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A very attractive woman is thrown into a resort, the Hacienda, with 10 gorgeous guys. She must eliminate 9 of them to leave just 1, although there's a catch! While some of them are straight...some of them are Gay! She must now switch on her gaydar, because if she chooses a straight guy, she will share £50'00 with him, however if she chooses a gay guy, he will win the whole £100'000. However, things are harder then they seem, as she quickly finds out in the first elimination. Who will be the last one standing? But most importantly, who's straight and who's playing it straight.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Playing It Straight (UK)

S01E01 The guy who shocked everyone. 08/04/2005 In the first ever episode, the 10 lads are led into the Hacienda and meet one another for the first time. However, a visit by June, shocks the boys into oblivion. She reveals that some of the guys are actually gay, which surprises everyone who was fooled thinking they were all straight. However, they must keep their mouths shut when around Zoe. Finally the moment the guys had been waiting for, as they meet Zoe for the first time, but isn't so keen when getting touched on the face by Ben. Thinking they are all are straight and now ready to get it started, she's not told the truth just yet. The lads quickly speculate on who is actually gay, and all fingers point to Raphael, who's camp acting, tons of shoes and Vaseline for his lips are not fooling anyone. Pretesh is also suspected of being gay, because of some hair straighteners that he has. The lads are then sent for dinner, where at each plate is an envelope, containing a note telling them them that they will be cooking Zoe a breakfast
S01E02 The guy who accused Zoe. 15/04/2005 Zoe gets ready to knock up her game plan, and try to switch on her gaydar after the disaster last episode. The episode begins with the lads in a contest, separated into groups of two, they must outrun cowboys on horses, who will catch them with their ropes. The last one standing, will have a special one on one with Zoe from both groups. Danny tried making a deal, by giving them all £100 if they leave him alone, but it turned out bad as all three cowboys went for him. In the end, ""Blondie"" Daniel and Alex are the last one standing, and get to have a picnic with Zoe. At the picnic, Zoe tries to trip up Alex by asking him loads of personal questions if he has done stuff with guys, but he denies them everytime. Then to hot things up, the men must take a shower- but there's only one! The next challenge to see who will make Zoe breakfast in bed, is for a sexy dance, which the boys must do together- with Zoe secretly watching near by. However, Demetrius claims to fall sick, and spends that ni
S01E03 The guy who doesn't reveal a thing. 22/04/2005 As the show begins, June arrives and reveals the lads will have to saddle up and prepare for a long journey, along with Zoe. When reaching the destination- a camp site, the guys must build their tents while Zoe is given a huge tent, with a double bed inside and luxuries. All the guys reveal that they have a crush on Zoe. The guys then all pass their test by building their tents. Suddenly, two new cowboys arrive on horses to stir things up, as they will become the new contestants to this competition, but June then reveals that one is straight while one is gay. Marco, and Lee introduce themselves, with Marco coming across very arrogant and cocky. Blondie, Danny and Ben don't like him very much. Another test is on, as the lads must compete in an arm wrestling competition- the winner gets to have a meal with Zoe, while the losers must settle with beans... It was grueling but it came down to the final two- Ben VS Marco. Half way through it, Marco gave Ben some cocky remark ""You're going to
S01E04 The guy who gets carted away. 29/04/2005 The 6 remaining guys are taken off to the road, where they must await their next test which will test there manly hood. The guys are taken to a place called the 'Tequila', filled with thousands of 'Pinas'. After a quick demonstration, the guys must harvest the pinas within 30 minutes. The winner gets a candle lit dinner with Zoe. It's not the quantity of the pinas, but the quality of them. Blondie lacks badly on them, unable to flip them on their sides, and complains that he felt his elbow pop and is taken off to hospital, and later has his arm put in a sling. In the end, of the grueling scorching hot challenge, Ben is chosen as the winner. When at dinner though, Ben is stood up and has to sit alone outside at the table, until Brain himself, aka the Troubadour, sits at the table with him and sings a little song, much to the dismay of Ben. Meanwhile, the guys are given a night out at a bar drinking shots, but unaware to them, Zoe- disguised is watching on, will the guys slip up now that
