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PING PONG CLUB Original title: IKE! INA-CHUU TAKKYUUBU (Let's Go! Inachu Junior High Table Tennis Club) Broadcast April 5, 1995-September 27, 1995 Animation Studio: Grouper Productions Production Company: Kitty Film, Tokyo Broadcast System When perverts get together...


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S01E01 The Six School Boys/An Evil Plot 05/04/1995 This episode introduces the members of the Ping Pong Club. The teacher in charge of the girls ping pong club tries to take over the boys training room.
S01E02 The Half-Baked Men/The Worms 12/04/1995 The teacher of the girls ping pong club (Mr. Tachikawa) tricks the teacher of the boys club (Mr. Shibazaki) into giving the training room to the girls. The boys are not happy with this and fight back to reclaim the training room with some devious tricks of their own.
S01E03 The Maeno Germ/A Seductive Snob 19/04/1995 The boys without a training room of their own, end up picking up trash in the schoolyard. Takeda and Kinoshita get invited to play with the girls but the other boys are left out. In the end Mr Tachikawa takes pity on them and lets the boys club play a match against the girl to win back their training room.
S01E04 The Purchase/Hot Summer 26/04/1995 After losing the game to win back their training room, the boys go about to find Mr. Tachikawa's weakness. After finding out that he has a crush on Miss Tachibana, the boys plan to make a sexy video of her so they can strike a deal with Mr. Tachikawa.
S01E05 Training Camp/Curse of Takeda 03/05/1995 A girl suddenly comes to the training room asking for Maeno. She tells him that she likes him but Izawa, jealous of Maeno, ruins any hope of a relationship. Maeno vows revenge on Izawa. The next time a girl comes to the training room asking for Izawa, Maeno is ready for some revenge.
S01E06 Sixty Years/Flaming Spirit 10/05/1995 Mr Shibazaki get a new manager for the club. It turns out to be a girl that Takeda knows from his childhood, Kyoko Iwashita. A few days later they get the news that they have to play against the favorite in the coming championship. Kyoko thinks of a plan to motivate the club.
S01E07 Inachu Vs./Sex Ticket 17/05/1995 The team discovers that Maeno has used the remainder of the club's new ping pong balls for a very non-ping-pong-related purpose. The team pools money to purchase new balls and uses paper-rock-scissors to select who will actually go and make the purchase. However, Izawa expresses concern as Maeno was the one randomly selected.
S01E08 Love & Comedy 24/05/1995 It's the height of summer, and very hot. The club decides to go for a swim in the school pool. The captain of the girls swimming team lets them in, but has ulterior motives.
S01E09 First Love/Loser's Community 31/05/1995 The underfunded ping pong club was forced to join the baseball team's training camp last year, but ended up being ball boys. This year, Mr. Shibazaki tries to make amends by bringing the boys to an inn in the mountains for their training camp. The inn is owned by Mr. Shibazaki's friend, Mr. Uehara, who happens to be a monkey. However, the inn seems to have more facilities for baths than ping pong.
S01E10 Dress Up Dolls/Ultra Tanabe 07/06/1995 While at the inn, Takeda wakes up in the middle of the night from a nightmare only to come face to face with the ghost of a woman confuses Takeda with her former lover, Yaguchi. According to Uehara, Takeda is the spitting image of Yaguchi, a man who had intended to commit double suicide with the woman, but chickened out. Takeda decides to make a trip up the mountain and offer incense to the ghost.
S01E11 Winning the Lottery! 14/06/1995 The club decides to have some fun watching college girls at a public swimming pool when Mr. Shibazaki arrives on a bicycle and offers the boys a chance to play ping pong against ""grown-up girls"". The boys happily accept, but the Beauty Mamas are not quite the ping pong club the boys expected.
S01E12 Shibizaki's Plan/Survival 21/06/1995 The boys seem to have lost hope of winning their upcoming tournament, but Kyoko offers them an incentive they can't ignore. Reinvigorated, the boys practice harder than ever. But when Maeno plays poorly against Kyoko, who is just a ping pong beginner, Kyoko accuses him of dragging the rest of the team down. Humiliated, Maeno decides to enlist the help of Mrs. Kishimoto.
S01E13 Friendship/Tsutomu 28/06/1995
S01E14 Saturday Hare/The Wimp 05/07/1995
S01E15 The Outcast/Shorty 12/07/1995
S01E16 Dr. Maeno 19/07/1995
S01E17 Find Happiness/Sheds His Skin 26/07/1995
S01E18 Partner? 02/08/1995
S01E19 The Unfortunates/May I Have It? 09/08/1995
S01E20 A River/Retirement 16/08/1995
S01E21 Loan King/Flaming Perverts 23/08/1995
S01E22 The Invasion/Into the Big Sky 30/08/1995
S01E23 I've Got Guts/A Dramatic Photo! 06/09/1995
S01E24 Fake Drunkard/Takeda Fondles 13/09/1995
S01E25 Wanted 20/09/1995
S01E26 Dandy Principal/The Drifters 27/09/1995
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