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La Sainte Guerre ayant opposé Wind Land à l'empire de Sablum s'était arrêtée le temps d'une génération, celle où le roi Gustav était le souverain de Wind Land. L'empire de Sablum repart à l'assaut pour conquérir son ennemi de toujours avec une arme de destruction dépassant l'entendement : les Anges. Alors que Wind Land est pris au dépourvu et que leurs troupes se retrouvent face à un mur, c'est sur les épaules de Priecia (qui d'après les rumeurs, pourrait être la fille de la précédente princesse Princea), une jeune prodige à l'épée comme en magie que va reposer l'avenir de sa patrie qui a déjà perdu environ la moitié de ses Terres. La chevalière parviendra-t-elle à contrer l'envahisseur ?


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Prism Ark

S01E01 Le champs de bataille des Chevaliers 08/10/2007 Introduction of all the characters and the setting of the anime and discusses the Land of Wind (Europe) and Sablum Empire* (Ottoman empire or saracans). Priecia's parents are also briefly profiled when they first meet as children.
S01E02 L'académie des Chevaliers 15/10/2007 An assassin is sent by the Sablum to kill Priecia. Everyone mistakes her as the princess instead.
S01E03 L'objectif des Chevaliers 22/10/2007 Hyaweh makes fun of Priecia and angers her. Her admirers search for different ways to get rid of him.
S01E04 La fierté des Chevaliers 28/10/2007 A new student named Kagura follows Priecia claiming to be her new bodyguard. Priecia challenges Kagura to a duel and decides to accept Kagura's protection.
S01E05 L'épreuve du Chevalier 05/11/2007 The Prism Exam, dubbed Puriken by the headmaster, is about to begin. Priecia is having difficulties of indecision about being a knight, but was later enlightened and encouraged by Hyaweh's words.
S01E06 Jour de repos des Chevaliers 12/11/2007 Hyaweh, Priecia and the rest go into town for the day. After an embarrassing situation Hyaweh and Priecia run away and end up spending the day alone together, but they soon get attacked by enemies and Priecia gets kidnapped, but Hyaweh is ready to save her.
S01E07 La première bataille du Chevalier 19/11/2007 Hyaweh, Priecia and the others are assigned to protect a frontier fort. Arriving at the fort, the students are ambushed by an angel. When Priecia is injured, Hyaweh unleashes the power of his sword and destroys the angel.
S01E08 Le Chevalier égaré 26/11/2007 Upset that Hyaweh got injured protecting her, Priecia runs away from school and meets a nun named Teresa. Teresa questions Priecia's beliefs and makes her ponder why she wants to be a knight.
S01E09 La réunion des Chevaliers 03/12/2007 When Hyaweh finds Priecia, Karin is close behind and discovers Teresa. The two face off with Karin in rage about Teresa's past deeds. Priecia saves Karin and masters the Mirage Lance technique when defeating Teresa. The dark knight interferes and remembered something after seeing the pendant, and it's Hyaweh's chance to stab his forehead.
S01E10 Le coeur des Chevaliers 10/12/2007 The annual school festival is coming up, and everyone is looking forward to the PNP (Prism Night Party) where an event called the PPP (Prism Prince & Princess) is the main highlight. Priecia, who has challenged Hyaweh to a duel, is convinced to participate in an acting competition, thanks to Fel and the Headmaster.
S01E11 La danse des Chevaliers 17/12/2007 The school festival has now commenced. Everyone, including the teachers, competed intensely to obtain the Breast Armor, to the point where they even used their special techniques (those who possess the armor pair is crowned the pair for the PPP, and will be the main characters in the play). With the pair having to kiss in the final scene of the play, will Priecia succeed in being paired with Hyaweh?
S01E12 L'Arche des Chevaliers 24/12/2007 Hyaweh and Priecia face off in the graduation duel to determine the student representative. Priecia wins and decides to confess everything to Hyaweh during the graduation ball. Priecia reveals that she is the container for the true princess, and Hyaweh decides to become her knight. When angels attack the castle, Hyaweh and Priecia unleash the true power of the Ala-Gladius and become a giant glowing angel that defeats the army.

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