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'Pop Idol' is a Reality TV Talent Contest, created by 19 Management to disover the popstars of tommorow. Open auditions are held throughout the country, and a list of 500 is drawn up. The hopefuls are cut down to just 100. From these 100, 50 move on to the next stage. From this point onwards, its the voting public who will decide who stays and who leaves.


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S01E01 Episode 1: Open Auditions #1 05/10/2001 The viewing audience is introduced to this brilliant new series, where hopefuls from around the country audition to be Britain's newest Pop Idol. We are also introduced to the hosts, the irrepresable Ant and Dec, and the judges, music moguls Simon Cowell, Pete Waterman, Nikki Chapman and Dr Fox, and get to see some of the very first auditions from Manchester, London and Glasgow. Among these is the woman that decides to do 'YMCA' for her audition piece, the gorgeous Gareth Gates, who overcomes his stutter to perform, and the hilarious 'Sexual' Sharman, whose reaction at getting rejected is classic. (Throwing things around and regularly collapsing to his knees to cry).
S01E02 Episode 2: Open Auditions #2 06/10/2001 More footage from the nation-wide Open Auditions. The judges are delighted when they discover finalist Zoe Birkett.
S01E03 Episode 3: Open Auditions #3 12/10/2001 More footage from the nation-wide Open Auditions.
S01E04 Episode 4: Open Auditions #4 13/10/2001 More footage from the nation-wide Open Auditions. Jessica Garlick is discovered in an open audition. She is a big fan of judge Pete Waterman and is overcome with emotion when she meets him, but she still manages to make a great performance.
S01E05 Episode 5: Open Auditions #5 19/10/2001 More footage from the nation-wide Open Auditions. Simon Cowell tells hopeful Aaron Bailey that he is 'the people's choice' and all four judges put him through to the second phase.
S01E06 Episode 6: The Final 100 Auditions #1 20/10/2001 The competition gets serious when footage from the re-calls of the final 100 is shown. The judges are dissapointed with the majority of the performers, but things eventually pick up. Simon predicts some of the Final 10, but will he be proved correct?
S01E07 Episode 7: The Final 100 Auditions #2 26/10/2001 Another chance to see new footage of the Final 100 auditions, in the Nation's capital - London. The judges comment and how the standard has improved considerably. Zoe Birkett blows the judges away with a killer performance.
S01E08 Episode 8: Live Audition Vote #1 03/11/2001 We're down to the final 50, and tonight the first group of 10 perform a song of their choice to the judges and the viewing audience in the Pop Idol studios. After a week of intense vocal training, the 10 contestants took to the stage. Haifa, Jayne, Errol, Chris, Andy, Gareth, Monica, Sarah, Zoe and Chloe all sang their hearts out, but only two could get through to the Finals. The public finally got the chance to vote, and in the end, Zoe Birkett and Gareth Gates were selected to be the first two Pop Idol finalists.
S01E09 Episode 9: Live Audition Vote #2 10/11/2001 The second of five Live Audition shows. After the judges approval, the public agree and vote Laurha Dogherty and Hayley Evetts.
S01E10 Episode 10: Live Audition Vote #3 17/11/2001 The Live Audition show's continue, with the third programme coming live from London's Granada Television Studios. After recieving some strong criticism from Simon Cowell, Wik Waller is voted into the Top 10. Sixth place in the final's goes to Aaron Bailey, while Popstars reject Darius Danesh is sent home, having come 3rd in the public vote.
S01E11 Episode 11: Live Audition Vote #4 24/11/2001 Its the Semi-Final Audition Show, and aware that the positions in the Final 10 are going fast tonights ten are the strongest group yet. Jessica Garlick earns herself a place in the Final Ten. The second position tonight goes to bubbly welsh wannabe Rosie Ribbons.
S01E12 Pop Idol: The Story So Far 13/12/2001 As Pop Idol prepares to enter its final stages and the live format kicks off, we look back at the past two months, from the early auditions (we get a chance to see all ten's first auditions in some previous unseen footage) right through to the selection of final ten.
