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Dans la Grande Rome Antique, Marcus, Stylax et Grumio, leur esclave flemmard, sont trois jeunes hommes désespérés, qui ne pensent qu'au sexe, qui sont coincés dans des jobs sans avenir, qui vivent en banlieue et qui tentent de gravir les échelons de l'échelle sociale...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Plebs

S01E01 The Orgy 25/03/2013 Things take an upward turn for the boys when Marcus meets some fit Britons in the courtyard and Stylax finds a flyer to an orgy. With his grocery budget now spent on orgy tickets, Grumio must scrimp and save in order to put food on the table.
S01E02 The Gladiator 25/03/2013 Everyone is quickly charmed apart from Marcus who hopes that, one way or another, their relationship will be short-lived. Meanwhile, Stylax plays a prank on Aurelius which gets out of hand.
S01E03 The Erotic Vase 01/04/2013 Stylax buys Grumio an erotic vase for his birthday featuring a character who bears a striking resemblance to someone nearby. Marcus, under pressure from the girls, suggests they swap roles for the day. Meanwhile, Stylax hangs out with his cousin Lucretia, with whom he has an unusually close relationship.
S01E04 The Herpes Cat 08/04/2013 To endear himself to Cynthia, Marcus befriends a mangy cat whom he's rescued from the courtyard. Stylax is suffering from a disturbing itch and visits a sexual health clinic where he falls for an attractive nurse.
S01E05 Bananae 15/04/2013 Mass immigration from Thrace puts the boys into contact with a sexy Thracian lodger Irina and a dazzling yellow exotic fruit, the Banana. Meanwhile, Marcus has an unfortunate encounter with an elderly war veteran.
S01E06 Saturnalia 22/04/2013 Marcus hopes that the Roman festival of Saturnalia will provide the perfect backdrop for him to finally woo Cynthia, while Grumio makes it his mission to salvage as much sacrificial meat from the city-wide celebrations as possible.