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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Port Charles

S01E02 06.02.97 - Monday 02/06/1997 At the police station, Scott accuses Lucy and Kevin of kidnapping Serena. Lucy denies his accusations, but won't reveal her alibi. Meanwhile, Joe runs into Karen after giving her statement on the hostage crisis, but she declines his offer of support. Joe remembers their childhood and then tells his brother Frank that Karen's putting on a brave front but is really scared. Joe and Frank go home and find their mother Mary waiting for them. Mary has a surprise for Joe- Dr. Alan Quartermaine, Chief of Staff of General Hospital, is there to see him. Karen goes to the home of her paternal grandparents, Lee and Gail Baldwin, and accuses her grandfather of nepotism, as she got Greg Cooper's intern slot after he was dropped from the program. Karen announces she's going back to San Francisco, but Lee tells her that Scott, the father she never knew, is in town and asks if she'd like to meet him. Lee calls Scott and tells him that his ""daughter"" is at his house and Scott, assuming he means
S01E03 06.03-97 - Tuesday 03/06/1997 At the Scanlon house, Dr. Alan Quartermaine warns Joe that he needs to keep his temper under control while facing the review board. Frank asks Joe what Alan said to him, but Joe keeps mum. Gail, Lee and Karen find Scott lying on the street after being knocked down by a hit-and-run driver. Scott comes to and calls for Serena. While Lee and Gail call for an ambulance, Karen tends to Scott's injuries. Paramedics Frank and Joe (who's working his late day before starting his internship) get the emergency call about Scott and respond. They take Scott to the hospital and Karen surprises them when she says Scott is her father. At the police station, Lucy and Kevin are still detained until the FBI hears from Scott. Lucy then admits her alibi- she had an appointment with a doctor. Privately, Lucy tells Kevin she's pregnant. When her alibi is confirmed, Lucy is free to go. Back at the hospital, Karen and Joe meet with the icy Dr. Ellen Burgess, who handles Scott's case. Alan then asks
S01E04 06.04.97- Wednesday 04/06/1997
S01E05 06.05.97 - Thursday 05/06/1997
S01E06 06.06.97 - Friday 06/06/1997
S01E07 06.09.97 - Monday 09/06/1997 After making love, Jake confronts Danielle on why she left him. Danielle claims she needed time alone, but realizes she wants Jake and is moving to Port Charles to be with him. At the Scanlon house, Julie shows up to see the basement apartment and, after sparks fly between her and Frank, she agrees to rent it. Eve demands Scott sign a legal document saying he left the hospital against medical advice, but Scott proposes a deal. He'll sign it, if she gives him medical treatment outside the hospital. Knowing she could lose her job, Eve refuses. However, after Scott tells her that he can't got back to the hospital because his daughter's been kidnapped, Eve agrees to his terms. Meanwhile, Serena is kept in a room and meets with a mysterious woman.
S01E08 06.20.97 - Friday 20/06/1997
S01E09 07.11.97 - Friday 11/07/1997
S01E10 08.11.97 - Wednesday 11/08/1997
S01E11 08.22.97 - Friday 22/08/1997
S01E12 09.19.97 - Friday 22/09/1997
S01E13 09.22.97 - Monday 22/09/1997
S01E14 10.02.97 - Thursday 02/10/1997
S01E15 10.30.97 - Thursday 30/10/1997
S01E16 12.09.97 - Tuesday 09/12/1997 As Scott's kidnapping trial begins, Jake volunteers to testify that Rex is Serena's real kidnapper, but Lee tells him his testimony is hearsay. The prosecution alleges that Scott kidnapped his own daughter to ransom her and pay off his gambling and drug debts. The prosecution's first witness is the former nanny of Jason Quartermaine. She testifies that Scott married Jason's mother to get his hands on Jason's $1 million trust fund. Meanwhile, a distressed Serena is comforted by the spirit of her late mother Dominique. However, Dominique tells Serena that she's the only one who can see her. Julie learns from her bickering parents that her mother slept with Chris. An angry Julie confronts Chris and Eve thanks him for taking the heat off of her.
S01E17 12.22.97 - Friday 22/12/1997
S02E01 01.02.98- Friday 02/01/1998 On New Year's Eve, an amorous Rex invites himself into Lucy's hotel room and overstays his welcome as Kevin hides in the bathroom. When Rex goes into the bathroom, Kevin hides out on the ledge. Rex snoops through Lucy's medicine cabinet and swipes some of her pills. Scott and Eve share a New Year's kiss but Scott abruptly calls a halt to any further passion. Later, Dominique's spirit visits both Serena and Scott in their dreams to say good-bye and Dominique encourages Scott to get on with his life. After basking in the afterglow of making love, Julie tells Frank she wants to keep their affair secret. However, her plans are ruined when Eve catches her coming out of Frank's bedroom half-dressed.
S02E02 01.05.98 - Monday 05/01/1998 Rex learns Lucy has been taking fertility pills and surmises Lucy faked her break-up with Kevin. Lucy meets with Rex who suggests they going into business selling stress-relief pills and Rex gives Lucy a sample bottle. Later, Rex plots to switch Lucy's sample bottle with poison pills. At Scott's trial, more damaging ""testimony"" against Scott is heard, including testimony from a reluctant Eve, who testifies that Scott appeared under the influence of drugs, backing the prosecution's claims that Scott was a drug user with outstanding drug and gambling debts. Eve apologizes to Scott and invites him out to dinner. Alice has another heart attack and has to have immediate surgery.
S02E03 01.06.98- Tuesday 06/01/1998 During a business meeting with Rex, Lucy agrees to go into business with him selling stress-relief pills. Subtley, she confirms that Rex has not been in the Cayman Islands recently. Rex tries to convince Lucy to admit phony photographic evidence against Scott as an eyewitness in his trial and, later, Lucy discusses her dilemma with Kevin. Meanwhile, an unknown person breaks into Lucy's hotel room and switches her stress-relief pills for other pills. Chris treats Lark for a suspicious head injury and Joe and Karen recognize her as one of Frank's students. After Lark's mother comes to the hospital, they suspect her of physical abuse and call social services. Winston tells Matt the history of Ellen's animosity between her mother- Ellen married a man who her mother didn't approve and dropped out of medical school to put him through law school. Later, Ellen tells Winston that her husband Sam died. Eve surprises Scott with a dinner with Serena. Scott and Serena discuss the same drea
S02E04 01.23.98 - Friday 23/01/1998
S02E05 01.29.98 - Thursday 29/01/1998
S02E06 01.30.98 - Friday 30/01/1998
S02E07 03.03.98 - Wednesday 03/03/1998
S02E08 03.10.98 - Wednesday 10/03/1998
S02E09 03.26.98 - Friday 26/03/1998
S02E10 04.01.98 - Thursday 01/04/1998
S02E11 04.20.98 - Monday 20/04/1998
S02E12 04.21.98 - Tuesday 21/04/1998
S02E13 04.22.98 - Wednesday 22/04/1998
S02E14 05.05.98 - Tuesday 05/05/1998
S02E15 05.22.98 - Friday 22/05/1998
S02E16 05.25.98 - Monday 25/05/1998
S02E17 05.29.98 - Friday 29/05/1998
S02E18 06.19.98 - Friday 19/06/1998 Prior to the Nurses Ball, Kevin and Lucy have separate nightmares that she's strangled by Ryan and Eve, respectively. Kevin tries to dissuade Lucy from hosting the event, but she is determined to fulfill her obligation. Eve, meanwhile, plots to get back at Lucy by scaring her into thinking she is the ""General Homicide"" killer. Paranoid, Lucy calls her old friend Luke Spencer for support. Before the event, Frank shoots up more DL-56. Jake accuses Karen of destroying his research on DL-56, but Chris, the real culprit, meets with a potential buyer for the drug.
S02E19 06.22.98 - Monday 22/06/1998 Picking up where the Friday, 6/19 episode of ""General Hospital"" left off, Lucy is almost suffocated by her dress, but is rescued by Kevin and Luke Spencer. Lucy accuses Eve, her personal dresser for the Nurses Ball, of trying to kill her, but Scott provides Eve with a phony alibi. Julie asks Lee to defend her in her murder case and he learns Scott purposely withheld evidence that could have cleared her. Despite their animosity, Eve and Julie perform a musical dance number together. Jake realizes Chris is the one who destroyed his research when he spies him cozying up to a potential investor. Later, Chris is announced as the winner of the Quartermaine Residency Award. While Lucy continues her hosting duties, the lights go out at the Ball while a noose hangs above her head.
S02E20 06.23.98 - Tuesday 23/06/1998 Picking up where the 6/22 episode of ""General Hospital"" left off, a dead body is found hanging from the rafters at the Nurses Ball and discovered to be Jake. Chris suggests to Eve they provide alibis for each other since they both don't have one for the time of Jake's death. Accusations fly wild as everyone argues about who is the culprit. Garcia brings in Lark, who was found hiding at the Ball. Garcia announces everyone is a suspect and questions all party guests. Later, Mac and Kevin find evidence in Jake's apartment, including a suicide note, which leads them to conclude Jake was the ""General Homicide"" killer.
S02E21 06.24.98 - Wednesday 24/06/1998 The newspaper reports Jake was the ""General Homicide"" killer and the D.A. drops the murder charges against Julie. Frank visits Lark at the juvenile center and, after she blackmails him into getting her released by threatening to reveal his DL-56 use, he asks for Scott's help. After Jake's death, Karen vows to stop the DL-56 research much to Frank's dismay. After Kevin and Scott berate her for leaking Eve's past as a hooker, Lucy offers her an insincere apology. However, Eve, humiliated when her secret gets around, replies with harsh words. After Lucy learns Eve took her place at Serena's scout meeting, Lucy declares war.
S02E22 07.02.98 - Thursday 02/07/1998
S02E23 07.09.98 - Thursday 09/07/1998
S02E24 07.20.98 - Monday 20/07/1998
S02E25 08.25.98 - Tuesday 25/08/1998
S02E26 08.27.98 - Thursday 27/08/1998
S02E27 09.03.98 - Thursday 03/09/1998
S02E28 10.01.98 - Thursday 01/10/2000
S02E29 10.02.98 - Friday 02/10/1998
S02E30 10.09.98 - Friday 09/10/1998
S02E31 10.15.98 - Thursday 15/10/1998
S02E32 11.09.98 - Monday 09/11/1998
S02E33 11.17.98 - Tuesday 17/11/1998
S02E34 11.30.98 - Monday 30/11/1998
S02E35 12.02.98 - Thursday 02/12/1998
S02E36 12.08.98 - Wednesday 08/12/1998
S02E37 12.10.98 - Friday 10/12/1998
S03E01 01.06.99 - Wednesday 06/01/1999
S03E02 01.07.99 - Thursday 07/01/1999 A recovering Kevin receives two surprise visitors. First Lucy comes by and the two say a heartful goodbye and close the door on their relationship. Eve then comes by, intent on declaring her feelings for him, and surprises him with a dinner for two. However, she misinterpets Lucy's visit and leaves. Later, Kevin catches up with her and invites her back to his place. Ellen gives Chris the date for his review board hearing. Lucy returns home and is given a surprise belated Christmas by Scott and Serena. Scott tries to give Lucy an out to their relationship, but she declares Scott and Serena are her family.
S03E03 01.08.99 - Friday 08/01/1999 While trapped on an island, Joe and Courtney remember old times, then repair a raft to escape. However, Courtney twists her ankle before they depart the island. An old nemesis of Victor's traps him and Mary in the back of moving truck and plans to kill him. After failing to use laughing gas to overpower him, Mary personally appeals to the man, who agrees to help them because of his hatred toward Mr. Kanelos. After thanking Karen for her support during his withdrawal, Frank and Karen realize no one's heard from Joe and Courtney in Greece. They contact Mrs. Kanelos, who denies they are there.
S03E04 01.11.99 - Monday 11/01/1999
S03E05 02.08.99 - Monday 08/02/1999
S03E06 02.09.99 - Tuesday 09/02/1999
S03E07 02.11.99 - Thursday 11/02/1999
S03E08 02.18.99 - Thursday 18/02/1999
S03E09 02.23.99 - Tuesday 23/02/1999
S03E10 03.03.99 - Wednesday 03/03/1999
S03E11 04.22.99 - Thursday 22/04/1999
S03E12 04.23.99 - Friday 23/04/1999
S03E13 04.27.99 - Tuesday 27/04/1999
S03E14 04.30.99 - Friday 30/04/1999
S03E15 05.05.99 - Wednesday 05/05/1999
S03E16 05.12.99 - Wednesday 12/05/1999
S03E17 05.13.99 - Thursday 13/05/1999
S03E18 05.20.99 - Thursday 20/05/1999
S03E19 05.22.99 - Monday 22/05/1999
S03E20 05.28.99 - Friday 28/05/1999
S03E21 06.24.99 - Thursday 24/06/1999
S03E22 06.30.99 - Wednesday 30/06/1999
S03E23 07.01.99 - Thursday 01/07/1999
S03E24 07.02.99 - Friday 02/07/1999
S03E25 07.05.99 - Monday 05/07/1999
S03E26 07.09.99 - Friday 09/07/1999
S03E27 07.12.99 - Monday 12/07/1999
S03E28 07.23.99 - Friday 23/07/1999
S03E29 07.29.99 - Thursday 29/07/1999
S03E30 08.02.99 - Monday 02/08/1999
S03E31 08.26.99 - Thursday 26/08/1999
S03E32 09.12.99 22/09/1999
S03E33 10.20.99 - Wednesday 20/10/1999
S03E34 10.28.99 - Thursday 28/10/1999
S03E35 12.02.99 - Thursday 02/12/1999
S03E36 12.14.99 - Tuesday 14/12/1999
S03E37 12.17.99 - Friday 17/12/1999
S03E38 12.23.99 - Thursday 23/12/1999
S03E39 12.24.99 - Friday 24/12/1999
S03E40 12.28.99 - Tuesday 28/12/1999
S03E41 12.29.99 - Wednesday 29/12/1999
S04E01 01.5.00 - Wednesday 05/01/2000 Matt realizes Karen has not told Joe he's not Neil's biological father. Karen tries to help Joe find a cure for Neil, but he shuts her out. Frank dissuades Courtney from blaming Karen for their lost child. They begin to make love, but when Courtney doesn't want to use protection, Frank stops because he doesn't want her to get pregnant again and risk her health. At Julie's trial, Cooper recants his testimony and claims Rachel and Chris threatened into him confessing to the murders. Rachel, Chris and Julie lash out at Kevin and Eve, but privately Chris places the blame for Cooper's botched testimony squarely on Rachel.
S04E02 02.08.00 - Wednesday 08/02/2000
S04E03 02.21.00 - Tuesday 21/02/2000
S04E04 02.22.00 - Wednesday 22/02/2000
S04E05 03.01.00 - Wednesday 01/03/2000
S04E06 03.10.00 - Friday 10/03/2000
S04E07 03.13.00 - Monday 13/03/2000
S04E08 03.14.00 - Tuesday 14/03/2000
S04E09 03.17.00 - Friday 17/03/2000
S04E10 03.22.00 - Wednesday 22/03/2000
S04E11 03.31.00 - Friday 31/03/2000
S04E12 04.06.00 - Thursday 06/04/2000
S04E13 04.07.00 - Friday 07/04/2000
S04E14 04.12.00 - Wednesday 12/04/2000
S04E15 04.13.00 - Thursday 13/04/2000
S04E16 04.14.00 - Friday 14/04/2000
S04E17 04.17.00 - Monday 17/04/2000 Joe and Jill return to General Hospital where Karen overhears about their one-night stand. Julie meets with Alan about being reinstated, but he says she will have to face the state medical board. Lucy and Christina run into Frank, Courtney and Neil. After Neil thanks Christina for being his donor, Courtney realizes who Christina's biological parents are. Frank hits up Mike for a loan to place a bet. Via telephone, Lucy impesonates Rachel to get info on her patient at Van Wyck to no avail. Eve asks Kevin to take his time to consider her marriage proposal and he later surprises her with a former proposal and a ring.
S04E18 04.19.00 - Wednesday 19/04/2000
S04E19 04.25.00 - Tuesday 25/04/2000
S04E20 04.26.00 - Wednesday 26/04/2000 At Amanda's party for the board member candidates, Courtney blackmails Chris into giving her money in exchange for not revealing Christina's true parentage. Chris drugs a drink for Courtney, but in a mix-up, Rachel drinks it and becomes intoxicated and tells off Boardman, Karen, Amanda and Alan, then hits on Scott. Mac tells Matt that Frank's shooting was meant for him and advises him to go back in the Witness Protection Program. Lucy hints to Rae and Eve they could be mother and daughter, but Eve tells Rae that it is not possible because of their blood types. Rae then bids good-bye to Port Charles.
S04E21 04.27.00 - Thursday 27/04/2000 Sonny Corinthos visits Frank and tells him his shooting was not meant for him, and Frank later learns Matt was the intended victim. Sonny absolves Frank's gambling debts. Matt bids goodbye to General Hospital and goes back into the Witness Protection Program. Chris and Julie take an inebriated Rachel home where she briefly mentions her mother and ""Livvie."" Chris and Julie vow to uncover the mystery of ""Livvie"" and Chris tells Julie they must come forward that Julie is Christina's mother before Courtney does. After popping a pill, Karen runs into her ex, Sonny, who accuses her of using again.
S04E22 04.28.00 - Friday 28/04/2000 After Courtney again presses him for money, Chris plots to end her blackmail by having Julie come forward with the truth about Christina. After Lucy is voted into the hospital board, a defeatd Rachel learns she was drugged and suspects Lucy. To get back at her, Rachel supports Julie's decision to come forward with the truth. Mike warns Frank about his gambling. Eve and Kevin learn Matt's gone back into the Witness Protection Program. At Lucy's celebration party, Julie drops the bomb that she's Christina's birth mother and the news stuns Scott, Lucy and Kevin, much to Rachel's delight.
S04E23 05.01.00 - Monday 01/05/2000
S04E24 05.05.00 - Friday 05/05/2000
S04E25 05.11.00 - Thursday 11/05/2000 An upset Lucy confides in Kevin about her anger towards Scott. He consoles her with a hug until Eve walks in on them. Eve and Kevin argue when she defends Julie's actions regarding Christina but then make-up. Lucy appeals to Claire not to hire Scott to represent her case. Chris finds Karen's pills. At the hearing, Lee alleges Julie abandoned Christina and never claimed her. Julie's lawyer alleges Scott's home poses a threat to Christina because she in the care of a drug-addicted Karen. The judge then orders a drug test for Karen. Scott asks Karen to submit to a drug test, but she refuses.
S04E26 05.12.00 - Friday 12/05/2000 Rachel tells her mother she's told ""him"" enough of the truth to haunt him. Scott realizes Karen's back on drugs when she refuses a drug test. Karen lashes out at him for not being there for her when she was a child, but Scott offers to stand by her now. After learning from Julie that Karen's on drugs, Lucy angrily confronts her but Scott intercedes. Eve blames herself for not realizing sooner that Karen was using again. Eve tells Kevin she wants them to live apart until their wedding. Kevin and Rachel both hold identical paper weights given to them by his late lover Grace. Lucy receives a threatening letter.
S04E27 05.24.00 - Wednesday 24/05/2000
S04E28 06.07.00 - Wednesday 07/06/2000
S04E29 06.12.00 - Monday 12/06/2000
S04E30 06.27.00 - Tuesday 27/06/2000
S04E31 07.04.00 - Tuesday 04/07/2000
S04E32 07.07.00 - Friday 07/07/2000
S04E33 07.20.00 - Thursday 20/07/2000
S04E34 07.27.00 - Thursday 27/07/2000
S04E35 08.02.00 - Wednesday 02/08/2000
S04E36 08.03.00 - Wednesday 03/08/2000
S04E37 08.14.00 - Monday 14/08/2000
S04E38 08.15.00 - Tuesday 15/08/2000
S04E39 08.28.00 - Monday 28/08/2000
S04E40 08.30.00 - Wednesday 30/08/2000
S04E41 09.07.00 - Thursday 07/09/2000
S04E42 09.08.00 - Friday 08/09/2000
S04E43 09.25.00 - Monday 25/09/2000
S04E44 10.02.00 - Monday 02/10/2000
S04E45 10.05.00 - Thursday 05/10/2000
S04E46 10.06.00 - Friday 06/10/2000
S04E47 10.10.00 - Tuesday 10/10/2000
S04E48 10.11.00 - Wednesday 11/10/2000
S04E49 11.01.00 - Wednesday 01/11/2000
S04E50 11.02.00 - Thursday 02/11/2000
S04E51 11.03.00 - Friday 03/11/2000
S04E52 11.10.00 - Friday 10/11/2000
S04E53 11.27.00 - Monday 27/11/2000
S04E54 11.29.00 - Wednesday 29/11/2000
S05E01 12.04.00 - Monday: Fate [Premiere] 04/12/2000 Following the blast, the jarred inhabitants of the Recovery Room shakily begin assessing the damage and are relieved to discover that no one seems seriously injured. Meanwhile, out in the parking lot, a vehicle fills with flames in the wake of the bombing. Jamal panics to find a groggy Alison lying beneath the overturned pinball table but Mary assures the young man that his girlfriend has only suffered some cuts and bruises. Fearing the worst when Joe reports that Dr. Thornheart's car is on fire, Lucy hesitantly reveals to Kevin how she spotted Ian and Eve talking outside the Recovery Room just seconds before the explosion. Jack offers to take a grateful Livvie to visit her grandmother. Unwilling to believe Lucy's tale, Kevin rushes to the hospital to search for his wife. Livvie explains to a confused Estelle why Rachel had to go away for some badly needed ""rest"". Later, Livvie watches admiringly as Jack easily manages to soothe her grandmother. Joe tells a horrified Kevin that two bad
S05E02 12.06.00 - Wednesday: Fate 06/12/2000
S05E03 12.14.00 - Thursday: Fate 14/12/2000
S05E04 12.26.00 - Tuesday: Fate 26/12/2000
S05E05 01.02.01 - Tuesday: Fate 02/01/2001
S05E06 01.10.01 - Wednesday: Fate 10/01/2001
S05E07 01.12.01 - Fate: Friday 12/01/2000
S05E08 01.19.01 - Friday: Fate 19/01/2001
S05E09 02.05.01 - Monday: Fate 05/02/2001
S05E10 02.06.01 - Tuesday: Fate 06/02/2001
S05E11 02.15.01 - Thursday: Fate 15/02/2001
S05E12 02.20.01 - Tuesday: Fate 20/02/2001
S05E13 02.28.01 - Wednesday: Fate 28/02/2001
S06E01 03.05.01 - Monday: Time in a Bottle [Premiere] 05/03/2001
S06E02 03.16.01 - Friday: Time in a Bottle 16/03/2001
S06E03 03.19.01 - Monday: Time in a Bottle 19/03/2001
S06E04 03.20.01 - Tuesday: Time in a Bottle 20/03/2001
S06E05 03.22.01 - Thursday: Time in a Bottle 22/03/2001
S06E06 04.13.01 - Friday: Time in a Bottle 13/03/2001
S06E07 04.18.01 - Wednesday: Time in a Bottle 18/04/2001
S06E08 04.23.01 - Monday: Time in a Bottle 23/04/2001
S06E09 05.11.01 - Friday: Time in a Bottle 11/05/2001
S06E10 05.14.01 - Monday: Time in a Bottle 14/05/2001
S06E11 05.15.01 - Tuesday: Time in a Bottle 15/05/2001
S06E12 05.16.01 - Wednesday: Time in a Bottle 16/05/2001
S06E13 05.17.01 - Thursday: Time in a Bottle 17/05/2001
S06E14 05.18.01 - Friday: Time in a Bottle 18/05/2001
S06E15 05.21.01 - Monday: Time in a Bottle 21/05/2001
S06E16 05.22.01 - Tuesday: Time in a Bottle 22/05/2001
S06E17 05.23.01 - Wednesday: Time in a Bottle 23/05/2001
S06E18 05.24.01 - Thursday: Time in a Bottle 24/05/2001
S06E19 05.25.01 - Friday: Time in a Bottle 25/05/2001
S06E20 05.28.01 - Monday: Time in a Bottle 28/05/2001
S06E21 05.29.01 - Tuesday: Time in a Bottle 29/05/2001
S06E22 05.30.01 - Wednesday: Time in a Bottle 30/05/2001
S06E23 05.31.01 - Thursday: Time in a Bottle 31/05/2001
S06E24 06.01.01 - Friday: Time in a Bottle [Finale] 01/06/2001
S07E01 06.04.01 - Monday: Tainted Love [Premiere] 04/06/2001
S07E02 06.05.01 - Tuesday: Tainted Love 05/06/2001
S07E03 06.06.01 - Wednesday: Tainted Love 06/06/2001
S07E04 06.07.01 - Thursday: Tainted Love 07/06/2001
S07E05 06.08.01 - Friday: Tainted Love 08/06/2001
S07E06 06.11.01 - Monday: Tainted Love 11/06/2001
S07E07 06.12.01 - Tuesday: Tainted Love 12/06/2001
S07E08 06.13.01 - Wednesday: Tainted Love 13/06/2001
S07E09 06.14.01 - Thursday: Tainted Love 14/06/2001
S07E10 06.15.01 - Friday: Tainted Love 15/06/2001
S07E11 06.18.01 - Monday: Tainted Love 18/06/2001
S07E12 06.19.01 - Tuesday: Tainted Love 19/06/2001
S07E13 06.20.01 - Wednesday: Tainted Love 20/06/2001
S07E14 06.21.01 - Thursday: Tainted Love 21/06/2001
S07E15 06.22.01 - Friday: Tainted Love 22/06/2001
S07E16 06.25.01 - Monday: Tainted Love 25/06/2001
S07E17 06.26.01 - Tuesday: Tainted Love 26/06/2001
S07E18 06.27.01 - Wednesday: Tainted Love 27/06/2001
S07E19 06.28.01 - Thursday: Tainted Love 28/06/2001
S07E20 06.29.01 - Friday: Tainted Love 29/06/2001
S07E21 07.02.01 - Monday: Tainted Love 02/07/2001
S07E22 07.03.01 - Tuesday: Tainted Love 03/07/2001
S07E23 07.04.01 - Wednesday: Tainted Love 04/07/2001
S07E24 07.05.01 - Thursday: Tainted Love 05/07/2001
S07E25 07.06.01 - Friday: Tainted Love 06/07/2001
S07E26 07.09.01 - Monday: Tainted Love 09/07/2001
S07E27 07.10.01 - Tuesday: Tainted Love 10/07/2001
S07E28 07.11.01 - Wednesday: Tainted Love 11/07/2001
S07E29 07.12.01 - Thursday: Tainted Love 12/07/2001
S07E30 07.13.01 - Friday: Tainted Love 13/07/2001
S07E31 07.16.01 - Monday: Tainted Love 16/07/2001
S07E32 07.17.01- Tuesday: Tainted Love 17/07/2001
S07E33 07.18.01 - Wednesday: Tainted Love 25/07/2001
S07E34 07.19.01 - Thursday: Tainted Love 19/07/2001
S07E35 07.20.01 - Friday: Tainted Love 20/07/2001
S07E36 07.23.01 - Monday: Tainted Love 23/07/2001
S07E37 07.24.01 - Tuesday: Tainted Love 24/07/2001
S07E38 07.25.01 - Wednesday: Tainted Love 25/07/2001
S07E39 07.26.01 - Thursday: Tainted Love 26/07/2001
S07E40 07.27.01 - Friday: Tainted Love 27/07/2001
S07E41 07.30.01 - Monday: Tainted Love 30/07/2001
S07E42 07.31.01 - Tuesday: Tainted Love 31/07/2001
S07E43 08.01.01 - Wednesday: Tainted Love 01/08/2001
S07E44 08.02.01 - Thursday: Tainted Love 02/08/2001
S07E45 08.03.01 - Friday: Tainted Love 03/08/2001
S07E46 08.06.01 - Monday: Tainted Love 06/08/2001
S07E47 08.07.01 - Tuesday: Tainted Love 07/08/2001
S07E48 08.08.01 - Wednesday: Tainted Love 08/08/2001
S07E49 08.09.01 - Thursday: Tainted Love 09/08/2001
S07E50 08.10.01 - Friday: Tainted Love 10/08/2001
S07E51 08.13.01 - Monday: Tainted Love 13/08/2001
S07E52 08.14.01 - Tuesday: Tainted Love 14/08/2001
S07E53 08.15.01 - Wednesday: Tainted Love 15/08/2001
S07E54 08.16.01 - Thursday: Tainted Love 16/08/2001
S07E55 08.17.01 - Friday: Tainted Love 17/08/2001
S07E56 08.20.01 - Monday: Tainted Love 20/08/2001
S07E57 08.21.01 - Tuesday: Tainted Love 21/08/2001
S07E58 08.22.01 - Wednesday: Tainted Love 22/08/2001
S07E59 08.23.01 - Thursday: Tainted Love 23/08/2001
S07E60 08.24.01 - Friday: Tainted Love 24/08/2001 Jack gets Livvie to see she loves him and not Caleb. After making love, Jack vows to fight Caleb if he returns. Ian learns Michael's not a real priest. After James dies, Lucy, Kevin and Rafe search for Caleb's talisman. They find a book on the Morley family and realize Caleb and Michael are the same person. Eve tells Michael she loves him, but not in a romantic way. Fearing for her safety, he makes her leave. Caleb appears and taunts Michael and they go for each other's throats. Eve returns but finds only Michael, who warns her Caleb's present. Michael then turns around and reveals HE IS CALEB!!
S07E61 08.27.01- Monday: Tainted Love 27/08/2001
S07E62 08.28.01 - Tuesday: Tainted Love 28/08/2001
S07E63 08.29.01 - Wednesday: Tainted Love 29/08/2001
S07E64 08.30.01 - Thursday: Tainted Love 30/08/2001
S07E65 08.31.01 - Friday: Tainted Love [Finale] 31/08/2001 On the hospital roof, Caleb strangles Jack while Eve calls for ""Michael,"" who emerges. Gabriela arrives before Lucy can shoot Caleb with a stake. Pushing Gaby out of the way, Ian gets shot instead. Caleb grabs Eve and Livvie offers herself as a sacrifice. Eve again appeals for Michael, who's confused by the voices in his head. Pleading with God, Michael/Caleb is struck by lighting and turns to dust. Jack, Livvie and Gaby return to normal and Chris has no vampire symptoms. Everyone prays in the chapel. Eve weeps for Michael, then goes into premature labor. Livvie hears Caleb's voice and his ring appears in her hand.
S08E01 09.03.01 - Monday: Tempted [Premiere] 03/09/2001
S08E02 09.04.01 - Tuesday: Tempted 04/09/2001
S08E03 09.05.01 - Wednesday: Tempted 05/09/2001
S08E04 09.06.01 - Thursday: Tempted 06/09/2001
S08E05 09.07.01 - Friday: Tempted 07/09/2001
S08E06 09.10.01 - Monday: Tempted 10/09/2001
S08E07 09.17.01 - Monday: Tempted 17/09/2001
S08E08 09.18.01 - Tuesday: Tempted 18/09/2001
S08E09 09.19.01 - Wednesday: Tempted 19/09/2001
S08E10 09.20.01 - Thursday: Tempted 20/09/2001
S08E11 09.21.01 - Friday: Tempted 21/09/2001
S08E12 09.24.01 - Monday: Tempted 24/09/2001
S08E13 09.25.01 - Tuesday: Tempted 25/09/2001
S08E14 09.26.01 - Wednesday: Tempted 26/09/2001
S08E15 09.27.01 - Thursday: Tempted 27/09/2001 Kevin confides in Victor he's investigating Ian's past. Lucy accidentally reveals her wedding plans to Kevin, but a delighted Victor agrees to keep the news secret. Ian's understanding when Eve explains how she got locked out of the loft with Daniel inside. He tells her to no longer fear Caleb, then says he's made mistakes in his past. Jack rescues Alison by lifting the heavy tree branches off her, then goes for help. Rafe uses a mysterious white light to revive Ali. Livvie hears Caleb reveal his evil plans. She declares her love for Jack, but Caleb says that will change. Livvie can't bring herself to leave.
S08E16 09.28.01 - Friday: Tempted 28/09/2001
S08E17 10.01.01 - Monday: Tempted 01/10/2001
S08E18 10.02.01 - Tuesday: Tempted 02/10/2001
S08E19 10.03.01 - Wednesday: Tempted 03/10/2001
S08E20 10.04.01 - Thursday: Tempted 04/10/2001
S08E21 10.05.01 - Friday: Tempted 05/10/2001
S08E22 10.08.01 - Monday: Tempted 08/10/2001
S08E23 10.09.01 - Tuesday: Tempted 09/10/2001
S08E24 10.10.01 - Wednesday: Tempted 10/10/2001
S08E25 10.11.01 - Thursday: Tempted 11/10/2001
S08E26 10.12.01 - Friday: Tempted 12/10/2001 Jack beats up Kyle after finding him and Livvie in bed together, but Livvie can't remember how she got there. Jack is then arrested for assault. Rafe tries unsuccessfully to convince Caleb to give up the fight for evil, but Caleb pledges to destroy those who tried to destroy him. Rafe, who's an angel, tells his ""Boss"" he feels powerless to fight Caleb. Caleb encounters Livvie and gloats that he will have his revenge and no one can stop him. Eve is enraged to find out Ian checked on her psychiaric history. He tries unsuccessfully to explain, but they argue about trust and she reminds him of Anne-Marie's story.
S08E27 10.15.01 - Monday: Tempted 15/10/2001 After he's bailed out, Jack tells Jamal he beat up Kyle for sleeping with Livvie, but Jamal tells Jack that Livvie pursued Kyle. Livvie tells Alison she can't remember going to the hotel room with Kyle and Ali spills the beans that Jack was going to propose to Livvie. Jack breaks up with Livvie. Karen seduces a surprised Frank at the hospital. Valerie ges a job at the Recovery Room. Ian punches Kevin for making Eve doubt him and accuses him of trying to win Eve back. Lucy tries convincing them to no avail that something evil is behind their troubles. Eve shows up with baby Daniel and announces she's leaving Ian.
S08E28 10.16.01 - Tuesday: Tempted 16/10/2001 Rafe is frustrated by the rules, which restrain him from personally battling Caleb. His boss advises him to have faith in his friends, then pulls him from his assignment for being too reckless. After Jack breaks up with her, Livvie goes to Caleb, who convinces her his love will last forever, unlike Jack's. When Eve shows up at the lighthouse with Daniel and says she's leaving Ian, Kevin offers to let them stay with him. An enraged Ian accuses him of wanting Eve back. A hurt Lucy suspects this may be true. Ian is able to convince Eve to come home with him. However, she later gets a surprise visit from Anne-Marie.
S08E29 10.17.01 - Wednesday: Tempted 17/10/2001 Jamal and Alison find Valerie working at the Recovery Room. Valerie makes nice to Alison in front of Jamal, but when they're alone together, she declares she'll fight for Jamal. Lucy and Jack suspect Caleb is behind their romantic troubles, as they drown their sorrows together. Anne-Marie warns Eve that she and Daniel are in danger from Ian and Anne-Marie's story sounds eerily familiar to Eve. A frightened Eve tells Ian to leave their loft. Karen's energy level surprises Frank, who wonders if she's back on drugs. Lucy bumps into Ian in the hotel while Jack bumps into Anne-Marie. A robber holds up the Recovery Room.
S08E30 10.18.01 - Thursday: Tempted 18/10/2001 Jack runs into Anne-Marie, but she mysteriously disappears just as Livvie arrives. Karen bravely stands up to an armed robber at the Recovery Room and cuts her hand, but Chris finds her hand perfectly healed. After seeing Valerie cozy up to Jamal, Livvie suggests to Alison that Jamal fathered Valerie's baby. After talking with Eve about Anne-Marie, a suspicious Kevin decides to go talk to Ian. Lucy visits Ian's hotel room and tells him her fears Caleb's behind the recent chaos in town. When Ian spills a drink on Lucy, she changes into a robe. Kevin walks in to find Lucy and Ian in what looks to be a compromising position.
S08E31 10.19.01 - Friday: Tempted 19/10/2001 Rafe pleads with his boss for a second chance and his boss allows him to return to Earth but advises him not to directly interfere in the humans' battle against Caleb. Caleb explains to Livvie he must destroy his enemies to get his strength back. Suspecting Jamal fathered Valerie's baby, Alison questions him about the timing of their one night together. After Kevin finds Ian and Lucy together, Lucy claims nothing happened but Kevin doesn't believe her. When Ian taunts him, Kevin spills the beans about Anne-Marie, but Ian claims she's an impostor. Lucy is stunned to see Christina run past her in the hotel hallway.
S08E32 10.22.01 - Monday: Tempted 22/10/2001 Chris runs tests on Karen and is shocked the results indicate she's mutating. Ian asks for Frank's help to prove Anne-Marie's an impostor, but Frank can't find any record the real Anne-Marie existed. Christina runs from Lucy, who loses her again. Despite finding Lucy and Ian together, Rafe asks Kevin not to jump to conclusions. Lucy tells Kevin about seeing Christina but he doesn't believe her. Livvie arrives at Eve's and alters Ian's phone message while Eve showers. Frightened to hear Ian's voice threaten her, Eve gets a restraining order against him. Rafe asks his boss for one night to set things right.
S08E33 10.23.01 - Tuesday: Tempted 23/10/2001 To defeat Caleb, Rafe plays dream weaver to remind the town of the power of love. Eve and Ian both dream their ordeal with Caleb was just a book Eve read and they have a happy future with Danny. A sleeping Eve and Ian both declare their love for each other. Jack dreams Livvie has graduated from medical school and accepted his proposal of marriage. Livvie sees a sleeping Jack through the bike shop window. As Lucy searches in vain for Christina, Kevin dreams of his wedding day to Lucy, in which he promises to find Christina. Later, Lucy runs into Kevin on the footbridge and they both stare at the stars together.
S08E34 10.24.01 - Wednesday: Tempted 24/10/2001 Jack tells Livvie of his dream and she says she loves him and asks for a 2nd chance. He turns her down and says to seek help. Kevin and Lucy discuss the distance between them and he admits he's been obsessed with Ian. Lucy's convinced a dark force is behind their troubles. They kiss and makeup. Eve and Ian discuss their mutual dreams, but she's still frightened by his threat, which he denies making. She agrees to meet him in the park with Daniel. Caleb mocks Rafe's dreamweaving efforts. Knowing Caleb feeds off their weakness, Rafe declares the town will defeat him with their love. Caleb secretly vows to go after their children.
S08E35 10.25.01- Thursday: Tempted 25/10/2001 Caleb visits Livvie, who resists his influence. When he threatens she'll be all alone in the world, Livvie complies with his bidding. Livvie leaves a goodbye note for Jack, who advises Alison to forget Valerie and focus on her future with Jamal. Reunited, Lucy and Kevin try to uncover the identity of the person causing trouble around town. Lucy's distracted when she receives a phone call- from Christina! Eve meets Ian in the park with baby Daniel and he is able to convince her to trust him again. She rips up the restraining order against him. When their backs are turned, Livvie swipes Daniel from his carriage.
