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Join Poppy Cat and her friends as they embark on extraordinary adventures through fantastical lands. Seen through the eyes of Poppy’s imaginative young owner, a little girl called Lara, each episode tells the tale of a very special cat and her colorful band of friends.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Poppy Cat

S01E01 Le grillon malicieux 02/05/2011 Zuzu is disappointed when his new cricket does not sing as promised; Poppy suggests they head out in the hot air balloon to find a place the cricket likes to sing.
S01E02 Space Monsters 03/05/2011 After Alma confides she had a dream in which Zuzu was a space monster, Poppy takes them to outer space in her rocket.
S01E03 Yodel Mountain 04/05/2011 Alma is missing one rare flower in her pressed collection, so Poppy suggests a train ride to Yodel Mountain, where they find the 'Alpine Honeyblossom'.
S01E04 Le ballon perdu 05/05/2011 After Mo lets go of his new balloon, the gang take to the skies in Poppy's airplane, where they pass a flying Gilda.
S01E05 Le château aux chansons 06/05/2011 When Alma forgets a song she made up about clouds, Poppy suggests they go to the Castle of Songs in the hot air balloon to find it.
S01E06 La tortue fugueuse 09/05/2011 When Owl finds a lost baby turtle in his swimsuit, the gang head to the ocean in their submarine to find its mother.
S01E07 Cher Astrochat 10/05/2011 After watching an episode of their favourite TV show, 'Rocket Cat,' Mo shows them the letter he has written to his hero.
S01E08 Buried Treasure 11/05/2011 When Alma loses her new necklace, Poppy takes them on a ship to find buried treasure with the help of her pirate treasure map.
S01E09 Moon Museum 12/05/2011 After Owl suggests that Mo's precious collection would be safest in a museum, Poppy takes them to the Moon in her rocket.
S01E10 Golden Guitar 13/05/2011 When Zuzu fails to play guitar well, Owl suggests they search for the 'golden guitar' found in the Desert of the Crazy Sun.
S01E11 Pearl Hunt 16/05/2011 When Mo accidentally loses one of the pearl's in Alma's new bracelet, the gang head in the ship to Oyster Bay to go diving for a new pearl.
S01E12 L'île aux cocotiers 16/05/2011 When Owl's nest is accidentally destroyed, Poppy takes the gang to Coconut Island in her plane to find coconut leaves for a new one.
S01E13 Cheese Mountain 16/05/2011 Poppy leads her friends on a hot air balloon ride to Cheese Mountain so Alma can practice her French.
S01E14 Le lac des cornichons 17/05/2011 When Mo comes down with a case of hiccups, the gang is off to Pickle Springs for Owl's cure: a sip of pickle juice.
S01E15 Les mines de guimauve 18/05/2011 While watching 'Rocket Cat,' there is a powercut, leaving Poppy and friends to worry about the fate of their hero, who is trapped in the Marshmallow Mines.
S01E16 L'île du tigre 19/05/2011 Poppy and her friends make bubbles in the garden during which Mo proves to be the champion bubble-blower but an inept Zuzu pouts that bubbles are no fun.
S01E17 Le papillon de la jungle 20/05/2011 After a chrysalis hatches a beautiful jungle butterfly, Poppy and the gang decide to take it back to Flutterby Falls in the hot air balloon so it can be with its friends.
S01E18 Missing Keys 23/05/2011 When Mo's keys fall into the pond, Poppy takes them on a submarine voyage to look for them.
S01E19 La quête du lys géant 24/05/2011 When Alma's new perfume (a gift from Mo) is accidentally spilled, Poppy suggests a trip to the Elephant Jungle to search for the Giant Lily .
S01E20 Le cirque tombe dans l'oubli 25/05/2011 When a poster blows in from the Snowy Circus, Mo confesses he has never been to a circus, so the gang head off for the Arctic in the train.
S01E21 Le roi crapaud 26/05/2011 When Alma shows up with a toad named Cecil, who is late for a royal wedding, Poppy uses her horse and carriage to take them to the Warty Woods.
S01E22 Le courrier très important 27/05/2011 When Mo assumes the role of Postman for the day, he must deliver a letter to Treehouse Trevor who lives in the Tanglewood Forest.
S01E23 Le Mont Glagla 30/05/2011 Zuzu is so disappointed that there are no good hills for sledging on his new toboggan that Poppy takes them to Chilly Hills in the campervan.
S01E24 La course autour de la planète 31/05/2011 After Zuzu eats the last of Mo's new jellybeans, the gang is off in their rocketship for Planet Ring-O-Beans, to obtain new ones.
S01E25 Mt. Zuzu 01/06/2011 When Zuzu learns that mountains are named after the person who discovers them, the gang heads off in the hot air balloon to find an unnamed mountain on which to plant a flag.
S01E26 Le voyage au pôle Nord 02/06/2011 While sledding on a hot day, the gang discover a melting snowman and decide to take him to the North Pole in their sailing ship.
