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Pete Griffith is basically an average guy. Apart from the lying, selfishness and being a bit of an arse. He's slightly more than average in these departments... But what sets Pete apart is that every move he makes is subject to constant observation, analysis and comment by two TV sport pundits. And they aren't slow to point out the errors of his ways...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Pete Versus Life

S02E01 Mum's Cleaner 21/10/2011 It's double trouble for Pete when he is accused of kidnapping an old lady's dog, while pretending to be a heroin addict to try an impress a Polish cleaner.
S02E02 Frank Leaves Noreen 28/10/2011 Pete is back with his ex-girlfriend, Chloe, and is desperate to make a good impression. Unfortunately, Pete's dad, Frank, turns up on his doorstep after deciding that he and Pete's mum should have a break from each other.
S02E03 The Tennis Player 04/11/2011 With not much work around, Pete ends up getting a job in a chicken packing factory. Things begin to improve though when his article criticising Britan's seventh best tennis player, Lottie Beaumont, is printed in a national newspaper. The only probelm is though that Pete is dating Lottie.
S02E04 A Night at the Light Opera 11/11/2011 Pete wins some tickets to see the hit musical Mamma Mia! and, after 'acquiring' a lovely leather jacket from a bag outside a charity shop, manages to find a date, Helene. However, Helene is clearly more intelligent than Pete, which doesn't bode well for our intellectually challenged hero.
S02E05 The Veteran 25/11/2011 Pete claims that he's been in the army in order to impress Mel, his new girlfriend. Unfortunately for Pete, her brother Tom is a genuine veteran.
S02E06 Does Pete Dream of Electric Sheep 09/12/2011 Pete starts dating a new girlfriend, Tilly, who believes that UFOs are of alien origin. All is going well until Pete discovers that Chloe, 'the one that got away', is going out with his nemesis, Jake.