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"Play for Today," an anthology series of plays carrying on in the tradition of its predecessor "The Wednesday Play," presented controversial works by such writers as Dennis Potter, David Mercer, Alan Bennett, and Jim Allen, with such directors as Ken Loach, Alan Clarke, Philip Saville, and Mike Newell. Several plays in the series led to various spin-offs, including "Play for Tomorrow" and "Rumpole of the Bailey." The photo is from the 1977 play "Scum" (written by Roy Minton and directed by Alan Clarke), which the BBC banned for almost 15 years.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Play for Today

S01E01 The Long Distance Piano Player 00/00/0000 A man tries to break the world's record for nonstop piano playing
S01E02 The Right Prospectus 00/00/0000 A couple look for the proper school, not for their children but for themselves.
S01E03 The Lie 00/00/0000 ""The Lie"" refers to the 8-year marriage of a couple who are constantly hurting each other.
S01E04 Angels Are So Few 00/00/0000 A man claiming to be an angel enters the household of a bored housewife and teaches the family a few lessons
S01E05 The Write-Off 00/00/0000 A man is made redundant but can't bring himself to let anyone know, plunging into a web of deceit as he keeps up the charade he is still in work.
S01E06 I Can't See My Little Willie 00/00/0000 A man has a mid-life crisis in his brother's pub where sees life as a game show
S01E07 A Distant Thunder 00/00/0000
S01E08 Hearts and Flowers 00/00/0000 A TV host and his architect brother attend their father's funeral
S01E09 Robin Redbreast 00/00/0000 A woman living in a country cottage thinks that someone is trying to get her.
S01E10 The Hallelujah Handshake 00/00/0000 A petty thief and social misfit finagles his way into a church congregation
S01E11 Alma Mater 00/00/0000 A civil servant working abroad revisits his old school
S01E12 Circle Line 00/00/0000
S01E13 Hell's Angel 00/00/0000
S01E14 The Piano 00/00/0000 An old couple refuse to move when they find out that they can't take their piano with them
S01E15 Billy's Last Stand 00/00/0000
S01E16 The Rainbirds 00/00/0000 A man who attempted suicide by jumping out a window is saved only to live in a coma, in which he has fantasies about his relatives and nightmare creatures.
S01E17 Reddick 00/00/0000 Charges that the Rev 'Red' Reddick is exploiting his youth club members leads to an explosive confrontation.
S01E18 The Foxtrot 00/00/0000 An odd menage a trois results when a woman and her lover are visited by her long-lost husband
S01E19 When the Bough Breaks 00/00/0000 When an injured baby arrives at the hospital, a social worker looks for the parents
S01E20 Orkney 00/00/0000 A trilogy of plays--A Time to Keep, The Whaler's Return, and Celia--exploring the life of the islanders in the past and present
S01E21 The Rank and File 00/00/0000 The story of the Pilkington glass workers strike of 1970
S01E22 The Man in the Sidecar 00/00/0000 A succesful novelist Edith lives with her husband and his friend, but she decides to ask the friend to leave.
S01E23 Everybody Say Cheese 00/00/0000 The story of a disintegrating marriage told through family photos
S02E01 Traitor 00/00/0000 A British aristocrat turned Russian spy is visited in Moscow by Western journalists
S02E02 Edna, the Inebriate Woman 00/00/0000 An elderly woman refuses help out of a predicament
S02E03 Evelyn 00/00/0000
S02E04 O Fat White Woman 00/00/0000 The wife of a headmaster discovers that he has been physically abusing his students
S02E05 Thank You Very Much 00/00/0000
S02E06 Michael Regan 00/00/0000 A man gets revenge on a pub owner
S02E07 Skin Deep 00/00/0000
S02E08 Pal 00/00/0000
S02E09 The Pigeon Fancier 00/00/0000
S02E10 Home 06/01/1972 A story about four elderly "loonies" living in a rest home
S02E11 Still Waters 00/00/0000
S02E12 Stocker's Copper 00/00/0000 In Cornwall, just before World War I, a striking miner befriends a cop
S02E13 The House on Highbury Hill 00/00/0000
S02E14 In the Beautiful Caribbean 00/00/0000 A story about unemployment and the Black Movement in Jamaica
S02E15 Ackerman, Dougall and Harker 00/00/0000 A salesman learns a few lessons from the locals when he goes to Yorkshire for a business course
S02E16 The Villa Maroc 00/00/0000 A couple and their daughter take a trip to Africa
S02E17 Cows 00/00/0000
S02E18 A Time to Keep 00/00/0000
S02E19 The Fishing Party 00/00/0000 The adventures of three Derbyshire miners going fishing
S03E07 The General's Day 00/00/0000 An elderly general woos a shy school teacher.
