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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Pluras Kök

S01E01 22/03/2011
S01E02 29/03/2011
S01E03 05/04/2011
S01E04 12/04/2011
S01E05 19/04/2011
S01E06 26/04/2011
S01E07 03/05/2011
S01E08 10/05/2011
S02E01 Lasse & Vanna 18/08/2012 In the premiere of Pluras kitchen comes acclaimed actor Vanna Rosenberg and people dear Lasse Berghagen visits. But there lies a shadow over dinner. Plura has run from the local yard cleaning. But Lasse Berghagen know cure. He pulls out the guitar and choir singing with neighbors, while Måns Herngren takes a broom and starts sweeping the yard. Weekly menu: Fermented herring sandwich with snaps. Turbot with vegetables, horseradish and butter. Sponge cake with chocolate ganache and cream.
S02E02 Kajsa & Filip 25/08/2012 This week of Pluras kitchen goes of Reconciliation when the rock star Kajsa Grytt come home to Plura. It's not long ago she wrote a frank book about the couple's story, of my love story in the 1980s. Otherwise cool Plura's actually a little nervous about the visit. In addition, social ace Filip Hammar visits. He quickly gets the call to soar to unexpected topics, such as how it is to get a camera shoved up where the sun never shines.
S02E03 Petter & Adiam 01/09/2012 This week, Plura visit of Stockholm King Petter and rock comet Adiam Dymott. Måns is actually a little jealous of Petters and Pluras strong friendships, while Adiam tells us about her visit at the home of Elton John.
S02E04 Helena & Ebbot 08/09/2012 This week, Plura visit the beloved film star Helena Bergström. And Kurt Cobain's favorite rockers Ebbot Lundberg from Soundtrack of Our Lives. Along with Måns Herngren Helena takes a walk down memory paths and surprise addition to his high school sweetheart who looks into during dinner. Ebbot shows up unimagined pannkaksvändartalanger and talks about a scary Italian fan who looks exactly like his favorite singer. Otherwise, we can reveal that this week's theme is French, bon appetite!
S02E05 Tommy & Miss Li 15/09/2012 This week, Plura visit from Jump the Gun, revealing his penchant for a not entirely uncontroversial spice. The evening's other guest is popkometen Miss Li who dominated Swedish top for four years. And they are offered including a suckling pig from Segovia that attracts many laughs. Theme of the week is namely Pluras favorite, the Spanish. Olé! Fire on the stove and uncork the wine, Plura is back in the kitchen!
S02E06 Patrik & Moa 22/09/2012 This week, Plura visit from the cuddly tattooed Teddy Bear Patrik Arve and Swedish theater's new rising star Moa Gammel. It becomes the engine cutting ice in shirtless and red cheeks when the talk turns to filth. Come along to a Pluras kitchen this evening turns into a big warm colored lantern, because this week's theme is Asian.
S02E07 Niklas & Marie 29/09/2012 This week, Plura visit of hitmaskinen Diamond Rio and theater queen Marie Göranzon. And disobeyed or not, but to honor the day, we do of course sausage on that bird as Niklas ran on. Theme of the week is German and therefore there will be order in the kitchen for several minutes. Late evening is in full swing with its flaws and unexpected incident. Prost!
S02E08 Josefin & Felix 06/10/2012 In the season's final episode may Plura visits by Josefin Bornebusch and her best friend Maureen Mcgovern. Additionally pops Felix Herngren up and celebrate the season's last episode. Theme of the week is Turkish and like whirling dervishes spinning our friends one last time deep into the night's trans. Fez on you!
S03E01 Avsnitt 1 02/02/2013
S03E02 Avsnitt 2 09/02/2013
S03E03 Avsnitt 3 16/02/2013
S03E04 Avsnitt 4 23/02/2013
S03E05 Avsnitt 5 02/03/2013
S03E06 Avsnitt 6 09/03/2013
S03E07 Avsnitt 7 16/03/2013
S03E08 Avsnitt 8 23/03/2013
S04E01 Episode 1 01/03/2014 In the premiere, Mikael Persbrandt visiting with her ??recording debut best friend Juha Mulari. But everyone is on pins and needles for the visit. - What if one of us says something wrong and Juha and Mike just gets up and goes. There are two divas who are on their way, says Titiyo.
S04E02 Episode 2 08/03/2014 In the second episode, the musical genius Andreas Kleerup and Ace of Base-profile Jenny Berggren visits. There will be a few rare nice days, actually so nice that Andrew does not want to go home. In addition, tests Plura culinary peculiarity fried wasp. Among cats and olive trees, with expansive views of the Mediterranean's clear blue wave will Plura cook rustic food along with Titiyo and Adrian.
S04E03 Episode 3 15/03/2014 The thunder rolled in northern Sicily when Ebbot Lundberg and Lotta Lundgren hike up the mountain to Pluras house. Once there, they find Andreas Kleerup in Lotta's bed. He seems to have overslept a day or two. And then break the dark clouds even over dinner. How will this go? Yes, you'll have to watch.
S04E04 Episode 4 22/03/2014 Måns Zelmerlöw just made his last Sing-along at Skansen when he lands in Sicily. Now he wants to drink wine and enjoy Pluras food. Along with rising star Miriam Bryant they join the cooking while the rain pours down over the Mediterranean. And when the wine runs down the truths presented, as the saying goes.
S04E05 Episode 5 29/03/2014
S04E06 Episode 6 05/04/2014
S04E07 Episode 7 12/04/2014 This week the podcast king Sigge Eklund and pop star Nina Persson visit. And, as usual, in vino veritas at the home of Plura. Among other things, Sigge Eklund questioned about his brother's career as gayporn actress. There will also be a visit to Palermo, Sicily's beautiful capital city. You can even hear, it becomes salty and sweet and cozy as usua
S04E08 Episode 8 19/04/2014 This week the artists Wille Crafoord and Pauline to Sicily. And it cuts out almost instantly with Wille and the others. No one gets a word in edgewise when hip-hop pioneer rap express their opinions on everything from pepper to the benefits of mushrooms. But soon, he talked of the stress from the trip and the usual good mood arises.
S04E09 Episode 9 26/04/2014 Måns Herngren did leave life as sidekick to Plura after Christmas. But now he is once again ready for a spin around Plura rocking singing kitchen. He lands in Sicily along with the week's other guest, rock-hard electro and dancehall singer Elliphant. In addition to the usual late nights attending the party even on a karnivalisk Sicilian village party.
S04E10 Episode 10 03/05/2014 Traditions're there to be kept and obviously pops Mauro Scocco in the season finale of Plura kitchen Sicily. With him to Plura house, he has country star Jill Johnson who has just made ??a success with his own TV show Jill's porch. Now they joined forces and exert Mauro's favorite fun-on-Plura-expense.

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