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A story of love, dogs and the love of dogs, Puppy love is set around the Wirral-based dog training classes run by the formidable Nana V – “For All Your Dogging Needs”. Puppy Love follows two very different women - Nana V and Naomi Singh as they navigate their headstrong dogs, teenage kids and disappointing husbands.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Puppy Love

S01E01 Episode 1 13/11/2014 When dog trainer Nana V is called out to rescue a dangerous dog in a residential area, she gains the attention of local man Alexander Moss, who's having an embarrassing problem with his dog Toffee. Meanwhile, new puppy owner and Future'Z charity worker Naomi visits Nana V to begin the proceedings of administering a grant to Eron, her imprisoned daughter's son. But they soon find themselves at odds when Naomi also bumps into the friendly Alexander and they become rivals for his attention. Meanwhile, Naomi and husband Ravi are surprised to find that daughter Jasmine has had a secret boyfriend who she's just broken up with.
S01E02 Episode 2 20/11/2014 Nana V and superintendent Gerry Hooper plan to run a Canine Responsibility Awareness Community Day, in which Nana V will lead a special hazards class for new puppies. Naomi's labrador puppy Charlie causes anxiety for her new neighbour Heaven Jones when her cat Gerald goes missing. Certain that Charlie is to blame, Heaven goes to extreme lengths to get to the bottom of the mystery, roping in jobsworth bylaw enforcement officer Phil Evans. Eron and Jasmine are forced to move into Nana V's caravan when their roof collapses during a downpour. Naturally, Naomi sees this as a good opportunity to get her daughter back home where she belongs.
S01E03 Episode 3 27/11/2014 Naomi is keen to impress the commodore of the local yachting club, Dave Wilson, and so steps in to join his team, competing in the West Kirby Sailing Club's Wilson Trophy. Sadly, things don't go entirely to plan for her when she invites Dave, and her friends, to an elaborate dinner party that is a complete disaster. She is horrified when Nana V gatecrashes it, revealing her past dalliance with Dave. Nana V asks Jasmine and Eron to look after her daycare dogs, including Dave's dog Charlie, but the pair go missing and are later found stranded on an island with the tide coming in. Naturally, it's up to Dave and the RNLI to come to the rescue.
S01E04 Episode 4 04/12/2014 It's a big day for Naomi. Jepherson Denomer, a trustee from the charity she works for, Future'Z, is coming on a fact-finding visit. He arrives in his vintage Daimler with his elderly dog Tuggy, and Naomi shows him what's been achieved in the local area. When Jep arrives to watch Eron's football demonstration, his car gets stuck in Nana V's muddy yard and his exhaust pipe breaks. Due at another meeting, Jep is forced to leave by train, whilst Naomi and Nana V are left to care for his dying old dog Tuggy. Nana V is concerned that something's wrong with her dog No Name, although no-one else thinks there is. She becomes convinced that it's because she herself has cancer. But, in fact, it turns out to be that No Name has sensed a secret which Eron and Jasmine have not yet revealed to the others.
S01E05 Episode 5 11/12/2014 Having not seen his family for years, Fatdraic arrives at Nana V's yard with a present in tow for Eron - a tiny pony, failing to realise he's now far too grown-up for such a gift. With husband Ravi away, and their marriage under strain, Naomi finds herself unexpectedly drawn to Fatdraic with embarrassing consequences. Meanwhile, Eron and Jasmine are due to visit his mum, Nana V's daughter, in prison, with Jasmine keen to impress her prospective new mother-in-law. But when they try to smuggle in some home-made cakes, Fatdraic reveals that he has laced them with drugs, and both Naomi and Nana V are forced to make a quick decision to get them all out of trouble.
S01E06 Episode 6 18/12/2014 Naomi's marriage is on the rocks and she has to deal with subsidence in her home and difficult Polish builders demanding money. Things become even worse after Charlie, her Labrador Retriever goes missing. Nana V receives a visit from a fire safety officer called Damon Peachey with whom she shares an online past. She and Tony find themselves intrigued by the idea of a fire starting in the caravan, and the subsequent insurance claim. Naomi gets Nana V to help her track Charlie down, and the two women form an unexpected bond.