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A new anime that is based on the theme of the Pretty Rhythm series.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Puri Para

S01E01 I Became an Idol! 05/07/2014 Upon finding a bag dropped by PriPara idol Mirei, Lala enters the world of PriPara for the first time and ends up performing alongside her.
S01E02 Breaking Promises Is Pri-Bad! 12/07/2014 Lala, paranoid that she has broken her school's rules, tries to avoid having her ticket stolen by headmistress Gloria and join Mirei in time for an audition.
S01E03 Team Breakup? No Way-kuma! 19/07/2014 After discovering Mirei is actually the head disciplinarian of her school, she wonders if they can really stay partners.
S01E04 Capisce! Cheer for You 26/07/2014 A fan of Lala's named Eiko approaches her about giving a performance to help her face up against a tough tennis opponent, but Lala has trouble finding a way to get to PriPara in time.
S01E05 I Wanna Sing with Sophie! 02/08/2014 Lala attempts to get top PriPara idol, Sophie, to join her and team, but is met with resistance from Sophie's groupies.
S01E06 Objection? Lala`s Coming to My Place-pri! 09/08/2014 Wanting to come up with a new Making Drama for their performances, Lala comes over to Mirei's house and meets her lawyer parents.
S01E07 Episode 7 16/08/2014 Encountering one of her regular customers in PriPara, Lala tries to find her some pickled plums, unaware she is actually Sophie.
S01E08 Excitement! Summer! Swimsuits! Capische at the Pool! 23/08/2014 Lala tries to tell her friend, Nao, about PriPara who doesn't know that the idol she admired was her best friend.
S01E09 Exciting Idol Meeting! 30/08/2014 Lala is paired up with Sophie in an idol quiz show, during which she learns of her true identity.
S01E10 Autumn Colours Lovely Live 06/09/2014 Whilst looking for inspiration for an autumn-themed contest, Lala and Mire help Eiko's tennis rival, Love Tochiotome, make her first trip to PriPara. Meanwhile, Sophie attempts to make her way to PriPara with her own strength.
S01E11 What To Do? What'll Happen!? The Third Member!!! 13/09/2014 Determined to find out why Sophie declined to join their team, Lala and Mirei hear about her situation from her sister, Cosmo. Refusing to accept any replacement, Lala takes on several solo performances to increase her idol rank and reach the same class as Sophie.
S01E12 Spread Your Wings, Sophie! 20/09/2014 Despite Mirei's suggestion that she move on and work with a different third member, Lala remains determined to give Sophie the push she needs to free herself from her emotional cage.
S01E13 Look at the Sky and Laugh! Team Name Announcement! 27/09/2014 Mirei is jealous with Lala and Sophie because the get really closer.However,in this episode,Lala,Mirei, and Sophie will get their team up names.
S01E14 The Rivals Enter! Good Luck!! 04/10/2014 With her decision to become an idol, Shion is thrust into PriPara with no pre-set plans. She is soon met and promised the revenge she wishes to gain and joins the twin unit of Dorothy and Leona, which is led by the once-defeated Usagi.
S01E15 Going Critical? Shion VS Mireille-pri! 11/10/2014 Shion and Mirei both argue. A lot. Because of this, they try to settle their differences in every (and any) way they can. So when they bring in their unitmates into this, who will win this fierce battle of pride?
S01E16 Exclusive! Laala's Secret is Out of the Bag!? 18/10/2014 Nene Tokuda has been tasked with discovering the reasons behind Laala's strange behaviour lately. But will the girls be able to convince her not to report what she discoveres to Headmistress Gloria?
S01E17 Halloween Terror! Jack?OH! Ran-tan 25/10/2014 Its Halloween in Pripara, Laala meets a girl called Ran who is trying to be scary but everyone thinks is cute. Laala decides to help Ran to scare some of the idols.
S01E18 Leona, Dash at Full Force! 01/11/2014 Leona and Dorothy transfer to Paprika Private Academy.
S01E19 Mirei and Kuma, A Fated Encounter-Pri-Kuma! 08/11/2014 It's been one year since Mirei became an idol, Laala learns that Mirei became an idol while she was still in elementary school! This shock suddenly leads Mirei to tell the story about how she first became an idol and met Kuma.
S01E20 Pasta VS Ninja! 15/11/2014 Now that the headmistress is closer to finding out Laala's secret, Laala finds herself in a crisis, meanwhile a new omonoyaki shop opens, causing competition for Papa's Pasta, will Laala's secret be safe once more? And who will win the great promotion war?
S01E21 Disbandment!? Sophie-sama's Bodyguards 22/11/2014
S01E22 Live at the School Festival-kum?! 29/11/2014 It's school festival time at Paprika Private and Mirei decides to have SoLaMi Smile and Dressing Pafé perform at the festival. But, a new rule banning events from PriPara at the school rises, canceling the event! Will the show go on as planned?
S01E23 The Last Day of PriPara-dessu wa! 06/12/2014 As a result of the school festival, Headmistress Gloria decides to take revenge into her own hands by banning PriPara by not only elementary school children, but to all students! Is this really the final time our heroines shine on the PriPara stage? Can they convince Headmistress Gloria that everyone can be an idol?
