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Avec l'augmentation de la criminalité, la ville a besoin de plus de policiers, c'est pourquoi le maire décide de changer les conditions d'admission à l'académie de police. Parmi les nouveaux cadets il y a : Hightower, Sweetchuck, Tackleberry, Callahan, Zed, Jones et enfin le leader Mahoney. Ce groupe détonant est dirigé par le commandant Lassard qui est maladroit et enchaîne catastrophes sur catastrophes...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Police Academy

S01E01 Le Bon, la Brute et le Bidon 10/09/1988 When Captain Harris bungles an operation to catch the infamous Clown Gang, he is punished by being sent back to the Police Academy to train new recruits. Our favorite grads also return to the Academy under the watchful eye of Harris, but what happens when the Clown Gang enrols as the Captain's new recruits?
S01E02 Puttin' on the Dogs 10/09/1988 To help combat a string of cat burglaries throughout the city, Commandant Lassard welcomes the latest addition to the Police Academy family, a group of police dogs known as the K-9 Corps. When the infamous Claw crashes a masquerade party and steals the Queen's crown during her royal visit, it's up to Mahoney and the gang to save the day, while trying to avoid Harris' and Proctor's attempts to shut down Lassard's pet project.
S01E03 Le Fantôme du Commissariat 10/09/1988 More and more officers are being scared into taking extended leave, following ghostly encounters with the crooked Phantom. Captain Harris thinks this would be a great way to rid the force of a few certain individuals, and puts Mahoney and friends on the case. But when Sweetchuck is kidnapped by the Phantom, the team follows the trail to Hearse Castle, where they have to deal with a barrage of the Phantom's magic tricks to try and save their comrade. However, the secret to catching this ghastly ghoul might just rest with Sweetchuck himself.
S01E04 Flics et Robots 17/09/1988 Captain Harris cooks up a hairbrained scheme to induct the Professor's new robots as police officers, replacing Mahoney and crew. But when Kingpin and his men abduct the Professor and force him to re-program the robots to aid his criminal activities, it's up to our heroes to make things right once again.
S01E05 Police Academy Blues 17/09/1988 When the London Bridge Gang swipes the Professor's Supercar during a police parade, Lassard is forced to step down as Commandant of the Academy, making way for his replacement - Commandant Harris. The British police call our favorite Academy grads for help, as they set out in search of the Supercar, in high hopes of getting their beloved former leader reinstated.
S01E06 A Blue Knight at the Opera 17/09/1988 When the opera is plagued by numerous accidents, the team is called to protect opera singer Mademoiselle Diva. Mahoney's advances are rejected, as Diva is enamored with Tackleberry instead. During a performance attended by the Police Chief, Diva is kidnapped by the Phantom of the Opera. Lassard and House try to cover, making their stage debuts in the process.
S01E07 Worth Her Weight in Gold 24/09/1988 Callahan, Hooks and Zed are forced to pose as women wrestlers to combat alleged gold heist mastermind, strongwoman Phoenix Amazona; though our heroes' efforts may be jeopardized by Sweetchuck's apparent crush on the women's champion.
S01E08 For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll 24/09/1988 A wealthy entrepreneur is intent on forcing his daughter to marry his business partner. While on duty at the reception, the grads meet Mahoney's childhood friend Ben, now the hired help, whom bride-to-be Debbie has fallen in love with instead. Ben's plans to save Debbie from her arranged marriage turn nasty, when the actors originally hired for a faux kidnapping decide to carry it out for real.
S01E09 Westward Ho Hooks 24/09/1988 Feeling stressed, overworked and underappreciated at the precinct, Hooks applies for, and lands, a new job as sheriff of an old western town. Upon arriving, she learns the town has been overrun by Seedy McLeech and his gang of assorted bandits. The Academy grads have their hands full as they saddle up to go after these crims, while trying to win Hooks back in the process.
S01E10 Momie soit qui mal y Pense 01/10/1988 To put an end to a curse, a museum curator seeks the help of the Academy grads to escort the mummy of an ancient Egyptian king, as it is shipped back to its rightful resting place, via a cruise liner. Our heroes also have to deal with not only a group of thugs who are trying to steal the mummy, but with the mummy itself who comes to life, causing panic on the cruise ship!
