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Michael Portillo takes a look through the national archives to discover different stories that have been hidden in previously classified documents.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Portillo's State Secrets

S01E01 Crime and Punishment 23/03/2015 Michael discovers the secret files of Britain's last hangman, takes a look at private letters sent to Sherlock Holmes, and examines the hidden history of murderer Dr Crippen.
S01E02 Tyrants 24/03/2015 Michael discovers Hitler's hidden medical files and looks at the Christmas cards sent to an African dictator. He also finds the details of an incredible shopping list by Henry VIII.
S01E03 Celebrity and Scandals 25/03/2015 Michael finds out about the secret war on the Rolling Stones and how Special Branch spied on a future king.
S01E04 Mysteries 26/03/2015 Michael learns about the original letter that gave birth to Jack the Ripper and he also finds out about the mysterious disappearance of a wartime hero.
S01E05 Sport and Politics 27/03/2015 Michael learns about the secret documents that show why the country didn’t boycott Hitler’s Olympics and he finds out about Churchill’s attempt to ban the world’s first black heavyweight champion.
S01E06 Traitors 30/03/2015 Michael learns about the secret documents that relate to some of the country's traitors.
S01E07 Monarchy 31/03/2015 Michael takes a look at files from the National Archives that relate to the monarchy as he learns about a speech that would have been read by the Queen in the event of a Third World War happening.
S01E08 Banned 01/04/2015 Michael finds out about the state’s strategy on Scientology and learns how bull running was banned in the United Kingdom.
S01E09 On Trial 02/04/2015 Michael takes a look at how Mary Whitehouse defended God in a court of law and learns more about the last woman to be imprisoned under the Witchcraft Acts.
S01E10 National Security 03/04/2015 Michael finds out the secret memos behind the SAS’s most daring raid and takes a look at a bloody conspiracy to overthrow the government.