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One of the most unique concepts in TV history. "It's the Hollywood Cinderella story. Two childhood friends share an apartment in LA, struggling to break into acting. Unknown after years of hard work and tired of bit parts, they write their own script and star in it. Not only do they get recognized, they become famous and win an Oscar for Best Screenplay. A dream? Hardly. It's the true story of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. And it is this fairy tale come true that inspired them to team up with American Pie producer Chris Moore, and Dimension, to create a contest and community that would open the industry to aspiring writers and directors who need a big break to jump start their dreams."-PGL website This 3rd season they are trying something completely different. First, a new network is picking up the show to give it new life. Thanks go out to the Bravo network for continuing these dreams. Second, a different studio, Dimension, has stepped up the reward to 2 million dollar to produce th


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S01E01 And Then There Was One (1) 02/12/2001 The concept of the show is introduced and three finalists are chosen from thousands of script submissions.
S01E02 And Then There Was One (2) 02/12/2001 Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Chris Moore and Miramax executives spend hours choosing a winner. The three finalists anxiously await their decision, which finally comes in the middle of the night. The lucky filmmaker is announced to a national TV audience.
S01E03 Pete Goes to Work 09/12/2001 After hours of deliberations a winner is selected from the three finalists. Ben then reveals him to the world on The Tonight Show.
S01E04 Ben Calls Harvey 16/12/2001 There are more budgetary concerns that must be dealt with. Further issues come up when the potential lead actor makes a series of requests.
S01E05 Sweet Home Chicago 23/12/2001 Pre-production gets underway as Pete tries to nail down a cast, locations, and a shooting schedule.
S01E06 Producing Under Chris Moore Conditions 30/12/2001 It's the first day of shooting and Pete feels the pressure when he has to deal with sound issues from passing trains and looming time deadlines.
S01E07 The Delicate Balance of Power in Producing a Movie 06/01/2002 Producer Chris Moore flies to Chicago for day two of production and everything that can go wrong does.
S01E08 The Director and His DP 13/01/2002 Things continue to be difficult as the crew have to contend with a rainstorm when they are filming an outdoor softball game.
S01E09 The Juggling Act of a Director 20/01/2002 Tension mounts as Chris feels like he needs to let one of the producers go. Pete has to contend with filming an action sequence involving fire.
S01E10 Getting the Footage You Need 27/01/2002 People start to notice that Biagi may have a little too much control. Later, the crew prepare to work on a difficult scene at a lake.
S01E11 The Editing Process 03/02/2002 The problems continue on the lake as the crew race to complete the scene before the sun goes down.
S01E12 Chris Moore: The End of the Experiment 10/02/2002 The film is finally completed and is premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.
S02E01 Episode #13 22/06/2003 After a brief overview of the Project Greenlight contest by its creators, the season begins with the narrowing down of the top 50 scripts (from an initial 7,000!) to ten, and the directors down to four. Matt, Ben and Chris personally call the finalists to summon them to the 2003 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. The excitement of arriving at this indie-film mecca soon turns to anxiety, however, as the judging panel screen directors' scene assignments and observe the screenwriters pitching their stories. Finally, six scripts are eliminated - and four directors and four writers are left standing.
S02E02 Episode #14 22/06/2003 After a brief overview of the Project Greenlight contest by its creators, the season begins with the narrowing down of the top 50 scripts (from an initial 7,000!) to ten, and the directors down to four. Matt, Ben and Chris personally call the finalists to summon them to the 2003 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. The excitement of arriving at this indie-film mecca soon turns to anxiety, however, as the judging panel screen directors' scene assignments and observe the screenwriters pitching their stories. Finally, six scripts are eliminated - and four directors and four writers are left standing.
S02E03 Episode #15 29/06/2003 Press photos are shot and ""Stolen Summer"" producer Jeff Balis is surprisingly reintroduced. The group meets for some initial discussion about the winning screenplay. Erica ties up loose ends back home in Ohio as she prepares to move to L.A. The winners meet in L.A. for casting and budget meetings and quickly realize they may have little actual control over certain critical production elements. The producers talk about the winners' capabilities.
S02E04 Episode #16 29/06/2003 Five weeks remain until the start of production, and the heat is rising. The group discuss issues with the casting and script, and Kyle and Efram begin interviewing candidates for the film's key crew members. They also battle over exactly who will edit the film. Finally, the directors extend offers for the movie's main roles in to several actors.
S02E05 Episode #17 05/07/2003 Casting remains difficult, as the team has trouble landing Shia LeBeouf for the main role of Kelly. Erica receives major script notes, but doesn't like the directors' offer to do the rewrites.
S02E06 Episode #18 13/07/2003 Pressures mount as the beginning of production approaches, and Ben joins the team for a final script meeting. Thomas Ackerman is hired as D.P. and the cast -- including Shia LeBeouf, Kathleen Quinlan and Amy Smart -- does a table read. Much to the crew's relief, the first location is finally set.
S02E07 Episode #19 20/07/2003 The first day begins with creative differences and an awkward scene, but Ackerman shows he's up to the task. A casting dilemma is solved when Bill Sadler accepts the role of Abe. With an ambitious schedule in front of them, the team braces for a crucial emotional scene.
S02E08 Episode #20 20/07/2003 Erica decides to play a more active role on set after there's an unscripted shot. Technical problems push the production behind schedule and the directors make more script changes without consulting Erica, who vents her frustrations.