S03E08 The Bankrupt 00/00/0000 A washed-up executive is on the verge of bankruptcy.
S03E09 Just Your Luck 04/12/1972 Alison has the opportunity to escape from the drudgery of her Scottish tenement life thanks to her relationship with promising footballer Joe. Tired of Joe spending so much time training, she begins seeing poorly paid sailor Alec. Circumstances change and she now faces the prospect of marriage to Alec and moving into the tiny family home with him, his parents and his elderly grandfather.
S03E10 The Bouncing Boy 00/00/0000
S03E11 Shakespeare or Bust 00/00/0000 The adventures of three Derbyshire miners going to Stratford-upon-Avon on a barge
S03E12 Land of Green Ginger 00/00/0000
S03E13 Kisses at Fifty 00/00/0000 A long-married husband leaves his family for a barmaid.
S03E14 Highway Robbery 00/00/0000
S03E15 Song at Twilight 00/00/0000 The story of a defiant football manager in terminal decline
S03E16 Only Make Believe 00/00/0000 As a playwright dictates notes about his newest play to his secretary, scenes from the play are acted out.
S03E17 For Sylvia or The Air Show 00/00/0000
S03E18 The Operation 00/00/0000
S03E19 Access to the Children 00/00/0000
S03E20 Hard Labour 12/03/1973 The trials of an overworked and underappreciated housecleaner
S03E21 Man Above Men 00/00/0000
S03E22 Speech Day 00/00/0000 Three underachievers have fun at a school speech day
S03E23 Steps Back 00/00/0000
S03E24 Three's One 00/00/0000
S03E25 Edward G.--Like the Film Star 00/00/0000
S03E26 Blooming Youth 00/00/0000 The problems of four people sharing an apartment
S03E27 The Stretch 00/00/0000
S03E28 Making the Play 00/00/0000
S04E01 Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont 00/00/0000
S04E02 Her Majesty's Pleasure 00/00/0000
S04E03 Jack Point 00/00/0000
S04E04 The Emergency Channel 00/00/0000
S04E05 Mummy and Daddy 00/00/0000
S04E06 Private Practice 00/00/0000
S04E07 Shutdown 00/00/0000
S04E08 Baby Blues 00/00/0000
S04E09 Jingle Bells 00/00/0000
S04E10 The Lonely Man's Lover 00/00/0000 A young farmgirl begins a romance with an artist
S04E11 All Good Men 00/00/0000 An elderly politician looks back over his career while being interviewed by a TV producer
S04E12 Joe's Ark 00/00/0000 A pet shop owner forsakes his religious beliefs when his daughter gets cancer
S04E13 Hot Fat 00/00/0000
S04E14 Easy Go 00/00/0000
S04E15 Headmaster 00/00/0000
S04E16 Penda's Fen 00/00/0000 A conservative vicar's son alienates himself from his family when he finds out he's adopted
S04E17 Pigeon--Hawk or Dove? 00/00/0000
S04E18 Three for the Fancy 00/00/0000 Further adventures of three Derbyshire miners
S04E19 The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil 00/00/0000 The exploitation of the Scottish land and its people from the 18th century to the present
S04E20 Schmoedipus 00/00/0000 A young man persuades a woman that he is her son
S04E21 The Childhood Friend 00/00/0000
S04E22 A Follower for Emily 00/00/0000 The friendship of two residents of a retirement home ends up in marriage
S05E01 Leeds--United! 00/00/0000 About a strike in a textile factory, based on a true story
S05E02 Baby Love 00/00/0000 After the stillbirth of her illegitimate baby, a woman steals a baby at random and is sentenced to 9 months in prison.
