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You know the story of "The Three Little Pigs",right? Now step into the more modern Story about a pig named Mikey, a humble and cool fifteen year old country pig who goes to live with cousins Martha and Reggie.That's right,something like the story. Martha and Reggie are two city slackers, living the life in a little townhouse in the middle of Pork City. Martha, worried about her looks and spending time at the mall to attract Boyfriends for the big Hog Wallow Dance. Now meet Rocker Reggie convincing Principal Hamhocks that he does not need to ruin his summer vacation with summer school. Pig City will get laughing and enjoying the show with this well,strange family!For the ones who did not see Pig City, one thing's for sure, it's better than "The Three Little Pigs". Enjoy! The End Main Characters*Picture Left To Right -Mikey is a Country "Pig" who came into the city to live with cousins Martha And Reggie. He does


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Pig City

S02E01 Motivational Ham 30/06/2002
S02E02 Bachelor Daze 02/09/2002
S02E03 Coming To Grips 09/09/2002
S02E04 Family Plot 13/09/2002
S02E05 Driven 16/09/2002
S02E06 Dear Martha 20/09/2002
S02E07 The Hogfather 23/09/2002
S02E08 Pork n' Screams 21/10/2002
S02E09 Christmas Ham 10/12/2002
S02E10 Reggie v.s. His Brain 27/09/2002
S02E11 Headcheese of the Class 30/09/2002
S02E12 Capitalist Pig 04/10/2002
S02E13 Pig In Japan 07/10/2002 All those years of rocking finnaly paid off for Reggie And The Rockers.Why? They made it big and they're going to Japan.That would mean that Reggie,Stig and Bob are thinking that they are the gods of rock.Martha and Mikey are in Japan too and their trip isn't so delightful.When the rest of their family says they've got enough and wants to go back home,Reggie has to make the biggest decision of his life;Stay in Japan as a famous Rockstar or return as a nobody.