S01E24 Goodbye, PriPara 13/12/2014 Laala finds and old priticket in Gloria's office and shows it to Mirei, Sion, Dorothy and Reona, while Gloria finds one of Laala's friend tickets and one of Mirei's in her stash of confiscated pritickets. Gloria confronts the girls, saying she knows they are part of SoLaMi SMILE and attend PriPara against her ruling, but the girls demand to know about the priticket and why she hates PriPara. She tells the girls that when she was their age, she attended PriPara as an idol named Sugar. She also met a friend named Himeka, whose friend ticket Laala found in her office. Gloria and Himeka promised to meet outside PriPara one day, but to Gloria's disappointment Himeka didn't show up. Feeling abandonded Gloria vowed to hate PriPara for the rest of her life. Laala feeling saddened by the story, tells the headmistress she'll perform a live show to remind her of the good times she spent in PriPara. Feeling remorse from SoLaMi SMILE's performance, Gloria makes her way to Prism Stone, breaking her vow never to step within 100 meters of PriPara. To everyones suprise, Gloria finds Himeka waiting outside the shop, who is revealed to be Laala's mother.
S01E25 Christmas Present for you! 20/12/2014 Gloria and Himeka meet outside Prism Stone much to the suprise of everyone. Himeka explains that she did go looking for Gloria but they kept missing each other due to them not being able to recognise each other outside of PriPara. They both reconcile and the next day Gloria calls a school assembly, where she recinds her ban on PriPara and gives everyone their pritickets back. Laala attends PriPara with her friends who are suprised to find out she is the famous SoLaMi SMILE idol Laala. SoLaMi SMILE start practice for the Christmas Idol Grand Prix, where the winner will receive the first part of the Paradise Coord, the Paradise Shoes. Dressing Pafe also exchange friend tickets and officially form their group. As the Grand Prix starts, Gloria and Himeka are seen entering PriPara to watch Laala perform, and it is reveal that Dressing Pafe and SoLaMi SMILE have combined into one idol unit, SoLaMi Dressing, who win the event and gain the Paradise Shoes.
S01E26 That Girl Finally Makes Her Debut-dechu! 27/12/2014 After winning the first part of the Paradise Coord, the competition for the next part of the coord, the Paradise Tiara, is revealed to take place on new years eve. The girls also discover that if they lose the competion, they will lose their part of the coord to the winner, who will receive both the Tiara and the shoes. Laala again meets Falulu and both go to fortune telling tent at the sugggestion of Akai, where a cat mascot predicts Falulu's debut before her unicorn mascot takes her away. At the competition SoLaMi Dressing perform, but before they announce the winner, Akai tells the audience of a late entry. To the suprise of everyone it is Falulu. She makes her debut performance, jumping straight to the top rank of debut class, and wins the competition. Kuma also discovers she has the prism voice and Falulu's mascot introduces herself. As the girls leave PriPara, they decide to go back to their friendly rivalry, and Laala is left contemplating the events of the day as the new year's bell sounds.
S01E27 The New Year's Capisce! 10/01/2015 As the new year starts, the anouncement for the event to win final part of the Paradise coord is made, with a suprise twist - only one idol may win the full coord. Laala comes down with a cold and is forced to stay in bed the following day, while here mother and little sister look after her. Mirei and Sophy come to visit her, as do Dressing Pafe, and many of her friends in Pripara. Laala gets better the following day but discovers her sister has come down with her cold. She also see's that Non is a fan of Falulu so decides to get her autograph to cheer Non up. In Pripara, Laala finds out from Chanko that Falulu has an appartment in the Paradise tower and go to visit her, much to the annoyance of her unicorn mascot. Falulu gives Laala her autograph for Non, and mentions the Prism voice as the girls leave. Laala asks Kuma about the prism voice, he explains that it's a legendary voice only held by an idol like Falulu, he also explains to Sophy and Mirei that only Laala has it. Laala gives Non Falulu's autograph, her sister is grateful but says that some day she really wants to go to Pripara and watch her big sister perform live. Moved by this, Laala performs a show with Sophy and Mirei, to show her sister how much her support means to her.
S01E28 PriPara Goes with The Pandas 17/01/2014 Another idol challenges Shion to a game of Go live on Pripara TV, the winner of which will win a new cyalume coord for themselves and each member of their team. But there's a twist; the game is played with black and white panda mascots.
S01E29 EZ DO Glosercise 24/01/2015 With only a week until the Paradise Prize competition, Laala, Sophy and Mirei are faced with a lack of training. That is until Gloria and Love put them into shape at a training camp! Will the girls survive?
S01E30 Heart-Pounding! The Paradise Coord Belongs to Who!? 31/01/2015 It's finally time for the decisive battle for the final piece of the Paradise Prize!! It's SoLaMi Smile vs Dressing Pafe vs Faruru! The question is, who will win?
S01E31 Smile, SoLaMi?Smile! 07/02/2015
S01E32 Mirei Quits Saying 14/02/2015
S01E33 Laala, Tell Me More About You 21/02/2015
S01E34 Falulu's Friend 28/02/2015
S01E35 The Last Stage Battle! 07/03/2015
S01E36 Falulu! Please Wake Up-dechu! 14/03/2015
S01E37 Call Forth a Miracle! Miracle?Live 21/03/2015
S01E38 Capisce for Everyone's Friends! 28/03/2015