S01E13 Episode 12: Live Audition Vote #5 01/12/2001 Its the final Audition show, and only two places are left for the Pop Idol finalists. Eight more people will be going home, but two will be in the final stage of the series. First contestant voted in tonight is Rik Waller, second is Aaron Bailey.
S01E14 Episode 13: Korben Eliminated 15/12/2001 The 10 Pop Idol finalists performed in front of a live audience for the final time as the show entered its final stage. Gareth, Zoe, Hayley, Laura, Rosie, Jessica, William, Korben and Aaron all took to the stage to perform songs sung by their own Pop Idols, but 'Roly Poly' Rick's throat infection stopped him from competing. 2 hours after the final nine sang their hearts out, the show returned with the results show. The public had voted and Korben Niblett, the gay George Michael fan, was ejected from the competition.
S01E15 Episode 14: Jessica Eliminated 22/12/2001 'Roly Poly' Rick Waller is forced out of the competition through illness, and is replaced by the person who came third in his heat, Darius himself! Darius joins Zoe, Hayley, Rosie, Gareth, Aaron, William, Jessica and Laura as they perform their favourite Christmas songs to the live studio audience. 2 hours after their performances, Ant and Dec returned with the voting results. Jessica Garlik, the 23-year-old Welsh beauty, was eliminated from the contest, leaving behind the final eight.
S01E16 Episode 15: Aaron Eliminated 29/12/2001 We're down to the last eight, and Gareth, Darius, Aaron, William, Rosie, Laura, Zoe and Hayley each performed Burt Bacharach songs for the live and viewing audience, but also took part in a photo shoot for OK magazine during the course of the week. 2 hours after they performed, Ant and Dec announced the results of the public vote. With the majority of the votes, Aaron Bailey, the 26-year-old train driver, was eliminated from the competition, leaving behind the final seven.
S01E17 Episode 16: Laura Eliminated 05/01/2002 We're down to the final seven, and tonight Zoe, Hayley, Laura, Rosie, Gareth, Darius and William perform songs of their choices from the movies (everything is sung from James Bond to Titanic), and we also get a glimpse of them spending some quality time together. 2 hours after their performances, Ant and Dec return with the results of the public vote. Laura Doherty, the Irish lovely who has consistently had one of the lowest votes of the show, was finally eliminated from the competition.
S01E18 Episode 17: Rosie Eliminated 12/01/2002 We're down to the final six, and tonight Zoe, William, Rosie, Gareth, Hayley and Darius perform their favourite ABBA songs (these include 'The Winner Takes It All' from Rosie and 'Gimme Gimme Gimme' from Hayley) to the live audience, and we get a glimpse of the six of them spending some time in a luxury health resort. 2 hours later, the usual occurs, and Ant and Dec return with the results of the public vote. Rosie Ribbons, the 23-year-old Welsh shop assistant, is eliminated from the competition, leaving behind the final five contestants.
S01E19 Episode 18: Hayley Eliminated 19/01/2002 As Pop Idol prepares to wind down to a close, Gareth, Darius, Zoe, Hayley and William perform big band numbers (songs sung with a big brass band playing behind them), which is the biggest test in their time in the competition. Some rise to the occassion (Darius, William), but other's fall at the wayside (Hayley, Gareth). 2 hours later, Ant and Dec announce the results of the public vote, and Hayley Evetts, the 23-year-old Brummie babe, was elimination from the competition.
S01E20 Episode 19: Zoe Eliminated 26/01/2002 With only two weeks of the competition left, the final four Pop Idols (Gareth, Zoe, William and Darius) appear at the film premiere of 'Moulin Rouge' and then perform their hearts out with two songs chosen for them by the judges. As Darius swung his hips to Tom Jones' 'It's Not Unusual,' Zoe went for a more subdued romantic mood. But it did her no good. 2 hours after the performances were done, the public had voted and Ant and Dec revealed that Zoe Birkett, the 16-year-old schoolgirl and only female still in the contest, had been eliminated, leaving behind just the three guys.
S01E21 Episode 20: Darius Eliminated 02/02/2002 With only one week until the winning Pop Idol is announced, the final three guys give it their all to make it to the last stage. William, Darius and Gareth perform two songs each chosen by themselves, and they all give spectacular performances (a thing reiterated by the judges), but one must go. 2 hours after their performances, the show returns with the results. As the bookies predicted, Darius Danesh, the 23-year-old lone Scot in the contest, was eliminated, leaving behind the Final Two - William and Gareth. Who will win?