S08E36 10.26.01 - Friday: Tempted 26/10/2001 Kevin doesn't believe Lucy heard Christina on the telephone. They search together, but don't find her, but, once alone, Lucy sees Christina. Alison feels jealous seeing Jamal with Valerie, who gives him Hope's picture. Finding the pic, Ali wonders if Jamal's the father. When Daniel's missing, Ian calls the police as Livvie hides in the bushes with Daniel, then slips away and takes him to Ian's hotel room. Eve awaits a kidnapper's call but instead receives a warning about Ian. Ian returns to his room to find Danny, just as Eve arrives. When 2 plane tickets are delivered, Eve accuses Ian of trying to kidnap their baby.
S08E37 10.29.01- Monday: Tempted 29/10/2001 Chris shows Karen her blood test results, which don't entirely seem human. Although Karen has no vampire symptoms, she tells Chris of her overactive libido, which makes Chris attracted to her. Chasing after Christina, Lucy runs into Kevin, who doesn't believe Christina was really there. Eve accuses Ian of trying to kidnap Daniel, but, as evidence mounts against him, he claims he was set up. She doesn't believe him and runs to Kevin. Ian runs into Lucy and they commiserate over their loved ones not trusting them. He vows he must take Daniel away from Eve to protect him. Eve tells Kevin she's filing for divorce from Ian.
S08E38 10.30.01- Tuesday: Tempted 30/10/2001 Jack and Alison visit Hope's adoptive parents to find out if Jamal could be Hope's father. Hope's adoptive father lies Jamal can't be the father because Hope was born premature. Karen tells a smitten Chris about her vacation plans with Frank, which Chris plans to disrupt. After talking with Livvie, Rafe realizes she's unwittingly been helping Caleb ruin lives. Caleb and Rafe face off over Livvie, as Rafe tries to make her see what Caleb's doing to her. However, Rafe's prevented from telling Livvie and Caleb vows she'll remember when she's ready. His kiss makes her forget the encounter, then he disappears.
S08E39 10.31.01 - Wednesday: Tempted 31/10/2001 Kevin and Lucy takes sides as Eve and Ian face off in court over custody of Daniel. While Eve makes Ian out to be a kidnapper, Lucy's testimony points Eve as an unstable mother. Calling both Ian and Eve neglectful, the judge orders Daniel placed in protective custody. Rafe's boss advises him to guide the Port Charles citizens to fight Caleb themselves and then have faith in them. Caleb imagines getting everything he wants- Livvie as his loving wife and Daniel as their son. While babysitting Daniel, Livvie has a flashback of holding Daniel before. Unnerved, she dresses him and leaves the lighthouse with him.
S08E40 11.01.01- Thursday: Tempted 01/11/2001 Valerie learns the Hartmans have barred her from contact with Hope. A guilty Alison goes with Jack to visit the Hartmans to change their minds, but their decision is final. Jamal and Hope have identical birthmarks. After the judge orders Daniel be placed in foster care, Eve and Ian make accusations over who's to blame. The judge orders Ian and Eve to undergo psychiatric evaluations. When Livvie arrives with Daniel, Eve tearfully gives up Daniel, then seeks comfort from Kevin, while Ian turns to Lucy. After Lucy tells her of seeing Christina, Livvie has a flashback of Christina and fears she's helping Caleb ruin lives.
S08E41 11.02.01 - Friday: Tempted 02/11/2001 A devastated Eve blames Kevin for making her lose Daniel by making her suspicious of Ian. He promises to help her get Daniel back by passing the psychiatric evaluation. A sympathetic Lucy discourages Ian from fleeing town with Daniel. They both back away when a friendly hug turns into a kiss. Rafe remembers his previous battle with Caleb, in which he lost his life. Learning from his past mistakes, Rafe vows to defeat Caleb this time. Livvie comes to the horrifying realization she's unknowingly helped Caleb by impersonating Christina and Anne-Marie. She confronts Caleb and threatens to kill him.
S08E42 11.05.01 - Monday: Tempted 05/11/2001 Chris spies on Frank and Karen at the cabin. After making love, Karen proposes to Frank and he accepts. Karen then catches Chris stalking them and tells him of her engagement. After Valerie pleads for his help, Jamal agrees to go to the Hartmans to change their minds about letting Val visit Hope. When Jack suggests the Hartmans are hiding something, Alison steals a lock of Hope's hair from Valerie's baby book to run a DNA test. Livvie angrily lashes out at Caleb for manipulating her into hurting her loves ones. When she threatens to reveal he's alive, he grabs her by the throat and prevents her from leaving.
S08E43 11.06.01- Tuesday: Tempted 06/11/2001 After Livvie threatens to reveal to the whole town that Caleb's, Caleb dares her to do it. She goes to Lucy and warns her, then they both arrive at the hospital costume party to warn everyone else about Caleb. However, Livvie is forced to explain to everyone how Caleb tricked her into posing as Anne Marie and Christina, kidnapping Daniel and bringing Valerie to town. Everyone turns their rage towards Livvie and they lock her up in a psychiatric ward. Livvie then awakens and realizes she's had a nightmare, courtesy of Caleb. Caleb seems confident that he's convinced Livvie to do his bidding.
S08E44 11.07.01 - Wednesday: Tempted 07/11/2001 Rafe surprises Lucy when he knows about her kiss with Ian. The court counselor warns Eve and Ian to stop bickering if they want their son returned. Mac asks Kevin if he wants Eve back but Kevin denies. Kevin's appointed as Danny's temporary guardian and returns him to Eve and Lucy and Ian witness the happy reunion. Alison secretly arranges a DNA test to determine if Jamal is Hope's father, then gets the results. Frank discovers the cocaine Chris planted in Karen's purse. Karen tells Frank how Chris injected her with vampire serum, but when he doesn't believe her, she vows to make Chris pay.
S08E45 11.08.01 - Thursday: Tempted 08/11/2001 Ian and Lucy are upset when Kevin's appointed Daniel's guardian. Alison confides in Rafe about the DNA test she ran behind Jamal's back and he convinces her not to read the results. Jamal asks Mrs. Hartman to give Valerie another chance and learns about Ali's visit. Jamal recognizes Hope's birthmark as one identical to his. Jamal grabs the DNA resuls before Ali destroys them and learns he's Hope's father. Kevin tells Eve he's hired a private eye to keep an eye on Ian. Ian and Lucy console each other and end up making love. Caleb questions Livvie's loyalty, then asks her to prove it by killing Jack.
S08E46 11.09.01 - Friday: Tempted 09/11/2001 Caleb tests Livvie's loyalty by asking her to kill Jack. Livvie poisons Jack's drink but Rafe intercedes by knocking the drink out of Jack's hand before he drinks it. Caleb's not happy that Livvie failed his test. Jamal gets Valerie to admit she can back to Port Charles because she's in love with him. Stilll upset with Alison's deception, Jamal decides to tell Valerie he's Hope's father. Mac advises Kevin on his love life with Lucy and Kevin feels guilty for hurting her. After making love, Ian and Lucy decide to just be friends. Unbeknownst to them, Kevin's private eye has snapped compromsing photos of them.
S08E47 11.13.01 - Tuesday: Tempted 13/11/2001 A frightened Livvie tells Caleb she failed to kill Jack. He gives her a new assignment- breaking up Alison and Jamal. Karen demands Chris tells Frank about the vampire serum to prove she's not on drugs, but Chris denies her accusations. Frank doesn't believe her, but later realizes she might be telling the truth after Gabriella describes her own vampire symptoms. Chris takes Karen to the catacombs to scare her about being a vampire. Caleb overhears them talk about the vampire serum, then decides he wants it for Livvie. Rafe clues in Jack that his drink was poisoned and Jack confronts Livvie about trying to kill him.
S08E48 11.14.01 - Wednesday: Temped 14/11/2001 Livvie denies she tried to poison Jack, but he's convinced she's being controlled by Caleb. Lucy races to the lighthouse to warn Kevin about an impromptu visit from Child Services just as Eve and Ian are visiting Danny. Eve and Ian hide in the closet when the social worker arrives, then Ian declares he has a plan to get Danny back. Alison asks Jamal to forgive her for withholding the fact he's Hope's father and Jack confesses he went with Alison to visit the Hartmans. Jamal unleashes his anger on both of them. Rafe asks Livvie to join forces with him to defeat Caleb, but she tells him she's freely helping Caleb.
S08E49 11.15.01- Thursday: Tempted 15/11/2001 Chris convinces Karen not to tell anyone that she was injected with the vampire serum and to move in with him. Karen shocks Frank by ""confessing"" she's back on drugs and calls off their engagement. Chris is stunned by a surprise visitor. Ian and Eve play nice for the court counselor to get Danny back and agree to move back in together for appearances sake. Livvie eavesdrops as Lucy and Kevin discuss the future of their relationship, then vows to prevent them from marrying. Lucy's shocked when Christina appears at her doorstep. Kevin's private detective delivers him shocking photos of Ian and Lucy in bed.
S08E50 11.16.01 - Friday: Tempted 16/11/2001 Caleb visits Chris and demands he create more vampire serum, threatening to kill him if he doesn't. Eve tells Ian she still loves and he later decides to confess his affair with Lucy. Lucy brings Christina home and takes her picture with a camera, but she mysteriously vanishes, both in person and in the picture. Livvie appears at Lucy's and denies seeing Christina. Livvie reports back to Caleb on her mission and Lucy catches them together. Shocked to see the pictures of Ian and Lucy in bed, Kevin gets drunk and goes to Eve to tell her about the affair. Instead, he ends up kissing her, just as Ian walks in.
S08E51 11.19.01 - Monday: Tempted 19/11/2001 Ian walks in on Kevin kissing Eve and Kevin refrains from telling her about Ian and Lucy's affair. Ian tries confessing to Eve, but instead asks if they can start over. Lucy sees Caleb with Livvie in the woods, but Caleb disappears and Livvie denies he was there. Lucy tells Kevin Caleb's back, but Kevin, still reeling over her affair, sends her home as Livvie steals a photo of Ian and Lucy together. Rafe hints to Jack that Caleb's back and they go to the catacombs, find Caleb's music box and Jack collapses after opening it. Caleb summons a dark force and his late man-servant James appears with his music box.
S08E52 11.20.01 - Tuesday: Tempted 20/11/2001 On Caleb's order, Chris tries replicating the vampire serum, then asks Karen to trust him and not tell Frank the truth. Gabriela offers to accompany Frank to visit Karen in rehab. Rafe carries an unconscious Jack to the hospital, but the doctors can't find anything physically wrong with him. Alison pleads with Jack to wake up, while Ed tells Rafe to stay focused on his battle with Caleb. James upsets Caleb when he suggests Livvie can't be trusted, but she proves her loyalty by giving him the photo of Lucy and Ian together in bed. To help Caleb regain his powers, James presents him with his vampire cape.
S08E53 11.21.01 - Wednesday: Tempted 21/11/2001 After seeing the photo of Ian and Lucy in bed, Eve realizes Kevin already knows about their affair. Vowing to make Ian pay, Eve steals truth serum from the hospital, just as Ian tells Lucy he feels he and Eve are close to reconciling. After Jack escapes from the hospital, Alison finds him in the woods and he tells her he encountered pure evil. Livvie subtely clues in Valerie that Jamal is Hope's biological father, then Valerie confronts Jamal, who admits it's true. Val presses him to meet with the Hartmans. Lucy goes to the catacombs ready to do battle with Caleb, but is intercepted by an overprotective James.
S08E54 11.22.01 - Thursday: Tempted 22/11/2001 Ian tries to get romantic with Eve, but she remains suspicious of him and plans to inject him with the truth serum. Jack researches ways to kill vampires, then makes a wooden stake out of a chair leg. Livvie is able to convince Kevin that Caleb hasn't returned, then issues a warning to Rafe, who knows the truth. Rafe fears his premonitions of Lucy's death are about to come true and he rushes off to find her. When Lucy tries to shoot Caleb with her crossbow, James grabs it and runs into the woods. Lucy chases after James while Caleb pursues her. Caleb catches up to her and reveals his fangs have returned.
S08E55 11.26.01 - Monday: Tempted 26/11/2001 Ian stops Eve from injecting him with truth serum. He admits to his affair with Lucy, then says they don't belong together. Chris tells Karen she's rapidly aging due to the vampire serum. Frank and Gabriela learn Karen's not in rehab, then find her with Chris. She lies to them that she loves Chris. Caleb corners Lucy in the woods and Livvie shows up with the crossbow and explains how they tricked her with visions of Christina. Caleb leaves Livvie alone to kill Lucy and Livvie later presents him with a bloody arrow and declares Lucy's dead. Rafe searches for Lucy in the woods, then says ""Oh My God, Livvie actually did it.""
S08E56 11.27.01 - Tuesday: Tempted 27/11/2001 Jamal lies to Alison, then secretly goes with Valerie to see Hope. However, Jamal learns the Hartman's phone number has been disconnected and Valerie fears they've run off with Hope. Jack warns Kevin that Caleb's back and Livvie's helping him, but Kevin thinks he's crazy. In the woods, Rafe finishes burying a grave, then says he failed as Lucy's guardian angel. Alison finds Rafe's journal and is puzzled that it stops 10 years ago. Later, Ali sees Rafe bring a dead bird back to life and asks him how he did it. Caleb congratules Livvie on killing Lucy, then announces his final plan of revenge against the town. Later, Livvie lies to Kevin that Lucy has left town for a spa. Jack, meanwhile, shows up at the catacombs to confront Caleb, who tells him Lucy's dead and Livvie killed her. Caleb then stops Jack from leaving...
S08E57 11.28.01 - Wednesday: Tempted 28/11/2001 Per Caleb's request, Livvie separately deceives Ian and Eve to ensure their attendance at a new club, ""Tempted."" Frank and Gabriela are also deceived into attending. Caleb orders Chris to complete the vampire serum and assure Karen's attendance at ""Tempted."" When Karen sees Caleb, Chris covers by claiming she's hallucinating. Releasing anger, Frank gets into a fight and is taken to the hospital, where Eve and Ian learn Karen broke up with him. Alison realizes that Rafe's an angel and although he warns her of danger, he can't reveal his mission. Caleb tells Livvie there's one last task she must accomplish.
S08E58 11.29.01 - Thursday: Tempted 29/11/2001 Eve arrives at ""Tempted"" and sees Ian and they both learn Livvie tricked them into coming. Karen and Chris arrive, as Chris promised Caleb he would be there. Frank and Gabriela arrive and ask Karen why she invited them, but she denies it. After discovering the Hartmans skipped town, Jamal and Valerie arrive to meet them. Livvie persuades Kevin to go to meet Lucy at the club, then babysits Daniel and says he will be reunited with his parents. Jack, meanwhile, unties himself from Caleb's trap and races to warn everybody that Caleb's back. Arriving at ""Tempted,"" Kevin recognizes James, who mysteriously vanishes.
S08E59 11.30.01 - Friday: Tempted [Finale] 30/11/2001 To protect her, Rafe prevents Alison from entering ""Tempted"" and says it's too late to save those inside. Jack warns everyone Caleb's back, Livvie's helping him and Lucy's dead. Steel walls trap everyone inside. Caleb reveals himself and explains how he destroyed their lives- with help from Livvie, who enters with Daniel. Caleb tells Eve and Ian he and Livvie are Daniel's parents now. Before killing everyone, Caleb plans to make love to Livvie in front of them. Caleb pledges his love to Livvie and puts his trust in her. She betrays Caleb by stabbing him with a metal stake, then announces Caleb's finally dead.
S09E01 12.03.01 - Monday: Miracles Happen [Premiere] 03/12/2001 Livvie proclaims Caleb dead and explains away her evil deeds as a way to get close to him and destroy him. Everyone seems skeptical until Lucy enters, saying Livvie saved her life and helped her fake her death. Caleb's youthful body turns into an old man and everyone's free from the steel walls Caleb used to trap them. A rapidly aging Karen lies to Frank that she has a ""bug"" and leaves with Chris. The men bury Caleb's body in the woods, and when the sun rises, everyone's in awe at the sight of the miracle. With Caleb destroyed, Ed gives Rafe a new mission- reunite all the couples Caleb broke up by Christmas Eve.
S09E02 12.04.01 - Tuesday: Miracles Happen 04/12/2001 Despite Kevin's warning about social services, Eve takes Daniel to visit Ian at their apartment. The court appointed counselor arrives and they are surprised to learn the court has granted them back custody of Daniel. Eve and Ian then ponder the future of their marriage. Lucy confesses to Kevin about her affair with Ian and he surprises her when he says he already knew. They decide to take a break from their relationship and cancel their Christmas party/surprise wedding. Alison offers her support to Jamal if he wants to pursue a relationship with Hope, however, Jamal says he doesn't want to interfere in her life. Later, Jamal offers a homeless Valerie a place to stay- with him and Alison. Rafe tells Ali of his new assignment, reuniting the couples of Port Charles by Christmas Eve. Ali offers her help and Rafe comes up with a plan when he shows her the invitations to Kevin and Lucy's party.
S09E03 12.05.01 - Wednesday: Miracles Happen 05/12/2001 Rafe congratulates himself for mailing the invitations to Kevin and Lucy's party, then consoles Lucy when she says she and Kevin broke up. Having received their invitations, Serena and Gail show up to say how excited they are about the party. Feeling guilty over her misdeeds, Livvie is cheered up when she gets her invitation. She goes to see Jack but finds he's left town. Alison remains calm when Valerie moves in and credits Rafe's influence to a jealous Jamal. Rafe uses magic to prevent Lucy from canceling the party. Kevin and Lucy suspect each other of sending out the invitations, then agree not to cancel the party.
S09E04 12.06.01 - Thursday: Miracles Happen 06/12/2001 Rafe works to reunite Jack and Livvie. After Livvie tells him that Jack's left town, Rafe encourages her to do something to make it okay. Meanwhile, Rafe also stops Jack from leaving town by standing in the middle of the road and blocking his motorcycle. Rafe convinces Jack not to leave town until he goes back for one last look. Jack then rides his bike back to an abandoned house where he dreamed of living with Livvie. Entering the house, Jack finds Livvie and Rafe is satisfied that his job is done. Meanwhile, Eve asks Ian if he still loves her and he admits he does, but can't trust her. Eve agrees to take the first step in putting their marriage back on track by forgiving him for his affair with Lucy. They begin to kiss, but Ian still can't trust her. Frank arrives at Chris's and demands to see Karen, but Chris lies that she's not there. Leaving, Frank spots a hypodermic needle. A weak Karen then enters the living room and Frank bursts down the door, knocks Chris out and ca
S09E05 12.07.01 - Friday: Miracles Happen 07/12/2001 Surprised to see each other at the abandoned house, Jack and Livvie discuss their relationship. Although Livvie claims she lied to him to protect him from Caleb, Jack declares and end to their relationship and leaves. However, he returns when he can't find his motorcycle helmet (which Rafe took) and declares his love to Livvie and they end up kissing and making up. Karen tells Frank that she was injected with vampire serum and that she is dying. Frank goes to Chris, who's found a cure, but Chris refuses to help Karen. Lucy meets with Kevin, but is still unsure whether their Christmas party will also be their wedding. However, after Kevin declares the party's for the town's benefit, Lucy gets discouraged. After Kevin gets an emergency call and leaves, Rafe shows up and surprises Lucy with wedding rings, leading her to believe that Kevin is planning on marrying her. Meanwhile, Kevin meets with a mysterious woman.
S09E06 12.10.01 - Monday: Miracles Happen 10/12/2001 After receiving Lucy's party invitation, an angry Eve confronts Lucy about sleeping with Ian. Lucy apologizes but tells Eve to own up to her responsibility for her marriage troubles. Rafe and Alison visit Ian and give him a special ornament which gives him the Christmas spirit. While babysitting, Rafe impresses both baby Daniel and Ali with his magic. Eve comes home to find Ian has decorated their loft for Christmas. Rafe almost kisses Ali, but stops and runs off. Kevin visits with a mystery woman and says he won't tell Lucy. Kevin then follows the woman into her bedroom where she has promised him a surprise.
S09E07 12.11.01 - Tuesday: Miracles Happen 11/12/2001 Rafe helps a bitter woman realize her love for her husband, then asks Victor for advice about his growing feelings toward Alison. Victor advises him not to break up her relationship if he's not going to stay in town. Jack and Livvie offer to rent the abandoned house from its owner, but he refuses because he's selling it. However, his wife (the woman Rafe helped) convinces him to let Jack and Livvie have the house. Jamal gets jealous when he learns Ali's been spending time with Rafe. After learning the Hartmans' whereabouts, Jamal tells Valerie he's going to give up his parental rights. Val blames Ali and, after they argue, Jamal tells Ali to leave so he can talk to Val alone. Ali goes to Rafe, but he abruptly shoos her away. Frank tells a dying Karen that Chris refuses to help her. Chris shows up and gives Karen a temporary anecdocte to the vampire serum, but tells Frank his price for more of the anecdote- Frank must stay away from Karen.
S09E08 12.12.01 - Wednesday: Miracles Happen 12/12/2001 Kevin buys a scarf for the mystery woman, but covers when Lucy sees him by giving it to her as her Christmas present. Lucy catches Kevin buying an identical scarf and he covers again saying it's for Livvie. Lucy wants to talk and Kevin tries to stall her, then agrees to talk privately, but calls the mystery woman to meet with her later. Rafe watches as Frank agrees to Chris's terms to save Karen's life- he'll stay away from her. However, Karen is suspicious of Frank's sudden aloofness and demands the truth. Frank admits Chris's shady proposal and Chris refuses to save Karen's life. However, Rafe uses his magic to change Chris's tune and as punishment makes Chris unable to tell a lie. Chris admits his wrong doings to a stunned Frank and Karen. Eve and Ian both apologize for the hurt they've caused each other. However, their plan to go for a family sleigh ride is interrupted when Eve is requested to speak at a medical conference and Ian encourages her to go. On the way to the c
S09E09 12.13.01 - Thursday: Miracles Happen 13/12/2001 Rafe denies he's mad at Alison, but tells her to spend time with Jamal, who's planned a special evening for her. However, Jamal and Ali began arguing about her involvement with Rafe. Later, Rafe arrives to deliver a package for Ali, who emerges from the shower naked. Ian learns Eve never checked into her medical conference. Chris, who still can't tell a lie, admits to Jack that he gave him to social services as a child to protect him from their drunk, abusive father because he loved him. Livvie walks in on Kevin and Lucy embracing and assumes they're back together, but Kevin tells her the wedding is still off. She announces she's moving in with Jack, then Lucy privately tells her the wedding's on but it's a surprise. Meanwhile, Kevin gets a phone call from the mystery woman. Lucy eavesdrops and hears Kevin tell the woman she's still beautiful and he will meet her as soon as he gets rid of Lucy.
S09E10 12.14.01- Friday: Miracles Happen 14/12/2001 Valerie surprises Jamal at the airport and insists on going with him to see Hope. They argue and miss their flight. Later, Jamal realizes Valerie is after him and decides she must move out immediately. After Rafe accidentally sees Alison naked he apologizes and tries to deny his feelings for her to himself. After a few awkward moments, they state that they'll miss each other when he's gone. Rafe then kisses Ali as Jamal and Valerie walk in. Ian learns from the police that Eve's car was found totalled at the bottom of a ravine and she couldn't have survived such a crash. Ian believes the worst, but is relieved when Eve shows up alive and well and he hugs and kisses her. After overhearing Kevin make plans to meet the mystery woman, Lucy goes to the hospital to check if Kevin is with a patient, learns he's not. Later, Lucy spies Kevin in the park embracing the mystery woman, who's wearing the scarf Kevin bought.
S09E11 12.17.01 - Monday: Miracles Happen 17/12/2001 When Jamal and Valerie walk in on them kissing, Alison and Rafe claim they were saying goodbye. Ali tells Jamal that, although Rafe is special to her, she loves Jamal and they make-up. Dr. Hartman, Hope's adoptive father, arrives to tell Jamal and Val that Hope's sick. After Eve's carjacking, Ian realizes he almost lost her and they make-up. Lucy sees Kevin embracing another woman in the park, but they leave before she can confront them. Lucy tells Rafe that Kevin's seeing another woman and he advises her not to confront Kevin. However, Lucy runs into Kevin and tells him they need to talk.
S09E12 12.18.01 - Tuesday: Miracles Happen 18/12/2001 Dr. Hartman tells Valerie and Jamal that Hope needs a kidney and asks them to be tested to be donors. They all fly to Chicaco, leaving Alison behind. Chris's total honesty gets him fired at the hospital after he kisses Amanda Barrington. Jack asks Chris to stay with him and Livvie until they figure out what's wrong with him. Livvie learns Rafe has romantic feelings for Alison and kissed her and she advises him that Ali loves Jamal. Rafe goes to Ali and apologizes for kissing her and she reiterates that they are just friends, however, both Rafe and Alison can't stop thinking of each other. When Lucy runs into Kevin, she loses her nerve about confronting him about his other woman. Instead, she follows him and sees him pick up lunch for two, buy flowers and go to a hotel room. Lucy knocks on the door and a beatiful woman answers and Lucy assumes it Kevin's other woman and runs away. However, the beautiful woman is not the woman Kevin came to see as she goes to get the mystery wom
S09E13 12.19.01 - Wednesday: Miracles Happen 19/12/2001 Livvie confronts Alison about her kiss with Rafe and her feelings towards him. Alison admits she does have feelings for Rafe and is finding it hard to say goodbye to him. At the hospital, Eve, Ian, Karen and Frank exchange Christmas presents and Ian gives Eve an expensive bracelet. They all laugh at Chris's totally honest remarks. On the day of her Christmas party, Lucy tells Rafe that Kevin has fallen in love with another woman. Kevin, meanwhile, tells the mystery woman that the party will be the perfect place to tell Lucy about them. Later, Lucy gets a phone call from Kevin who's delayed. After he thinks he hung up, Lucy overhears Kevin tell the mystery woman that Lucy's starting to get suspicious and he needs to talk to her alone. When Kevin arrives at the party, Rafe tells him Lucy stepped out. Lucy, meanwhile, boards a plane- to Hawaii- to avoid Kevin's talk with her.
S09E14 12.20.01- Thursday: Miracles Happen 20/12/2001 In Chicago, Jamal, Valerie and Gabriela wait for news on Hope. Dr. Hartman then announces that Gabriela is Hope's only match for a kidney donor. Before leaving to join Jamal in Chicago, Alison says a tender goodbye to Rafe. Later, Alison learns her flight's been cancelled due to bad weather. Before the Christmas party, Kevin searches for a missing Lucy, then hears the mystery woman is waiting for him upstairs. Kevin then tells the mystery woman they can't wait any longer to tell Lucy. Guests begin arriving for the Christmas party, but neither of the hosts, Kevin or Lucy, are present. Lucy boards a plane to Hawaii, but after the plane takes off and she dozes off, she awakens and is surprised to learn her flight is mysteriously headed to Port Charles!!
S09E15 12.21.01- Friday: Miracles Happen 21/12/2001 Posing as a cabdriver, Ed drives Lucy to the Port Charles Hotel and convinces her to attend her party. Lucy arrives, but tries to avoid talking with Kevin privately. After Alison is unable to fly to Chicago to be with Jamal, she takes his advice and attends the party where she and Rafe share a magical dance. Chris, meanwhile, tells Mac he fears someone is stalking him. Rafe uses his magic to make Kevin see the party is the wedding he and Lucy always wanted. Later, Kevin proposes to Lucy in front of the party guests, but she rejects his proposal because of his ""other woman."" Kevin asks Lucy to place her trust in him.
S09E16 12.24.01 - Monday: Miracles Happen 24/12/2001 Kevin asks Lucy put her trust in him and marry him right there at their Christmas party. Putting aside her dobuts, she happily says yes. Eve is frantic when she loses the expensive bracelet Ian gave her, but Ian says they will get everything back they've lost. Lucy and Kevin deliver touching wedding vows to each other, however, Kevin stops the wedding mid-ceremony to give Lucy an extra special Christmas gift- her long-missing adopted daughter Christina. After receiving more mysterious phone calls, Chris goes to the source of the calls, a hotel room, and is stunned when he comes face-to-face with his ex-wife Julie.
S09E17 12.26.01- Wednesday: Miracles Happen 26/12/2001 After her surprise reunion with Christina, a joyous Lucy continues with her wedding to Kevin and the two are declared husband and wife. Julie tells Chris that she did not return to be with him but to give Christina back to Lucy. Chris realizes Julie's dying and she tells him to move on and find love again. Ian asks Eve to have faith in him again. Rafe and Alison have a difficult time saying good-bye, but as the clock strikes midnight, he disappears and returns to Heaven. Alison realizes Rafe accomplished his mission when she sees all the reunited couples together again at the Christmas party.
S09E18 12.27.01- Thursday: Miracles Happen 27/12/2001 Lucy and Kevin return Christina to Julie so they can say good-bye. Lucy privately confronts Julie on why she kidnapped Christina and Julie apologizes for the heartache she caused, then convinces Christina to accept her new mommy. Chris makes plans to spirit Julie and Christina out of town. In Chicago, Gabriela's brother, Ricky, arrives- fresh from prison- and tries to stop her from donating a kidney to Hope. Jamal and Ricky get into a fist fight until Gabby proclaims they're both her brothers. When Alison calls Jamal, Valerie answers and tells her to stop calling. Ali then books a flight to Chicago.
S09E19 12.28.01- Friday: Miracles Happen 28/12/2001 Before leaving to see Jamal, Alison slips on a patch of ice, is knocked unconscious and taken to the hospital. In Chicago, Jamal and Ricky argue about Gabriela donating her kidney to Hope, but Gabriela makes it clear it's her decision to make. Ali calls Jamal, but he abruptly hangs up on her. Rafe pleads with Ed to return him to Earth to fix Ali and Jamal's relationship. Julie says a tearful goodbye to Christina before handing her over to Lucy for good. Julie then says a poignant goodbye to Chris too. Lucy and Kevin take Christina home, where Scott confronts and asks why he wasn't informed about Christina.
S09E20 12.31.01 - Monday: Miracles Happen [Finale] 31/12/2001 Alison tells Jack and Livvie how Jamal gave her the brush off. Scott and Frank both want to know their place in Christina's life know that Lucy married Kevin. Everyone agrees, for Christina's sake, to let Lucy and Kevin act as Christina's primary parents. An embittered Chris advises Eve not ""screw up"" her marriage with Ian, who surprises Eve with her lost bracelet. Rafe pleads with Ed to send him back, but when Ed refuses, Rafe proposes a deal. An apologetic Jamal calls Ali, but misses her. Ali is then surprised by Rafe's return. As the citizens watch the sky, a blinding white light covers the town...
S10E01 01.02.02 - Wednesday: Secrets [Premiere] 02/01/2002 Rafe denies to Alison causing the mysterious light and she plans to help him get a second chance at life. Rafe remembers the deal he made to return to Ali by giving up his powers. Frank and Karen bring two victims of a crash caused by the light to the hospital. Jack offers to help Casey, a spunky young woman, who crashed her bike. Amy, the blind woman Casey ran into, is treated by Eve and Ian, and they offer her a place to stay. Kevin and Lucy's passion is interrupted by the arrival of a mystery woman who knows Kevin. Victor and Frank discover scorched land where the light touched and a mysterious watch.
S10E02 01.03.02 - Thursday: Secrets 03/01/2002 Troublemaking Casey kisses Jack, spends stolen money from Amy, then tries to steal Victor's mysterious watch. Ian and Eve are impressed that their new houseguest Amy is so perceptive, despite being blind. Amy counsels Eve to trust Ian again and offers to help. Kevin introduces Lucy to Paige, his first girlfriend, and Lucy is impressed that Paige looks remarkably youthful, despite being Kevin's age. Lucy invites Paige to stay with them to uncover her youthful secret. Amy, Casey and Paige all plan to shower in their new accomodations, but one mystery woman literally disappears while taking a shower.
S10E03 01.04.02 - Friday: Secrets 04/01/2002 Valerie vows revenge on Jamal after he signs away his rights to Hope. Alison helps Rafe have a day of fun. The invisible woman emerges from her shower. Paige confronts Lucy about her snooping while she showered, but Lucy offers her a job. A towel clad Casey hits on Jack in front of Livvie. After her shower, Amy goes with Eve and Ian to the Recovery Room where she makes Casey return her stolen wallet. Paige enters with Kevin and Lucy, then Lucy tells Paige she knows Paige lied about her reason for coming to town. Victor tells everyone the mystery watch is not from Earth which means an alien may be in town.
S10E04 01.07.02 - Monday: Secrets 07/01/2002 Victor's news of a possible alien invasion meets with skepticism and frightens Livvie, who is calmed down by Amy. Impressed with her skills both Kevin and Ian offer her a job at G.H. After Lucy presses Paige for the truth, Paige admits she lied and admits her real reason for coming to town- to get Kevin to paint her portrait. Lucy then agrees to help her. After Casey crashes her bike into the Recovery Room, Frank demands she work for him to repay the damage she's done. After spending a carefree day together, Rafe takes Alison home where Jamal is waiting. Unbeknownst to Victor, his mysterious watch moves.
S10E05 01.08.02 - Tuesday: Secrets 08/01/2002 Jamal accuses Rafe of staying in town to be with Alison and Alison accuses Jamal of shutting her out of his life. After Jamal goes to Valerie, who won't leave the hospital maternity ward, Ali runs to Rafe. After Casey swipes jewelry from a store, Ricky tries to con her by pretending to be security. When she hands the necklace to him, they're both busted by the cops. Kevin refuses to paint Paige's portrait, but after persuading by both Lucy and Paige, he agrees. Privately, Paige wishes she could be honest with Kevin. Victor tells Frank the hand on the mystery watch moved, then learns the watch is gone.
S10E06 01.09.02 - Wednesday: Secrets 09/01/2002 Amy and Ian get closer when she opens up about her past, reads him and makes him ""see"" the world as a blind person. Amy tells herself privately she's right on schedule. Eve, the new Chief Resident, gets through to a drunk and depressed Chris and hires him back at G.H. Jamal blames himself for Valerie's mental condition and offers to do anything to make it up to her. She surprises him by asking him to give her another child. Alison cries on Rafe's shoulder and asks him to open up about his desires. He remains guarded, but after sharing a close moment, he admits he wants to kiss her, then does and she responds.
S10E07 01.10.02 - Thursday: Secrets 10/01/2002 When Kevin suggests Paige find another artist, she insists he paint her because, as her first love, he knows her better than anyone else. Jamal rejects Valerie's baby-making plan. Alison calls a halt to her passion with Rafe then goes home to Jamal. However, when she finds Valerie there, she gets upset and leaves. A jailed Ricky makes a deal with Casey to retrieve her mysterious key from the cops in exchange for her taking the rap for the jewelry theft. He gets her key back, but she starts a fire and they both escape. Kevin is given a surprise by Lucy. Paige reveals privately that she stole Victor's mysterious watch.
S10E08 01.11.02 - Friday: Secrets 11/01/2002 Ricky confronts Casey about her betrayal and demands she fess up to her crimes. When she fails to come on to him, Casey knocks him out and takes off. Lucy surprises Kevin with a studio to paint Paige and offers to pose nude for him herself. Ian is suspicious of Amy, but Eve says he's overreacting. To show Eve how Amy lives, Ian blindfolds her. Investigating another flash in the sky, Victor and Frank discover a garden in bloom in the snow- and Ricky. Casey meets with Amy and Paige, who returns Casey's weird watch. Casey tells them it's okay if the town suspects aliens, as long as their real identities are safe.
S10E09 01.14.02 - Monday: Secrets 14/01/2002 Kevin makes a bad impression on Christina when he accidentally breaks her doll. Lucy tries to convince her to give Kevin a chance but she makes it clear she doesn't like him. Victor mistakes Ricky for an alien, but Frank learns he's the fugitive who escaped with Casey and turns him in, despite Ricky's pleas that he's innocent. Paige gives Casey and Amy magnetic face plates to conceal their weird watches. Paige and Amy order Casey to stay in town- and stay out of trouble. Vowing to conceal their true identites, the three agree to meet regularly and are stunned when their watches all move backwards.
S10E10 01.15.02 - Tuesday: Secrets 15/01/2002 After leaving Jamal, Alison shows up at Jack and Livvie's. Privately, Ali tells Livvie she kissed Rafe again and has feelings for him. Jamal shows up but Ali doesn't want to see him, then agrees when he pleads his love to her. Casey goes to the police station and clears Ricky of her crimes. She is released into Frank's custody and Frank orders her to stay away from Ricky. After hearing Victor's latest news, Amy agrees aliens could exist. However, Amy's watch sets off Victor's energy sensor and she stalls when he wants to analyze it. Ian then catches a frantic Amy trying to dismantle Victor's device.
S10E11 01.16.02 - Wednesday: Secrets 16/01/2002 After catching Amy disabling Victor's energy device, Ian accuses her of hiding something. Kevin advises Ian to trust Amy while Paige tells Amy to move out of Ian and Eve's and stop drawing attention to herself. Paige and Amy are horrified when a waiter spills water on Amy's arm causing it to disappear. Jamal and Alison vow to overcome their problems. Jack and Livvie ask Valerie to move in with them, but she vows privately to not let Jamal and Ali get back together. After Ed advises him to deal with his newfound emotions, Rafe goes to tell Ali how he feels about her, but she tells him they can no longer see each other.
S10E12 01.17.02 - Thursday: Secrets 17/01/2002 Jamal finds Valerie passed out after taking pills. Paige covers Amy's invisible arm before Ian and Kevin see it, then Jamal distracts them by asking for help. Alison says goodbye to Rafe, but can't stop thinking about him. She arrives home just as Val is taken to the psych ward. Val declares ""it's not over"" to Jamal. Paige finds a strange man waiting for her. After Amy tells Ian she's moving out, she tells herself he can't get too close. Gabriela and Frank vow to keep Casey and Ricky apart, but they run into each other anyway. When Rafe comes by, Casey kisses Ricky to avoid being seen, then asks for help to get away.
S10E13 01.18.02 - Friday: Secrets 18/01/2002 The strange man waiting for Paige is Lucy's employee, a scientist who wants skin samples from Paige but she refuses. Discreetly, the scientist tells Lucy his analysis reveals Paige's skin is only 25 years old. To avoid Rafe, Casey jumps into Amanda's limo and Ricky manages to spirit her away without losing his job. After pledging a new start with Jamal, Alison encounters Rafe. When he leaves behind his journal, she reads it and discovers he came back for her. Casey tells Paige and Amy that another like them is in town. Meanwhile, Rafe is seen wearing the same strange watch as Casey, Paige and Amy.
S10E14 01.21.02 - Monday: Secrets 21/01/2002 After learning Paige can't be more than 25 years old, Lucy speculates to Kevin that she's an impostor, but he accuses her of being jealous. She then contacts Victor with her suspicions. Eve suggests to Ian and Chris that she fix up Amy with Chris. Alison reads in Rafe's journal that he loves her, then she and Rafe decide they can't be friends. Ali goes home to Jamal, but thinks of Rafe. Paige and Amy are skeptical of Casey's claims that another one like them is in town. They go to the Recovery Room and, after seeing Rafe, the women vow not to leave Earth before finishing what they came to do.