S01E11 Numbskull's Revenge 01/10/1988 During a bank robbery, the thick-headed Numbskull is caught by the equally cranial Captain Harris. However, Numbskull escapes from jail, seeking payback on Harris for his confinement. Harris is on the evening tv news, promising to catch Numbskull again, when a note from Numbskull hints at pulling off the biggest bank heist the city has seen yet. Will Harris be able to back up his words, or will he be eating them instead?
S01E12 Proctor, Call a Doctor! 01/10/1988 When Harris is injured and hospitalized, Proctor becomes Acting Captain for a day, and is forced to deal with a hostage crisis. The mayor has been kidnapped by Mr Sleaze, who wants his goons released from prison. The chase leads our heroes to an amusement park, where they scurry through loads of roller coasters, dodgem cars and haunted houses, in hot pursuit of the thugs.
S01E13 Little Zed & Big Bertha 08/10/1988 When Zed tracks down the infamous Highway Robbers, he discovers them to be his long lost cousins, under the guidance of his Aunt Bertha. After they beat him up for being a cop, Zed suffers amnesia, and joins his family gang. Bertha sets out plans to rob an airplane full of money. But, when Sweetchuck & the team track them down, how will Zed respond?
S01E14 Curses on You! 08/10/1988 The PA grads have their hands full with a gang of notorious gypsies known as the Land Pirates, while also becoming victims of a string of curses set by the Pirates' fortune teller, Madame Zelda. When Mahoney gives Sweetchuck a 'magical orb' to offset the jinx, their luck seems to take a turn for the better, but is that really the case?
S01E15 Lights, Action, Coppers 08/10/1988 Assigned to night duty at Galaxy Studios, movie buff House becomes caught up in a phony film director's plot to steal a giant animatronic robot of Awesome Ape, causing chaos throughout the city as the bad guys pull a string of heists using the monster movie star.
S01E16 Camp Academy 15/10/1988 Commandant Lassard opens a new summer camp for underprivileged inner city youths, attended by the likes of rebellious teen Bobby & friends. Mahoney and crew have a difficult time gaining the youngsters' trust, but they have to unite as a team in order to stop a group of neighborhood criminals from trying to sabotage the camp's activities.
S01E17 The Tell Tale Tooth 15/10/1988 When a massive diamond -- The Cyclops' Eye -- is brought to town for an exhibition, Harris is in charge of a security team protecting the diamond case, which can only be opened using a combination of three keys. Harris gives one to the Police Chief for safekeeping, one to Commandant Lassard, and keeps the third himself. But the Magnificent Mystopholes hypnotises Hightower under the pretense of curing his fear of dentists, while actually using him to steal the three keys to unlock the Cyclops' Eye diamond case, aiding his twisted plot of mass hypnosis.
S01E18 Mr. Sleaze Versus Lockjaw 15/10/1988 Lt. Callahan becomes the object of affection for one Lockjaw, who is also embroiled in a bitter turf war with Mr. Sleaze after muscling in on his territory. When Sleaze captures Callahan so he can blackmail Lockjaw into handing him all of his stolen loot, it's up to our heroes to save Debbie (and the day, once again).
S01E19 Spaced Out Space Cadets 22/10/1988 Along with Proctor, Harris is accidentally locked on board a space shuttle with our heroes, whom Harris has enrolled in a nine month space program. But moments after takeoff, the shuttle's controls are overridden by an unknown source. They are forced to land in the Amazon jungle, where Harris & Proctor, while looking for answers, are taken captive by mysterious tribesmen.
S01E20 Sweetchuck's Brother 22/10/1988 Sweetchuck hides from his FBI agent brother Doug when he comes to the Academy looking for assistance in nabbing a wanted spy. The grads discover Sweetchuck's insecurities, as Doug is bigger, stronger, more confident, and seemingly better at everything than his older brother. Dressed as criminals, Mahoney, Jones, Tackleberry & House set up a mock robbery in hopes that Sweetchuck will capture them, showing his brother just how tough he really is. But when their plans go awry, Doug is captured by the spy he's been looking for, and Sweetchuck finds himself in a very real situation.