S05E03 Back of Beyond 00/00/0000
S05E04 The Bevellers 00/00/0000 The first (and last) day at work of a young apprentice in a bevelling shop at a Glasgow glass factory
S05E05 Taking Leave 00/00/0000
S05E06 Fugitive 00/00/0000
S05E07 Eleanor 00/00/0000
S05E08 Gangsters 00/00/0000 A story exploring the Birmingham underworld
S05E09 The After Dinner Game 00/00/0000
S05E10 Breath 00/00/0000 A story about an asthma sufferer
S05E11 The Death of a Young, Young Man 00/00/0000 Three young students suspended from school face various problems.
S05E12 Sunset Across the Bay 00/00/0000 A elderly couple become disillusioned when they retire to their favorite holiday resort.
S05E13 Funny Farm 00/00/0000 One day in the life a nurse in a mental hospital
S05E14 Goodbye 00/00/0000
S05E15 Just Another Saturday 13/03/1975 A young man participating in the Orange Parade in Glasgow becomes disillusioned with the pageant when he discovers its unpleasant and violent history and witnesses the participants' attacks on Catholics.
S05E16 A Child of Hope 00/00/0000
S05E17 The Saturday Party 00/00/0000 When a stockbroker loses his job, he decides to throw a party.
S05E18 Wednesday Love 00/00/0000
S05E19 The Dandelion Clock 00/00/0000 In Belfast, a girl awaits the return of her missing father.
S05E20 Brassneck 00/00/0000
S05E21 The Floater 00/00/0000
S05E22 By Common Consent 00/00/0000 Political fantasy about a fascist regime
S06E01 Plaintiffs and Defendants 00/00/0000 A married barrister's life begins to unravel when it seems that his high-strung mistress may reveal all.
S06E02 Two Sundays 00/00/0000 An author tells an old school chum that he is about to publish a novel revealing their old relationship.
S06E03 Moss 00/00/0000
S06E04 84 Charing Cross Road 00/00/0000 An American woman corresponds with a London bookshop owner over a period of 20 years
S06E05 Keep an Eye on Albert 00/00/0000
S06E06 Children of the Sun 00/00/0000
S06E07 After the Solo 00/00/0000 A boy enjoys success in the choir until his voice breaks at puberty.
S06E08 Through the Night 00/00/0000 A woman goes into hospital to receive treatment for breast cancer.
S06E09 A Passage to England 00/00/0000 A group of Asians plans to sneak into England using a fishing boat
S06E10 Rumpole of the Bailey 00/00/0000 Rumpole defends a young West Indian boy accused of attempted murder.
S06E11 The Other Woman 00/00/0000 An aggressive lesbian disrupts the lives of those around her.
S06E12 Nuts in May 13/01/1976 Smug married couple Keith and Candice Marie are keen exponents of their belief in organic health food, exercise and the environment. They are on a camping holiday, where they find that it is not always easy to be tolerant of others when they don't share the same enthusiasms.
S06E13 Doran's Box 00/00/0000
S06E14 Packman's Barn 00/00/0000
S06E15 A Story to Frighten the Children 00/00/0000 A woman encounters trouble when she arrives home late at night, but her neighbors on a nearby estate claim to have seen and heard nothing.
S06E16 The Happy Hunting Ground 00/00/0000
S06E17 The Jumping Bean Bag 00/00/0000
S06E18 Clay, Smeddum and Greenden 00/00/0000 A play based on three short stories about the Scottish people and their relationship with the land: ""Clay"" concerns a farmer's obsession with his fields to the exclusion of his dying wife; ""Smeddum"" is about an indomitable woman and her large family; and ""Greenden"" tells the story of an unhappy woman from the city living with her indifferent husband in the country.