S10E15 01.22.02 - Tuesday: Secrets 22/01/2002 When Livvie asks about Paige, Kevin explains his reasons for painting her portrait and denies any feelings towards her. Casey, Paige and Amy discuss whether Rafe will interrupt their second chances at life. Casey accuses Paige of wanting Kevin and Amy realizes it's true after Paige explains her reasons for returning to Earth. Lucy learns from Victor that Paige was in the car accident that killed her husband, but was never heard from again after that. Tipped off by Lucy about Paige, Rafe senses Casey's presence and follows her to the park where he demands to know what Casey, Paige and Amy are doing in town.
S10E16 01.23.02 - Wednesday: Secrets 23/01/2002 Lucy shares Victor's information on Paige with Kevin, who is amazed that Paige's expired passport reveals she still looks the same. Karen suggests moving in with Frank to keep an eye on a missing Casey. Worried when Amy doesn't show up for work, Ian calls her parents and learns she's been missing for 3 years. After Rafe tells Casey, Paige and Amy he's taking them back to Heaven, the women share their stories. Paige died after a car accident on her way to seek closure with Kevin, Casey died of an overdose and Amy was shot by a man who conned her for her money. A flash of light make the four of them disappear.
S10E17 01.24.02 - Thursday: Secrets 24/01/2002 Alison confides in Livvie that her feelings for Rafe have intensified, especially after learning her loves her, but Livvie advises her to let Rafe go. Jamal declines to help an institutionalized Valerie, who blames Alison for all her problems. Chris tells Ian that Amy never called him back about their date. Ricky takes Frank to the park where Casey was last seen and Ricky finds Amy's cell phone. Ian calls Amy's phone but Ricky answers. Victor advises Kevin not to jump to conclusions about Paige. Valerie escapes from the psych ward. Rafe, Casey, Paige and Amy are transported to a mysterious place.
S10E18 01.25.02 - Friday: Secrets 25/01/2002 Ian asks for Mac's help in locating a missing Amy. Ricky denies to Gabriela that he is affected by Casey's absence, but clearly he is. Ian questions Ricky when he answers Amy's cell phone. Casey, Paige, Amy and Rafe are greeted by Ed in Heaven, who advises them to work together to complete their life journeys and avoid mistakes. Rafe realizes an empty ""fifth chair"" in Heaven means a Port Charles resident will soon die. A gun-toting Valerie corners Alison in her apartment and threatens to kill her. Jamal, Jack and Livvie show up and Jamal and Valerie wrestle with her gun before it goes off.
S10E19 01.28.02 - Monday: Secrets 28/01/2002 Valerie is shot during her struggle with Jamal and rushed to the hospital, where she's pronounced dead. Ed won't reveal who'll fill the ""5th chair"" but tells Casey, Paige, Amy and Rafe they must help that person cross over. Gabriela defends Ricky when Ian accuses him of being behind Amy's disappearance. Amy, Casey and Paige return to Earth where Casey encounters Frank, whom she fears will die. Amy accuses Paige of wanting Kevin to die. Amy evades Ian's questions and Kevin is surprised by Paige's return. After telling Rafe that Valerie's not the ""5th chair,"" Ed gives him the choice to return to Alison who's in trouble.
S10E20 01.29.02 - Tuesday: Secrets 29/01/2002 Amy is upset when Ian tells her he contacted her parents during her absence. Ian apologizes and she agrees to be fixed up with Chris. After Kevin presses her for the truth about her past, Paige admits she was driving the car during the accident that killed her husband. After Kevin comforts her, she happily poses for him for her portrait. Rafe returns to Earth to help Alison, but is told by Livvie and Jack to back off. A guilt-ridden Jamal stays by a dead Valerie's side and blames himself for her death. Jamal then unleashes his anger on Alison, telling her to leave him alone. Ali goes home to find comfort in Rafe's arms.
S10E21 01.30.02 - Wednesday: Secrets 30/01/2002 Casey discovers Ricky's fraudulent credit card with the Barrington name, then tries blackmailing him into stealing Amanda's antique necklace. When Ricky challenges her, she kisses him. Livvie tells Kevin Valerie's dead, then accuses Paige of trying to break up Kevin's marriage, but Kevin says she's overreacting. Rafe refuses to leave Alison's side, despite Jack's warning, and Jack tells them Jamal's missing. Livvie arrives and they all decide to search for Jamal in the snow storm. Kevin falls in the snow, but Paige doesn't hear his cries for help. He's then electrocuted by a fallen power line.
S10E22 01.31.02 - Thursday: Secrets 31/01/2002 Casey pulls away from Ricky, fearing he might be the one who dies if he gets close to her. She tels him she has no future. Alison, Jack, Jamal and Livvie search for Jamal and Rafe fears Jamal might be the one to die. Jack then learns Jamal was at a bar. Alison calls Rafe on his feelings for her and tells him she can't return his affections because she loves Jamal. She returns home to find Jamal, who tells her they must pay for Valerie's death. Lucy returns home, but Paige doesn't know where Kevin is. Sensing something's wrong, Lucy finds Kevin frozen in the snow, but Paige hesitates to call an ambulance.
S10E23 02.01.02 - Friday: Secrets 01/02/2002 Casey denies to Rafe she's close to Ricky and advises him to be with Alison. Eve introduces Chris to Amy and he seems to recognize her but she denies ever meeting him. Chris finds an old photo of him and Amy. Amy privately reaffirms a promise made to her father. Blaming Alison for Valerie's death, Jamal tells Alison their relationship's over. He literally pushes her away and Rafe comes to Ali's defense. Lucy calls 911 when Paige falters and a critical Kevin's taken to G.H. When Lucy blames her for Kevin's condition, Paige wonders if she wanted Kevin to die. Kevin takes a turn for the worse as Lucy and Paige look on.
S10E24 02.04.02 - Monday: Secrets 04/02/2002 Amy continues to deny ever meeting Chris before, even after he says he has an old photo of them together. Later, Chris catches Amy trying to steal the photo. Alison stops Rafe from strangling Jamal. Jamal tells Ali he doesn't love her anymore. Jamal walks out on her and she sadly accepts that their relationship is over, then tells Rafe to leave too. Eve and Ian argue about Kevin's treament after Ian intentionally puts Kevin in a coma. Livvie angrily blames Paige for Kevin's precarious condition. Lucy pleads with Kevin to return to her, but he begins to seizure and then is greeted by Paige in a white light.
S10E25 02.05.02 - Tuesday: Secrets 05/02/2002 When Chris confronts Amy about stealing his photo, Amy proposes that in return for sex, Chris stop investigating her past and he agrees. When Rafe offers profound advice to Livvie, Alison suspects he knows Kevin will die. Ali prays in the chapel, then cries over her breakup with Jamal. Ian and Eve continue arguing about his unorthodox treatment of Kevin. Paige encourages Kevin to cross over to the ""other side,"" while on Earth, Lucy pleads with him to stay with the living. Hearing her pleas, Kevin tells Paige it doesn't feel right to go with her, then opens his eyes and reunites with his family as Paige looks in on them.
S10E26 02.06.02 - Wednesday: Secrets 06/02/2002 A guilty Paige tells Amy she wanted Kevin to die and fears she's responsible for his condition. Amy tells Paige she might sleep with Chris to keep him quiet, but Paige advises her not to do it. Amy then calls Ian. After Alison tells Jamal she's moving out, he wrongly assumes she's moving in with Rafe, but she tells him she's moving back into her family's mansion. Ricky and Casey's plot to steal Amanda's necklace goes awry when Jamal catches them and demands they turn it over. Rafe pleads with Alison not to move back in with her grandmother, fearing she'll be unhappy, but when she doesn't listen, he carries her off.
S10E27 02.07.02 - Thursday: Secrets 07/02/2002 Amanda blames Jamal for Casey and Ricky's thwarted jewel theft. Jack's surprised Jamal didn't defend himself and Jamal tells him he's leaving town. Casey feels alive again after the botched theft and kisses Ricky. Ian and Amy overhear Eve and Chris talking about them. Ian and Eve discuss their marital problems while Amy calls Chris's bluff after he threatens to reveal her secret. Ian then agrees to drive Amy out of town to see a patient. Rafe carries Alison to a barn where they argue about her moving back in with her grandmother. Rafe makes her see she can't throw her life away because she's hurting and she hugs him.
S10E28 02.08.02 - Friday: Secrets 08/02/2002 While visiting a hospitalized Kevin, Paige says she's leaving town, but he asks her to stay until her portrait's finished. Kevin says he saw her in a dream during his coma, but realizes he wasn't dreaming when he recognizes her dress. Driving out of town, Amy admits to Ian she lied about seeing a patient because she wanted to spend time alone with him. Learning Jamal plans to leave town, Livvie asks him to talk with Alison first. With limited time left on Earth, Rafe admits his feelings for Alison. She admits she has feelings for him too and wants to be more than friends. He says he wants her and they begin kissing.
S10E29 02.11.02 - Monday: Secrets 11/02/2002 After telling Ian she'll be leaving town soon, Amy asks Ian to have an affair with her. Although he's flattered and admits she's attractive, he kindly rejects her offer. Driving back to town, their car skids out of control. Despite his insistence, Paige tries to convince Kevin that he was only hallucinating when he recalls seeing her in the afterlife. While drifting off to sleep, Kevin remarks that Paige looked like an angel in the tunnel of light. In the barn, Rafe and Alison give in to their desire and make love for the first time. They vow to make every second together count as Rafe will soon be returning to Heaven.
S10E30 02.12.02 - Tuesday: Secrets 12/02/2002 After talking with Casey, Paige thinks that her journey is to have a family with Kevin- even if that means taking Lucy's place. Lucy tells Kevin that Paige needs to leave their home because she's getting in the way of their family, but Kevin insists Paige stay so he can finish her portrait. Eve is worried when she doesn't hear from Ian and gets upset when Chris suggests he's having an affair with Amy. Ian's leg is injured after a car accident with Amy. Trapped, Ian tells Amy how he and Eve almost similarly died when Harris kidnapped them. Determined to get them home, a blind Amy volunteers to drive.
S10E31 02.13.02 - Wednesday: Secrets 13/02/2002 Gabriela tries and fails to stop Jamal from fighting in a back alley. However, she's seriously injured when a fighter swings at Jamal and hits her instead. With Ian as her guide, a blind Amy drives them home until Ian swerves the car off the road causing them to be stranded again. Eve and Chris search for a missing Ian and find him- with Amy. Eve and Chris are both suspicious of Amy's story about seeing an out-of-town patient. Alison prays for the one perfect summer with Rafe. Rafe hears her say she still cares for Jamal, but she claims she loves him now. Ed grants Ali's wish by transporting them to a sunny beach.
S10E32 02.14.02 - Thursday: Secrets 14/02/2002 On Valentine's Day, Alison and Rafe have fun on a beach, attributing their magical outing to the power of their love. Eve's plans for a romantic evening with Ian are derailed when she's called to the hospital. He later goes there to surprise her but finds Amy instead. Ricky and Casey plot again to steal Amanda's valuable necklace, then give into their attraction and kiss. Paige volunteers to babysit Christina so Lucy and Kevin can spend a romantic night together. Kevin surprises Lucy by returning home from the hospital and the two remember past romantic times. Envious of Lucy, Paige gets closer to Christina.
S10E33 02.15.02 - Friday: Secrets 15/02/2002 Ricky and Casey's passion is put on hold when Gabriela's rushed to the hospital, where Jamal and Ricky argue about Jamal's role in Gaby's accident. Ricky grab a scalpel to use on Jamal. After encountering Amy, Ian explains he thought she was Eve. Amy seems amused when Colleen finds them together with the lights out. Amy, fearing Ian might fill the 5th chair, pulls away when they get close. Ian discovers Amy's watch is identical to the one Victor found. While Lucy's gone, Paige gets closer to Christina and helps her bond with Kevin. Kevin also recognizes Paige's watch as being identical to Victor's.
S10E34 02.18.02 - Monday: Secrets 18/02/2002 Amy tells Paige she's getting closer to Ian, which is derailing her plans. Paige also admits she's falling for Kevin. However, Amy privately vows to her father she won't allow herself to get close to Ian. Ian and Kevin compare notes on the mysterious watches of Paige and Amy and both conclude that the two women are connected and hiding something. Jamal feels responsible when Karen tells Gabriela that her remaining kidney has been compromised. Casey stops Ricky from hurting Jamal with a scalpel. After cutting the brakes, Casey tries to stop Ricky from taking off on Jamal's bike but is too late.
S10E35 02.19.02 - Tuesday: Secrets 19/02/2002 Ricky stops Jamal's bike in front of Casey, who mistakenly failed to cut the brakes. Relieved he's okay, Casey gets passionate when Ricky suspects she's hiding something. When he suspects she's a virgin, she runs off. A hospitalized Gabriela gets a visit from her old flame, Joe Scanlon. Returning to town with Rafe, Alison's hesitant to go public with their relationship, but agrees to move in with him. Livvie tells Jamal that Ali's missing and he finds her at their apartment but takes off after learning she's moving in with Rafe. Upset, Ali breaks down in tears over their failed relationship.
S10E36 02.20.02 - Wednesday: Secrets 20/02/2002 Discussing their time-limited relationship, Alison tries destroying Rafe's watch, then suspects there are other angels in town, but he asks her to drop it. Chris tells Amy his investigation revealed her initials to be ""AH"" and asks her real name. Privately, she vows to keep her identity secret. Ian gives Kevin Amy's hospital ID so Victor can investigate the connection between Amy and Paige. They cover when Paige asks what they're up to and she implores Kevin to finish her portrait before she leaves town in 6 weeks. Kevin and Ian learn that Amy's photo matches that of a ""Jane Doe"" who died a year ago.
S10E37 02.21.02 - Thursday: Secrets 21/02/2002 Kevin and Ian obtain proof Amy died and vow to uncover the truth about Amy and Paige. Amy has difficulty being human again, but Paige encourages her to fall in love with Ian, since Paige's going after Kevin. Paige gets suspicious when Kevin tests her about their past, then mistakenly believes he has feelings for her. After questioning Amy proves futile, Ian has her fingerprints analyzed and discovers she has no human prints. Lucy learns Rafe and Alison are a couple and they explain their love affair to her. She advises them to be cautious, however, Ali, throwing caution to the wind, asks Rafe to give her a baby.
S10E38 02.22.02 - Friday: Secrets 22/02/2002 Alison explains why she wants Rafe's baby. Although he's hesitant, she asks him to think about it. Paige kisses Kevin, thinking he loves her, but he sets her straight. Lucy interrupts and Kevin explains he was trying to discover Paige's secret. After Ricky tells Casey it's cool she's a virgin, she asks him to make love to her. Ian takes Amy to the alley where she was murdered and asks her who she really is. Upset, Amy almost admits the truth. In a flash of light, Amy vanishes; Paige disappears while reading to Christina; Casey disappears before making love to Ricky; and Rafe vanishes from Ali's arms.
S10E39 02.25.02 - Monday: Secrets 25/02/2002 Ed recalls Rafe, Casey, Paige and Amy to Heaven and berates them for their mistakes. When the women talk back to Ed, he sends them to Hell to teach them a lesson, then sends all the angels back to Earth to finish their journeys, wihthout saying who'll fill the 5th chair. Concerned about Rafe's disappearance, Alison accuses Livvie of revealing that Rafe's an angel. Livvie denies it, but admits she's glad Rafe's gone because he wasn't real. Ali's relieved when Rafe returns to her. Kevin and Ian compare notes on a missing Amy and Paige until the women return with Ed, who promises to reveal tell the truth about them.
S10E40 02.26.02 - Tuesday: Secrets 26/02/2002 A recovering Gabriela agrees to go away with Joe. Gaby asks Ricky and Jamal to get along, for her sake, after she's gone. Casey returns to Ricky, who tells her to get lost. She hits on Jamal, but when he rejects her, she angrily admits she tampered with his bike. Ed tells Kevin and Ian their snooping into Paige and Amy's lives is dangerous to the women, making them think the women are in a witness protection program. Kevin tells Paige she can't stay with him anymore, but he promises to finish her portrait. Chris stirs up Eve's suspicions about Amy and Ian and, when they arrive together, she demands to speak with them.
S10E41 02.27.02 - Wednesday: Secrets 27/02/2002 Ricky denies to Jamal he cares for Casey, but he asks Jamal to leave Casey alone even thought she tried killing him. Some men ask them to play craps and Ricky plans to cheat. Alison inquires about Rafe's mysterious absence. He can't tell her but does say they can't have a baby together. Casey arrives to talk to Rafe, upset Ricky might fill the 5th chair. Ali overhears and realizes someone will die. Eve accuses Ian of sleeping with Amy. Ian denies this, but she doesn't believe him and vows to find out what Amy's hiding. Amy confronts Eve on the roof where they argue, then shove each other and both fall over the railing.
S10E42 02.28.02 - Thursday: Secrets 28/02/2002 Alison asks Rafe who'll die. He doesn't know but gets upset when she suggests it's her. Lucy's upset when she overhears Paige tell Christina she loves her like her own daughter. Ian pulls Eve up from the roof. Amy falls over but miraculously has no serious injuries. Eve thinks Ian suspects she pushed Amy. Ed visits the dreams of his 4 angels where a virgin Casey marries Ricky, Rafe has a real life with Ali, Paige becomes a family with Kevin & Christina and Amy gets her sight back and Ian loves her. Ed vows to uncover the identity of the ""dark angel"", who has a sinister plan to fill the 5th chair.
S10E43 03.01.02 - Friday: Secrets 01/03/2002 Christina pleads with Paige not to go to a hotel. Paige tells Christina she'll still be around, but a sick Christina loses consciousness after Paige leaves. Amy tells Eve she fell for Ian and tried seducing him but he remained faithful to Eve. Ian interrupts and asks Eve to fight for their marriage. Amy tells her father she misses him and wants to make him proud. After Alison finds an old candle, she tells Rafe about her childhood talks with her great-great-grandmother Rebecca's portrait. Casey arrives to seek advice from Rafe about Ricky. As they go outside to talk, Ali falls asleep while the gas leaks.
S10E44 03.04.02 - Monday: Secrets 04/03/2002 Rafe gives Casey advice about Ricky. She fears Ricky might be the 5th chair, then accuses Rafe of wanting Alison to die. Rafe finds Ali unconscious and calls an ambulance. Frank treats Ali, who dreams of Rafe. Frank realizes Ali doesn't want to wake up. Casey tells Ricky she likes him and wants to start over. The men Jamal and Ricky conned return and want to win their money back. Casey inadvertently clues them that Ricky cheated. At the hospital, Karen treats an ill Christina as Lucy and Kevin panic when she loses her hearing. Asking if she's going to Heaven, Christina reaches out to Kevin for the first time.
S10E45 03.05.02 - Tuesday: Secrets 05/03/2002 Jack rescues Jamal and Ricky from the thugs they conned, but Jamal resents his interference. Rafe pleads with Alison to wake up, which she does after he kisses her. Ian tells Kevin and Lucy that Christina has an exotic illness. Upset, Lucy blames Paige, even though Kevin says she's in a witness protection program. Amy accuses Paige of wanting Christina to fill the 5th chair, which Paige denies. Casey joins their argument and Ed wonders which one's the dark angel. Amy comforts a distraught Ian, while Kevin overhears Paige tell Christina to not be afraid to let go because she'll be with her every step of the way.
S10E46 03.06.02 - Wednesday: Secrets 06/03/2002 After Eve tells Chris about her problems with Amy, he asks Jack to blow up his picture of Amy. Before leaving town with Joe, Gabriela asks Ricky to look after a troubled Jamal. Kevin demands an explanation from Paige about what she told Christina, but she accuses him of twisting her words. Kevin demands the truth about Paige, but when she can't tell him, he asks her to leave his family alone. Christina's illness triggers painful memories in Ian, who tells Amy how Harris caused the death of sick children. Amy breakdowns and Eve watches Ian comfort her. Eve sadly tells Ian their marriage isn't working.
S10E47 03.07.02 - Thursday: Secrets 07/03/2002 Livvie tells Alison about Jamal's destructive streak and asks her to help him. Casey apologizes to Jamal, who lashes out at her. Ali reaffirms her commitment to Rafe, then visits Jamal. Eve tells Ian she's filing for divorce. He asks her not to give up too soon, then takes her to Harris's lair to remind her where they fell in love. Kevin and Lucy are relieved when a hospitalized Christina regains consciousness. Kevin tells Lucy that Paige is out of their lives for good. At home, Kevin finds his investigator's report on Paige's death and reads it. When Kevin realizes who Paige really is, he takes off after her.
S10E48 03.08.02 - Friday: Secrets 08/03/2002 In Harris's lair, Ian asks Eve to remember their love. Although she's unsure, Ian professes his love and says they'll make it. Rafe asks the other angels who they think will be the 5th chair. They accuse him of wanting it to be Alison, but he suspects they know who'll die. Ali gets through to Jamal by telling him she still loves him. He asks for another chance, but she gently turns him down. The guy Jamal conned, JD, beats him up as Casey watches. Kevin tells Paige he's convinced she's an angel. Amy remembers her promise to her father- Harris- to avenge his death, then vows Ian will die and fill the 5th chair.
S10E49 03.11.02 - Monday: Secrets 11/03/2002 Pressed by Kevin, Paige admits she's an angel and says she came back to have her portrait taken and also for Kevin, whom she never got over. Kevin literaly sees Paige in a new light. Casey and Ricky jump in when JD beats Jamal and JD takes off. Ricky goes after him, but Casey and Jamal find him badly injured. Ed confronts Amy, the dark angel, about her plan to kill Ian. She insists she's going to do it, but Ed realizes Amy's in love with Ian. Being honest with each other, Eve unleashes her anger on Ian, who admits he was attracted to Amy. They realize they still love each other and begin to make love.
S10E50 03.12.02 - Tuesday: Secrets 12/03/2002 After Lucy catches Kevin and Paige together, Paige admits to Lucy she's an angel. Although Lucy wants Paige to leave, Kevin insists he will finish Paige's portrait. Ricky doesn't want Jamal or Casey to get help for his injured face because he fears he'll be sent back to jail. They take him to the Scanlon house, but Jamal secretly seeks help from Frank. When Frank and Jamal return, Casey lies that Ricky's gone, however, Frank says Ricky could die if he doesn't get medical attention. Worried about the 5th chair, Rafe goes to Heaven with Alison. They find the book of records and discover that Alison will fill the 5th chair.
S10E51 03.13.02 - Wednesday: Secrets 13/03/2002 Eve tells Karen she and Ian have happily reunited, thanks in part to Amy. Amy tries to convince herself she doesn't love Ian and needs to carry out her plot to kill him. However, when he tells her that he was honest with Eve about his attraction to her, she misunderstands that he loves her and realizes she can't go through with her deadly mission. Rafe realizes he only dreamed Alison would fill the 5th chair, then wonders if it could be true. Ali realizes he fears she's the 5th chair, but tells him to focus on the time they have left instead. Ed learns the identity of the 5th chair, someone young and vital.
S10E52 03.14.02 - Thursday: Secrets 14/03/2002 Using her tarot cards, Lucy helps Paige uncover the reason she was sent back to Earth. They learn her journey involves a ""young girl"" and ""family"" in Port Charles. After Ricky develops a fever and passes out, Casey seeks out Frank and a bitter Jamal, who take him to the hospital. Casey prays Ricky won't fill the 5th chair. Alison and Rafe go to the barn and meet two young runaway friends, who don't want to be separated. A sympathetic Rafe and Alison offer sage advice, knowing they're in the same situation. Rafe carves his and Ali's names on a post in the barn and then Ali asks Rafe to marry her.
S10E53 03.15.02 - Friday: Secrets 15/03/2002 At the hospital, Ricky accuses Casey of betraying him. Eve and Karen treat his infection, however, he refuses plastic surgery and then is horrified to see his scarred face for the first time. After Alison proposes, Rafe arranges a make-shift wedding and the two exchange vows and marry each other in the eyes of God. Under the mistaken impression he loves her, Amy meets Ian and is upset to learn he's reconciled with Eve. Amy meets with her late father and promises him Ian will pay. Jack shows Chris an enlarged pic of Amy, which reveals her father Harris. With new info on Amy, Chris gives the photo to Eve in an evelope.
S10E54 03.18.02 - Monday: Secrets 18/03/2002 After Kevin finishes Paige's portrait, Lucy insists they all go to Paige's London home, where they'll hang the picture and look for clues about Paige's family connection to Port Charles. Rafe and Alison bask in their happiness as unofficial husband and wife. After Ali tells him about her absent parents, Rafe makes a mysterious phone call. Still hurt over Ian, Amy promises Harris that Ian will die on Harris's birthday. Eve doesn't want to see Chris's pic of Amy so he discreetly puts in her purse, then taunts Amy about it. After planning a vacation together, Ian and Eve return to their loft, where Amy hides in the dark.
S10E55 03.19.02 - Tuesday: Secrets 19/03/2002 Jack confronts Jamal about his destructive behavior and they trade blows. Jack finally makes Jamal realize he's not responsible for Valerie's death and Jamal lets out his pent-up grief. Casey tries comforting Ricky, who's upset over his scarred face. She tells him she loves him, but when he learns she'll soon be leaving town, he thinks she pities him and rejects her. While Ian and Eve are distracted by a loss of power in their loft, Amy retrieves Chris's photo from Eve's purse and leaves undetected. However, Eve realizes someone was there. A calculating Amy then phones in a deadly order for Ian.
S10E56 03.20.02 - Wednesday: Secrets 20/03/2002 Jamal apologizes to Alison for treating her badly before ending their relationship. Casey tells Rafe how Ricky hurt her and he tells her to make the most of the time she has left. Rafe has a surprise for Ali. Livvie tells Jack she doesn't approve of Ali and Rafe's relationship as Rafe's leaving town soon and Ali will be hurt. Chris visits Eve and learns of the break-in in her loft, then suspects Amy when he realizes the picture he put in Eve's purse is missing. Ian unknowingly helps Amy shred the picture, then fears the intruder was after Amy, who bids him goodbye. Eve and Chris confront Amy about the break-in.
S10E57 3.21.02 - Thursday: Secrets 21/03/2002 Rafe's surprise for Alison is a bust when her folks don't show up for dinner, but Ali wants to focus on her time with Rafe. Paige is reluctant to leave behind her life in Port Charles and return to London, but Kevin makes her see she needs to complete her journey. After Eve demands an explanation, Amy admits breaking into Ian and Eve's loft to retrieve Chris's pic because she's in the witness protection program. Ian, Eve and Chris buy her story, but Ian gets suspicious when he sees the late Ed's pic in a travel brochure. The angels are warned their time on Earth is almost over and Amy vows Ian's time is nearly over too.
S10E58 03.22.02 - Friday: Secrets 22/03/2002 Realizing Ed died years ago, Ian talks to Victor, whose insight raises doubts about Amy's story about being in the witness protection program. As an invisible Amy showers, Ian goes to confront her and is stunned when she re-emerges in front of his eyes. In London, Lucy, Kevin and Paige hang Paige's portrait in her family home. Reading Paige's family scroll, Lucy realizes a relative's portrait is missing, then shows Kevin a name which connects Paige to Port Charles. Alison takes Rafe to ""meet"" her great-great-great-grandmother Rebecca (or rather her portrait). Rafe's stunned to see Rebecca looks exactly like Paige!
S10E59 03.25.02 - Monday: Secrets 25/03/2002 In London, Kevin and Lucy make a family connection between Paige and Alison and Paige decides she wants to meet Ali before leaving Earth. After seeing Rebecca's portrait, which looks like Paige, Rafe fears Paige wants to take Ali back with them to fill the 5th chair. Frightened, Rafe asks Ali to runaway with him. After Ian sees an invisible Amy appear in front of him, she knocks him out and runs away. Ian catches up with her and demands an explanation. She explains she died and is an angel who was given a 2nd chance at life. Amy also says she loves him and asks him to stay with her during her final 3 days on Earth.
S10E60 03.26.02 - Tuesday: Secrets 26/03/2002 Jack and Livvie ask Jamal to return to the bike shop, but he refuses. Alone, Jamal is cornered by J.D.'s gang, who beats him up. Casey tells Ricky she loves him and reveals her ""real"" self to him. Ricky tells Casey she's beautiful and they begin to make love. Amy asks Ian to make love to her, but he won't betray Eve. She asks him to consider a dying woman's last wish and will wait for his call. Amy dreams Ian comes to her room, then she poisons him. Ian returns to Eve and calls Amy to say that although he won't meet her, she can call if she needs him. Amy's convinced Ian will come to her and she'll have her revenge.
S10E61 03.27.02 - Wednesday: Secrets 27/03/2002 After a night of lovemaking, Casey tells Ricky she's an angel and will soon return to Heaven. Ricky doesn't believe her but does say he loves her. Jamal wakes up with his arms and legs tied, but is able to call Ricky, who comes after him, unaware J.D.'s waiting for him. Jack and Livvie worry about a missing Jamal. Paige, Kevin and Lucy look for Alison and Livvie directs them to the barn. Lucy, suspicious of Paige's motives, uses her tarot cards, which reveal the ""Death"" card. In the barn, Rafe panics that Paige will come for Ali. Rafe and Ali pledge their eternal love. Paige arrives and comes face-to-face with Rafe.
S10E62 03.28.02 - Thursday: Secrets 28/03/2002 When Paige shows up, Rafe fears she wants to put Alison in the 5th chair and doesn't let Paige see Alison. Paige pleads her case, saying she and Ali are related, but Rafe gives her the slip and runs away with Ali, who demands to know why they're running. Ricky goes to the warehouse to rescue Jamal, but falls into J.D.'s trap, who ties them both up and sets the place on fire. Realizing where Ricky went, Casey shows up but can't save them because the door's locked. Before leaving on vacation with Eve, Ian gets a call from Amy, who says she's too scared to face death alone. Without telling Eve, Ian goes to Amy's hotel room.
S10E63 03.29.02 - Friday: Secrets [Finale] 29/03/2002 Paige says goodbye to Lucy, Christina & Kevin, who thanks her for helping them become a family. Rafe tells Alison he fears Paige's after her. He pledges his eternal love, then vanishes. Using her key, Casey rescues Ricky and Jamal from the fire, then tells Ricky she's found love. After she vanishes, Ricky's face is completely healed. Amy tries poisoning Ian but can't go through with it when he says he loves her. Amy reveals her true identity but Ian says she's a good person. Amy gets her sight back, then vanishes. Paige rescues Ali from the path of an oncoming train. The angels return to Heaven, where Ed welcomes the 5th chair- Eve!
S11E01 04.01.02 - Monday: Superstition [Premiere] 01/04/2002 Staring at the portrait of her ancestor, a confused Alison wonders how Rebecca miraculously appeared just in time to save her from the onrushing train. As her thoughts turn to Rafe, Alison weeps to think she'll never see her beloved angel again. Ian returns to the hospital to pick up Eve and finds the staff in tears. As Frank consoles Lucy, Kevin gently breaks some terrible news to Ian. Meanwhile, up in heaven, Eve takes a seat in the fifth chair and tells the others how a car accident sent her careening off the road. Afterwards, Amy explains to a grateful Eve why she chose in the end to spare Ian's life. Left alone with his wife's body, Ian finally breaks down. Out in the waiting room, Lucy cries to think of Danny losing his mother at such a tender age. As a beaming Amy reveals that she's regained her sight, Casey happily confides how she found love the second time around and Rafe thanks Paige for saving Alison's life. Up in the Barringtons' attic, Alison unwraps the special candles R
S11E02 04.02.02 - Tuesday: Superstition 02/04/2002 Though Kevin assures her he's fine, Lucy urges her husband to start dealing with his grief and anger before they get the best of him. Jack drops by the staff lounge to check on his brother and finds Chris drowning his sorrows in a beaker of martinis. Meanwhile, Ian tries to console Danny as the infant cries for his missing mother. Kevin icily advises Lucy to drop the subject when she again presses him to express his feelings. Alison is amazed to discover that Rebecca's love candle refuses to be extinguished. After Livvie brings news of Eve's tragic death, Alison realizes the fifth chair has been filled at last. Kevin and Lucy come to the loft to lend moral support to a grieving Ian. Chris recalls for Jack the happy times he spent with Eve during better days. Though Lucy reminds him that Eve isn't truly gone, Ian sadly insists that he won't be comforted until his wife is back in his arms. Amanda warns Alison that Rebecca was a witch who cast spells on everyone she touched. Kevin finally
S11E03 04.03.02 - Wednesday: Superstition 03/04/2002 Victor suggests to Lucy that the hospital's annual charity auction be dedicated to Eve's memory. Explaining how Amanda just donated boxes of stuff for the charity event, Victor and his band of helpers begin filling the lighthouse as a sputtering Lucy looks on. Meanwhile, Alison presses her grandmother to reveal how she disposed of Rebecca's belongings. Livvie shows Jack the unusual candle made by Alison's ancestor. Ricky bristles when Jamal makes a disparaging remark about Casey. Alison confides to Jack and Livvie why it's so important for her to find Rebecca's portrait again. Victor and Mary discover that one of Rebecca's candles has an exhilarating effect on their sex life. Reminding her friends how close they all came to disaster with Caleb, Livvie balks at helping Alison locate the Barrington witch.
S11E04 04.04.02 - Thursday: Superstition 04/04/2002 As Scott and Serena arrive at the lighthouse, Lucy quietly reminds Kevin why they know Eve is with the angels now. Livvie snarls at Jack for helping Alison search for her great-great-grandmother's belongings. Ian dresses baby Danny for his mother's funeral but admits to Lucy he's not sure he himself is prepared for the coming ordeal. Later, as the mourners gather for a sunset service, Karen begins with her own favorite memories of her friend but quickly breaks down in tears. Ian thanks all assembled for coming to honor his late wife, then sadly eulogizes Eve by recalling how special she seemed to everyone she met. Afterwards, Kevin comes forward and describes how grateful he is for the time he had with Eve. Fighting back tears, Chris also shares anecdotes about the person he considered his very best friend. After each mourner lights a candle in memory of the woman they all loved, Ian asks everyone to help him teach Danny about the mother he'll never know. Returning to the loft with his
S11E05 04.05.02 - Friday: Superstition 05/04/2002 As Ricky tries to resign himself to the fact that he will never see Casey again, Karen and Frank happen by and are amazed to see that the young man's scar has completely vanished. Rattled to discover the word ""Trouble"" printed on the bottom of one of Rebecca's candles, Livvie decides to enlist some help from Jamal. Meanwhile, Alison and Jack find Rebecca's belongings stacked in the barn. After Jack recognizes the portrait as a likeness of Paige, Alison realizes that the woman who saved her life was not Rebecca after all. Livvie explains to Jamal how obsessed Alison has become with her creepy ancestor. Later, while researching the history of the Barrington clan, Livvie notes Paige's startling resemblance to Rebecca and wonders if her father's old flame is also a witch. As he sifts through Rebecca's things, Jack unearths an antique camera and playfully snaps Alison's picture. Ricky is perplexed by another sighting of Casey outside the Recovery Room. Jamal and Livvie learn that Rebecca wa
S11E06 04.08.02 - Monday: Superstition 08/04/2002 Jamal and Livvie conduct further research on Rebecca Barrington and unearth creepy details of the alleged witch's crimes. After Ian rejects her offer of a nanny to help care for Danny, Lucy comes to the loft herself to lend a hand. Jack develops the film from the antique camera and is stunned to see that the picture he snapped of Alison includes another shadowy figure. In the barn, a beaming Rebecca steps from her portrait and greets her astounded great-great-great-grandchild. Livvie and Jamal discuss the possibility that the curse Rebecca placed on Port Charles has finally come to pass. Later, Jack arrives to show his friends the photo but is surprised to see that Rebecca's image has vanished just as mysteriously as it first appeared. Thrilled to realize that her favorite childhood ""friend"" is back in her life, Alison asks Rebecca why the family has ostracized her all these years. Explaining how her powerful candles brought suspicion of black magic down on her, Rebecca assures Alison
S11E07 04.09.02 - Tuesday: Superstition 09/04/2002 Ricky drowns his sorrows late into the night at the nearly deserted Recovery Room. An inebriated Chris wanders in and offers his fellow bar fly his take on the problem with the opposite sex. Certain that Rebecca's candles are nothing but trouble, Livvie places hers on the fire to be consumed. Jamal arrives at the barn and is puzzled to find Alison conversing with a portrait of her ancestor. Ricky confides to Chris how he has a sighting of his late girlfriend every time he lights a particular candle. Later, Chris stumbles over the ""Lust"" candle behind Victor's bar and strikes a match. Jamal urges an irked Alison to deal with the fact that Rafe dropped her like a bad habit. A policewoman enters the Recovery Room and quickly falls under the spell of the Lust candle, much to Chris' surprise. Livvie reminds Jack why they must both stay far away from any part of Rebecca's evil legacy. Jamal admits to Alison that he does want her back. The lady cop comes on strong with Chris, but her late arr
S11E08 04.10.02 - Wednesday: Superstition 10/04/2002 An awkward moment at the Recovery Room grows even more awkward for Chris, Mary and Victor. Kevin drops by the loft with groceries and baby food and finds a depressed Ian watching home videos of his late wife. In the barn, Rebecca urges her descendant to light the candle marked ""Love"" if she wants to see Rafe again. When Alison presses her for the truth, Rebecca admits that she was indeed hanged for murder but insists she committed no such crime. Though Ian gruffly orders him to go away, Kevin refuses to comply. Lucy manages to mollify the policewoman's partner, then watches in confusion as Victor and Mary search frantically for their special candle. Kevin gently reminds a weeping Ian that he could not have prevented Eve's untimely death. Chris tells Lucy about Ricky's apparent affinity for another one of the mysterious candles. Kevin urges Ian to move himself and baby Danny into the lighthouse for a while.
S11E09 04.11.02 - Thursday: Superstition 11/04/2002 Late at night in the Scanlon house, Karen mistakes Ricky for an intruder and conks him over the head with a frying pan. Jack returns to the darkroom to try and locate the photographic image of Rebecca he saw earlier. Upon entering the barn, Lucy is instantly struck by the close resemblance Paige bears to the portrait of Rebecca. Ricky apologizes for scaring Karen, then explains that he only stopped by to pick up the belongings Casey left behind. Lucy tells Allison how Rebecca's candles seem to be having a strange effect on the citizens of Port Charles. Later, Alison lights one of her ancestor's creations for Lucy, who feels suddenly enveloped in warm, healing energy. Ricky describes for Karen how wonderfully exciting his relationship with Casey was during the short time they had together. Lucy suggests to Alison that she convert the barn into a business space and open up a candle shop. Meanwhile, Livvie awakens gasping from a frightening nightmare about her friend.
