Dee Morrison. She's married to famed photographer David Morrison, who wants to shoot a photo featuring his former models. The tricky thing is that all of his former models are also his former wives. But Dee knows Anthony can convince them to do it which he does. And David shoots them. Later Dee catches David it what appears to be in an inappropriate situation with his assistant. They have an argument and she leaves. Later David is found dead and she's arrested and Anthony defends her. And he suspects it could have been one of the wives.
S00E28 The Case of the Lethal Lifestyle 10/05/1994 When Perry is unable to deliver a speech at a conference he calls Bill McKenzie to offer him a hotel etc in exchange for delivering the work. Also at the hotel is filming for the newest episode of 'lifestyles of the rich and famous' hosted by Adrian Lye. One of Lye's guests, and Bill's friend, Daniel Kingman (a famous chess player) is at the hotel and is being blackmailed by Lye. When he goes to Lye's room a fight ensues after which Lye is found poisoned to death. Bill defends Kingman while Ken Malansky goes after the 'waiter' seen delivering the poisoned drink to Lye's suite, assuming the drink was poisoned before delivery and not by Kingman.
S00E29 The Case of the Grimacing Governor 09/11/1994 Perry's secretary Della and private investigator/lawyer Ken go to visit an old friend, rancher and famous lawyer, "Wild" Bill McKenzie. Meanwhile Governor Harlan Richards is murdered and his daughter, Karen, thinks that Harlan's replacement Ryan Allison has something to do with her father death. But Ryan has had suspicions about the death and thinks that it involves somebody that is close to him. He calls Karen but when she gets there Ryan is dead and Karen framed for the crime. Bill, as a friend of the Richards family, starts to investigate and Ken and Della is only too willing to help. This was made after Raymond Burr sadly passed away...
S00E30 The Case of the Jealous Jokester 10/04/1995 Bill McKenzie's niece works as a production assistant for controversial television personality Josie Joplin, who publicly accuses her of having an affair with her husband. One night McKenzie's niece receives a message which she believes is from Josie to go to her hotel room, when she gets there someone knocks her out and when she wakes up, Josie is dead and she's the number one suspect, so McKenzie defends her.
S00E31 Charlie Rose Interviews Raymond Burr 00/00/0000
S00E32 The Case of Erle Stanley Gardner Featurette 00/00/0000
S00E33 The Cast Plays Stump the Stars 00/00/0000
S00E34 Raymond Burr on Person to Person 00/00/0000
S00E35 Interview with Anne Nelson 00/00/0000
S00E36 Interview with Arthur Marks 00/00/0000
S00E37 Interview with Barbara Hale 00/00/0000
S00E38 Perry Mason Talent Tests 00/00/0000
S00E39 The Case of the Howling Dog (1934) 00/00/0000 The Case of the Howling Dog is a 1934 American mystery film directed by Alan Crosland. This was the first in a series of films in which William played Perry Mason. Arthur Cartwright, an anxious man, goes to Perry Mason to have his neighbor arrested for his vindictive and noisy dog. He is under the belief that his howling is an indication that somebody has been murdered in the neighborhood. He demands that his will be written bequeathing the estate to the lady living at the neighbor's house. However, the will is mysteriously altered by an unknown person and Cartwright goes missing, along with the lady. It is up to Mason to investigate. Adapted as an episode (#23) in season 2 of the Raymond Burr led series.
S00E40 The Case of the Curious Bride (1935) 00/00/0000 The Case of the Curious Bride is a 1935 mystery film, the second in a series starring Warren William as Perry Mason. The story is based on the book written by Erle Stanley Gardner. Rhoda Montaine learns that her first husband, Gregory Moxley, is still alive, which makes things awkward for her, since she has remarried Carl, the son of wealthy C. Phillip Montaine. She turns to Perry Mason for help, but when he goes to see Moxley, he finds only his corpse. Rhoda is arrested for murder. Adapted as an episode (#5) in season 2 of the Raymond Burr led series.
S00E41 Law Day Promo with Raymond Burr 00/00/0000
S00E42 Intro to "The Twice-Told Twist" with Barbara Hale 00/00/0000