S06E19 Love Letters on Blue Paper 00/00/0000
S06E20 Willie Rough 00/00/0000 A story depicting life in a shipyard
S06E21 Tiptoe through the Tulips 00/00/0000
S06E22 The Peddler 00/00/0000
S06E23 Early Struggles 00/00/0000 A story about a father's attempts at single parenthood
S06E24 Double Dare 00/00/0000 A playwright spends an afternoon in a hotel room with an actress who takes on the role of call girl for research purposes.
S06E25 The House of Bernarda Alba 00/00/0000 The eldest daughter of a domineering, overprotective mother becomes engaged to an unprincipled young man who has money.
S07E01 The Bar Mitzvah Boy 00/00/0000 A story exploring the emotions of a boy undrgoing the traditional Jewish ceremony
S07E02 Bet Your Life 00/00/0000
S07E03 Rocky Marciano Is Dead 00/00/0000
S07E04 The Elephants' Graveyard 12/10/1976 Two men supposedly at work go to the Scottish hillsides every day instead.
S07E05 Housewive's Choice 00/00/0000
S07E06 Your Man from Six Counties 00/00/0000 A young man from Belfast is sent south to stay with relatives in an attempt to keep him out of trouble.
S07E07 Buffet 00/00/0000
S07E08 Love on a Gunboat 00/00/0000
S07E09 The Kiss of Death 11/01/1977 A young man's chances at romance are thwarted by his own shyness.
S07E10 Our Flesh and Blood 00/00/0000
S07E11 Do As I Say 00/00/0000
S07E12 Spend, Spend, Spend 00/00/0000 The rags-to-riches-to-rags story of a 1960s football pools winner, based on a true story
S07E13 A Photograph 00/00/0000
S07E14 The Price of Coal (1) 00/00/0000 A pair of plays, broadcast over two weeks, about mining life: ""Meet the People,"" about a coal mining community preparing for a royal visit, and ""Back to Reality,"" about a coal mining disaster that brings tragedy to a community.
S07E15 The Price of Coal (2) 00/00/0000 A pair of plays, broadcast over two weeks, about mining life: ""Meet the People,"" about a coal mining community preparing for a royal visit, and ""Back to Reality,"" about a coal mining disaster that brings tragedy to a community.
S07E16 Gotcha 00/00/0000 A student holds his teacher hostage in the classroom on the last day of school.
S07E17 Campion's Interview 00/00/0000
S07E18 A Choice of Evils 00/00/0000 The story of Father Borelli who in Rome during World War II must choose between freedom and his principles
S07E19 The Country Party 00/00/0000
S08E00 00/00/0000
S08E01 Stronger than the Sun 00/00/0000 A worker discovers a radioactive leak at the nuclear power plant where she works and tries to make it public knowledge.
S08E02 Come the Revolution 00/00/0000
S08E03 Abigail's Party 01/11/1977 ""The most memorable of Leigh's submissions to Play for Today during the late '70s/early '80s, Abigail's Party is dominated by Alison Steadman's juggernaut performance as the monstrous hostess Beverly. Overbearing, tasteless, pretentious and vicious, Beverly exemplifies the English suburban middle classes at their most grotesque. A product of Leigh's famously improvised writing style, the play was originally performed on stage, and has since been revived in hundreds of productions worldwide."" (BBC)
S08E04 Oy Vay Maria 00/00/0000 The story of the romance between a Jewish boy and an Irish Catholic girl
S08E05 Nipper 00/00/0000
S08E06 One Day at a Time 00/00/0000
S08E07 The Mayor's Charity 00/00/0000
S08E08 Catchpenny Twist 00/00/0000 Three schoolteachers in Belfast give up teaching to become singers/songwriters.
S08E09 Charades 00/00/0000
S08E10 The Thin End of the Wedge 00/00/0000
S08E11 Scully's New Year's Eve 00/00/0000 A Liverpool teenager has a hectic night out on New Year's Eve.
S08E12 Licking Hitler 00/00/0000 During World War II, a young woman joins the propaganda department and makes radio broadcasts to Germany from a British country house.
