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Plawres Sanshiro is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Jirou Ushi. It was serialized in the Akita Shoten magazine Shukan Shōnen Champion from August 6, 1982 to May 3, 1985. An anime adaptation aired in 1983 in Japan, Hong Kong, the Middle East and Greece and Algeria. The name is a shortened derivative of "Plastic Model Wrestling Sanshiro." It has also been loosely translated to "PlaWres 3-Shirou" and "Puraresu Sanshiro." The animation is based on the manga of the same name, though the visuals of the characters, in particular the PlaWrestler robots, were different.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Plawres Sanshiro

S01E01 Juohmaru, This is Plawrestling!! 05/06/1983
S01E02 Death Match! Kurosaki VS. Sanshiro 15/06/1983
S01E03 The Majin, Power Attack 25/06/1983
S01E04 Take That! Fireball Attack! 05/07/1983
S01E05 Danger! Sanshiro Is In Big Trouble 15/07/1983
S01E06 Finally! Female Plawrestler! 25/07/1983
S01E07 Tekkamen, the Assassin Lullaby of the death 05/08/1983
S01E08 Beat the rival!! Narita VS. Sanshiro!! 15/08/1983
S01E09 Mad Hurricane's revenge!! Stand up, Juohmaru!! 25/08/1983
S01E10 Crash!! Skateboard kid Challenger from Hawaii!! 05/09/1983
S01E11 Knock Down Matador! Get Angry, Juohmaru!! 15/09/1983
S01E12 Killing Stardust! Targeted Juohmaru!! 25/09/1983
S01E13 Plawres Wars! Juohmaru Aims Championship!! 05/10/1983
S01E14 Fateful Rivals! Hard Crash, Juohmaru!! 15/10/1983
S01E15 Strong Opponent! Kung-Fu Vs. Juohmaru!! 25/10/1983
S01E16 Dueling In Georama City! Juohmaru, 2 Vs. 1!! 05/11/1983
S01E17 Beautiful Challenger! Juohmaru, Dance of the Beast!! 15/11/1983
S01E18 Highway Battle! Desperate Juohmaru!! 25/11/1983
S01E19 A New Sunrise! Come back alive, Juohmaru!! 05/12/1983
S01E20 Heart & Machine!! Juohmaru! The Long Way! 15/12/1983
S01E21 Trap of the Space Shuttle! Fly to the Cosmos, Juohmaru!! 25/12/1983
S01E22 Kurosaki, desperate challenge! Survive, Juohmaru!! 05/01/1984
S01E23 Plawrestling war! Be the star of Asia, Juohmaru!! 15/01/1984
S01E24 A tower of execution! Juohmaru, fight with anger!! 25/01/1984
S01E25 The champion from America! Juohmaru, departure for tomorrow!! 05/02/1984
S01E26 Juohmaru! A midday western fight!! 15/02/1984
S01E27 Juohmaru! Run for tomorrow!! 25/02/1984
S01E28 The night of evil! Tear the darkness, Juohmaru!! 05/03/1984
S01E29 A stage of death! Awaken, Juohmaru!! 15/03/1984
S01E30 Juohmaru! Oath for tomorrow!! 25/03/1984
S01E31 Juohmaru! Glowing Plawrestling spirit!! 05/04/1984
S01E32 Enemy plane over! Jump over Juohmaru!! 15/04/1984
S01E33 This is brain wave induction! Run softly Juohmaru!! 25/04/1984
S01E34 Juohmaru! Road to champion!! 05/05/1984
S01E35 Juohmaru! It is the day when the world changes!! 15/05/1984
S01E36 Juohmaru! Plawrestling Eternally!! 25/05/1984
S01E37 Juohmaru! Soldier is wanted! Last time!! 05/06/1984

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