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S255E01 A Fish Seller's Spirit 08/01/2017 Yasuhide Kadogawa, Fish Shop Owner Fish shop owner Yasuhide Kadogawa is affectionately known to customers and friends alike as "Mr. Cat". He's also a keen judge of seafood who's passionate about research. When he spots something unfamiliar at the market, he buys it and immediately looks it up. If he's still puzzled, he turns to a university professor who's a friend for help. Kadogawa says improving his understanding of habitats and behavior helps make his assessments more accurate. And he's enthusiastic about sharing his wealth of knowledge with the next generation. He makes time to visit clients and offer suggestions to young chefs about the most delicious ways to prepare fish. More than a few customers entrust Kadogawa when they plan special menus. "Unless we pass down Japan's culture, it can't be preserved". With these words, Kadogawa is nurturing knowledge about Japan's fish-based food culture.
S255E02 Life in Light and Shadow 05/02/2017 Hiroyasu Shoji, Lighting Designer Meet Hiroyasu Shoji, a world-class lighting designer who switches off the dazzle in favor of "comfortable darkness". Through meticulous planning and masterful creative instincts, he crafts interplays of light and shadow that soothe the soul. Japan's Great East Japan Earthquake resulting tsunami led to power cuts and conservation that dimmed the lights of Tokyo - and Shoji's belief in his profession, until a visit to a remote tropical island renewed his sense of purpose. 5 years later, in the autumn of 2016, he sets out to turn a shuttered shop in a historic but fading town into a glowing beacon of hope and revival.
S255E03 The Masters of Tsukiji Market 12/02/2017 The Masters of Tsukiji Market We focus on some professionals and the challenges they encounter at the world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. Among them, Hitoshi Fujita (60) is a seasoned Chinese chef who's relatively new to Tokyo, and a self-described Tsukiji "novice". His goal is to secure the best seafood for his guests, but will he succeed? Chef Toru Okuda (47) is said to have mastered the essence of Japanese cuisine. We follow him to Tsukiji as he takes on a new and demanding ingredient - the wild tiger puffer fish. And meet 53-year-old broker and wild tuna expert Hiroki Fujita. He says the feel of the flesh in a tuna's tail tells him instantly if it's good.
S255E04 Renovating Buildings, Rejuvenating Communities 19/02/2017 Yoshihiko Oshima, Architect Turning 1960's apartment buildings into hot properties, Yoshihiko Oshima (46) is an architect who's in great demand in the world of renovation. He's revitalized all sorts of aging buildings around Japan, including disused housing complexes. He says that if you just try to renovate a property to be trendy, sooner or later it will begin to feel old again, so he adopts a fresh approach that's attracting attention in Japan, where empty homes and apartment units are on the rise. Oshima has even tackled the challenge of bringing out the unique character of buildings on a city-wide scale! His work is rejuvenating the bonds of community.
S255E05 A Singular Path to Excellence 19/03/2017 Noriyuki Hamada, French Chef In a high-rise building in central Tokyo is a premium Japanese-style inn where the head chef is 41-year-old Noriyuki Hamada. In 2013, he took third place at the world's most prestigious culinary competition, becoming the first Japanese to win a medal. And he continues to attract international attention. In Hamada's cooking, high-end fare such as foie gras and caviar are nowhere to be found. Instead, he uses atypical ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms and carp to dream up exquisite culinary creations. Hamada's original and creative menus don't originate with flashes of genius. He learns everything about his ingredients, turning out astonishing dishes by trying out various pairings and cooking methods hundreds of times. "Everyone else just zooms ahead like a jet plane", he says. "But I crawl forward one step at a time. People like me who lack good taste and talent have no choice but to advance step by step. I think only of what's right in front of me, and how delicious and enjoyable to eat I can make it. All I can do is keep trying. That's my only talent".
S255E06 Bringing Terminal Patients Peace of Mind 16/04/2017 Taketoshi Ozawa, Home Care Physician Gravely ill individuals who want to spend their final days at home - making this wish possible is home care physician Taketoshi Ozawa. He coordinates with other professionals from more than 160 businesses, including care managers, home care support services and home care nurses to orchestrate 24-hour care and support for patients afflicted with a variety of illnesses, and their families. When working with patients, Ozawa's listening techniques are particularly noteworthy. Rather than relying on intuition, his approach incorporates teachings from clinical ethics and other fields. He devotes almost 1 hour per consultation, but the time is not spent only on addressing medical issues. Instead, Ozawa devotes a lot of effort to drawing out his patients' concerns and wishes, and those of their families. When a patient is terminally ill, even doctors are powerless. But Ozawa accepts and values this. "I don't want to forget the feeling of wanting to help", he says, adding, "I may be powerless, but I'll be by my patients' side".
