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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Petrocelli

S01E02 The Golden Cage 11/09/1974 Petrocelli defends a millionaire's wife charged with slaying her husband's associate.
S01E03 Music to Die By 18/09/1974 A singer hires Petrocelli to defend him when his career is jeopardized by a homicide accusation.
S01E04 By Reason of Madness 25/09/1974 Petrocelli turns to a psychologist as he tries to prove his client, a woman who murdered her husband, was insane at the time.
S01E05 Edge of Evil 02/10/1974 The threatened revelation of damaging ecological information results in a murder that Petrocelli must solve.
S01E06 A Life for a Life 09/10/1974 Petrocelli's defense of a young transient accused of arson and murder is complicated when the only witness who could help the accused refuses to testify.
S01E07 Death in High Places 23/10/1974 Petrocelli defends a spoiled heiress accused of planting a grenade in her father's airplane to speed up her inheritance.
S01E08 Double Negative 30/10/1974 Petrocelli unravels a murder mystery rooted in blackmail.
S01E09 Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall 06/11/1974 Although witnesses swear they saw her leave a murder victim's apartment minutes after shots were fired, Petrocelli's client insists she was at home at the time of the crime.
S01E10 An Act of Love 13/11/1974 Petrocelli defends a man accused of killing a woman with whom he spent the night in her home, waking to find her dead.
S01E11 A Very Lonely Lady 27/11/1974 Petrocelli defends a hitchhiker accused of murdering a woman who had given him a ride and an amorous invitation.
S01E12 Counterplay 04/12/1974 Petrocelli's client, a cop, claims he didn't kill his wife's lover, even though he was found over the body with a service revolver.
S01E13 A Covenant with Evil 18/12/1974 Petrocelli defends a retarded man accused of murder after he is found cradling the body of a woman who was raped and killed.
S01E14 The Sleep of Reason 15/01/1974 An argument over hypnosis theory leads to the murder of a professor and Petrocelli's client, a teaching assistant accused of the crime, can't recall the shooting.
S01E15 A Fallen Idol 22/01/1974 Petrocelli's high school idol, a boxer now over the hill, is accused of beating his new manager to death.
S01E16 Once Upon a Victim 29/01/1974 Petrocelli's client, a physician, is found with a scalpel in hand, standing over the body of the woman who founded his clinic.
S01E17 The Kidnapping 05/02/1974 Petrocelli defends a woman who kidnapped her son from her father-in-law.
S01E18 A Lonely Victim 19/02/1974 A romantic triangle comes to a violent end when Petrocelli's client, a divorcee, is found kneeling over the body of her married boss with a fireplace poker in her hand.
S01E19 The Outsiders 26/02/1974 Petrocelli defends a penniless young crop picker who was captured fleeing a drugstore where he inadvertently left his fingerprints on a pair of scissors used to stab the owner.
S01E20 Vengeance in White 05/03/1974 Petrocelli defends an evangelist's wife, who is accused of killing the mercenary manager who had been working her husband to the point of collapse.
S01E21 Four the Hard Way 12/03/1974 Three old codgers hire Petrocelli to defend the fourth member of their pinochle club, a man charged with killing his son-in-law.
S01E22 Death in Small Doses 26/03/1975 Petrocelli defends a pharmacist accused of deliberately poisoning a customer.
S01E23 A Night of Terror 02/04/1974 Petrocelli defends a woman who, after being knocked unconscious in a fight with her boyfriend, awakened to find him dead and the murder gun in her hand.
S02E01 Death Ride 10/09/1975 Petrocelli defends a rodeo clown accused of the murder of a rodeo star.
S02E02 The Mark of Cain 17/09/1975 A boyhood friend pays a visit to Petrocelli and later is arrested on a homicide charge.
S02E03 Five Yards of Trouble 24/09/1975 Petrocelli defends a man who, enraged to find his wife posing for a photographer at another man's home, has a reason to be suspected for murder.
S02E04 Shadow Of Fear 00/00/0000 A woman tells Petrocelli she has shot her first husband and is shocked when her second husband is arrested for the crime.
S02E05 Chain of Command 08/10/1975 Petrocelli's client is a mechanic whose wrench, found bearing his fingerprints, was used to murder the airline executive who fired him.
S02E06 To See No Evil 29/10/1975 Petrocelli defends a blind woman accused of fatally shooting her boyfriend.
S02E07 Terror on Wheels 05/11/1975 Petrocelli defends a man suspected of murdering a motorcycle-gang member who had been romancing his daughter.
S02E08 The Gamblers 12/11/1975 When evidence linking a young man to the slaying of his employer makes Petrocelli suspicious, he investigates and uncovers a web of gambling debts and strange burglaries.
S02E09 Terror By the Book 10/12/1975 Petrocelli defends a woman accused of murdering her longtime friend, a best-selling author about to publish damaging information about her past.
S02E10 Face of Evil 17/12/1975 A mysterious woman hires Petrocelli to defend her twin sister, a shy waitress whom she loathes, against a murder charge.
S02E11 Too Many Alibis 24/12/1975 Petrocelli's client is a conscientious black doctor accused of killing the hospital chief of staff, who charged him with incompetence and fired him.
S02E12 A Deadly Vow 31/12/1975 When a woman is arrested for murder, Petrocelli isn't sure he wants the case because she told him earlier she was going to do it.
S02E13 Falling Star 21/01/1976 Petrocelli defends a once-famous western actor accused of killing a motion-picture producer.
S02E14 Survival 28/01/1976 Petrocelli and a suspected burglar, ambushed in the desert, must battle nature to survive.
S02E15 The Night Visitor 04/02/1976 Petrocelli's office is ransacked and he becomes the quarry of a couple who will stop at nothing to get the diamond he is supposedly keeping for a mysterious client.
S02E16 Blood Money 00/00/0000 Petrocelli's client is charged with murder when a fraternity-prank kidnapping suddenly becomes deadly realistic.
S02E17 Any Number Can Die 18/02/1976 Everyone connected with a computer theft of government secrets is mysteriously meeting death and Petrocelli may be next.
S02E18 Six Strings of Guilt 25/02/1976 Petrocelli must prove a woman innocent of murder when a man who tried to blackmail her is found dead.
S02E19 Deadly Journey 00/00/0000 Petrocelli and Ritter offer a lift to an elderly female hitchhiker, who they later learn has been arrested for killing her son's employer.
S02E20 The Payoff 00/00/0000 Tony must defend Maggie's visiting Uncle Roy, who has been accused of the murder of a prostitute.
S02E21 Shadow of a doubt 17/03/1976 Retained to defend a man from a murder charge, Petrocelli faces the possible loss of his license after he is accused of bribing a witness.
S02E22 Jubilee Jones 00/00/0000 An aging former vaudeville star is arrested for killing a night club manager in a dispute over payment.
S02E23 Special 00/00/0000