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Basée sur le spectacle primée de Josh Thomas, la série parle de cavoodles, de flans aux oeufs, de petits amis et de petites amies. Plus sérieusement, ça parle du fait de grandir rapidement et se rendre compte que vos parents ne sont pas des héros, mais de grands idiots qui ne se rendent pas compte une seule seconde de ce qui se passe - tout comme vous.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Please Like Me

S02E01 Milk 12/08/2014 Josh attempts babysitting his new sister and charming his new housemate. As his house fills with semi-clothed twentysomethings and drunk, wary parents, Mum arrives with a sobering surprise.
S02E02 Ham 19/08/2014 Tom meets a cute girl, Josh meets an odd boy, and a beer pong game gets really weird at a party. Mum is admitted to a psych hospital; Josh meets her fellow patients and feels strangely at home.
S02E03 Parmigiana 26/08/2014 Josh is in a tizz as he prepares for a surprise date with Geoffrey; Arnold checks into mum's hospital; dad and Mae panic over Grace's poo, and Tom finds himself in a bizarre love triangle.
S02E04 Gang Keow Wan 02/09/2014 Niamh finds out about Jenny, Hannah joins a choir, Mum gets some shattering news, and Josh has a disastrous date, before an accident brings a car trip with Patrick to an unexpected end.
S02E05 Sausage Sizzle 09/09/2014 A plumbing misadventure leaves Josh short of cash. Claire returns home. Mum and Ginger have a fight and Jenny's school play provides a backdrop for romance and humiliation.
S02E06 Lapin La Cocotte 16/09/2014 Patrick stomps on Josh's heart. A funeral leads to a disturbing encounter for Tom and Josh takes the psych patients on a trip to the zoo.
S02E07 Scroggin 23/09/2014 Mum and Josh go hiking in Tasmania. There are some funny and revealing times. Mum cries herself to sleep a lot and gets trapped in a waterhole.
S02E08 Truffled Mac and Cheese 30/09/2014 Patrick moves out. Tom eats Josh's truffled mac and cheese, so Josh barricades him in his room all day. Arnold reveals something personal to Josh. Dad forces Josh to find a job.
S02E09 Skinny Latte 07/10/2014 At Josh's first day on the job, tempers rise. Dad tells Josh he wants to propose to Mae. Arnold's psychiatrist insists Josh and Arnold can only go on a 'safe date'. Complications ensue.
S02E10 Margherita 14/10/2014 Josh and Arnold go clubbing and run into an out-of-it Patrick. Tom orders a prostitute, Arnold has an anxiety attack, and Dad finally proposes to Mae.
S03E01 Eggplant 15/10/2015 Josh is surprised to find he’s living in a romcom. Despite grand romantic gestures, elaborate dates and barely edible vegetarian meals, he still can’t seem to win Arnold over, even with the help of his friends and family.
S03E02 Simple Carbohydrates 22/10/2015 Bread causes friction between Josh and Tom. Arnold workshops his plan to come out to his parents. Mae and Dad have their biggest fight yet. Sick of staying at home, Mum and Hannah have a big night out.
S03E03 Croquembouche 29/10/2015 At Arnold's birthday party, Josh, Tom and Hannah finally meet Arnold's rich and charming parents, but Arnold's coming out announcement doesn't go as planned. Dad tries to deal with Mae's revelation.
S03E04 Natural Spring Water 05/11/2015 Josh, Tom and Arnold have a night to remember as they experiment with drugs, head to a nightclub, meet the intriguing Ella and end up spending a long and surprising night in hospital.
S03E05 Coq au Vin 12/11/2015 As the boys recover from their big night, Claire arrives home from Berlin. Josh finally admits that his pet chicken, Adele, is a rooster - but will this mean she ends up becoming the welcome home dinner?
S03E06 Pancakes With Faces 19/11/2015 As Tom & Ella make a nervous trip to the dentist, Josh & Claire have to deal with a decision that makes them realise they're growing up fast. Mum plots revenge when she learns Stuart is still seeing his wife.
