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A brand new documentary strand comes to ITV1, bringing together powerful stories and a unique insight into various subjects from a range of individual sources. Perspectives encompasses single factual films from a variety of film-makers and, on occasion, presenters, who delve deeper into the stories they are passionate about.


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S02E01 David Suchet - People I Have Shot 25/03/2012 David Suchet follows in the footsteps of his grandfather, the famous Fleet Street photographer Jimmy Jarche, in a quest to capture on camera how Britain has changed in the past century. Talented amateur photographer David is sent on assignments across Britain to experience what it is like to be a press photographer. He shoots similar subjects to those his grandfather found, a task that involves tracking down unknown Welsh mining villages and taking pictures of the miners and their families. He experiences what it is like to be a war photographer when he photographs a training exercise with the British Army and feels the pressure of the paparazzi as he takes pictures of David Cameron and the Queen. SUB
S02E02 Lenny Henry: Finding Shakespeare 01/04/2012 Lenny Henry tells how he fell in love with Shakespeare and how, once he broke through the language barrier, the experiences and emotions Shakespeare wrote about spoke to him.
S02E03 Sergeant on Spike - Father of British Comedy 08/04/2012 John Sergeant presents a personal film about his childhood hero and lifelong inspiration - Spike Milligan. With contributions from Michael Palin, Eddie Izzard and many more.
S02E04 David Walliams - The Genius of Dahl 22/04/2012 David Walliams explores the storytelling of Roald Dahl, one of the world's most successful children's authors. With contributions from Quentin Blake, Joanna Lumley and others.
S02E05 Griff Rhys Jones on Wind in the Willows 29/04/2012 Griff Rhys Jones explores the history of the book and the life of its author, Kenneth Grahame, and uncovers the sometimes dark and ultimately sad tale of the book's creation.
S03E01 David Suchet: The Mystery of Agatha Christie 18/03/2013 David Suchet finds out what gave Christie's stories worldwide appeal and why characters such as Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple captured the imagination of so many devotees.
S03E02 Warwick Davis - The Seven Dwarfs of Auschwitz 24/03/2013 Actor Warwick Davis explores the miraculous survival story of the Ovitz family - ten Jewish brothers and sisters from Romania, seven of whom were born with dwarfism. Their musical group The Lilliput Troupe toured Eastern Europe during the 1930s and 1940s, managing to elude Nazi persecution of Jews until 1944 when they were deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp. The family underwent horrific experiments but lived to see the liberation of Auschwitz, spending several months returning to their home on foot. Warwick heads to the small Transylvania village where the five sisters and two brothers were born, their incredible yet poignant story prompting him to reflect on his own experiences as a dwarf actor and entertainer.
S03E03 Sheila Hancock - The Brilliant Bronte Sisters 31/03/2013 Sheila Hancock sets out to discover what inspired the Bronte sisters to write such epic novels seemingly worlds apart from their own lives.
S03E04 Michael Portillo on Picasso 07/04/2013 Former minister Michael Portillo examines the life and work of Pablo Picasso and reveals how his love of Picasso's art was influenced by his own father, a Spanish republican exile.
S03E05 Paul O’Grady: Gypsy Rose Lee - the Queen of Burlesque 14/04/2013 Paul O'Grady reveals the effect that a legendary striptease artist had on him as he explores the life of the queen of American burlesque, Gypsy Rose Lee.
S03E06 Jonathan Ross: Alfred Hitchcock - Made in Britain 21/04/2013 Jonathan Ross examines the life and career of the most celebrated director in the history of cinema, Sir Alfred Hitchcock, in a quest for the British roots of his unique style.
S03E07 Hugh Laurie - Copper Bottom Blues 05/05/2013 Hugh Laurie makes a pilgrimage across America to explore the country's blues music, before playing a concert in homage to his musical hero, Professor Longhair.