S08E13 Red Shift 00/00/0000 A stone axehead links three couples living at different times in the same place in Wales.
S08E14 The Spongers 00/00/0000 The story of a single mother of four living on welfare
S08E15 Destiny 00/00/0000 A story dealing with racial tensions and fascism during a by-election in a West Midlands town
S08E16 Our Day Out 28/12/1977 Our Day Out is a television play about deprived children from Liverpool in the United Kingdom. It was written by Willy Russell
S08E17 The After-Dinner Joke 00/00/0000 The story of a well-meaning charity worker
S08E18 The Legion Hall Bombing 00/00/0000 The story of the trial of Willie Gallagher, convicted of bombing the Strabane British Legion Hall in 1976.
S09E01 Nina 00/00/0000 The story of two Soviet dissidents living in London and slowly coming apart under the strain of his drinking and her enforced separation from her child
S09E02 Victims of Apartheid 00/00/0000
S09E03 A Touch of the Tiny Hacketts 00/00/0000 A young man is declared a hero when he catches a burglar until it's discovered that the burglar is a dwarf.
S09E04 Dinner at the Sporting Club 00/00/0000 A story about young boxers whose fighting provides entertainment for diners at a sporting club
S09E05 Donal and Sally 00/00/0000
S09E06 Sorry 00/00/0000 Consists of two plays ""Audience"" and ""Private View"" about a brewery worker and writer who incurs the wrath of the autocratic government
S09E07 Butterflies Don't Count 00/00/0000
S09E08 Soldiers Talking Cleanly 00/00/0000
S09E09 One Bummer Newsday 00/00/0000
S09E10 The Out of Town Boys 00/00/0000
S09E11 Vampires 00/00/0000
S09E12 The Chief Mourner 00/00/0000
S09E13 Waterloo Sunset 00/00/0000 A young man and an old woman try to fit in when their neighborhood goes West Indian
S09E14 Blue Remembered Hills 00/00/0000 The play activities of seven children living in the countryside during the summer of 1943 end in tragedy; the children were played by adults in childrens clothing. The title is taken from A.E. Housman's 1896 poem: "Into my heart an air that kills; From yon far country blows; What are those blue remembered hills..." It's 1943 on a summer's afternoon and 7 children play in the fields & woods of old England. The children's roles are all played by adults to act as "A magnifying glass to show what it's like to be a child." "When we dream of childhood," said Dennis Potter, "we take our present selves with us. It is not the adult world writ small; childhood is the adult world writ large." Since Potter viewed childhood as "adult society without all the conventions and the polite forms which overlay it," he repeated the device he had introduced 14 years earlier (in "Stand Up, Nigel Barton"); children's roles were cast with adult actors in this naturalistic memory drama of a "golden day" that turns to tragedy. On a sunny, summer afternoon in bucolic England of 1943, seven West Country children (two girls, five boys) play in the Forest of Dean. Their games and spontaneous actions (continuous and in real time) reflect their awareness of WWII, but no adults are present to intrude. As the group moves through the woods and back to the grassy hills, their words and actions illustrate how "childhood is not transparent with innocence." When the two girls push a pram into a barn to play house, the casting concept is heightened, doubling back on itself in a remarkable moment: adults are suddenly seen to be acting as children who are pretending to be adults, and lines from Housman echo across the years: "That is the land of lost content/I see it shining plain/The happy highways where I went/And cannot come again."
S09E15 Who's Who 06/02/1979 A story about a dinner party given by the managers and employees of a brokerage house.
S09E16 The Last Window Cleaner 00/00/0000 The Irish troubles as seen by residents of a boarding house called ""The Crumlin View""
S09E17 Ploughman's Share 00/00/0000
S09E18 Degree of Uncertainty 00/00/0000
S09E19 Light 00/00/0000
S09E20 Coming Out 00/00/0000 A closeted homosexual writer is content to lead a double life
S09E21 Don't Be Silly 00/00/0000 A young wife tries to cope with her abusive husband.