S01E22 Will Young - Pop Idol 23/02/2002 A special documentary based on Will Young, winner of Pop Idol. Camera's follow him as he adjusts to life in the public gaze and prepares for the release of his debut single 'Evergreen'. Contains bonus footage of Gareth Gates performing a duet with Rachel Stevens, of S Club fame.
S01E23 Episode 21: Grand Finale 09/02/2002 Its the most talked about Television event of the year, and the highest rated one too. Over 19 Million viewers tuned in to see performances from Will Young and Gareth Gates, but only one could be the ultimate Pop Idol. In this specially extended episode, all of the final ten our present. Pop Idol's rejects return to discuss thier experiences as contestans and living in constant public attention. And, of course, Britian's two remaining Pop Idol's perform the two songs, that for one of them, will be thier debut Double-A single - 'Evergreen' and 'Anything Is Possible'. Hosts Ant and Dec are on hand to perform skits and sketches, along with the four judges. Footage of Nicki Chapman, Neil Fox, Simon Cowell and Pete Waterman hitting the streets of London to drum up support for thier favourite is also shown. And the queen of bad auditions - Caroline Buckley (a.k.a YMCA Girl) made a special one-time only performance! When the show returned for the results, the atmosphere was electric. After mo
S02E01 Pop Idol - One Year On 02/08/2003 The original series of Pop Idol launched the careers of Will Young, Gareth Gates and Darius Danesh aswell as various others. But how are the show's final ten coping with thier new found fame, and what have they been up to? In celebration of the brand new series, this exclusive documentary answers all those questions and more. What became of the YMCA Girl (Caroline Buckley), The 'Express Yourself' lady, and all the rest? Some of the final 50, who got bitterly close to the Top 10 but then fell out the final hurdle are also interviewed.
S02E02 Open Auditions - #1 09/08/2003 This episode was the very first of Pop Idol 2. This episode profiles the open auditions held in London, Glasgow and Manchester. Hundreds are giving the green light and asked to return for the second heats. But, as always, there are some less than talented hopefuls. Hosts Ant and Dec provide a shoulder to cry on for the unlucky millions who fail to impress the judges. When the Glasgow hopefuls are not living up to the judges' high standards, Dr. Fox makes a guest appearance in the waiting area to try and rally the troops and improve the overall standard of auditions. Bingo caller Rachel, from Liverpool doesnt seem nervous when she strikes up a two minute conversation with the judges! Simon tells her she is ""Certainly very funny, and I like you. See, its difficult to tell with your voice. We are going to give you a second audition on Friday. But your NOT through to the next round for definate"". Rachel thanks the judges, is extatic and runs out to tell her family that ""Shes THROUGH!"", the
S02E03 Open Auditions - #2 16/08/2003 More footage from the Nation-Wide Open Auditions. Pop Idol 1's runner-up Gareth Gates' younger sister attends the auditions. Sporting a new look and improved singing voice, she is confident of her chances. After an average accapella, the judges comment that ""her innocence is lost"". Neil Fox doesn't want to put her through, Nikki votes for her to be part of the second round, Pete wants her out. The decision is made by Simon, he wants her to go through, but only because of her brother. Neil tells him that he ""Lost some credibility"" by making that decision. Tonight seems to be episode of the rejects, with two more Pop Idol hopefulls who made the Final 50 in 2001 also returning for another shot at fame and fortune. One makes it through to the second rounds, but one doesn't. She is totally devestated. Nikki comforts her but Pete isn't so kind. ""Stop pinning your hopes on this silly dream. We say to you go to butlins not as an insult, but as advice. You ain't a Pop Idol, so stop pretending t
S02E04 Open Auditions - #3 23/08/2003 Another hour of footage from the National auditions. There's trouble in paradise when Pete loses his temper and walks out of an audition, the cause of his upset is a lad from Newcastle performing a less-than-perfect rendition of 'The Wheel's on The Bus (Go Round and Round'! In the holding area, the same hopeful declared that this song would be a Christmas #1 for him. He is told by Simon that he is the reason the show gets a slating from the critics, and that he is everything thats wrong with the show. He is obviously sent packing. Several of the best are show, however. These include a sexy, sassy and cheeky lady performing a stunning rendition of Alicia Keys' track ""Fallin'"". A confident bloke tells everyone that ""Men dont get nervous"", and his confidence pays off when he is put through to the second round.
