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The series Preamar follows the story of João Ricardo Velasco, a wealthy and highly successful businessman who makes the wrong bet in the financial market and loses everything he has. In search of new ways to make money, he will discover the profitable informal market that operates on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro – all this without revealing his real situation to his family. In its 13 episodes, the series mixes drama and comedy to provide a vision of the beaches of Rio never seen before. Preamar is the name given to the highest tide in Portuguese.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Preamar

S01E01 The Diving 06/05/2012 The highly sucessful João Ricardo Velasco got fired from the bank where he worked, and when he observes the movements of the vendors who make their living from the beach, he realizes this could be the place for him to start all over again.
S01E02 Law of the Beach 13/05/2012 Velasco asks the doorman Biu to arrange a meeting with Xerife, the boss of the beach, who perceives that the investor could be very useful to his business dealings. Velasco makes an important discovery about his family.
S01E03 When Demand is Bigger than the Offer 20/05/2012 Velasco realizes that he is out of touch with his family, and aiming to find out more about his son Fred's life makes some important discoveries, while a brilliant idea brings him closer to Xerife.
S01E04 Deep Waters 27/05/2012 Fred lays low, afraid he will be tied to the death or a beach stand concession holder, who is suspected of being a drug dealer. Velasco pretends to be from São Paulo and meets with Paula. Fred is confronted by his father, who tells him he knows everything.
S01E05 Appearance and Charisma 03/06/2012 Manu gets worried after her father's argument with Fred. Xerife confronts Velasco and asks him why he didn't say that he was Fred's father.
S01E06 New Year 10/06/2012 When New Year's Eve arrives, the Velasco family gets ready for the celebration. Fred and Manu go to the party at the kiosk, which is a big success.
S01E07 For Noble Causes 17/06/2012 Maria Isabel discovers her husband's true situation, while he is worried about demonstration in front of the kiosk.
S01E08 Tide of New Moon 24/06/2012 Velasco and Xerife talk about a customer loyalty plan, and Maria Isabel sells the jewerlry donated by her rich lady friends.
S01E09 Rainbow 01/07/2012
S01E10 Life Even Seems A Party 08/07/2012
S01E11 Cage 15/07/2012
S01E12 Preamar Is Carnival 22/07/2012
S01E13 The Waters Of March 29/07/2012

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