S10E01 Long Distance Information 00/00/0000 A fanatical Elvis Presley fan is working as a disc jockey when his idol dies
S10E02 Cries from a Watchtower 00/00/0000
S10E03 Comedians 00/00/0000 Budding comedians take an evening class taught by a retired performer and, for their final exam, must perform for an impresario in a nightclub.
S10E04 Even Solomon 00/00/0000
S10E05 Just a Boy's Game 08/11/1979 Just a Boys' Game features Frankie Miller, Gregor Fisher, Ken Hutchison and Hector Nicol. The plot revolves around the life of Jake McQuillan who lives in the shadow of his dying grandfather, who was once the town's toughest hard man. Despite their hatred of each other, Jake's sole aim is to be as tough as the old man was. One day in Jake's life, as he drifts, drinks and fights, leads to a bleak realization.
S10E06 Billy 00/00/0000 A 4-year-old boy is abused by his father
S10E07 A Hole in Babylon 00/00/0000 Exploration of the events leading up to 1975 Spaghetti House siege in London and the motivation of its three protagonists, T-Bone Wilson, Archie Pool, and Trevor Thomas.
S10E08 The Slab-Boys 00/00/0000 The story of a young man who works in a carpet factory
S10E09 Katie 00/00/0000
S10E10 The Network 00/00/0000
S10E11 Chance of a Lifetime 00/00/0000 A young man quits school and joins the army.
S10E12 Keep Smiling 00/00/0000
S10E13 Dreams of Leaving 00/00/0000 A journalist moves to London and gets caught up in the big city and his romance with a rich debutante.
S10E14 Thicker Than Water 00/00/0000
S10E15 Murder Rap 00/00/0000
S10E16 Instant Enlightenment Including VAT 00/00/0000 Weekend enlightenment seminars serve as a form of brainwashing.
S10E17 No Defence 00/00/0000
S10E18 That Crazy Woman 00/00/0000
S10E19 A Gift from Nessus 00/00/0000 The marital and career problems of a middle-aged, middle-class man in Glasgow in the 1960s
S10E20 Kate, the Good Neighbour 00/00/0000 A compassionate elderly woman comes to the realization that she can no longer care for herself or others.
S10E21 Buses 00/00/0000 A story about the regulation of the bus industry in 1930
S10E22 Shadows on Our Skin 00/00/0000 The problems of an 11-year-old boy living in the Catholic part of Londonderry
S10E23 Ladies 00/00/0000
S10E24 The Vanishing Army 00/00/0000 A story about the highs and lows of peacetime army life
S10E25 Not for the Likes of Us 00/00/0000
S10E26 The Executioner 00/00/0000
S10E27 The Imitation Game 00/00/0000 During World War II, an idealistic young woman joins the Army Transport Service
S10E28 A Walk in the Forest 00/00/0000 A writer gets involved with a Soviet dissident
S11E01 Pasmore 00/00/0000
S11E02 C2H5OH 00/00/0000
S11E03 The Adventures of Frank: Everybody's Fiddling Something 00/00/0000
S11E04 The Adventures of Frank: Seeds of Ice 00/00/0000
S11E05 Minor Complications 00/00/0000
S11E06 Number on End 00/00/0000
S11E07 Jude 00/00/0000
S11E08 The Flipside of Dominick Hide 00/00/0000 Dominick Hide, a time traveller from London in the year 2130, is studying the city's transport system of 1980. Breaking the rules, he lands his craft to seek out his great-grandfather. Compared to his anaesthetised home, 80s London is filthy and polluted...and exudes an excitement that soon draws him in.
S11E09 Name for the Day 00/00/0000
S11E10 Jessie 00/00/0000 In Victorian times, a nanny cares for a mute boy, who becomes overly attached to her.
S11E11 Beyond the Pale 00/00/0000 A vacation at a seaside hotel in Ireland changes the lives of four friends.