S01E27 La star du skateboard 03/06/2011 When Zuzu wishes he could see his new skateboard trick, Poppy suggests a trip in the campervan to Twisty Tree Ridge, where they can make a video.
S01E28 Le bateau coule 06/06/2011 When Poppy and her friends decide they need gold for their statue they are building Cecil the Toad King, they go off in the submarine to the Sea of Shipwrecks to find a sunken ship with treasure.
S01E29 Le méchant robot 06/06/2011 When Rocket-Cat is trapped by a giant robot on the Ice Planet on his television show, the gang fly there in the rocketship to save him.
S01E30 Birthday Treasure 09/06/2011 Poppy's friends present her with a birthday cake and gifts, including a mysterious treasure map which leads them on an adventure in the hot air balloon to Mystery Jungle.
S01E31 Mystery Gift 10/06/2011 A birthday gift to 'Little Opie' drops from the sky, so Poppy and friends set off in the submarine to the depths of the ocean to find the young octopus.
S01E32 La danse du parapluie 13/06/2011 A thrilled Alma performs her umbrella dance when a gust of wind whisks away her specially colored prop.
S01E33 L'oiseau rare 14/06/2011 In the course of making what he calls a tree of birds - an art project from which hang little instant pictures of all the birds in the world - Mo finds he is missing only one - the Red Tipped Babblebird.
S01E34 Le scarabée magique 15/06/2011 When Alma's new magic beetle fails to grant a wish, they learn that wishes are only granted in the Enchanted Desert.
S01E35 L'étoile filante 16/06/2011 As the gang look for shooting stars upon which to make a wish, Poppy misses the star, so her friends insist they take the rocket and look for another one.
S01E36 Les affaires disparues 17/06/2011 When Zuzu loses a gift for Poppy, they decide to take the rocketship to the Planet of Lost Stuff to find it.
S01E37 Rose Cave 20/06/2011 After Mo's gift of a tiny seashell to Alma does not yield the sound of the ocean, the gang set out on the ship for a faraway island to find bigger shell.
S01E38 Wise Toad 21/06/2011 When Zuzu's skateboard becomes bent, Owl suggests he take it to the Skateboard Wizard, who lives in a castle on a mountain, to fix.
S01E39 Le grand magicien 22/06/2011 When the tip of Owl's magic wand falls off right after he made Zuzu's skateboard disappear, Poppy suggests they go to the Magic Jungle to look for Abracadabra Stone for the wand.
S01E40 Le record du monde 23/06/2011 Poppy's friends encourage her to be the first cat to fly around the world, setting a new record, so they're off in the hot air balloon to the Arctic to start the journey.
S01E41 La radio Astrochat 24/06/2011 The gang hear a distress call from Rocket-Cat on Zuzu's new Rocket-Cat radio, and decide to take their rocket to the dark side of the Green-Cheese Moon.
S01E42 L'affaire du livre disparu 27/06/2011 Owl is upset that his book went missing, so the gang search for clues using Mo's detective kit, and head out for the Purple Pine Forest in the car.
S01E43 Castle Queen 28/06/2011 After 'Queen' Alma's cardboard castle is destroyed, Poppy takes them in a balloon to find a real castle.
S01E44 Le professeur Cacahuète 29/06/2011 While digging a swimming pool, the gang discovers a piece of tile covered in picture writing and Owl decides that his old friend, Professor Peanut could decipher it.
S01E45 Le mystérieux oeuf à pois 30/06/2011 The gang discover a giant spotted egg which Owl identifies as that of a Bumblebird so they set off on the train for the snowy mountains.
S01E46 Le morse de bienvenue 01/07/2011 Zuzu excitedly presents Owl with a homemade waving wooden walrus but when the walrus mysteriously disappears, the friends head out in the hot air balloon to the mountains to see if Mother Bumblebird has seen it.
S01E47 Le dauphin rose 04/07/2011 Alma has crafted a shell necklace to give to the legendary pink dolphin, so the gang is off in the ship to find one, where they encounter Gilda.
S01E48 La forêt pluvieuse 05/07/2011 When a wigglybug (Thurston) lands on a squeamish Owl, the gang decide to take him back to the Drippy Forest in the campervan to get warm.
S01E49 Le jeu de balle en l'air 06/07/2011 Zuzu's desire to play a form of football called 'Keepy Uppy' leads the gang to fly to the Great Green, where they will have no obstacles to keep the ball in the air.
S01E50 Starry Night 07/07/2011 The friends go on a camping adventure by train to the Blue Rock Mountains to see stars, but Zuzu confesses to Poppy that he's never been camping because he's afraid of the dark.
S01E51 Cousin Alma 08/07/2011 Alma's cousin Chester is playing with the gang when a giant hula-hoop falls from the sky from the planet Teeny-Tiny; they decide to take it back and show Chester outer space.
S01E52 Les arbres à trompettes 11/07/2011 When a large, unusual leaf blows in their path, Poppy and friends head off in the hot air balloon to find the Trumpet Tree Forest.