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Police Women of Dallas is the fourth installment of TLC's Police Women reality documentary series, which follows three police officers and a detective of the Dallas Police Department in Dallas, Texas.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Police Women of Dallas

S01E01 Don't Make Me Tase You 28/10/2010 Melissa nabs a robbery suspect at the scene; Tracy draws her taser in a standoff against a defiant man; Mia & Sara pepper-spray an uncooperative suspect; Beth discovers narcotics, and whole lot more, on suspected drug dealers.
S01E02 I'm Putting Everybody in Cuffs 04/11/2010 Tracy finds herself alone in the middle of an all out neighborhood brawl. Melissa chases down a man accused of choking his girlfriend. Mia & Sara give a life lesson to an at-risk youth. Beth narrowly dodges a collision with a suspicious driver.
S01E03 Kick Me Again, See What Happens 11/11/2010 Tracy takes down a belligerent drunk woman; Mia and Sara get a mouthful from a man with warrants; Melissa races to a disturbance involving a man with a loaded rifle; Beth tries to scare a young prostitute straight.
S01E04 He Bleedin' 18/11/2010 Tracy arrests a man for allegedly attempting to stab his stepbrother; Mia and Sara break up a drunken fight between two women; Melissa discovers a stolen car at a suspected "chop shop".
S01E05 A Fool For Love 02/12/2010 Tracy responds to a drug deal gone wrong; Mia and Sara arrest a Casanova; Melissa stops a woman from taking a walk shirtless; Beth pursues burglary suspects.source
S01E06 This Ain't Pretty Woman 09/12/2010 Melissa kicks down a door while responding to a shots fired call; Tracy rolls up on a group of street gamblers and recognizes a familiar face; Mia and Sara take down a burglary suspect; Beth cuffs a suspicious character wanted on a warrant for assault.
S01E07 Pull Up Your Pants 16/12/2010 Mia and Sara find a suspect that has hidden drugs in a disturbing place; Melissa responds to a man claiming his knife-wielding cousin is threatening him; Beth finds a man preparing to shoot heroin; Tracy busts a youth whose foolishness may cost him.
S01E08 You're Killing Me Dude 23/12/2010 Melissa responds to "shots fired" call in a residential neighborhood; Tracy has to play referee in a fight between an apartment security guard and a belligerent young woman; Beth stops a dope addict; And Mia and Sara intervene in a domestic disturbance.
S02E01 Somebody Just Got Stabbed 25/01/2013 Yvette responds to a stabbing call; Tracy tends to a bickering couple; Cheryl helps with an imagined canine problem; Angela interrogates suspected carjackers.
S02E02 Let's Go Fight Crime 01/02/2013 Yvette mediates a fight between a man and his three lovers; a woman tries to run her boyfriend down with a car; Angela hunts for an accused thief.
S02E03 She's Got Warrants 08/02/2013 Yvette responds to a call about a woman threatened by her boyfriend; Tracy helps a woman who has been locked out; Angela investigates a robbery involving a trucker.
S02E04 Hooks and Crooks 22/02/2013 Tracy must pull her weapon during a dangerous confrontation; Angela investigates a home invasion; a brawl at a barber college; Yvette deals with a cross-dressing prostitute.
S02E05 He Hit Me First! 01/03/2013 An intoxicated man jumps into the front seat of Yvette's car; Tracy responds to a carjacking; Angela investigates a suspected kidnapping; Cheryl has a run-in with a man and his horse.
S02E06 A Pretty Good Little Fight 08/03/2013 Cheryl is forced to draw her gun; Yvette handles a hostile suspect; Angela investigates an armed robber; Tracy faces her fear of dogs.
S02E07 A Good Situation to Get Shot 15/03/2013 Yvette races to a report of a man with a gun; Tracy answers a call about a threatening landlord; Cheryl encounters a car accident; Angela investigates an assault and a robbery.
S02E08 Any Sudden Movements, You'll Be Shot 22/03/2013 Cheryl searches for a burglary suspect; Tracy's suspect may be a counterfeiter; Yvette sorts out a domestic dispute; Angela investigates an armed robbery.
S02E09 He Just Started Shooting 29/03/2013 Tracy races to the scene of a shooting; Angela investigates an aggravated robbery; Yvette uncovers a drug stash; Cheryl intervenes during a domestic fight.
S02E10 There's Blood Everywhere 05/04/2013 Yvette responds to a home robbery in progress; Tracy must calm a naked man; Cheryl attends a self-inflicted stabbing; Angela investigates an aggravated robbery.
S02E11 So...You Ready to Die? 12/04/2013 Tracy responds to a call about a woman with a butcher knife; Yvette must draw her gun at a burglary; Cheryl tries to help a troubled teen; Angela interrogates a carjacking suspect.
S02E12 She's Unleashed 12/04/2013 Tracy evacuates residents during a gas leak; Cheryl handles a man accused of urinating on a tattoo shop; Yvette joins a drug task force operation; Angela investigates a convenience store robbery.
S02E13 This Could Be Dangerous 12/04/2013 Cheryl pursues a stolen car; Yvette encounters an intoxicated driver; an overdose victim thanks Tracy; Angela investigates a violent robbery.