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This provocative series follows the families of three church pastors to offer a first ever behind-the-altar look at what happens at home after the sermon ends. It’s a revealing, hard-hitting and often humorous look at how the daughters try to balance typical teenage temptations with their parents’ strict, faith-based expectations. Lifetime® gives you an unvarnished peek into each family’s dynamics as they grapple with universal issues all households with teenage girls face – personal freedom, relationships and trust– while trying to adhere to their often-rigid religious traditions. What happens will surprise viewers and change these families forever.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Preachers' Daughters

S01E01 Daddy's Little Angels 12/03/2013 The preachers' daughters prove they are anything but angels when Taylor reveals one of her fantasies, Olivia questions the paternity of her daughter and Kolby asks for permission to begin dating.
S01E02 Lead Us NOT Into Temptation 19/03/2013
S01E03 Tempted by the Fruit of Another 26/03/2013 Taylor finds a potential future boyfriend. Olivia sits down with her lawyer after notifying the baby's father.
S01E04 Turning Water to Wine 02/04/2013 Olivia introduces a boy from her past to her parents. Nikita asks his daughters' to assist him in rekindling his relationship with their mother. Taylor attends a double date with her parents.
S01E05 Dancing With the Devil 09/04/2013 Kolby reevaluates her relationship with Micah. Taylor is distraught after her father falls victim to a health scare. Olivia learns some hidden secrets about Frankie.
S01E06 Saints vs. Sinners 16/04/2013 Taylor and her mother work to keep the church running smoothly while Taylor's father is in the hospital. Olivia would like to take her daughter trick-or-treating on Halloween but her parents disagree. Kolby hosts a house party for Halloween.
S01E07 Naughty and Nice 23/04/2013 Kolby and her sisters have a girls weekend out and things get a bit unholy. Taylor is forced to attend a purity class. Olivia flies to Los Angeles in order to visit her sister and take part in a photo shoot.
S01E08 When the Cat's Away, the Mice Will Play 30/04/2013 Olivia is asked to lead an outing for troubled teens. Kolby's mother reveals a secret from her past. Taylor and her father visit a Christian college
S01E09 Hallelujah 07/05/2013
S01E10 Behind the Pulpit 14/05/2013
S00E01 Season 1 Sneak Peek 12/03/2013

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