S02E05 Open Auditions - #4 30/08/2003 Its the final ever Open Auditions Episode of Pop Idol 2003! The four judges have seen just about everything in the auditions across the country, but will we get the first glimpse of our next pop idol in this final audition, in Manchester? The judges get a celebrity visit when ex-boyband member of a group called 3SL auditions. He is also brother of Steps star Lisa-Scott Lee who, coincidencely, Pete Waterman produced! But nerves get the better of him and his performance isnt great. Neil puts him through, as does Simon. Pete opts out of voting as he is a good friend of the young hopeful's famous sister. Simon puts him through, but only just. And the final ever auditionee is a fantastic one! Described as a ""Ray of sunshine"" by Nikki Chapman, the young lady performs ""Fallin'"" by Alicia Keys. Its a wonderful, faultless vocal and the judges unamisouly put her through to the next round. At this point its worth remembering that Pop Idol 1's winner Will Young was also the last ever auditionee, w
S02E06 The Final 100 Auditions 06/09/2003 Pop Idol enters its second phase. The hopefulls have been reduced to a mere 100, of an original 20,000 after weeks of auditions in Glasgow, London, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburugh. In this episode, the four judges Niki Chapman, Neil Fox, Simon Cowell and Pete Waterman will cut the 100 down by half, giving us our final 50, over two days of intense auditioning. On day one, all of the 100 hopefulls will have to sing in front of the four judges and the 50 other hopefulls of the opposite sex, in a very large auditorium which seats up to 700 people. The nerves are showing, and the judges are dissapointed with the overall standard to begin with. Several of the auditionee's are told that the standard is dramatically increased at this stage, and that some have been left behind. After a full day of auditions, the judges make thier decision about the first 25 who will be eliminated. Contestant ID Numbers are called out, and four different groups are formed. Two of these are definatley stayi
S02E07 The Final 50 #1 13/09/2003 The four judges Niki Chapman, Pete Waterman, Simon Cowell and Neil Fox continue the search for a superstar - but this week they hand all thier power over to the viewing public. The first group of the 50 finalists perform to the nation, with the two polling the highest ammount of votes earning a place in the Final Ten. Eight will be sent home. Hosts Ant and Dec guide both viewers and contestants through the process. Performances (in order of appearance) Ema : ""Hero"" (Originally performed by Mariah Carey) Jade : ""I Wanna Dace With Somebody"" (Originally performed by Whitney Houston) Eddie : ""Still"" (Originally performed by Lionel Ritchie) Helen : ""Home Soon"" (Original Artist Unknown) Tim : ""Dont Go Changing"" (Originally performed by Stevie Wonder) Michelle : ""Dont Be A Stranger"" (Originally performed by Dina Carrol) Darja : ""Underneath Your Clothes"" (Originally performed by Shakira) Chris : ""End of the Road"" (Originally performed by Boys II Men) Jason : ""Everything I Do""
S02E08 The Final 50 #2 20/09/2003 Pop Idol 2 - the search for a superstar continues. Its round 2 of the audition process, and the competition is really starting to heat up. After several excellent performances, the judges comment on how close the competition is. They all predict that there are at least five hopefulls who could make great finalists, and that the vote will be incredibly close. Bianca is frustrated with Pete when he tells her performance lacked because of her accent - she fires back arguing that Celine Dion has an accent too, and wondered what he was talking about. Performances (In Order of Appearance) Samantha : ""The Power of Love"" (Originally performed by Jennifer Rush) Maxwell : ""Your Song"" (Originally performed by Elton John) Bianca : ""Think Twice"" (Originally performed by Celine Dion) Wesu : ""Overjoyed"" (Originally Performed by Stevie Wonder) Kelly-Marie : ""Endless Love"" (Originally performed by Diana Ross) Susanne : ""Piece of My Heart"" (Originally performed by Emma Franklin) Brian : ""A
