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Each episode examines how one important characteristic of human life will fundamentally change within our lifetimes. Through in-depth interviews with maverick scientists and hands-on experience with breakthrough research and extraordinary prototypes, Thurston guides viewers on a deep exploration of how each aspect will fundamentally evolve within our lifetimes.


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S01E01 Superhumans 10/08/2009 Scientists build prosthetic limbs that are better than biological ones. A powder regrows missing body parts. Bigger, stronger muscles are possible without the side effects of steroids. A bionic eye turns your world into a computer screen. This is the future of superhumans.
S01E02 Play 17/08/2009 Mixed reality lets you reach into the computer game and control it with your hands. Smart footballs teach us all how to play sports like the pros. Pervasive games take over entire cities. And we discover siftables: kids’ alphabet blocks on steroids.
S01E03 Sex 24/08/2009 Remote-controlled orgasms are available on demand from a real-life orgasmatron. A brain scan detects the presence of true love. Spit parties take place where you can check out the DNA of potential mates. Even robot lovers! The future of sex is looking hot.
S01E04 Security 31/08/2009 Groundbreaking technology and science will change how we keep our nation safe. Autonomous rolling robots will monitor our airports. Security cameras will have brains that can recognize faces. We'll peer into a criminal's brain for evidence of guilt.
S01E05 Combat 07/09/2009 We unveil and test the fantastic inventions that will make soldiers smarter, stronger and safer: the world's fastest tank, a mind-reading thought helmet, an invisibility cloak, body armor made of fish scales and an army of remote-control robots.
S01E06 Communication 28/09/2009
S01E07 Habitat 05/10/2009
S01E08 Immortality 12/10/2009
S01E09 Adventure 19/10/2009
S01E10 Pleasure 26/10/2009

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