S255E07 Bringing Hidden Treasures to Light 14/05/2017 Katsura Yamaguchi, Auction Specialist Christie's is one of the world's leading auction houses, and Katsura Yamaguchi works with them as a specialist in Asian art—Japanese art in particular. His job is to scour the world for extraordinary items that can be taken to auction. Steering clear of the fakes and forgeries that circulate in the art world, he makes the rounds of a personal network of dealers and collectors. Even when no specific deal is in the offing, he is constantly on the lookout for artworks hidden from the public eye. For Yamaguchi, information is everything, and his treasure hunting is a vital way to uncover new facts. We go behind the scenes in the secretive world of high-stakes art auctions.
S255E08 Tofu Taught Me How to Live 04/06/2017 Takeshi Yamashita, Tofu Craftsman Takeshi Yamashita is the 5th-generation owner of a small tofu shop founded 145 years ago that sells to households and department stores. Yamashita uses only natural nigari coagulant, creating a tofu with a rich soybean fragrance that's so soft chopsticks can just barely hold it. On the tongue, it breaks apart, allowing the flavor to instantly diffuse. Even fellow tofu makers express astonishment at Yamashita's skills. Making tofu the traditional way is a simple process. Grind soybeans, cook them, then drain off the soymilk, and add nigari to firm up the tofu. But as Yamashita puts it, "The simpler something is, the harder it becomes". He cultivates his own soybeans, and challenges himself to create diverse flavors. Yamashita says that when it comes to simple things, you can't fudge the details. Creating delicious tofu with just the right texture is truly difficult -- but that's what makes it interesting.
S255E09 One Story at a Time 11/06/2017 Shunputei Ichinosuke, Rakugo Storyteller The traditional art of rakugo storytelling is currently experiencing a boom in Japan. It's been fueled by a popular storyteller named Shunputei Ichinosuke, who works 350 days a year, performing about 900 times. While preserving traditional rakugo, Ichinosuke adds his own verbal touches, including modern-day gags. His work undergoes a constant process of evolution as he reworks his material each time he appears before an audience. Ichinosuke is a brash and bold storyteller who delights his audiences, but his true personality is the exact opposite. Afraid above all that audiences won't like him, he keeps to himself backstage and, grumbling, battles uncertainty and insecurity. No matter how busy his schedule, he always finds time to practice, even if only while walking between gigs. Despite his somewhat difficult personality, he is sincerely dedicated to rakugo and avid in his desire to deepen his art.
S255E10 The Men Who Build "Hope" 02/07/2017 Giant Floating Crane Crew At 105 meters long and with a lifting capacity of 3,000 tons, Fuji is a giant floating crane that has pulled off a variety of complex jobs in Japan, including the construction of the Tokyo Gate Bridge and the Tsukiji Bridge. The goal this time is to build the first bridge connecting the island of Oshima in Kesennuma Bay in Miyagi Prefecture with Japan's main island. Island residents have long yearned for such a bridge, and see it as a ray of hope. Taking on the task are Sadami Dannoshita, Fuji's captain, and a crew of skilled professionals. Beginning with the bridge girders, they advance the project step-by-step over a month. Finally, they take on the most demanding part -- constructing the bridge's central span. To do this, Fuji must transport the 228-meter, 2,700-ton span 2.4 kilometers to the construction site, where the crew will install it in one go. The men have plenty of experience, but their window of opportunity this time is extremely limited. That's because Fuji can't be moved during the daytime, when ferries operate in the bay. Instead, they must begin the job at night, and complete it by evening the next day. Working in the dark, the crew encounter various challenges. Can they finish in time?
S255E11 Opening New Paths to Save Young Lives 16/07/2017 Ikuya Ueta, Pediatric Intensivist Japan's adoption of pediatric intensive care units (PICUs) has been far slower than other countries. Dr. Ikuya Ueta learned about pediatric intensive care in the US, and has been a pioneer in bringing this form of healthcare to Japan. Ueta has treated 10,000 children whose lives were at risk, achieving a survival rate of 98%. He sorts every treatment he's administered, every medication he's prescribed, and how every patient responded into a mental map. With each new patient, he plots out a path to recovery on that map, carefully observing and then adapting as necessary. Guiding his young patients towards recovery is the essence of Ueta's approach.
S255E19 Car Designer 06/07/2006
S255E32 Whiskey Blender 09/11/2006
S255E33 Track Coach 16/11/2006
S255E45 Hayao Miyazaki - Director 27/03/2007
S255E82 Web Designer 01/04/2008

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