S11E12 The Muscle Market 00/00/0000 The problems of an owner of a building contractor company in Liverpool
S11E13 A Brush with Mr. Porter on the Road to El Dorado 00/00/0000
S11E14 Dear Brutus 00/00/0000
S11E15 The Cause 00/00/0000
S11E16 Beloved Enemy 00/00/0000 The head of a multinational corporation wants to do business with the Soviets
S11E17 The Kamikaze Ground Staff Reunion Dinner 00/00/0000 A group of men hold a reunion dinner in Tokyo
S11E18 The Union 00/00/0000
S11E19 The Garland 00/00/0000
S11E20 The Sin Bin 00/00/0000
S11E21 Before Water Lillies 00/00/0000
S11E22 Bavarian Night 00/00/0000 An evening with the Parent-Teacher Association gets out of hand.
S11E23 The Good Time Girls 00/00/0000
S11E24 Baby Talk 00/00/0000
S11E25 A Turn for the Worse 00/00/0000
S11E26 Psy-Warriors 00/00/0000 Soldiers are subjected to a brutal and sadistic kind of psychological training exercise
S12E01 Country 00/00/0000 The story of the disintegration of an aristocratic country estate after World War II
S12E02 London Is Drowning 00/00/0000
S12E03 A Room for the Winter 00/00/0000 James, an expatriate South African anti-apartheid fighter, deals with his nightmares and his complaining landlady in a run-down area of London, while dreaming of his lover Stephen, left behind.
S12E04 No Visible Scar 00/00/0000
S12E05 Iris in the Traffic, Ruby in the Rain 00/00/0000 In Belfast, Ruby has a cold and is caught in the rain while Iris is looking for work and gets caught in traffic
S12E06 Protest 00/00/0000
S12E07 United Kingdom 00/00/0000 Two men on a local council fight the system when forced with massive spending cuts.
S12E08 PQ17 00/00/0000 During World War II, a British officer is ordered to abandon a Russian convoy.
S12E09 The Factory 00/00/0000 A manager, a foreman, and two workers are all that remains of a factory yet labor relations stay the same
S12E10 England's Green and Pleasant Land 00/00/0000
S12E11 A Cotswold Death 00/00/0000 A police inspector investigates the murder of an Arab sheik who had become a village's Lord of the Manor.
S12E12 Under the Skin 00/00/0000
S12E13 Commitments 00/00/0000 Politics and relationships during the last years of the Heath government
S12E14 Life After Death 00/00/0000
S12E15 The Silly Season 00/00/0000
S12E16 Too Late to Talk to Billy 00/00/0000 A family in Belfast deals with life after the death of the mother from cancer
S12E17 Willie's Last Stand 00/00/0000
S12E18 Tishoo 00/00/0000
S12E19 Home Sweet Home 16/03/1982 A story about the lives of three postal sorters and their dysfunctional families.
S12E20 A Sudden Wrench 00/00/0000
S12E21 Eve Set the Balls of Corruption Going 00/00/0000
S12E22 Whistling Wally 00/00/0000
S13E01 Soft Targets 00/00/0000 A story about a homesick Russian journalist in London at the end of the cold war
S13E02 Three Minute Heroes 00/00/0000
S13E03 The Remainder Man 00/00/0000
S13E04 Intensive Care 00/00/0000 A man holds a lonely vigil at the bedside of his dying father.
S13E05 A Mother Like Him 00/00/0000
S13E06 John David 00/00/0000
S13E07 Aliens 00/00/0000
S13E08 Another Flip for Dominick 00/00/0000 Two years after his journey to the past, Dominick Hide has been promoted to instructor and is no longer a time traveller. Then one of his pupils, Pyrus Bonnington, goes missing during a visit to 1982 London. Hide must track him down and prevent Pyrus damaging the past, but will the temptation to re-visit his own history be too strong to resist?
S13E09 Last Love 00/00/0000
S13E10 Gates of Gold 00/00/0000 In 1959 County Antrim, two traveling evangelists help a mentally retarded teenager
S13E11 Wayne and Albert 00/00/0000
S13E12 Atlantis 00/00/0000
S13E13 The Last Term 00/00/0000
S13E14 Reluctant Chickens 00/00/0000
S13E15 Shall I Be Mother? 00/00/0000
S13E16 The Falklands Factor 00/00/0000 The 18th century writer Samuel Johnson writes a political pamphlet protesting the British going to war with Spain after the 1790 invasion of the Falkland Islands.