S02E09 The Final 50 #3 27/09/2003 Pop Idol returns for the third of five Final 50 Audition programme's. With just as much talent as the previous week's, the competition is going to be tough once again. Like last week, the judges seem to have four favourites. Hayley, Marc, Sam and Roxanne make a big impression. Simon tells Roxanne she is 'SENSATIONAL' and that she is 'Just what the competition is all about'. The voting lines open and once again it's anybodys game. Performances (In Order of Apperance) Kate : ""Show me Heaven"" (Originally performed by Marie McKnee) Amy : ""Get Here"" (Originally performed by Oleta Adams) Keiran : ""Good Night Girl"" (Originally performed by Wet, Wet, Wet) Michael : ""Always and Forever"" (Originally performed by Heat Wave) Rachel : ""Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay"" (Originally performed by Otis Redding) Hayley : ""Thats What Friends Are For"" (Originally performed by Dionne Warwick) Roxeanne : ""Beautiful"" (Originally performed by Christina Aguilera) Sam : ""Walking in Memphis"" (Origin
S02E10 The Final 50 #4 04/10/2003 Pop Idol returns once more for round 4 of the semi-finals. With just 20 more contestants to perform over the next two weeks, the heat is on to find some more top quality talent for the final's. The judges are unanimous in thier dissapointment with this week's heat. From thier comments, its going to be a three-horse race between Kim, Leon and Becca. But with only two places up for grabs, one will leave dissapointed. Performances (In Order of Apperance) Elizabeth: You're Still the One (Originally Performed by Shania Twain) Sarah: Stuck In The Middle With You (Originally Performed by Stealer's Wheel) Jamie: Right Here Waiting (Originally Performed by Richard Marx) Kim: Son of a Preacher Man (Originally Performed by Dusty Springfield) Laura: Killing Me Softly (Originally Performed by Roberta Flack) David: What Makes a Man (Originally Performed by Westlife) Danielle: When I Fall In Love (Originally Performed by Nat King Cole) Leon: You Are Not Alone (Originally Performed by
S02E11 The Final 50 #5 11/10/2003 Its the final night of Semi-Finals this episode! The last group of ten perform to the nation for thier votes. Its another excellent heat, and the judges are impressed with the overall quality of the singers. Performances (In Order of Apperance) Tamsin: Holding out for a Hero (Originally Performed by The Eages) Marc: She's Like The Wind (Originally Performed by Patrick Swayze) Katy: Desparado (Originally Performed by Richard Marx) Becky: You Might Need Somebody (Originally performed by Randy Crawford) Tina: Don't Wanna Miss A Thing (Originally Performed by Aerosmith) Craig: I Believe I Can Fly (Originally Performed by R. Kelly) Danielle: Fields of God (Originally Performed by Eva Cassidy) Andy: Carless Whisper (Originally Performed by George Michael) Glen: A Million Love Songs Later (Originally Performed by Take That) Elizabeth: When I Need You (Originally Performed by Leo Saier) Later, Ant and Dec return to host the LIVE results programme. In a change to the standar
S02E12 LIVE Wildcard 18/10/2003 The Announcement Three of the judges, Nicki Chapman, Pete Waterman and Neil Fox were present on the LIVE results show. They announced the eight people who would be called back for a second chance to impress them, and the public, in the first ever UK ""Wildcard"" show. Before announcing the name of the lucky contestant, a judge gave a brief description of them. The eight lucky contestants announced were; Susanne Manning Jodie Connor Rebecca Hayes Joson Brock Sam Nixon Keiran MacDonald Danielle Tedford Glen Harvey Performances (In Order of Appearance) Keiran : (Originally Performed by Wham!) Jodie : Heaven (Originally Performed by Bryan Adams) Rebecca : I'll Be There (Originally Performed by The Jackson 5) Jason Brock : Susanne Manning : I Don't Wanna Talk About It (Originally Performed by Crazy Horse) Danielle : Thorne In My Side (Originally Performed by Annie Lennox) Sam : Over My Shoulder (Originally Performed by Mike and The Mechanics) Glen : The Re