S03E07 Puff Pastry Pizza 26/11/2015 While Arnold is away, Josh takes advantage of his new "open relationship" status by hooking up with a stranger. Tom challenges Josh and Claire to smash his piñata, which is full of secrets from their past.
S03E08 Amoxicillin 03/12/2015 Josh agrees to visit Ben in hospital before his brain surgery, but keeps it a secret from Arnold. Tom discovers he has chlamydia and goes to ridiculous lengths to try and treat Ella without losing her.
S03E09 Champagne 10/12/2015 Josh, Tom, Claire, Ella and Arnold find themselves stuck in the cabin of a giant observation wheel with only jealousy, tension, secrets and champagne to keep them company.
S03E10 Christmas Trifle 17/12/2015 Christmas orphans Tom, Arnold, Ella, Claire and Hannah gather around the table at Josh's for a festive lunch. But warm punch and a vomiting John set the tone for a Christmas they'll never forget.
S00E01 Meet Mum 16/08/2014 We go behind the scenes with the cast of Please Like Me on Pivot TV to explore the big reveal scene that kicks off the second season of this critically acclaimed comedy/drama.
S00E02 House Party 13/08/2014 The cast of Please Like Me, the critically acclaimed comedy/drama on Pivot TV, talks about their unique, honest, and funny take on life in a mental wellness center.
S00E03 Mum Goes to the Hospital 28/08/2014 Behind the scenes at Mum's recovery center, the cast of Please Like Me shares their thoughts on portraying mental illness in an honest way.
S00E04 We're Back! 15/10/2015 Josh Thomas returns for a third season of Please Like Me, the award-winning comedy/drama.
S00E05 Coming Out 29/10/2015 Hannah and Josh talk about coming out.
S00E06 Meeting Ella 12/11/2015 Emily Barclay talks about playing Ella in the third series of Please Like Me.
S00E07 On Set With Tom 15/10/2015 Tom Ward returns to play himself in season three of Please Like Me and continues as a writer on the show. We catch up with him on set.
S00E08 Hannah Learns To Kiss 22/10/2015 Hannah receives advice from the cast on an upcoming kissing scene.
S00E09 On Set With John 15/10/2015 Key cast and crew talk about what it's like to work with John the cavoodle on the set of Please Like Me.
S00E10 The Maze 15/10/2015 Arnold, Josh and the crew get lost in a maze.
S00E11 Josh Thomas: Director 05/11/2015 A behind the scenes look of Josh Thomas directing an episode of Please Like Me.
S00E12 So Likeable: An Inside Peek At Please Like Me 13/10/2015 Award-winning comedy drama Please Like Me is returning for a third season. That’s pretty awesome, but even better is brushing up on the best and worst moments of seasons 1 and 2. Relive it all here in a special recap. Inspired by the standup comedy and real life experiences of creator, writer and star Josh Thomas, the series explores the world of a twentysomething young man who’s in no hurry to grow up.
S00E13 Pinata 26/11/2015 Josh and the cast overanalyse the pinata scene from episode 7.
S00E14 Christmas Lunch 17/12/2015 The cast recount their worst Christmas while on a break from filming.
S00E15 Back for Season 4 00/00/0000
S00E16 Josh The Director (S4) 00/00/0000
S00E17 Dating Tips From The Cast 00/00/0000
S00E18 Tom's Amazing Dip Recipe 00/00/0000
S00E19 Geoffrey's Back 00/00/0000
S00E20 A Tribute To Mums 00/00/0000
S00E21 Josh And Tom: A Special Relationship 00/00/0000
S00E22 From Script To Screen 00/00/0000

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Par MonsieurPedro Le 08/01/2017

Bonne série beaucoup trop inégale pour qu'elle soit appréciée par un grand nombre. Les sujets diverses (homosexualité, religion, maladie mentale, la jeunesse, le travail...etc) sont plutôt bien traités mais certains personnages plombent le scénario pendant que d'autres deviennent attachants au fil des épisodes.

En résumé, un petite série assez sympathique qui manque cruellement de relief.