S11E10 04.12.02 - Friday: Superstition 12/04/2002 Frank demands some answers after finding Karen and Ricky in the midst of a heart-to-heart talk about love and loss. Inside his darkroom, Jack manages to produce a second photographic image of the late Rebecca Barrington. Staring into the fireplace, Livvie sees Alison crying for help and reaches out to her friend, only to quickly draw back her singed fingers with a yelp of pain. Alison awakens in the barn and is thrilled to see a smiling Rafe leaning over her. Livvie tearfully relates for Jack how her terrifying nightmare seemed to turn into reality right before her eyes. Karen tries to get cozy with Frank but one of Rebecca's candles soon has a chilling effect on the romantic moment. Jack suggests to Livvie that the old camera may hold the key to the mystery swirling around Alison. A dejected Alison discovers that her wonderful encounter with Rafe was nothing but a dream. Later, however, Alison finds a pink rose lying near the ""Love"" candle. As Karen looks on in shock, Frank suddenly s
S11E11 04.15.02 - Monday: Superstition 15/04/2002 Kevin explains to Lucy why he invited Ian and his infant son to stay with them at the lighthouse. Gasping for breath, Frank tells Karen he has no idea why he said such horrible things to her just before his collapse. As Rebecca once again emerges from her portrait, an excited Alison tells her ancestor about her beautiful reunion with Rafe. Lucy describes for a skeptical Kevin her theory about how Rebecca's candles have been working their magic on people all over town. Later, Lucy informs her husband that she's decided to finance Alison's candle shop as a way of giving everyone the opportunity to experience the power of Rebecca's creations. Ian arrives and reveals that he and his boy are going to Ireland. Ricky urges Karen to get away from Frank before he freaks out again. Although grateful for Ricky's concern, Karen sends him away with assurances that her boyfriend's bad behavior won't be repeated. Rebecca asks Alison to continue her life's work so she can finally rest in peace. Unable
S11E12 04.16.02 - Tuesday: Superstition 16/04/2002 Ricky drops by GH to check on Karen, who continues to make nervous excuses for Frank's reprehensible behavior. Meanwhile, a worried Frank comes to Kevin for help. Using Rebecca's secret formula and the book of incantations, Alison begins making candles the old-fashioned way. Ricky urges Karen to give him a call any time she needs some help. Frank explains to Kevin how he became strangely violent and abusive with the woman he loves for no apparent reason. Alison tells Jack she believes her hounded and persecuted ancestor was innocent of any wrongdoing. With her friend out of the way for a while, Livvie slips into the barn and quickly gathers up all of Rebecca's belongings. Frank promises Karen that he'll do whatever is necessary to make up for his earlier outburst. Mulling over his session with Frank, Kevin wonders if an offhand remark about a candle could be tied to the odd experiences Lucy related about other residents of Port Charles. Alison is horrified to find Livvie burning Rebecc
S11E13 04.17.02 - Wednesday: Superstition 17/04/2002 Chris gets teased at the hospital about his close encounter with the policewoman but feels sure he'll never see Doree again. Kevin cautions Lucy that Rebecca's candles may not be as harmless as she thinks. Staring in shock as her ancestor's belongings go up in flames, Alison demands to know how Livvie could be so cruel. Up in heaven, Ed takes Rafe to task for leaving Alison a pink rose and giving her false hopes about seeing him again. Doree surprises Chris in the hospital elevator and quickly makes it clear what she desires from him. Close to hysterics, Livvie accuses Alison of practicing black magic. When Jack tries to calm her down, Livvie turns her fury on her lover as well. Ed warns Rafe that all hell will break loose if he breaks yet another rule. Chris and Doree make love in the stalled elevator. Livvie explains to her father why she torched the evil candles along with Rebecca's potions and incantations. Meanwhile, at the barn, Rebecca consoles a grieving Alison.
S11E14 04.18.02 - Thursday: Superstition 18/04/2002 Frank asks Karen to marry him and after she agrees, he's affected by a lit candle and becomes vicious with his derogatory remarks about her checkered past. Livvie is surprised when Kevin admits that he doesn't think she's losing her mind about Alison and her candles. However, Kevin does convince his daughter to apologize to Alison for destroying everything in the barn. Lucy stops by the barn to see Alison and finds she has opened her candle shop in spite of Livvie's arson efforts. Lucy asks Alison how she managed to get everything together after Livvie tried to torch the place. Covering for the ""effort"" by Rebecca, Alison claims that Livvie wasn't being completely honest. When Kevin and Livvie stop by, Livvie becomes frantic to see all the candles are back and the place open for business. As she rants and raves about Alison's secret magic, the customers begin to panic as do Kevin and Lucy. Kevin confronts Lucy about her promise to stay out of the candle business. Lucy claims she's just
S11E15 04.19.02 - Friday: Superstition 19/04/2002 A grumbling Rafe reports for work as a conscience angel but frets about the way Alison's life is falling apart back on earth. At the candle shop, Jack and Jamal inform a fuming Alison that they've come to take her away for her own good. Cursing Karen for being a tramp, Frank advances on his terrified girlfriend. Rafe bitterly accuses Ed of forgetting how it feels to be in love. When Alison refuses to leave, Jamal picks her up and bodily removes her. Jack stays behind to photograph the interior of the entire shop with the antique camera. As the candle goes out, Frank returns to his senses and is horrified to find Karen cowering in a corner. After Frank races away, a weeping Karen calls Ricky for help. Alison uses a ""Deep Sleep"" candle to elude Jamal. Rafe encounters a face from the past when James reappears.
S11E16 04.22.02 - Monday: Superstition 22/04/2002 A distraught Frank comes to the lighthouse seeking help from Kevin. Meanwhile, Ricky reassures Karen as she shakily recounts her latest encounter with her volatile boyfriend. Suggesting to Rafe that he's been unfairly treated by his heavenly masters, James offers the angel a lifetime with his lady love if he chooses to switch sides. Karen explains to a startled Ricky how she became a pill-popping stripper after being sexually molested as a child. Frank relates for Kevin how he suddenly saw the woman he loves as a cheap slut just as he popped the question. While an eavesdropping Livvie perks up her ears, Kevin questions his puzzled patient about the candle he lit to set the mood for his proposal. James shows Rafe the enchanting future he could have with Alison once he signs on with a new ""boss"". An unwitting Ricky brings Karen the candle from the Scanlon house to give her comfort. Rafe informs a sneering James that he cannot accept his offer.
S11E17 04.23.02 - Tuesday: Superstition 23/04/2002 Gail comes to the lighthouse with questions for Livvie about the ""witchcraft"" she's witnessed. At the barn, Kevin cautions Alison that her candles are much more potent than she knows. Karen pulls a startled Ricky into a kiss as he leans over the couch to check on his sleeping guest. Kevin asks Alison to close down her shop until he can have the candles analyzed. Recalling how her ancestor was persecuted and killed, Alison wonders if she is destined to suffer the same fate. Livvie angrily accuses Gail and Lucy of trying to trick her into admitting that she's as crazy as her mother. Realizing that Karen has mistaken him for Frank, Ricky pulls back from her embrace. Frank arrives and launches into an explanation for his bizarre behavior but quickly falls under the spell of the lit candle once again. Alison agrees to let Kevin test her inventory to prove that Rebecca's recipes are harmless. Ricky bodily ejects Frank from his apartment, then reminds a heartbroken Karen that she's better off
S11E18 04.24.02 - Wednesday: Superstition 24/04/2002 Kneeling before her ancestor's portrait, Alison begs Rebecca to return and show her the right path to travel. Rafe returns to duty as a conscience angel but can't stop thinking about James' offer to provide him with a lifetime of happiness next to the woman he loves. A groggy Jamal tells Jack he believes Alison drugged him the night before. Livvie secretly dopes the candles with a psycho-tropic drug to ""prove"" that Alison's merchandise is dangerous. Later, Jack arrives and apologizes to Livvie for calling her crazy, then explains how he's been using the antique camera to delve further into a supernatural mystery. Alison lets it slip to Jamal that she's been conversing with her deceased great-great-grandmother. After Jamal departs, Rebecca finally emerges again and urges Alison to use her gift instead of letting other people's doubts and fears get in the way. Jack lights the ""Warmth"" candle--- with disastrous results.
S11E19 04.25.02 - Thursday: Superstition 25/04/2002 Karen asks a puzzled Colleen if she's noticed any patients arriving with allergic reactions to candles. At the Recovery Room, Frank mentally reviews the night he popped the question and wonders again what went so terribly wrong between him and Karen. Meanwhile, Ricky decides to conduct his own experiment. Certain Rebecca's candles are harmless, Alison reopens the Pink Rose and begins selling her wares once more. Lucy and Kevin return home and find Jack hallucinating wildly as an anguished Livvie helplessly wrings her hands. Ricky secretly tests Frank's reaction to a certain candle. At the ER, Chris examines his agitated brother while Karen is alarmed to hear Kevin's explanation for Jack's strange ""episode."" Livvie begins to confess to her father but elects not to reveal her crime. Later, the hospital lab alerts Kevin to the presence of a psychotropic drug in the candle Jack lit. Karen finds a wild-eyed Frank holding a knife to Ricky's throat. Dory brings Chris a gift. Jack demands some
S11E20 04.26.02 - Friday: Superstition 26/04/2002 Rafe tries to focus on his work but inevitably finds his thoughts drifting back to James' offer and the promise of lifelong happiness with Alison. Kevin sustains an injury to his wrist during a freak accident in the candle shop. Jack bitterly informs Livvie she went too far when she doctored Alison's candle to ""prove"" it was evil. When Lucy confronts her, however, Livvie adamantly denies Jack's accusations and claims that her boyfriend's hallucinations are due solely to Alison's witchcraft. Rebecca assures her unhappy descendant that this time around the ""good"" people of Port Charles will not win. Out of Lucy's earshot, Jack asks Livvie how she could stoop so low to lie to people she supposedly loves. Kevin orders Alison to either shut down her shop or watch her inventory destroyed. James gleefully informs Rafe that Ed is his father. Lucy places an urgent call to Ian in Ireland. Rebecca shows herself to an astonished Kevin.
S11E21 04.29.02 - Monday: Superstition 29/04/2002 Frank comes to the hospital looking for Kevin and is immediately corralled by two male nurses acting on Karen's orders. Though Rafe accuses him of lying to obtain another soul, James persists with his claim that Ed is the young man's father. Livvie confesses her crime to Rachel during a visit to her institutionalized mother. As Rebecca lights her candle, Kevin suddenly fades away into thin air. Later, Lucy comes by in search of her husband but finds only his briefcase and his car. Rafe begins to wonder if James' story about Ed could be true. Livvie tearfully explains to Rachel how everyone has been questioning her sanity just because she's trying to save the world from the forces of evil. Alison tells Lucy how Kevin disappeared while she was packing up candles in the back room. After having Frank restrained in a padded room on the psych ward, Karen sadly informs her boyfriend why his story about an ""allergic"" reaction to a candle doesn't ring true. Ed finally admits to Rafe how he fell
S11E22 04.30.02 - Tuesday: Superstition 30/04/2002 Chris finds a naked Doree swinging from the ceiling lamp in the hospital's staff lounge. Rachel tells an amazed Livvie she's been faking her catatonic state for months to escape a punishment she never deserved. At the Pink Rose, Alison explains to Lucy that the blood on her apron came from a minor cut Kevin sustained just before he vanished. Reminding Livvie how similar they are, Rachel urges her daughter to do whatever she must to prove that Alison has been practicing witchcraft. Later, Livvie awakens in her mother's hospital room and realizes she only dreamed that Rachel spoke to her. After a distraught Lucy calls in the police, Mac harshly questions Alison about his friend's mysterious disappearance. Although thrilled by Doree's insatiable appetite for sex, Chris is secretly relieved when a police emergency finally calls his lover away. Jack has to restrain an enraged Livvie to keep her from attacking Alison as she accuses her former friend of murder. Later, Mac takes Alison down to
S11E23 05.01.02 - Wednesday: Superstition 01/05/2002 Ricky assures Karen she did the right thing having Frank put under observation in the psych ward for 72 hours. At the precinct house, Jamal asks a startled Alison if Rebecca instructed her to kill Kevin. Karen explains to Ricky how her boyfriend has been envisioning them in bed together during his hallucinations. Later, Ricky cheers up his new friend with an impromptu salsa lesson on a makeshift dance floor. Lucy takes Ian to the Pink Rose to search for clues to Kevin's disappearance. Gazing at the portrait of Rebecca, Lucy wonders why the painting seems to have changed. Although Jack reminds her that Alison could never have overpowered Kevin, Livvie shrilly insists that the candles' evil power helped their creator subdue her victim. With no corpse and no hard evidence, Mac reluctantly releases Alison. Later, Jamal asks Alison to let him speak with Rebecca. Livvie finds her father's bloodstained sweater in the woods.
S11E24 05.02.02 - Thursday: Superstition 02/05/2002 At the precinct house, Mac glumly admits to Ian that he fears his best friend may have been murdered. Meanwhile, Livvie vows to make Alison pay for her crimes. Inside the Pink Rose, Jamal asks Alison to call Rebecca out of the painting so he can speak to her personally. Up in heaven, James offers Rafe another chance to get close to the woman he loves, if only for one fleeting moment. Though Rebecca fails to respond to her pleas, Alison begs Jamal to believe she's been telling the truth. After Jamal departs, Rebecca emerges from her portrait and hands Alison a new candle which bears no label. James tempts Rafe with a video retrospective of recent events in Pine Valley. Reminding Rafe how lost Alison is without him, James urges the angel to go to her rescue before it's too late. Livvie plants her father's blood-soaked sweater in the trunk of Alison's car. After throwing away the candle, an angry Jamal warns Alison that she's talking like a crazy person and only making herself look even m
S11E25 05.03.02 - Friday: Superstition 03/05/2002 As his officers begin a search for their prime suspect, Mac phones Ian to confirm that the blood on the sweater found in Alison's car was Kevin's. Meanwhile, Alison tells a skeptical Jack how her great-great-great-grandmother is the one person in the world who can clear her name. Crossing over the threshold to the dark side, an anguished Rafe falls to his knees to beg James for more information on how Alison is faring. When the angel balks at surrendering his soul, however, James makes the chilling suggestion that the woman Rafe loves is already well on her way to becoming a bonafide member of the forces of evil. Livvie snarls at Jack when she finds him consoling Alison. Later, Jamal arrives to warn his former girlfriend that the police are hot on her trail. After coaxing Serena to take Christina out of the room, Ian reluctantly breaks some bad news to Lucy. Jamal tries to help Alison flee but they're quickly collared by the cops as a smirking Livvie looks on. Certain her husband canno
S11E26 05.06.02 - Monday: Superstition 06/05/2002 Alison is placed in a cell and quickly resents all that has happened to her in such a short time. Kate quickly warns her not to trust Mac or any other ""helpful"" police officers who may try to talk with her. Unable to get anywhere with Alison, Mac questions Jamal about his ex-girlfriend but Jamal denies helping Alison harm Kevin, insisting that she wouldn't hurt anyone. Jamal is allowed a visit with Alison and confides to her that he overheard her blame herself for Kevin's disappearance. Worried that she'll be found guilty, Jamal suggests that Alison marry him so that he won't be forced to testify against her. Meanwhile, Jack guesses that Livvie has been hard at work setting up Alison for Kevin's disappearance. Livvie stews, upset that he's more concerned about protecting Alison and accuses him of trying to secretly tape her in hopes that she would make a confession that might clear Alison. Worried about Alison, Rafe can't take it anymore and finally agrees to sell his soul to James for
S11E27 05.07.02 - Tuesday: Superstition 07/05/2002 When Jamal offers to marry Alison so he won't have to testify against her, she quietly reveals that she and Rafe symbolically bonded before he departed. She's touched when he offers to help her reunite with Rafe. Doree interrupts and lets them both know that Alison's chance for bail on the murder charge was rejected. Disappointed by Rafe's decision, Ed tries to convince Rafe to allow him to speak to James in hopes that he can end Rafe's contract but Rafe refuses any effort on the part of his father because he needs to help Alison. Rafe also asks Ed not to interfere in what he does to help Alison. As Rafe leaves for ""the other side,"" Ed's impressed but saddened. Mary lays into Karen for forcing her son to be committed to the psychiatric hospital but Frank is quick to defend Karen's actions. Later, Karen and Frank decide to keep their distance for the time being until Frank can discover what is causing his rude outbursts. Lucy is uncomfortable as family and friends show up to support her
S11E28 05.08.02 - Wednesday: Superstition 08/05/2002 Jamal tries to help Alison escape from jail so that she can return to Rebecca's portrait. He manages to get a hold of Doree's keys but Alison states that she cannot accept his offer of help and returns to her cell. Meanwhile, in the barn Rebecca struggles to deal with her guilt over Kevin's disappearance and guesses that she can reverse the spell she cast if only Alison would return to her. However, she realizes that she must retrieve the candle from the woods outside for this to happen. As she tries to leave the barn, Rebecca realizes that the terrible memories from the past are keeping her from stepping outside. Later, Livvie confronts the portrait of Rebecca and vents her anger over the loss of her father. Livvie then finds Lucy with Ian talking about memories of Kevin and mistakenly assumes that the two are having an affair. Ian blasts Livvie for her outrageous accusation while Lucy tries to explain to Livvie why she feels that Kevin is still alive. Ricky tricks Karen into coming t
S11E29 05.09.02 - Thursday: Superstition 09/05/2002 Lucy finally bails Alison out of jail and then listens as Alison describes her encounters with Rebecca. Alison claims that Rebecca made Kevin disappear in order to prove a point. The two then hurry back to the barn to confront Rebecca. At the barn, Livvie challenges Rebecca in the portrait to show herself but when that doesn't coax the woman out, Livvie starts slashing at the painting, determined to save the citizens of Port Charles from more evil. When Alison and Lucy arrive, Livvie runs out with scissors in hand. She stumbles upon an unconscious Rafe while Alison screams at the sight of the destroyed portrait. In spite of Rafe's insistence that he not interfere, Ed makes a deal with James in order to save Rafe's soul. Caught trying to seduce her, Ricky confesses to Karen that he used the special candle to bring her to him. He upsets her further when he admits that he tested the candle on Frank in order to see if it would drive him to fits of rude behavior and anger. Karen calms down
S11E30 05.10.02 - Friday: Superstition 10/05/2002 A gloomy Jack tells Jamal his feelings for Livvie have died since she's become such a different person. Staring in horror at the slashed portrait, Alison begs Lucy to help her fix the painting so Rebecca can return and save Kevin. Meanwhile, as she races away from the scene of her crime, Livvie stumbles over the unconscious form of a familiar looking heavenly visitor. Jamal admits to Jack how he tried to break his former girlfriend out of jail. At the Pink Rose, a hysterical Lucy accuses Alison of raising false hopes by conjuring up a ridiculous story about a talking portrait. After calming down, Lucy assures the young woman she doesn't really believe Kevin is dead. Working together in the darkroom, Jamal and Jack manage to capture a photographic image of the late Rebecca Barrington. Rafe finally comes to but with no memory of Alison.
S11E31 05.13.02 - Monday: Superstition 13/05/2002 Alison dreams about being blissfully reunited with Rafe. Meanwhile, in the woods, Livvie is astonished to realize that Rafe has absolutely no memory of Alison or anything that's transpired in Port Charles. After examining the photo of Rebecca, Jamal and Jack conduct a little research and discover that the person in the picture next to Alison's ancestor is the man she was convicted of murdering. Up in heaven, Ed and James hammer out an agreement hinging on ""soulmates"" Rafe and Alison finding their way back to one another. Sensing a golden opportunity, Livvie convinces Rafe to rely on her for all the information he needs to fill in the blanks from the ten years he's lost. Jack and Jamal unearth another photograph which seems to clearly implicate Rebecca in the death of the missing minister. Livvie tells a sympathetic Rafe how her former best friend killed Kevin with black magic.
S11E32 05.14.02 - Tuesday: Superstition 14/05/2002 Lucy explains to Ian why she believes that Rebecca holds the key to Kevin's disappearance. Meanwhile, at the Pink Rose, Jamal tells Alison how he and Jack found a way to prove at least part of her story about her great-great-grandmother. Karen comes to the Recovery Room and assures a wary Frank he was right about the candle's ill effects. As she sifts through the ""Polaroids,"" Alison relates for Jack and Jamal the tale of how Rebecca was framed for the murder of a friend. An unwitting Rafe thanks Livvie for hiding him out while he struggles to recover his memory of the last ten years. Ian cautions Lucy that she may be grasping at straws in some vain hope that her husband is still alive. Recalling his ""loner"" status earlier in life, Rafe sadly confides to Livvie how he wished he had been able to grow close to someone during his lost decade. Lucy is thrilled to receive a sign from her Doc.
S11E33 05.15.02 - Wednesday: Superstition 15/05/2002 Ian suggests to Alison's lawyer that they work together along with Lucy to prove her client's innocence. Rafe awakens gasping from a nightmare and is grateful for Livvie's constant and reassuring presence. Alison arrives at Kate's office with Jamal and Jack in tow and explains to the incredulous attorney how the photographs from the Pink Rose can help clear Rebecca's name as well as her own. Livvie tells Rafe he has no wife or girlfriend waiting for him anywhere. Scoffing at the young woman's wild tale, Kate warns Alison she'll talk her way straight into the electric chair if she dares to tell her story in court. Lucy enlists Victor in her efforts to reach out through the universe and make contact with Kevin. After hearing out Alison and her friends, Ian assures them he believes they're on to something important. Livvie continues to feed lies to an unwitting Rafe about what a menace Alison is to the entire town. Victor and Lucy receive a sign from their lost loved one.
S11E34 05.16.02 - Thursday: Superstition 16/05/2002 Karen assures Frank she doesn't hold him responsible for any of the trouble between them. As Lucy puzzles over the message from her missing husband, Serena asks her mother if Kevin is dead. Livvie panics to discover that Rafe wandered away during the night. Meanwhile, Alison arrives at the cabin in search of a little peace and quiet. Frank apologizes to a startled Ricky for attacking him with the knife. Afterwards, Ricky quietly thanks Karen for not ratting him out. Lucy explains to Serena why she believes so strongly that Kevin is still alive and will find his way home. Livvie finally locates Rafe in the woods and convinces him it's not safe to leave her side. Frank is plagued by hallucinations once again as he watches Karen being interviewed by a flirtatious TV news reporter. Ian shows an excited Lucy the photos Jack took at the Pink Rose.
S11E35 05.17.02 - Friday: Superstition 17/05/2002 Rafe sleeps in the bedroom of the cabin, while Alison enters to find Livvie. Livvie keeps Alison from discovering Rafe, but when Rafe makes a noise, Alison believes Livvie has already hooked up with another man and chastises Livvie. Afterward, Alison accuses Livvie of having no heart or soul and leaves in disgust, and Livvie cements her plan for revenge by telling Rafe that Livvie and Rafe are lovers with a passionate kiss. Lucy and Ian try to get through to Rebecca, but Rebecca remains silent. However, Lucy does note that Rebecca once held a candle in the picture, and Lucy and Ian ponder the significance of the now missing candle. Meanwhile, Ricky rushes to Karen's aid, while Chris tackles Frank. Frank pleads for Karen's forgiveness, but Karen leaves with Ricky when she remains unable to find a candle that could be causing Frank's irrational behavior. Doree arrests humiliated Frank for assault, and Doree unsettles Chris with her increasing emotional demands. Karen receives lewd phone
S11E36 05.20.02 - Monday: Superstition 20/05/2002 After patching together the slashed portrait, an excited Lucy describes for Ian how Rebecca's image has changed. Alison bumps into Jack at the Recovery Room and reluctantly reveals that Livvie has a man up at the cabin. Meanwhile, Rafe struggles to make sense of Livvie's declaration that they were madly in love before he lost his memory. Jamal arrives at the Pink Rose and explains to Lucy and Ian why he threw Rebecca's candle into the woods. Pressed by a suspicious Rafe for the truth, Livvie admits that he was involved with Alison but insists he threw his girlfriend over for her. To make her story sound more credible, Livvie claims that Alison killed Kevin to take revenge for being dumped in favor of the shrink's daughter. Though Alison urges him not to go, Jack decides to head up to the cabin and order Livvie and her new guy off the property. While recreating Kevin's disappearance, Ian suddenly begins channeling the missing man. Livvie comes on strong with Rafe.
S11E37 05.21.02 - Tuesday: Superstition 21/05/2002 Lucy is overjoyed to realize that Kevin is making contact with her through Ian. Ricky accompanies Karen back to GH as she nervously prepares to face her coworkers in the wake of her public humiliation. Peering through the windows of the cabin, Jack is disgusted to see Livvie starting to disrobe in front of an unidentified man. Startled to catch sight of her old flame, Livvie pulls on her shirt and races to the door but Jack vanishes first. The publisher of a girlie magazine offers Karen a hundred grand to pose nude. As he comes back to himself, a shaken Ian asks Lucy what just happened. Questioned by Rafe, Livvie is forced to concoct more lies to explain her agitated state. Later, Rafe decides he needs professional help to regain his memory. Lucy kisses Ian in hopes of bringing back her Doc but Kevin fails to reappear. Certain Rebecca knows where Kevin is, Lucy insists on bringing the portrait home with her. Karen takes an uneasy stroll down memory lane when she visits the strip club w
S11E38 05.22.02 - Wednesday: Superstition 22/05/2002 Lucy tries to put Ian at ease by assuring him that her kiss was only an attempt to reestablish contact with her missing husband. As they search the woods for Rebecca's candle, Jack admits to Alison how his trip the cabin ended. Noting how uneasy Rafe seems in close proximity to her, Livvie embroiders on her original lie with stories about how comfortable they have always been together as lovers. While visiting his wife's grave, Ian is surprised to bump into Alison's attorney. Rafe asks Livvie to be patient with him as he struggles to recover the memory of their ""storybook"" romance. Lucy explains to Jack and Alison why she brought Rebecca's portrait back to her place. Ian advises Kate to keep an open mind as she builds her case for the defense. Later, however, Kate rolls her eyes in disgust when Alison reveals how Ian channeled Kevin so he could deliver a message to Lucy. Jack shows a nervous Livvie the chain her new man dropped at the cabin.
S11E39 05.23.02 - Thursday: Superstition 23/05/2002 Ian and Lucy arrive at the courthouse for Alison's preliminary hearing. Out in the hall, Jack bitterly taunts Livvie about her new man. Though Alison entreats her attorney to let her take the stand and tell her own story, Kate assures the girl she already has everything well under control. A worried Ricky goes in search of Karen. Meanwhile, Mary bails her son out of jail and encourages Frank to seek help from a therapist. Karen renews a few old acquaintances at the strip club where she used to work. Under cross-examination, Dara forces Lucy and Jamal into giving damaging testimony against their mutual friend. Later, Jack reveals under oath how Livvie confessed to lacing the candle with a psychotropic drug but Dara cleverly paints him as a vengeful ex-lover trying to smear his former girlfriend's name. Frank secretly retrieves his own file from Kevin's office. Confronted by an irate Ricky at the club, Karen insists she's exactly where she belongs. Kate drops a bombshell in the courtroom
S11E40 05.24.02 - Friday: Superstition 24/05/2002 Tossing dollar bills up on the stage, Ricky challenges Karen to prove him wrong and demonstrate that she truly does belong in the sleazy world she used to inhabit. Appalled by Kate's tactics, Alison immediately tries to fire her lawyer but the judge orders the hearing to go on. Forced to continue with her testimony, Lucy admits that she did sleep with Ian once before she was married. As he gazes at the candle, Rafe struggles to regain his memory of the last ten years. Outraged by Kate's insinuations, Lucy launches into an angry tirade against the attorney. Livvie takes the witness stand next and claims that her friendship with the defendant went sour once Alison began dabbling in witchcraft. Ricky tries to forcibly drag a protesting Karen away from the strip club. Wandering through the woods, Rafe stumbles upon the Pink Rose and wonders why the old barn seems so familiar. Alison gasps as the judge binds her over for trial.
S11E41 05.27.02 - Monday: Superstition 27/05/2002 Lucy offers a surprised Alison advice about how to deal with her current troubles. Ian is outraged with Kate's defense of Alison earlier in court which forces Kate to try to explain her actions. A desperate Ian then tries to connect with the missing Kevin again. Meanwhile, a confused Kevin shouts out for help only to find Rebecca has reappeared. He is outraged by what she has done and as they talk, the two find they are at odds with each other and consider what lies ahead for both of them. Jamal does his best to comfort a shaken Alison and ends up getting closer to her. Livvie steps up her storytelling to Rafe after he unlocks another clue to his hidden past. Afterwards, Lizzie considers her feelings of guilt as she realizes the many lies she has told to Rafe.
S11E42 05.28.02 - Tuesday: Superstition 28/05/2002 Ian suddenly begins channeling Kevin again as the agitated shrink begs Rebecca to help him get back to his wife. Doree's overwhelming obsession with Chris begins to interfere with his work and his life. After his connection to Kevin is broken, a woozy Ian tries to shake off the ill effects of his odd experience. Rebecca explains to Kevin that he can only return to his world if the special candle that was tossed into the woods is recovered and lit by a true believer. Ricky's words of love and encouragement give Karen hope that her life will soon be back on track. They kiss passionately. Kevin relates for an amused Rebecca how his romance with Lucy survived and flourished despite a number of dizzying twists and turns. Meanwhile, Christina tries her best to cheer up her unhappy mother. Ian is forced to confide in Chris when his health continues to rapidly deteriorate. Later, Lucy asks Ian to try once more to make contact with her husband.
S11E43 05.29.02 - Wednesday: Superstition 29/05/2002 As Ed and James look on from their unique perspective above the scene, Alison enters a church and prays for divine intercession. After making love with Ricky, Karen startles her bedmate by declaring that this can never happen again. Mary is dismayed to learn how Frank stole his file from Kevin's office. Unseen by Alison, Rafe wanders into the same chapel and confides to a passing handyman how he feels nothing for the girl he's supposed to love. Meanwhile, Alison relates for the minister how lonely she's been for Rafe. Mary recounts for her son a traumatic experience from his childhood of which Frank has no memory at all. Ricky angrily reminds Karen that the difference in their ages and backgrounds is totally beside the point. Later, Karen gently but firmly tells Ricky that they must be ""just friends"" from now on. Rafe decides to try and make it work with Livvie despite his partial amnesia and some qualms about their peculiar relationship.
S11E44 05.30.02 - Thursday: Superstition 30/05/2002 Jamal and Jack head back to the darkroom to develop the last set of photos from the candle shop. Alison warns Kate she'll fire her on the spot if she ever again tries to drag Ian and Lucy's names through the mud. On a sudden whim, Rafe decides to surprise Livvie with a bouquet of pink roses. Jamal complains bitterly to Jack about the way Rafe is still monopolizing Alison's every waking thought. Alison finds herself confiding in Kate about her special angel. Livvie returns home to find the place filled to the brim with dozens and dozens of pink roses. Kate catches Jack and Jamal with the new Polaroids and cautions them to keep their wild stories to themselves when they're on the witness stand. Later, Kate does an apparent about-face and asks the young men to take her to the Pink Rose to see further evidence of the supernatural. Meanwhile, Alison is stunned to discover that Livvie sanded away the heart-enclosed initials Rafe carved on the barn post.
S11E45 05.31.02 - Friday: Superstition 31/05/2002 Although saddened by the loss of the carved heart, Alison reminds herself that Livvie's maliciousness can never erase the love she and Rafe will always share. Meanwhile, Livvie uses her intimate knowledge of Rafe to convince him that they've been blissful lovers for months. As Lucy looks on, Ian begins channeling Kevin once again but pays a heavy price for his assistance. Livvie stages a sultry seduction scene for Rafe. Rebecca informs a horrified Kevin that his own daughter has condemned him permanently to the land of the lost. Alison bumps into a flower vendor who explains how a romantic young man just bought every last pink rose in his inventory. After revealing that Kevin is with Rebecca, Ian collapses on the floor. As he begins to make love to Livvie, Rafe murmurs Alison's name.
S11E46 06.03.02 - Monday: Superstition 03/06/2002 After collapsing, Ian weakly asks a surprised Lucy to call Chris for help. Thrilled to hear the flower vendor's description of the young man who bought all his pink roses, Alison happily assumes Rafe has returned for her. Meanwhile, Livvie yanks away from Rafe after he calls her ""Alison"" during a moment of passion. Lucy explains to a mystified Chris how Ian was channeling Kevin when he became ill. Kate watches skeptically as Jamal and Jack photograph the barn once again. Rafe apologizes profusely to Livvie, who quickly turns his guilt to her own advantage. Chris warns Ian that he'll die if he continues his dangerous behavior. Kate advises her client to concentrate on her upcoming trial instead of mooning over the ex-boyfriend who ran out on her. Undeterred, Alison settles into the barn to wait patiently for the man she loves.
S11E47 06.04.02 - Tuesday: Superstition 04/06/2002 Frank tries to piece together a puzzle from his childhood. Kate shows Lucy the latest photo from the barn. Later, the two begin to examine closely the strange parallel lives Alison and Rebecca seem to be sharing. Rebecca explains to Kevin how she's been stuck in limbo for centuries. Following a call to Joe, Frank shakily starts to have flashes of memory about a violent struggle he witnessed when he was small. Certain her husband is with Rebecca, Lucy suggests to a surprised Kate that she may hold the key to bringing Kevin safely home. Meanwhile, Rebecca demonstrates for Kevin how heavenly her private domain can be with a little bit of faith. Frank tells his startled mother he saw her with her lover years ago. Refusing to say die, Kevin informs Rebecca he will find a way to escape their ""paradise"" and return to his wife. Speculating that the only way to save the future is to go back in time and correct the mistakes of the past, Lucy tells Kate she must somehow acquit Rebecca.
S11E48 06.05.02 - Wednesday: Superstition 05/06/2002 Though Rafe complains of going stir-crazy alone in the cottage, Livvie cautions him that it's still too soon to risk going out in public until his memory has returned. An excited Ricky shows Karen the CD he just burned with a group of fellow musicians. Hurt by her lack of enthusiasm, Ricky accuses Karen of trying to blow him off with the old ""just friends"" ploy. Livvie and Alison have a heated encounter at the barn. Mary breaks down in tears when she realizes that Frank really did witness her humiliation years ago. Though Mary apologizes for traumatizing him, Frank assures his mother he's glad he now understands why he reacted to Karen the way he did. Karen tells Ricky she truly is happy about his good news. Alison urges Livvie to understand that she could never hurt Kevin for all the world. Ricky and Karen share another moment of passion. An unwitting Alison asks Livvie about the new guy in her life. Meanwhile, Rafe makes his way to the Pink Rose.
S11E49 06.06.02 - Thursday: Superstition 06/06/2002 Explaining how he felt drawn to the barn, an excited Rafe tells Livvie he believes he's finally close to some answers about his clouded past. Though Lucy insists it's too dangerous to try again, Ian assures his friend he can handle channeling Kevin until they bring him safely home. Meanwhile, Kate throws herself into working on an appeal which can exonerate Rebecca and lift the curse on Port Charles. As she prepares a party for her daughter's third birthday, Lucy yearns to have Kevin share in Christina's big moment. Although frustrated with his inability to find an escape route, Kevin declares to Rebecca that he won't give up trying to get home even if the effort kills him. Livvie convinces Rafe to return to the cabin, then slips a sedative into his wine glass to keep him from straying again. Later, however, Rafe sneaks away as Livvie sleeps.
S11E50 06.07.02 - Friday: Superstition 07/06/2002 Rebecca tells a distraught Kevin that everyone back in the land of the living believes he's dead. As Christina's birthday party gets underway, Alison confides to Kate how she feels Rafe close by somehow. Meanwhile, Rafe approaches the Recovery Room but is told by a new waitress that the place is closed for a private party. Livvie dreams about her mother egging her on to complete the task she's started. Watching the children enjoy the festivities, Victor sadly tells Ian he could never have imagined he would have lost both his twin sons. Kevin rails at Rebecca for condemning him to exist in a permanent state of limbo with nobody but a witch for company. Christina wanders outside and strikes up a conversation with a friendly stranger. Later, Christina tries to draw a distracted Lucy's attention to Rafe but he disappears again. Kevin apologizes to Rebecca, who asks for his forgiveness as well. Livvie proposes marriage to Rafe.
S11E51 06.10.02 - Monday: Superstition 10/06/2002 Frank interrupts Karen and Ricky's love-making. While Ricky hides, Frank explains to Karen that his recent aggression was due to a repressed childhood. He asks Karen to test the candle on him again and she agrees, but later Ricky tells her he also plans on being there. Kate and Ian run into Alison outside the Recovery Room and Ali insists that Rafe has returned. They both implore her to focus on the fight for her innocence now. At the cabin, Livvie plays on Rafe's sympathies and convinces to marry her saying they were planning on getting married anyway. Rafe seems reluctant but agrees to marry her- but first he needs to talk to Alison.
S11E52 06.11.02 - Tuesday: Superstition 11/06/2002 At the police station, Jack distracts Officer Doree, while Jamal breaks into the records room and steals Rebecca's file. In ""Barnadoon,"" Kevin tells Rebecca he's decided to get used to the possibility that he may spend eternity with Rebecca and, after mentioning how she reminds him of Paige, tells her he's glad he's not alone. In the barn, Ian returns Rebecca's portrait and suggest channeling Kevin again, despite Lucy's protests. However, Ian is unable to channel Kevin and Lucy says she feels that Kevin has given up on trying to come home.
S11E53 06.12.02 - Wednesday: Superstition 12/06/2002 With Ricky present, Frank lights the ""Desire"" candle in front of Karen, but he feels no effects. Karen, however, has amorous thoughts of Ricky and blows out the candle. Frank asks Karen to considering getting back together and she upsets Ricky when she agrees to think about it. Meanwhile, after reading Rebecca's file, Jamal tells Jack that evidence was purposefully withheld in order to convict her. However, Ian tells them the judge won't re-open Rebecca's case, but he comes up with another plan. Meanwhile, Alison tells Lucy that Rafe is an angel who came to Earth. At the cabin, Livvie introduces Rafe to ""Alison,"" who is really an impostor hired by Livvie. Rafe doesn't recognize ""Ali"" but Rafe defends Livvie against her insults and then asks Livvie to marry him. Later, however, Rafe, has a mental flashback of the real Alison and wonders who she is.
S11E54 06.13.02 - Thursday: Superstition 13/06/2002 In ""Barnadoon,"" Kevin sees a scar on Rebecca's neck that she received when she was hung to death. Kevin helps her to open up about her tragedy. Meanwhile, Lucy, Alison, Ian, Jack and Jamal perform a play for the judge to clear Rebecca's name of murder. After the play, the judge doesn't seem impressed but gives Kate an hour to meet with him to present her evidence. Livvie asks Rafe to elope with her and leave Port Charles forever. Rafe is at first reluctant, but then agrees. Later, Rafe goes to the barn where he has another flashback of Alison. Meanwhile, a smug Livvie is pleased that her scheme to marry Rafe and convict Alison of murder is going well.
S11E55 06.14.02 - Friday: Superstition 14/06/2002 At the Recovery Room, Kate tells Lucy, Alison, Ian, Jack and Jamal that the judge has overturned Rebecca's 120-year old murder conviction. Lucy excitedly returns home to wait for Kevin to return. However, Kate has bad news for Ali- Kevin's remains have been found. Meanwhile in ""Barnadoon,"" Kevin surprises Rebecca with a kiss and admits he wants her, but Rebecca pulls back and begins to fade away- finally escaping ""Barnadoon."" She tells Kevin he will remain trapped there until someone lights her candle and then disappears leaving Kevin alone. At the barn, Rafe surprises Livvie with an impromptu wedding. During the ceremony, Rafe remembers exchanging vows before and suddenly calls a halt to the wedding saying he's already married.