S13E17 A Matter of Choice for Billy 00/00/0000 When his father leaves Belfast to seek work in England, a young man looks after his sister
S13E18 Floating Off 00/00/0000 A businessman tries to keep his son from finding out about an unconventional deal he and his secretary are making with a merchant bank.
S14E01 Stan's Last Game 00/00/0000 James Grout and Bert Parnaby are rival chairmen of a northern football club in the run-up to an important cup match. As tempers fray, retiring president Charles Lamb provides a calming voice of sanity.
S14E02 Young Shoulders 00/00/0000 Cynical teenager Andrew Groves re-evaluates his attitude to life and his parents after his sister dies in a plane crash.
S14E03 A Coming to Terms for Billy 00/00/0000 When his father comes home to Belfast after more than 2 years in England, conflicts arise with Billy
S14E04 Z for Zachariah 00/00/0000 After a nuclear holocaust, only a man and a woman survive in a Welsh valley.
S14E05 Moving on the Edge 00/00/0000
S14E06 Desert of Lies 00/00/0000 An expedition tracing the path of long-lost missionaries meets with tragedy in the Kalahari Desert.
S14E07 Hard Feelings 00/00/0000 A group of unemployed Oxford drop-outs living in a Brixton commune get their come-uppance by one of them.
S14E08 Under the Hammer 00/00/0000 Concerning the life of the artist Vincent Van Gogh
S14E09 King 00/00/0000 A man who has had a good life in England wants to retire to Jamaica, but the celebration with his daughters doesn't go as expected.
S14E10 Rainy Day Women 00/00/0000 In 1940, during World War II, an officer is sent to investigate rumors of German spies in a sleepy village where various people are the victims of war hysteria
S14E11 Dog Ends 00/00/0000 In a future society where euthansia is common, a man signs papers to have his father put down
S14E12 The Groundling and the Kite 00/00/0000
S14E13 The Cry 00/00/0000 In 1959 Ulster, a journalist witnesses the beating of a youth
S14E14 It Could Happen to Anybody 00/00/0000
S14E15 Only Children 00/00/0000
S14E16 The Amazing Miss Stella Estelle 00/00/0000
S00E01 Brimstone and Treacle 25/09/1987 The Bates sadly care for their severely disabled daughter Pattie. Martin arrives at their door claiming to be her college friend. He charms them into accepting him as a lodger and carer for Pattie. But Martin is not all he seems.
S00E02 Scum 27/07/1991 Roy Minton's play deals with the subject of youth imprisonment and its lack of actual rehabilitation practised during the 1970s in young offenders' institutions. The film also deals with racism, authority, gang rape and suicide. Hardened Trainee 4737 Carlin (Ray Winstone) arrives at a new borstal after allegedly brutally attacking a prison officer at his previous borstal. On arrival he is subject to abuse from the prison officers and Pongo (the Daddy) because of his previous reputation. Using the hostile environment to his advantage, Carlin decides to become “The Daddy” of his wing. One of the young inmates, Davis, is gang-raped by two other inmates and subsequently commits suicide in his cell, using a razor blade.
S00E03 The Evacuees 03/05/1975 The Evacuees is a 1975 episode of the BBC's Play for Today series written by Jack Rosenthal and directed by Alan Parker. It was broadcast by the BBC on 5 March 1975. Starring Rosenthal's wife, Maureen Lipman, the filmed play is set during the blitz and, loosely based on Rosenthal's personal experiences, centres on the lives of two Jewish boys Neville and Danny, who are evacuated from Manchester to Blackpool.[1] The Evacuees won a BAFTA for Best Play and an International Emmy. The film was released on DVD, as part of a collection of Rosenthal's work for the BBC, by Acorn Media on 4 April 2011

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