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Choi In Ha (Park Shin Hye) is a reporter who has “Pinocchio syndrome”. She cannot tell a lie or pretend to be something she is not or she starts hiccupping violently and gives herself away. Meanwhile, Choi Dal Po (Lee Jong Suk) is a rookie reporter at a broadcasting company. He’s handsome but does not know how to dress to impress, so people tend to underestimate him. However, he does have what it takes to succeed as a reporter. He’s got a photographic memory and is articulate. They meet and fall in love together.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Pinocchio (2014)

S01E01 Pinocchio 12/11/2014 Notorious class clown Choi Dal Po challenges the number one student in the school on a televised quiz show.
S01E02 Le Vilain Petit Canard 13/11/2014 The real reason for Choi Dal Po going on the quiz show is revealed. In Ha continues to support Dal Po despite not knowing why he hates her.
S01E03 La Reine des Neiges 19/11/2014 Eight years later, In Ha is persistently applying to every broadcasting station in order to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a news reporter.
S01E04 Roméo et Juliette 20/11/2014 In Ha and Dal Po decide to become news reporters together, but only one of them might make the cut.
S01E05 Le Roi aux Oreilles d'Âne 26/11/2014 In Ha tries to reassure Dal Po that she isn't jealous of him being accepted to YGN but to no avail as she is unable to tell him the real reason she is hiccuping. Meanwhile, her mother offers her an internship at MSC with a catch.
S01E06 Deux Ans de Vacances 27/11/2014 Dal Po and In Ha go head-to-head for a scoop on the same report.
S01E07 La Grenouille dans le Puits 03/12/2014 Dal Po is crushed when he realizes that he underestimated his role as a reporter, and potentially hurt someone the way he was hurt as a child.
S01E08 Un Jour de Chance 04/12/2014 Dal Po meets with a crime suspect who turns out to be his brother, whom he hasn't seen in 13 years.
S01E09 Le Joueur de Flûte 10/12/2014 Dal Po's brother, Ki Jae Myung, becomes a national hero after MSC sensationalizes a traffic accident in which he rescues a boy.
S01E10 Le Garçon qui criait au Loup 11/12/2014 In Ha deals with the aftermath of figuring out Dal Po's real identity and her mother's involvement in his family's tragedy.
S01E11 A Midsummer Night's Dream 17/12/2014 Dal Po finally reveals his true identity to Jae Myung, and tries to convince him to turn himself in. In Ha feels helpless when there's nothing she can do for Dal Po.
S01E12 The Magic Flute 18/12/2014 Jae Myung decides to turn himself in, and lets Dal Po get revenge on Anchor Sung in his own way. Out of guilt, Dal Po says goodbye to his former family, and changes his name back to Ki Ha Myung.
S01E13 The Gift of the Magi 24/12/2014 Dal Po has all the ammunition he needs in order to take out Sung Cha Ok for good, but one hiccup from In Ha may change everything. Dal Po must now choose which kind of a reporter he will become.
S01E14 Hansel and Gretel 25/12/2014 Bum Jo begins to suspect his mother isn't as innocent as she seems. A case very similar to the explosion 13 years ago occurs again, but Dal Po is determined not to have history repeat itself.
S01E15 Don Quixote 01/01/2015 Despite MSC and Sung Cha Ok shifting the fire's blame onto Chan Soo, In Ha and Dal Po are determined to prove his innocence.
S01E16 The Emperor's New Clothes 07/01/2015 As soon as YGN finds evidence to clear Chan Soo's name, the Olympics begin and steal the focus from the factory incident.
S01E17 The Scarlet Letter 08/01/2015 When In Ha and Bum Jo confront their mothers about their involvement in past and present incidents, they must choose whether they report them or live with the guilt.
S01E18 The Red Shoes 14/01/2015 While investigating Chairman Park's wrongdoings, Dal Po, In Ha, and Sung Cha Ok become targets in an act of terror.
S01E19 The North Wind and the Sun 14/01/2015 Chairman Park does all she can to dodge persecution, but YGN News refuses to let up. Bum Jo also takes matters into his own hands.
S01E20 Peter Pan 15/01/2015
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