S01E21 Karate Cop 22/10/1988 Jones finds help from his old karate teacher Master Shiro, after his karate skills seem to be diminished, following a botched encounter with some Japanese bad guys at the local power plant. Master Shiro's former student Flung Hi (I kid you not) is carrying out his plans to harness various energy sources, in his ultimate quest to take over the city. Jones must train harder to regain his confidence, as he prepares to face his nemesis in the inevitable showdown.
S01E22 The Hang Ten Gang 29/10/1988 While shopping for a new goldfish for Commandant Lassard's birthday, Sweetchuck discovers that Zed has a fear of water. An eavesdropping Proctor eagerly relays this news to Captain Harris, who says this information is all he needs to oust Zed from the force. But first, they have to deal with a group of hoverboard riding burglars known as the Hang Ten Gang. After making off with both a ton of cash and Zed's girlfriend, the chase leads our heroes over land, air and (gasp)...water! Can Zed face his fear and beat these surfer dudes at their own game? Or will he have to endure the sounds of Harris and Proctor singing 'Goodbye'?
S01E23 Nine Cops and a Baby 29/10/1988 Mahoney plays babysitter for the day, when asked to take care of the new neighbor's baby, Nellie. What he doesn't know is that high-tech criminals are trying to steal top-secret transistors hidden in Nellie's rattle, before Aunt Mona delivers them to the government. But when baby Nellie wanders out of the building with the rattle, a wild goose chase involving both crooks and cops ensues throughout the city. One must wonder, which poses a bigger challenge for the P.A. grads; nailing bad guys, or changing diapers?
S01E24 Fish and Microchips 29/10/1988 When a suspected space lab burglar, Mr. Glitch, is taken in for questioning, he drops a stolen microchip into a goldfish bowl, where it is swallowed by Lassard's pet goldfish Finnegan. After Glitch is let go for lack of evidence, it's a race between cops and robbers to find the chip, after Finnegan is accidentally sent down the drain.
S01E25 Precinct of Wax 05/11/1988 Wax museum curator Waxen Wayne has a special formula that allows him to mold his face to look like anyone. Along with Kingpin, they devise a fiendish plot to do away with the governor, so that Kingpin can be free to do as he pleases throughout the city. After the governor is kidnapped and replaced with a lookalike (Waxen Wayne in disguise), the police are shocked to hear what the ""governor"" really wants -- no more cops! To make matters worse, Sweetchuck and Zed are also captured, as Kingpin prepares to transform the three into wax statues... permanently!
S01E26 Cop Scouts 05/11/1988 Kingpin's people have stolen the crown jewels of Ruritania, hiding them in an Edsen car that is shipped to the city. However, Kingpin doesn't know which car contains the merchandise, so he hires teenagers to steal every Edsen in the city, until they can find the goods. Meanwhile, young Billy and his friends are the first to join Lassard's new Cop Scout program. Their mission is to help Mahoney and friends infiltrate the car theft ring, and bring the criminals to justice.
S02E01 Professor Jekyll and Gangster Hyde 05/11/1988 The Professor invents a formula that turns criminals into honest people and vice-versa and some criminals use it to turn him into one of them.
S02E02 Operation Big House 12/11/1988 Despite the criminal Muggsy, Lassard's old enemy (who as a young man tried to apprehend the stolen emerald shoes), as you have old days, Lassard must recognize, stuffing in a big trouble.
S02E03 Ship of Jewels 12/11/1988 On the ship, some owners, dressed as Neptune, king of the seas and his henchmen, steals jewelry, but Mahoney and his friends be able to stop them.
S02E04 Zillion Dollar Zed 12/11/1988 Zed wins $ 50 million from a TV quiz show, and becomes rich and famous, going on a vacation at the center of the Earth. But the criminal Ace, envious of him, that he lost his winning numbers, wants to force to apprehend 50.000.000 redemption, devising a plan to the fair.
S02E05 The Comic Book Caper 19/11/1988 Zed has a passion for comic books as the heroic heroic Schizzoman. Meanwhile, three criminals disguise themselves as villains: Dr. Moron, Miss Bomb and Marsupialman, in order to imitate the moves of the bad guys for a robbery. But Mahoney and his friends make a big surprise.
S02E06 The Monkey Trial 19/11/1988 Zed, best friend with a monkey named Sally, but Falcon, a bandit half man and half hawk, wants to get rid of the monkey, to let you know of a tattoo.
