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In the center of the action are varied fates extended Valenta's family who got rich on war contracts and moved from the countryside to Prague, Podolí. In this part of the city are not only meadows, a few old smokestacks and the postwar poverty. Enterprising Valenta but Podolí change. However, not themselves, and not lightly. In the family there is a rivalry between the brothers. There is a mystery that entails the search for the old pre-war murder, and also the characters experience their true love.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de První republika

S01E01 Ztracený syn 17/01/2014
S01E02 Lhá? prolhaná 24/01/2014 The post-war poverty, but little Elizabeth will treasure. Among Clara, Jaroslav and Vladimir vibrates old romantic tension.
S01E03 Milodary 31/01/2014
S01E04 Špan?lská ch?ipka 07/02/2014
S01E05 Arsenik 14/02/2014
S01E06 Láska je utrpením 21/02/2014
S01E07 Módní salon Valenta 28/02/2014
S01E08 And?lí?ká? 07/03/2014
S01E09 Rudi 14/03/2014
S01E10 Ano 21/03/2014
S01E11 Piknik 28/03/2014
S01E12 Stavidlo 04/04/2014
S01E13 Iniciála Vé 11/04/2014
S01E14 Zpov?dní tajemství 18/04/2014
S01E15 Dobré jméno 25/04/2014
S01E16 Bratrská láska 02/05/2014
S01E17 ?arod?jka 09/05/2014
S01E18 Jízdenky do Pa?íže 16/05/2014
S01E19 Sv?dci z onoho sv?ta 23/05/2014
S01E20 Eskamotér 30/05/2014
S01E21 Sbohem a odpus?te 06/06/2014
S01E22 Štvanice 13/06/2014