S11E56 06.17.02 - Monday: Superstition 17/06/2002 After telling Alison that Kevin's remains were found on the Barrington estate, Kate tries to convince her to consider pleading insanity. Realizing Kate doesn't believe her, Ali runs off and Kate picks up Rafe's necklace from the floor. Lucy and Ian find Rebecca's painting fully restored. Then, Victor arrives with news that the police found Kevin's ashes, however, Lucy refuses to believe Kevin is dead and runs out. In ""Barnadoon,"" Kevin is left alone after Rebecca disappears. He calls out to Lucy to find Rebecca's candle and bring him home. Then, Kevin conjures up a sketchpad and begins drawing. In the barn, Rafe stops his wedding to Livvie saying he's already married. However, Livvie lies that they privately married before and she wants to make their marriage official. Believing her lies, Rafe marries her and later that night they consummate their union. Later, Alison goes to the barn and blames Rebecca for killing Kevin. Declaring Rebecca should burn in Hell, Alison begins
S11E57 06.18.02 - Tuesday: Superstition 18/06/2002 Ricky tells Jamal about his relationship with Karen, but Jamal is not pleased. Ricky's new band invites him to play drums the next evening and Ricky plans to bring Karen. Meanwhile, Karen runs into Frank and he asks her if their relationship is over. She admits she slept with Ricky, but is unsure of her feelings for him. Frank asks Karen for another chance with him and asks her to meet him the next night at the high school bleechers. Then, Frank has another flashback of Karen and Ricky making love. Livvie pressures Rafe to leave town with her. He agrees to and they make love, however, he dreams of Alison, but can't remember her identity. In the barn, after Lucy stops Alison from torching the barn, Ali declares she didn't kill Kevin and blames Rebecca. An irate Lucy doesn't believe her and slams the door and Rebecca's candle rolls out, but neither she nor Alison see it. Officer Doree then arrives and re-arrests Alison, whose bail has been revoked. Alone, Lucy mourns Kevin un
S11E58 06.19.02 - Wednesday: Superstition 19/06/2002 Ricky invites Karen to his gig, but when she declines, he realizes she's thinking about reconciling with Frank. Meanwhile, Frank meets Karen at the high school bleachers and asks for a second chance. She agrees to try if Frank is better but wants to take it slow. While making arrangements for Kevin's memorial service, Lucy receives a package- from Kevin. Lucy opens it and leans Kevin had a star named after her for her birthday. Meanwhile in ""Barnadoon,"" Kevin sketches Lucy and wonders if she received his gift. Later, Kevin can't find his drawing of Lucy, which end up on Lucy's porch.
S11E59 06.20.02 - Thursday: Superstition 20/06/2002 Victor calls Livvie and tells her Kevin's remains were found. Livvie congratulates herself on successfully framing Alison, then asks Rafe to go away with her. Rafe agrees, but asks her about the identity of the blonde-hair girl he's been remembering. Upset, Livvie makes Rafe choose between his past or his future with her and he chooses her. Meanwhile, Jack and Jamal run into Victor and Jack gets suspicious when he learns Kevin's late twin Ryan burned in a fire and Victor kept his ashes. Jack tells Jamal he suspects Livvie of planting Ryan's ashes since he shared Kevin's DNA. Later, after learning Livvie's whereabouts, Jack plans to confront her and tape her confession. In jail, Kate tries to convince Alison to change her plea to guilty by reason of insanity. Learning she could spend years in a psychiatric institute, Alison weighs her options, then decides to accept responsibility for Kevin's death. In court, Alison changes her plea to guilty of murder in the 1st degree.
S11E60 06.21.02 - Friday: Superstition 21/06/2002 Livvie dummies up a journal to convince Rafe she is his true love so he will forget Alison. Jack arrives and confronts Livvie. Rafe, meanwhile, goes to the barn where he finds the carving of ""Alison & Rafe"" gone. Rafe decides to move on, but then finds Rebecca's candle. At the courhouse, Lucy hears Alison plead guilty to Kevin's murder. Ali ignores Kate and Jamal's pleas to fight for her innocence and decides the judge orders Ali to testify to how she killed Kevin. Ali lies that she stabbed Kevin and a horrified Lucy runs out. Meanwhile, in ""Barnadoon,"" Kevin can't find his drawing of Lucy, but Lucy finds it when she returns home. Back in court, Ali finds Rafe's necklace in Kate's bag and puts in on, then passes out.
S11E61 06.24.02 - Monday: Superstition 24/06/2002 In the barn, Rafe declares he knows what to do with Rebecca's candle. He then vows to start a new life with Livvie and says goodbye to Port Charles- and his memories of Ali. At the cabin, Jack tries to tape record Livvie's confession to planting Ryan's ashes. However, Livvie denies his accusations and when Rafe approaches, Livvie cries rape. Rafe knocks out Jack and Livvie convinces Rafe to leave town right away. Lucy is stunned when she finds Kevin's drawing of her but is interrupted by a phone call from Kate. After passing out in court, Ali is brought to the hospital where Ian and Karen treat her. Lucy arrives and Kate tells her that Ali pleaded guilty to spare Lucy and Victor. Lucy then pulls out Kevin's drawing and Kate realizes it was dated a few days ago- which leads them to realize Kevin's still alive. Meanwhile, Ian and Karen attempt to stabilize Ali's condition, but things take a turn for the worse. Ian then declares they've done all they can.
S11E62 06.25.02 - Tuesday: Superstition 25/06/2002 After realizing that Kevin's drawing was dated a few days ago, Kate and Lucy think it's a sign Kevin's still alive. Jack arrives and tells them his theory that Livvie planted Kevin's twin's ashes to frame Alison. After learning Livvie's whereabouts, Lucy comes up with a plan. Ian and Karen then announce that Alison'd had an aneurysm and may not recover. Ricky consoles Karen over Ali. Frank enters and spies them together and tries to control his rage. Later, Frank asks Karen to dinner and she agrees. Outside Heaven, James gloats to Ed that Rafe and Alison haven't found their way back to each other, but, Ed warns James not to count them out just yet. Livvie refuses to discuss with Rafe why they left town so abruptly after Jack ""attacked"" her. Rafe accuses her of running away, but she accuses him of not trusting her. Lucy then calls Livvie and say Kevin was found and wants to see her. A stunned Livvie faints at the news.
S11E63 06.26.02 - Wednesday: Superstition 26/06/2002 Recovering from her fainting, Livvie insists to Rafe that she must visit her father alone. Rafe then finds Livvie's doctored journal documenting their ""love story."" In ""Barnadoon,"" Kevin imagines holding and kissing Lucy. Meanwhile, at G.H., Lucy senses Kevin's touch and assures herself she did the right think in tricking Livvie. Livvie then arrives and meets with Lucy in the chapel. Outside Heaven, James proposes a side bet with Ed, convincLivvie arrives at G.H. and meets with Lucy at the chapel. ed Livvie will make Rafe love her, however, Ed reminds James their original deal's still in effect as long as Ali's alive. Meanwhile, two nurses observe a comatose Ali touch Rafe's necklace with her hand. However, the head nurse shrugs it off as an involuntary muscle movement.
S11E64 06.27.02 - Thursday: Superstition 27/06/2002 Frank asks Karen to go away with him on a camping trip. Ricky sees them together and takes off. Later, however, Karen tells him he's the one she wants- not Frank. After reading Livvie's fake journal, Rafe ""realizes"" how much Livvie loves him and berates himself for not trusting her. At the hospital, Jack learns there's been no change in Alison. Ali, meanwhile, enters a Heavenly existence and wonders if she died. Lucy lies to Livvie that Kevin has returned in order to get her to confess to framing Alison. However, Livvie quickly realizes Lucy lied to her and learns that Ali's in a coma and runs off to see her. In Ali's room, Livvie says she doesn't feel sorry for her and mentions how easy it would be to put Ali out of her misery.
S11E65 06.28.02 - Friday: Superstition [Finale] 28/06/2002 Livvie gloats to a comatose Alison that she has gotten her revenge by framing Ali for Kevin's murder and marrying Rafe. Meanwhile, Rafe arrives at the hospital, goes to the chapel and pulls out Rebecca's candle. Ian visits Eve's grave, where Kate overhears him sadly mourn for her. Lucy prays for hope that Kevin will return, then is stunned to see Kevin alive in person. The two joyously reunite with each other as Rebecca's candle burns in the chapel. Livvie returns to her motel room and realizes Rafe read her journal. She puts on a seductive nightgown and waits for Rafe to return. Rafe looks for Livvie outside Ali's room but is stopped by the nurse, who later drops his necklace that Ali wore. Picking it up, Rafe has more flashbacks of Alison and wonders who is in the room. He enters the room, recognizes Ali from his flashbacks and kisses her. She awakens and calls out his name. They continue to kiss as Rebecca's magic candle burns in the distance.
S12E01 07.01.02 - Monday: Torn [Premiere] 01/07/2002 Lucy and Kevin joyously reunite and she fills him in on Ali's condition. Victor, Serena and Christina soon join them. Kevin wants to call Livvie, but Victor and Lucy dissuade him. After learning Rafe went to the hospital, Livvie races over there to stop him from running into Alison. At the hospital, Ali awakens after Rafe kisses her and they continue kissing. Alison thinks she died, but Rafe reassures her that she's alive- only he doesn't know who she is. Ian, Jack and Jamal enter and are stunned by Ali's medical progress. Ian declares Alison miracously cured and phones Lucy and learns Kevin's alive. Rafe, meanwhile, claims he has amnesia. Alison tries to help him remember, but he tells her he's married. Livvie then enters and announces she's Rafe's new bride! Elsewhere, an ominous shadowy figure enters Port Charles.
S12E02 07.02.02 - Tuesday: Torn 02/07/2002 Ricky and Karen both worry about their new relationship, but then make love. Karen then finds a picture of Casey in Ricky's apartment. At the hospital, Ian and Kate encounter a battered wife, whose husband tries to explain away her injuries. Kate calls the police as Ian treats the woman. After the husband vows to make his wife pay, he becomes scared when a mysterious shadow approaches him. Alison is stunned to learn Rafe married Livvie. Lucy and Kevin arrive and Livvie is shocked that her father's alive. Rafe is confused when Lucy calls him ""cousin"" and runs out. Livvie tells Kevin that she and Rafe have fallen in love, while Ali tells Lucy how Livvie tricked Rafe into marrying her. Lucy agrees to help Rafe recover his memory. Rafe then refuses to return home with Livvie until she tells him the truth.
S12E03 07.03.02 - Wednesday: Torn 03/07/2002 At the hospital, the abusive husband, who met with Ian and Kate, is found nearly beaten death and blames an ""Angel of Death."" While treating him, Karen realizes he has no bruises or marks on his body. Alison tells Jack that Livvie married Rafe. Jack suggests they could have been together before, but, after passionately arguing that, Ali passes out. Livvie admits to Rafe she lied in order to protect them from Alison. Rafe is upset Livvie deliberately kept her from his loves ones and walks away from her, then goes to Alison, but Jack won't let him see her. Jack vows to kill Rafe if he ever hurts her.
S12E04 07.04.02 - Thursday: Torn 04/07/2002 Frank offers his acceptance of Ricky and Karen, who are ready to go public as a couple. Livvie lies to Kevin that she did not frame Alison for his murder. Lucy tells Rafe that he belong with Alison, not Livvie, and advises him to spend more time with her to get his memory back. Mary is mugged in the park by two punks. Livvie visits a sleeping Alison and vows not let Ali mess up her marriage to Rafe. Livvie hides when she hears Rafe coming and listens as Rafe asks Ali to tell him all about their relationship.
S12E05 07.05.02 - Friday: Torn 05/07/2002 Kate tells Ian she'll be leaving Port Charles, then calls her significant other. Later, Kate gets a strange phone call and tells the caller she'll get the money as soon as she can. In the park, after Victor can't find his wife, Jamal, Jack, Ricky and Karen search for her. Mary, meanwhile, is mugged by two thugs, who steal her purse and wedding ring. The mugging is stopped when a mysterious shadow arrives and the two mean scream in fear. Everyone then finds Mary- and then the muggers, who are hanging upside down from a tree. The muggers blame an eerie ""hooded guy with no face."" Alison fills Rafe in on their life together as Livvie secretly listens. However, Rafe still can't remember their past. Later, Livvie tells Rafe she thinks she's pregnant.
S12E06 07.08.02 - Monday: Torn 08/07/2002 The two muggers are arrested and mention a mysterious hooded shadow. Ian, Jack and Jamal discuss the latest supernatural phenomenon to hit town. Kate visits Alison to say goobye, then Amanda enters and tells Kate she's been promoted but must stay in town. After Livvie tells Rafe she might be pregnant, he seems skeptical, but agrees to stay with her if she is pregnant. Later, he gives her a home pregnancy test to take.
S12E07 07.09.02 - Tuesday: Torn 09/07/2002 An unseen person spies on Ricky and Karen. Later, Karen, walking alone, is mugged. Jack and Jamal chase the ""shadow"" who turns out to be an impostor trying to impress women. Livvie doctors the pregnancy test Rafe gave her. Ali tracks down Rafe and enters his motel room just as he reads Livvie's ""positive"" pregnancy test results.
S12E08 07.10.02 - Wednesday: Torn 10/07/2002 A TV reporter interviews Jamal about the ""shadow,"" while a mysterious person watches the interview, then marks Port Charles on a map. Karen is rescued from a mugging by a mysterious cloaked person, who attacks her mugger. Seeing the mystery person's face, Karen says, ""Oh my God, it's you."" Ricky then arrives and nabs the mugger. When the cops take Karen's statement, she makes Ricky out to be the hero but doesn't mention the ""shadow."" Meanwhile, Kevin thanks Ian for being a good friend to Lucy during his absence. Ian turns down Lucy's invite to stay with them permanently. Ali enters Livvie's motel room and demands to talk to Rafe, who privately tells her Livvie's pregnant. Ali insists Livvie's lying, but realizes Rafe isn't upset about the pregnancy and must have made love to Livvie. Ali takes off before telling Rafe what she came to tell him, then breaks down in tears in the park. Livvie then issues Rafe an ultimatum- he must choose between Alison OR the baby and Livvie. Raf
S12E09 07.11.02 - Thursday: Torn 11/07/2002 Kate tells Ian her new promotion will keep her in town, but dodges his questions about her boyfriend. Ian senses that Kate is lying. After learning from Alison that Livvie claims she's pregnant, Jack is skeptical and advises Ali to speak with Rafe alone. Jack then comes up with a plan on how to get them together. Realizing she's ovulating, Livvie attempts to seduce Rafe to get pregnant for real, but he calls a halt to their passion. Jack calls and tells Rafe to go the Barringtons' because Ali's in trouble and Rafe takes off, leaving a fuming Livvie by herself. At the Barringtons', Jack lies that Ali's locked herself in the attic and won't come out. However, when Ali opens the attic door for Rafe, Jack pushes Rafe in and locks the two of them in together.
S12E10 07.12.02- Friday: Torn 12/07/2002 Ricky overhears Karen's confession she was rescued by the ""shadow"" and not him. Ricky is upset until Karen explains why she lied that he was her hero. Locked together in the attic, Rafe thinks Ali's playing games, while she tries to make him see the truth about Livvie. When Rafe still can't remember their past, Ali becomes upset. However, Rafe admits he still cares for her but he's married. Ali asks him to kiss her to prove that he doesn't have feelings for her. He does but then ends up kissing her passionately. Jamal is surprised when he bumps into Casey outside the bike shop. After waiting for Rafe to return, Livvie goes out to find him. Cutting through the woods, she feels someone's following her. After falling on the ground, she's scared when she sees a shadow approaching her.
S12E11 07.15.02 - Monday: Torn 15/07/2002 In the woods, Livvie is followed, then trips and falls to the ground. A mysterious shadow approaches and stands over her. Jamal runs into a woman who looks like Casey, but the woman, Marissa, is a reporter investigating the paranormal activity in town. She wants the truth about the ""shadow,"" but Jamal claims there's no story. She takes off when he calls Ricky. Rafe and Alison kiss but he's conflicted because of his marriage and uborn child. Ali makes him see he has feelings for her and they kiss again. But Rafe pulls back, kicks down the door and leaves. Ali, confident she's getting through to Rafe, vows not to give up on him. Ed and James observe Rafe and Ali and discuss their bet. When they can't see Livvie, James tells Ed a dark and powerful force has entered the picture. Rafe returns to the motel and learns Livvie ran out so he takes off after her. In the woods, Livvie's shoe is seen lying on the ground, but Livvie's nowhere to be found as the shadow walks away.
S12E12 07.16.02 - Tuesday: Torn 16/07/2002 Karen suggests she and Ricky rethink their relationship after he insists she accompany him to Manhattan when she already declined. When Karen mentions she's not like Casey, Ricky tells her Casey's dead. Ian, Frank and Karen visit a run-down apartment and Kate threatens to sue the slumlord. Later, the slumlord privately threatens her. Marissa hunts for the ""shadow"" in the woods but instead finds Jamal- and Livvie's shoe. Marissa also tells Jamal she had a twin sister who died at birth. Marissa tells him she did have a twin sister who died at birth. Rafe tells Alison and Jack that Livvie's missing, but Jack insists she's merely hiding. Rafe and Jack exchange punches after Jack implies Rafe's not the father of Livvie's baby and tells him how Livvie falsely cried rape on Jack. Jamal comes by and breaks up the fight and Rafe sees Marissa with Livvie's shoe. Jack then thinks something did happen to Livvie.
S12E13 07.17.02- Wednesday: Torn 17/07/2002 Karen decides to make a go of her relationship with Ricky and calls him, as he was remembering Casey. He is happy when she tells him she will go to New York with him. Later, they run into Jamal and Marissa and are stunned by her resemblance to Casey. While searching for Livvie, Jack tells Rafe that Livvie was Caleb's bride. They find a piece of her nightgown, while Alison stumbles upon an unconscious Livvie. After the slumlord threatens Kate the ""shadow"" appears and tells Kate to go. Kate runs into Ian, who finds the landlord tied up, but no ""shadow."" Later, the ""shadow"" emerges after Kate and Ian leave.
S12E14 07.18.02 - Thursday: Torn 18/07/2002 Ricky is shocked by Marissa's resemblance to Casey, but later tells Karen he put Casey in the past and moved on with Karen. After Jamal suggests that Marissa and Casey were twins, Marissa calls her mother to find out. Alison, Jack and Rafe find Livvie unconscious in the woods. Livvie says she tripped, hit her head and blacked out, but doesn't mention the shadow. Rafe takes Livvie to the hospital where tests reveal that her baby is thriving. Ian and Kate make separate plans to go to New York. She plans on visiting her ""honey"" while he wants to investigate the ""shadow."" Chris and Doree also discuss the ""shadow."" Later, Ian is confronted by the ""shadow"" who, after warning Ian not to interfere, mysteriously disappears.
S12E15 07.19.02 - Friday: Torn 19/07/2002 Rafe's less than thrilled to hear Livvie's baby is fine and tells Livvie he doesn't love her, then takes off to find Alison. Alison tells Jack that Livvie is really pregnant. Rafe tells Ali he wants her, however, she lets him go because of his wife and child. Ian learns from a professor friend that the ""shadow"" is an urban legend called ""The Avatar"" who wanders from town to town seeking justice, but, after finding a human host, becomes more powerful before revealing a dark side. Livvie remembers the pact she made with the ""shadow,"" in which he'll give her a baby and she'll keep his identity secret.
S12E16 07.22.02 - Monday: Torn 22/07/2002 In New York, Ian sees Kate and learns she's always eats alone and no one's ever seen her boyfriend. Livvie tells Kevin and Lucy she's pregnant, however, they seem less than pleased. Lucy and Kevin argue about what to do and Livvie becomes upset when she hears Lucy say Rafe will never love her. Ali breaks it off with Rafe, who finds it hard to say goodbye. However, they both agree that it's the right thing to do and then sadly part ways. Later, Ali tells Lucy it's over between her and Rafe. Rafe then returns to Livvie and says he'll be a real husband to her and father to their child. Livvie, privately, expresses her satisfaction that her plan worked. Meanwhile, the ""shadow"" skulks around the docks and overhears some young boys compare him to other superheroes. The ""shadow"" enters a room full of press clippings about him and then lets out a wailing moan.
S12E17 07.23.02 - Tuesday: Torn 23/07/2002 Karen asks Ricky how he felt seeing Marissa and he admits he was stunned but says Casey's in his past. Karen and Ricky make love, but afterwards, Ricky thinks about Casey. Jamal and Marissa meet with her mother and Marissa asks if Casey is her twin. Her mother admits she gave both Casey and Marissa away as infants and, eventually got back Marissa, but never found Casey. Jamal lies that Casey is living in Europe to spare Marissa's mother's guilty feelings. Livvie feels physical pain and tells Rafe the baby kicked. He goes to get help and runs into Ian, who is reading about ""The Avatar."" Rafe says ""The Avatar"" is real and he encountered it as a slayer. Rafe tells Ian how ""The Avatar"" needs a human body to inhabit and has the ability to reproduce. Livvie eavesdrops on their conversation and when she hears Rafe say he's unsure if ""The Avatar"" reproduces in human form, she faints.
S12E18 07.24.02 - Wednesday: Torn 24/07/2002 For Alison's 21st birthday, Jack surprises her with pizza and champagne. He comforts her when she cries about Rafe, then asks her to model for him for his new photographer job. Rafe and Ian watch over Livvie, who fainted, as she mumbles that a monster's growing inside her. Livvie covers by saying she heard them discussing The Avatar. Rafe tells Ian that The Avatar is harder to destroy than a vampire, because although its host human body can be killed but it will move on to another host. Ian then catches Kate in a lie when she says she and her boyfriend dined together in New York while Ian saw her alone. Livvie and Rafe move into their new place but Rafe wishes he was with Ali. Livvie dreams she that her new baby is a monster. The Avatar runs through the woods when a woman screams and then stands over a bloody body. Then, The Avatar washes the blood from his hands.
S12E19 07.25.02 - Thursday: Torn 25/07/2002 Jamal thinks Marissa wants a relationship with him after she thanks him for his help, but she denies this. Later, after hearing the ""shadow"" was spotted in the woods, they look for him but instead find his latest victim. Alison asks Kate to move in with her and Kate agrees. Livvie has more pains from her ""baby,"" and asks Rafe to tell her about The Avatar. After he says The Avatar is after control and domination, she wonders if her child will be human. Rafe then goes to the lighthouse and bumps into Alison. Livvie, meanwhile, goes to the docks and confronts The Avatar demanding to know what it did to her and what is she carrying inside her.
S12E20 07.26.02 - Friday: Torn 26/07/2002 Ian tells Kate he saw her dine alone in New York and she accuses him of spying on her. She slaps him when he says he didn't approach because he felt sorry for her. She tries to leave his apartment, but he says he won't let her go. Livvie confronts The Avatar, demanding to know what she's carrying, and The Avatar responds that he did what asked, then disappears. Rafe and Alison run into each other outside the lighthouse and realize Lucy set them up. Ali runs off and Rafe and Kevin berate Lucy for her meddling. Livvie arrives for dinner and learns Ali was there. However, their dinner is interrupted when Livvie has more stomach pains and Rafe rushes her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Alison models for Jack at the bike shop, but when she gets dizzy, he takes her to the hospital as well. At the hospital, Livvie confronts Alison and demands to speak to her in private. On the staircase, Livvie tries to pick a fight with Alison and when Rafe comes by, she falls, making it appear that Al
S12E21 07.29.02 - Monday: Torn 29/07/2002 Ian and Kate argue after he catches her in a lie. Later, she calls a mysterious peson whom she refers to as ""sweetheart."" Jamal and Marissa learn the ""shadow's"" latest victim will live, but realize the ""shadow"" protects women. Marissa dubs the ""shadow"" as ""Lancelot."" Meanwhile, Chris goes on TV to defend the ""shadow"" and Ian suspects Chris may be the ""shadow's"" human host. After Livvie tries to pick a fight with Alison, she falls down the hospital staircase. Rafe orders Alison to stay away from Livvie. Ali tells Jack it was an accident but wonders if Livvie wanted to fall. Rafe overhears this and becomes even angrier and Jack convinces Ali to leave them alone. Livvie waits for results on her unborn child and thinks she's fixed her ""pregnancy"" by ""The Avatar."" However, Livvie's doctor reveals that her baby's just fine.
S12E22 07.30.02 - Tuesday: Torn 30/07/2002 After learning Livvie's baby is okay, Jack takes Alison to the carnival to get her mind off Rafe. Alison has a fun time with Jack and, later, after laying back against him tells him he's just ""what the doctor ordered."" Chris accuses Ian of being jealous of the ""Shadow"" because Ian's not the hero anymore. After talking with Nurse Colleen, Frank and Rafe, Ian becomes suspicious that Chris might be The Avatar's host body. Livvie tries to hide her disappointment when she learns that her baby's heartbeat is unusually strong, despite her fall down the stairs. Livvie confronts The Avatar on the docks and delivers an ultimatum- either tell her what he's done to her or she'll reveal his identity.
S12E23 07.31.02- Wednesday: Torn 31/07/2002 Livvie threatens to reveal The Avatar's identity unless he tells her what he's done to her, but decides to keep quiet after he threatens to reveal he's her baby's father. The Avatar says her child will be human and will be a special child who will do great things. Marissa doesn't want to talk to Jamal about Casey. After he saves her from choking, she dubs him her hero. She then figures out a way to contact The Avatar, by pretending she's in trouble. After screaming, The Avatar appears, but overhears her discuss her ruse to Jamal and doesn't emerge. Alison runs into Rafe at the Recovery Room and he apologizes for yelling at her and blaming her for Livvie's fall. Rafe also admits he followed her, but she says they need to stay away from each other so he returns to Livvie. At the hospital, Lucy and Jack discover Livvie's not in her room. Lucy gets suspicious when Jack mentions Livvie seemed to want Ali to push her. Thinking Rafe's not the father of Livvie's baby, Lucy discreetly
S12E24 08.01.02 - Thursday: Torn 01/08/2002 Marissa's article about ""Lancelot"" (a.k.a. The Avatar) is published. After telling Marissa about his past dream of motocross racing, Jamal takes her for a ride on his bike. Alison declines Amanda's offer to send her away to school. Rafe tells Livvie that he has to fight The Avatar, but she protests. Chris overhears and agree with Livvie. Kate realizes that Ian thinks Chris is The Avatar. She catches him breaking into Chris's apartment, where they find articles and videos about The Avatar. When Ian leaves, The Avatar appears and tells Ian that he warned him not to interfere.
S12E25 08.02.02 - Friday: Torn 02/08/2002 After The Avatar threatens Ian, Kate finds Chris kneeling over Ian, who's unconscious. Kate tries to mace Chris, then Ian gets up and punches him out. They go inside Chris's apartment and Ian questions Chris about being The Avatar's human host, but Chris denies it and provides an explanation for his recent activity. Ian then realizes Chris is not The Avatar. Lucy's doctor friend performs a secret paternity test on Livvie's baby. After Lucy and Livvie exchange words, Lucy tells Livvie about the test. Rafe goes looking for The Avatar but runs into Alison. Thinking The Avatar's approaching, Rafe shields Ali, but it's not him. Later, Ali hides as Rafe finally confronts The Avatar.
S12E26 08.05.02 - Monday: Torn 05/08/2002 After Lucy reveals she had a secret paternity test done, she offers Livvie the chance to come clean to Kevin and Rafe. Livvie, however, holds her ground and Lucy is shocked when the test results indicate Rafe is the father. However, Livvie secretly paid a nurse to alter her results. Chris asks Officer Doree for another chance, but pumps her for information about The Avator. Rafe confronts The Avator while Alison refuses to leave without him. The Avator says he are Rafe are ""brothers,"" because they are both protectors, but Rafe calls The Avator a coward. After Rafe vows to destroy him, The Avator disappears, but not before blowing the door off of a building. Jack arrives and sees Rafe and Ali in an embrace. Elsewhere, Chris has his own run in with The Avator.
S12E27 08.06.02 - Tuesday: Torn 06/08/2002 Alison accuses Jack of acting like her boyfriend after he stops her and Rafe from hugging and tells Rafe to go away. However, Jack denies he has romatic feelings for her. Marissa tells Jamal she likes him and kisses him. Although he claims he doesn't want a relationship, he continues kissing her. Jack and Ali walk in and surprise them. Alison then tells them about The Avatar, while Rafe talks to Ian and they discuss ways to fight him. In the park, The Avatar corners Chris, then reveals his identity. Later, in front of TV cameras, Chris claims he's befriended The Avator and his offical spokesman. Chris claims ""Lancelot"" doesn't mean harm and only wants peace and justice. Chris's interview is seen by Jack, Alison, Jamal, Marissa, Karen, Ricky, Frank, Ian, Rafe, Doree and Andy, who all have their own reasons for wanting to talk with Chris about The Avatar. After they all arrive at the park, Ian asks Chris to prove he knows The Avatar by revealing his identity.
S12E28 08.07.02 - Wednesday: Torn 07/08/2002 Ian asks Chris to prove he knows Lancelot/The Avatar by revealing his identity. Chris won't reveal his identity, but does provide proof by knowing details of a recent drug bust done by Lancelot. Chris agrees to give Marissa firsthand information to the press about Lancelot. The police arrive and confirm Chris's account of the drug bust, but arrest him for failing to reveal The Avatar's identity. Livvie warns the nurse who altered her paternity test results to keep quiet. The nurse, per Livvie's instructions, gives Kevin a copy of the results and he hits the roof when he realizes Lucy ordered the test. Lucy squirms to explain her actions, but Kevin vows to stand by Livvie. Livvie and Lucy then face off and declare war against each other. Meanwhile, Alison insists on helping Rafe fight The Avatar and fills him in on his past battles against supernatural forces. Unbeknownst to them, Livvie sees them together on TV.
S12E29 08.08.02 - Thursday: Torn 08/08/2002 Even after his arrest, Chris he refuses to reveal Lancelot's identity and also refuses legal representation. As the public cries for Chris's release, Ian warns Chris that Lancelot must be stopped, but Chris fails to heed his warning. Kevin ends his angry silence with Lucy by acknowledging that Livvie does have some problems. However, Kevin refuses to turn his back on her and makes Lucy promise not to make him choose between her and Livvie. After Lucy agrees, they kiss and make up. Livvie catches Rafe and Alison together and surprises them by asking Ali to be friends again. However, Rafe and Ali both see through her act and Ali leaves. Despite Livvie's protests, Rafe is determined to fight The Avatar. Ali goes to Jack, who says she's only interested in helping Rafe fight The Avatar because it would keep them in close contact. He also tells her he doesn't want to be her ""consolation prize."" Livvie overhears Rafe tells Ian that they must reveal the identity of The Avatar's host
S12E30 08.09.02 - Friday: Torn 09/08/2002 Ricky learns Marissa is Casey's twin sister and then consoles her after getting her to open up about her feelings toward Casey. After getting Alison to realize she should stop pursuing Rafe, Jack kisses Alison and she responds. Livvie overhears Ian and Rafe's plan to trap The Avatar. During a TV interview, Ian warns the public about The Avatar and calls him a coward. The interview works in angering The Avatar, however, Livvie warns him that it's a trap. Asking him to trust her, she removes his hood and reveals his identity to be Frank.
S12E31 08.12.02 - Monday: Torn 12/08/2002 Alison and Jack kiss, but she stops any further passion and leaves after Jamal arrives. Jamal gives Jack advice on Ali, but Jack doesn't want to listen. Ian and Rafe's plan to trap The Avatar goes bust when the police arrive and The Avatar fails to show up. Livvie warns Frank, The Avatar's host, about the trap. After berating Livvie for her evil deeds, Frank tells her he will get back at Rafe and Ian. Later, Livvie tries to seduce Rafe, but he's not interested. Ali runs into Daniel and his nanny in the park and offers to take Daniel home. Then, Frank arrives and offers them a ride home in his car.
S12E32 08.13.02 - Tuesday: Torn 13/08/2002 Ian and Kate get trapped in an elevator and he gently calms her down after she begins to panic. Kate admits she is no longer with her boyfriend, but she still loves him. Kevin fears Livvie may be drawn into The Avatar's darkness, but Lucy doesn't think Livvie has any connection to The Avatar. Alison declines Frank's offer of a ride home and leaves with Daniel. Upset, Frank turns into The Avatar, then encounters Alison and Daniel. Livvie successfully seduces Rafe, but he dreams of Alison. Sensing Ali's in danger, Rafe leaves and finds her trapped near the side of a cliff.
S12E33 08.14.02- Wednesday: Torn 14/08/2002 After discussing Casey with Ricky, Marissa puts on her clothes, and is found by Jamal. Marissa tries to explain but Jamal hastily leaves. Rafe, Kate and Ian find Alison and Daniel trapped by The Avatar. The Avatar warns Rafe and Ian again, then Ian and Kate rescue Daniel, but Ali falls off a cliff. Kate calms Ian's rage with a kiss, then leaves and books a flight to New York. Frank tells Karen he still loves her. She doesn't respond back, but does tell him she feels connected to The Avatar. Frank leaves and turns into The Avatar and Karen feels The Avatar's presence. Using his magic, Rafe pulls Ali to safety. After sharing a close moment, she deduces The Avatar used her to get to Rafe because of Rafe's feelings for her. However, a conflicted Rafe takes off to be with Livvie.
S12E34 08.15.02 - Thursday: Torn 15/08/2002 Lucy fills Rafe in on his past by telling him he's an angel, but an angry Rafe refuses to believe her. Alison and Jack agree to be just friends and she also declares she will forget about Rafe because of the heartbreak he's caused her. Kevin tries to convince Livvie to move back in with him because Rafe's clearly in love with Alison and not her. However, an angry Livvie refuses to consider his suggestion. Frank instructs Chris to help ""Lancelot"" regain favor with the public. After getting out of jail, Chris publicly gives away one million dollars, courtesy of ""Lancelot""- money The Avatar stole from a drug bust.
S12E35 08.16.02 - Friday: Torn 16/08/2002 After giving away $1 million publicly on Lancleot's behalf, Chris is roughted up by Ian, who blames him for doing The Avatar's dirty work. The police re-arrest Chris. Jamal and Marissa kiss and make-up as Ricky comes by and sees them. Rafe vows to forget about his past and move forward. Livvie meets with Frank, who torments her. When Livvie fires back about how Frank lost Karen, he turns into ""The Avatar."" Overhearing her say her baby's not his, Jack and Ali rescue a trapped Livvie. They ask her in front of Rafe why she said that. ""The Avatar"" approaches Karen in the park and then disappears with her.
S12E36 08.19.02 - Monday: Torn 19/08/2002 Thinking fast, Livvie tells Rafe the Avatar was after her baby when Jack and Alison question her about saying The Avatar wasn't her baby's father. Rafe takes Livvie home and snubs Ali, who says she's lost Rafe forever. Jack kisses Ali again when he learns they've been hired for a photo shoot in Bermuda. Ricky asks Jamal and Marissa's help in finding Karen, who was taken to The Avatar's hideout. Karen feels connected to ""Lancelot"", but returns to Ricky. Frank vows to win her back. Rafe vows to make a future with Livvie and ""their"" child, but a shaken Livvie remembers The Avatar is really her baby's father.
S12E37 08.20.02 - Tuesday: Torn 20/08/2002 A jailed Chris proposes the police work with ""Lancelot"" rather than against him. When his lawyer shows up and threatens to sue, the cops release Chris and Kevin suggests they consider Chris's proposal in order to catch ""Lancelot."" Although she has feelings for Ian, Kate bids him goodbye, saying she is moving back home to work things out with Brennan. Lucy encourages Alison not to give up on Rafe, but Ali claims she needs to move on, as Rafe did. A determined Lucy wants to talk with Ed. Jack tells Ali they'll be sharing a room together in Bermuda. Clued in by Jack, Rafe tells Ian The Avatar's weakness is his shroud.
S12E38 08.21.02 - Wednesday: Torn 21/08/2002 Jamal finally admits his feelings to Marissa, who's already excited about landing a reporting job, and the two make love. Ricky and Karen also make love, but she thinks of ""Lancelot"" while he can't forget Casey. Rafe tells Ian that in order to destroy The Avatar, they must remove his shroud. Ian figures out The Avatar's reason for staying in town is a woman, then realizes that woman is Karen when he overhears her graveside confession about ""Lancelot."" Frank demands Livvie spy on Rafe for him. After she mentions he still loves Karen, Frank becomes angry and grabs her just as Rafe shows up.
S12E39 08.22.02 - Thursday: Torn 22/08/2002 When Ian confronts her, Karen lies about her connection to ""Lancelot."" Livvie covers when Rafe catches her with an angry Frank. Ian and Rafe plot to use Karen to trap The Avatar. Alison thinks Jack wants to sleep with her in Bermuda, but he denies this. Lucy's seance to contact Ed is interrupted when Kevin assumes she wants to make love. Frank asks Karen about ""Lancelot,"" and although she won't talk to him about it, he is conviced she will come back to him. Ian tells Karen they plan to trap The Avatar. When Rafe insists on staying by her at all times, Livvie is unable to warn Frank about their plan.
S12E40 08.23.02 - Friday: Torn 23/08/2002 Jamal's suprisingly cool about Jack going away with Alison, but gives him a friendly warning about Rafe. Jamal lets Marissa know he's finally gotten over Ali. Lucy and Alison hold a seance but fail to contact Ed. However, when Lucy says Rafe would sell his soul for Ali, they get a mysterious sign from above and wonder if that is what happened. Livvie evades Victor when Rafe has him watch her while he traps The Avatar. Ian follows Karen, who has gone to warn The Avatar. Ian grabs her until The Avatar shows up, then Rafe and Ian trap him with a net and plan to deshroud him as a horrified Livvie and Karen watch.
S12E41 08.26.02 - Monday: Torn 26/08/2002 Ian and Rafe lock up The Avatar, despite Karen's protests. The Avatar knocks Rafe unconscious when he tries to remove his shroud. Livvie comes out of hiding and runs to Rafe's side. Ian and Rafe ask Karen to help remove The Avatar's shroud, but she fails to do so. The Avatar then announces he's not alone as Livvie panics. James and Ed claim the other is cheating to win their bet. Because James sent The Avatar to P.C., Ed gets even by clueing in Alison and Lucy that Rafe did sell his soul. Finding a note from above, Lucy and Alison realize Rafe must fall in love with Alison or lose his soul forever.
S12E42 08.27.02 - Tuesday: Torn 27/08/2002 Jack ends his friendship with Alison when she cancels their trip because of Rafe but won't tell him the truth. Ian realizes Karen's protecting The Avatar, then concludes Frank's the human host. She denies this, but in a dream, realizes it's true. Before The Avatar tells Rafe who really fathered Livvie's baby, Livvie knocks Rafe unconscious. She demands that Frank/The Avatar leave town but, when he refuses and threatens her, she tries to kill him by starting a fire. However, her scheme backfires when The Avatar unleashes his powers and causes her stomach pains and traps both her and Rafe in the fire with him.
S12E43 08.28.02 - Wednesday: Torn 28/08/2002 Alison and Ian rescue Livvie and Rafe from the fire, then Ali stays by Rafe's side until he regains consciousness. Rafe thanks Ali for saving his life and Livvie is surprised that Ali saved her life as well. Ali explains she did it to save her own soul, knowing that Rafe sold his for her. They all learn The Avatar couldn't have survived the fire. Jamal learns from Jack that Ali blew off the Bermuda trip because of Rafe. Chris agrees to take her place when he learns ""Lancelot"" is dead. Ricky is relieved to hear that ""Lancelot"" is no more. Karen finds an unconscious Frank/The Avatar in the woods.
