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Police 5 features appeals for the most wanted criminals, the latest crime caught on CCTV and in-depth special reports on everything from dangerous dogs to the use of reasonable force, bogus callers and suburban cannabis growers. The series presenters – Joe Crowley and Kate McIntyre –will be accompanying the police on raids and talking to the 'DIY' detectives and the have-a-go heroes who fought back to find justice. The show will also feature a unique brand of crime prevention. Hidden camera stunts see 'real' crimes being committed by the presenters, then revealed to the 'victims' in order to help them avoid getting caught out in future. Professional thieves, sleight of hand and distraction experts will also be revealing the tricks of the thieves’ trade. Last but not least, Shaw Taylor, the original TV crime fighter, will be back on screen too, asking viewers to, "Keep ’em peeled," as he tries to reunite theft victims with what is rightfully theirs.

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