S02E13 Idol's - Leon & Kirsty Eliminated 25/10/2003 The first night of the final stage of Pop Idol. All twelve will perform for the viewers vote, but in a suprise announcement only ten will return the following week, with the two contestants polling least votes eliminated this week. Performances (In Order of Apperance) Kirsty: I'm Outta Love (Originally Performed by Anastacia) Leon: I Just Called To Say I Love You (Originally Performed by Stevie Wonder) Brian: Desparado (Originally Performed by Richard Marx) Kim: River Deep, Mountain High (Originally performed by Tina Turner) Mark R: With Or Without You (Originally Performed by U2) Susanne: Ironic (Originally Performed by Alanis Morrisete) Andy: If Your Not The One (Originally Performed by Daneil Beddingfield) Sam: Handbags and Gladrags (Originally Performed by Rod Stewert) Michelle: All By Myself (Originally Performed by Celine Dion) Mark D: To Love Somebody (Originally Performed by Michael Bolton) Roxanne: Your Still The One (Originally Performed by Shania Twain
S02E14 Birth Year's - Brian & Mark D Eliminated 01/11/2003 Its the second of the finalists episodes on Pop Idol. The show begins with a suprise once again, when its revealed that for a second week running two and not one person will be eliminated in this episode. The theme is ""The Year They Were Born"" with the hopefuls singing hits from the years they were born. Performances Brian: Honest (Originally Performed by Billy Joel) Kim: Hot Stuff (Originally performed by Donna Summer) Mark R: Imagine (Originally Performed by John Lennon) Susanne: Only You (Originally Performed by Alison Moyet) Andy: She's Out Of My Life (Originally Performed by Michael Jackson) Sam: True Colours (Originally Performed by Cindy Lauper) Michelle: On The Radio (Originally Performed by Donna Summer) Mark D: Celebration (Originally Performed by Kool and the Gang) Roxanne: Take My Breath Away (Originally Performed by Berlin) Chris: Heaven (Originally Performed by Bryan Adams) Later, Ant and Dec return to host the LIVE results programme. In the first of t
S02E15 Elton John Hits - Kim Eliminated 08/11/2003 This episode's theme is songs by Elton John. Two previous favourites - Chris and Susanne - are told by the judges this is thier worst night, and both are warned they may be in trouble with the voting. Performances Kim: The One Mark R: Something About The Way You Look Tonight Susanne: I Guess Thats Why They Call It The Blues Andy: Can You Feel The Love Tonight Sam: I Want Love Michelle: Your Song Roxanne: Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word Chris: The Circle Of Life Later, Ant and Dec return to host the LIVE results programme. Judges Predictions Dr. Fox : Chris Eliminated Nicki Chapman : : Chris Eliminated Pete Waterman : : Kim Eliminated Simon Cowell : : Kim Eliminated The Bottom Three : Kim - Eliminated : Roxanne - Returning Next Week : Michelle - Returning Next Week
S02E16 Disco - Andy Eliminated 15/11/2003 This episode's theme was Disco. The contestants all performed massive disco hits from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Once again, the voting increased this week setting a new Pop Idol record. There was just 7% between the bottom four contestants.... Performances Mark R: More Than A Woman (Originally Performed by the Bee Gee's) Susanne: Young Hearts Run Free (Originally Performed by Candi Staton) Andy: Rock With You (Originally Performed by Michael Jackson) Sam: Blame It On The Boogie (Originally Performed by Jackson 5) Michelle: If I Can't Have You (Originally Performed by Yvonne Elliman) Roxanne: Can You Feel It? (Originally Performed by Jackson 5) Chris: Ain't Nobody (Originally Performed by Chaka Khan) Later, Ant and Dec return to host the LIVE results programme. Kelly Clarkson is a special guest star, and she performs her new single ""The Trouble With Love Is..."". Foxy comments ""After hearing Kelly up there, I think this lot are going to have to raise thier game next week!"".
