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Journey through the long-vanished corners of prehistoric North America, beginning when man first entered the vast, unspoiled continent some 14,000 years ago, in this appealing BBC documentary. Witness ancient beasts, mammoths, mastodons, giant bears, and sabre-toothed cats, and see the legacies each has passed to their modern successors. Computer animation and digital effects bring to life mammoths, saber-toothed cats, giant ground sloths, short-faced bears, glyptodonts, and a plethora of smaller animals in a lush Ice Age mosaic. Discoveries from sites across America are the basis for the reconstructions. The BBC team behind "Blue Planet" and "Walking with Dinosaurs" now takes you back to an 'early America' beyond imagination. Travel back 14,000 years as humans were first entering the continent, sharing it with ancient beasts.


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S01E01 Land of the Mammoth 03/10/2002 A woolly mammoth , at the end of the last ice age , in the far northwestern North America, in a land that does not exist today: Beringia . It was a land of giants, where woolly mammoths roamed along with musk oxen , giant short-faced bears enormous challenged American lions , and snowy plains bison were full of wild horses and strange saiga antelopes .
S01E02 Canyonlands 10/10/2002 Canyonlands takes us to the very heart of the American south-west where the dramatic landscapes of the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River and the giant cactus forests of the Arizona desert form the backdrop to this next episode in the history of Ice Age North America.
S01E03 Ice Age Oasis 17/10/2002 Mammoths and a short-faced bear Today the sunshine state of Florida seems a world away from any Ice Age. It is here that Space Shuttles are launched – a symbol of man's unquenchable desire to explore and colonise taken to its astronomical limits. This programme takes viewers back 13,000 years to when man was exploring this area for the very first time.
S01E04 Edge of the Ice 24/10/2002 This episode reveals that America can boast one of the world's biggest ever waterfalls. The only thing is that it no longer exists! But it did 12,000 years ago and using the latest digital technology, Edge of the Ice spectacularly brings it back to life.
S01E05 American Serengeti 31/10/2002 At the end of the last Ice Age the Great Plains of North America were perhaps the richest grasslands to have ever existed, rivalling the East African plains in both the diversity and abundance of animals - a true American Serengeti.
S01E06 Mammoths to Manhattan 07/11/2002 Mammoths to Manhattan travels through time, from the end of the Ice Age to the present day, to see how North America's ildlife has adapted to living alongside people. Back then, it was a land dominated by giant beasts, today it is a land of towering skyscrapers. The episode starts with the extinction of its biggest mammals, some two thirds of which disappeared soon after the first people arrived.

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