S12E44 08.29.02 - Thursday: Torn 29/08/2002 Frank explains how he became The Avatar after Karen saves his life. Livvie asks Alison to back away from Rafe because of the baby but Alison says Rafe must make his own choices. Kevin tells Rafe to leave Livvie if he doesn't really love her, but Rafe is determined to stick to his promise to Livvie, then tells Livvie he loves her. Kevin orders copies of Livvie's medical records. Karen takes Frank home where she admits her love for him and he claims he's a changed man, but then vows revenge on Ian and Rafe. Ricky, who was stood up by Karen, shows up at her doorstep just as Frank and Karen are about to make love.
S12E45 08.30.02 - Friday: Torn 30/08/2002 After letting Ricky know he and Karen are back together, Frank gets violent with him. After Frank leaves, Ricky carries Karen away to stop her from returning to an abusive Frank. Alison is confused when Lucy insists she win Rafe back from Livvie and save his soul, so Ali seeks advice in prayer. Summer admits to Kevin she changed Livvie's paternity test results and he tells Lucy that Livvie lied about her baby's father. Livvie's happy when Rafe says he does love her. Before taking Daniel to New York, Ian is still suspicious when he runs into Frank, who denies being The Avatar. Livvie is stunned to see Frank alive.
S12E46 09.02.02 - Monday: Torn 02/09/2002 Frank tells Livvie she will pay for trying to kill him. Alison gets another sign from above when Rafe tells her he found and lit Kevin's candle months ago. Lucy tells Ali that Rafe isn't the father of Livvie's baby. Rafe learns The Avatar didn't die in the fire and is still alive. Livvie sets a trap for Frank and plans to inject him with a mind-altering drug, but Frank goes to Karen's. When he finds Karen gone and her apartment trashed, he explodes in anger. Fearing Livvie's going crazy, Kevin goes to confront her about her lies, but she mistakes him for Frank and accidentally injects him with the drug.
S12E47 09.03.02 - Tuesday: Torn 03/09/2002 Jack and a delighted Chris learn from Rafe The Avatar is alive. Jack advises Rafe to live his life by making his own choices. Rafe vows to kill The Avatar. Ricky holds Karen hostage but lets her go when she makes him realize that they are not truly in love with each other. However, The Avatar then appears to Ricky. Alison tells Lucy she won't use the truth about Livvie's baby to get Rafe back. After accidentally drugging her father, a remorseful Livvie searches for Kevin, but is distraught when she can't find him. Lucy worries about Kevin herself when he doesn't return and she receives two odd phone calls.
S12E48 09.04.02 - Wednesday: Torn 04/09/2002 Marissa finds Ricky badly beaten and learns Lancelot was responsible. Frank, shows up, as a paramedic, but defends Lancelot. Karen treats Ricky, then tells Frank she'll never forgive him when she learns he beat Ricky up. Freaking out over Kevin, Livvie blames Rafe for not protecting her, but he vents his anger about protecting the world. Jamal suggests Alison make Rafe jealous to get him back, but she declines the idea. When Rafe comes by, Jamal kisses Ali and says they're together again. Livvie learns from the dealer that a drugged Kevin will either go crazy or die. The Avatar shows up at Livvie's.
S12E49 09.05.02 - Thursday: Torn 05/09/2002 Ian runs into Kate in New York and she tells him she hasn't reconciled with her boyfriend. However, Kate doesn't want to get involved with Ian. A strange man demands money from Kate. Jamal's scheme backfires when Marissa overhears him say he and Alison are back together. Ali admits it's not true, but Marissa leaves Jamal and Rafe accuses Ali of trying to manipulate him. Panicked over Kevin's disappearence, Lucy meets with Victor and Mac and tells them of her fears. Victor learns Kevin was spotted at Jasmine Island and Mac and Victor leave to search for him. Kevin returns home to Lucy with a strange look on his face.
S12E50 09.06.02 - Friday: Torn 06/09/2002 Lucy senses Kevin acting strangley when he returns home, especially when he seems amorous. After making love, Kevin tells Lucy he's not Kevin and she realizes he's Kevin's evil twin, Ryan. The Avatar sends Rafe to Alison to get to Livvie, then threatens justice for her crimes. Rafe and Ali return to Livvie, but don't find her, then Rafe admits he wants Ali. Ian steps in when a stranger demands money from Kate, but she won't confide in him about her woes. Ian follows her home and is shocked by her return to Brennan. As punishment, The Avatar makes Livvie watch as a deluded Kevin tries to strangle Lucy.
S12E51 09.09.02 - Monday: Torn 09/09/2002 Ian discovers Kate's comatose boyfriend Brennan alive and offers his support to her. As punishment, The Avatar makes Livvie watch Kevin, who thinks he's Ryan, strangle Lucy. Before ""Ryan"" can harm Lucy, The Avatar rescues her as Livvie runs off. Lucy and Victor try to get through to Kevin, as Frank warns Livvie not to cross him again. Alison tells Rafe to follow his heart when he admits he wants her. When he claims he can't because of his obligation to the baby, Ali asks what if he's not the father, but he denies it. Ali refuses to give up on him, and, after she says she loves him, Livvie walks in on them embracing.
S12E52 09.10.02 - Tuesday: Torn 10/09/2002 Frank apologizes to Karen for attacking Ricky, then asks her to save him from the Avatar. She agrees to help and they make love. Alison and Rafe's embrace is interrupted by Livvie, who demands Rafe no longer see Ali. He's not sure he can and leaves to pray. Livvie pledges to get rid of Ali. Lucy unties Kevin thinking she's reached him. Ali arrives and encounters Kevin, who still thinks he's Ryan. Victor knocks him out before he hurts her. When the police arrive to arrest Kevin for assaulting a woman, Lucy claims he's gone. Marissa and Jamal make up and he and Ricky go with her to a 9/11 candlelight vigil.
S12E53 09.12.02 - Thursday: Torn 12/09/2002 Ian suggests Kate bring Brennan to General Hospital for treatment. She admits she has feelings for Ian, who tells her to focus on Brennan. Karen tells Chris that she know Frank is ""Lancelot,"" but he is now retired from the hero business. Livvie threatens Frank to kill Alison by blackmailing him with a tape for Karen claiming Frank raped her. Rafe and Alison run into each other and Rafe tells her he will no longer run away from his feelings and wants to spend time with her and they plan a picnic. Rafe goes home to Livvie, who's supportive of his plan to spend time with Ali. The Avatar confronts Alison.
S12E54 09.13.02 - Friday: Torn 13/09/2002 Lucy's devastated over Kevin's breakdown and seeks comfort from Victor and then Ian. Livvie tells Rafe if he chooses their marriage and child over Alison, she wants to move from Port Charles. Rafe goes to meet Alison, but becomes worried when she doesn't show up. Livvie forges a goodbye note for Rafe from Alison. Alison is held captive by The Avatar, who has her blindfolded and tied to a tree. She appeals to his human side and Frank emerges and makes her realize it's Livvie who's behind her abduction. However, Frank remembers Livvie's blackmail and turns back into The Avatar and tells Ali she must die.
S12E55 09.16.02 - Monday: Torn 16/09/2002 After Lucy tells Ian how Kevin almost strangled her, Ian insists she have dinner with him, then secretly invites another person. The Avatar almost kills Alison until she prays, then Frank emerges and tells her to leave town instead. Rafe goes to Karen when he can't find Ali, but she insists The Avatar wouldn't hurt Ali. Rafe then gets Livvie's forged letter ""from Alison."" Frank tells Chris that he's retired as The Avatar, but Chris still has plans for him. Frank denies to Karen he was responsible for Ali's disappearance. Ali decides to stay in town and fight for Rafe, but gets her foot caught in a bear trap.
S12E56 09.17.02 - Tuesday: Torn 17/09/2002 Ricky declines Marissa's invitation to a road trip with Jack, Jamal and her because of his attraction to her, but Jamal insists he tag along. Lucy and Kate realize they have something in commong when Ian brings them together to talk about their man troubles. After Kate tells Lucy about Brennan's coma, Lucy offers to pay for his medical care. Rafe accuses Livvie of forging ""Alison's"" goodbye note, but she denies it. He demands to know Ali's whereabouts, but when she claims she doesn't know, he tells he won't let her go home until they find Ali together. Calling out for Rafe, Alison remains caught in a bear trap.
S12E57 09.18.02 - Wednesday: Torn 18/09/2002 Marissa, Jamal, Jack and Ricky all encounter something mysterious during their camping trip in the woods. Lucy tells Ian that Brennan's been transferred to G.H. and she's leaving to visit Kevin in Switzerland. Chris suggests to Karen he become The Avatar's next host. When she tries to phone Ian to warn him, Chris accidentally knocks her down and then The Avatar appears. Although they don't find Alison at her home, Rafe continues to accuse Livvie of doing something to her. He tells her their marriage is over. Trapped, Ali sees something in the woods. Rafe finds an empty trap with blood and torn clothing.
S12E58 09.19.02 - Thursday: Torn 19/09/2002 Jack, Jamal, Ricky and Marissa become paranoid when they realize they're not alone in the woods, especially after hearing a wolf howl. Jack finds a carved pumpkin containing soup. Kate thanks Ian for his help after Brennan is transferred to G.H. The Avatar is angry with Chris and threatens him. Despite Karen's appeals to Frank, The Avatar goes after Chris. Karen warns Ian the Avatar's after Chris and they find him beaten up in an elevator. Rafe searches the woods but can't find Alison. He goes to the barn hoping she would go there, then declares they belong together. He is pleasantly surprised when Ali shows up.
S12E59 09.20.02 - Friday: Torn 20/09/2002 Lucy visits a hospitalized Kevin and tries getting through to him, but he still thinks he's Ryan and turns his back on her. Chris almost dies in the hospital but is saved by Ian. Karen confronts Frank, demanding he give up The Avatar, but he refuses. Ian tells Karen they must force The Avatar out of him before he kills somebody. Reunited with Rafe, Alison explains how she passed out and woke up free from the trap. Rafe declares his love for Alison, and after kissing her, remembers their life together. They reaffirm their love but their happy reunion's cut short when Rafe's shot in the back by Livvie.
S12E60 09.23.02 - Monday: Torn 23/09/2002 Frank visits a hospitalized Chris and threatens him to keep quiet. Chris then refuses to identity his attacker to Doree in order to protect her. Ian tells Karen she must remove The Avatar's shroud to destroy him and she reluctantly agrees. Frank then surprises Karen in the park. Livvie flees after shooting Rafe in the back. Near death, Rafe pledges his eternal love to Alison and reveals the deal he made to retun to her. Livvie returns just as Rafe proclaims Ali as his one and only true love. Rafe dies and his body disappears and returns to Heaven, where Ed greets him. Ali then faces off with Livvie.
S12E61 09.24.02 - Tuesday: Torn 24/09/2002 Jack shows Ricky, Jamal and Marissa the strange soup he found and Marissa drinks it. Jack and Jamal go to the woods and meet a strange man. Marissa awakens in a trance and kneels by Ricky. Alison tells Livvie, that despite her interference, Rafe came back to her before he died, then Ali says goodbye to Rafe. Livvie returns home to find Ian has broken into her apartment to find Rafe's notes on The Avatar. Ian asks Livvie where is Rafe. Karen refuses to be with Frank if he can't control The Avatar, but he insists he can. After making love, Karen wakes up and tries to get The Avatar's shroud, but Frank stops her.
S12E62 09.25.02 - Wednesday: Torn 25/09/2002 In a trance, Marissa kisses Ricky, then goes in the woods where a strange man accuses Jamal and Jack of stealing his food. They find Marissa, who's been sleepwalking, and Jack snaps pictures when they hear noises. Ian doesn't believe Livvie when she says Rafe left her. She fakes stomach pains to stop him from taking Rafe's notes, then has real pains and she vows to protect The Avatar. After accusing Karen of betrayal, Frank morphs into The Avatar. Karen stands up to The Avatar, declaring her love for Frank. Frank's trapped in The Avatar's shroud, but manages to free himself, but the shroud reappears and begins choking Frank.
S12E63 09.26.02 - Thursday: Torn 26/09/2002 Marissa doesn't remember kissing Ricky, but he can't forget. Jack's photos reveal a rag doll in the woods. Alison tells Lucy she reunited with Rafe and saved his soul before Livvie shot and killed him. Ali tells Lucy she's leaving town. Rafe's notes reveal The Avatar might be destroyed if a new host rejects the spirit. An invisible shield prevents Karen from reaching Frank, who's strangled by The Avatar's shroud. Ian and an unseen Livvie arrive and Ian and Karen resuscitate a lifeless Frank. Ian calls out to The Avatar to be its new host, then morphs into The Avatar, but the shroud bursts into flames with Ian inside.
S12E64 09.27.02 - Friday: Torn [Finale] 27/09/2002 Ian escapes The Avatar's burning shroud, then tells Frank and Karen how he destroyed the spirit by rejecting it. Lucy advises Kate not to give up on a comatose Brennan, then agrees to go with Ian to bring Danny home. With The Avatar destroyed, Livvie seeks a father for her unborn child. After Jack rejects her, she approaches Frank, taunting him with the fact he fathered her child, just as Karen arrives. Jack goes to the woods but falls into a trap. Alison boards a train out of town, but sees Rafe through the fog as the train departs. Telling Ali ""they"" sent him back, Rafe runs and hops on the train and reunites with her.
S13E01 09.30.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes [Premiere] 30/09/2002 Frank admits to Karen he fathered Livvie's unborn child, but Livvie claims Frank raped her. Later, Karen overhears Livvie try to blackmail Frank with her phony rape story and blasts her for lying and defends Frank. On the train, Rafe tells Alison she saved his soul and, thus, allowed him to be human again. The two celebrate their reunion by making love. Jack lies unconscious as a mysterious woman with a rag doll stands over him humming. When he wakes up, Jack realizes the woman has been following him, but she remains silent. After he passes out from the pain of his injured leg, she goes to him with a sharpened knife.
S13E02 10.01.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes 01/10/2002 Livvie dreams she and Jack never broke up but wakes up alone. Lucy and Ian have fun in New York with their kids and Ian tries to make Lucy not feel guilty because Kevin's not there. Leaning on each other for support over their losses, they share a friendly hug. A hospitalized Kevin wakes up and cries out for Lucy. After calling her answering machine, he learns she's with Ian and calls her hotel. When Ian answers, he gets upset and hangs up. On the train, Rafe and Alison wake up together reunited. They make plans to leave Port Charles for good until Rafe hears a song on the radio and insists they return.
S13E03 10.02.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes 02/10/2002 Kevin claims he's recovered to his doctor, who refuses to release him with good reason- Kevin's fixated on Lucy. After Ian and Christina play tea party, Lucy and Ian laugh and he thanks her for making him laugh since Eve's death. Karen tells Frank she still loves him and will give him a second chance. Marissa tells Ricky she has no feelings for him, despite her sleepwalking kiss. They go with Jamal to find Jack, who's in a cave with the mystery girl who healed his leg. Ricky hears Jack's calls for help, but the mystery girl muffles Jack with a scarf, then grabs a knife as Jamal, Ricky and Marissa get closer.
S13E04 10.03.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes 03/10/2002 Marissa falls into the hole above Jack's cave while the mystery girl brandishes a knife below. Ricky pulls her out and they look in the hole but can't see Jack, then leave when Jamal learns Jack's bike was found elsewhere. Discreetly, Ricky takes Marissa's notebook to read it. Jack's tied up in the cave and aks the mystery girl when she'll let him go but she says ""never."" Alison and Rafe return to town where Ali faces off with Livvie over Rafe and Jack while Rafe says a final goodbye to Ed, who offers him fatherly advice. Livvie's shocked by Rafe's return and he angrily confronts her about her evil deeds.
S13E05 10.04.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes 04/10/2002 When Lucy injures her back, Ian massages her, but feels awkward about undressing her. She falls asleep on his shoulder. In Switzerland, Kevin steals keys from a nurse. Rafe blasts Livvie for her lies and says he always loved Alison not her. A spiteful Livvie plans to stall their annulment. Rafe proposes to Alison, who happily accepts. Jack asks the mysterious woman why she tied him up but she remains silent. When he yells at her, she becomes frightened and runs away. Using her knife, Jack frees himself and starts to leave the cave until he runs into the her. He's shocked to see she looks exactly like Livvie!
S13E06 10.07.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes 07/10/2002 Jack mistakes the mystery woman for Livvie and leaves the cave. He's confused when he runs into the real Livvie, then rejects her pleas to reconcile. Marissa discovers Ricky read her notebook and discovered her poetry. Upset, she destroys her poems, but he's touched by one she wrote about Casey. Jamal overhears about Rafe and Alison's engagement and he and Rafe nearly come to blows. Jamal tells Ali that Jack's missing. Rafe gets another vibe after hearing the song ""Naked Eyes"" on the radio again. An unseen Livvie spies on Ali and Rafe. Jack returns to the cave and asks the mystery woman who she is.
S13E07 10.08.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes 08/10/2002 Lucy has to answer to a confused Christina after she finds Lucy asleep in Ian's arms. Lucy then tells Ian they should stop spending time together. They start a playful pillow fight but are interrupted when an escaped Kevin shows up. Jack asks the mystery girl to come to town with him, but when she refuses, he decides to stay with her. He calls her ""Tess"" after seeing the name stitched on her rag doll. Jack calls Jamal to let him know he's okay and Jack learns Ali's back in town and engaged to Rafe. Livvie confronts Rafe and Alison and declares she has something for the both of them, then reaches into her purse.
S13E08 10.09.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes 09/10/2002 Marissa asks Ricky for her poems back and he surprises her with a song he wrote, using her poem about Casey. Marissa thanks Ricky for his gift. Rafe thinks Livvie has a gun, but Livvie gives him annulment papers. Still suspicious of her, Rafe signs them and Livvie says she's leaving town. However, Livvie lurks around Rafe and Alison and vows to make them pay. Ian and Lucy are surprised by Kevin, who demands to speak to Lucy alone. Christina enters and Kevin picks her up and won't let her go. After Lucy takes Christina to her room, she returns to finds herself alone with Kevin, unaware Ian's unconscious on the floor.
S13E09 10.10.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes 10/10/2002 Lucy's fightened by Kevin, especially when sees Ian unconscious on the floor. A crazed Kevin asks Lucy to run away with him. She tries reasoning with him, but he won't listen. She grabs the needle he injected Ian with, but an angry Kevin stops her. Ian rescues her by knocking Kevin out and Lucy cries she can't take anymore. Jack and Tess get closer when he gets her to communicate, takes her picture and helps clean her up. Livvie breaks into Alison's home and plants poison bath beads to kill Ali. While Rafe buys an engagement ring, Ali comes home, and starts a bath with the poisoned beads as Livvie, unseen, watches.
S13E10 10.11.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes 11/10/2002 Marissa fixes Ricky up with a date. Jamal tells Ricky and Marissa he sent their song to a rock band called The Stephen Clay Experience, as the mysterious Stephen Clay listens to it. Jack wonders if Livvie's mother secretly gave birth to a twin. Rafe bumps into a woman, dropping his engagement ring. After telling her his love story, he offers her a ride. Before Alison gets into the poisoned bath, Livvie sees she left her ring behind and breaks a window to divert Ali. Retrieving the ring, Livvie falls in, drenched with poison, and her double Tess can't breathe. Rafe introduces Ali to the woman he met- Ali's mother!
S13E11 10.14.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes 14/10/2002 Marissa gets a call from musician Stephen Clay saying he liked her and Ricky's song. Alison's reunion with her mother, Elizabeth, goes awry when Ali accuses her mother of being neglectful. Elizabeth says Ali's father died at sea. Ali rejects Rafe's comfort saying she doesn't know how to feel. After escaping the poison bath, Livvie goes to the hospital and collapses before Frank and Karen. As Frank and Karen treat Livvie, Jack carries an unconscious Tess out of the cave and begins CPR on her. As Karen revives Livvie, Tess comes back to life. Karen doesn't seem optimistic about Livvie's unborn child.
S13E12 10.15.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes 15/10/2002 Lucy visits a hospitalized Kevin, who unleashes his anger on her, but Lucy can no longer take his abuse. Telling him to take responsibility for his problems, she leaves. Kevin's doctor tells Ian to stay away from Lucy to help Kevin, then prescribes unusual music therapy- the song ""Naked Eyes,"" which gives Lucy the creeps. Tess frantically searches for her baby (rag doll), just as Karen tells Livvie she's lost her unborn child. Jack comforts Tess with a fairytale. Livvie refuses to believe Karen's prognosis until Frank convinces Livvie to face the truth, but she disappears before a necessary medical procedure.
S13E13 10.16.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes 16/10/2002 Marissa, Jamal and Ricky meet the obnoxious members of the Stephen Clay Experience (minus Stephen). A mystery man arrives when the trio wants to cancel the deal to sell their song. Rafe and Lucy discuss Elizabeth's return and their mutual feeling of impending trouble in town. Frank tells Ian that Livvie lost her baby but disappeared before a necessary medical procedure and Lucy agrees to help find Livvie, who is experiencing pain in the woods. Elizabeth lies to Alison and Amanda about the death of Ali's father, Malcolm. Rafe arrives with news that Ali's father died months ago and Elizabeth was suspected of his murder.
S13E14 10.17.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes 17/10/2002 Marissa, Jamal and Ricky meet Joshua Temple, manager of The Stephen Clay Experience, who offers lots of money and a contract for their song but a suspicious Jamal stalls the deal. Marissa follows Joshua when he goes to meet the mysterious Stephen Clay. Livvie refuses to believe her baby died and cries for Jack. Jack and Tess say a temporary goodbye and share several kisses. As Livvie doubles over in pain, Tess clings to her rag doll. Elizabeth denies killing Alison's father. Ali mourns her father's death. Elizabeth makes a mysterious call about Ali. Rafe disappears in the light after comforting a sleeping Ali.
S13E15 10.18.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes 18/10/2002 Rafe magically reappears in Alison's dream, where she imagines herself as a child with a loving father. Kate tells Jamal and Ricky the contract is okay. Marissa get lost in the dark while following Joshua. Jamal, worried about her, calls her cell phone, and hears her screams, then she mysteriously vanishes. Lucy tells Jack that Livvie's missing and her life's in danger. Livvie's lying in agony in the woods, as Tess lies on the cave floor, clutching her rag doll. Jack finds Livvie and tries to convince her to go to the hospital. Tess leaves the cave and is found by Lucy, who mistakes her for a missing Livvie.
S13E16 10.21.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes 21/10/2002 Jamal and Ricky interrupt The Stephen Clay Experience's rehearsal demanding to see Marissa, but find themselves tied up. In a locked room, Marissa finds her favorite things with a note from Stephen Clay asking her to write lyrics for him, which she does. Jamal and Ricky see she's okay and they all leave and Marissa suspects Joshua's really Stephen. Jack convinces Livvie her baby died and takes her to the hospital. Mistaking Tess for Livvie, Lucy brings her to the hospital. While Livvie's in surgery, Tess escapes Lucy, who's senses something wrong. Hiding, Tess sees Jack and calls out to him, but passes out.
S13E17 10.22.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes 22/10/2002 Lucy tells Rafe and Ali about Livvie's loss. Rafe and Lucy react negatively to the song ""Naked Eyes,"" then discuss their mutual feeling about something eerie in town. Lucy encourages Ali to seek closure with her estranged mother. Joshua tells Ricky that Stephen Clay is only interested in Marissa and not Ricky. Marissa shows Jamal new lyrics she wrote for Stephen Clay and he urges her to be cautious with the mysterious Stephen. Marissa and Jamal begin to make love, but are secretly spied on by Joshua through a hidden camera. Joshua copies Marissa's newest lyrics and declares she won't keep any secrets.
S13E18 10.23.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes 23/10/2002 Alison asks her mother why she was abandoned as a child and Elizabeth explains she chose her husband over her Ali. Elizabeth asks Ali for a second chance. Kate warns Ian about getting too close to Lucy, but he insists they're just friends. However, he later blows Lucy off. Jack tells Jamal about Tess, then takes him to the cave but when they don't find her, Jamal thinks Tess was a hallucination. Lucy visits Livvie, who insists Jack, not Lucy, found and rescued her. Livvie gets a chill when Tess walks by her room. After Tess enters a comatose Brennan's room and pronounces him ""better,"" he moves his fingers.
S13E19 10.24.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes 24/10/2002 Elizabeth tries stalling the reading of Malcolm's will. Ali's served with legal papers and accuses her mother of trying to steal her inheritance. Ricky tells Marissa The Stephen Clay Experience dumped him, but still wants her. She confronts Joshua, who surprises her with a song that has her new lyrics. Tess declares Brennan ""better,"" but causes his monitor to beep and runs off. Livvie leaves her room to find Jack and Chris mistakes Tess for Livvie. Livvie misses running into Tess, but gets a chill when she walks by. Livvie finds Jack waiting in her room as Tess goes into a closet and calls out for Jack.
S13E20 10.25.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes 25/10/2002 Elizbeth offers to drop her lawsuit, but Ali intends to fight for her inheritance. They learn Malcolm left his fortune to his TWO children and left Elizabeth nothing. Jack tells Livvie he doesn't love her and is seeing someone else. After Tess is found, Colleen escorts her back to Livvie's room, where Livvie and Tess see each other for the first time. Marissa accuses Joshua of spying on her to get her lyrics and tries to make him admit he's really Stephen Clay. He offers her a dreamed life, but she declines. Leaving, Marissa enters a car Joshua has arranged for and meets the real Stephen (or is he really Caleb?)!
S13E21 10.28.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes 28/10/2002 Livvie and Tess come face-to-face, but Livvie screams and Tess runs away. Ian, Lucy and Jack arrive and Jack tells them about Tess. Alison learns she won't get her inheritance until she finds her unnamed sibling. Ali offers Elizabeth her fortune in exchange for finding her sib. Stephen convinces Marissa he's the real deal after playing for her. She agrees to work with him on the condition he hire back Ricky. Tess visits Brennan and puts her hands to his face. Ian, Lucy, Jack and Livvie learn Tess is in Brennan's room but don't find her there. Brennan startles Livvie by grabbing her. Lost, Tess is offered a ride by Stephen.
S13E22 10.29.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes 29/10/2002 Frightened by Brennan's awakening, Livvie tells Lucy ""they"" are punishing her for killing her baby. Lucy vows to get to the bottom of the Tess mystery, but Livvie denies she and Tess could be twins. Brennan completely recovers from his coma and he and Kate happily reunite. Stephen recognizes the tune Tess hums as his song. Tess hears Jack calling her name and goes to him as Stephen's limo drives away. Jack takes Tess to his house and promises never to leave her. Stephen fires his drummer Mick, then gives him an ominous threat. Stephen announces he's ready to give the town a taste of The Stephen Clay Experience.
S13E23 10.30.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes 30/10/2002 Ian visits Jack and inquires about Tess's healing powers but Jack wants Ian to leave her alone. After being released from the hospital, Livvie shows up at Jack's and is stunned to see Tess wearing her robe. Ricky meets Stephen Clay and insults him. Stephen surprises Ricky when he asks him to be drummer for his band and Ricky accepts. Lucy tells Rafe about Tess and he tells her about Alison's sibling and Lucy feels there's a connection. Port Charles residents receive invitations to join The Stephen Clay Experience celebrate Halloween at a party on the docks. A suspicious Lucy insists Ian take her.
S13E24 10.31.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes 31/10/2002 Elizabeth upsets Alison by giving her a written contract formalizing their agreement regarding Ali's inheritance. Livvie makes a fool of herself pleading for Jack to dump Tess for her. Jack throws her out but Livvie returns to confront Tess alone. After Tess tells Livvie she killed her baby, Livvie tries grabbing her rag doll and scratches Tess but both their hands bleed in the same spot. Joshua encourages guests to lose their inhibitions at Stephen Clay's Halloween party, where Lucy and Ian share a kiss. Several guests get a chill when Stephen walks by and a masked Stephen greets Ali and a suspicious Rafe.
S13E25 11.01.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes 01/11/2002 Rafe's tells Alison he feels something's wrong at Stephen's party. After sharing a passionate kiss, Ian deflects Lucy's questions about their relationship. Seeing the identical cuts on Tess and Livvie's hands, Jack calls Ian, but Livvie takes off. Suspecting Rafe sent Tess to drive her crazy, Livvie goes to the party to confront him. Stephen intercepts her and they dance. Staring into his eyes, she remembers Caleb. Rafe sees them dancing and also looks at Stephen's eyes. He rips off his mask but discovers Joshua. Stephen seduces a drunk Elizabeth at a bar. Two masked men attempt to mug Lucy, then stab Ian.
S13E26 11.04.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes 04/11/2002 Rafe and Livvie are stunned it's Joshua behind the mask, not someone else. Rafe asks Livvie whom she thought it was, but she instead accuses him of creating Tess, which he denies. After remembering Caleb again, Livvie makes plan to visit Kevin for his help with Tess. Rafe decides to focus on his slayer skills to uncover a new veiled threat. Ian lies near death, as Lucy calls an ambulance. Tess privately lays her hands on Ian, who miraculously recovers. After having pasionate sex, Elizabeth tells Stephen about Alison, then Rafe, whom Stephen seems to know. Ali interrupts their tryst by arriving at the door.
S13E27 11.05.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes 05/11/2002 When Ricky puts off Reese's advances to focus on the band, she tells him he got his job because of Marissa. Joshua tracks down Marissa and orders her back to work. When she takes the night off to be with Jamal, Joshua arranges for Jamal to suddenly leave town on business. Stephen disappears before Alison enters Elizabeth's hotel room. Ali blasts her mother for her affair with a stranger, but becomes sympathetic when Elizabeth recounts Malcolm's various affairs. Rafe unknowingly encouters Stephen in a steam room but doesn't see him. After questioning Rafe, Stephen tells him who he is, then mysteriously vanishes.
S13E28 11.06.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes 06/11/2002 Livvie visits Kevin and tells him of Tess. She agrees to spy on Ian and Lucy for Kevin, who advises her to get to know Tess to take advantage of her. She runs off when Kevin plays Stephen Clay's song. Chris overhears Ian tell Lucy he would've died if it weren't for Tess's healing powers. Ian and Lucy discuss their attraction to each other, but Lucy decides they can't pursue it. Tess explains to Jack in simple terms how she healed Ian by taking away his hurt. When she asks if she and Livvie are sisters, Jack visits Ian and asks for a DNA test on Livvie and Tess to find out. Chris visits Tess and takes her away.
S13E29 11.07.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes 07/11/2002 Chris asks Tess about her healing powers, then cuts his arm and asks her to heal him. She cries he shouldn't hurt himself (not just physically but emotionally) and he breaks down in tears. She heals his wounds and leaves before Jack and Lucy arrive. Ricky tells Stephen and Marissa he's quitting because he doesn't want their chairty. Stephen threatens him to stay in the band and Ricky decides he won't quit to prove himself. Elizabeth tells Alison and Rafe about a mystery woman whom Ali's father loved. Rafe tells Ali about his encounter with Stephen, then Elizabeth invites them to the concert of her new lover Stephen.
S13E30 11.08.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes 08/11/2002 Jack and Lucy look for Tess at GH. Chris tells Ian that Tess healed his soul. Ian gets Tess's DNA results and is shocked by the results. Alison tells Rafe they should go to Stephen Clay's concert to learn more about the mysterious Stephen. Jack finds Tess in the woods but she leads him to the concert, where Livvie and, later, Lucy show up. As the concert starts, Lucy gets a bad feeling. Rafe and Ali are shocked to see Tess, then Livvie. After the band begins playing, Stephen finally emerges and his resemblance to Caleb shocks the crowd. Rafe thinks he's Caleb, but he greets Port Charles as Stephen Clay.
S13E31 11.11.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes 11/11/2002 Caleb's former victims are stunned by Stephen's resemblance to Caleb. Stephen holds out his hand to Tess, but Jack spirits her away. Rafe jumps on stage, knocks Stephen down and announces Stephen is really vampire Caleb, but Rafe ends up looking crazy and is almost arrested. Lucy and Rafe are convinced Stephen is Caleb. Alison asks her mother if Stephen bit her, but an incredulous Elizabeth refuses to answer. Tess tells Jack she loves him, but Ian tells Jack that Tess's DNA tests reveal she's not human. A frightened Livvie tries to leave town, but faces car trouble. As Livvie's stranded, Stephen approaches her.
S13E32 11.12.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes 12/11/2002 Elizabeth can't believe Alison's claims about Stephen being a vampire. Ali learns Elizabeth shared private info about her life with Stephen. Discussing Caleb's return, Rafe advises Lucy to be smart to avoid Caleb's trap. Stephen offers to help a stranded Livvie, but she's frightened of him and runs away. He pulls her from oncoming traffic and saves her life. He denies he's Caleb. Jack refuses to believe Tess isn't human. Ian thinks Tess is connected to Caleb, especially when she hums Stephen Clay's song. Livvie overhears this and blasts Tess. Rafe and Ali interrupt Stephen's passionate plans with Elizabeth.
S13E33 11.13.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes 13/11/2002 While dining with Elizabeth and Stephen, Rafe and Alison grill Stephen about his past, but he remains evasive. Convinced he's Caleb, Rafe steals Stephen's wallet to learn more about him. Ian takes Tess to his loft and she sees pics of Eve, then says she can't heal Ian's broken heart. Jack vows to protect Tess from Livvie, who realizes he's in love with Tess. After Livvie tells him about her encounter with Caleb, Jack allows Livvie to stay with him, then remembers being bitten by Caleb. Stephen takes Elizabeth back to her hotel room where they get passionate. He vows to deal with Rafe the slayer in his own way.
S13E34 11.14.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes 14/11/2002 Alison fears Rafe might die again battling Caleb. Rafe officially proposes with an engagement ring to put her mind at ease, however, he later sneaks out with a gun. Lucy learns Tess spent the night at Ian's and also the results of Tess's DNA test. When Ian defends Tess, Lucy accuses him of having feelings for her. Tess tells Ian to tell Lucy the truth- that he loves Lucy. Jack accuses Livvie of using Caleb to lure him back, but Livvie angrily denies this. When a loud noise startles them, they both apologize and Jack comforts Livvie as an unseen Tess witnesses. Ian admits to Lucy he does love her.
S13E35 11.15.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes 15/11/2002 Rafe returns Stephen's wallet and watches Stephen's press conference. Victor's contacts try locating a pic of Stephen to prove he is really Caleb. Stephen evades reporter's questions. Tess runs away after seeing Jack and Livvie hugging. Jamal learns Caleb's back and goes to the press conference, where he punches Ricky and carries Marissa away. Tess confronts Livvie and calls her ""bad."" After Ian says he loves her, Lucy admits she has some feelings for him, but she's remaining committed to Kevin. Rafe is shocked that an old photo of Stephen means he may not be Caleb. Waving a wooden stake, Jack confronts Stephen.
S13E36 11.18.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes 18/11/2002 Elizabeth tells Alison she may have found her sister in Canada. Ali gets a call from the girl's mother, then plans to fly with Elizabeth to meet her. Jamal demands Marissa quit Stephen's band but she refuses. When he says he loves her, she says she loves him too and agrees to quit. Livvie accuses Tess of being jealous, then tricks her into opening a trunk, pushes her in and traps her. Rafe shoots the wooden stake before Jack can kill Stephen, then tells Jack that Stephen may not be Caleb. Stephen vows payback for the attempted murder. Rafe & Jack end up in jail as Stephen boards Ali's private jet before it takes off.
S13E37 11.19.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes 19/11/2002 Lucy doesn't know how to deal with Ian's admission of love, but he still wants to be friends. After Livvie returns from dragging away Tess in a trunk, Lucy & Ian ask why she's filthy. Livvie claims she fell on the way to make peace with Tess. Alison's trapped on a flight with Elizabeth & Stephen due to bad weather. Rafe calls Ali but when Stephen answers, Rafe threatens to kill him if he hurts Ali. Ali learns Rafe & Jack are in jail and demands Stephen drop the charges and he does. Ali's flight experiences turbulence and Rafe learns the jet fell off the radar. On land, Stephen lays Elizabeth down, then checks on Ali.
S13E38 11.20.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes 20/11/2002 Ricky's upset when Marissa says she's quitting the band. He tells the band to keep rehearsing, despite Stephen's absence. Jamal, Jack, Ian, Lucy & Livvie learn Ali was in a plane crash with Stephen. Jack blasts Ian for losing Tess, then gets upset when Livvie implies Ali's plane crash & Tess's disappearance are connected. Ian plans to fly Rafe in a helicopter to the crash site despite bad weather. Elizabeth's relieved when an injured Ali gains consciousness. Elizabeth apologizes for abandoning her as a child and admits she loves her. Stephen vows to protect them both. A frightened Ali finds herself alone with Stephen.
S13E39 11.21.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes 21/11/2002 Livvie hears Tess's cries for help even though Tess is trapped in the trunk. Livvie feels cold and can't breathe, then collapses as she and Tess cry for Jack. Lucy tells Ian, Rafe and Jack the helicopter's grounded due to bad weather but Ian insists on flying. Using his powers, Rafe has a vision of Ali and knows where she is. Ali pleads with Stephen to leave her alone, but he insists he's not Caleb and treats her bleeding arm, then tells her stories to keep her awake. Rafe, Lucy, Ian & Jack arrive and Jack learns Tess wasn't on the plane. Rafe pulls a gun to shoot Stephen, but Ali tells Rafe not to hurt him.
S13E40 11.22.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes 22/11/2002 Alison tells Rafe that Stephen is not Caleb and explains how he helped her & her mom survive the crash. Realizing she's experiencing Tess dying, Livvie rescues Tess from the trunk, then apologizes and promises to never hurt her again. Jack returns and Livvie lies about how she found Tess. Tess gets upset when she sees her burned ragdoll and blames Livvie. Elizabeth vows to get to know Alison better after almost losing her. Ali's glad to finally have a mother-daughter relationship. Elizabeth breaks it off with Stephen, who asks for one last kiss- but instead he bares his fangs and bites her in the neck!
S13E41 11.25.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes 25/11/2002 Jack suspects Livvie was behind Tess's absence but Tess claims she saved her. Livvie learns Stephen gave Tess her doll. Tess asks Jack to give her a real baby. Rafe tells Ali to stay away from Stephen, then agrees to keep an open mind. Stephen tells Joshua that although he bit Elizabeth, he didn't mean to turn her into one of them, then claims she won't know what she is due to their liquid concoction. Joshua offers to get rid of Livve, but Stephen tells him not to touch her. Livvie looks for Caleb but runs into Joshua. Stephen visits Ali and explains Elizabeth was too tired to come, then Elizabeth shows up and kisses him.
S13E42 11.26.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes 26/11/2002 Jack tells Tess a baby needs a family & she says they should get married, but he says they're not ready. After meeting Livvie, Joshua remembers Stephen say he wanted to be loved by her. He tries to strangle her but Ricky arrives. Joshua invites her to dinner and she accepts in order to learn about Caleb. Joshua realizes she's a threat and plans to kill her. Rafe suspects Elizabeth's a vampire & asks Ian to examine her, explaining vampires won't allow their blood to be drawn. Rafe tells Stephen he knows he's Caleb. Ian reports Elizabeth's fine & let him draw her blood. Stephen stares at Rafe with his red eyes.