S01E05 The guy who reveals him self gay. 06/05/2005 The five remaining guys have earned themselves a holiday here at Puerto Vallarta the gay capital of Mexico. But Zoe's gaydar isn't on vacation. Zoe says she is watching everyone very carefully but is trying to keep an open mind. So to help her work out who's bent the truth Zoe's organized some beach games to test some gay stereotypes it culminates in wrestling on the beach covered in oil. The guy who fared the best in the Beach Games has won a lunch date with Zoe. The lucky man was Danny. Meanwhile Daniel's arm is troubling him again so is off to hospital again. Zoe and Danny dine on the beach while the other boys look on, she enjoys spending some one on one time with him, and trusts that he is a genuine guy. Zoe reveals that she might possibly have feelings for him, and that if he is lying to her she will never speak to him again. Blondie returns to the beach after his tumble with the diagnosis of a torn muscle prompting Zoe to ask Blondie about his friendship with the other Danny. Ne
S01E06 The guy who Zoe chooses! 13/05/2005 In the series 1 finale, the final three must recite a Mexican song for Zoe, and if successful are invited up into her room for a chat. All three boys sing their hearts out and each get invited up. Zoe however, tells Marco that some gay guys from last episode think he is gay, as well as Alex, which of cause they were spot on, on. Zoe tells Danny that she cried when she thought Danny was angry at her, and thought she did something wrong. Next, the guys must have an olé fashion Mexican standout shootout! The music is provided by noun other then Brian, when until he stops the guys must aim and shoot at their biggest rival. Setting up on their three posts, the music stops and the guys shoot startling Brain. The guy left standing is the winner; Marco shot Ben but missed, Danny shot Marco and hit him in the shoulder, while Ben took down Danny and won. The winner is able to get a nice relaxing massaging date with Zoe, and this time unlike in week 4, Ben actually gets a date with her. On the
S02E01 Episode 1 09/01/2012 Eleven boys and one girl arrive in Spain to participate in what they think is a show called 'Dream Date'. After being introduced to Cara, host Jameela Jamil soon shocks some of the participants with the revelation that they are actually taking part in Playing It Straight... Some of the guys are straight, and are here to try to win our girl Cara's heart. However, some of the guys are merely 'Playing It Straight' - they are actually gay but are out to deceive Cara into thinking that they're the right man for her.
S02E02 Episode 2 16/01/2012 The game begins in earnest as the boys take on Spanish week. The sausage is a key part of Catalan gastronomy, so the task begins with everyone touring a local sausage museum. The boys are then teamed up into groups, to create and cook a mouth-watering sausage for Cara. Kicking off with a tour of a Catalan sausage museum and then straight into the first task of competing in a cookery contest to decide who secures a date with Cara, while the losers face a Tomatina - a Spanish tradition which sees them pelted with rotten tomatoes. The second task - battle in fancy dress - awards the winner 10 minutes crucial pre-elimination persuasion time with her in order to prove they're heterosexual.
S02E03 Episode 3 23/01/2012 Our next challenge sees the boys take to a task all straight men struggle with - undoing a bra. In the Bra-lympics the boys need to undo four bras on four different people whilst blindfolded. Will a straight boy prevail?
S02E04 Episode 4 30/01/2012 Cara gets expert help from the people of Sitges - based on looks alone, which of the boys do they think is gay or straight? Cara will be watching on and looking for clues, but you can't always judge a book by its cover.
S02E05 Episode 5 06/02/2012 After an enlightening trip to the Dali museum our boys must draw two life models. Can Cara see who spends too much time etching our male model's tackle?! The boys then enter the 'Drag Queens Den' - to impress Cara.
S02E06 Episode 6 13/02/2012 Cara and the boys enjoy the rugged wilderness of the Pyrenees, with challenging outdoor tasks. Who will Cara send home tonight? More importantly will he be straight or gay?
S02E07 Episode 7 20/02/2012 With only two episodes to go, Cara's getting down to the pointy end of business. Thanks to a beefy fitness instructor, the boys are pushed to their limits physically, before one of them is sent home.
S02E08 Episode 8 27/02/2012 It's down to four final boys in this episode. Will Cara bag herself a sexy, single straight man or will she go home single and penniless?