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A SFW Comedy Series About The Porn World.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de PornSoup

S01E01 When Porn Stars Get Recognized... 18/02/2016
S01E02 Yoga...And The Trouble With Having A Big Dick 18/02/2016
S01E03 Dirty Talk. When Is It Right And When Is It WRONG?! 18/02/2016
S01E04 Porn Introductions Are Far From Normal... 19/02/2016
S01E05 Kayden Kross Gets A Very Awkward Massage 19/02/2016
S01E06 Kayden And Manuel's New Neighbors 19/02/2016
S01E07 It's Hard To Get Life Insurance When You're In Porn... 19/02/2016
S01E08 Safe Words In Porn 19/02/2016
S01E09 What Does A Porn Couple Do When They Are Alone? 19/02/2016
S01E10 Squirting, Is It Pee Or Not? 19/02/2016
S01E11 Stupid Newbie Mistakes In Porn 25/02/2016
S01E12 The Crazy MILF Next Door - Part 1 03/03/2016
S01E13 Porn Star Training 10/03/2016
S01E14 The Crazy And Confusing World Of Porn Lingo 17/03/2016
S01E15 Explaining Porn Expenses To The Accountant... 24/03/2016
S01E16 The Crazy Porn Stalker 31/03/2016
S01E17 Kayden And Manuel Get Super High 07/04/2016
S01E18 A Porn Star's Biggest Pet Peeve 14/04/2016
S01E19 Porn Star Cribs - Take A Tour Around The Porn Palace! 21/04/2016
S01E20 Things NEVER To Do At A Porn Convention 28/04/2016
S01E21 Auditioning For Porn 05/05/2016
S01E22 What If Porn Had Press Conferences Like Sports? 12/05/2016
S01E23 The New Porn Director Has Some Crazy Ideas For A Scene 19/05/2016
S01E24 These Guys Think They Have What It Takes To Be In Porn 26/05/2016
S01E25 The New Director 'Fingers The Art Lady' 02/06/2016
S01E26 Ron Jeremy's MilfRidge, Where Porn Stars Go To Retire 09/06/2016
S01E27 Kayden And Manuel Recieve A Cool New Camera In The Mail 16/06/2016
S01E28 The Crazy MILF Next Door - Part 2 23/06/2016
S01E29 The Epic Prank War - Who Will Win? 30/06/2016
S01E30 Kayden Kross Gets Offered CRAZY Non-Porn Roles 07/07/2016
S01E31 Kayden Has A Very SEXY Surprise For Manuel 14/07/2016
S01E32 The Anal / Hot Porn Matrix (ft. A Surprise Guest) 21/07/2016
S01E33 The Crazy MILF Becomes A 'Screwber' Driver 28/07/2016
S01E34 Porn Stars Make The WORST Assistants! 04/08/2016
S01E35 The Different Types Of Female Porn Stars 11/08/2016
S01E36 The Different Types Of Male Porn Stars 18/08/2016
S01E37 That Awkward Moment When The Maid Finds All The Sex Toys 25/08/2016
S01E38 The Epic Prank War Returns 01/09/2016
S01E39 Porn Stars And The Dead Grandma Excuse 08/09/2016
S01E40 Suzy Big Tits Gets Fired 15/09/2016
S01E41 The WORST Webcam Girl Shows You'll Ever See 22/09/2016
S01E42 The Lost Star Wars XXX Auditions 29/09/2016
S01E43 Manuel Ferrara Can't Compete With Ron Jeremy 06/10/2016
S01E44 Hard Work And Ball Sweat Is All It Takes 13/10/2016
S01E45 Evan Stone Takes Over The Porn Set 20/10/2016
S01E46 Kayden Really Hates Being Scared... 27/10/2016
S01E47 The Porn Star Acting School 03/11/2016
S01E48 Blondes Get Outsmarted By A Bikini 10/11/2016
S01E49 We Like Cockz (The Lonely Island 'We Like Sportz' Parody) 17/11/2016
S01E50 The Search For A Stunt Cock 25/11/2016
S01E51 It Takes Time For A Porn Star To Get Ready... 01/12/2016
S01E52 Porn Star Names Are Too Confusing 08/12/2016
S01E53 When You're Just Trying To Jerk Off... 15/12/2016
S01E54 This Porn Star Is A Pain In The Ass 22/12/2016
S01E55 Not Everyone Likes Living Next To Porn Stars 29/12/2016
S01E56 Reasons Why Germaphobes Don't Belong In Porn 05/01/2017
S01E57 Is This The Craziest Doctor Ever? 12/01/2017
S01E58 This Is How Porn Stars Come Up With Their Dirty Talk 19/01/2017
S01E59 Porn Stars Get A Medical Examination 26/01/2017
S01E60 Just 2 Guyz (The Lonely Island Parody) 02/02/2017
S01E61 When Porn Stars Get Asked What They Do... 09/02/2017
S01E62 What Porn Star First Dates Are Like 16/02/2017
S01E63 How To Apply Makeup Like A Porn Star 23/02/2017
S01E64 Black Daddies Love White Teen Tears 02/03/2017
S01E65 Honk Honk Clowns Make Me Feel Horny 09/03/2017
S01E66 Who Actually Pays For Porn? 16/03/2017
S01E67 Adriana Chechik Has Done Everything In Porn 23/03/2017
S01E68 Kayden Tries To Get Some Alone Time 30/03/2017
S01E69 When Porn Stars Pick Their Own Costumes 13/04/2017

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