S02E17 The Beatles - Roxanne Eliminated 22/11/2003 This episode's theme was Beatles songs. The contestantsm recieve praise, and its labelled one of the best shows by the judges. Voting continues to close in and the vote is even closer, with Roxanne eliminated by the smallest of margins. Performances Mark R: Help Susanne: Ticket To Ride Sam: With A Little Help From My Friends Michelle: Hey Jude Roxanne: Let It Be Chris: The Long And Winding Road Later, Ant and Dec return to host the LIVE results programme. Which includes a special Guest Appearance by Season One winner, Will Young who performs his new single ""Leave Right Now"" from his second album, ""Friday's Child"". There is no longer a ""Bottom Three"" or ""Bottom Two"". Judges Predictions Dr. Fox : Mark Eliminated Nicki Chapman : : Mark Eliminated Pete Waterman : : Mark Eliminated Simon Cowell : : Mark Eliminated The Public Decides : Roxanne - Eliminated
S02E18 Big Band - Susanne Eliminated 29/11/2003 This episode's theme was Big Band. The contestants were joined by a huge full big band in the studio, and they all performed the most famous of big band songs. Performances Mark R: Have You Met Miss Jones (Originally Performed by Frank Sinatra) Susanne: Cry Me A River (Original Artist Unknown) Sam: Mr. Bo-Jangles (Originally Performed by Sammy Smith Jr.) Michelle: Feelin Good (Originally Performed by Nina Simone) Chris: Ain't That A Kick In The Head (Originally Performed by Bing Crosby) Later, Ant and Dec return to host the LIVE results programme. The special guest this week Season One runner-up Gareth Gates, who performs his new single ""Say It Isn't So"". The judges are unanimous in thier predictions this week, only this time they are correct.... Judges Predictions Dr. Fox : Susanne Eliminated Nicki Chapman : : Susanne Eliminated Pete Waterman : : Susanne Eliminated Simon Cowell : : Susanne Eliminated The Public Decides : Susanne Eliminated
S02E19 Christmas - Chris Eliminated 06/12/2003 It's Christmas Week, and the contestants have to perform a selection of festive songs for the holiday season. They each sing twice tonight, and the audience both on both of thier performances with one more going home at the end of the evening. Performances Mark R:Merry Christmas Everybody (Originally Performed by Shakin Stevens) Sam: I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday Michelle: Silent Night Chris: Winter Wonderland (Originally Performed by Bing Crosby) Later, Ant and Dec return to host the LIVE results programme, and for the first time in three weeks there is no guest star to perform. The judges predict but are proved wrong in probably the most shocking vote of the series. Judges Predictions Dr. Fox : Mark Eliminated Nicki Chapman : : Mark Eliminated Pete Waterman : : Mark Eliminated Simon Cowell : : Mark Eliminated The Public Decides : Chris - Eliminated
S02E20 Judges Choice - Sam Eliminated 13/12/2003 It's the week the judges have been waiting for! This show, they have the chance to pick from the three remaining contestants catalogue of performances and decide on which song they should each sing in this, the semi-final. Performances Mark R:She's Like The Wind Sam: With A Little Help From My Friends Michelle: All By Myself Later, Ant and Dec return to host the LIVE results programme, Yet again the judges predictions are proven wrong. The shock news that Sam will be eliminated causes a stir and there is an outcry from many people after the show has aired. Judges Predictions Dr. Fox : Mark Eliminated Nicki Chapman : : Mark Eliminated Pete Waterman : : Mark Eliminated Simon Cowell : : Mark Eliminated The Public Decides : Sam - Eliminated : Michelle - Finalist : Mark - Finalist
S02E21 Grand Finale - Michelle Wins 20/12/2003 It's Christmas Week, and the contestants have to perform a selection of festive songs for the holiday season. They each sing twice tonight, and the audience both on both of thier performances with one more going home at the end of the evening. Performances Mark R:She's Like The Wind -&- All This Time Michelle: On The Radio -&- All This Time Later, Ant and Dec return to host the most important results programme of the series. In a new record of 12 Million votes, the hosts reveal that original rank outsider, Michelle McManus, had won the hearts of the public and millions of votes. She was the winner of Pop Idol 2003. Judges Predictions Dr. Fox : Michelle Wins Nicki Chapman : : Michelle Wins Pete Waterman : : Michelle Wins Simon Cowell : : Michelle Wins The Public Decides : Michelle - Winner : Mark - Runner Up