S13E43 11.27.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes 27/11/2002 Lucy misses Kevin on Thanksgiving and tells Ian that the fact the he loves her only complicates things. Serena overhears and asks what she was talking about but Ian covers. Lucy and Ian grow close and almost kiss but are startled by a loud noise. Jack tells Jamal that Tess might not be human, but he denies she's connected to Caleb. Tess has visions of Livvie looking for Caleb and then freaks out. Tess tells Jack she is Livvie, but he claims she's not. Alison's released from the hospital. She and Rafe go to the hospital chapel and count their blessings and pray for each other's safety as Rafe prepares to battle evil.
S13E44 11.28.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes 28/11/2002 Elizabeth brings Stephen to Lucy's for Thanksgiving. Rafe asks Stephen to say grace & he gives an nice prayer. Kate tells Ian she's moving back to Manhattan with Brennan & was wrong to say he should stay away from Lucy. Elizabeth bites Stephen on the neck & Rafe overhears him warn her to never do that again. Ali gets a phone call from the mother of her sister. Livvie & Joshua have dinner & drug the other's drinks. Livvie tries seducing Joshua to get him to admit that Stephen is Caleb. Reese sees them & calls Stephen, who shows up baring red eyes & fangs. Christina tells Lucy & Ian that she saw Kevin the night before.
S13E45 12.02.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes 02/12/2002 After Christina says she saw Kevin, Ian thinks she was dreaming when he can't find him. Lucy dreams of being with Ian but wakes up & finds Kevin in her bed. Alison & Rafe meet with the mother of Ali's sister. Elizabeth arrives & declares she's a fake hired to help get Ali's inheritance. Ali runs out & Elizabeth asks Rafe for help. Realizing she's not well, Rafe cuts his finger to see if she's a vampire. Livvie begs Stephen not to kill her but he claims he's not Caleb. Alone, he chokes Joshua & warns him not to touch Livvie. To prove he's Caleb, Livvie kisses Stephen. He acts unaffected but calls out her name after she leaves.
S13E46 12.03.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes 03/12/2002 Jack asks Chris to break the rules regarding Tess, as Ian runs more tests, but Ian tells Jack he'll keep Tess's secret. Tess has more flashbacks of Livvie. Elizabeth nervously treats Rafe's bleeding finger. Alison tells Stephen her mother tried to con her out of her inheritance. Stephen gives Elizabeth more of his special juice. Per Stephen's request, Elizabeth rips up her contract with Ali to rebuild their relationship. Kevin tells Lucy he's been released from the hospital. She's happy to see him but is still frightened & he vows to earn back her trust. Alone, he calls his doctor, saying Lucy has no idea he's changed.
S13E47 12.04.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes 04/12/2002 Behind Jamal's back, Marissa goes to Stephen's rehearsal but is caught when Jamal arrives to return Ricky's lost wallet. When Marissa won't quit the band, Jamal walks out on her. Ian's stunned to see Kevin at Lucy's and is suspicious of his recovery. Kevin thanks Ian for being a friend to Lucy during his absence, but alone he's upset that Ian's gotten so close with Lucy. Livvie goes to Elizabeth's to talk about Stephen, but Elizabeth thinks Livvie wants to steal him away. Livvie hides in the closet, then looks for proof of Caleb when Elizabeth leaves. Livvie's trapped in the closet when Elizabeth & Stephen return.
S13E48 12.05.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes 05/12/2002 Tess tells a disbelieving Jack she and Livvie are the same and worries he'll stop loving her when he finds out why. Tess doesn't tell Jack she had another vision of Livvie. With Livvie in the closet, Stephen almost makes love to Elizabeth until a phone call interrupts them. Stephen catches Livvie in the closet and she's jealous he almost made love to Elizabeth in front of her. He almost convinces her he's not Caleb but slips by calling her Olivia. Rafe enters Alison's dream to make her see Stephen is Caleb. In the dream, Stephen turns into a vampire and bites Ali. Meanwhile, Elizabeth's unable to wake Ali from her dream.
S13E49 12.06.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes 06/12/2002 Victor tells Kevin he'll be arrested for assault. Kevin claims he doesn't remember attacking the woman, but then pays her a visit. Lucy runs into Ian, who's angry he loves her but she's with Kevin. In Alison's dream, Stephen tells Rafe Alison will be a vampire and he'll have to kill her. Ali wakes up and screams when she sees Stephen. Stephen tells Elizabeth she shouldn't let Ali marry Rafe, who's driving her crazy. Rafe admits to Ali he entered her dream but his plan backfired. Livvie breaks into Stephen's to look proof of Caleb and remembers her past with him. Stephen returns to finds a naked Livvie waiting in his bed.
S13E50 12.09.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes 09/12/2002 Alison accuses Rafe of using magic to manipulate her in her dreams. He apologizes and she asks him to keep his promise about living a normal life. Kevin tells the hooker going to jail isn't in his plans. When Kevin returns to Lucy, she sees scratches on his wrist. Victor tells them the woman dropped the charges against Kevin. Livvie tries seducing Stephen, who kisses her. He says she betrayed him before and asks her to beg. She pleads for him to make her his bride again, promising never to betray him again. He reveals fangs, but then says he was just joking- he's Stephen not Caleb. Livvie thinks Caleb's just playing with her.
S13E51 12.10.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes 10/12/2002 Lucy tells Rafe to be normal he needs a job and she offers to finance him in opening a gym. Elizabeth tells Alison she shouldn't marry Rafe but Stephen convinces Ali not to let anyone stand in the way of love. Ali spills Elizabeth's ""water"" but replaces it with real water. After telling Jamal she doesn't want to quit the band, Marissa asks him to spend time with Stephen and he agrees but asks her not to be alone with Stephen. Livvie admits to Kevin she's attracted to Caleb. He tells her to stay away from him, but she asks Ricky out to make Stephen jealous. Kevin visits Stephen and threatens to send him to Hell.
S13E52 12.11.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes 11/12/2002 Elizabeth offers her support to Alison's marriage to Rafe, who offers Ali a normal life by opening a gym. Kevin threatens to blow up Stephen's gas-filled apartment and demands he stay away from Livvie. Stephen denies he's Caleb but when he calls Kevin ""doc,"" Kevin's sure he is Caleb. Kevin leaves after Stephen agrees to avoid Livvie. Jack & Tess run into Ian & Danny. Holding Danny, Tess has a flash of Livvie holding him. Lucy arrives and asks Ian to spend Christmas with her, but he declines. After Tess has another flash of Livvie & Danny, she realizes Danny's gone. Elizabeth finds Danny and picks him up.
S13E53 12.12.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes 12/12/2002 Rafe shares his visions of the gym with Alison. Tess finds Elizabeth holding Danny and tells her not to hurt him. Ian arrives and an ailing Elizabeth collapses in his arms. Ian takes her back to her hotel room and she tells herself Ian will give her everything she needs. At Stephen's band rehearsal, Livvie shows up and tries to make Stephen jealous by being with Ricky. Jamal warns Ricky that Livvie's using him and Joshua cautions Stephen about Livvie. Stephen sees Livvie kiss Ricky and has flashbacks of Caleb and Livvie making love. He tells Ricky to take Livvie to a hotel room, but privately he seethes in anger.
S13E54 12.13.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes 13/12/2002 Elizabeth comes on to Ian, but Stephen interrupts. Ian urges him to get her to the hospital. Ian treats a prostitute who was nearly beaten to death. When asked, she says Kevin did this to her. Kevin surprises Lucy when, dressed as Santa, he gives her an expensive ring. They make love and he promises to never leave her again. Rafe agrees to try to get along with Alison's mother and they plan to ask her to walk Ali down the aisle. Elizabeth tells Stephen she feels an ""endless hunger."" He encourages her to bare her fangs and lets her feed off him. Then, he shows her she's a vampire and bites her back, just as Ali and Rafe arrive.
S13E55 12.16.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes 16/12/2002 Alison & Rafe find Elizabeth & Stephen in bed together. Rafe sees blood on Stephen's collar and deduces Elizabeth's a vampire. Alone with Stephen, Elizabeth realizes this too. Ian & Chris treat the hooker Kevin once attacked. When Tess has more flashes of Livvie & Caleb, Jack brings her to G.H. Chris asks for Tess's help when the hooker's near death. Kevin's questioned regarding the hooker's beating. Ian's stunned when Lucy gives Kevin an alibi by saying they made love all night. Kevin implies Ian's trying to get Lucy back by making up false accusations. Ian accuses Lucy of sleeping with a monster and she slaps him.
S13E56 12.17.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes 17/12/2002 Rafe asks Ricky to steal a bottle of Stephen's ""water."" When Livvie ask Ricky on a date, Rafe accuses her of using Ricky to get to Stephen. Jack attacks Chris after learning Tess performed another miracle, but she defends Chris. When Chris can't help an ill Tess, Jack plans to take her back where she belongs. Jenny the hooker denies Kevin beat her. Lucy asks Ian why he accused Kevin. Ian's convinced Kevin had something to do with Jenny's beating but Lucy orders him to leave her alone. Kevin confronts Jenny and asks why she hasn't left town after he paid her to drop the charges against him, but Lucy overhears their secret.
S13E57 12.18.02 - Wednesday: Naked Eyes 18/12/2002 Lucy confonts Kevin about paying Jenny to drop the charges against him. She's surprised when Kevin doesn't seem remorseful and vows to do whatever he has to do to fight for their marriage. Stephen tells a horrified Elizabeth that even though she's a vampire, she can lead a normal life due to his liquid. He also claims he is no longer Caleb the vampire who once terrorized the town and tells her he loves her (even though he secretly thinks of Livvie). Rafe asks Livvie to team up with him to destroy Caleb, but when she declines, he accuses her of wanting Caleb back. Ricky gives Rafe some of Stephen's ""water.""
S13E58 12.19.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes 19/12/2002 Jack takes Tess back to her cave. He wants to make love, but she tells him she can't. She asks him to take her back to his home, then has a flash of herself with Caleb and a lifeless Livvie. Rafe learns from Chris that Stephen's ""water"" is similar to the vampire serum Chris created, which gave someone vampire powers without the need to feed. Ali's surprised by her mother's sudden recovery and burst of energy. Thirsty, Ali drinks some of Elizabeth's ""water."" Livvie lures Stephen to her place, where she attempts to seduce Ricky. Upon seeing them, an unseen Stephen bares his fangs and red eyes, just as Rafe arrives.
S13E59 12.20.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes 20/12/2002 When Elizabeth stops Alison from drinking her ""water,"" Ali suspects it's drugs. Elizabeth denies it, but decides to share her ""gift"" with Ali. Jack asks Kevin to include Tess in his family but Kevin denies he's connected to Tess. Livvie halts her seduction of Ricky when she realizes Stephen left. Tess arrives and tells her she remembers Caleb bit Livvie, she died and Caleb pulled Tess from Livvie. Rafe realizes Stephen really is Caleb. Stephen tries convincing Rafe he's changed and asks them to both live normal lives. Saying he'll never change, Rafe plunges a wooden stake in his heart but Stephen pulls the stake out.
S13E60 12.23.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes 23/12/2002 Tess tells Jack she's not a real person and explains she's part of Livvie. Jack insists she's real because he loves her and then he makes love to her. Elizabeth almost bites Alison to share her ""gift"" but reconsiders when Ali talks about mothers and daughters. Ali's private eye gives her Malcolm's trunk, which contains love letters and a picture of a woman she thinks is the mother of her sibling. Stephen tells Rafe he's no longer about death. Rafe calls him on making Elizabeth a vampire but he says he'll take her away. Stephen shocks Rafe by explaining how when Rafe returned from Heaven, he was allowed to return from Hell.
S13E61 12.24.02 - Tuesday: Naked Eyes 24/12/2002 Rafe doesn't tell Alison about Caleb's return, but sensing he's worried, she tells him to have faith. Ian takes Danny to visit Eve's grave on Christmas, lamenting the fact that he can't give Danny a family. Lucy's still upset with Kevin for lying to her, but he tells her to get past it. When Kevin tells Christina the story of his Christmas wedding to Lucy, Lucy remembers the happy event. Livvie moves in with Jack and Tess to be near Tess. Tess gets her Christmas wish of everyone being together when a power outage hits town and Port Charles citizens gather around the only light source- a Christmas tree in the park- and sing carols.
S13E62 12.26.02 - Thursday: Naked Eyes 26/12/2002 On the night before her wedding, Alison writes a letter to her future child describing her relationship with Rafe while remembering (via flashbacks) the ups and downs of their relationship. Stephen imagines a future with Livvie where he doesn't have to hide his true identity as Caleb and she willingly chooses to be his bride and drink from him. Elizabeth brings Stephen back to reality and he decides to lose himself in her. Livvie explains to Tess her love for Caleb. Tess cautions her that Caleb's evil will destroy her, but while Tess sleeps, Livvie sneaks out and declares she's not afraid of her destiny.
S13E63 12.27.02 - Friday: Naked Eyes 27/12/2002 Livvie tells Stephen she & Tess remembered how he created Tess. Joshua offers to get rid of Livvie but Stephen protests. Joshua tells Livvie that Stephen wants to meet her at the docks. Tess calls Livvie and tells her not to go, but Livvie decides to go anyway. After Ian breaks off his friendship with Lucy, Kevin threatens him to stay away from her. Before his wedding, Rafe tells Lucy that Stephen really is Caleb and has made Elizabeth a vampire but Alison doesn't know. Stephen arrives and offers to call a truce and leave town after the wedding. Meanwhile, a happy Alison prepares for her wedding, unaware of the situation.
S13E64 12.30.02 - Monday: Naked Eyes [Finale] 30/12/2002 Livvie's surprised to meet Joshua on the docks, not Caleb. Joshua plans to drown her, but Livvie hits him and escapes. Tess (dressed identical to Livvie) shows up and Joshua throws her in the water. Livvie returns to pull Tess out of the water, but Joshua pushes her in too, then leaves. One hand emerges from the water. Elizabeth tells Stephen she doesn't want to be a vampire anymore. Ian helps calm Rafe's prewedding jitters. Lucy's upset that Caleb shows up at the wedding but Rafe asks her to ignore him. As the wedding starts, Rafe stands at the altar, as the church doors open to reveal Alison in her wedding dress.
S14E01 12.30.02 - Monday: Surrender [Premiere] 30/12/2002 Before her wedding, Alison looks at Rafe's mother's pic, then says she can't marry Rafe. She explains his mother was her father's mistress, meaning they might be siblings. Rafe thinks Caleb's setting them up and tells her Caleb bit Elizabeth. Ali's devastated to learn her mother's a vampire and Rafe may be her brother. Rafe asks a doubtful Ali to believe in him. He comforts her and they begin to make love. Tess climbs out of the water but falls in trying to rescue Livvie. Submerged, Tess grabs Livvie and they twirl until they merge into one, then the hybrid Livvie/Tess emerges. Sensing she's in trouble, Caleb cries out for ""Olivia,"" which Elizabeth hears. Caleb asks Elizabeth to marry him. Lucy tries to stop the impromptu wedding to no avail. Later, Caleb makes love to Elizabeth but thinks of Livvie, whose spirit appears to him, asking him to find her. Caleb goes to Livvie on the docks and says he won't hurt her but she says she's Tess not Livvie. He realizes they've merged back into o
S14E02 12.31.02 - Tuesday: Surrender 31/12/2002 Alison tells Lucy she & Rafe could be siblings. Rafe insists Caleb's behind it and Lucy tells him Caleb married Elizabeth. Ali's upset by the news, then finds a hidden pic of her dad with Rafe's mom. Jack stops Caleb before he can bite Tess. They struggle but Caleb's strength wins out. However, Caleb is uable to bite Tess. Jack says it's because Tess is pure good but Caleb vows he'll have her, then disappears. After biting Ian, Elizabeth tries to seduce him, but he runs off and shows up at Lucy's. Caleb returns and sees blood on her. Although she denies feeding, he says if she did, he'll kill that person and her too.
S14E03 01.02.03 - Thursday: Surrender 02/01/2003 Kevin asks Jack where Livvie is but Jack doesn't know. Learning Livvie's wallet was found by the docks, Jack then claims she left town, but Kevin doesn't believe him. Jack wonders if Tess did something to Livvie. Kevin meets Tess on the docks, then accuses her of killing Livvie when she says Livvie fell in the water. Alison tells Rafe they can't see each other anymore until she gets proof they're not related. Caleb demands the truth from Elizabeth, who denies feeding. Bursting into Stephen's studio, Rafe threatens Joshua, roughs up Caleb's band of vampires and promises to destroy Caleb. Sensing his presence, Caleb appears.
S14E04 01.03.03 - Friday: Surrender 03/01/2003 Lucy finds an ailing Ian, who insists she leave before he hurts her. Realizing what he's become, Lucy asks him to trust her so Ian shows her his fangs. Tess tells Kevin that Livvie didn't die- she's inside her. Tess tries to heal Kevin's anger by putting her hand on his heart, but he pushes her away and accidentally knocks her into the harbor. Caleb denies Rafe's charges that Caleb's responsible for making Alison think she & Rafe are related. Rafe reminds Caleb through visions how Livvie's betrayed him, then Caleb shows Rafe a vision where he bites Ali. Caleb disappears, then reappears behind Rafe, snapping his neck.
S14E05 01.06.03 - Monday: Surrender 06/01/2003 Lucy vows to stick by Ian, even though he's a vampire. Rafe lives and reveals neither he nor Caleb can the kill the other. Caleb threatens to kill Alison if Rafe doesn't end their war. Ali asks her mother if she's a vampire but Elizabeth denies it. She tells Ali she married ""Stephen"" but denies he's Caleb or was involved in Ali's discovery that she and Rafe are siblings. When Ali agrees to move in with Elizabeth and Stephen, Rafe bursts in and carries her out. Kevin lets Tess drown and lies to a worried Jack that he hasn't seen her. Caleb rescues her and brings her to his mansion, vowing he's the only one she can trust.
S14E06 01.07.03 - Tuesday: Surrender 07/01/2003 Alison tells Rafe she plans on moving in with Stephen and her mother to spy on them to see if Caleb set them up to be brother and sister. Lucy implores Ian to get ahold of Caleb's ""water,"" so Ian breaks into Stephen's apartment but is caught by Elizabeth. Wearing Livvie's wedding dress, Tess insists she's not Livvie, but Caleb's sure Livvie will emerge. Tess remembers Livvie marrying Caleb and kisses Caleb. However, when she tries healing him, he realizes she's still Tess and makes her vanish. Kevin tells Lucy that Livvie might be dead and he may have killed Tess. Jack overhears and attacks Kevin, then Tess appears.
S14E07 01.08.03 - Wednesday: Surrender 08/01/2003 Caleb tells Joshua not to interfere with his pursuit of Livvie. Jack, Lucy & Kevin find Tess unharmed but Kevin's harsh words to Tess surprise Lucy, who suggests he return to the hospital. Alone, Tess tells Jack that ""Stephen"" rescued her and took her to his villa. Jack realizes Caleb will come after her again because she looks like Livvie. Elswhere, Caleb sings ""The Gift"" for Livvie. Elizabeth gives Ian the ""water"" but tells him he must stay away as Stephen will kill them both. Ian convinces her to leave Caleb and then departs. Caleb returns, but Elizabeth distracts his suspicions by seducing him.
S14E08 01.09.03 - Thursday: Surrender 09/01/2003 Instructed by Rafe, Alison plants surveillance cameras in Caleb's apartment. When Elizabeth arrives, Ali almost admits she knows her mother's a vampire, but quickly covers and leaves. At G.H., Ian almost makes a possible fatal mistake with a patient and then abruptly leaves. He goes back to Elizabeth and tells her the ""water"" is not working. Jack asks Tess to marry him right away and she agrees. Jack then warns Jamal to get Marissa away from Caleb right away, so Jamal tells her that her mother called and wants her to go home. While Jack is out preparing for the wedding, Caleb shows up and greets Tess.
S14E09 01.10.03 - Friday: Surrender 10/01/2003 Ian refuses to accept he's a vampire but Elizabeth encourages him to feed off her. She kisses him and starts to seduce him and he bares his fangs. Lucy gives Kevin an ultimatum- return to the hospital or she will leave him. When Kevin refuses her demands, she goes to Rafe's and sees Ian and Elizabeth getting passionate on the surveillance cameras. While Reese distracts Jack by playing damsel in distress, Caleb confronts Tess, trying to appeal to Livvie inside her. Tess tells him she's marrying Jack, but Caleb won't allow it. He wants to sing ""Surrender"" for her but she stops him by putting her finger to his lips.
S14E10 01.13.03 - Monday: Surrender 13/01/2003 Lucy calls the fire department to break up Ian and Elizabeth's passion. Lucy then gets Ian away from Elizabeth before he can bite her. Caleb tries singing to Tess but no words come out of his mouth. Tess says she won't let him use his music to do harm and vows to help free him from the darkness. Jack realizes Reese is stalling him, per Caleb's insructions, so he races home to Tess but doesn't find Caleb. A minister performs a wedding ceremony for Jack and Tess and pronounces them man and wife. Caleb discovers his singing voice has been silenced, then dreams Tess comes to him in her wedding dress and kisses him.
S14E11 01.14.03 - Tuesday: Surrender 14/01/2003 Alison finds a police report about her father's death in Caleb's home. Ali and Rafe wonder if Caleb killed her father and plan a trip to Capri to investigate. Elizabeth decides to accompany Ali. Jack warns Tess away from Caleb after learing he visited her before the wedding. Jack asks Rafe to train him as a vampire slayer and Rafe agrees. Caleb tells Kevin that Livvie's alive but trapped inside Tess. Caleb asks Kevin to help bring Livvie back by getting close to Tess. Kevin agrees, then visits Tess. When Ali calls Caleb on being a bad husband to her mother, she mistakenly calls him ""Caleb"" instead of ""Stephen.""
S14E12 01.15.03 - Wednesday: Surrender 15/01/2003 Alison quickly covers after she accidentally calls Caleb by his real name, instead of ""Stephen."" Caleb threatens to harm both Elizabeth and Ali if Elizabeth told Ali his true identity. Caleb orders Joshua to accompany Ali and Elizabeth to Capri to keep an eye on them. Kevin apologizes to Tess and asks to be a father to her. Kevin then reports his progess with Tess to Caleb. Chris visits Ian's loft and insinuates Ian and Lucy are lovers when he sees Lucy there. Ian starts strangling him but Lucy gets him to stop. A choking Chris grabs Ian's ""water"" and drinks it, then starts to feel strange. He then announces he's a vampire!
S14E13 01.16.03 - Thursday: Surrender 16/01/2003 Jack is suspicious when Tess says her father (Kevin) invited her to dinner so he tags along. Ian and Lucy realize Caleb's ""water"" has made Chris think he's a vampire, but he's really not. When Chris jumps off a building to ""fly"", Ian pulls him back up and saves his life. Realizing he still has human tendencies, Lucy urges Ian not to give up on himself. Joshua, Alison and Elizabeth fly to Capri on Stephen's private plane, along with Rafe who's stowed away. After drugging Elizabeth to sleep, Joshua comes on to Ali, who resists his advances. Joshua almost discoves Rafe until Ali distracts him by giving in to his charms.
S14E14 01.17.03 - Friday: Surrender 17/01/2003 Ian thanks Lucy for stopping him from feeding on Elizabeth but she says she only wanted to stop him from making love to her. Giving in to their desire, Ian and Lucy start to kiss. Rafe stops Alison's charade with Joshua by creating turbulence for the flight. Elizabeth awakens and berates Joshua for coming on to Ali. Suspcious, Joshua searches the plane but doesn't find Rafe, who later appears in Ali's hotel room. Jack stands guard while Tess is alone with Kevin. Kevin hypnotizes Tess but then Caleb appears and takes her away to the woods. Caleb sings ""Surrender"" to Tess until Livvie emerges, then they kiss.
S14E15 01.20.03 - Monday: Surrender 20/01/2003 Rafe gives Alison an impromptu honeymoon, minus any passion, when she sadly reflects on their lost honeymoon. Ian halts his passion with Lucy but says he'll fight his vampire urges because he knows she'll wait for him. After Kevin says Tess is nothing to him, Jack knocks him into a wall. Caleb's music awakens Livvie, who briefly reunites with Caleb until Tess emerges and says Caleb can't have Livvie. Caleb urges Livvie to return. Tess then has flashes of merging with Livvie and passes out. At G.H., an injured Kevin sees Ian and Lucy together. Jack tells them Caleb took Tess, then Caleb arrives with an unconscious Tess.
S14E16 01.21.03 - Tuesday: Surrender 21/01/2003 At G.H., a shaky Ian revives an unconscious Tess. Caleb tells Kevin that Livvie came back but Tess fought her until she collapsed. After Kevin explains Tess suffered trauma, Jack threatens Kevin if anything happens to her. An eager Reese wants to bite Ricky but Caz warns her to wait until Stephen says so. When Caz leaves, Reese seduces Ricky and almost bites him but Caz returns and stops her. Jamal tells Marissa that Stephen really is Caleb. Marissa goes to Stephen's studio to get proof he's a vampire but Reese catches her snooping. Lucy warns Caleb to stay away from Tess but he later appears in her hospital room.
S14E17 01.22.03 - Wednesday: Surrender 22/01/2003 Kevin tells Jack that Tess has Livvie, but Jack doesn't believe him. Marissa covers when Reese catches her snooping and snags a roll of film. Caleb apologizes to an unconscious Tess for hurting her. When he kisses her, she awakens. Jack reunites with Tess, who sees Caleb through the window. On board the yacht Malcolm died, Alison tells Elizabeth she's there to find proof she's not related to Rafe. Joshua's suspcious when he catches them searching the yacht. A hidden Rafe overhears Joshua pay off the captain who lied to the police about seeing Joshua on board when Malcolm died, but then Joshua knocks Rafe out from behind.
S14E18 01.23.03 - Thursday: Surrender 23/01/2003 Lucy suggests Ian go to his cabin to get away and he agrees. Once they arrive, they see Caleb's ""water"" has spilled from the bottles. The yacht captain plans to throw a chained up Rafe overboard but is distracted when Alison reports a fire on deck. When Ali shows up, Rafe tells her Joshua & Caleb may have killed her father. Elizabeth tells Joshua about Ali's quest to prove Rafe's not her brother. After drugging Elizabeth, Joshua learns Ali's on the yacht and orders Rafe killed. The captain points his gun at Rafe, who frees himself from the chains and knocks the gun out of his hand. Ali returns to the hotel to face Joshua.
S14E19 01.24.03 - Friday: Surrender 24/01/2003 Ian and Lucy are trapped at his cabin without Caleb's ""water."" Offering to stay with him through his crisis, Lucy kisses him and they soon make love. Rafe demands the yacht captain tell him what he knows about Joshua, Caleb and Malcolm's death. The captain then leads Rafe to a graveyard and Rafe begins digging. Joshua threatens to kill Alison for learning too much. When he intends to have his way with her first, Elizabeth jumps up and bites him. When Tess goes home from the hospital, she tells Jack not to worry about Caleb. As a butterfly, Caleb lures Tess to the woods, then surprises her with a horse-drawn carriage.
S14E20 01.27.03 - Monday: Surrender 27/01/2003 Caleb takes Tess on a carriage ride and feels attracted to her kindness but reminds himself he wants Livvie. Tess thanks him for the date, then goes home to Jack. After making love, Ian doesn't feel pain and credits Lucy for temporarily curing him. When Gail's worried about Lucy, Kevin shows up at the cabin to check on her. Lucy tries to hide her tryst with Ian, who exposes it to Kevin. After Elizabeth kills Joshua to protect Alison, Ali helps her get rid of the body and urges her mom to leave Caleb. When Joshua doesn't answer Caleb's phone call, Caleb shows up unexpectedly just as Ali and Elizabeth are hiding the body.
S14E21 01.28.03 - Tuesday: Surrender 28/01/2003 Confronted by Kevin, Lucy chooses Ian over her husband. Marissa sees the pics she stole from Reese, which prove Stephen and his band are vampires, then Reese & Caz try to kill her. Marissa's saved when her late twin Casey appears! Alison & Elizabeth lie to Caleb about Joshua's whereabouts. Elizabeth tells Caleb she's leaving him, but he seduces her. Rafe tells Ali her mother's now a full-fledged vampire because she killed. Rafe disposes of Joshua's dead body. An upset Ali sees Caleb & Elizabeth making love. Rafe reveals he found papers which prove Ali's sibling's a girl, so Rafe can't be her brother! Rafe & Ali joyously reunite.
S14E22 01.29.03 - Wednesday: Surrender 29/01/2003 After Caleb leaves her, Elizabeth wants to return home right away with Alison. However, a mysterious fog grounds their plane, so Ali and Rafe pass the time by making love. After saving Marissa, Casey says she must leave town forever for her and Jamal's safety, but won't remember coming to town. Casey will take over her life. After sending her home, Casey runs into Jamal, who thinks she's Marissa. Tess meets Caleb at the spot of their date. He says his wife left him and asks her to help find the good in him. Tess accuses him of trying to trick her because he wants Livvie. She says she won't be fooled by him and leaves.
S14E23 01.30.03 - Thursday: Surrender 30/01/2003 Rafe tells Alison they must keep their relationship a secret from Caleb. He says he must focus on his fight with Caleb and she offers to help. After Lucy and Ian make love again, he wonders if her lovemaking is a cure for his vampirism. An angry Kevin spies on them and then kidnaps Lucy. Jamal's surprised by ""Marissa's"" new look and attitude. When she refuses to quit Stephen's band, he walks out on her. Ricky's surprised to see Casey, who he thinks is Marissa. Casey and Reese come to blows. Caleb's thoughts are on Tess and not his music. Caleb learns Joshua's missing and blames Rafe, who vows to come after Caleb.
S14E24 01.31.03 - Friday: Surrender 31/01/2003 After kidnapping Lucy, Kevin pleads with her to give their marriage one last chance. Kevin takes Lucy to a hotel room for romance and Lucy pretends to give in, but eyes the telephone. Ian's vampire symptoms return without Lucy. Realizing Kevin took Lucy, Ian vows to kill him if he hurts Lucy. Caleb declares war on Rafe for killing Joshua, which Rafe denies. Caleb then speculates Alison killed him. Back home, Elizabeth has visions of Joshua and thinks he's haunting her. Alison thinks it's her guilt, but Elizabeth says she enjoyed killing him. When Ali sleeps, Caleb arrives and stands over her baring his fangs.
S14E25 02.03.03 - Monday: Surrender 03/02/2003 After Rafe stops Caleb from biting Alison, Caleb realizes Rafe and Ali have reunited. Caleb demands to know who killed Joshua. When Elizabeth admits she did it, Caleb vows to hurt her, then vanishes. Jack takes Tess on a date but is surprised when she picks out Livvie's favorite song in the jukebox. Chris arrives and says Tess's latest test results show she now has DNA and is a real person. Kevin pleads with a captive Lucy to give their marriage another try. Lucy pretends to give in but tries to use her cell phone until Kevin stops her and refuses to let her go. Ian then burst in, baring his fangs and knocking Kevin down.
S14E26 02.04.03 - Tuesday: Surrender 04/02/2003 Elizabeth pleads with Caleb to take her back or kill her, but he refuses and declares their marriage over. Elizabeth sees Joshua, who calls her a murderer. Lucy stops an enraged Ian from hurting Kevin by kissing him. The cops arrive and arrest Kevin for kidnapping and throw him in jail. Ian's hunger pains disappear when Lucy's finally safe and they begin to kiss. Jack asks Tess what happened to Livvie and she tells him Livvie's inside her and explains how Caleb created her from Livvie. Jack assures Tess of his love, despite the fact that she and Livvie are now one. After remembering Livvie, Caleb vows to bring her back.
S14E27 02.05.03 - Wednesday: Surrender 05/02/2003 Rafe & Ali try calming Elizabeth, who's freaked after seeing Joshua again. Elizabeth shoots herself but doesn't die. Rafe explains a vampire can't kill itself, but a slayer can, but he won't kill her. Ricky tells ""Marissa"" (Casey) he never stopped loving Casey. After he sings the song about Casey, she kisses him but stops when thunder rumbles. Tess meets Caleb and asks how he became a vampire. After Caleb tells his tragic story, Tess offers to heal his pain, but he says it's too late. Jack tells Jamal that Tess & Livvie are one, then asks for his help battling Caleb. Tess returns and says she's been out with Caleb.
S14E28 02.06.03 - Thursday: Surrender 06/02/2003 Per Lucy's suggestions, Ian experiments on her to discover her slayer essence and learns her blood makes his blood normal when mixed together. Lucy professes her love to Ian. ""Marissa"" tells Ricky their kiss shouldn't have happened but stops short of confessing she's really Casey. Ricky wants to reignite their passion but Casey resists to focus on her mission. Jack, Jamal, Rafe and Alison try to get Tess to see the truth about Caleb, as Tess only sees the good in him. Jack goes to Caleb and provokes him and Caleb attacks him. Just as Caleb's ready to bite him, Rafe enters with Tess, who pleads with Caleb not to hurt Jack.
S14E29 02.07.03 - Friday: Surrender 07/02/2003 Lucy visits Kevin in jail and serves him with a restraining order. When he issues more threats, Lucy takes off her wedding ring and walks out. Tess runs off after seeing Caleb attack Jack. Jack runs after her and she apologizes for trying to save Caleb. Jack urges her to leave town with him right away, but then the lights go out and when they return, Tess is gone! Rafe urges Caleb to leave town, but later tells Alison and Jamal he fears Caleb's revenge. Caleb discovers the hidden camera in his loft. Caleb then calls all vampires to his aid. Reese and Caz respond to Caleb's call- as does Ian, who hides in the bushes.
S14E30 02.10.03 - Monday: Surrender 10/02/2003 Ian sees Caleb order Reese & Caz to attack the town. Tess arrives and convinces Caleb to stop the attack by appealing to his good side. Joshua reveals to Elizabeth he's still alive. Ian warns Rafe, Alison, Jack and Lucy about Caleb's planned attack but Rafe realizes Ian's a vampire too and gets him to admit it. Ed berates Casey for letting her feelings for Ricky interfere with her mission, but he agrees to give her a second chance. Jamal sees ""Marissa"" appear in the woods, but realizes she's really Casey. Tess tells Rafe, Alison, Jack and Lucy that Caleb stopped the attack, as Caleb toasts his new guardian angel- Tess.
S14E31 02.11.03 - Tuesday: Surrender 11/02/2003 Rafe and Alison argue after he suggests using Tess to get close enough to Caleb to destroy him. Thinking it's too dangerous for Tess, Ali suggests letting Tess heal Caleb, then goes to Tess and says she believes she can save Caleb. Joshua reveals to Elizabeth that he's now a vampire and wants to be more powerful than Caleb. He convinces her to help destroy Caleb after he tells her of Caleb's alleged infidelities. Caleb and his band sing a new song, Newborn Heart, dedicated to ""a special girl."" However, Reese is worried Caleb's going soft. Later, Caleb daydreams that Livvie returns to him.
S14E32 02.12.03 - Wednesday: Surrender 12/02/2003 Lucy arranges a visit between Ian & Danny, which gives Ian the strength to keep fighting his vampirism. Caleb agrees to get a jailed Kevin released if Kevin keeps Lucy distracted and repays the favor someday. Kevin agrees, then vows to destroy Ian and Lucy. After Jamal sees ""Marissa"" use magic to stand up to Reese, he confronts her and she admits she's Casey but says he can't tell Ricky. Encouraged by Alison, Tess goes to save Caleb but runs into Joshua. He apologizes for his attempt to kill her but she isn't buying it. Jack & Ali arrive and rescue her and Ali's stunned to see Joshua alive. Caleb then threatens to kill Joshua.
S14E33 02.13.03 - Thursday: Surrender 13/02/2003 When Alison tells Rafe that Joshua's still alive, Rafe realizes he's a vampire. Ali asks Rafe to forget about Caleb for one night and they make love. Jack tells Tess he's worried about her involvement with Caleb but when she says she has to save him, Jack pretends to support her. Later, however, he tells Rafe and Ali he only pretended to support Tess and wants Caleb destroyed. Caleb tells Joshua he knows he's a vampire, then confides in him about his plan to use Tess to get to Livvie by pretending to change. Joshua thinks Caleb's gone soft. While Tess prepares for a night of romance with Jack, Caleb shows up while Jack's away.
S14E34 02.14.03 - Friday: Surrender 14/02/2003 Lucy mistakenly hires a male stripper for Ian on Valentine's Day. Later, their romantic dinner is ruined by Kevin. After biting Elizabeth, Joshua suggests they feed off each other but Elizabeth runs to Ian's only to discover he & Lucy are sleeping together. Alison voices her displeasure with Rafe & Jack's plan of using Tess to get Caleb. Rafe gets Ali to forget their argument for the night. Tess hears Caleb's music and follows it to Caleb, who plays his new song for her, then gives her a music box. Later, Tess prepares to spend Valentine's with Jack, but plays the music box. When Jack comes home, he's met by Livvie!
S14E35 02.17.03 - Monday: Surrender 17/02/2003 Kevin accuses Caleb of giving up Livvie in favor of Tess and says he's obsessed with her. Elizabeth intrudes on Lucy and Ian's evening, as she wants to feed off Ian. Learning Ian hasn't been feeding or drinking his water, Elizabeth realizes Ian is having sex with Lucy (a slayer) which suppresses his need to feed. Getting a similar idea in her head, Elizabeth calls Rafe (another slayer). Jack's surprised by Livvie's return and realizes it's due to Caleb's music box. When Jack closes it, Tess returns and he asks her not to open it again. Jack then destroys, then discards the box, but the music continues to play.
S14E36 02.18.03 - Tuesday: Surrender 18/02/2003 Elizabeth plans to seduce Rafe to suppress her vampire urges but changes her mind after talking with Alison. Caleb gives Reese permission to turn Ricky into a vampire. Ricky ignores Casey's warning to stay away from Reese. After Jack tells Rafe and Jamal how Tess turned into Livvie because of Caleb's music box, Rafe realizes the music box is the key to destroying Caleb. Rafe insists they find it after Jack says he destroyed it. Per Ali's request, Rafe checks on Elizabeth, who decides to seduce him after all. While Jamal and Jack search for the music box, Tess shows it to Ali, then transforms into Livvie after opening it.
S14E37 02.19.03 - Wednesday: Surrender 19/02/2003 Alison's shocked by Livvie's return. When Jack closes the music box, Tess comes back with no memory of what happened and asks Jack to hide the music box. Elizabeth pleads with Rafe to have sex with her to save her but he refuses. Elizabeth pushes him onto her bed, just as Ali walks in. Ali's upset her mother tried to seduce Rafe. Elizabeth apologizes and Rafe calls Jack and says it's time to use Tess to kill Caleb. Ian thinks he's found a cure for his vampirism but when Lucy injects him with the antidote, he bares his fangs and tries to kill her. Pleading her love, Lucy is able to talk Ian into returning to normal.
