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"PLAIN JANE" is a new summer reality series that transforms one woman from the inside out to reveal a brand new woman. Each of the eight episodes will feature a new "Jane" searching for the change of a lifetime. With the help of British fashion expert Louise Roe ("Fashion Police: The 2009 Grammy Awards"), each "Plain Jane" will receive a head-to-toe style transformation, including new wardrobe and confidence-building exercises. Once the transformation is complete, the formerly "Plain Jane" will surprise her unsuspecting crush with the new look and reveal her true feelings to him. A love connection is - or isn't - made.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Plain Jane

S01E01 Friend Zone Jane 28/07/2010
S01E02 No Risk Jane 04/08/2010
S01E03 Do Over Jane 11/08/2010
S01E04 Wallflower Jane 18/08/2010
S01E05 Conservative Jane 25/08/2010 Louise helps a woman with a conservative appearance transform herself for a date with the lead singer of a local band.
S01E06 Jane Plus 01/09/2010
S02E01 Gaya 19/10/2011 Plain Jane goes International! Australian transplant Gaya has a closet full of bold, colorful clothes...but she isn’t bold enough to wear them! So fashionista fairy godmother Louise sets her up for some exciting new experiences and the empowered attitude to match. Will Gaya’s crush decide he wants to be more than friends?
S02E02 Natalie 26/10/2011 Natalie, 21, a shy tomboy who’s always stuck in the friend zone when it comes to guys, turns to Louise for help landing her crush Joe. Little does Natalie know there are some heart-pounding surprises in store to help her tap into her inner confidence!
S02E03 Sarah 02/11/2011 Sarah, a 21-yr-old American studying in the U.K., says her clothes and hair are 'always a mess.' She gets flustered around guys she fancies - like her British crush Benny. Louise steers her in a fashion forward direction ... but can she lead Sarah toward romance.
S02E04 Jade 09/11/2011 Sarah, a 21-yr-old American studying in the U.K., says her clothes and hair are 'always a mess.' She gets flustered around guys she fancies - like her British crush Benny. Louise steers her in a fashion forward direction ... but can she lead Sarah toward romance?
S02E05 Jamie 16/11/2011 Jamie from Chicago has a huge crush on Adam. Jamie has confidence problems but wants to be in the entertainment industry. Louise puts her through her paces and gives her Plain Jane's most romantic date yet - on Italy's Lake Como.
S02E06 Sobi 23/11/2011 Sobi is from Harrow, UK and is studying in Manchester. She is smitten with Michael. A confessed shy mouse, Sobi just doesn't believe in herself even though she sings, plays guitar, does open mic and studies astrophysics. Louise is about to change all that!
S02E07 Lucy 30/11/2011 Lucy suffers from Plain Jane Sporty syndrome but that's ok because Louise is going to turn her bigger bulk into voluptuous curves in order to snag high school sweetheart Ted.
S02E08 Liz 07/12/2011 Liz never goes out anymore plus she wears her brother's clothes - OMG. Lousie will give her some much needed advice to give her the confidence to meet Tom.
S03E01 Simone 00/00/0000 Fairy godmother Louise Roe magically vanishes super shy Simone's nerves so she can tell date Dominique how she really feels about him.
S03E02 Kat 23/11/2012
S03E03 Nicole 30/11/2012 Nicole lives in comfy jeans and sweaters, but would love to be edgier. Louise Roe livens up her look and gives her the confidence to tell friend Alex how she feels about her. Hometown: Ontario, Canada. Shooting Locations: Madrid, Spain/Poole, UK
S03E04 Lanthe 05/12/2012 Dancer Lanthe lost her confidence after a car accident and lived in baggy shapeless clothes. But Louise Roe puts her back on track and ready to tell her crush Alex how she feels. Hometown: London. Shooting Locations: Chamonix, France
S03E05 Danielle 13/12/2012 Danielle is a tall Jane with a fear of standing out from the crowd. Luckily Louise Roe is at hand to help her find the confidence to ask crush Ben out and to wear heels. Hometown: USA. Shooting Locations: Berlin, Germany.
S03E06 Ellen 20/12/2012 Baby Jane Ellen lives in her jeans and trainers to avoid attracting attention, but Louise Roe gets her to shine and tell her crush Nathanial how she feels… Hometown: Helmond, NL. Shooting Location: Kirkenes, Norway
S03E07 Natalie 27/12/2012 Natalie is a serious law student from Vancouver who dresses like someone twice her age - she learns to street dance, drive a Carver - a cross between a racing car and a motor bike - and has a date in Amsterdam with fellow law student Jackson. Hometown: Canada. Shooting Location: Amsterdam, NL.
S03E08 Sadie 03/01/2013 Shy and sporty Sadie from Essex, England, 17 and a high school student, who doesn't want to grow up, takes part in a model shoot and conquers her fear of jumping into water from a great height before her date in Southern Spain with her crush Sean, a school chum and very close friend. Hometown: UK. Shooting Location: Marbella, Spain.
S03E09 Isobel 11/01/2013 Isobel, a music student in the North of England with no self-belief, sings live on stage with a rock band, drives a rally car and has a romantic date in Istanbul with crush Peter, a very close friend from college. Hometown: UK. Shooting Location: Istanbul, Turkey.
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