S02E07 Rolling for Dollars 19/11/1988 Callahan discovers that her old best friend Regina Kucosky is one of the banned female skates, happened to Big Sail. But can he make him forgive?
S02E08 K-9 Corps and the Peking Pooch 26/11/1988 The K-9 Corps are on the investigation of the infamous Fox who stole from the museum's Peking Pooch, where he is a treasure map of the Black Mountains. But the dogs with the help of the Cadets will be able to stop him?
S02E09 Santa with a Badge 26/11/1988 The innarestabile Lady Tina, steals the jewels, and made ??a makeup Mahoney, making everyone believe that it was him. But the professor explained to the cadets that Mahoney is innocent, and that it was precisely Lady Tina to do so.
S02E10 Suitable for Framing 26/11/1988 The innarestabile Lady Tina, steals the jewels, and made ??a makeup Mahoney, making everyone believe that it was him. But the professor explained to the cadets that Mahoney is innocent, and that it was precisely Lady Tina to do so.
S02E11 Rock Around the Cops 03/12/1988 Jones becomes a great rocker, but Skull Ned, a musician envious, arrogant, groped wants to get rid of him, to win the prize of a rock concert.
S02E12 Prince and the Copper 03/12/1988 Mahoney and his friends keep an eye on the prince Merak, after his arrival from India. But the uncle of the prince, a sheik spy and hypocritical attempts to capture the boy to steal his wealth.
S02E13 Now You Steal It, Now You Don't 03/12/1988 Mahoney, Jones, Zed, Sweetchuck House and discover the incredible Shandar, a magician who disappears, he stole the truck and the truck, and mysteriously go to a school of magic. Then they must protect the gold of the ship, but Harris, in the company of Proctor, try to follow them.
S02E14 Mad Maxine 10/12/1988 Harris is furious because his cadets have not yet caught Maxine and his warriors of the road, you have to create the trucks from combat, while she and her band are offering their machines to all the worst bandits.
S02E15 Trading Disgraces 10/12/1988 Tackleberry, made ??a strange action, and Harris, furious, punishes him, while a man named Krutz and gangster boss, tells him to make an exchange of shares.
S02E16 Champ 10/12/1988 Champ, the horse of Linda, granddaughter Lassard, is captured by a trio of bandits Mexican cadets while our heroes try to save the horse and stop the bandits.
S02E17 Wheels of Fortune 17/12/1988 While Zed, convinced that her relatives, Aunt Bertha and cousins ??Ed and Ned came to become new recruits in the police academy but the mayor feels less proud, Mr. Sleaze and his gang also want to ruin the car the mayor to ransom.
S02E18 The Wolf Who Cried Boy 17/12/1988 While the cadets are on the trail of Slik and his band, Zed and Sweetchuck meet a boy raised by wolves. Zed, decides to teach the boy as they should, while the Slik is to impress at S.t. James Hotel.
S02E19 Snow Job 17/12/1988 Lassard and his cadets (except Harris, punished after the failure of a ridiculous efficiency), go to visit the mountains making them teach you to make skiers. But a clever family, they want to stop trying to make accidents in the snow.
S02E20 A Bad Knight for Tackleberry 24/12/1988 Tackleberry, convinced that his good deeds are no longer working and that behaves much less bad, after that you have not even managed to hit the black knight from the game, decides to train his uncle in the mountains, while one of the Throttle Gang wearing a costume becoming like a black knight to attack Tackleberry.
S02E21 Supercop Sweetchuck 24/12/1988 Sweetchuck, after seeing the video of Supercop, his favorite hero is hit by an accident and lost his memory during a robbery at jewelry by twins Humongo. Sweetchuck suddenly behaves just like Supercop, and one day believe that the Commissioner Bates (and in fact the head of the Humongo) and prof. Philper, archenemy of the superhero.
S02E22 Deja Voodoo 24/12/1988 Sweetchuck and Zed are guarding the museum, when suddenly arrive Jaguar and his gang, who were able to take the magical medallion to steal materials needed for voodoo dolls and objects that are moving to the same people.
S02E23 Flights of the Bumbling Blues 31/12/1988 Harris, sternly, warns Mahoney to arrest the three hijackers, Mr. Corak and his henchmen after a robbery on a plane. The cadets are on a mission to find the fish on the flight of Lassard, stolen by the three troublemakers, while Hightower has fear of falling from the plane.
