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The drama is set in the backstage world of broadcasting industry. The story revolves around the dynamic work and life of people who work in entertainment division of television network.


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S01E01 The Variety Department, Unintentionally 15/05/2015 Law graduate Baek Seung-chan begins his first day as a producer-director (PD) in KBS' variety department and finds that his college crush is infatuated with a senior PD, Ra Joon-mo. Joon-Mo's friend and fellow PD, Tak Ye-jin, helps to train the new recruits as she deals with a temperamental starlet, Cindy, who refuses to cooperate with her on her program.
S01E02 News of Quitting, Unintentionally 16/05/2015 Seung-chan is assigned to the '1 Night 2 Days' variety program headed by Joon-mo, who is struggling to relay the news of recasting to his current cast members. Ye-jin negotiates with Seung-chan on the repayment of his father car's repair bill and deals with the aftermath of Cindy's actions on her show.
S01E03 Pheasant Instead of Chicken, Unintentionally 22/05/2015 The '1 Night 2 Days' team brainstorms ideas for the new season. As the team tries to find a replacement for their last cast member, Seung-chan suggests Cindy, who considers his request with interest. Meanwhile, Ye-jin is elated to learn of Joon-Mo's break-up with his girlfriend.
S01E04 Acting That Way, Unintentionally 23/05/2015 After spending the night at Joon-mo's apartment, Seung-chan reveals that he knows Joon-mo and Ye-jin are living together, making Ye-jin worry that he might gossip about them at work. Cindy joins '1 Night 2 Days' as the new season begins.
S01E05 Understanding Editing 29/05/2015 The first shooting of the new season ends for the '1 Night 2 Days' team with a celebratory dinner, which Ye-jin decides to join. While drunk, Ye-jin confesses her feelings to Joon-mo. Meanwhile, the '1 Night 2 Days' team begins the editing process of their first episode.
S01E06 Understanding Broadcast Accidents 30/05/2015 Ye-jin reveals to Seung-chan about her deep friendship with Joon-mo; she decides to move out of Joon-mo's apartment after her accidental confession. Cindy's infatuation with Seung-chan grows as he helps out at a music concert special.
S01E07 Understanding Media Play 05/06/2015 Cindy stows away in Seung-chan's car after being discharged from the hospital. Feeling guilty about causing Cindy's injury, Ye-jin decides to help her hide in Joon-mo's apartment. Cindy's agency deals with the media as the public becomes intrigued by her disappearance.
S01E08 Understanding Love Lines 06/06/2015 After revealing her past and feelings to Seung-chan, Cindy celebrates her birthday with him, Ye-jin and Joon-mo. The '1 Night 2 Days' team films a best-friend special as the network's variety department gets ready for their annual sports event.
S01E09 Understanding Preemptions 12/06/2015 Ye-jin remains oblivious to Seung-chan's feelings for her that is apparent to Cindy and Joon-mo. The '1 Night 2 Days' team deals with being pre-empted for a week in favor of a new show. Cindy faces the possibility of being replaced as her agency insists that she help promote their new recruit.
S01E10 Understanding Previews 13/06/2015 As Seung-chan struggles to create a preview for the next episode, he realizes Cindy's feelings for him. Cindy finds herself gaining new allies in her anti-fan and fan groups as she continues her power-struggle with her agency CEO. Ye-jin discovers Seung-chan's feelings for her.
S01E11 Understanding Ratings 19/06/2015 Ye-jin processes Seung-chan's confession as she moves out of Joon-mo's apartment. Joon-mo is deflated that his program is not performing as well as the new show. Meanwhile, Cindy is betrayed by her agency CEO who sets up a career-ending interview to ruin her image.
S01E12 Understanding Long Running Programs 20/06/2015 Despite facing possible cancellation and public outcry due to the recent scandal created by Cindy's agency CEO, the '1 Night 2 Days' team continues filming their season with Cindy. Meanwhile, Ye-jin discovers a way to help Cindy and finally realizes Joon-mo's feelings for her.

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