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PowerNation brings to the viewer the latest automotive how-to from four specialist teams that demonstrate the latest techniqes, parts and tools in the automotive aftermarket. Metal working skills are shared on how to fab and weld custom crawlers, buggies, diesels and Jeeps before punishing them on the trails, on "Extreme Off Road".


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de PowerNation: Xtreme Off Road

S01E01 Rock Bouncer 05/01/2014 Building a radical rock racer from scratch.
S01E02 Dirt Cheap Fun 12/01/2014 Rare turbo Toyota powers low buck rig.
S01E03 Crawler Hauler 19/01/2014 Isuzu chase truck gets ready for Cummins diesel.
S01E04 Beefier T Case 25/01/2014 Details on upgrading a 4x4 transfer case.
S01E05 Cummins Diesel Swap 02/02/2014 Crawler Hauler gets Cummins diesel.
S01E06 Exo-Skeleton Cage 09/02/2014 How to make & fit an off-road exo-cage.
S01E07 Dirt Cheap Locker Upgrade 16/02/2014 Ian installs a new Eaton locker/spool plus new rear springs and LED off-road lights in this round Dirt Cheap Fun tech.
S01E08 How to Fab a Flat Bed 23/02/2014 Ian shows how to layout and weld up a flat bed from scratch and he introduces a new low-buck off-road rally car project: "Hocus Focus"
S01E09 Rock Bouncer IBS Install 20/04/2014 Big block "Rock Bouncer" gets high dollar internal bypass shock system while "Hocus Focus" gets a low-buck suspension.
S01E10 Crawler Hauler 4 Link & Airbags 27/04/2014 Ian stretches the wheelbase of "Crawler Hauler" with a custom 4 link rear suspension and air bags to lower the bed for loading.
S01E11 Project Hocus Focus 04/05/2014 Budget off-road Ford Focus project gets prepped for low-buck rally racing with an engine tune-up, intake, and brakes.
S01E12 Rock Bouncer Rolling 11/05/2014 Ian builds the ultimate axles: bomb-proof 14 bolt, 40 spline hardened spools with 47 spline outer shafts for his "Rock Bouncer".
S01E13 Big Rig Ram Diesel 18/05/2014 More lift and more rubber: Ian transforms a new Ram 2500 Cummins diesel with a BDS lift and a dual-rear wheel conversion.
S01E14 Big Rig Ram Diesel Complete 06/07/2014 Ian finishes "Project Big Rig Ram" with a semi-inspired stacked exhaust system, a performance tuner and power side steps.
S01E15 Hocus Focus Roll Cage 13/07/2014 How-to design, bend, and weld up a sanctioned roll cage for our low-buck rally race. Plus: remote air bag tech.
S01E16 Bullet Proof Driveline 20/07/2014 How-to build bomb-proof axles with custom trusses, spools, and giant shafts to conquer extreme rock bouncer races.
S01E17 Ultimate UTV 27/07/2014 How to transform a stock RZR side by side into the ultimate UTV with trick suspension and accessories.
S01E18 King of the Hammers Special 03/08/2014 155 ULTRA4 racers battle through 194 miles of punishing desert and rocks at the 2014 KOH championship.
S01E19 Rock Bouncer Returns 10/08/2014 Ian completes Lambo-style rock racer dropping 700 horse Big Block Chevy into power-coated chassis.
S01E20 Hocus Pocus: How to Rally Cross 28/09/2014 Ian finishes his Focus rally car and heads to Florida to hone his 2WD and 4WD driving skills at "The FIRM".
S01E21 Veteran XJ: Size Matters 05/10/2014 Military team stretches a Jeep Cherokee chassis 9" with 4 link sub-frames for ultimate rock rig tribute.
S01E22 Veteran XJ: Deep Gears 12/10/2014 Military tribute Jeep gets deep gear treatment with how-to install an Atlas transfer and re-gear front and rear differentials.
S01E23 Field Tests Galore 19/10/2014 Ian shows off his low-buck projects with final payoffs from a $5k compact 4x4 pickup to his dirt cheap rally car.