S02E24 Big Burger 31/12/1988 House discovers that all the fast food of the city were dominated by the band of Big Burger, a wealthy owner of burgers, and the cop goes looking for him arrested.
S02E25 Fat City 31/12/1988 Although Harris is always to guard, House, after a strange stolen by a thief, is likely to leave the team. Mahoney and others to explain who stole things. With their help, and the Fat Boys, friends of House, House, understand that the thief is Mr. Ego, a representative of high society, extremely rich, powerful and smart.
S02E26 Elementary, My Dear Coppers! 07/01/1989 Zed, after the kidnapping of the bride Samantha by prof. Pherryl for redemption of shoes with diamonds, in the company of Sweetchuck, he decides to be in the shoes of Sherlock Holmes to be able to catch the bandit. At the end find that the kidnapper of the bride is actually a woman.
S02E27 Dr. Deadstone, I Presume 07/01/1989 While Hightower discovers that a tattoo on her ankle Africa is a secret map, and thinking he had lost his parents as a child, Dr. Deadstone steals two pots of Shaba, also trying to get hold of a mysterious diamond mine. But our heroes, arrived in Africa, will be able to stop him.
S02E28 The Hillbilly Blues 07/01/1989 Zed, accompanied by Sweetchuck, returns to his country to try to restore peace among his relatives, the Glunk and the Hagglepuss, in perpetual struggle. Actually, who Formenta hate is the sheriff Hillbilly, who discovered a gold mine under the land owned by the two families and think that putting them against each other will take possession of the mine.
S02E29 Survival of the Fattest 14/01/1989 Mahoney and his friends take in guarding the princess Lontal Of Sal that remain in the United States to see the Fat Boys, friends of House, but under the jealousy of his bodyguard Noxo, who wants to be king over that force her to marry her.
S02E30 The Junkman Ransoms the Ozone 14/01/1989 Lethal injection is John Lurid, environmental cianfrusagliere a first-order, and threatens to destroy with the help of a rocket loaded with CFCs, the ozone layer of the earth, in order to have $ 50 million. But Mahoney and his friends must save mankind.
S02E31 Grads on Tour 28/01/1989 Mahoney and his friends get Mob Balsom in a federal prison. But the boss of the gang try to free him. In the middle of Yellowstone National Park, will be a great showdown between police and bandits.
S02E32 Like Coppers, Like Son 28/01/1989 Clyde, the leader of a gang of criminals, has created a formula to be young for only a few minutes or seconds, and together with his friends Bonnie and Butch, managed to escape from prison. But he has not come to terms with Tackleberry and his energetic grandfather, his old enemy.
S02E33 Ten Little Cops 04/02/1989 To get rid of the best men of the school of police on the street, of course, Kingpin commissioned the writer Bagatha Crusties to write a novel like inviting Mahoney and his friends Bleak Island, trying to cattturarsi. But agents understand that it is a trap, and then, finally, be able to stop it.
S02E34 Big Top Cops 14/01/1989 Hooks inherited from his uncle a circus. As soon as he the new company must obtain two criminals already be in place, which make their life difficult from now on.
S02E35 Alpine K-9s 21/01/1989 Arrived in Europe, Callahan is coveted by Schubert Von Schusters, half prince, who will take up a large inheritance, if you will make an appeal.
S02E36 The Legend of Robin Good 21/01/1989 Robin Good steals the richest of the rich and keeps the loot for themselves, and unscrupulous journalist is helping him. Mahoney and his friends want to have a team of experts to oppose the bill.
S02E37 Hawaii Nine-0 21/01/1989 Mahoney and his friends are invited by Millionaire Trush in his mansion in Hawaii. the agents feel almost like paradise, but the joy, unfortunately, not everything will be fine: Trush has been kidnapped.
S02E38 Thieves Like Us 28/01/1989 The old Tex falls on different armored cars, and won the drivers on the road cowboy with a lasso. Mahoney know how can get the hero Western: can get his former cellmate Mulgrew.
S02E39 Kingpin's Council of Crime 12/11/1988 The Posh and the rest of the escapees: Claw, Amazona, Lockjaw, Numbskull and Mr. Sleaze, are the great council of the crime, a criminal organization for all the escapees. They want to make a big train robbery to steal the world's largest gold.