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Host and designer Samantha Pynn transforms everyday rooms into sustainable living spaces using inspiring, accessible ideas and her uniquely hands-on, practical approach. Pure Design is all about refreshing design that truly enhances the way we want to live today.


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S01E01 Lee & Stevie's Living/Dining Room 00/00/0000 Creating a living space that works for both kids and adults shouldn't mean you have to compromise on grown-up style. By using natural fibers and turning tired items into fabulous new centerpieces, Samantha Pynn transforms a living/dining room from a playroom into a glamorous living space that's sophisticated enough for a busy working mom yet playful enough for her young daughter.
S01E02 Tiffany's Bedroom 00/00/0000 For many first-time homeowners, decorating - especially private spaces like the bedroom - is definitely last on the list. That's certainly the case for Tiffany, an up and coming PR executive. By refreshing some of Tiffany's vintage furniture and bringing in some modern pieces and sustainable choices, host Samantha Pynn takes Tiffany's dorm-like bedroom with its mish-mash of furnishings and transforms it into an eclectic and soothing space, full of the sophistication a professional woman deserves.
S01E03 Alexis & Adam's Kitchen 00/00/0000
S01E04 Kristen & Dave's Main Floor 00/00/0000 Marketing executives Kristen and Dave bought their modest first home a few years ago and undertook the much-needed renovations themselves. They did a great job removing walls and installing a new kitchen but then ran out of steam. Now they need designer Samantha Pynn's expertise to pull their open concept kitchen/dining/living room together and turn it into the beautiful modern space that they had originally envisioned. Sam transforms the space by installing new floors, wall-mounting their over-sized TV and adding an area rug and solid modern pieces to augment their black leather sofa. By mixing clean lines and curves, color and texture, this memorable main floor is now complete.
S01E05 Helen & Niall's Nursery 00/00/0000 Homeowners Helen and Niall are getting nervous - they're a few short months away from the birth of their first child and their never-renovated 1920s home doesn't contain a nursery. Both work full time - so they're relying on designer Samantha Pynn to create a bright and practical room for their new bundle of joy. Sam converts their underutilized spare bedroom into a hip, eco-friendly nursery using bright colors, contemporary baby furniture, colorful accessories and natural materials. Helen and Niall's modern nursery is a warm, welcoming, and playful space for their new baby.
S01E06 Claudia & Justin's Living/Dining Room 00/00/0000 Claudia and Justin are professional foodies - he's a chef and she's a food stylist. So it's no surprise that their urban loft space has a beautifully designed modern kitchen. Only problem is, the rest of the space doesn't measure up: it's a mishmash of Danish modern with other inherited and found pieces. Designer Samantha Pynn uses their showpiece kitchen as an inspiration and by recovering older teak pieces with eco-friendly fabrics and redoing the floor plan, she creates a visual harmony between the kitchen and the rest of the space, without spending a lot of money or adding loads to the landfill
S01E07 Beth's Dining Room 00/00/0000 Beth is a busy, successful, single executive whose life consists of five-star hotels, gourmet restaurants and VIP airport lounges. But her own house, a midtown Toronto duplex, doesn't measure up. As a result, she feels more at home on the road than in her own house. Designer Samantha Pynn uses silks, metallic wallpaper, glass tabletops and mirrored doors to transform Beth's dowdy living quarters into a glamorous and luxurious space. She does this while using eco-friendly products such as wallpaper made from fifty percent recycled fibers and salvaged chairs found online. These items find new life with a fresh coat of paint and upholstery. This 'over-the-top' style, which brings Hollywood glamor into everyday living, may have Beth never wanting to leave home again.
S01E08 Liliana & Frank's Living/Dining Room 00/00/0000 Frank and Liliana's 1930s home gets fast-forwarded to the 21st century as designer Samantha Pynn uses environmentally friendly furniture and fresh accessories to update the look of classic English Revival.
S01E09 Juliette & John's Kitchen 00/00/0000 Designer Samantha Pynn shows homeowners Juliette and John how to salvage their kitchen renovation by integrating the existing elements and creating a colorful, bistro-inspired kitchen.
S01E10 Carolyn & Derek's Attic Loft 00/00/0000 Designer Samantha Pynn transforms an unimaginative third floor loft into a fun, colorful, bohemian-inspired family room that matches homeowners Carolyn and Derek's personalities.
S01E11 Ania & Walter's Master Bedroom 00/00/0000 Too much space is not always a good thing, but with a little planning, designer Samantha Pynn is able to transform Ania and Walter's vast bedroom into a luxurious, earth-friendly boudoir.
