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It's the eternal kitchen dilemma – you’re low on time and ingredients but you need to get dinner on the table. What do you make? This task, impossible for some, is the ultimate challenge for others. On Pressure Cooker, exceptional home cooks from across the country compete against each other with the help of celebrity chefs to create culinary masterpieces worthy of the world's fiercest food critic. Every week, two pairs of home cooks face off for food critic Giles Coren, who selects the two best for a final round of competition alongside a celebrity chef. The ingredients used in competition arrive on specially designed, quick-moving conveyor belts that force home cooks to make split-second decisions about what to use before it’s gone. At any time, the conveyor belt can kick back into action forcing competitors to add ingredients to their dishes. In each episode of this high-stakes competition, presided over by host Anne-Marie Withenshaw, home cooks battle the belt and each other to have their creation named best dish, and to win a chance at being named Canada's Best Home Cook in the season finale showdown. The Pressure is ON.


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S01E01 DiSpirito & Faita 07/10/2014 With guest star Rocco DiSpirito in their corner, home cooks Sandeep Bhogal and Angelica Escudero battle the belt and each other, while Karen Ahmed and Jennifer Draper face off under the watchful eye of guest star Stefano Faita. Host Anne-Marie Withenshaw keeps the fierce competition on track and in a nail-biter final round, Tasting Expert Giles Coren comes up with a surprising decision.
S01E02 Elliot & Bowers 00/00/0000 Host Anne-Marie Withenshaw welcomes MasterChef’s Graham Elliot to mentor home cooks Jillian Paul and Ryan Sigouin as they go head to head, and introduces guest star Rodney Bowers who carefully guides home cooks Kathy Milonas and Stephen Torre as they take on each other in a pressure-filled duel. Tasting Expert Giles Coren’s shocking final round decision will take everyone, including the guest stars, by surprise.
S01E03 Goldman & Acheson 00/00/0000 Duff Goldman and Hugh Acheson mentor the competing home cooks.
S01E04 Guarnaschelli & DJ BBQ 00/00/0000 Host Anne-Marie Withenshaw keeps the intense competition rolling and introduces guest star Alex Guarnaschelli, a Next Iron Chef winner on Iron Chef America, who lends her culinary prowess to home cooks Paul Moyer and Carolyn Lum as they battle head to head. Anne- Marie also welcomes exuberant guest star and Food Tube personality DJ BBQ who wildly mentors home cooks JD Mowat and Kyla Turner. It’s a roller coaster of a final round that results in a completely unexpected decision from Tasting Expert Giles Coren.
S01E05 Faita & Bowers 00/00/0000 Host Anne-Marie Withenshaw ramps up the tension as guest star Stefano Faita returns to lend a hand to home cooks Michael Cioe and Nupur Gogia who feel the heat as they battle the belt. Anne-Marie also welcomes back guest star Rodney Bowers who returns to mentor home cooks Amanda Spiro and Jeff Valks as they try to best the belt and each other. Then it’s a final round full of twists and an incredibly tough decision for Tasting Expert Giles Coren.
S01E06 Acheson & Greenspan 00/00/0000 Host Anne-Marie Withenshaw welcomes back returning guest star Hugh Acheson who brings out the best in home cooks Mary Tang and Carol McKenzie, and introduces guest star Eric Greenspan who pushes home cooks Matt Hunt Gardner and Scott Doust to their limits as they square off against each other and the belt. It’s a final round that sees home cooks take some big chances and test the patience and palette of Tasting Expert Giles Coren.
S01E07 Elliot & Nadia G 00/00/0000 With Host Anne-Marie Withenshaw setting the stage, MasterChef’s Graham Elliot mentors home cooks Kiki Longo and Ryan Melbourne as they face the pressure of battling the belt, while Kiki’s sister Maddie Longo takes on home cook Peter Harris with guest star Nadia G lending both a helping hand. Then it’s a final round with a result no one, not even Tasting Expert Giles Coren, could have predicted.
S01E08 Guarnaschelli & Burell 00/00/0000 As Host Anne-Marie Withenshaw ratchets up the tension, guest star Alex Guarnaschelli pulls out all the stops mentoring home cooks Heather Hay and Simon Capet while guest star Anne Burrell uses all her tricks of the trade to help home cooks Chris Ganowski and Andrea Titus in their clash with each other. Then it’s an intense final round, a seesaw battle with a decision from Tasting Expert Giles Coren that no one could have seen coming.
S01E09 Goldman & Nadia G 00/00/0000 It’s a celebration of the holidays, and Host Anne-Marie Withenshaw ramps up the pressure and the belt with all the anxiety the festive season can bring to any home cook. Guest star Duff Goldman returns to mentor home cooks Sue MacDonald and Dustin Gilman, while Corey Smith takes on Isabelle Dupuis under the careful tutelage of guest star Nadia G. It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but in a final round full of amazing dishes, Tasting Expert Giles Coren can only give one home cook the gift they really want.
S01E10 Burell & DJ BBQ 00/00/0000 Host Anne-Marie Withenshaw sets up the tension-filled Pressure Cooker season Finale as guest stars Anne Burrell and DJ BBQ mentor four of the season’s top competitors as they square off in a pressure-filled, high stakes battle to determine just who is Canada’s best home cook. It’s a final round full of drama, tension and the most difficult decision yet for Tasting Expert Giles Coren.

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