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It's the eternal kitchen dilemma – you’re low on time and ingredients but you need to get dinner on the table. What do you make? This task, impossible for some, is the ultimate challenge for others. On Pressure Cooker, exceptional home cooks from across the country compete against each other with the help of celebrity chefs to create culinary masterpieces worthy of the world's fiercest food critic. Every week, two pairs of home cooks face off for food critic Giles Coren, who selects the two best for a final round of competition alongside a celebrity chef. The ingredients used in competition arrive on specially designed, quick-moving conveyor belts that force home cooks to make split-second decisions about what to use before it’s gone. At any time, the conveyor belt can kick back into action forcing competitors to add ingredients to their dishes. In each episode of this high-stakes competition, presided over by host Anne-Marie Withenshaw, home cooks battle the belt and each other to have their creation named best dish, and to win a chance at being named Canada's Best Home Cook in the season finale showdown. The Pressure is ON.

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