S01E12 Lindsay's Teenage Bedroom 00/00/0000 Designer Samantha Pynn creates an eco-fabulous bedroom for 16-year-old Lindsay that perfectly balances youthful without looking childish - and still allows for room to grow.
S01E13 Virgina's Kitchen 00/00/0000 The cottage-style charm that Virginia fell in love with when she bought her city home has lost its appeal. Designer Samantha Pynn takes it from outdated to 'Modern Country' - with an eco-twist.
S02E01 Lauren & Mike's Living Room 00/00/0000 Lauren and Mike are self-proclaimed minimalists with a living room that's stuck in the past. By combining old and new furnishings and injecting it with just the right amount of colour, designer Samantha Pynn transforms it into a modern living space with a sustainable edge.
S02E02 Erin & Ryan's Condo Living Space 00/00/0000 Erin and Ryan were romanced by a chic condo in a re-claimed warehouse but once they moved in, they weren't too in love with its lack of storage, and the 14 foot ceilings became a real design dilemma. Designer Samantha Pynn merges their French and Contemporary design styles and tames their ceilings to create a space with harmony.
S02E03 Chetna and Bhups' Living/Dining Room 00/00/0000 When you're living out of a suitcase, you have to travel light. So when globetrotters Chetna and Bhups recently bought a large historical home, they found themselves with nothing to fill it. By using colourful fabrics and playing up significant architectural details, Samantha Pynn creates a warm and homey living/dining room while retaining the character of this gorgeous 1870's house.
S02E04 Madeleine's Bedroom 00/00/0000 Now that she's 10, Madeleine is ready to graduate to a "big girl" bedroom. But this eco-conscious, soccer-playing tween is not a "pink and princessy" kind of girl! Designer Samantha Pynn transforms her toddler bedroom into a green, funky room with kick.... and just the right amount of "hot" pink and sparkle mixed in.
S02E05 Nadine and Jacque's Living/Dining Room 00/00/0000 Nadine and Jacques run their business out of their 1886 row house and they’re finding their bland and boring living and dining rooms uninspiring. By merging Old World inspired pieces with some modern touches, designer Samantha Pynn gives this eco-conscious couple a motivating place to work and a stylish place to entertain.
S02E06 Carm and Jason's Living/Dining Room 00/00/0000 Now that they're almost done their renovations, Carm and Jason are ready to move their toddler's playroom out of the living room and down to the basement. Designer Samantha Pynn helps them to re-claim their adult space by transforming their mismatched living and dining room into a warm, classic space with a tropical-style flare.
S02E07 Olivia and John's Kitchen 00/00/0000 When Olivia's Grandma moved into a retirement home, Olivia couldn't bear to see the house she grew up in sold to a stranger. So together with her fiancé John, they purchased it. The only problem is, the small, galley-kitchen is stuck in the past. Designer Samantha Pynn takes it from dark and outdated to a contemporary chef's paradise -- all while retaining its original charm.
S02E08 Michelle and Chad's Home Office/Dining Room 00/00/0000 Michelle and Chad can’t wait to finish decorating their new home, but with three young children they haven’t found the time. Designer Samantha Pynn helps these exhausted parents turn their sparse dining room and home office into a traditional and classic space with a twist.
S02E09 Paula and Pete’s Master Bedroom 00/00/0000 A bedroom should be a place that evokes feelings of tranquility and peace. But when Paula and Pete retire at the end of the day they feel frustrated by their master bedroom’s odd layout and lack of organization. Designer Samantha Pynn uses natural elements to create a relaxing, functional space that makes this couple look forward to bedtime.
S02E10 Colleen's Kitchen 00/00/0000 Designer Samantha Pynn faces one of her toughest assignments yet...when she takes on her mom's kitchen. Like most moms, Colleen is constantly giving to others so she's had no time to re-decorate, and her outdated kitchen is in desperate need of a change. Now that she's on vacation, Sam and her brother Allan surprise Colleen with a kitchen makeover, and mom is "tickled pink" with the results.
S02E11 Lori and Jason's Toddler Room 00/00/0000 Lori and Jason’s home is beautifully renovated from top to bottom, except for one tricky space that’s left them stumped. Designer Samantha Pynn transforms a kitchen into a playroom and a nursery into a colorful and healthy, toxin-free space for their growing toddler, Atticus.
S02E12 Siham and Alicia's Basement Rec Room 00/00/0000 Siham and her daughter Alicia are eager to redecorate the basement of their lake-side house. Designer Samantha Pynn transforms their dark and dull recreation room into a bright, cozy, Hamptons-inspired space that the whole family can entertain in.

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