S14E38 02.20.03 - Thursday: Surrender 20/02/2003 Rafe tells Lucy it's time to kill Caleb, gives her a pistol and says she must do the deed. He explains the balance of good and evil and says once Caleb's destroyed, his life might end too. Jack lies to Tess that he thinks she can heal Caleb. He tells her to get rid of Caleb's ""water"" to get to his true feelings. Caleb holds a party to celebrate the return of the ""real"" Stephen Clay. Casey tells Jamal he has to stop Ricky from becoming a vampire as she can't interfere. Jamal goes to the party and punches Ricky out but Caz interferes. Tess shows up but Caleb asks her to leave- until she says she loves him.
S14E39 02.21.03 - Friday: Surrender 21/02/2003 Caleb's stunned by Tess confession of love for him and agrees to go with her to the overlook. Jack is stopped from following them by Caleb's men. Ian, Rafe and Lucy arrive at the overlook to slay Caleb, but Kevin has followed them. Alison dreams Rafe will have to leave her again after destroying Caleb. Jamal creates a diversion for Jack, who escapes. Casey spies Reese as she's about to bite Ricky. When Caleb and Tess arrive at the overlook, he tells her he doesn't want to saved, he just wants Livvie. Jack arrives, opens the music box and Livvie appears. Lucy fires her gun at Caleb but Kevin runs to Livvie as the gun goes off…
S14E40 02.24.03 - Monday: Surrender 24/02/2003 Casey stops Reese from biting Ricky by creating a twister, but tells Jamal she broke the rules by interfering. Alison fears Rafe will leave her if Caleb is destroyed and rushes off to find him. Ian pushes Kevin out of the way before the bullet hits Caleb. Caleb's impending death makes Ian, Elizabeth, Reese, Caz and Joshua return to normal. Jack closes the music box and Tess returns but learns from a dying Caleb that Jack and the others used her to kill him. Tess refuses to leave Caleb's side. Kevin schemes to get Livvie back and steals the music box. After Caleb takes his last breath, Alison arrives and learns Rafe's gone too.
S14E41 02.25.03 - Tuesday: Surrender 25/02/2003 After Caleb's destroyed, Alison's relieved when Rafe shows up. Rafe, Ian, Alison and Lucy move Caleb's corpse and Rafe performs a slayer ritual on the body, drives a stake in his heart, then leaves Caleb alone for solitude. Alison's upset she almost lost Rafe again, but he's able to calm her by getting her to focus on them. Ian thanks Lucy for saving him and helps her wash away the bad memories of kiling Caleb with a shower, where they make love. Tess is furious Jack lied to her to kill Caleb. Tess goes to Caleb's body to heal him and removes the stake. When she thinks she's failed, Caleb opens his eyes and smiles at her.
S14E42 02.26.03 - Wednesday: Surrender 26/02/2003 After bringing Caleb back to life, Tess takes him to a secret hiding place. When Rafe, Ian and Jack discover Caleb's dead body is missing, Ian reveals Caleb must be alive because his own vampire symptoms returned. Jack's upset when Ian accuses Tess of resurrecting Caleb, but he later realizes it's true. Alison and Lucy discover Caleb's alive when Elizabeth reveals she's a vampire again. Lucy vows to stand by Ian, knowing he's a vampire. Caleb speculates Tess brought him back to life because she loves him. She confirms it's true, but thinks he's using her to get to Livvie. But Caleb declares it's Tess he really wants!
S14E43 02.27.03 - Thursday: Surrender 27/02/2003 Rafe runs into Casey and asks her to help him defeat Caleb. She can't tell him how to defeat Caleb, but does encourage him not to give up. Caleb tells Tess they're meant to be together. She claims she loves Jack, but Caleb says what she feels is gratitude, not love. Caleb tells Tess she loves him because she chose him over Jack. But when he kisses her, she gets frightened and runs off. Jack fumes over Tess's betrayal and tells Alison his marriage is over. Ali advises him to not to give up so quickly but Jack says he's going to let Caleb have her. Just as Jack's ready to give up on her, Tess returns home to face him.
S14E44 02.28.03 - Friday: Surrender 28/02/2003 Despite Tess's pleas, Jack tells Tess their marriage is over. She runs off into the arms of Kevin, who has Caleb's music box to get Livvie back. After Caz & Reese fail to avenge Caleb's attempted murder, Rafe & Ian capture Reese and grill her about Caleb's music. Reese reveals a clue is in the song Naked Eyes. Ian finds the song soothing but Rafe threatens to kill him when he won't stop playing it. Lucy's surprised when Serena and Caleb visit her. Worried for Serena, Lucy sends her to her room, then threatens Caleb with a stake. Caleb overpowers Lucy, who then tries to seduce him and he responds by kissing her.
S14E45 03.03.03 - Monday: Surrender 03/03/2003 Rafe attacks Ian while listening to Naked Eyes until Alison stops the music. While the song gave Rafe murderous impulses, Ian envisioned a hot spring. Ali listens to the song, which gives her lustful feelings of Rafe. Caleb sees through Lucy's seduction ploy, then disappears when he senses Tess in danger. Lucy tells Ian of her encounter with Caleb, but he asks how far she would have taken her seduction. Kevin takes Tess back to his home and opens the music box and Tess turns back to Livvie. Caleb appears and destroys the music box. Tess returns and Caleb takes her away as Kevin vows to get Livvie back.
S14E46 03.04.03 - Tuesday: Surrender 04/03/2003 Ricky's suspicious when he sees Jamal and ""Marissa"" together. When ""Marissa"" pulls him aside, Ricky kisses her and he realizes she's really Casey, but then she vanishes. A drunk Jack picks up Reese and takes her home. Caleb asks Tess to love him and says he's changed his evil ways because of her. He asks her to choose between him and Jack, but she returns to Jack, only to see him with Reese. Lucy and Ian argue about her seduction of Caleb. When Lucy knocks over a book, Ian sees a pic of the hot spring he envisioned, which is a healing pool that brings the dead back to life. Caleb plays the intro to ""Naked Eyes"" over and over...
S14E47 03.05.03 - Wednesday: Surrender 05/03/2003 Joshua and Elizabeth agree to team up to bring Caleb down. He instructs her to use Alison to gain inside info about Rafe's plan to destroy Caleb. Tess is devastated to see Jack with Reese but Jack offers no apologizes and again says their marriage is over. Tess returns to the cave where Jack first found her. Victor helps Lucy and Ian locate the healing pool by giving them an old map of Port Charles- but there's a piece missing. Rafe writes down the 1st 5 notes to Naked Eyes on a music sheet. Kevin arrives and deciphers the code by connecting the music notes- which reveal the missing piece to Victor's map.
S14E48 03.06.03 - Thursday: Surrender 06/03/2003 Frank defends Elizabeth when Joshua orders her to get info on Caleb from Ali. Joshua thinks Frank could be an asset to him. Lucy and Ian go to Rafe's and realize the music notes Kevin deciphered match the missing piece to the map and lead to Caleb's building. Caleb convinces Tess she can't return to her cave life and, realizing he loves her, she agrees to go home with him. Elizabeth ask what Rafe & Ali know about Caleb. Ian & Lucy run into Kevin at Caleb's and they find a secret under-ground door. Ian picks the lock and they hide inside as Tess & Caleb arrive. Caleb locks the door, trapping them together.
S14E49 03.07.03 - Friday: Surrender 07/03/2003 Tess comforts Caleb when he suffers nightmares about when he was turned into a vampire. Tess asks Caleb to be the man he was before he was a vampire and says she believes they were meant to be together. Tess asks Caleb to make love to her and he does. Rafe gets Elizabeth to listen to the first 5 notes of ""Naked Eyes"" to see what effect it would have on her. But Elizabeth leaves without saying what she saw or felt. Rafe and Alison follow her when she goes to Caleb's. Elizabeth walks in on Caleb making love to Tess. Trapped under Caleb's building, Ian, Lucy and Kevin find the healing pool but discover they're not alone.
S14E50 03.10.03 - Monday: Surrender 10/03/2003 After seeing Caleb & Tess make love, Elizabeth teams with Joshua to destroy Caleb and shares her news about the hot spring. Rafe & Alison meet Ian, Lucy & Kevin at the hot spring. Lucy tells them the legend of the healing pool and Ian takes a sample of the water to analyze it. He discovers Caleb's ""water"" is a combo of the healing pool water mixed with Chris's vampire serum. They wonder if the healing pool water without the serum could cure a vampire. While making love, Caleb tells Tess he feels human again. Caleb then bares his fangs but doesn't bite her. Later, Caleb goes to the hot spring, staring into the water.
S14E51 03.11.03 - Tuesday: Surrender 11/03/2003 While relaxing in a tub with Lucy, Ian realizes he needs to soak in the healing pool and listen to Caleb's music to cure his vampirism. Ian and Lucy go to healing pool but the entrance is closed. Caleb tells Joshua he's ready to reveal himself to the world. Casey returns, reveals she's Ricky's guardian angel and warns him that Caleb and his band are vampires. However, Ricky won't quit because if he's in trouble, Casey will have to stay to protect him. A drunken Jack imagines Livvie, who says she and Tess left him because he didn't have Caleb's power. Jack then goes to Reese, gets passionate with her and asks her to bite him.
S14E52 03.12.03 - Wednesday: Surrender 12/03/2003 Alison walks in on her mother, just as Joshua is about to feed on Elizabeth. Ali's disgusted by her mom's new relationship and declares her mom is dead to her. Joshua gets Elizabeth to focus on their revenge of Caleb. After a passionate encounter with Jack, Reese refuses to bite him and convinces Jack that he doesn't want to be a vampire. Ali sees them together and blasts Jack for being with Reese and ends their friendship. Caleb's amazed by Tess's show of love, but scared he'll tarnish her. When Tess says she's not afraid, they make love. After, Tess loses her healing power, but says she and Caleb are soulmates.
S14E53 03.13.03 - Thursday: Surrender 13/03/2003 After Rafe and Ian discover that another entrance to hot spring is in Caleb's loft, Casey stalls Caleb at his studio while Lucy and Alison lure Tess away from the loft. However, Casey fails in her mission when Caleb realizes her true identity and vanishes. While Lucy and Ali drive Tess out of town, Tess realizes she's been duped and forces them to stop the car. Then Caleb appears, demanding they let her go. Elizabeth follows Ian and Rafe when they break into Caleb's loft. As Ian prepares to enter the hot spring, he and Rafe realize they're not alone. Rafe pulls out a wooden stake on an approaching Elizabeth and almost slays her.
S14E54 03.14.03 - Friday: Surrender 14/03/2003 When Ricky chooses to stay in Caleb's band, Casey says she can't protect him. Frank passes Joshua's test by accepting a huge tip. A jealous Reese sees Jack hit on another girl, then vandalizes his home but he catches her. Caleb threatens Lucy and Alison but Tess convinces him not to hurt them. Caleb vanishes with Tess to his villa. When they get passionate, she screams when he bares his fangs. Lucy and Ali rush to the hot spring, unaware that Kevin's followed them. Rafe and Ian tie up Elizabeth but Kevin arrives and unties her. Elizabeth jumps into the hot spring, but when her lifeless body emerges, Ali cries for her dead mother.
S14E55 03.17.03 - Monday: Surrender 17/03/2003 Elizabeth becomes mortal again after emerging from the hot spring. She worries Joshua will kill her when he learns she's mortal again. Jack catches Reese vandalizing his home and helps her, then they get passionate. After Tess screams upon seeing his fangs, Caleb apologizes but describes the benefits of being a vampire. Tess declares she won't let him turn her into a vampire and encourages him to change. They make love but after Caleb thinks of Livvie when Tess says his feeding days are behind him. Ian jumps into the hot spring but when he emerges, Kevin overhears him tell Lucy it did not cure his vampirism.
S14E56 03.18.03 - Tuesday: Surrender 18/03/2003 Ed allows Casey to remain as Ricky's guardian angel and advises her to not let Ricky be turned into vampire. Rafe and Alison suggest Elizabeth leave town immediately but she instead meets with Joshua and threatens to reveal all his plans to Caleb if he doesn't leave her alone. Ian fears Kevin could hurt Lucy with the knowledge that Ian's a vampire. Ian admits he couldn't survive without Lucy and they make love. Alison decides to call off the search for her missing sister. Rafe tells Ian the hot spring cured Elizabeth because she's fed on human blood and Ian hasn't. Rafe tells Ian that to be cured, he needs to feed too.
S14E57 03.19.03 - Wednesday: Surrender 19/03/2003 Jack tells Chris how Tess was created from Livvie and that she's now with Caleb. After Alison orders Reese to stay away from Jack and then warns Jack about her, Reese vows to get even by turning Ali into a vampire. Tess asks Caleb to get rid of his family ring (which has dark powers) in order to change but he refuses. In a dream, Livvie tells Caleb not to let Tess change him. When he dreams he lost his fangs, Caleb wakes up. Ian rejects Rafe's idea to feed in order to be cured by the hot spring. Ian makes Rafe promise if a cure can't be found, Rafe'll destroy him. Lucy steals blood from hospital blood bank but is caught by Kevin.
S14E58 03.24.03 - Monday: Surrender 24/03/2003 Elizabeth tells Joshua she's no longer a vampire and reveals Rafe and Lucy's plan to heal the vampires in the hot spring. He orders Elizabeth to leave town and threatens to go after Alison if she misbehaves. After catching Lucy steal blood from the hospital, Kevin promises to keep it a secret. Kevin then visits Christina and tells her they're going to surprise Lucy. Lucy convinces Ian to feed off the blood, for Danny's sake. Caleb has visions of Tess and Livvie and is torn between them until he sudenly realizes the answer. When Tess arrives, Caleb takes her back to the place he created her to correct a mistake.
S14E59 03.25.03 - Tuesday: Surrender 25/03/2003 Lucy learns Kevin took Christina, then find thems together. Kevin blackmails Lucy into coming back as his wife by using photos of her breaking into the blood bank, which he says could cost her custody of her kids. After drinking blood, Ian goes to the hot spring and immerses himself in the water. Rafe tells Alison he promised to slay Ian but realizes something's wrong and takes off. Ali follows but is stopped by Reese, who bares her fangs. Caleb tells Tess he needs to put Livvie back as a whole person. When Caleb admits he loves both Livvie & Tess, they merge back into one and a whole Livvie reunites with Caleb.
S14E60 03.26.03 - Wednesday: Surrender 26/03/2003 Rafe finds Ian at the hot spring, but Ian isn't cured because he hasn't fed off humans. Ian makes Rafe promise again he'll kill him when the time comes. Using Christina, Kevin blackmails Lucy into dumping Ian and returning to him and Lucy agrees. Alison escapes Reese, who catches up to her. Reese tries biting Ali, but can't, so she tries strangling her until Rafe arrives and rescues Ali. Just as Rafe is about to drive a stake in Reese's heart, Ali stops him. Caleb and Livvie pledge their love forever and Caleb transports them to his villa, where they make love. Livvie asks Caleb to make her his by turning her into a vampire.
S14E61 03.27.03 - Thursday: Surrender 27/03/2003 Ian doesn't tell Lucy he's asked Rafe to kill him when he's the last vampire and she doesn't tell him that Kevin's blackmailing her into leaving him. They make love but then Kevin calls and pressures Lucy into leaving, so she lies that Christina's sick and they say their goodbyes. Rafe tells Alison he feels a negative shift in the balance of good and evil. They speculate that something's happened to Tess and Livvie's back and teaming up with Caleb. When Livvie says she's ready to be a turned, Caleb bites her and she dies but is reborn as a vampire. After Caleb and Livvie make love, Livvie sprouts fangs of her own.
S14E62 03.28.03 - Friday: Surrender 28/03/2003 At the lighthouse, Kevin demands Lucy be his wife in every way. Victor arrives and knocks out, then ties up Kevin while Lucy finds and destroys the pics and tapes Kevin used to blackmail her. Joshua revels in his plan to destroy Caleb and the other vampires. Reese is upset she couldn't feed on Alison so Joshua allows her to feed off him, but vows to destroy her. Ian tells Rafe it's time to lure the vampires to the hot spring. Rafe, Ian & Alison find Elizabeth spying and she admits she told Joshua about their plans and how he wants to overthrow Caleb. Rafe tells Ian he must feed off and kill Joshua to cure himself.
S14E63 03.31.03 - Monday: Surrender 31/03/2003 Karen finds Kevin and unties him and he takes off. Ian refuses to kill Joshua to save himself. Alison tells Jack how Reese almost bit her, then she provokes Reese, who chases her to the hot spring. Casey lures Caz to the hot spring by coming on to him. Caz and Reese are ambushed at the hot spring by Rafe and Jamal and thrown into the water. At Caleb's studio, Ian learns Joshua's planning to blow up the hot spring after Caleb's cured. Kevin arrives and knocks Ian out and takes him to the lighthouse where he plans to encase him in a brick wall. Caleb senses his vampires are in danger, but Livvie asks him not to leave her.
S14E64 04.01.03 - Tuesday: Surrender [Finale] 01/04/2003 Ian comes to, paralyzed from drugs, as Kevin is encasing him in a brick wall. However, when Kevin tries to slay Ian, he gets angry, bursts through the wall and leaves. Reese and Caz are cured by the hot spring, but Reese promises Alison it's not over between them. Caleb leaves Livvie at the villa for a final showdown with Rafe, but promises he'll return to her. Caleb arrives at the hot spring and faces off with Rafe and Lucy. Caleb quickly proves powerful, but Lucy plays ""Naked Eyes"" and Rafe knocks Caleb- and Lucy- in the water. After Caleb realizes he lost his vampire powers, Joshua blows up the hot spring.
S15E01 04.02.03 - Wednesday: Desire [Premiere] 02/04/2003 After the explosion, Ian, Jamal, Jack and Casey go underground to help the injured. Ian, Jamal and Casey help an unconscious Lucy, but Casey gets a vision of Lucy in a coffin. Casey is later confused when Lucy comes to. Rafe, who survived the blast, checks on an unconscious Caleb but Jack refuses to help him. Jack later tries to kill Caleb but Alison and Rafe stop him. Livvie goes to Joshua, fearing something happened to Caleb, and he says Caleb died. Joshua realizes she's now a vampire and is protected by Caleb's ring but he convinces her to leave with him. Caleb reluctantly take Rafe's hand to pull him to safety.
S15E02 04.03.03 - Thursday: Desire 03/04/2003 Casey's preoccupied with her vision of Lucy in a coffin even after learning that Lucy's going to be okay. Mary inadvertently delivers Ian's goodbye letter to Lucy, who's upset to learn Ian asked Rafe to slay him. Rafe and Ian explain all vampires must be destroyed, but Lucy says she won't let Ian die. Joshua learns Caleb's alive but lies to Livvie that he's dead. Livvie dreams Caleb returns to her and she vows to find him. Chris treats an injured Caleb, who's having trouble adjusting to mortality. Caleb dreams Livvie turns him back into a vampire and when he wakes up, he vows to go to her. Caleb gets a visit from Joshua.
S15E03 04.04.03 - Friday: Desire 04/04/2003 Casey won't reveal to Alison what she knows about the future. Ian makes a promise to Lucy that he will fight for his life and their relationship. Karen discovers Frank's been gambling again and lying to her about it. Elizabeth learns Caleb is no longer a vampire, but Alison advises her to stay away from both Caleb and Joshua. Rafe shows up in Caleb's room before Joshua can kill Caleb but Joshua escapes. Livvie visits Kevin, who realizes she's no longer Tess and is now a vampire. Kevin promises to protect her, but then Joshua arrives, demanding to see Livvie. Caleb escapes from his room and runs into Elizabeth.
S15E04 04.07.03 - Monday: Desire 07/04/2003 Rafe's upset that he let Joshua go, but Alison gives him a clue to Joshua's hideout. Elizabeth berates Caleb for throwing away their marriage due to his obsession with ""Olivia,"" however, he manages to sweet talk her into helping escape from the hospital. Caleb then takes off in a helicopter. Livvie reveals herself when Joshua chokes Kevin. Joshua lies that Caleb's cremated and offers to protect Livvie, but when Kevin and Livvie insist she stay at the lighthouse, Joshua decides to stay too. Joshua is impressed with Kevin's painting. Rafe breaks into Joshua's hideout, as Ali arrives at the lighthouse looking for Livive.
S15E05 04.08.03 - Tuesday: Desire 08/04/2003 Livvie hides when Alison visits Kevin, who claims he doesn't know where Livvie is. After Kevin kicks Ali out, he and Livvie argue about Caleb. Kevin learns Caleb's alive but doesn't tell Livvie. At Joshua's hideout, Rafe and Ian find pics of buildings in Port Charles. When Rafe and Ian also discover photos of Livvie and Alison, they realize Joshua is obsessed with them. Ali finds a pink rose she thinks is from Rafe but it turns black when she smells it. Caleb arrives at his villa but doesn't find Livvie. He follows her voice through a maze of silk curtains, but then is ensnared in the curtains just as Joshua arrives.
S15E06 04.10.03 - Thursday: Desire 10/04/2003 Ian calls Lucy to tell her about Joshua's obsession with Ali and Livvie. As Lucy gets off the phone with Ian, she is suddenly dizzy. Joshua is pleased that he has ensnared Caleb in the silk curtains and begins to torment him by telling him that he and Livvie will live happily ever after together. Caleb tells Joshua he is fooling himself if he thinks Livvie will turn to him. Ian attempts to figure out Joshua's password to gain access to his computer. After many failed attempts, Ian types in the correct password--""Ring"". Joshua locks Caleb in a jail cell where he continues to torment him. Rafe takes Ali to Lucy for safekeeping. Rafe discovers Livvie on his doorstep and she asks him to kill her.
S15E07 04.11.03 - Friday: Desire 11/04/2003 Livvie can't face living for all eternity without Caleb and she pleads with Rafe to kill her. Casey and Jamal tell Ricky about the explosion and that the vampires have lost their ""mojo."" As a result, Ricky wants to use the information to further his music career. Joshua demands Kevin tell him where Livvie is. As Rafe raises a stake to drive it through Livvie's heart, his instincts tell him to stop. Rafe tells Livvie that Joshua was the one who set the explosives that ""killed"" Caleb and that he wants to take over Caleb's position as top vampire. Livvie and Rafe decide to work together to bring down Joshua. Joshua turns Frank.
S15E08 04.14.03 - Monday: Desire 14/04/2003 Lucy continues to suffer from dizzy spells. Joshua tells Frank that he is a vampire, his first recruit, but Frank doesn't believe him. When Ian brings Livvie a pint of blood, so she can feed, she realizes that he is a vampire. Ian shows Rafe the list he downloaded from Joshua's computer, containing Frank's name not realizing what the list signifies. Joshua gives Frank his first assignment. Frank shows up at Lucy's and asks if he can come in.
S15E09 04.15.03 - Tuesday: Desire 15/04/2003
S15E10 04.16.03 - Wednesday: Desire 16/04/2003 Livvie finds Caleb, who tells her he is no longer a vampire. Lucy regains consciousness and tells Ian that Frank is a vampire and he took Allison. Casey shares with Jamal that she had a vision that Lucy died. Rafe releases Joshua thinking he will release Allison, but instead he administers a shot that renders Rafe unconscious. Ian takes Lucy to the hospital to run tests. Before Livvie can feed on Caleb, turning him into a vampire again, she is wrestled away.
S15E11 04.17.03 - Thursday: Desire 17/04/2003 Frank tells Lucy she is delusional, after she accuses him of being a vampire and kidnapping Allison. Ian apologizes to Frank and makes excuses for Lucy in hopes that he can find out the truth. Rafe tries to use his slayer powers to escape the jail cell and rescue Allison, but he is unable to summon his powers. Allison reappears wearing a red dress Joshua provided. As Joshua makes small talk, Allison demands to know what he has done with Rafe. Caleb tells Rafe if Livvie doesn't feed soon she will die. Joshua becomes angry with Allison and locks her in the jail cell with Caleb.
S15E12 04.18.03 - Friday: Desire 18/04/2003 Ian tricks Frank into revealing he's a vampire. Joshua accompanies Allison to the jail cells, where he puts her with Caleb. Without the ability to feed, Livvie continues to suffer. Lucy and Elizabeth search Joshua's to find clues where Allison is, but all they find is a set of wedding rings. Joshua announces that Livvie's suffering will cease if she and Rafe sleep together. Caleb tells Livvie to do what she needs to do to survive. When Joshua comes home unexpectedly, Lucy hides and Elizabeth tells Joshua she found the rings and her answer is yes. Caleb cuts his arm so Livvie can feed.
S15E13 04.21.03 - Monday: Desire 21/04/2003 Elizabeth attempts to cozy up to Joshua. Ian tells Frank he will offer himself to Joshua in exchange for Allison. Kevin's painting depicts his view of reality. As Joshua is about to turn Elizabeth, Lucy emerges from the closet with a homemade stake and Ian and Frank arrive. Frank tells Joshua that Ian is a vampire. Joshua realizes that Ian, Lucy & Elizabeth are working together.
S15E14 04.22.03 - Tuesday: Desire 22/04/2003 Elizabeth tells Joshua he can have anything he wants from her as long as he tells her where Allison is. Rafe tells Caleb about Joshua's photo collage of Allison and Livvie. Joshua orders Frank to kill Elizabeth, but Ian saves her. Joshua escapes and Lucy goes after him. Rafe and Caleb collaborate in order to escape from the jail cells. Ian and Frank fight and Ian drives a crystal trophy through Frank's heart. Lucy catches up with Joshua, however, Joshua gets the upper hand after Lucy realizes she has lost her slayer powers.
S15E15 04.23.03 - Wednesday: Desire 23/04/2003 Lucy is upset when she concludes she is losing her slayer powers. Ian tries to assuage Lucy's fears by telling her she is fine and everything will be alright and they make love. However, this time their lovemaking doesn't satisfy Ian's hunger further upsetting Lucy. While Caleb tries the keys to unlock Livvie's cell, Rafe regains consciousness and tells Caleb that he hid the key because he knew Caleb would double-cross him. Caleb frustrated that he can't rescue Livvie, confronts Joshua and they fight. During the altercation, Joshua slashes Caleb's throat. Allison and Rafe find Caleb still alive and Allison pleads with Rafe to help Caleb.
S15E16 04.24.03 - Thursday: Desire 24/04/2003 Frank is angry and vows revenge on Ian. Ian realizes that there is more wrong with Lucy than they both want to admit. Joshua offers Livvie freedom from the cells if she gives him Caleb's ring, but she refuses. Rafe reluctently helps Caleb. Ian and Lucy arrive and as Ian is treating Caleb, Caleb tries to tempt Ian into biting him. When Lucy tells Rafe she is losing her powers, Rafe isn't surprised telling her that he thinks the healing pool has drained her of her slayer powers. Joshua is waiting for Kevin.
S15E17 04.25.03 - Friday: Desire 25/04/2003 Casey has another vision about Lucy's impending death and she rushes to Lucy's to check on her. While Lucy is sleeping, Ian takes a drop of her blood. Joshua plunges a syringe into Kevin's neck. While talking with Lucy, Casey blurts out, ""you're so dead"" which spooks Lucy. Ian rushes to the hospital and asks Chris to run tests on Lucy's blood. Casey decides to help Lucy ""recharge"" and takes Lucy's hand and transfers her energy to Lucy. Kevin thinks Joshua has turned him, but Joshua explains he wants Kevin to paint his visions. Lucy finds an empty blood bag in the trash and realizes she is no longer capable of helping Ian. Chris and Ian discover that Lucy is being poisoned by her own blood.
S15E18 04.28.03 - Monday: Desire 00/00/0000 Livvie, once again, is suffering from not feeding. Frank insists that he drive Victor to his appointment as the new building commissioner. When Victor and Frank arrive at the councilman's chambers, Victor is welcomed, however, unbeknownst to him, Frank is following Joshua's instructions to turn him. Joshua introduces himself to Mary and Karen as the new owner of the Recovery Room. Rafe attempts to decode Joshua's list, but is unsuccessful. Caleb pleads with Allision to release him so that he can return to Livvie.
S15E19 04.28.03 - Monday: Desire 28/04/2003
S15E20 04.29.03 - Tuesday: Desire 29/04/2003
S15E21 04.30.03 - Wednesday: Desire 30/04/2003 Lucy convinces Ian to accompany her to Victor's party, before returning to the hospital for additional tests. Victor doesn't understand why he feels so young and vibrant. Allison and Caleb return to the villa to free Livvie. Victor proposes a toast to Joshua as the new owner of the Recovery Room. Livvie, Caleb, Rafe and Allison see Kevin's painting depicting Joshua's ""vampire nation.""
S15E22 05.01.03 - Thursday: Desire 01/05/2003 Caleb is upset when Livvie tells him that Joshua has the ring. Joshua attempts to sway Ian to the dark side, but Ian vows he will continue to fight Joshua and the other vampires. Rafe tells Caleb the only way he can defeat Joshua now is to remain human and Livvie reluctantly agrees. Lucy pleads with Victor to fight Joshua, however, it's too late, as Victor tells her he enjoys the power Joshua has given him. Karen realizes Frank is a vampire.
S15E23 05.02.03 - Friday: Desire 02/05/2003 Karen is afraid of Frank now that he is a vampire. Caleb asks Livvie to turn him, but she refuses. When he demands to know why, she explains Joshua told her that the blood she drank had something in it so now anyone she bites will die. To test whether Joshua told her the truth, Livvie bites one of Joshua's henchmen and he dies. Jack makes a deal with Joshua to manage Elixir. Rafe shares with Allison his plan and they set off to carry it out.
S15E24 05.05.03 - Monday: Desire 05/05/2003 Joshua tells Elizabeth he wants to turn Allison and demands she help ease Allison into her new life as his wife. Elizabeth tells Joshua she will kill him before she allows him to hurt Allison. Livvie is able to fend off her need to feed while she and Caleb make love. Frank searches for Allison. When Frank attempts to kidnap Allison from Rafe, he discovers that it really is Lucy and Ian in disguise. Allison and Rafe reappear in Caleb's cave.
S15E25 05.06.03 - Tuesday: Desire 06/05/2003 Ian insists Lucy go to the hospital for additional testing, but she cojoles him into changing his mind after convincing him she is feeling better. Joshua is upset after Frank tells him that Allison got away. Elizabeth and Kevin flirt with one another. Caleb offers to strike a deal with Joshua--he will deliver Allison in exchange for the antidote.
S15E26 05.07.03 - Wednesday: Desire 07/05/2003 Joshua is busy preparing for Allison's arrival, as he unveils Kevin's latest creation--a portrait of Allison and Joshua in their wedding attire. Lucy goes to church to plead for answers. Ian overhears her plea and swears that he will not let her die. Livvie shows Joshua a picture of Allison appearing to be dead and tells him that he was right her fangs are poisoned.
S15E27 05.08.03 - Thursday: Desire 08/05/2003 Victor discloses Joshua's latest plans for Port Charles-- condeming the church. Victor's revelation upsets Lucy and Ian and when the police arrive to remove them from the church, Lucy handcuffs herself to the alter. Caleb, Rafe, Allison and Livvie conspire to get rid of Joshua. To that end, Livvie taunts Joshua with Allison's ""death."" While Kevin paints Elizabeth, they continue to flirt. Joshua arrives and tells them Allison is dead and Livvie killed her. As Lucy pleads with Victor, she loses consciousness. In an attempt to save Lucy, Ian demands the key to the handcuffs. When the police are reluctant to provide them, Ian is forced to bear his fangs rips the handcuffs open and wisks Lucy away. Joshua convinces Kevin that Livvie must pay for her actions.
S15E28 05.09.03 - Friday: Desire 09/05/2003
S15E29 05.11.03 - Monday: Desire 12/05/2003 Believing Livvie has killed Allison, Jamal sets out to find her to avenge Allison's death. When a waiter at Elixir spots Livvie, Jamal rushes out to confront her. Livvie tells Jamal that he doesn't understand the entire story, but he doesn't want to hear it, which makes her mad and she bears her fangs. Jamal begins strangling Livvie, when Kevin arrives and knocks him out. In an attempt to find the antidote, Rafe enters Joshua's mind and gives him nightmares. In the nightmare, Livvie bites Joshua and he discloses where he has kept the antidote. Kevin tells Livvie that he is there to help her and convinces her to accompany him to the lighthouse.
S15E30 05.13.03 - Tuesday: Desire 13/05/2003 Joshua wakes up from the nightmare trapping Rafe in his mind. Lucy, feeling better since receiving a blood transfusion, wants to leave the hospital to find Allison and Rafe, but Ian stops her. Casey overhears Lucy and Ian talking about Morocco. When Ian and Lucy go to the rooftop, they are surprised that it has been turned into a Moroccan paradise. Allison worries when Rafe doesn't return and is determined to go to the villa and check on him, but Caleb stops her temporarily.
S15E31 05.14.03 - Wednesday: Desire 14/05/2003
S15E32 05.15.03 - Thursday: Desire 15/05/2003 Rafe lies to Livvie and tells her that there isn't an antidote. Elizabeth rants at Kevin for what Livvie has done to Allison and stabs him with a letter opener. Caleb kisses Allison to keep her quiet when she realizes Joshua's guest is her grandmother. Allison refuses to leave the villa while her ""Nana"" is there--afraid Joshua will turn her. However, Caleb tells her it's too late that Joshua has marked Amanda because he wants her money. When Allison sees the mark on Amanda's hand, she realizes Caleb is right. Frank arrives at Kevins's to see if he completed his assignment. In order to punish Livvie, Joshua orders Caleb's death. When Rafe confirms to Caleb that there isn't an antidote, Caleb thinks Rafe is lying.
S15E33 05.16.03 - Friday: Desire 16/05/2003 After stabbing Kevin, Elizabeth calls Ian for help. When Ian arrives, Elizabeth attempts to leave but Ian stops her and tells her she is accompanying him to the hospital. Allison defends Rafe to Caleb and Livvie when Caleb suggests Rafe is lying about there not being an antidote. Caleb threatens Rafe telling him he will pay if he is lying about the antidote. Cassie listens to Jamal grieving for Allison and lets it slip that Allison is alive, but she covers by saying that no one ever really dies. Elizabeth tells Ian and Lucy that Allison is dead, but they don't believe it. Later Rafe confirms their suspicions. Livvie is jealous when she discovers Caleb wrote lyrics for Allison.
S15E34 05.19.03 - Monday: Desire 19/05/2003 Joshua questions why Caleb, Livvie and Rafe can't be found. Rafe confesses to Ian and Lucy that he has the antidote that Livvie needs to cure her poison fangs. Livvie becomes angry when she and Caleb begin to make love and he mentions Allison. Allison and Livvie argue and Livvie threatens to bite Allison. Casey brings Jamal and Jack together so they can resolve their issues. Caleb sneaks up on Joshua and begins to choke him.
S15E35 05.20.03 - Tuesday: Desire 20/05/2003
S15E36 05.21.03 - Wednesday: Desire 21/05/2003 Allison and Livvie stumble upon Allison's ""memorial service."" As Allison overhears Jamal's eulogy, she realizes she can't let her friends believe she's dead, but Caleb and Livvie stop her before she can make the big reveal. Ian won't let Lucy beat herself up over her inability to protect Allison. When Livvie is spotted at the memorial service, things turn ugly. After spying at Allison's memorial service, Frank reports to Joshua that it is true Allison is dead. Joshua tells Frank he is free to bring him some new recruits. Lucy and Ian tell Elizabeth that Allison is alive.
S15E37 05.22.03 - Thursday: Desire 22/05/2003 Casey, Reese, Ricky and Jack begin looking for Jamal who has disappeared from Allison's memorial service. Jamal shows up at the morgue as John Doe #5, but he isn't dead only turned. While Jamal is walking through the park, he runs into the group where everyone, except Ricky, realize something is different. Livvie asks Caleb whether he and Allison are sleeping together. Caleb swears to Livvie that they will be together again soon. Rafe warns Allison that she can't trust Caleb.
S15E38 05.23.03 - Friday: Desire 23/05/2003
S15E39 05.26.03 - Monday: Desire 26/05/2003
S15E40 05.27.03 - Tuesday: Desire 27/05/2003
S15E41 05.28.03 - Wednesday: Desire 28/05/2003
S15E42 05.29.03 - Thursday: Desire 29/05/2003
S15E43 05.30.03 - Friday: Desire 30/05/2003
S15E44 06.02.03 - Monday: Desire 02/06/2003
S15E45 06.03.03 - Tuesday: Desire 03/06/2003
S15E46 06.04.03 - Wednesday: Desire 04/06/2003
S15E47 06.05.03 - Thursday: Desire 05/06/2003
S15E48 06.06.03 - Friday: Desire 06/06/2003
S15E49 06.09.03 - Monday: Desire 09/06/2003
S15E50 06.10.03 - Tuesday: Desire 10/06/2003
S15E51 06.11.03 - Wednesday: Desire 11/06/2003 A hopsitalized and delusional Lucy loses touch with reality. Chris breaks the news to Casey and Ian that Lucy's dying and he can't save her. Caleb urges Rafe to team up again to bring Joshua down. Realizing Caleb has his powers back, Rafe suspects Caleb only wants his ring back from Joshua but Caleb makes Rafe agree to help him. Rafe tells Caleb he needs to get to Alison right away. Alison confides in Jamal that she's not sure she can marry Joshua but then she reluctantly goes through with the ceremony. After wed, Joshua accuses Ali of betrayal after she tries to get Caleb's ring from him and vows to make her pay.
S15E52 06.12.03 - Thursday: Desire 12/06/2003
S15E53 06.13.03 - Friday: Desire 13/06/2003
S15E54 06.16.03 - Monday: Desire 16/06/2003
S15E55 06.17.03 - Tuesday: Desire 17/06/2003
S15E56 06.18.03 - Wednesday: Desire 18/06/2003
S15E57 06.19.03 - Thursday: Desire 19/06/2003
S15E58 06.20.03 - Friday: Desire 20/06/2003
S15E59 06.23.03 - Monday: Desire 23/06/2003
S15E60 06.23.03 - Monday: Desire 23/06/2003
S15E61 06.24.03 - Tuesday: Desire 24/06/2003
S15E62 06.25.03 - Wednesday: Desire 25/06/2003
S15E63 06.26.03 - Thursday: Desire 26/06/2003
S15E64 06.27.03 - Friday: Desire 27/06/2003
S15E65 06.30.03 - Monday: Desire 30/06/2003 After Karen's death, Ian realizes Karen is Lucy's guardian angel so he & Chris perform a blood transfusion on Lucy and Karen's body and Lucy miraculously recovers. Before Frank can kill Jamal, he gets a call from Karen asking him not to do it. Frank calls Karen's cell phone and Ricky tells him to get the hospital ASAP. After Frank hurries off, Jamal escapes. At the hospital, Kevin, Elizabeth and then Frank learn of Karen's death. Scott arrives and Lucy sadly breaks the news to him as well. Karen goes to Heaven and is greeted by Casey, who tells Karen that her journey has just begun. Lucy thanks Karen for saving her life.
S15E66 07.01.03 - Tuesday: Desire 01/07/2003
S15E67 07.02.03 - Wednesday 02/07/2003
S15E68 07.03.03 - Thursday: Desire 03/07/2003
S15E69 07.04.03 - Friday: Desire [Finale] 04/07/2003
S16E01 07.07.03 - The Gift [Premiere] 07/07/2003