S02E09 Episode #21 27/07/2003 Kyle and Ephram worry that their authority is being undermined and call a meeting to discuss more effective communication. Miramax's Rick Schwartz arrives for lunch with a special guest, briefly lightening the mood.
S02E10 Episode #22 03/08/2003 Cast and crew are feeling drained just three weeks into shooting. Ben and J.Lo visit the set and lift their spirits, especially Erica's. Efram clashes majorly with the boom operator. But when it comes time for the big kiss scene with Amy, Shia is a smooth operator. The final day of production gets off to a shaky start as Shia stumbles over difficult lines, but Kyle helps him through it. Finally it's announced - ""That's a wrap!""
S02E11 Episode #23 10/08/2003 Kyle and Efram begin post-production now that their film's in the can. Within two weeks they screen a rough cut for Chris, Jeff and Erica, who question the tone - is it a drama or a comedy? Miramax exec Rick Schwartz see the next cut and feels the same ambiguity. After four grueling days, Kyle and Efram barely get their tape to the pivotal test screening on time.
S02E12 Episode #24 17/08/2003 The producers decide that the film will be a comedy after the test-screening results are in. Protests from Kyle and Efram go unheeded. Kyle and Efram agonize over several new cuts but finally deliver a version they hope will meet with Rick's approval.
S02E13 Episode #25 24/08/2003 Will it be released or not? Everyone waits anxiously as Miramax debates whether The Battle of Shaker Heights will open in N.Y. and L.A. Chris appeals to Harvey Weinstein to release it in more cities. As the premiere date approaches, the team makes some finishing touches and waits to hear from Miramax. Will they pull out the big guns and open with a bang? Or will they surrender to a limited release and give up the battle for Shaker Heights?
S03E01 Box Office or Bust 15/03/2005 The executive producers and Dimension executives sat down and interviewed the top 3 writers and the top 3 directors. Coming to the conclusion of the script, which was written by both Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. This script is titled ""Feast"" and would be directed by John Gulager.
S03E02 The Joy of Pre-Production 22/03/2005 The group finds out from Dimension that they're not going have an easy time making their movie. They're told that the script's flawed, that the studio has reservations over the director's ability to pull it all together, and that they'll have to rewrite the script in order to make in with the $2 million budget. They then work 12 hour shifts fixing the script by eliminating scenes and combining characters. The director also stubbornly insists that his family members be cast in the lead roles, which causes frustrations the casting director.
S03E03 Bridging the Gap 29/03/2005 Only nine weeks are left in pre-production. Ideas for the film are coming together and the director is finally starting to take charge. The group gets permission from Dimension to look for gap financing from another investor willing to put money into the production. They get an idea from a radio show to hit up the Maloof family for money. Their call into a radio program fails but they arrange a formal meeting through the Maloof family's office. The crew is assembling but the director still butts heads with the others over his insistence that his family be cast in the main roles.
S03E04 Cast Apart 07/04/2005 Gulager says he's going to film a test screen of his family and take it directly to Bob Weinstein. Chris Moore puts a stop to it and threatens to fire the director. Casting gets under way. It proves difficult to find a suitable actor and actress to play the Hero and Heroine. Michelle want Navi Rawat cast in a role and submits her name directly to Dimension. The company thinks it's a good choice but the others are upset that Michelle went behind their backs. Actors are found for the lesser roles and additional financing for the 25-day shoot is secured from the Maloof family. The writers are hired to write the new Highlander film. And the monster designs are comining along nicely. At the first read-through of the script with the actors a bomb scare forces their evacuation and postpones the meeting.
S03E05 Lights, Camera, Inaction 14/04/2005 Filming is finally ready to begin. Issues with the script, budget, and casting have been settled, so now all eyes are on first-time director Gulager. He has a free-wheeling shooting style and makes too many last-minute adjustments, which get on the DP's nerves. The actors start feeling somewhat lost without proper rehersals and compositions. Studio execs and the producer step in to tell Gulager to communicate better.
S03E06 Mutiny on the Bar Set 21/04/2005 Gulager finally schedules an early rehearsal time before the day's shooting. The mood lightens but the good will is short-lived, as the 1st A.D. and the script supervisor let their dislike for each other spill over. Since he has the producers on his side, the 1 A.D. gets the script supervisor fired. Shooting is continually rocky, frustrating the director and many of the others.
S03E07 One Week to Rap 28/04/2005 Its the final week of production and a lot of movie left to be shot. John starts to feel the pressure when he is found with two camera crews shooting two different scenes of the movie on opposite sides of the studio. John has to run back and forth from both sets to do the directing. Plus they find out that there is a big corporate issue between Disney and Miramax, and feast might get caught in the middle of the battle. To Help motivate everyone on the crew, John sets up a movie short of Feast so that they can get an understanding of what they all have been working so hard.
S03E08 Redemption 05/05/2005 Production is finally over, now comes the actual making of the movie - Post Production. This episode, John just starts the editing and already everyone wants to get a piece of what it looks like. So John sets up screenings for all the major players of the movies future. The majority of them seem to like what they see with just a few improvements needed. The whole group seems really excited to get this thing done and can't wait to see the final film.
S03E09 It's a Wrap 12/05/2005
S00E01 Stolen Summer 22/03/2002
S00E02 The Battle of Shaker Heights 22/08/2003
S00E03 Feast 22/09/2006